BB14 – Frank offers Joe the opportunity to play with the Strongest most Intelligent Player EVER

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

6:13pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan and Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Would you date Danielle out of this house..
Shane: “I would and I wouldn’t… she’s really jealous alike when I talk to Britney or entions Danielle Donato.. she goes all stink eye”
Dan :”I had to get up here and get away.. I feel like this has been the longest day in the house.”
Shane: ‘I agree”
Dan: “I thought Danielle would seem a lot older if she wasn’t so .. I dunno sensitive”
Dan: “I would not be OK with Jenn or AShley winning”
Shane: ‘Hopefully we can get rid of AShley here soon”
Dan: “She has got to go”
Shane: “Do you Frank will get America’s favorite player”
Dan : “I think it’ll be Ian or you”
Dan points out that Shane has had to overcome a lot in this game and hasn’t been a “PR**K” about it like Frank.

Joe comes up..
Joe says that the backyard will be open in 2 hours.. Shane and DAn: “Sweet..”

JOe says he can’t be downstairs.. it’s quiet amd tense, “Boogie is in the bathroom with Ian and D!ck head.. oh D!CK head came at me again when I was sleeping”
Joe adds that He basically told Joe he (Frank) was the strongest most intelligent person who has ever played the game… and Frank offered Joe the opportunity to play with this super being of Big Brother.

Dan: “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know you have to get him out of the game”

Joe: “For some reason they are extremely mad at Brit”
Dan: “What now.. “
Joe says that Britney went to talk to ashley and didn’t apologize. They laugh that Ashley was the one lying to Jenn and Britney why should they apologies.
Joe: “Ian is being SUPER annoying now”
Shane: “Why”
joe: “For Being NICE… (LOL)” Joe goes on to explain that Ian is being overly fake and he really notices it doesn’t know why Ian isn’t being himself.

Joe: “He offered me the opportunity of a lifetime to play with the smartest player to ever play this game”.. Joe: “He specifically said he’s smarter than Dan and equal to Boogie” Dan :’I’ve never claimed I was the smartest Player” (You think it though)

They talk about the HOH competition tomorrow.. Joe and Dan seem pretty sure it’s the Double Eviction and the first HOH will be a crap shoot.
Joe is ready to win and is getting pretty pumped about it. he says he’ll put up Frank and Ian or Frank and Ashley.
Shane: “Frank for sure than whoever you think is more of a threat.. I don’t trust AShley”
Joe: ‘I talked to Jenn earlier and she said if she wins she’ll put up Frank and Ian”
Joe is going to cook all the meat they have tonight once the lockdown is over.

6:42pm Arcade cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank

Frank telling Boogie his plans moving forward from Boogie’s eviction. If it’s regular eviction Frank will put up Britney and Dan but if it’s Double Eviction he’ll put up Shane and Dan.
Boogie: “I wonder who will stay dan or Shane”
Frank: “I think it’ll be Shane”
Frank explains that the move he would like to do if one of Frank, Ian, Ashley win HOH is go to Shane and Britney and get a week of safety for himself if they vote out Dan.
Boogie goes on and on how much he hates Britney.. He would rather Dan wins over her.
Frank hates Dan the most.. he snaked them twice there is no way he wants to see Dan win.

7:05 Cam 1-2 Britney and Danielle

Britney Breaks down she misses her husband so much. danielle gives her a short pep talk. Britney says that tonight’s episode will show Boogie and Frank yelling at her.

Britney says she feel like they died and are in purgatory to go into Hell, “the awkwardness in this house is through the roof”.
Britney says it’s way more awkward than with brendon and Rachel because at least with them they would just go and hide in their room and leave everyone alone. Britney points out that in this house it’s getting to be 2 sides of the house pissed at each other.
Britney: “AShley won’t even look at me”
Danielle: “Everytime she looks at me she cries”

7:27pm Cam 1-4 they get a game to practice tomorrow. Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Ian all excited says he’s played this game before..
They get 5 minutes to practive the game.

In ktichen with Boogie and Frank.. Ian says based on this game Tomorrow is Double eviction, “The first one goes home the second one goes to Jury”

7:40pm Cam 1

Boogie eating his dinner pissed.

