Big Brother Spoilers – Joe about Frank: “I am so honoured to have played this game with God.. “

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

9:05pm Bedroom Boogie and Frank  Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie packing his bag talking about how he plans to sell a bunch of his stuff on eBay. He regrets not doing after Big Brother 7 he thought he was “Too Cool For School”. Boogie thought people were selling stuff for 50 bucks but from what he’s heard they are making 800, 900, 1200 on stuff. Boogie: “These were the losers to.. I guess i’m a loser now so lets see how much I can make”

Boogie says he feels like an inferior person is getting the best of him this time and it’s really hard on him. He feels a lot of anxiety and fear going back to his life. Boogie says his life has gotten so much more complicated than in Big Brother 2.
Boogie getting emotional says he’s put on a front that he doesn’t care about leaving but he cares.
Boogie: “It’s like Kobe and Lebron getting on the court and playing against 7 dudes.. but they are wearing the same uniform as us and they steal the ball”

They head outside..

9:18pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank backyard

Boogie says he’s going to harbour a grudge against Dan. He’s kind of surprised that Dan hasn’t even came to talk to him yet. He wants to tell Dan that things are going to be different after the show he’s not going to overlook this.

Boogie: “We were too F***** dangerous”
Frank agrees says the players saw 2 buddies that were not going to go against them. Boogie points out that the other groups all have some way be broken apart but with Frank and Boogie they are tight to the end.

Boogie thinks that maybe Dan isn’t coming to talk to him because he thinks he’ll be an a$$hole to him. Boogie: “He thinks i’ll be all happy and jovial at the finally but I won’t.. I’m just fulfilling a contractual agreement “

Boogie says that Britney was crying… in the bathroom doesn’t know why. Frank: “It’s her husband’s Birthday today.

9:31pm Cam 1-2 Hammock Britney and Ian
Britney is asking who is Frank talking about putting to put up. Ian says it changes every day.
Britney: “I’m nervous as all hell Ian.. “
Ian: “I’m nervous”
Britney: “Why are you nervous you are not on the radar with anybody”
Ian: “Eagle Eye.. “
Britney says ashley HATES her .. what’s going on. Ian doesn’t know whats going on with Ashley.
Britney gets called to the Diary Room

9:38pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Britney both crying..
Ashley Crying Image Link
Britney misses her husband etc etc.. (Same thing she said to Danielle.. i’m in purgatory.. yadda yadda yadda)

9:52pm Backyard Ian, Boogie and Frank

Frank explaining that they need to win the next Head of Households and the next POV.
Ian: “so we are planning on taking Joe out 7th”
Frank: “Ya.. I don’t think I would mind him in the finals”
Ian is worried that Joe is going to end up “Hot Dogging” his way into the finals.
Ian: “I Was thinking about who I can beat in the end.. No way I’m beating Dan, no way I’m beating Shane”
Frank doesn’t think that is true… Joe and Jenn will be in Jury Frank thinks he can talk them into Voting for Ian.

Boogie coaches Ian about his finale speech. Boogie thinks Ian really needs to play on his social deficiencies. Consider saying that you came into this house with an affliction .. “say i’m not comfortable in my own skin in a chemistry lab.. I did everything I can do I rocked in the hammock.. you were wife people cooler.. older and more experienced .. that self deprecation will work.. “

Boogie: “You are the most liked person in the house now.. which is funny because of Week one everyone hated you”
Boogie says when the verdict is announced tomorrow He’s going to tell everyone to sit down and don’t give him a hug. He only wants Ian, Frank and Ashley at the front door.. “I don’t do that fake shit”.

Ian: “You going to blast every body”
Boogie: ‘No… I was going to blast Joe but I think i’ll save that for a interview”

Boogie plans on bringing up with Julie Chen the Ian/Shane gorbachev story.”Someone spray painted at Ian’s school Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall .. And Shane asked.. who is Mr Gorbachev the principal.. Thats all folks “

Frank: “the sad thing is a lot of people in America may not know what that means” Ian says it’s one of the 10 most memorable quotes right up there with “one small step for mankind”

Ian says that if the other side wins HOH both him and Frank go up. Frank disagrees he thinks it will be Frank and Ashley and they will try to rope Ian in. Ian says no Fing way is he going to join a 7 person alliance with JOE.

Ian goes on and on about how much he hates Joe and how Joe should have been the person going home tomorrow.

10:04pm Cam 1-2 to balance the brit crying picture.

