Frank says Ashley told him everyone was Eagle Eyeing him when he practiced the game in the backyard.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


7:30am Boogie wakes up and lays on the living room couch. 8am Frank wakes up and then head into the arcade room to talk. Frank says that he can’t give up all hope. Boogie talks about how he has been practicing his speech all morning. They wonder about if Joe was serious about telling them who he’s voting for ten minutes prior to the live show. They discuss what they can say to sway his vote at the lasrt minute. Frank says that as much of a f**king baffoon Joe is, he is an emotional guy. Boogie says that he is a family man; he is so will bring up family. They talk about using the fact that he is family man to try and get him to vote to keep Boogie. Boogie says that if it doesn’t work, we’ve done all we can do. Frank talks about Ashley saying that she is a f**king soldier. Frank says that boogie choose wisely to get her on his side.

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8:30am – 9am Boogie relates the game to football for how what it will be like tossing the ball to Ian or Ashley and them not being able to catch the ball. He says they are like Edward Scissor Hands trying to catch that ball. Boogie asks Frank how much he got to practice the game in the backyard. Frank says that Ashley told him that everyone was Eagle Eyeing me when I was practicing for game in the backyard last night. Frank says that Ashley was pretty good at it too. He says that Britney and Dan aren’t very good at those competitions. Boogie tells Frank to rake them over the coals if he win this HOH, even the people that you want to work with going forward. They talk about how it will be bigger for the visual aspect of the show. Frank says what would be great is if we got a 6-3 vote if Joe and Dan changed their vote, it would separate them. Boogie comments that Ian is all about acting like he knows all about the competitions but this isn’t about chemical engineering. Frank thinks Ian will be good at the memory chip one. Franks says Ian will be good at the before & after one. Frank says that Jenn came in after practicing last night saying that she’s got this!


9am – 9:30am Frank is in the bathroom talking to the camera about how they are staring down adversity right now. Frank talks about how Boogie is a good guy and that he loves this game. He says that he hopes he and Mike are getting some love out there. Frank says that he has to hold out hope, Joe might change his mind. Frank says that he loves Ian and Ashley but their track records aren’t good. Frank says that he has been in situations like this before and that he can pull it off again. He says you would be surprised how many people you can get on your side when you win HOH. I would love to win this HOH, but even more I want Ian or Ashley to win, especially Ashley. Frank says that it breaks his heart that he couldn’t get Mike to stay, well he still might but its not looking good. Frank goes over the events of the week and how hard its been. He says Shane jerked us along and how he didn’t have to add insult to injury. It shows bad character to do that to people. Frank says that now he will make it to jury and make sure he is campaigning against some of these people on the regular. He says that he and Boogie are getting penalized for playing a clean game.

Frank says Boogie and I should have known Shane would go against his word. He is not a man of his word. He isn’t really a man he is just a boy, and a boy who got duped which is worse. Frank says that Shane hasn’t even watched a whole season of this show; being a fan of this show it just breaks my heart to see him here instead of real fans of the show. Frank says that Dan is so jealous of mine and Mike’s relationship that he can’t stand it. Frank says that Dan is afraid of me, he knows I’m better at this game than he is, I am better at the competitions and he has to work so hard to develop bonds with these people, these long, long conversations. Frank says that I bond easier with people.

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9:40am – 10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Dan is up and in the arcade room by himself. Shane joins him. Frank and Boogie are in the kitchen eating breakfast. Big Brother then tells them to report to the head of household room.Everyone heads up to the HOH room and finds a place to lay down. No one is talking..


10:25am TRIVIA..
11:35am Trivia Continues..
12:35pm MORE TRIVIA..

12:55pm – 1:05pm The Live Feeds come back from TRIVIA. Shane, Danielle, Ashley, Frank, Ian and Dan are in the kitchen making lunch. Jenn is in the stereo room packing her bag. Joe comes in to the room and tells her says she doesn’t have to pack. They both laugh. Joe heads to the bathroom to get ready for the live show. Ian and Frank head to the storage room and have a short conversation. Frank tells Ian not to give up hope that there are still a couple Hail Mary’s that might save them. Ian says that he is holding out hope. Frank tells him not to get down and to hold out for it because otherwise they ain’t got nothing.


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@BB_Updates Frank to viewers- Some people might feel burned cause they’re big fans of Janie, but you gotta realize that was the right move for me.


Is he trying to sell him to be fan favorite? Because he wanst some special power for him? Not a chance, Frank..
Brit>Dan>Ian way up there.


OMG, Frank is absolutely delusional or just crazy not sure which one. Boogie and Frank have played a clean game!! This guy is a total NUT CASE!!! Boogie and Frank are two of the vilest creatures that have ever played Big Brother!! They have cheated, bullied and threatened this entire game and BB should of booted their butts out long ago. The only way production can ever redeem themselves is for Boogie and Frank to go home tonight together. DISGUSTING and NO Dumb A** neither of you are getting any love out here. YOUR BOTH ARE SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Horse

At first I would say delusional…for him to think they played a clean game is a joke. He was attached to Boogie’s Balls the entire game…talked crap, stupid DumbTown 2.0 DRs, etc.

NOW that he is obsessed with Dan…I will go for crazy. He also states how no one was loyal…when he wanted to put Dan up as a replacement…he would have if his boyfriend Boogie didnt talk him out of it…so what’s loyal Frank!

In the end I will go with both delusional & crazy…



How great will AR cast Dan/Brit after the season is over. Froogie want it so bad for them.


sorry, what’s AR? I keep seeing this but cant crack it


Amazing Race

Dark Horse

I LOVE AR but I bet they would cast Dan with his wife & Brit with her hubby perhaps…I would LOVE to see them on there either way

FrankenBoogie would want anything to continue their Bromance!


I think this is a better idea. They can teaming up there again.


Frank saying clean game was stupid, but everyone in the game is playing DIRTY. playing DIRTY is the main objective of the game. nobody in the history of BB won playing CLEAN. there’s a unwritten rule in BB and it’s getting scumbagged in the game. frank and boogie kept their part of the deal when they put up wil and joe. frank could of easy backdoored dan, but didn’t. this is why frank and boogie are in the mood they’re in. anyone on this board think if the shoes was put on the other foot and frank or boogie scumbagged them, you guys will be out here still dogging frank and boogie on sumbagging DDBS. you guys call DDBS placing frank and boogie on the block a great move, I highly doubt you guys would of given frank his props if he placed shane and dan on the block when he won his hoh two weeks ago.


Frank was working Boogie really hard to get his permission to put up Dan. In the end, Boogie said it’s too early and Frank gave up. If it were up to Frank that week, Dan would have been on the block. Maybe you should watch feeds closer.

Just a week later, Boogie was planning on getting rid of Dan, as he instructed Danielle to talk Shane into it and, also, Ian for the following week if he won HOH to get rid of Shane.