7:46pm Boogie tells them he’s not going to practice he’ll pass.. Cam 1-2 he goes to bed.. (I’ll update the gallery with images from the comp)

8:00pm The practicing continues on all 4 feeds.

@8:00:10pm Cam 1 Shane says what i think is “Wh**e B*g” as he curses with the comp practice.
Ian is hands down the best..
Shane is probably one of the worst.
Danielle is pretty good
Britney is solid
8:16pm Contest practice is over Indoor lockdown

8:16pm Arcade Jenn and Danielle

Jenn giving Danielle a rundown of her conversation with Frank this morning. She points out how Frank was able to twist the conversation and make it all about him. Danielle is whispering hard to hear.. Danielle says the only reason Ashley voted Janelle out was because she was jealous of Janelle and Joe being close.

Danielle tells her that she trusts Jenn completely and from now on she wants to keep talking with Jenn. Jenn says she the same they hug it out.

8:29pm Cam 3-4 HOH Brit and Dan

Britney saying that it’s double eviction and she thinks that game them just played

Britney: “i don’t want to be biased byt Ashley and Frank did very well”
Dan: “Ya they did “
Britney: “Ashley is being such a beaver with me”
Dan: “what whas arts and crafts like”
Britney: “awkward.. she doesn’t look at me”
Dan: “She’s not looking at Joe”
Dan: “Can’t wait until tomorrow.. we’re going to do great”
Dan says the heat will really be on Frank tomorrow because he knows he has to win. Dan is feeling good about them because there is so many of them.
Dan: “Ashley might not feel the heat because she’s so oblivious”
Dan wants them all to get up to the HOH tonight and visualize the competition he does that with his players.

8:40pm HOH Cam 3-4 Ian, Dan, Danielle and Britney

Ian says that this competition they just practiced is the second HOH tomorrow.
Ian says Ashley has gotten really catty.

Britney: “OK Ian if you win the first HOH what do you do”
Ian :”I throw up on myself.. I dunno what do I do”
Danielle: “Are you still voting out boogie”
Ian: “Yes…”
Dane: ‘Who do you want to put up”
Ian says the thought of putting up Frank is making him ill. He’s in a awkward spot.

Britney starts getting pissed says that Britney was in a awkward spot when she voted out Janelle, Danielle was in a awkward place when she nominated Janelle. Britney says that the team is all making sacrifices to get out strong players.

Britney pretty much says she’s getting worried about Ian and Frank’s relationship and is starting to think that Ian will either throw the HOH to Frank or not nominate Frank if he wins HOH.
Dan cools them all down says nobody is questioning Ian’s loyalty. ian raises his voice “I am with you guys I AM voting Boogie out tomorrow.. I do not want Frank to win HOH”
Britney: ‘We have your back 150% ian… the only reason I am upset is if HE (Frank) gets HOH tomorrow Dan goes up”
Ian: “There is no way in hell i’ll throw it to Frank.. he wants to throw it to Ashley if it’s a quiz”
Ian: ‘He wants me to throw a quiz because he wants me in a light endurance”

Jenn (The houseguests formally known as ? ) enters the HOH room.. general chi chat

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Frank FTW!

I really do not see the purpose of having a whole house alliance! DDBS need to go, tired of them being so comfortable.

Its the nerd herd all over again from S6



Why do these stupid people think that the whole house can be an alliance??? Some of these fools have to go home.

Shane and Danielle need to hit the road! I cannot stand anymore of Shane the Idiot who is incapable of making his own decisions and everything about Danielle is annoying!

Bitchy Chilli

Shut up, BDDS doesn’t want to be in an alliance with everyone, they just wanna use them. So STFU ya Biiiiiiiiiitch


Wow you sound real mature! Im all for mature discussion, but no need to be calling people names

Simon can you second me here?


