Spoilers – Ashley: “everyone thinks I’m sl***** it up with Ian and Frank.. I do things to pass time”

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

3:13pm Cam 1-2 Chit chat Britney, Danielle, Shane, Joe
Danielle says she was spanked by her parents for telling her brother that the milk man was his father.

Britney explains a story when she was a in the 8th grade and a girl in her class started a rumour that she had Breast implants. Joe: “Thats why they call you t!ts..”

3:32pm Cam 1-4 Arcade Frank and Jenn Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

(*Note during this conversation Frank brings up that Big Brother is his Dream and winning it is Dream 4 times. If you are participating in the Make Frank’s Dream Happen Drinking game Drink drink drink drink)

Frank says that Jenn is number 6 in a group of 6. DDBSJ will vote her out as soon as they can. Frank says he’s 2 for 3 in the HOH’s he’s got a good chance to win it.. His plan is to get Dan out, he think Dan’s the shepherd and the rest of them are sheep if he can get him out the other players will scramble.

Frank don’t hold it against me for trying to get the votes for Mike it’s nothing against you You know I love you girl. He goes on to explain Ashley and how she felt last night. Ashley is concerned that she lost Jenn as a friends and AShley doesn’t think Jenn understands why she was trying to get the house to vote her out. Frank makes it sound like the conversations Jenn had last night with AShley ended poorly. Frank wonders if there is anything he can tell Ashley to make things better.

Jenn: “I plan to talk to Ashley.. I felt that it ended off on a positive note. I don’t know what she said to you as opposed to what really happened” (Jenn’s tone = Not Happy)
Jenn: “I had 3 people campaigning against me 1 of them I know was saying things negative about me and he was my coach.. you guys made me felt expendable worthless and not part of the team.. I’m a good social player and that is what is saving me”
Frank mumbles about says they were just doing what helps their game, it was a game move nothing personal.
Jenn doesn’t accept his BS tries to explain to him that her former teammates are all her out.. she had 3 people campaigning against her..” If you can find the fairness in there please explain it to me because there is none. In terms of AShley you don’t need to speak for her I can speak with her or she can come to me directly she doesn’t need to work with you” (Biam Jenn sticking to her guns)

Jenn continues tells him the reason she’s staying is DDBSJ want Boogie out.. right after nominations Shane never explained to her what he was doing so she got to work and so did Frank. Jenn remembers Frank telling them all to get Joe on their side little did she know at the time Frank meant get Joe on our side to vote against her. “Thats a tough PIll to Swallow frank.” (damn they f**** her)

Jenn: “How can I work with people that were trying to get me out of the house.. I can’t trust Ian, Frank or AShley..I have nobody in this game” (Theres a help wanted ad @ Team Powerhouse all you need to do is be able to haul bricks)
Frank: “We’re teammates with Mike to.. Boogie gave Ian $3000 dollars and kept him safe the first week Ian owes Boogie his vote” Frank goes on and on about how he owes Boogie a vote because Boogie fought so hard for him when he was on the block. Jenn points out that she voted for Frank the first week and if she hadn’t he would have gone home.

Frank: “You’re a grown woman you have to know that Boogie is our best chance to make it in the game.. I don’t know what they told you but nobody said anything negative about you.. they are trying to pull you away ..”

Frank: “You got to see we’re trying to make the smartest decision we wanted to move forward.. I know you’ve had my back Jenn. “
Jenn :’That doesn’t matter.. you guys did all sorts of stuff even talked about trading me”

(They talk in circles for a bit and leave on a good note. Jenn never backs down once)

3:57pm Cam 3-4 Jenn and Ashley

AShley is claiming that everything that happened to their group was planned by DDBS. Ashley explains that she stopped playing this game personally and she decided her best chance to move forward in the game was to keep Boogie in. Jenn is fine with Ashley rolling Frank and Ian, Jenn will have to do her own thing . Jenn brings up the negative things Boogie and Frank said about her. Ashley denies those things were said. Jenn interrupts says she knows they were said, She doesn’t want to play he said she said.

Jenn you can roll with whoever you want to roll with and i’ll figure out what I am going to do but I still really like you and still want to hang out with you.

Ashley: “ I like you to and I still want to work with you.. I don’t fit in with Them” (DDBS)
AShley is pissed that Britney is going around insulting her by saying DDBS isn’t working together, “Does she think i’m a f****ng fool.. she’s trying to save her a$$ incase I win HOH”

Ashley I still want to work with you I don’t think we have any other choice..
Jenn: “Those guys have really made me feel worthless at times.. I understand that Boogie wins competitions and is strong.. but I was your homegirl”
AShley: ‘Your homegirl turned her back on you I can see why you are mad”
Ashley: “I know everyone thinks I’m slutting it up with Ian and Frank.. This place.. I do things to pass time”

Jenn more or less tells her they are still friends but not allied in the game anymore (I doubt seeing this last long) . Jenns says AShley has Frank and Ian and they will take care of her. AShley point out that Jenn has Danielle and Britney. Jenn: “I have Danielle not Britney”

AShley never believed in the Girls Alliance because Danielle and Britney Ashley doesn’t know why Danielle doesn’t like her.. she thinks that maybe she thought that she wanted to keep JOJO over her.