Boogie’s pissed because someone pulled a big move quicker than he did. Well, idiot should have played for HOH, not $10,000.


I saw the feeds and I payed closed attention. I know frank discussed with boogie to backdoor dan, but boogie instructed frank not to do it. it was actually a great move not to backdoor dan so early in the game. the bottom line is frank and boogie still kept their word, and moved forward to work in being with the silent 6. once Britney came up to hoh with Ian and got in shane, danielle and dan’s ear, all Britney was doing was protecting herself. dan, should of stepped in and said let’s not panic, and for this week lets nominated some else besides frank and boogie. DDBS still had the option with the backdoor. even if the backdoor didn’t work in getting frank or boogie out, Ian was still available as a mole. after tonight, Ian is worth nothing to DDBS.


I concur with your post. I really think you’re the only person I agree with at least 90% of the time.


you couldnt have said it better…. after watching BBAD and loosing my sleep..(cause it doesnt start till 2 am here) all i could think of is this .. sry if i offend anyone ahead of time .. BUT when booger called Joe a little sh*t all i could think of is . Booger thinks his sh*t dont stink.. and yet he sh*t out a big one, we call him Frank. According to the other house guest boogers sh*t (frank) does stink … wow .. maybe i was up too late last night …lol …. one last word .. bye bye (i`m the second best player ever to play cause Frank is the BEST) Booger …lol

what in the hell is wrong with this site

Rofl if you hate Frank and Mike which one of these unlikables could you possibly see anything good in in the house? He actually holds the deals he makes with people and scumbags like Shane, Dan, danielle, Brit are just making deals with him for their week of safety only to turn around and out the guy back up… If you don’t like Frank I figure you must have a Shane-like personality type. these people are douches


I haven’t had time to get into posting in the last couple days, but I’ve been watching the feeds and keeping up.

I hope Frank doesn’t win. Seeing how the two of them act in that house, the constant whining and name calling, laughing at everyone, and the “woe is me” attitude has had my stomach turning. I hate Boogie and Frank with a passion. It’s so nice seeing the other side getting along and laughing together. There is the game and there is the personal angle, but I feel those two have have crossed the line this year.

It is also difficult for me to grasp why Frank has ruined his entire game just for Boogie. It’s been basically those two against the rest of the house and mostly due to their lack of social skills. Their strategy sunk because people didn’t like them and started talking and getting the truth out. I think that at the beginning of the season, many thought Frank could go all the day, but Boogie destroyed it. Not to mention that Boogie could have likely won the last HOH, but instead went for the money.

I didn’t think anyone could have played a worse game than Janelle did, but Boogie really takes the cake. Overconfident and rude won’t get you anywhere on BB.


I’m pretty sure Frank believes Dan is responsible for all the worlds wars and the The Holocaust! He is obsessed with Dan!


@Chris. Lol. Your so right.In those two(Boogie&smelly Frank)minds,Dan is responsible for everything wrong in the world.The both of them are pathetic.


Frank : F! Dan doing this.. F! Dan doing that.. Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, ………… all day.
What’s wrong with this guy? Jealous of Dan’s success on his past season?

Eric CA

Delusional Ego, he does not believe any one else could take Boogie or him down.
I would be a total loss of face to conceive that it was Danielle or Brittney, because women are inferior.
Ian could not be responsible, because in Franks mind Ian is a lesser being who’s purpose is to do his bidding.
It could not be Shane, because to be honest in Boogie and Franks mind they see him as a pretty boy gay man, therefore weak.
I know this because i am a Pretty Boy Gay Man, I know that attitude backwards and forwards.
Joe is just a busted up old guy, that can be played, Jen is a floater with no backbone.
Ashley is his b***h and does what she is told.

So Dan is the only person who could have possibly even chipped away at the greatness of his dream, challenged his power. It has to be the devil reading the bible, the anti Christ with the face of an Angel. Devil, Damien (the Omen) and Dan all start with “D” it is obviously the work of Evil trying to take him down, the righteous warrior of Big Brother. It’s that or Dan has cooties.


if F/B had taken the first shot they would have allied themselves genius




If not now, when to take out boogie. He goes in DR and brag about running dani HOH, and u know what else he’s saying in the DR, that’s why he’s so upset.


well done! Right on the money.


Dan does not have clean hands at all in this game.
He was, afterall, the final authority Britney, Daneille, and Shane went to for approval to put up both Frank and Boogie at the beginning of the week. For him to sit on HIS high horse that “he is taking the heat for the kid”, is ridiculous. Dan could have said what Boogie said last week, “not yet”. By BB standards, if someone cuts a deal and keeps it for ONE week, they are considered to be clean. DDBS – I (?) / J(?) / J (?). Britney and Dan are so hypocritical when Shane and danielle have gotten power. Britney and Danielle are just a couple of little instigators, well – one not so little anymore.


Eric CA…Brilliant analysis of the screwed up way that Boogie and Frank think. Since the rest of the house are ‘losers’, and they dont get ‘got’ by losers, then ‘logically’ it must be Dan the Man who orchestrated the big move to get out Boogie/Frank. I do get a weird enjoyment out of Frank’s talks with the camera…it really tells me how messed up this boy’s thinking is. Just, wow!

He HATES being lied to…that’s one of Frank’s big topics of how people ‘scumbagged’ him When he refers to himself/Boogie as ‘getting scumbagged’, obviously, the ones doing it to them are SCUM. And you have to find every non-reason on the world to hate scum, right? The amount of vile things that come out of Boogie and Frank’s mouths (usually when they’re together) makes me sad to know that people really think this crap, say this crap, and project this crap into the world.

What they do when they tear people down isnt gameplay… it’s just downright…god I dont even know the proper word to use to define the tangled mess of arrogance, sadness, inferiority, meanness, cruelty, justification, daddy-issues, women-issues, mother-issues, fear of failure, odd hatred of ‘losers’, self-involvement, and a life time of using people AND probably getting used themselves (maybe that’s a biggie).
It’s just all sorts of messed up…I wonder if BB casting/production had any clue what would happen if/when these 2 got together.

And, game-wise, what WOULD have happened had Boogie and Frank been on different teams…?


I think those two are a couple of sociopaths, to be honest.


While BSDD complains about Frank constantly. Oe guy complaining about one other guy and several people complaining about one guy that they’ve repeatedly put on the block. There is more than one obsessive person in this house.


Frank starts rambling on and on and on until pretty soon he actually starts believing what he’s saying. Example: “We are being penalized for playing a clean game.” LOL! He is the male version of Ashley…….both of them are dingbats!