I wish Boogie was staying..honestly hasnt done anything scumbag-ish….sure he said bad things but that is because his back is against the wall. what would you do if you were in Frank and Boogie position every damn week…I am sure you wouldnt be like ok cool..youd be pissed and say mean things..but anyways I agree Frank ftw!!! I hate those powerful groups who think they run the whole show…I really hate it with a passion


the one thing I do not understand is DSB are trying so hard to protect Dan. if they were smart they would cut him lose. They would be just as strong without him. If anything he is just making them all a bigger target


Thats wat im saying shane protected dan by throwing britney under the bus, danielle would throw away all her diet pills to save dan, ian gets a boner everytime he talks about season 10 n how dan was a great player…. I dont think they watched dan’s season because wat dan is doing now is wat he did season 10 BTW I cant hear about dan being a coach anymore stfu n stop giving corny lines n stupid pep talks


JANELLOUS, thank you…… a sensible post from someone,finally!!!!! 100 % agree!!! Let’s hope chilltown knocks them back down to reality today!!! I can’t believe anyone would be rooting for the ‘Quack Pack’ are you kidding me? What a joke, a bunch of losers!


Perhaps, I should qualify that….My reasoning in saying that is simply due to the fact that the quack pack have NEVER been straight shooters, they have been dishonest, conniving and devious….and that is fine in the big brother game, but ‘owning it’ is what sets you apart and gives you respectability and revere. Tell it like it is!

Red Lampshade

I’m actually slightly impressed with whoever came up with that competition. Pretty original.


tonights show totally sucked … i can not believe they made booger and frankinstyne look like a couple of hard up goody goody two shoes….does production really think the viewers now are total idiots… between your site simon and the live feed.. i mean really …. i was looking forward to see booger make a butt hole of himself in the DR….. thank goodness for you simon ..

Ian's squeeky hammock

Totally agree with your post. Watching the show (on tv) made it look like Boogs and Frank got the shaft. If not for BBAD and this site, I wouldn’t know how big of pricks they really are. I don’t think CBS could edit it more favorable for those two if they tried.
I’m inclined to think Production will come up with something to save Boogs and /or Frank will win HOH no doubt.

Carol & Steve

I was wanting the same thing but knew it wouldn’t happen. However, Brit will be happy to know her husband didn’t have to see her verbally berated on his birthday – cause they totally downplayed that. I wonder if it was edited that way b/c of all the cussing Boogie & Frank put out there – if it’s too choppy then it’s not aired. hmmmm – conspiracy? why not! LOL!!

Karen S

Yep I agree too! Edit Edit Edit! I keep my family updated so they don’t all have to read about it.
They looked funny at me as we watched.. and I don’t know about the rest of you, but there was a glitch
in the video as the veto coins were picked. ha! Another glitch on the side of CBS’s interference.


i saw that also Karen … funny all of us know what happened … i got the chance to see the youtube clip also before they got it removed… plus i heard booger tell ashley to fold.. and those DR sessions they showed tonight of her…. how much more dumber can they make her look….lol… oh wait , maybe its not an act…. FOLD with two players… give me a break .

Wil's extension

First of all, where does Frank come off saying he’s the most powerful player in the house? He wouldn’t be in the position he’s in if it weren’t for the Keebler Elf/preacher from Poltergeist. Secondly, if I hear one more time how it’s his dream to win, I’m going to end up being in AA. My dream is for him to cut that Bobby Brady hairdo, for powerhouse to kill that caterpillar that’s crawling from his chin into his mouth, and for the Keebler Elf to stop wearing those f***ing headbands that ages him 20+ years. My only hope is that Bobby Brady goes home in the double eviction, he needs to be knocked down a few pegs.


I feel the same way except about Joe talking about his blood pressure. I think what he really is trying to say is he needs a good wanking.


Frank hates Dan the most but if he wins HOH he has to take out Shane. Shane has twice put him up and will do it a third time, this time maybe successfully. For his game he should take out Shane before he worries about Dan.


Dan lives in his head. He has had a thing for Dan since day one. He hates for no reason. Like I said before, they could show Frank the video of Boogie telling Ian about taking out Britney and Shane, Ian confessing to being the spy in the group and he would still blame Dan for getting production to fake the tape and brainwashing Ian to take the blame. He is that delusional about Dan.


No, Frank has a good reason to hate Dan. F hates him so much because he knows Dan is a better player than him. That’s all.


Honestly, it seems like Frank’s hatred ffor Dan has almost become an obsession. I’ve never seen anybody have that much hatred for somebody like that. It’s weird. He probably won’t believe that Dan had nothing to do with getting Boogie out because he has convinced himself that Dan is behind the betrayal.Maybe he is jealous that Dan is a better player than him. Dan’s certainly a nicer person that’s for sure!