Ashley brings up that Janelle was trying to get a coaches alliance started and they were each suppose to bring one player with them. It was easy for Dan and Britney to decide but Boogie couldn’t so he didn’t go through the alliance.

4:03pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Joe

Frank bringing up the reason why Boogie went to sleep last night, Boogie felt like Joe wasn’t giving the answer until the morning. Frank heard the people in the HOH laughing and screaming about Boogie sleeping because he’s got other people to do his campaigning.
Joe: “even though I consider it distasteful what we were doing upstairs.. it was clearly a joke.. and taken out of context”
Joe explain that they were saying Boogie is so good he has 3 other players doing his campaigning while he sleeps.
Frank gets heated says that makes him look bad… Frank brings up how Joe told the HOH crew about their conversation last night. Joe had told Frank he was votign to keep Jenn. Frank “you said I didn’t take that well I thought our conversation went well .. that makes me look bad)

Joe says Franks is getting only part of stories, he goes on to explain it..
Joe: “ I was offended with what you and Boogie did when Janelle went out.. You guys were high fiving”
Frank was cheering to get rid of Janelle because Janelle was targeting him.

Get The Live Feeds for your iPhone or Android Phone! Comes with a regular subscription to the Live Feeds Subscription Link

4:45pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Britney (Image LINK)
Dan: “If we win HOH and No wizard powers we can make a run at it”
britney agrees.. as long as they win the Next HOH.

4:46pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Frank (Image Link)
Frank rehashes his conversation with Jenn.. he pretty much covers it all hard to hear what they are saying I’m sure Frank mentions something about be on Big Brother is his Dream and he deserves to win because of that. (I’ll assign this frank conversation 2 dreams which equals 2 drinks)
Boogie joins them.. Very difficult to hear what they are saying with the planes flying over head.

4:57pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Britney
Dan: “Think we’ll lose Jenn”
Britney: ‘I dunno.. I told Danielle to go talk to her”

5:30pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Britney Backyard
They agree that JAnelle was a good person to hang around in the house with. Dan doesn’t understand why Danielle got so upset with janelle. BRitney says that Danielle is very easy to upset and britney thinks Danielle is insecure about her body so anything that is not glowing praise will upset Danielle. … Feeds Switch to Danielle, Jenn and AShley in the kitchen talking about teaching and playing with playdough.

6:02pm Cam 1-4 indoor lockdown..
Cam 1-2 Girls are playing with the playdough
Cam 3-4 Frank and Boogie are chatting and showering in the bathroom

6:10pm Britney + her GIANT Coffee.. it’s the size of her head

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Bye bye Boogie and hopefully Frank will leave behind you unless PRODUCTION RIGS IT AGAIN!!!


@EVERYONE, Nope! Frank wins his 3rd HoH and Shane will be at the Jury House! The Curse continues.

billie two trees

After watching tonight’s show I am sick to my stomach how CBS and production tried to make Frank and Boogie look not like the scum bags that they really are and of course they did not acknowledge the cheating that went on during the Veto competition. It makes me want to throw up how production is trying to make these two reprehensible scum bags look like they have been the ones that were hurt or mistreated. I hope everyone that watches this show reads these spoilers and watches the feeds to know what is really going on and just how dirty and nasty Frank and Boogie really are. Personally, hope everyone writes CBS and tells them exactly what they think???

Kathie from Canada

I wonder just how much Clorox it took to scrub that episode clean??? Unbelievable. Not even close to what really happened. In fact, the show was pretty bland when you get right down to it.

billie two trees

Isn’t that the truth!! So the lying and cheating continues by Production!!! Makes you want to gag it was so fake!!!

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

PRODUCTION DOES SUCK!!! Manipulating the show for the short term ruins the game
In the long term. I can watch “characters” on serial TV-I want to only watch
Big Brother pure-with the only “twists” announced to the audience at the START
of the season. Remember the first few seasons-before the created characters?
Stop cheating production!!!

Danielle's Diary

or Dawg…Exactly how did frank and boogie cheat? Did they choose whether to stay or fold after everyone else? please help….

Karen S

The Cheating: It’s my understanding that when they were pulling out the coins to pick the Veto players, that Boogie or Frank one, chose
the house guests choice coin after they saw Dan’s name. That quick little edit from Boogies Diary, eluded to it… but they did not expose
it on the episode tonight.