Good point!!! I think we have alot of obsessions this season, even if you discount all of Danielle’s obsessions (Shane, Danielle, Brit, and now Jenn). Frank’s obsessed with Dan, Boogie’s obsessed with Dan and Frank, Ian’s obsessed with getting Joe out asap, Ashley’s obsessed with Boogie, Frank, and Ian, and the list just goes on and on to my viewing pleasure;)


obsession….that’s the twist!


i agree, atleast boogie can admit it was a good move, and say he’d rather dan win then some of the floaters. frank is out for blood.


Yea Frank is out for revenge for the loss of his daddy booger, honorable and decent, my fuckin ass FUCK SHITTOWN


I sometimes wonder if they don’t have a thing going in the DR or somewhere in that house we can’t watch. I can just see Boogie grab Frank from behind by his “annie hair” and ride him. So many people told me that Frank is really feminine with the way he walks (like a teenage girl). Or stands with his hip out. I can see that. And there is that lawsuit that alleges Boogie arranged numerous encounters with ‘older men’ to live out his fantasies. Who knows, but, wow, maybe there is a bigger reason for why they got so darn close. It’s crazy. Every time Frank refers to Boogie as “his boy”, I go “uh-oh”.

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

Don’t forget Franks loving care of his hair-the coquettish way he pushes it off his face.Frank, you are not living your truth. You wouldnt know honesty if it slapped you in the face. Is that why you moved? No one cares-live YOUR truth before you trash other people for not being honest.

Oh No You Didn't

I snorted coffee I laughed so much.


I can’t decide – who is more annnnoooooyyyyinng?? Boogie or Frank. But the fact that they’re both acting like jerks, I think I’ll go with a tie.


Frank is uber obsessed with Dan. i don’t get. I cannot wait until julie Chen reveals the video of Ian admitting he’s the mole with Dan just taking the heat. I really lost all respect for Mike Boogie this season.
I think the fate of the game comes down to Fast Forward. If Ian flips back to his boyfriend Frank’s side , its all over for BDDS.
GOOD LUCK DAN!! Best player in BB history in my opinion.


If he flips then dan will just out him


dans pretty good but i dont think he can hold a candle to dr will


yeah, he knows that, unlike Frank, Dan is not delusional.

Eric CA

I think Dan and Evil Dr Will are 50/50 even.
Neither one of them are hot heads, and neither of them are delusional.
The Chilltown stuff was really more Boogie’s thing. Dr Will humored him a lot with that.
I think if Dr Will came in the game, there would have been a coaches Alliance, and Dr Will and Dan would rule the house.
It would be a completely different Season.


Can someone enlighten me, just what exactly was so great about dr will’s game play. I watch both his seasons and i did not see anything about the way he played that was particularly ingenius.

Eric CA

In Season2, they tried to get him out every week., and every week he remained. He managed to convince most of the house guests that their only way to win was to take him to the finale two. he told them that he was so hated with in the house no one would give him the money.
It was the first Season House guests determined the winner. It was also the Season that here was NO jury house. All of the house guests voted for the winner. So what happened was that people went home, and watched every episode read all of the comments on line. Found out who said what about who. It was determined that Will played the best game and he won.

In the All Star\rs game. Dr Will only went on the show because Boogie wanted to redeem himself. He came in with the attitude that he was not going to win, his sole purpose for being there was Boogie. He started the Showmance with Janelle, who was hot for Dr Will. Upon leaving Dr Will asked Janelle to help Boogie, Boogie hated Janelle because he felt that she stole his bro-friend. Boogie rode Janelle’s back, much like he wanted to ride Franks, to the end and stabbed her in he back for Erica, from the previous year.

Dr Will is respected as a player because, he was cast as the villain, actually played the cleanest game when you watch things over. Managed to get in peoples head and convince them that he was their best bet was to take him to the finals. He does not over react and stays fairly cool in all situations. He plays with his head not his brawn. He is actually a lot like Dan in that respect.


Just to add a bit to what Eric CA has pointed out: He was very, very good at just planting seeds in people’s games about what would be best in the long run for their game. Nothing was ever blatantly discussed. He volunteered himself to remain the biggest target in the game through his antics, while at the same time nudging people to think about how easy it would be to beat him in comps and ultimately in the final two. He did all this while having a lot of fun too. Not a whole lot of whining and wishy washy game play. I’d suggest going back and watching his seasons again and picking up on the subtle manipulations while keeping a huge target firmly planted on his own back. Good stuff.


My 1st time seein Booger on the show, Now I see why people don’t like him…. He was carried by Dr Will in 2 seasons, he wouldn’t have won shit without him, deep down Booger knows that, he was expecting Frank to carry him from day 1, but Frank doesn’t have the intelligence of Dr Will he’s just as arrogant as his daddy Booger.. All cocky no that he got hobag on his side, NEWS FLASH idiot, she just useless HAHAHAHAHAHA Ian would be more useful , but too bad you made him feel unwanted, which is why he switched sides.. So happy there will be no more Shittown 12yo antics in the DR


Just a rational thought here: if this is your first time watching Boogie on the show, how do you know Dr. Will was carrying him?


I think for all the hate and threats that Dan has had to put up with this season when he did absolutely nothing he deserves to win, and BB is disgusting for not evicting both Boogie and BOZO (FRANK) after the comments made about Dan’s wife and both of them cheating. Cheating should never be accepted whether it affected the game or not. They both definitely should of been kicked to the curb after they both have acknowledged that they both cheated during the competition!!!


I agree. At the bare minimum they should have been DQd from the competition. It is one thing to talk smack in the game but completely different to threaten to rape someones spouse just because you got had.


He didn’t threaten rape. You people…


it is frank, he is the most annoying house guest ever! all he does is criticize what people do for a living, and what does he do??? NOTHING, he has something bad to say about everyone, he is only sucking off booger to get a job, he is slimy, i think janelle had him pegged since day one, even when he see that it was ian’s doing he will still blame dan, because he is threatened by him…..


Well, doessn’t look like Boogie will have a job to give Frank. Another lawsuit was filed against him this week. THe real world is gonna suck for Boogie.

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

That is why he was whining about how hard it would be to go back to his real life. He knows it is about to blow up. Why do you think he kept grabbing all the cash-he knows he is going to need it.




GOOD I HOPE Boogie ends up in Jail and hopefully Frank can be his cellmate. They both are disgusting and should of been sent home a long time ago for their threats!!!!!


What show are are you idiots watching!?!?! I need to tune in to the bigbrother you guys are watching….

DDSB is a F*$&#^g JOKE!!!!

Danielle the lard ass hungry hippo — wasnt she suppose to be on the biggest loser??
Shane — brainless cosmo closet fag — the first GAY puppet Jim henson can’t take credit for….
Britney — little miss crying Barbie — she needs to start splitting danielles portions and get herself an ass to fill out those bathing suits she slides her pasty ass into every night on after dark
Dan — father dan — talk about frank being on boogies nuts, this guy was first to jump in lone for butt buddy position and hell hath no fury like a douchebag scorned out of the #2 spot by boogie’s side

Joe — about the only thing this guy is good at is hand-to-man combat in the have-not room….. wash your hands you tall tale telling Guy Fieri wanna be—

Jenn — Who???