I have. This board has a really weird Boogie-hating fetish.


Not you specifically but some of the things I read about Boogie that people type goes overboard a lot of the time. I’ve been posting for a couple of years and lurking a bit longer than that and I just don’t recall so much vitriol toward one player. Boogie is far from being a likable guy but the amount of animosity he somehow draws is incredible.


I think you need to grow up. The amount of venom that has come out of Boogie and Frank is sickening. Boogie has said he was going to fly to Michigan to f*ck Dan’s wife, he said he would tell Britney that her newlywed husband was going to leave her because she was gone for so long, she made fun of Danielle’s weight and the way Jenn walks, he’d accused Shane of being Dan’s “little alter boy, you know what that means” with the insinuation that he was gay, he’s made fun of Ian’s physical ticks, and Frank has followed suit calling people dirty trash. To say he hasn’t done anything harmful this season is an absolute joke.


completely agree!!!!

Zingbot Fan

Wow, I can’t imagine why anyone would hate an arrogant ahole like Boogie. it is going to be great to see him do the walk of shame out of the house.


Watch it again Ian actually was the one throwing the names out, Boogie just said think about it hard or something to that effect!


No he wasn’t. Ian said he didn’t know who to nominate. Boogie asked “Britney?” and Ian said no. Then Boogie asked “Shane?” and Ian said maybe.


If Frank wins HOH, Dan or Shane is gone. If one of the Quack Pack wins, Frank has to win veto or he will be gone. Pretty simple, there’s only 4 people possible to be evicted right after Boogie. It will be Frank, Dan, Shane, or Ashley. But when are they going to do Pandora’s box?!? Next week?

crying out loud

I assume Pandora’s Box will come into play when Frank when’s HOH!… I am really starting to hate this Show!

crying out loud

*wins* … lol sorry to tired to proof read & frustrated with how this season is going!


It phonetically worked for me when I read it :)


.Last season when they evicted Danielle during double eviction,she went to the jury house.Why is it different this season with Boogie?Shouldn’t Boogie go to the jury house,since he’s also going to be evicted during double eviction?


love team boogie, hes the man, but it was obvious from the second the “reset” idea came up that boogie had no chance. he gave us a couple good weeks, I still say the janelle backdoor on bbad was some of the best reality tv(without producer guidance) that ive ever seen. it was incredible. however anyone who watched the rest of the house had a good idea that his cheering wouldnt last long.

if they give boogie something and save him, Id be stoked, but I dont expect it. he goes home, then frank needs the power, or else he is done as well.

I know people are all excited about “booger” or whatever you call him, btw its lame to call him anything on appearence….but if that = faceroll for dan and brit to the end, Im not too excited about the rest of the year

at this point, I wish they brought janelle back just to scare brit senseless

watching her cry co nstantly when she has NOT EVEN BEEN ON THE BLOCK, drives me crazy.


ONCE AGAIN…………… BOOGIE, BOOGER = same thing just removed the I and added an R, it has nothing to do with his appearance, no harm done.. stop whining



Chilltown Member Since 2001

Man u took the words out my mouth. BB place fix the game. Do whatever you can you’ll still have my rating. After all it’s a tv show. Haha


I never thought I would say this but I’m starting to like Joe! I’m really nervous Frank or even Ashley will win last year how Porsche finally decided to win something :/ Frank is just a sad excuse of a human being for treating people the way he does.

Jen W

I agree. Ashley or Frank will end up winning tomorrow. They will get rid of Dan or Shane tomorrow night after Boogie. Then Ian will win 2nd HOH & everyone will split up and flip flop next week.

Not that I wish for any of this, just my gut based on how past seasons ended up playing out


I don’t know the Ian is is a strange position he has been a spy for team dan now if the other side wins they will target dan because of what they think he did to them but i don’t see dan as a marter so he may try to flip it and tell frank that everything that happened was because of Ian and i don’t see frank taking that well.


He’ll take it better than Boogie will when he finds out!


Last season when Porcshe “decided to win”??? What??? She ended up being a great player and would’ve won if BB didn’t fix it so that Rachel would win! And you don’t know what kind of a person Frank is outside of this show. This is only a SHOW, please stop being so dramatic. I cannot STAND the whole pathetic “Quack Pack”, but I wouldn’t say anything about them outside of the show. They may indeed be nice people, they’re just brainless idiots on the show!