I have to say then bb has always thrown wrench into the mix so to speak so that one side of the house doesn’t keep all the power but this is the first season that they actually allowed a player to cheat and although frank won fair and square they stacked the deck so he wouldn’t have any competition and in my book that is cheating. I hope that since we only have 4 weeks till then end they will let the game play out fairly but i wouldn’t be surprised if frank wins


six and a half hours feeds where down the othernight (Sat) what could of possibly happened POV took about 2 hours so what happened thats feed stayed off ( Pandora’s Box) already but Shane didn’t want to open it or already did and we just dont know


I doubt it if pandora was there we would have already know about it they would have aired it wether shane opened it or not


Joe and Jenn are the most delusional players to have ever played this game.

Team Boogie YO!!

Completely agree!! They cant win jack s*** and they are aligning with people that wont keep them once they have no value…. They are TERRIBLE !!!!

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

neither with Booger and Frank… they’re only using them as well….

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

so all this blah blah blah, of them aligning with certain people so their stupid don’t mean shit, Booger fans wouldn’t say shit about them being stupid or terrible if they were with Frank and Booger


That’s the thing. If they were aligned with Frankenbooger, they would still talk bad about them behind their backs. The only difference is they would blow sunshine up their asses when they are face to face.


I’m not a Boogie/Frank fan, but I don’t dislike them. I think Jenn and Joe are stupid for aligning with DDSB because they are only needed for this week. and Joe thinks he’s BB king because for the first time in the game people actually NEED him. Jenn aligning with them I dont really give a shit about, she hasnt done anything in this game so its nice to see her to at least try and work with people. But when people like Ashley, Joe, Jenn who have nothing to offer talk about “yeah i wanna work with you” Da fuck you mean? Like when Ashley said to Jenn yeah i wanna work with you. Neither of them have won shit. You cant “work” with someone if you have nothing to offer. The only reason I exclude Ian,Boogie,Dan, and Britney is because they are manipulating people at least and have people who do win on their teams.


Its more of the fact that joe is acting like a hot shot because someone finally needs him for something and Jenn woke up this week to realize she has to play. That bitch is retarded because she has literally done NOTHING up until the week and is upset because people were pulling for Boogie. What the hell did she expect? That theyd pull for her? when she hasn’t put any effort in to this game up until now? Yeah makes sense.

Ian's hammock squeak

I annoy peeps sometimes with my sound and all, but I really hope my boy Ian wins this thing. That guy takes care of me and my buddy, the hammock. If it weren’t for him I might not ever get to see some a** around here.


Most delusional? You’re giving Lawon FAR too much credit.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

hell yeah LOWAN agreeing to be the “sacrificial lamb” thinking somehow he was valuable was by far the most delusional.. he regretted that shit too

Eagle Eye Play Toy

JOE WILL WIN BIG BROTHER 14! MARK MY WORDS. he is one hell of a player

Janelle's worn out lip

signed Joe’s wife?




so she is “passing the time” by being a slut and playing with 2 guys… man she has no game …seems like sex is the only thing about her that she feels .. and she obviously has little morals if her idea of passing the time is by playing with peoples heads and being a s*ut


Evidence or Innuendo?? Wow!


Evidence: 1. just before getting into the house she was doing porn 2. she was dating someone twice her age. 3. she making ian think she likes him , and not even 15 minutes later is doing the same thing with frank… booogies kissing aside ( since it was a spin the bottle game)


Ashley was doing porn? Links must be provided to support that claim.


No links needed. Google Ashley Iocco Lawsuit . It’s all there. Been posted on here several times.


You can’t just say someone was doing porn and make it true. This isn’t ‘Nam, there are rules.


PROOF OF Allegations; ‘

Big Bro’ gal’s 800G reality lesson
Last Updated: 6:52 AM, July 15, 2012
Posted: 12:22 AM, July 15, 2012

A “Big Brother” contestant who vowed never to “boink on camera” to win is accused of screwing her ex out of big bucks.
So claims former S&M king Anthony Marini, who is suing his ex-flame Ashley Iocco in Manhattan Supreme Court for $820,000.
“She’s a thief,” charged Marini. “Nobody understands what this girl is doing.”
Marini, 56, who in the 1990s ran The Vault — a notorious bondage den in the Meatpacking District — cast the 26-year-old buxom blonde as the star of his first feature film in 2010.
A few months into the shoot, the two began dating.
But Iocco, after completing just eight scenes for a trailer, bolted to California, causing a $700,000 investor to back out, Marini alleges.
Iocco, a Pittsburgh native who operates a mobile spray-tanning business in Hollywood, couldn’t be reached for comment.
But she filed an answer to the complaint in which she denied the charges, including the claim that she and Marini had a binding contract.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/big_bro_gal_reality_lesson_kKwNcQ4esNzmZ5WdV4o4NL#ixzz24KN3Y92e

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

w0rd, I know chicks like her, flirty types to get close to men, get in their heads, to get some favors, mostly “financial” then try that “I’m not like that”,rap, but eventually they always end up with their legs in the air, and a head of shame when they leave at 2am. This is when they find out the hard way that nothing in this world is FREE. Not callin her a slut or whatever, just sayin, I’m seein obvious signs, and if the opportunity to advance further comes up, she might go that route with either Frank or Ian if they get power..