Ian — way to sell out the guy that gave you cash, kept you safe, and wouldve been an aatuomatic final three in exchange for a FIFTH PLACE finish…. self riteous little pr&ck… too busy trying to be a villain to think about the outcome…. TOOL of the century

Ashley — Nothing need to be said here…,..

Boogie and Frank…… Big brother all stars, actually playing the game….. I just wish they wouldve back doored father dan and steam rolled these floating A-holes…. Clean Game Running….. they played straight up and you degenerates think the DDBS crew did anything straight up…. open your eyes! I just can’t wait to see these people fade into infamy …. bc we WILL see bogie and frank again…..


Nana, are you angry?


About as angry as some of you that take super personal shots at Boogie and Frank but think it’s OK because it’s Boogie and Frank.


I could not have said it better man. Fuck these guys boogie makes it at least interesting to watch. The Quack Pack!!! is the worst and most pathetic alliance name in big brother history. Dan is the only good player their but watching his game is sooooo boring.


boogie the worst player ever to play this game he’s so full of himself. he cant even see a player turning on him. its going so funny when finds out ian took him out of the game.


Seriously, I think Frank and Boogie are the dumbest players ever, instead of acting like idiots, they should have backdoored Dan, but Boogie didnt want too, and the idiot didnt even play for HOH, so he is where he is because he sucks at the game. So if he had his and Franks best interest he would have tried to at least win HOH last week. One thing that really agitates me is just because Danielle isnt anorexic everyone calls her fat, she is not fat and I dont know what that has to do with the game anyways. She has won more stuff than Boogie. Im assuming all the name callers about peoples appearance is the perfect looking person. Seriously its a game about being social and physical not about how cute you are.

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

Geez dude-pretty obvious why you are on team pathetic town! Harsh much? It is a TV show-calm down.

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

A reply to team_boogs comment

Karen S

At least when he is talking with his hands, it distracts us from looking at his afro. ha~
You all crack me up!


it bears repeating…he does nothing!!


He’s unemployed and lives in his nana’s house. And he has the nerve to criticize anybody. It was funny how Ash was grilling him in the backyard the other day, which seemed like she was trying to see if he would make a good boyfriend. By grilling I mean asking him where he lives, where he works, etc.. He was scrumbling for answers because there is not much there and he didn’t say anything really specific except for some temporary bartending gig. Ash should run.


Most annoying for me goes to Danielle, or Joe


I feel ya!!! The more I watch these two on BBAD, the more they bury themselves, in my opinion. If this season isn’t enough proof to AG and production that Thomas Wolfe’s quote ‘You can’t go back home again’ directly applies to how much they really should NOT bring in veterans next season, then I don’t know what is.


Both are of one mind, one soul, SHITTOWN


Frank talking to the camera in the bathroom is so pathetic. He keeps saying how “those people” don’t deserve to be there. Does he forget that his girlfriend Ashley applied to be on the same dating show as Dani and he is trashing Dani. He sounds like Rachel from last season so I have no doubt that the next HOH will be tailored for Frank to win. I find it very ironic that they are upset that people hold Mike’s past seasons against him and yet they ran to Shane to tell him all about how Dan played his season. It’s amazing that they don’t see how hypocritical they are. I have lost all respect for Frank saying he has played an honest game and what good people he and Mike are. They are just mad that Shane pulled the trigger before they did. Frank and Boogie have said some of the most awful things about the other houseguests. It amazes me what a little editing can do. Boogie saying that he was going to sleep with Dan’s wife was the worst thing I have heard come from this house. Boogie and Frank can say that the others don’t know the game but the fact remains that Boogie is going out tonight and the others are still playing. For Frank to say that he is smarter than Dan is laughable. Dan got to know all the other houseguests and Frank only talked to his buddy. Maybe Frank can join Danielle in group therapy for delusional people.


Wouldn’t it be delicious if they offered Boogie a power that held the condition that he could ONLY replace himself on the block with Frank?
He likely would not use it. but my god I would be loving it if he did just stab Frank in the back hardcore. (And for all his Frank love I think Boogie might just be tempted to stay in the game, it is after all all about “the game”).


That would be CLASSIC


I would still like them to say that, due to irregularities discovered during the veto competition, all players are eligible to play HOH OR – Frank you are excluded from playing for HOH.


That would be my Bday, Christmas, 4th of July and Halloween (my fav) all rolled into one delightful moment!
Either way can’t wait to see tonights show and watch how this all plays out.
Kind of hoping the 2nd HOH is some form of endurance that we can watch on the feeds.


LOL I don’t remember when but Boogie said that exact same thing! was that intentional? HAAHAH


That would be for great tv. Hope this happens.


boogie will go down in history, as far as I am concerned, as the sorest loser to ever be on the show… i wonder if his Uncle Jesse will spank him good for his behavior in the house? bye bye booger


I agree Boogie is being a poor sport but i think it is also he just doesn’t get why dan turned on him but the biggest spoiled sport to play the game is still in jeff season when he won that power and took the two num off the block and replaced them with natiale and jessie and jessie went home. She had a meltdown, pouted and threw the mike in the water and was asked to leave


Chima threw the mic in the water, not Natalie and Chima was asked to leave BB11


I can’t stand ashley she is so too faced she never wins anything and talks bad about everyone


i thought i was going to be sick when they showed her and brit crying, i couldnt understand one word ashley said…

Ashleys porn movie

THEY played a clean game?? F & B are the 2 most arrogant,nasty,mean,filthy mouthed bullies I have ever seen in this game! Frank keeps blinking so hard reminds me of I dream of Jeanie, Boogie is his master and Frank is Jeanie….Frank crawled so far up Boogies a$$ that only his feet are sticking out. Boogie didnt fight to stay….just used threats. Frank needs to go..I think he’ll be a lost little nasty soul once Boogie is gone.

And Ashley…she deserves an academy award. Turning on those tears, right on cue. Then running back to F & B again. Hope she leaves right after blinkie,stinky Frank.

Lizzy B.

Frank & Boogie just thought that we’re safe with the Silent 6. There just pissed, because they didnt strike first. Only if they knew that Ian and an assisst with Brit convinced Shane to put them up. I hope that Ian good bye diary to Boogie tells all. Frank has no freaking clue that Ian is playing the best game ever.i hope to see Ian & Dan in the final 2 with Ian winning.

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

You have a way with words-couldn’t have said it better!


Frank- Mike & I are pretty much getting penalized for playing a clean game. Both getting penalized because they’re afraid of us.