10:18pm HOH DDBSJA
They are talking about having to win The HOH this week. Britney says that the order of the competitions are very important. Quiz HOH then Physical POV or the other way around. Shane wants it to be a quiz HOH then a Physical POV. Shane points out that Frank will be playing hard for that HOH.
Joe: “You can’t beat GOD”
Britney :What?”
Joe filling them in with his Frank conversation earlier today. Joe says Frank woke him up and tickled him. Joe explains about Frank saying he’s the most intelligent, Strongest and powerful player to have ever played Big BRother. Joe: “I am so honoured to have played this game with God.. “

10:52pm Backyard Boogie, Ashley and Frank
Everyone is salty.. talking mad Sh!t about Jenn, Joe, Shane, Danielle, and Dan.
Boogie roasts the other players (if you like boogie and like some funny roasts Flashback 10:43pm Cam 3-4)

Boogie on Danielle
“Can you imagine her in 6 years when the metabolism slows down.. and the F****g lack of working out.. Her extent of working out this summer is once every three days.. is going like this (He tries to lift his leg above his head) pick the leg up hold it there for a couple second then look around to see if everyone thought that was cool”

Boogie on Britney
“Britney might get an extra 5 years because of the petite thing.. and she doesn’t eat anything.. but Danielle with all the cookies and the fruity pebbles”

Boogie on Joe
“Joe in 2-4 years will be a tub of lard.. well he kinda is already.. “

Boogie on Dan
“I was shocked oh little Dan worked out.. you know being a Football coach.. I thought he would hit the weights.. he ran like once or twice all summer” Boogie says he’s mutual friends with Memphis so it’s going to be interesting to see what he thinks of Dan now. Boogie: “I don’t know what this was made to look like on TV..”

Boogie says he’s not going to go on the internets and read up about Big Brother 14.. he laughs says people brings up all sorts of sh!t about him. He mentions how there will be pictures of his mushot all over the place. (Boogie makes a face to mimic his mugshot.. Look at picture above)

11:00pm Cam 1-2 HOH Danielle, Shane and Britney

Danielle is saying that AShley is bisexual and is involved with Jenn and Frank emotionally. Britney: “Did Jenn tell you this or did you deduce this”
Daniele :’Jenn just told me.. and Jojo was also not straight”
Britney: ‘This house is so much more steamer than I knew”

11:21pm Boogie says goodbye to the backyard

11:47pm Kitchen Playing with playdough (Image Link)

11:21pm- 11:55pm backyard Ashley and Frank Hating on everyone.. they are real everyone is fake. Frank talks about being on BB is his dream and other people (Jenn) don’t even want to be in the game. Ashley and Frank feel so bad that Boogie is going. Ashley: “Jenn doesn’t want it as bad as he does” Frank: ‘Of course she doesn’t he loves this Fing game”

11:58pm Cam 3-4 Joe and Shane

Joe: “for Dan it’s truly do or die… theres no way Frnak is not putting him up”
Shane thinks Joe needs to win the first HOH and Shane will win the second.
Joe thinks there is a girls alliance brewing. hsane can see that happening.
ShaneL “Imagine if Boogie and Frank leave tomorrow”
Joe: “I wonder if TV will Allow that” (They won’t)
Joe says when you think about it we’re right where we started this game.. you and me (TPH 2 Deep?)

12:21am Ian and Brintey Cam 3-4 Ian tells Britney that if it’s a speed round and Frank wins the first HOH it’s Dan and Shane going up. Ian wants to talk in the HOH alone with her but Britney is too tired she heads to bed. (Ian doesn’t appear too happy about thiS)

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Well, tomorrow’s episode will definitely be the highlight of the season. Chen tells Boog about Ian,


I hope she does, that’s the only way this show would redeem itself if boogie says “man I am so horrible, I can’t believe all the nasty things I said about him, I feel so bad! I’m sorry Dan I’m sorry Chelsea and dans family for being such a pr!@k to Dan, man I suck!” yes that’s what needs to happen he needs to go home and think about what a crappy person he is! Who says things like I’m going to f@ck dans wife and Britney’s husband is f@ck!ng other woman on his birthday! What a creep! I hope ms Chen socks it to him!! That would make me happy:) did I mention he is a creep!! No wonder he has these lawsuits! Creep is being kind he is worse and lower than that!!!!