I have no problem with women who use the power of their pussy to get ahead. I’m a well-off motherfucker and PLENTY of women have used sex to get what they want out of me. I don’t care. I got that pussy.


Want to know what Ashley Iocco was and did before she ran off to Cali to start her mobile tanning business…..

here it is…..her boyfriend was 30 years old than her & she was doing S&M movies for him…….dah…..

A “Big Brother” contestant who vowed never to “boink on camera” to win is accused of screwing her ex out of big bucks.

So claims former S&M king Anthony Marini, who is suing his ex-flame Ashley Iocco in Manhattan Supreme Court for $820,000.

“She’s a thief,” charged Marini. “Nobody understands what this girl is doing.”

Marini, 56, who in the 1990s ran The Vault — a notorious bondage den in the Meatpacking District — cast the 26-year-old buxom blonde as the star of his first feature film in 2010.

A few months into the shoot, the two began dating.

But Iocco, after completing just eight scenes for a trailer, bolted to California, causing a $700,000 investor to back out, Marini alleges.

Iocco, a Pittsburgh native who operates a mobile spray-tanning business in Hollywood, couldn’t be reached for comment.

But she filed an answer to the complaint in which she denied the charges, including the claim that she and Marini had a binding contract.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/big_bro_gal_reality_lesson_kKwNcQ4esNzmZ5WdV4o4NL#ixzz24KGerpFU


I remember her asking Jenn earlier this season if she (Jenn) ever went to The Vault. Whatever, she can be a slut, in and out of the house, I don’t care. Her game sucks and she makes Jordan look like a mensa member. That whole explanation of hers playing the pov on the CBS show wasted air time. I feel dumber just watching it.


Danielle can take Jenn and Joe to F3, they make her look smart, pretty and sweeeeet. But, can she trust Ashley not to make a move on Shane?


Ashley is starting to sound like the smartest person in the house. I think she’s knows everything that has and is going on with all players. Been hard to pick someone to cheer for, but she’s starting to move up my list. Do I think she’s a slut? NO. First kiss to Mike was spin the bottle (other kisses happen too); I don’t think she’s ever kissed Ian and it would be a pity date kiss if that happen; and I think she actually likes Frank or she’s pulling a Parvite (sp) Survivor approach on all the non-married guys.




ok so ytou think she deserves teh 500K because she is puling a parvite and trying to be the house tramp…. she does not look good ( personality) doing that …. it shows that she does not think she has anything to offer other than sexuality… oh wait she was dating a %^ Year old before she moved in and was doing porn at the time… yeah she is such a wholesome girl. (sarcasm) You prolly only think this because you think she is attractive… if say Jenn did the same thing you would be on her like white on rice…

Ashley, if she ever competes in the game and does anything for herself , then yeah but until she can PROVE that there is more to her than just her sensuality then I think she should be the first juror


To: JLON. You are talking about her OUTSIDE the house. The game is INSIDE this house and the jury doesn’t vote based on the crap you’re talking and her attorney say’s that she didn’t break any contracts and that she had the right to drop out of the stupid movie. Her boyfriend is just jealous he lost out on making money from being in the film. Now., back to BIG BROTHER which is what I base my comments on in this forum.

Janelle's worn out lip

Someone started the Franks Dream game early.

The Rose

Ok Simon. I took a drink for all the times and …zzzzzzzzzzzz. I can’t count anymore how many …zzzzzzzzzz um, that I have and …zzzzzzzzzz I think I had 20 shots…zzzzzzz or maybe 42 um …….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pliney the Elder

” (Theres a help wanted ad @ Team Powerhouse all you need to do is be able to haul bricks)”
Simon: before I get smashed watching BBAD and playing the dream drinking game… I want to thank you for that hilarious
comment. I laughed so hard, I knocked over my warm up drink. In about an hour if the feeds stay on frank, I will probably be
passed out.. So thank you for all the work you and dog do to make it funny.. and especially for the SNARK.. I love this site
better than the show.


I dont drink … i just think her “game” sucks as she prolly does as well……… watching the episode and she even threw the POV to frank ….. she is a tool, puppet, and until she proves that she can do something else than try to start showmances and making herself look like a giant tramp then like i said she deserves to be a pure juror…. what is her main game play this season ….. playing guys???? seriously…. this is big brother not porn star practice


Wow, how dare you judge someone you don’t even know so harshly. She hasn’t had sex or done anything other than kiss anyone in the house. She hasn’t even suggested she would. She barely kisses frank without wanting to hide behind the pillow. I don’t care if you think her game sucks. You shouldn’t say those things about anyone you don’t know. It makes you look like a shitty human being. I’m getting sick of all the personal attacks in these comments. Talk about game play or strategy, but don’t just bash people senselessly.