I don’t think that the rat is scared of you, I think its just uncomfortable.


I can’t tell you how much I hate this guy! He is ruthless and I hope teh door doesn’t hit him out the door.
I can’t wait for today’s show. (I am scared that Ian will change his vote, at the same time I am 92% sure he won’t)


I won’t bash Frank/MB for the ego but complaining and insisting they played clean is BS. They had to play every social card in the deck to save Frank and get rid of Janelle and yet they gloat about sending Janelle home. It was good BB but STFU.


The thing about getting rid of Janelle is that they only one they really had to work was Dan. She was Dani’s 1st choice and Shane would have gone right along if she had nominated her after HOH. Brit jumped on real quick at 1st – then her conscience got to her. Frank has only been saved by Boogie once – sort of – the week Janelle replaced him. Willie saved him the 1st time with his meltdown. Production saved him the second time. He saved himself the fourth time. In fact, he might not have even been nominated if Boogie hadn’t been so greedy.


but the thing is, the backdoor on janelle WASNT DIRTY

here is why

they HAD TO SAVE FRANK. boogie had 1 play to save frank. period.

in this case, then they win hoh, send wil home, and get screwed for doing it. I can see where they were upset, I would have wanted the group to stay together for another week or two, especially since dan’s side HAS NUMBERS

yeah boogie talks BS behind their backs, but who cares, they do the same to him, but he did actually play a clean game

did he in all stars? NO. but this year? yes, very clean game.

Eric CA

It wasn’t dirty because Danielle, had already made up her mind to do it, before they talked to her.
Danielle took Janelle out, Boogie takes credit for it.


Danielle wouldn’t have done it if Dan didn’t give her the OK to. Boogie convinced Dan. Ergo, Boogie convinced Danielle to put up Janelle through Dan.

Dislike all you want to but to devoid him of any credit in getting Janelle out is insane.

Eric CA

Dan did not ok it, as much as he gave in to it, much like Brittney did.
Danielle had wanted to put up Janelle in the first place, her winning the PoV only cemented the idea.
There was a lot of factors that led up to that, Boogie had nothing to do with. She was alrady talking about doing
it while Boogie and Frank where talking about how sweet it would be to get Janelle on the block.
It in much more coincidence than great skill.

Boogie had minimal to do with Danielle’s decision. I know a lot of people want to believe it was Boogie’s jedi
mind trick, but is was more Janelle called her fat then it was Boogie saving Frank.


Because the whole scene with the coach’s meeting and Dan making the choice as soon as Janelle left the room saying “that’s not going to work, ready to roll?” never happened or meant anything.

If Danielle was so hellbent on putting Janelle up at first (granted, she wanted to), she would have done it. Without Dan extending the olive branch to Boogie and Frank based on Boogie’s answers to Janelle wanting to work together and being confident they had the numbers, Danielle doesn’t do it. In spite of how she feels about people, she hasn’t done anything in this game without making sure it’s OK with Dan first.

I could see the logic in arguing that Janelle dug her own grave with that coach’s meeting but to give Danielle complete credit for making the move is insane. If she makes the move without Dan on board, it means there’s no guarantee that Shane, Britney, and Boogie are on board. Not to mention that there’s no guarantee they have the numbers and Danielle unnecessarily puts a target on her back. Regardless of how anyone feels about her, she hasn’t made a dumb game move yet if we ignore her “everyone is jealous of me because…” social game.



put on your chilltown shirts, boogie needs some support.

its funny to me to watch jeff fans bash boogie for being a sore loser….I mean….REALLY with that? jeff getting screwed by shelly=just as, if not more, childish reaction.

at least boogie is realistic, he knows you get nothing for being on BB, that the “fame” is total bull.

and what is boogie supposed to say about these people? they ALL are CRAZY liars, and they did it for what? to stay cool with dan?

ian is going to regret this one.


Totally agree on the Jeff thing! Wen shelly got rid of him he was a big sore loser if not worse than boogie but yet Jeff for some reason is another golden boy for big brother fans. People forget his homophobic remarks last season


Frank and boogie are not only delusional but they are total hypocrites! Who are they to talk about bad character? I think I could have liked frank if he didn’t attach his lips to boogies butt.


Frank has lost the little mind that he has if he believes what he is saying. And he is going to shit a brick when he finds out Ian played them. He is making a damn fool out of himself. And I wish I could tell him that his so called team of Ashley and Ian is a joke.

chief c

If the game could be slightly manipulated (ha ha)
I would love the good tv if Ashley won hoh therby cant vote
And puts up Dan and Ian presumably because frank hates Dan (the worlds problems being his fault)
Ian because they realize the votes Ian voted out Boogie Daddy(revenge or avenge B)
Dan finds whatever in arcade room it is power to make replacemnt nominee instead of hoh
Dan wins veto takes himself off
puts up frank ha ha ha ha aha

would work just as well with anyone of group finding said power

ha gotta love the expression on his face pick a face

Dark Horse

Bye Bye Booger…

Too bad Ian won’t kick you in the @ss on the way out


Did anyone besides me notice Boogie in the backyard last night with Frank and Ashley, talking about how being on Big Brother does absolutely nothing for someone once they get out? He basically said that they’ve done nothing for him, even as great as he’s been, so they sure as hell aren’t going to do anything for any of the other HG’s. He’s probably right to some extent, but the amount of bridge-burning I saw the guy doing last night surpasses anything I’d ever seen before. I really am just kinda Godsmacked at him, Frank, and Ashley at the moment. God bless you guys who are still die hard fans of any of them, I totally respect the loyalty I keep reading here. Still, this trio reminds me so much of the band on the Titanic who kept playing despite their impending death, minus the integrity;)


I don’t understand why they think that BB should do anything for them once the game is over…what should CBS/BB do for them?


Exactly!!!! And furthermore, I’d argue that some of these guys actually have had doors opened to them via the experience.


I don’t think he meant BB taking care of him, but that being on BB helped advance him in whatever he wanted to do.

chief c

or at least some noteriety they cashed in on via selling items from comps or the audiences like or dislike of them. HA Jeff Rachel cashed in got internet business or ops


They seem to have taken care of Big Jeff pretty well.


Lol. I was just about to right that.Maybe if CBS didn’t hook up Jeff the way they did.The other house guests wouldn’t expect that CBS will do the same for them.But I’m sure CBS will hook up Frank,because it’s clear to anyone that isn’t in denail,that Frank is production’s favorite.Hence,the reason they saved him from being evicted and refuse to do anything about the cheating that production knows what went down.But they claim Frank wouldv’e won anyway.