I completely understand why people get caught up with certain individuals they hate on BB. it’s a natural reaction for the viewers, but some people here posting are way beyond vile and disrespectful than the people in the BB house. what boogie is saying about the other side of the house is legal and promoted by the show itself. everyone else is doing the same thing, talking shit, they are all experiencing inner tension, stress and anxiety. I’m kind of upset to see this unusual calm side of boogie this season. some people think this BB 14 boogie and Frank are bullies? could you imagine the wrath Evel Dick Donato (BB 8) would inflict to Dan, Britney, Shane, Danielle, Jenn, Joe and Ian. Evel Dick would of had this group of pansies quitting during mid-season. the shit Evel Dick would say to Joe about his cooking would of been devastating to Joe’s confidence, that Joe would probably never cook again for the rest of life. Evel Dick would of been tearing up page for page Dan’s bible and flush the pages down the toilet. boogie and frank are really not that awful treating the other side of the house. personal shit talking goes back from the start of BB. nothing said on BB shocks me. it’s entertaining to me.


And since there would be no America’s Player to save him, Evel Dick would also be gone by now.


Boogie is just nasty with his comments and has been very personal in his attacks, especially with Joe’s family or Dan’s wife, etc. This is a TV show where people are supposed to backstab & lie, I understand that…but the personal, mean remarks are totally uncalled for and just reflects the anger and dirt that has replaced Boogie’s head & heart. For him to bring in all of this, with his record of personal problems, is especially tacky!!! I will definitely not miss him, and hope there is justice with Frank following closely behind him, just because he has imitated Boogie’s poor attitude and feelings of superiority over all the other players.

Eagle Eye Play Toy

do not tickle me Frank. i am gunning for you now. Next brick hauling HoH is mine!


Does anyone know what Ian’s really doing? He is telling Boogie and Frank the truth that he hates Joe or is he still playing them? I’m not sure who’s side he’s on now or if he’s on both.


He is on the quack pack side but his comments about joe is real joe is the only one that might put him up


Who the hell is Mike Boogie to call people “inferior” ??? Has he found the cure for cancer or something similar? What an ego!!


one of the very reasons he gets to walk tomorrow night…ego…the other reason is greed…


Mike Frank Ash
Bitter… table for four!


You mean 3 right?


The fourth place setting is for Boogie’s ego.


LOL! LOVE it! By-by, Boogie! And Frank following him tonight!

Carol & Steve

thinking the same thing!!


Just noticed Jenn is wearing a Sound Village Band from Naruto on her left wrist. ANIME FAN FTW


Goodbye Booger. I think that if Frank, Jenn or the Hippie don’t win the HOH, then Frank and the Ho, I mean Hippie, will go up. If the quack pack loses the HOH, then Dan and Shane have to be the nominees, with Brit as a backdoor candidate. Jen, Hippie and Joe have no shot at winning anything and so long as they are on separate sides, they will all go down in flames. Maybe Jen should get more flame tattoos on her buttocks?


Hate BB cliches, but Boogie deserves to go home. He keeps getting duped.

2 weeks ago, he was so positive that Frank was staying, he didn’t hit the reset button. Then, he was put up w/ his partner 2 weeks later and, to put the cherry on top, he pointed the finger at the wrong person.

3 strikes, and you’re out.


Why is Frank always tickling Joe or winking at him or bothering him in bed. Booger compared himself to Lebron and Kobe? What a joke. Seem like Ians coming off as more of a weasel then a Villain now days. Cant wait until Thur. I got my money on Powerhouse to be the next weeks HOH. Dan or Brit win the fast forward HOH.


Keep in mind, this is all according to Joe. If you asked Joe for directions to McDonalds, he’d say that you’re trying to close down his restaurant. If you told him his food was delicious, he’d think you called him the Iron Chef and America’s Next Top Model.


Thats funny. I do get it though.

BB King

What a hypocrite Boogie is. Chill-town made alliances with players and then evicted their own alliance members all the time especially in BB All Stars. That’s how they got rid of James, for instance. The alliance was called legion of doom if I am not mistaken. They got other players from the legion of doom evicted too.

This was just karma hitting Boogie on the a$$


I must’ve missed something, somewhere,
what’s this about Powerhouse Joe and hauling bricks?

BB King

For the record, even though this person shares my online pseudonym (I think deliberately), this person is not me.


And you are not I !!!

Any questions ???

BB King


I just wanted to get that out on the table so that people here don’t accuse me of sock-puppetry here. I have no problems with your moniker.


WTF is ian doing? I am super confused and I think he is too…and why do Jenn and Joe want to be in an alliance where there is a clear 4some that are protecting each other (DDSB). People are so stupid sometimes…


Boggie is going to feel so stupid when he relizes dan didn’t do anything.


Team Frashley! A 7 person alliance its bullsh*t Hope Ashley/Frank wins hoh tommorow! Go team Frashley!! At first I ked the quack pack then they have everyone in the house join them .