Boogie’s going home, and Frank’s vote for him won’t help at all we all know that, but what the hell is Jenn thinking? Like Frank will vote to keep a player that has done absolutely nothing in the game over one that fought hard for him and is the reason he’s still here.


Frank said he is better than everyone in the house, mentally and physically. In every other season, he would be gone already! Can always use these two words to show how good he really is: Cancelled eviction.

He is getting tricked by a 21-year-old also and is in a horrible spot in the game.

There needs to be a BB All-Stars. I’ll go in shock when there are more than two good players in the house. Just having Evil Dick, Dan, Will, and Rachel in the house would be insanely awesome. Add them along with other pat houseguest would be unbelievable.

AG's Pantyliner

Oh gawd don’t say that. These veterans are played out. Can we do a little work and find some new talent to bring in and leave these vets at home doing their $14.99 per month weak sauce cam show? AG’s Pantyliner out…

Janelle's worn out lip

I vote for porn star cast.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

I wanna see that 0.0 I like “porn parodies” some are hilarious

Janelle's worn out lip

That would be awesome and there would be no shortage of talent considering they do the show during the college summer break.
The alcohol budget needs to be augmented though.
Put one of the $10K prize funds into a Costco shopping trip.

Now thatswhatimtalkinboutwillis!!!

Janelle's worn out lip

Dear Boogie:

Offer Jenn your $10K and tell her you will help her get booked in LA and introduce her to the right people.
She knows she has no chance of winning, needs the money and her music is her priority.
She will jump at the chance and self-evict.

Now THAT would stir the hornet’s nest.
Hope you got your depends on Dan and Shane…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! :)

Red Lampshade

Dear Frank,

Boogie is not a God. He only gave Ian 3K because he had to give it to someone. He took the 6K, remember? He would’ve taken all of the money if he could’ve. He took 10K instead of going for HOH or safety, and now he’s going home. He brought a lot of this on himself. And he’s been spewing some of the worst shit in the house, so stop whining when a few of the others decide to return the favor. And FYI, just because someone isn’t doing what you want, doesn’t mean that they’re “brainwashed”. In conclusion, please shut the hell up.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

Right ON

Carol & Steve

they should market the BB Drinking game – some square shot glasses with ? on them. LOL!!

Also perhaps Frank is one of those Make A Wish kids. :)

Or the Disney princess slant – A dream is a wish your heart makes….

Gotta stop – sorry couldn’t help myself!


At least if Boogie stay it will still be a good show… Britney hasn’t done anything but b***h the whole time about everyone else, and is freaking bossy as all hell. I loved her on season 12 and hate her on this season. My hope is that Dan realizes he can’t use this alliance and teams up with Frank and Ian.

Carol & Steve

Is it me or does it seem that Boogie & Frank are getting a decent edit? And I’d have at least like to have seen the dump of the bag….Ridiculousness!!

Carol & Steve

yeah – so true. I usually watch the CBS show just to see diary room & parts of the comps. My friends that only watch the show have no idea – but I tell them if they really want to know they can check in here for the best updates.
Tomorrow will be watching the Jags play & keeping updated here since BB isn’t going to be on until 130 – I can watch that on Fri or I may even delete it. LOL!
Love the Dream Drinking Game – we don’t drink alcohol we just substitute.

Carol & Steve

but on a slow day it probably would help make them more interesting… :)

Eric CA

Another reason to get frank out. Simon does not want to start having to go to AA meetings.


Go Jags!!!!

? & PH F2 FTW

Just wanted to give props to Simon&Dawg for keeping me addicted to your site. Best site out there and I only look forward to the show starting again every summer just for this site and the great community-comments-commentary 3 yrs running.

And Go Jags the Team Powerhouse of the NFL


I totally agree, I found this site 3 years ago and have been addicted to it ever since! Big Brother is my guilty pleasure I love to hate myself for loving (having) to watch it and addicted to checking in on updates throughout the day on what is going on in the BB house. Nobody ROCKS the house better than Simon and Dawg!!! You guys are amazing, your site is amazing and the comments are amazing…..the site, the show, the comments, the players, the drama they all make up my guilty pleasure!! Thank you guys so much for what you do, I will always be a loyal follower of your site with much gratitude and appreciation!!!


It is actually insulting to live feeders. Cbs banks on the subscriptions, then …
Where is “the voices inside danielle’s head”? We need to hear from “the voices inside Allison’s head”.