Frank has been targeted since he set foot in the house and everyone is acting like he has no reason to be on defense. Oh I forgot you can only be upset if you haven’t been backstabbed, blindsided or been on the block every week!


Exactly what I am saying! It makes me sick to my stomach…its making me wanting to stop watching. If every week its Frank on the block..I quit watching. Bunch of fucking morons!


The funny thing is, even if Frank somehow makes it to the Final 2, he won’t win because most of the people going into the jury are such nimrods who play personal (Danielle and Jenn are the worst of them all) that they’ll throw their vote to Julie Chen before throwing it to Frank.


Playing personal? I’m not sure what show and live feeds that you’re watching, but everything that Dan has been doing has been strategic. And “nimrods”? Really –what are you a child? Frank has a right to be angry but his hate for Dan is so unnecessary. They’re both playing a game –the difference is that when he watches the season back, he’ll realize what a douche he has been –especially in the DR and talking crap about Dan to other people. At least with Dan, when he looks back and watches the show, he can keep his head held high.

You might say that Boogie was the exception and I’d agree to an extent –but Dan did try to align with Boogie in the first place (with the other coaches). Boogie saying that Dan betrayed their actual friendship is hypocritical because technically, who turned on their friendship first –when Boogie decided to side with Frank when he and Dan had a long standing friendship before. Boogie will say that him aligning with Frank was strategic and not personal and Dan will say that him voting out Frank was strategic as well.

I honestly believe that Frank and Boogie are just angry that they weren’t the ones who did that backstabbing first. I mean come on, Boogie and Frank bragging in the DR that they got the other HGs to do what they want (and there’s nothing wrong with that –but they laugh about in a way that makes an impression and says “you guys are so stupid, I can’t believe you fell for that!”)

My prediction for tonight though, given that Big Brother has this tendency to make the underdogs win competitions when it would be easy picking for the other side –Frank & Ash vs Dan, Danielle, Shane, Brit, Joe, Jenn, & Ian —I’m Team Dan all the way but I see Frank winning and sending Dan home (unless Dan wins the veto) then Shane will go home

What I want vs what will probably happen
What I want: Boogie to get evicted > Dan wins HOH > Puts up Frank & Ashley > Nominations stay the same > Frank goes to jury > Danielle wins HOH
What Will Probably Happen: Boogie to get evicted > Frank wins HOH > Puts up Dan & Danielle > Nominations stay the same > Dan goes to jury > Someone from the Quackpack wins HOH (the only way for Dan to save himself in this scenario is for him to win the veto which in that case, Shane will go home)

LA from GA

Was reading Janelle’s twitter, and found this little gem of an account. Janelle actually retweeted it :)

Dani’s Delusions:


Ha ha ole pig face hope she is having a horrible summer. Maybe she has lined up surgery to get her face fixed.

Eric CA

Who is old Pig Face?
None of the women on the show require surgery.


Evidently you never looked at Janelle then. I bet she is rootin around in the dirt looking for truffles right now.


TPH4L gonna cook some meat up in this mug, YEAH!!!!!!!!


Dan :’I’ve never claimed I was the smartest Player”

This says it all. Unlike Frank, he doesn’t need to claim it.


Oh please, enough with the Dan worship!!


Reading comprehension: Frank didn’t say that, Joe said that Frank said it. Seriously, it’s getting rather ridiculous about how willing some people are to overlook things in order to make their least favorites look worse than they actually do.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: the people on these boards are nuttier than the people in the house.


I hope Jenn wins just to see what she gone do and if she really pissed off enough to have the balls to put up frank and Ashley. If Ian throws another comp hes dead to me.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

She wouldn’t be afraid of puttin Frank and Ashley up.. and btw she got “balls”

Eric CA

jen might win. It kinda looks like a game from Coney Island.


After tonight’s show and the feeds I have decided that the viewers play the big brother drinking game….whenever frank or boogie say “Dan” you must take a drink! Recovery alcoholics should not play this game:0 I mean really?! How many times do they say his name in a day let alone an hour….gosh it’s so dang annoying!!! Ian can go fly a kite he ticks me off, can’t wait til boogie finds out but it will end up still being dans fault that Ian was so brilliant in his demise! Annoying!!!