LOLOL It’s a 4 person alliance with 3 suckers being strung along as safety nets. Anyone that has a clue about this game knows that you need backup options because this game NEVER goes the way you think it will.


What is it with this season? It’s definitely fun to watch, but for the first time ever……..I don’t have a favorite to root for. I might be a fan of Frank’s if he didn’t have such a Huge ego(probably from spending too much time with boogie). Br it would be cool if she didn’t let Shane do all her dirty work and then get pissed when she got a little of the blame. I guess I’ll just root against Jenn.


Can I join the Quack Pack?

I’ll tell them at the outset that I hate them all,
that I will throw all competitions,
that they can feel free to nominate me as
a pawn every week, then I’ll spank their
little behinds and show them how the
game is played and win the whole enchilada.

P.S.: I’ll send a copy of the video to EX-chilltown
member Mike Boogie Malin!!!

Carol & Steve

Can’t believe Boogie jokingly said he’d watch the past couple of episodes & to see if Dan really told. Then said something about how it would be funny if it really wasn’t Dan – but I know it’s Dan! Ohhhh I hope Julie Chen spills that little tidbit to him when he exits! I wanna see his face!

Bubba Long

As a west coast viewer I just watched tonight’s show. The editors would have me believe that a couple of future candidates for sainthood (St. Francis & St. Michael) were betrayed by an ignorant dullard (Shane) who is barely able to walk in the upright position. I enjoy Mike Boogie, and Big Brother will not be as good without him. But Boogie was the author of his own demise. He was fixated on Dan. In an earlier DR session he said that “Dan had beaten a bunch of nobodies, and he had won Big Brother All Stars.” His ego could not fathom losing to Dan. As a result he ignored Ian, and could not make the connection as to where the leak had come from. Once Boogie sees who actually betrayed him, I am sure the words Et tu Ian will be carved into his tombstone.


I never thought that I would say this but I kinda feel bad for Mike Boogie , not because that he is leaving but because he got betrayed and backstabbed by one of his ally in this game ”Ian” , the person that Boogie tried his best to keep safe when he was coach and gave him safety week after week each time he won that competition , the person that he gave 3 thousand dollars when he won a competition and Ian cried after and said in the diary room that no one has ever done such a nice thing for him not even his parents.

Ian is acting like he is too smart for this game but the sad thing that he has 0 chances on winning this game he messed up his whole game by getting Boogie evicted . What makes Ian think that Shane Britney Dan or Danielle are not in a final 4 deal , what makes Ian think that Shane will pick him over britney or Dan will pick him over Danielle and Vice Versa.

Ian actually had a chance with Mike Boogie and Frank because they were going to take him to the Final 3 , plus they had jenn and Ashley at their Side , they had the Votes , Ian screwed them Over , for a final 5 ?

I dont blame Boogie because he didnt Vote for the reset , if the coaches were still in the game I think Boogie would have won for Sure.
Boogie is still one of the best players in bb history no matter what people say and I am not fan of him.


i absolutely agree with you why put yourself in a final five when you could of been final 3 where you control your own destiny at that point its win the comps or go home no one knows that better than janelle


I agree with FrankenBoogie in that if Ian were to make it to the final 2 he would win. They both know it too. They never would have taken Ian to the final 2, and probablly not the final 3. FrankenBoogie had so many final 3 deals in their “Straight Shooter”, “Above Board”, “Never Say Sh!t About Anybody” game that nobody really knew who they were taking. In the end it wouldn’t have meant anything to them as they would have never given anybody else a chance to go to F2.

So, if Ian were to some how make it down the road to F3 with 2 from DDBS, he might go to F2. Big if, but maybe. DDBS may fracture early. Frank may when HOH 2 more times. There may be a brick- hauling HOH comp.

Anything can still happen. Frank will take Ashley to F2 now if he can. Only a miricle or production can pull that one off. But since Frank seems to be not only productions Golden Boy but god too I guess that is what is going to happen.

Right Captain Wedgie?