Karen S

I absolutely agree Simon! It’s background noise while I read your blogs. lol

Carol & Steve

and no acknowledgement for you live feed viewers about what happened – it’s as if that time frame didn’t exist! Bad move CBS!! Epic Fail!

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

typical for production…


Ahh poor Ian the super Villain has backed his self in a corner. His evil two faced plan is going to bite him in the ass. I think he sees now the his Quack Pack was only an alliance to get Boogie out, and he work is done and DDBS have no use for him. What the hell is that Guy with all the Tats thinking that he is in an alliance. He woke up yesterday and realized that there is a competition going on.

Ian's Morning Wood

Everyone bitching about production rigging this season for Boogie&Frank had better not be Brenchal fans…talk about the biggest rig job in BB history.


Ok now watching CBS, I’m back to Team Dan/Ian FTW. LMAO I’ve flipped more than the HGs this year :). What a weird season


Love, love, love the drinking game! Cheers.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

There’s that guy on the screen again… who is he?? what is his deal? what is he cryin about? did frank turn his challenge for a “sword fight” down?


cool more have nots again this week…… and tomorrows episode will prolly be edited to make them look scummy as long as it is not a double eviction night


they just annouced that it is a double eviction episode,,,, that means i definitely have to watch tomorrow

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

Hell yeah, Booger gone, then ___________ fill the blank , cuz i don’t i give a fuck who it is


Why are they giving frank such a good edit. The guy is the 2nd biggest a$$ in this game behind boogie. He’s a bully. He likes to threaten everyone. They should show his true colors. Frank really isn’t that smart. He’s making more enemies in the house. He will have to win HOH and POV every week from now on to stay in this game. Cut your losses and start saving yourself. And if boogie cared about him he would tell him to do the same.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

Happens all the time, especially the past 2 seasons


@Mike.I also notice how CBS gave Frank a great edit.Frank is a mean grudge holding bully,like Boogie.But production wants Frank to win.(hence them saving him from eviction and admitting that he cheated in the veto competition,but won’t do anything about it).I also think production told Frank to keep repeating that being on this show is his dream,because when all of production work pays off(Frank winning the game)it will look like his dream came true.I actually thought Dan had a good chance of winning the game.But after watching tonight’s episode edit Frank in a way that makes him look like the good guy.I think production will have him win HOH.Dan will be evicted.


Alot of people point out that frank should have been gone and eviction was cancelled and thats the only reason hes there.I think it might also have something to do with the many competitions hes won and boogies social game when it came to getting janelle out.I seem to remember last season that rachael should have been gone but pu**y whipped brendon saved her instead of himself than again she should have been gone than production saved her with pandoras box.Thats just one example as there are many who have won this game that should have been gone and were saved by a twist that is the game of BIG BROTHER so yes frank has earned his current position in this game


Don’t understand CBS giving Boogie and Frank a good edit either!! They are both intently disliked especially after Boogie suggesting he was going to go and force himself on Dan’s wife and CBS has to know that they both have admitted to cheating. Does CBS just love potential rapists, and embezzlers and just read the Boogie even apparently assaulted one of his waitresses who is also suing him and an umemployed BOZO who is just as big a liar, cheater and bully who laughed when Boogie said he was going to go and assault Dan’s wife. What is wrong with Les Munoz and CBS???? CBS should of kicked them both out of the game long, long, long time ago or they just think the viewing audience are idiots which we are not!! CBS and PRODUCTION need to wake up and stop rigging it for these two weasels (and that is the nicest word I could come up for them), or as I refer to them BOZO and Boogers!! UGH, they need to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CBS is going to lose the rest of their viewing audience if they do not get rid of these two quick!


Did Jenn say she’s played a good social game?…..hahahaha. I didn’t know she was playing at all. I can’t wait until Joe and Jenn go back to back and show up at the Jury house like what happened? I thought we had deals with them..hahahaha. Idiots


Ian’s weirdness absolutely negates any villainous action he does.

His lines in the DR were just corny at best.

Maybe it’s his voice.


Well let me guess who will win HOH Frank? If this happens it will be short lived since they dont get time in Hoh room only a Hoh baskets Wow Ashley in Pov folded and let Frank win Hoh I think he told Ashley to fold quiety Never saw Frank’s hand enter the Pov bag (production edit) but saw the smart ass smirk after cheating


Tgat smirk was PROOF of the cheat — I noticed it too. You could tell by his reaction, one that was blatantly fake, that he had cheated. I am glad I read this site…otherwise, I would not have been paying attention!


HAHAHAHA. Love you’re drinking game idea ;) And seriously, you could get a decent buzz off of Frank’s “dreams”. Well done, Simon! I wonder how many more times he’ll say it tonight now that I’m off work……..I hope a ton!


Ian early on had that genuine quirkiness thing about him. now he’s become the annoying pompous kid who people laugh at, not with.