I agree I think BOZO, Frank, is productions favorite which is so stupid because AMERICA HATES him and Boogie and think they are the two most despicable human beings, and I call them human beings loosely, ever to be on Big Brother, and Production is so STUPID that they do not see that these two thugs are why RATINGS SUCK!!!!! Let them keep on cheating to keep BOZO in the game and then CBS will cancel the show entirely because ratings will continue to sink because I know I will not be watching anymore if Bozo or BOOGIE end up staying!


When exactly were you nominated as the “Voice of America”????

Frank and Boogie….. and shiesty Dan (as much as I hate him) are the only people playing the game

Frank and Boogie are production’s favorite, because they make the show tolerable….

Androgenous name and all, it is obvious you are a female “shannon”…..

You and all of America must be rooting for the tubby chick and the gay guy…. what sayest America shannon….??


Having a big ass does not make you “tubby”…it makes you more fun.

Soooooooooo tired of Vets AND Production

No wonder you are team pathetic-you are a mysogynist too.


It at least makes sense to take care of Jeff becasue he is likeable, and is involved with another very likable character Jordan. Frank is not likeable at all, and his partner in crime, boogie, is probably the exact opposite type of human from Jordo. “I would love to watch Frank interview evicted houseguests” – no one, ever.


Which is simply your opinion. As much noise as we make on these boards, we’re in the minority. The majority of fans don’t subscribe to the feeds or spend their free time reading comment after comment. I’m convinced that the people who comment are a bigger influence on who people like and dislike than most fans would like to admit.

I readily admit to liking Boogie more than I ever did in seasons 2 and 7 simply because this board has this irrational personal hatred of him that’s completely unwarranted. I don’t like Dan nearly as much as I did in season 10 simply because if he and someone else do the exact same thing, people will blindly praise Dan for it and crap on the other person.

I really didn’t have much of a rooting interest in this season and just enjoyed talking about game strategies and stuff like that but I’m picking favorites based upon who most people hate simply because the hate is so irrational/.


In order for your time on BB to translate into additional success – fans have to like you. Some former BBers have parlayed their BB noteriety into BB-related activities on SuperPass. Jeff & Jordan have done quite well after BB and appear to be CBS gold. Rachel also has done well (with Brendon as a tag along). With Rachel and Brendon and Jeff and Jordan, it has to do with likeability. JJ were always likes. Brenchel did alot to repair the season 12 damage and Rachel made a 180 degree turnaround. Rachel will always be Rachel on camera – but as time went by it started to be known that away from the camera lights, she is actually quite a nice person. CBS can always depend on her to bring the drama though. Now I hear their wedding is going to be on HGTV. Congrats Brenchel.

Eric CA

I think is what he is talking about was, and this is going to crack a lot of people up, nothing for his career as a rapper or hip-hop performer.
Mike Boogie like a lot of Big Brother House Guests had a dream. When he was on Big Brother 2, he wanted to be he next Vanilla Ice, or Hip Hop promoter. Many house guests come in with a similar dreams. Jase wanted to be a soap opera star, Holly was a model, Nicole in Season 2 wanted what Joe wants her own Vegetarian Cooking Show. there was the guy I think in Season 1 that wanted to be the next big Christan Rock singer (Which is probably why people are not allowed to sing anymore. Actually I think it has more to do with copyrights and trademark infringements.) , yes Big Brother has had more Actors, Singers, chefs, dancers and models than a Summer on Fire Island.

To my knowledge it has only worked for two maybe three people in it’s entire history. Most just go to Fan Conventions praying people remember them.


Boogie is a sore looser. BB has opened doors for lost of it’s contestants. JeJo and Brenchel did TAR, The Bold and the Beautiful, public appearances etc. I know for a fact that it has benefited Evel Dick. He makes public appearances all the time, has an internet show, and Dick, PorshaBB13, and Janelle were asked by BB Canada to appear in Winnipeg, MB Sept 6 . Dr. Will is still famous and popular and I’m pretty sure there are other players out there that BB has benefited that I didn’t name


Kinda true, kinda not true about Dick. He was pretty well known in the Hollywood bar/club scene. Dizzy from GNR once said that Evel Dick doesn’t drop names but people drop his. I’m sure it’s given his site some publicity but he was already doing well for himself. Will is famous and popular but the reason why he’s been able to stay relevant after BB is because he’s considered the best tattoo removal dermatologist in the world and he’s used that notoriety to promote himself as something other than just a former reality television personality. Plus, Will’s charisma puts 99% of the people in this world to shame.

I personally believe that BB “helping” people’s careers is dependent on the people themselves. If they have a tangible skill and enough smarts, they can parlay that exposure into something more. Most people looking to become famous off of BB (and most reality shows) don’t have a plan other than going on the show and hoping for the best without having a real skill or talent than can be marketed afterward.

Dark Horse

I can’t stand how FrankenBoogie think that they are the only ones playing the game…

how is it NOT playing the game cause they are voting out Boogie. SMH

I cannot stand Stank Frank’s alone talks…he really thinks that because he wanted to be on the show so bad…that they should just all lie down and let him coast to the check…the delusion lol


IMO the practice board will the HOH comp and a Q/A will be the POV for the DE tonight, b/c the practice ones have been used for HOH the last few seasons. Opinions??


The practice board will be the comp for the 2nd HOH after the live show. There is not enough time to complete that comp tonight for it to be the 1st comp. If Production wants to flip the house power wise, HOH will be physical (like the clown shoe comp last year) and veto will be questions. If not, it will be reversed. I personally think that, to be fair, and because I am tired of the same people being HOH, the HOH comp should be questions.


I wanna see Ian win HOH, we don’t really know what he would do, but Frank Dani,Brit, even Joe we know who they’ll put up, Ashley and Jenn has no chance so they don’t matter, probably will be one of the noms


frank annoys the living daylight out of me. wtf is an honest game for crying out loud?


You know what…I have never been on the Boogie/Frank side but I am starting to respect Frank for never giving up and fighting until the bitter end no matter what. His tactics suck but his heart is into the game 100%–great choice for an all-stars season and not be attached to Boogie


Can totally see what you’re saying, but beyond that, I think Frank has become so much of a Narcissist in this game, he needs to spend more of his time blaming himself than Dan for why he’s in the position he’s in. I completely credit him for great competition skills, initially great social skills, but in the end, those strategy books he says he studied before coming into the house, along with his complete failure to actually practice them I think are going to send him to jury.


His heart may be in the game, but he is an ugly hateful person and does not deserve to win just because it “is his dream”.


I’m getting embarrased seeing frank talk to the live feeders this a.m…’s like watching someone who is sick for entertainment…it’s getting too close to the line of watching someone go deeper and deeper into self delusion. I don’t mean this as a dig…he’s gotten so much more sick since the beginning of the game. I don’t think this game is good for him…will probably have a pretty hard time after the show. if he could go to jury tonight then he might have a better shot…he would finally be away from boogie…obviously Nita good influence….some of boogies energy rubbed off on him…not a victim he let it happen. so if he can go to jury he would have a week before anyone gets there…just handlers…and maybe try to find some semblance of his center again. I do not like him at all but I am worried about him and his mental health.