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

You tryin to kill everyone? you know Booger and his bitch frank will never stop saying Dan….

Team Brit

Shane’s widows peak hair do was looking a little Eddie Munster-ish tonight.

BB King

I predict that a vet will not win this season, unlike last season. BB 14 newbies appear to be smarter than BB 13

BB King

On second thought cancel that. A vet may indeed win this season. We have more stupid newbies this season than last season. Even with the power in their hands they go after each other instead of uniting to get all the vets out first.

Last season newbies did not win the initial HOH comps. They did this season and nominated each other.


good job on that correction……… the HGs this season are just as stupid as the cast from last season, they’re all blind followers

Boogie hater

If boogie doesn’t go home tommorow. I wil not be watching bb ever again.


the feeds have been horrible all day. I’m disappointed in Ian’s play in the game. it was a horrible move for Ian to betray boogie and frank. he thinks it’s one of the greatest moves in BB history, but it will go down as one of the dumbest. it was too early for betrayal, the only person who benefited from the betrayal is dan. once boogie is evicted, dan can shield himself and tell frank that it was Ian who was the one who betrayed boogie and frank. if frank wins HOH , he can place shane and ian on the block and use the backdoor on dan. it will be the best move frank can make tomorrow, because either way, he will still be the main target next week no matter who wins HOH. frank is not gonna waste his hoh tomorrow, because later on tonight, you best believe boogie and frank are gonna run scenarios for each and everyone who still in the house. just look at these fools in house right now, all emotional and not paying attention in what can happen tomorrow to them.


” if frank wins HOH , he can place shane and ian on the block and use the backdoor on dan.”

only an idiot would do that, you want someone out put them on the block(backdoor isn’t a guarantee, Dan is not that good at comps, so no chance he would win anyways. besides there is a great chance shane would win, and they would vote Ian out over Dan, Frank don’t have the numbers yet

VA Vet

Dan can’t win any competitions? He hasn’t won any yet because he hasn’t tried.

In the first half of season 10 Dan didn’t win a single competition. In the second half he won 6 (THAT’S SIX). Two POV, one luxury and THREE HOH.


Dan has been throwing HOH’s. he’s letting Shane put all the blood in his hands. Dan is playing the same exact way he won in BB10. who you expect frank to put up tomorrow is he wins the HOH on double eviction night after boogie leaves? Jenn and Joe? frank is gonna put up the big threats. if he finds out about Ian betrayal, Ian head will be place on a plate along side with either shane or dan.


So much easier than the snake.

Rachel's nipple

Where the avatars at. Frank should be Sid Vicious with mullet. We not doing that this season…


Visualize the game be the game yo!!!lol whatever works for ya Dan

Mikey Fresh

Hilarious watching Britney on the feeds getting mad at Ian because he doesn’t want to put up Frank during double eviction. Here’s a plan: Britney win the competition yourself and get Frank out. I swear the cast gets worse and worse each year.


So true. They should just end the game and give the check to Dan. I really hope Dan’s disciples aren’t this blind on the outside world. Grab yourself by the balls and play the game people.


I kinda don’t blame her though everyone has been protecting Ian all week he is the one who told brit about them coming after them and to put them on the block so i guess i see her point that he doesn’t win anything so he can keep playing both sides right up to the finale. She is mad because he needs to do his part then relaying on them and if he wins hoh they have earned his protection for awhile dan has taken all the blame for him


They should protect Ian without him scumbagging his alliance they would not be in the cats seat sitting back like they are brilliant. Ian is Shelly 2.0!


I so hope after Boogies gets evicted that Frank ends up going home after so they only real players left will be floaters and DDSB, just like the brigade season which was ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………

Carol & Steve

Simon – love your side notes!!! I know I say that all the time but “the houseguest formerly known as ?” just cracked me up!