Boogie and Frank have had so many clues that Dan is not the one who told on them, but they insist that it has to be him. CBS did a lousy job of editing what is really going on in the house. Frank never should of told Dan he was thinking of backdooring him, Dan would of told Boogie what was going on. Instead it sealed their fate, he had to cut them loose, he knew if Frank got HOH again he would backdoor him.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

Frank : sup pimpin’

at least he’skinda acknowledging Booger as his pimp LOL


I feel sorry for Joe’s kids that their dad has been exposed to be such a gigantic ass kisser and tool on BB……..


Dawg or Simon,

I don’t have the feeds but a friend of mine said at 1am BBT, Bookie admitted to cheating in the Veto competition. He said that he changed his answer, or changed something at the last minutes.
Can u guys see if he actually said this?



I hope they come out with t-shirts!


With Boogie going home, I am imagining who will be first to go to jury tomorrow. Will it be Joe cooking for himself and never washing his hands? Maybe Ian suffering his ailment in the jury house for a week and flipping out? Or Jenn wondering WTF did I do to deserve this sh*t. Funny stuff!

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

ROLMFAO @ the music they were playin while ashly did commentary on the lollipops……. Ashley is this season’s Jordan in the cute but dumb department

Carol & Steve

Ashley – “soooo the picture method is when you take a picture and picture it in your mind and multiply it by 12….”

OMG – I thought my head was gonna explode with her theory of counting the candy. We just looked at each other & just couldn’t even speak! LOL!!


Please do not compare Jordan to Ashley. Jordan may not have been the brightest bulb in the box but she was endearing. Ashley is so phony and wishy washy and all around yucky! Yes, I said “yucky” – its late and I can’t think of another adjective right now.

billie two trees

Right do not compare Ashley to Jordan. They are nothing alike and Jordan was not open for business 24 season with every Frank, Ian and Boogie on the show. As a matter fact Jordan did not do PDA at all while she was in BB!! Difference I guess between a lady and a you know what!! Jordan is the lady and Ashely is the wanna be Porn Star!


Its because she has no brain cells left after all the drugs she taken faking a back injury you dont lay on you stomach arching you back if it hurts Loosey Goosey is just a scam just like the acting in porn job she is now being sued for


OK, so fill me in. What did Dan, Shane, Danielle and Brit do to Frank and Boogie that is so awful? Dan didn’t rat them out, Shane just pulled the trigger before they could pull it on him like they had already planned to do next week, Danielle helped them get Janelle out when her own alliance didn’t want to and Brit doesn’t wash her dishes. Did Boogie and Frank tell Janelle she was going home, or did they want the house to keep her and Joe in the dark? Nope they didn’t want to tell her. So I don’t get why they are so mad. Why is Frank insulting Jenn (behind her back of course), What does he expect her to do? Campaign for Boogie and get sent home instead? Why are they mad at Joe? He was straight shooting when he said he would tell Frank his decision last night, he did, and instead of respecting him, they talk bad about him and try to make him feel guilty. Why are they so offended that the others talk bad about them behind their backs, when Froogie is always talking bad about everyone behind their backs, even people that were on their “team”. I just don’t get where they justify their anger at the rest of the house. They keep saying nobody but them knows how to play the game, but apparently they knew it well enough to evict Boogie. Used to like Frank, but now I want to see him humilliated right after Boogie leaves. I think that even though I didn’t want a coach to win, I am now pulling for Dan or Brit to win.


@Chloe.The answer to most of your questions is,because Boogie&Frank are hypocrites.Although I’m happy to hear your finally rooting for Dan(you know,I’ve been rooting for him since day 1).It’s clear that production will do everything in their power to make sure Frank wins this game.They’ve already saved him once.They refused to do anything about him cheating in the veto competition.Tonight’s espisode,CBS gave Frank a great edit(they’re trying to make him look like a good guy).I think the chances of Frank winning HOH is 98%.If it’s a quiz,they’ll probably give him the answers.If it’s something else,they’ll make a competition that he will win.The 2% is if he screws up like Jeff did last season during the double eviction.

Dirty hands

is that a picture of Joe and his new alliance Team Powernap yo!!!


Does anyone know where I can watch old seasons of Big Brother online for free? I would like to continue with this season but after Thursday I feel like it’s just going to be D/D/B/S picking everyone off one by one and that’ll be to boring. Hope I’m wrong. Hoping Frank gets HOH and get Dan or Shane out and then Ian wins flips and gets the the other out to make it at least a little interesting

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

find a torrent site


hopefully some1 from the quack pack will win HoH during the double eviction and take frank


Me personally I want Frank to win HOH and put up the Quack Pack because if he gets evicted then it’s going to be a boring show with Ash, Jenn Joe and Ian being taken out one by one. It’s always fun when power shifts from week to week.
Shane was my fave a few weeks ago but now I wouldn’t care if he got nominated. I also want Dan to make some moves and betray the alliance.
When it comes to this season, I’m not on any specific houseguest’s side, I’m on the side if DRAMA. I don’t care who goes, I want drama.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

for all the bold claims of Booger being so “intelligent” , he sure is a DUMBASS, I mean Booger you had to have seen how actors make fake tears, put something in your eye to make them water.. Britney say right through them bullshit tears, HELLO Booger is very difficult to activate your tears at will, and If you try in front of someone you risk looking like your just pretending. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I post my comment and it got disappear.