Absolutely! His dramatic monologues are quite pathological. It’s crazy how he BELIEVES he and Boogie played a clean game…really?? I am anxious for tonight’s show as well but to be honest, as long as Boogie leaves I wouldn’t be bothered with who wins the next HOH. I’ve even made my peace with Dan possibly being the first person to be in sequester. But mehn! I’ll be happy not having to watch and listen to Frank’s self-righteous, woe-is-me crap!


I agree they are so sure that it is dan that betrayed them boogie even went to say that he would never forgive dan and that they won’t be friends after the show. If frank and boogie weren’t so intent on it being dan they might actually see the fox in the hen house so to speak I though frank figure it out before the veto but he went back to thinking it was all dan. I found it funny that frank actually thinks ashley can actually win something and if he only knew the Ian has been throughing comps. Boogie is going to feel really dumb tonight


Frank also never like Dan because Dan never wanted to work with him he only wanted to work with boogie


bingo…he’s mad at Dan because he feels rejected.


Clean game??? Son, you wouldn’t know what a clean game was if it got stuck in your Annie hair. Boogie is degrading towards woman and hates Britney because she is a woman who isn’t on his side and who is strong. Frank believes whatever BS Boogie feeds him and plays victim. THIS IS HIS DREAM, blah blah blah. Frank feels entitled and his ego is put of control. What annoys me more than anything in this game, and not just with these two players, is when they are hypocritical. Froogie backstabs, lies, manipulates, give people the run around, call names, act hateful, but when this is done towards them then it is uncalled for and they are the victims.

It seems like production has helped Frank stay and knew they he cheated and looked the other way, so it doesn’t seem to far fetched to believe that they will do what they can to keep Frank from going home. If so, does he really deserve to win if things are always in his advantage? Some think that it will be boring if Frank goes home, but I disagree. I think if he goes home during live eviction (TONIGHT) the Quack Pack will need to keep Ashley, Jenn and Joe to help them get rid of people from their own alliance. And if not, if will be interesting to see them turn on one another. I feel new alliances will be formed and things will get ugly. If Frank stays I will just hope he doesn’t win HOH because I can not stand the fact that he feels so entitled and his GOD complex, ugh!!!!! I am voting for Joe, YO!


Britney a strong player?…


She’s doing the same thing she did in BB12. Hiding behind a guy. Hope she loses in F4 again and makes herself like a fool…again!


I said Britney was strong NOT a strong player. I meant strong as confident and secure to make moves or yes, have people make moves. Boogie said himself that she was a strong person. Ashley is the opposite a lot like Erica and that is why Boogie plays with females like that. Britney doesn’t fall for his crap like Ashley does and that is why Boogie hates her.


Britney is the biggest fool.
A newly married woman carrying on the way she does at times is just disgraceful.
Her raunch is just as bad as anybody else’s.
They demised that janelle ought to have been home with her new baby.
And, boogie will be better of watching this at home on his couch with his son.
WELL, maybe britney needs to go home and repair her marriage. Going in the first round – before jury.

Ashleys porn movie

A bit salty there on Brit arent u? She can be raunchy if she wants to…married women are ALLOWED to do that. Kinda makes it ok for us married females to be raunchy…that way other guys know we arent interested, but we can hang with the guys and talk about the same things. Brit is a cool chick…a lil emotional during that time of month, but she is smart, funny and I for one love her raunch! Brit FTW!


And I would like to add that you don’t even have to be married to be raunchy, it’s not like it is a privledge that comes with the ring.
Shouldn’t matter if you are a man or a woman either, anyone who thinks so needs to drop the double standard.

I think the issue may be her talking about such things on TV, but to me she is just having some fun and keeping conversations going in the house. At some point everything gets talked about in that place, it’s like 70 days you have to break from game talk sometimes. Can anyone here say they have never had a conversation like that while hanging around with friends?
I also doubt her husband will have ANY issues with what she talks about. He has known her since high school, watched her on her last season, and obviously knows who he married.

Ashleys porn movie

Exactly my point….what else is there to do when you are locked in that house? I thought the whole raunch convo’s were hilarious and entertaining.

Zingbot Fan

It seems to be working for Brit since she is the most popular player on the poll here. She seems like a pretty cool chick to me. I hope you win Brit!


Boogie and Frank are both sore losers. They complain and harrass people that are only doing the same thing they do. I will be glad to see Boogie walk out tonight and hopefully Frank follows right behind him.


Well said!!!!!!


Clean game? CLEAN GAME?!? How can what they played be considered a clean game?


The lack of players in this game is inexcusable and just creates a bad product in the end. That’s why Frank and Boogs are always harping over these cowards. I mean, why would you want to see a giant sheep alliance as a viewer? Oh, wow, I can’t wait to tune in and see who survives Dan’s reign and becomes 1 step closer to maybe getting in his f5 circle!

Do you not understand how basic things will get with Frank AND Boogie gone? I don’t care what kind of American Idol favorites you’re playing this year, nobody wants to watch 4 morons who don’t even KNOW what happens during the f5, Ian failing comps, Dani/Brit hiding in the shadows, trying to survive until 1 of the duos will have to make a move and pray that Dan won’t win any comps – securing his f2 spot.

BB13 had more “mystery” than this foreseeable snorefest.


Don’t take this the wrong way… just curious… what to you is ‘good game’? And who’s exemplifying it right now in your opinion?


Apparently, I’m watching a different show. Yes, Frank and Boogie are acting like spoiled brats but I’m surprised by all the love for DDSB. They have lied more than anyone else in the game, they have manipulated more than anyone and are constantly talking bad about people behind their backs and then complaining that other people are doing it. Shane is flat out an idiot, Britney is the mean girl in school who pouts and stomps her feet when she doesn’t get her way, Danielle is as superficial as they come and Dan tries to play the holier than thou way and doesn’t do anything in the game. I hope someone puts 2 of them on the block this week so I can sit back and watch each one of them sell each other out.


No offense meant, but yup, everyone’s stomping feet, talking crap behind backs, they’re all hypocrites, and they all have issues. So at this point, at least to me, the tie-breaker is that DDBS pulled the trigger first, and did it well. To quote the great Boogie “This is the BB house. You can bounce checks’.


wow, I totally agree. They are all lying bacjstabbers…thats what BB is all about .kudos to the the first hitters


Well said! I don’t know what show these people are watching.


Everybody talks crap behind others backs in this game. The difference is in how they do it. Boogie and Frank do it in a vulgar, mean, demeaning way. THAT is the big difference. The same thing happened last year, although then, it was the mean girls – Dani, Kalia and Porsche.