I don’t think Boogie and Frank were going to take him to the final three. They offered final 3 deals to everyone in the house. Even Ted. Ian knows this, because everyone else told him they were offered the same deal. Neither of them would have wanted to sit next to Ian. Ian has a better chance with the quack pack. Once Joe, Ash, Jenn and Frank are gone, the four will have to turn on each other, and Ian will be the guy with the power. I don’t think the four will all make it. I bet one of them is leaving tonight, so that helps Ian. And he still hasn’t burned his bridges with the other side. He’s in a pretty good spot. He could even align with the stragglers once Boogie is gone and they would have the numbers. He’s nobody’s #1 target, has ties to both sides, both sides think he’s with them and they all underestimate him. When Frank realises that Ian voted against Boogie, he has a good excuse. He had to choose between 2 former team mates, and he is more likely to beat Jenn than Boogie going forward. Boogie and Frank played emotional, sloppy and arrogant. If you’re going to offer final 3 deals, you need to realise that some of those people might get together and talk, so you have to have a plan to deal with that possibility. Boogie and Frank didn’t think about that. They were too confident that everyone else is too stupid and they are gods. They got played by a kid, and they are going to feel really stupid when they find out it was Ian, not Dan. That’s why Dan hasn’t apologized. He didn’t do any of the things that Boogie and Frank accuse him of, and they have said some classless things about Dan. I wonder if they will apologize to Dan when they know the truth. I doubt it. They will justify themselves with some other lame excuse instead of accepting they messed up their own game.

Oh No You Didn't

Frank and Boogie have behave like spoiled children, EXPECTING all things to come to them because they are so awesome and wonderful. It’s embarrassing for them. They never would have taken Ian to final 3.

Dirty hands

Is this the first time in BB history where there’s 20 people in an alliance? I think at this point production is in the Alliance with everyone in the HOH. I heard the fish are actually killing themselves because they have to listen to Shane try and form a thought of his own. The fish are also tired of Danielle asking them if she is the prettiest non-fish in the house. Of course now Danielle thinks that the blue fish is jealous of her and has to be evicted next week. Shane is all for that plan. I really like that tattoo that Dan has it looks like a red t-shirt and says “The U” on it very impressive work.

Carol & Steve

never made the connection before but perhaps that’s why the fish keep dying – it’s Danielle!! LOL!! Do these fish make me look fat? :)


Actually Danielle has been eating them I think, midnight snack.

That or she is boiling because there are no bunnies around…


It’s not the fish… it’s the amount of them she consumes!


when the votes are tallied tomorrow night and boogie is evicted, frank will know Ian was the traitor. not only was it a stupid move, Ian now serves no purpose for DDBS or Frank. Ian should of thought things out instead of playing the game on impulse. Ian got too caught up with his fake villain character. you’re no villain taking out boogie, you could of been a memorable BB villain backstabbing the quack pack. dan now is basically saying Ian is useless in having around and would get rid of him before Joe. this another boring night on the feeds, and unless production introduces a pandora’s box or mystery challenge tomorrow, tomorrow will be a predictable drama free double eviction night. the whole house now knows tomorrow is double eviction night.


I never buy a thing on ebay from Boogie. Only stupids gives money to him.


But what if he is selling one of Jenns jock-straps.


Why doesn’t boogie expose the group he was in? So Joe n Jenn arnt brainwashed


Simon/Dawg I have a new AV idea for Frank if you are still looking.
I was watching this morning and listening to his digusting gas constantly leaking out and creating a toxic environment for all the other HG’s….AND it reminded me of that lame ass Howard Stern “Fartman” character. Seems like a perfect fit to me, they even both have jacked up hair.

On a side note, how the hell do people want to even be NEAR him? For real he farts, he has BO, he has douchey catchphrases. I don’t get it, I know he can fake nice but the rest of it in addition to his dick attitude would have me leaving the room every time he entered.
I really wish it was HIM leaving this week instead of Boogie (and I am NOT a fan of Boogie either!).


Thank the gods we do not have THAT technology yet!


Boogie: ‘No… I was going to blast Joe but I think i’ll save that for a interview”


I will miss you mike boogie.


GREAT QUOTE from Ian to Boogie on BBAD..

After Boogs went on


people say “dan didnt do anything”


that is what will end up still pissing off boogie. he will say “I respect ian, I can respect that”. but dan? he won’t like that he didnt have his back at all, as I really think boogie went in REALLY believing that if something bad was going to happen aka one was getting scumbagged early, that the other would tell him. sort of like a pact. I think boogie feels a bit betrayed as this is pretty early for dan to co-sign a boogie eviction.

basically, I think boogie knows if dan wanted to, he could have kept boogie off the block, and boogie DID keep dan from the backdoor the week before. I can see his gripe there. and I do question dan’s move, but at the same time hes pretty golden, I wouldnt rock the boat either….however anyone who thinks getting rid of boogie is a good idea is kind of crazy

id LOVE boogie in the final 2, easiest win ever. this isnt a rachel situation. no one wants boogie with that 500k