So I showed the hubby the pic Simon posted of the new player (you know, the guy with the tattoos). Hubby had no idea who the new player was, thought it really was a dude. Exact words: “That is one ugly dude, kind of looks like a gorilla”. So then, he watches the show with me tonight and there was a pic of that dude again. Hubby says: “Wow it’s like watching Gorrillas in the Mist” which made me think of Jenn (gorilla) gettin mixed in with the “mist” (Dan). Quote of the night in this house!


Hey Simon,

I see Dawg has more votes that Joe and Jenn combined and he is closing in on Ashley. Way to go Dawg!!


Frank just called Jenn a girl!

Doesn’t he know???

That bulge in his pants is not a rolled up sock!


Simon and Dawg,

Simon how will you keep up with feeds all by yourself if Dawg gets on BBCA? Will you be busting on his game if he sucks too? lol

Dawg, promise if you make it to BBCA and they have online feeds that you will be sure to have conversations with us out on the couch. Maybe even do a night time talk show like Britney did in BB12.

What would really be great would be if both of you got on the show with out anyone knowing you are friends and ran the house! (of course, that’s if you have a back up for the site :))


I am a little behind on my reading & viewing (cable issues) and I just watched the Ashley/Frank date. I had to laugh when Frank said that Wil’s problem was that he wears his heart on his sleeve. What does he think he & Boogie have been doing all this week? Acting like BIG bully babies! Even Wil, while on the block, didn’t act as bad as they are acting now. I swear, these 2 have probably never heard of the word hypocrite much less have the insight to realize they are the 2 HUGE ones. THEY are the only ones allowed to lie and form multiple alliances but, if anyone else does the same, THEY are horrible people.

I also was a little surprised when Danielle/Britney told Dan that he needed to win HOH and his reply was, “Not in the foreseeable future”, meaning that he had no intention of trying to win. He then backtracked and said that he “always” tries. Yes, when the chips are down for HIM, he tries and will start winning when it is more necessary. D/B both seem unhappy with that answer, as well they should be. He is even playing his alliance. If he just offered some explanation into his strategy (i.e. he wanted to lay low for another week to keep the target off of his back) they might have been satisfied. I had some respect for him until I saw this. I don’t want him to win (and really am not rooting for anyone in particular, I just HATE Boogie and have since the first time I saw him) but I do favor the QP. They can keep Dan around while he is useful but I think Shane/Danielle/Brit should cut him loose after F/B are gone. They all worked VERY hard to keep him from being backdoored and this is how he repays them?

I think I am rooting for Shane at this point, mostly because everyone has underestimated his willingness to go after the big targets. I just don’t LIKE crazy Danielle or negative Brit (the same as she was on her season) but I would also like to see a girl win. There just isn’t one in this house that I feel deserves it, unlike other seasons. Ian is sketchy but I haven’t watched enough lately to know whether I like him or not.


JJH, I’m like you, I don’t particularly have a favorite this season.
Of course in the beginning I was rooting for Mike Boogie, but
his game totally fell apart. He doesn’t remember one thing that
I taught him in the Chilltown alliance. I’m thinking of suing him
for sole rights to the “chilltown” phrase.

Boogie has been a disgrace to chilltown and doesn’t deserve to
speak the term, let alone wear it on his T’s and trucker caps.

I might just go to his house and appropriate all his chilltown


they didnt even hint at cheating on the episode tonight!


So that is two times that cheating was allowed:

1. Picking of two “house guest choice” tokens and

2. Throwing the POV comp to Frank and BB allowing it.


Ian’s “Like father like son” comment at the end of tonight’s episode was EPIC


Kid’s got a sense of humor after all!

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

nice, now team powerhouse is UNSTOPPABLE


Question: When it was only Ashley and Frank left in the POV comp,
and she folded, why didn’t BB come over the loudspeaker and say
that she wasn’t allowed to fold???

In my estimation, that was a form of cheating, and BB consented to it
by allowing it and not stopping it.

So that is two times that cheating was allowed:

1. Picking of two “house guest choice” tokens and

2. Throwing the POV comp to Frank and BB allowing it.

ILL WILL *Just Talkin' Shit*

Production is gettn worst every year at hiding their meddling… one of these year we’re gonna see AG come out the DR to change the outcome, then look up at the camera like “OH SHIT, WHAT HAVE I DONE”