Jen W

Is Boogie really crying tonight? I think he’s a little manic-depressive


Fakeass tears, e didn’t even look upset, and brit saw right through that… im sure his fans thought he was so sincere, just like they said him and Frank were Honorable and Decent

Snozberries taste like Snozberries

At this point I don’t really care who wins! I do wonder why Boogie hasn’t brought up the fact that he is the only one who Didn’t hit the reset button? (unless he did and I missed it) Also the fact that everyone who is left in the house will be the jury & if they all hate him, isn’t that who you would want sitting next to you at the end? In my opinion, The house will be pretty boring after he is gone. :-)

Carol & Steve

If I remember correctly Janelle & Britney lied about pushing the button, Dan admitted to pushing it & I believe Boogie said he didn’t as well. Another example of how Dan took the heat for something in Boogie’s eyes….


Brit lied about hitting the button (like she always does) Boogie is the only coach who did not hit the button!

Snozberries taste like Snozberries

Thank You!… So Brit lied again!

Carol & Steve

I think Ian’s wrong – 1st HOH tomorrow will probably be some off the wall thing like how many balls in the AR game (quick & easy) and this game probably the POV with some long agonizing endurance thing for the next HOH.
However… Simon or other live feeders – how long did it take for each player to run thru that game?


If Frank is so smart, then why does he think everything that is and has happened is Dan’s fault?


Thank you….frank and boogie are so jealous of Dan it is making there heads spin or something! It’s actually quite concerning that grown men talk about another man this much! I swear it’s jealousy or a crush gone bad! I just don’t get it?!? And boogie saying he would go f**k dans wife just stoops to a level that should have gotten him kicked out, I wonder if someone said something about his son how he would feel!! He has no worries about Dan wanting a friendship after the game is over because once Dan hears what he said about his wife Dan is not going to be happy!! Sickening!!! Ashamed of CBS for allowing him to get away with that being ok, he should get a penalty nomination just for that!!!


dan’s a big boy he knows that its just words just words that have no weight whats so ever Ian best win something soon or his thinking hes so smart and good at this game is gonna blow up in his face. His team is waiting and yeah goes for you too brit. Dan a n Danielle all the way would be something if Dan gets there and Danielle gets there. That would be an accomplishment to get his coached person all the way on top of getting there too YEAH DAN I’d vote for him again for sure He’s smart Patient generaly kind and always cool calm and in control My kind of man My kind of freind My kind of person.
Big Brother isn’t always fair in all aspects but in general guidelines everyone can form their own kind of gameplay. I just respect Dan’s form of play more than the rest Like Shane but not good on his feet thinking and talking at same time .


so this is who is against each other in the HOH: THE 7 SNITCHES = Dan, Britney, Shane, Danielle, Ian, Joe and Jenn – VS – Frank and Ashley. if those 7 can’t get out frank in double eviction, it will be the biggest failure in BB history.


Oh hell no, Boogie just compared him and Frank to Kobe Bryant and LeBron James! LMFAO!


HAHAHAHAHAHA thatt’s goin too far with the ego


Sorry Dan,you can have your alliance visualize the game all night long,but production will still do everything in their power to make sure Frank wins the game.Which means Frank will win HOH and evict Dan.After that it will be a cake walk for Frank.Oh,and I’m a Dan fan.It’s just tonight’s edit of Frank added with the time production saved him and how they refuse to do anything about Frank cheating in the veto competition and picking the players for veto.I’m pretty sure production will continue helping/saving Frank,until he becomes the winner of this season.Last season with the pandora’s box was bad(production favoring Rachel&Jordan)but what their doing for Frank is just ridiculous.For the people that are wondering why am’i still watching,if I think production is interfering with the game to help Frank and allowing him to get away with cheating?The answer is,I’m waiting to be proven right.I will love if I was wrong,because that will mean that Dan’s alliance will win HOH and finally evict Frank.That won’t happen


Oh please get over saying that production is helping Frank!! You could say the SAME thing about Shane the Brain who seems to win everything!!


Can we get over production helping Frank? Did they help Shane?


I just dont understand why some of these players play to finish 5th or 6th.When you know there is a strong alliance of four your an idiot if you try to join that alliance cause you obviously are gonna be bottom of the heap.Its pretty clear that old mike boogie is going home and if anyone outside of ddbs wants to win this game they better form up and take them out.On another note i just dont see frank leaving tomorrow night if he doesnt win the hoh he will probally win the veto,and for that reason i dont see anyone outside the core 4 putting him up


Notice the above photo of Danielle hugging Jenn.

Danielle’s is starting to wear clothes that are more
unattractive and gender neutral, like Tshirts and
boxer shorts.