Carol & Steve

I have to think that any loyalty before entering the house changed once reality set in – it’s all well & good but once Boogie’s eyes met Frank’s you rarely saw one without the other. I remember times when Dan tried to talk to him – but the showmance with Frank got in the way.
Don’t get me wrong, I”ve enjoyed Boogie at times but lately he’s been like nails on a chalkboard & I hope I get to see his face when he realizes he & Frank are responsible for his eviction.
Had he nurtured Ian & Jenn instead of putting all his eggs in Frank’s basket Ian might not have been so eager to play spy – but Dan is good at that social game & Ian’s loyalty for a time is with Dan. You reap what you sow Boogie…


nice season 7 reference you reap what you sow boogies cout det tat


Ashley & jenn are together emotionally lmaooo danielle is so desperate she is probrably doing this to make a point to shabe that everyone is in love in the house and in 2 hours shes going to say how they r all jealous that her n shane were the first showmance lol btw boogies roast of danielle was funny


Well, Now I know why Frank wears the headband, cos he’s LeBron James. Right. Boogie is a damn delusionoid. He says he’s so glad he’s grown up, cos if this was 5 years ago, he would let loose on these people. If Boogie is a grown up, I’m an astronaut. This bitchfest between Boogie Bryant and James outside has been going on for hours. What a pair of whiney dorks. Ashley talking about ego in front of the 2 biggest egomaniacs in the house.

And wtf was Ashley crying with Brit for? I get Brit crying about missing her hubby, but what was the hysterical tears from Ashley about? Then just a lil’ while later, she’s out back talking shit to Kobe and LeBron. I’m now convinced, along with Shane, Brit, Wil, Jen etc, that she’s an actress, and I don’t mean porn. She’s had to have studied OR she’s a two faced skitzo. Her drawn out whiney ass voice makes me want to box my own ears.


Hey lioness, if you box your own ears then you will look like
Russell Kairouz from season 11.


Anyone else cringing when they see Joe or Jenn heading up the HOH stairs?
All game talk ceases and you know once they park their asses in there we are stuck listening to inane conversation for at least a good hour…UGH.


Hope Britney wins hoh then Dan or Shane if its a double


dude jojo is gonna slap danielle at the finale…she knows everything danielle has said about her, and also knows all the lies she has told…so does wil, danielle wont even make it out the house before she knows her gig is up…brittany is even to the point where she just puts up with her, oh danielle u r so strong what does brittany weight not even 100 pounds….i love how danielles ego gets so big cuz she can pick brittany up….jenn i got ur back girl,,,btw guys it freaks me out cuz i hate gays,,,and i love chic fila, and my daddy told me that black ppl r just no good ppl and i dont like them either even tho i sucked a bunch of black alabama football players off cuz they said i was their type of girl


Don’t forget that Danielle was a Chinese diplomat, a beauty queen and has 4 degrees too.

Her ego, arrogance and pretentious attitude make me sick.

It will be interesting to see is JoJo has anything to say to her. I hope Staten Island gets her good.

Tim Malley

I wish Boogie called Danielle out for lying that she was a Kindergarten teacher and is actually a nurse. Maybe rittany will remember that conversation with Boogie and cal her out for it soon


I really hope Joe wins HOH, he is my FAVE! I love him, I hope he wins the whole thing. Also, I dont like Ian any longer. What is he crying about? the QP has been covering for his butt and he is throwing Comps and crying over Boogie! I really want someone to smack him. So he brings them info sometimes that is half way useful, who cares? I really dont think they are getting their cost back, I am hoping that after this week Dan throws him under the bus and tells Frank the whole reason Boogie gone is because of Ian.
On a side note, I really wish they would stop saying “scumbag”, it called “playing Big Brother”. the whole point is to evcit everyone so you are the last one left. If you get evcited that doesn’t mean you where “scumbagged” (hate this word). It means the other HGs did a better job of staying in the house than you.


Whats with the doo doo wink jawn that jenn always does? Is there a reason it’s so funny?

Jumping on the Danwagon

Does anyone know if Britany will still have safety for the second eviction…they said it was for all week..?

Carol & Steve

It was for this past week – she could get put up this coming week.

Karen S

Well… Boog’s mentioned sites like these that keep track of everything the HG’s say.. “Wacko People”
I guess he forgot that we are fans.. and there wouldn’t be a show to watch if it weren’t for us.
He’s not going to read the blogs.. we trash the HG’s. blah blah blah

Poor Boog’s! (sarcasm) Can’t wait to see the look on your face, when you realize Dan, your friend,
didn’t betray you. That your boy Ian, that you plan on hugging on the way out, was the culprit. Boog’s
getting played. LOL

Awww Ash… my heart bleeds for you. Your crocodile tears told on you. Most actresses finish up their
job first though before starting another. Ashley does BB?
Ashley and Jenn got it on under the covers the other night? lol It was mentioned in the blog that
they were under the covers “chatting” it up for a while. ahem~ They should take their sheets and blankets away.
Kissy Kissy… national TV.. hint hint!

Joe… Joe… Joe! Please chew away from the mic. Thanks!


Danielle’s jealousy game is more fun.

Carol & Steve

cheers! LOL!!


The app is cutting off my comments.

Anyways great quote in BBAD.

After Boog said what is Joe thinking. He has no chance aligning w/ SBDD, Ian said “I would be more likely to fuckan get in then than them,” to Boogie.
For what it’s worth, Boogie said “Exactly,” lol.


That’s when it started happening.

Karen S

I’ll drink with ya’all this weekend. Gotta get some sleep tonight..
Love you Simon and Dawg! Sweet dreams


OMG I can’t believe it.. now I dislike ashley more than danielle.


Danielle…please stop eating!!!

quack-pack fan

It is sad to watch Boogie now that he realizes he is going – however – it doesn’t make up for ALL the arrogant, mean, woman-hating, douche commentary he provided us this season. Maybe CBS will send him a thank you card but I think he is such a bad sport and hypocrit. He tried to make Frank the new Dr. Will and ultimately it may have negatively impact Frank’s game. I initially liked Frank but not since he has been Boogitized.I can’t recall any prior BB player working as hard as Frank – too bad he is starting to believe he is the BEST player in the Universe!

Shane needs to install a filter so he thinks about what he is saying BEFORE he says it. That edit when Shane is in HOH room showing Boogie/Frank demanding answers made Shane look like an idiot.

Bet Janielle has to get a little enjoyment out of watching this eviction.

If Boogie follows through with that ‘question mark’ cube desception with Danielle tomorrow just before 5pm it will be ‘comedy gold’.

Ian is like a Dog with a Bone (bun intended) about getting Joe out of the house.


To be fair, the CBS edit wasn’t terribly far off from how Shane was actually answering them on the feeds.


Don’t be sad for Mike Boogie, when he gets home

he has a carved idol of Vanilla Ice that will bring him comfort.


you would think that dumb a$$ Boogie was dead the way white trash Frank and the slut were going on and on about him. Blah Blah Blah. Cry me a river white trash. I bet he will have tears in his eyes when Boogie leaves. what a PUSSY!!!


I wonder if ians startin to feel a little bit shitty right now after boogie said he only wants to say goodbye to him ashley and frank.He justs seems like such a nice kid i wonder if really cut out for the villian role he so loves,or maybe hes got me just as fooled as boogie is and hes just as big a douchebag.Even though boogie is my favorite gota call it how i see it he can be a dick sometimes

BB King

This is what I don’t get.

If Frank’s dead is Sid Vicious, how come Frank is unemployed? I mean his dead must have some connections in the wrestling business and Frank could be a wrestler like his father if he really wanted a job.

quack-pack fan

Good to see some positive moments from Boogie before he goes. I am sure CBS will send him a thank you card but as a live feeder – Boogie has been nothing short of arrogant, woman-hating, demeaning and poor sport all during his time in BB house. It is priceless to watch him profess that he has not been personal with anyone and he and Frank have played honestly – please – does he even realize how badly he has slandered just about everyone in the house? Wait until he finds out that Dan did NOT rat him out – I hope he plays that comment he made about what he was going to do to Dan’s wife after he gets out of the house – over and over. No Class!!!!

I am sure Janielle must be enjoying this eviction.

Ian is like a Dog with a Bone (pun intended) about evicting Joe.

I used to like Frank but Boogie has done a job on him and now he is getting more arrogant by the minute. Latest example of that is when he declared himself the Best BB Player – ever.

Ashley finally found an alliance – I am sure Frank will provide whatever support she needs. Jenn’s travel alarm finally went off and she is now playing the BB game…