That girl is so insecure that I predict that she will
soon go carpet diving.

It will be Big Brother’s 1st BUTCHMANCE !!!


carpet diving

nothin wrong with carpet divin, ill watch


Frank really think’s he got everybody figured out, what a fuckin idiot


Booger actin like somethin so horrible happen to him, Oh my family is goin to come because of what they did… ROLMFAO

Insecure Teenagers

Go Danielle


Hey Teenagers, where does your insecurity lie?


The only way i see ashley winning an hoh is for ian to throw it to her and the difference between her and porche of bb13 is that porche was more like jen she doesn’t bother to try where ashley is just an annoying airhead. If it is a quizz there is no way her brain could answer any of the questions unless she has a cheat sheet


BB will become soooo boring if Froogie both go home tomorrow. Watching DDSB pick off floaters will be Brigade 2.0 *groan*. I would much prefer Frank declaring he is god’s gift to BB then finishing the season as one big, predictable snoozefest.

Boogie hater

I will say this right now. If boogie doesn’t go home tomorrow I will not watch this show ever again. It’s rigged to keep the drama on the house and I hate that.

Ian's squeeky hammock

Why doesn’t the big whiney baby Boogie just self-evict if he’s so hurt/mad/whatever excuse he has for being on the block. I pray he goes tomorrow.


The fuck is Ashley crying about NOW??? this women is pathetic, get her some drugs PLEASE


Im gonna be dissapointed to see boogie leave tomorrow but i hope it ends the talk of the show being rigged.I also hope dan and brit both end up in jury so they can both feel stupid for pressing the reset button as im sure janelle does now


I wonder is that game the second hoh or is it the pov


So I really HATE Danielle now. Everyone is jealous of me! Get over yourself. So team Frashley (frank n ashley) now.



Carol & Steve

If this is a duplicate – sorry my wifi disconnected:
You’d think that when they had the Indoor Lockdown they could’ve put some WD40 on that hammock! LOL!

Ian's squeeky hammock

Hey now, thats my livelihood! :o(


When Frank wins the HOH this week, you can get
a new livelihood, call yourself HOH squeaky bedsprings.
Cuz him and Ash are going to get it on.

Ian's squeeky hammock

Are you kidding me? If that happens, Ian will be swinging me like there’s no tomorrow!!! Woot woot!!


Squeak ya make me lol, thnx


Frank and Boogie sure are clueless about what’s going on in the house, being the best players ever and all. They are still blaming Dan, like Dan masterminded everything. They should be blaming themselves for playing a sloppy and arrogant game. They have nobody to blame but themselves. They offered final 3 deals to Joe, Ashley, Jenn, Ian, Danielle, Dan, Shane and Brit. That’s everyone in the house. Didn’t they think anyone would compare notes? But when they get busted it’s Dan’s scheming. Dan wants to get Frank out so he can work with Boogie, according to the best players ever (what a joke). What Boogie didn’t realize is that if Chilltown was able to get people to put up their own alliances in Allstars, it was all Will’s doing. He could charm a snake out of it’s skin. Boogie has the charm of a slug. Maybe be Boogie will finally realize that Will and Janelle helped him win. Without Will, he is nothing. He wouldn’t have even made Allstars if it weren’t for Will. And Boogie is so self important that he really believes Dan will be devastated if Boogie won’t be his friend outside the house. I think Dan likes his life and is secure enough to not really care.


1000% agree

Carol & Steve

Umm can we add crying to the drnking game? ohhh my word!!!

Ian's squeeky hammock

Could you imagine if we played the drinking game with every time Frank or Boogie used the F-bomb? I’d be dead!!!


I can understand all of you that have disdain towards Boogie but listening to HOH is like listening to a bunch whiny high schoolers.


No offense to Britney but why is she bothered with all the tension that’s in the house right now where people are avoiding or not talking to people. Umm it’s called big brother and if people are pissed that they are going home they obviously don’t want to be around the people that are part of that person’s demise. Besides if everyone is getting along, the show would be boring to watch! Jenn keeps showing how dumb a player she is. Danielle pretty much knew you were gone and you had here crying yet you went easier on her when she told you that Boogie and Frank said you were expendable. I don’t know who’s a worse player though her or Adam from last season