Shane needs to get a filter installed so that he would think about what he is saying BEFORE he says it.

~~~just had to get that off my chest ~~~


so the episode tomorrow will be boring as hell. i think i will not even watch. its 100% predictable whats gonna happen. the only interesting thing will be boogies face when he hears about ian!

the rest is already scripted/rigged. frank will win HOH (he ll have the answers before the comp). dan or shane leaves. depending who wins POV. and then the rest will gun for ash and frank the next week. most likely frank will be able to win one more POV.


I don’t understand why people are saying Ian is ruining his game by evicting Boogie? Boogie has treated Ian like crap this whole season. Don’t give me the whole “But zomg Boogie gave him 3,000 dollars!” Yeah because Frank told him too. Other then that Boogie continually ragged on Ian in front of his face and behind his back. He put all his trust in Frank and didn’t give a crap about Ian and Jenn, and Ian knew this. Which is exactly why the Quack Pack was formed which made sense. Why would Ian ride with Boogie and Frank? Boogie and Frank were never going to make the final 3 together (Frank even admitted this I believe it was last night) one of them or both of them would be evicted if Boogie were to stay in this game. So Ian is riding with the power alliance and possibly is a lock for the final 5 and once you get to the final 5 you hold your own fate in your hands, you MUST win something. So technically Ian is just giving himself a shot by evicting Boogie whereas if he was to keep Boogie he would inevitably be picked off and would probably not even reach the final five. Do your thing Dr. Ian Terry! I hope you use the best line of the season in your goodbye message to Boogie “Hey I learned from the best like father like son” Hahahaha still can’t get over that CLASSIC.


If Ian doesn’t win anything, he knows he’s expendable and won’t have the numbers if he goes down to F5 with them. With Jenn and Joe on board, even being fifth is now in question. You know you’re fifth – AT BEST – in that alliance. I know part of the game is social and Boogie completely failed with Ian in that respect. I get it. But Ian is making a strategically bad move, as are Joe and Jenn.

You see BSDD sitting up there. You know they’ve all been tight for over a month. It’s not a secret. What makes Ian, Joe, or Jenn think if they’re final five with them that they have a shot in hell of staying? Let’s say Ian goes to a Final 5 with Frank, Jenn, Shane, and Danielle. Don’t Ian’s odds look better at that point whether he wins or loses the comps?


Mike Malin is skeevy, miserable, narcissistic, little man who probably does think he could sweet talk Dan’s wife into letting him toss her salad or at the very least, he would claim that in open court. Frank is a disgusting, creepy half of a man that you never take a ride from if you were hitchhiking for fear that he would rob not only your blongings but your dignity and innocence as well. They both claim to be BB masterminds yet neither can play the social game well enough to get themselves beyond 1st jury member even given thier powerhouse of 2. Did they really feel intimidation, threats, tearing up then begging was gonna keep Mike in the house another week? Um… nope. How about try having some class for once in your lives? That’s something you can’t beg, borrow, steal or buy. You can choose to have it or not.

*What do you mean someone said I was talking bad about Mike and Frank? F**k them. I never said one thing personal about them* ;) I rest my case your honor.


Isn’t this nice of Mike Malin to say?

(Just like his ugly thoughts to deliver to Dan—I’m going to MI to fuck your wife), he has said he’d love to tell Britney that her husband is celebrating his birthday at a bar and fucking someone else. And the other thought was that her husband is second-guessing the marriage since she’s been gone for half of it. And then the “and you quit your job” (he grimaces in a sarcastic manner).


Danielle actually had the nerve to say that Ashley needs wants all the attention on her. Bitch please stfu!! And Dan and Britney talking about personal attack ppl make behind their backs and they always talking about Danielle’s being insecure behind her back. Plus Britney brought up her weight. Boogie asked Ian who he won’t put up he did not say I outing up Shane or Britney


I think it was lame how they went about the boogie eviction. own it. tell him you want him gone and hes a threat, the excuse is weak, and when boogie learns why, he wont be mad at ian, but still mad at dan for not having his back at all, this early in the game. waaaay too early.

they get on this high horse about boogie saying to ian basically “so if YOU win HOH, what will YOU do, put up brit? shane?”. then because ian is a rat, he tells them! then he tonight tells brit that shane and dan would be frank’s targets, and THAT is OK. ????????????? isnt that the same freaking thing if she didnt then go tell dan, as she is looking out for herself and only herself

dan should have tossed ian “to the wolves”. instead he just looks like a man too weak to admit he is indeed with the people who want boogie out of th e house. just admit it, but to sit back and say “he should shake my hand and say good game”….HOW? how can boogie do that w hen you dan, refuse to admit anything. to protect ian? oh please.


I agree and i also hate them being mad a boogie for his reaction towards them. well of course he would be he knew what was going to better tv and all around game the silent 6 going after each other towards the end, would have been great for the game all around. also this season has the most cowardly players i have ever seen. Boogie is gone own up and say we wanted to you out. As much as i don’t like boogie when he was asked during the confrontations he has had with them he said the thought crossed my mind about putting dan up. The least they could have done is tell him in the same way. This has to be the most cowardly elimination beside shelly turning on jeff.