You’re not wrong. The back-stabbing and lying is to be expected. What bothers me is the personal attacks that Frank and Boogie make – they say really nasty things about the others and that is uncalled for. Calling Jenn “dirty brown water”? Saying they are “inferior”? That’s just pathetic. Boogie is so worried about being embarrassed — the fact that he got got is not embarrassing, its his behavior of the last few days that he should be embarrassed about.


Someone said it yesterday and I agree. Mike and Frank sure got a good edit in last night show. Been watching the live feeds and this two are so mean. When American makes their choice for favorite houseguest I sure hope they don’t win. I truly believe if Mike wasn’t on the block he would have bahaved way differently this week. Because it was him still on the block he was playing the bully. I think I may have likedFrank but got caught up in playing Mikes’ game. If Frank was smart (ha ha if?) he would have just laid low made no enemies know he would still be in the game than maybe he would have a better chance next week. Taught that if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Also, been taugh about Kama …. think Boogie has some things to pay.


I went back and watched Boogie’s nomination and eviction season 2 – and while significantly less nasty, there was still a bit of maliciousness. I am thinking that the difference is that Dr. Will was there to reel him in. This season, he has a co-dependent playing with him.


If you watch BBAD you will see that DDSB are the ones getting the good edits! They hold all the power but all they do is sit in HOH hiding and talking crap about everyone else in the house.

No Fax Payday Loans

It’s so funny how FROOGIE thinks they’ve played such a clean game and in their minds, they were loyal to the silent 6… I think they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves when they look over the footage and realize it came crashing down because they were really trying to convince Ian to put Britney and Shane on the block if he won HOH.


Not only that, but Frank REALLY wanted to backdoor Dan last week. It was only through Ian and Boogie that I think this was stopped. Frank was a lot closer to pulling the trigger last week than he would admit to the rest of the Silent 6.


did you all here boogie admit last night during bad that he was afraid and anxious to go back to his real life? appreciated his honesty!


Heheheheheee!! I read that and i hate to say I loved every second of it. I’m going back to watch him say it again.

Ashleys porn movie

Boogie is afraid and anxious because he is probably thinking everyone found out about the lawsuit against him for embezzling funds from the geisha house and using that money to pick up dudes off of craigs list..yup id be anxious as a mo fo too.


New lawsuit was filed against him last week, I believe.


do you think production let him know about the new lawsuit?

Eric CA

They might have. They let Lawon was told in the DR he was on the verge of being fired. That was one of his reasons for being put up as a pawn. He cold not win the 500K and could not afford to loose his job.
They told Evil Dick about his personal emergency, that is why Dick left the game. They may have done the same thing for Mike, hoping that he would leave on his own so that he could save face, and act like he left because of the lawsuit, not hat he was being evicted by people he considered inferior.

This Guy

I was a fan of frank until this week.


I hope that Boogie and Frank find out VIA THIS SITE that most people can’t stand them. If they don’t read this site I hope their friends or family tell them how “most” people DON’T like them at all.

I am irritated this season by pretty much everyone (which is rare for me as I usually have a couple favorites).

I will be happy if anyone BUT Frank, Boogie (should be gone tonight), Ashley, Joe or Jenn wins. I guess that leaves DDBS.

Brit FTW


Brit for the win!


I hope frank loses the hoh but i have feeling bb is going to let him win

Chilltown Member since 2001

Stop it already Hallie BB gave him one break, he earned the rest of everything he won…


Boogie for President


president of what?…….sorry I couldnt help it.

Ashleys porn movie

Boogie as president of the Lil Rascals He Man Woman Haters Club. Never saw a woman he had anything good to say….maybe Trashley after she gave him a vote to stay, but it wasnt sincere.


Trashley… I love it


I love Frank!


SO.. you’re Frank’s mother?


Are you Nana?


“Frank says that Dan is afraid of me, he knows I’m better at this game than he is, I am better at the competitions and he has to work so hard to develop bonds with these people, these long, long conversations. Frank says that I bond easier with people.”

yeah, he is afraid of you, but a good player should be afraid of everyone in this game, not underestimate them like you do.


Say what you will about frank and boogie but the FACT remains that it benefits no one but ddbs for boogie to leave ,and for that matter it doesnt even benefit dan as he admits himself


Ian sold them out to Brit, Dan doesn’t have any choice but going with the QP.


Throughout all the griping and slandering, Boogie and Frank seem to neglect the glaring fact as to why they were both nominated (or as they put it, “scumbagged): Shane found out that they wanted to nominate him and Britney, and that Boogie wanted to get rid of Britney. Boogie also admitted it to their face. They keep trying to play the innocent victims, but the truth is Shane took the first shot before THEY could. Boogie and Frank need to get over themselves.

chief c

Yes why was Brit defensive she shoulda been aggressive and say sooo ya admit it but are mad cause the person you told told me but not the one you think who should be angry you who was outed or me cause its true

Janelle's worn out lip

Now would be a really good time for Frank and Boogie to share some inner secrets/workings of the silent six.
For example:

Shane’s reason for putting Froogie up was that he heard they were *thinking* about putting Dan up.
They might mention that Dan said he was totally fine cutting Danielle loose and going after Shane when he made his final 3 deal with Froogie.
They might also mention that the silent 6 agreed Joe was actually the target last week until Will usurped that role due to the way he handled himself.
They might also mention that they stuck to their word every time and ultimately, this is what allowed them to get stabbed in the back.
They could create a lie and say that Shane really did say to Frank and Boogie in the backyard one night that he was going to need a restraining order from Danielle when he gets out of the house…and that is where BB got the idea for the zingbot zing. Danielle will believe this. She always believes everything negative that is said about her.

They could stir up so much sh*it in that locked HOH room right now if they wanted to and they could literally recruit members for their alliance right in front of everyone.

It’s time to get ugly. Last chance.


I taught Mike Boogie the ropes and he is acting like
he is a newbie, he has cracked under pressure and
I feel that he has no resolve left in him. Mike being
half of Chiltown was brought down by Aspie-Ian.

Out of the house Mike Boogie will be ridiculed and
ostracized. While most Big Brother ex-contestants
blend back into their lives ok, or into a new life of
class B celebrity. Boogie has made it a point to
mention his BB “prowess” and bring it up and brag
about it at every opportunity in both social and
business circles. Now that will come back to haunt

And it’s all his fault, Boogie wasn’t able to separated
his life from his BB fame after his two showings and
he made it his whole life and made sure that those
around him knew that. He is so ashamed now that
he feels emasculated.

He will even feel ashamed in front of his own family
and will descend into a deep depression. Boogie is in
Hollywood shell shock and will come out of the house
in what I’ve termed “Celebrity PTSD”.

You heard him say in the house that he will not be
reading the online postings of Big Brother 14 reality
fan websites. This is because he has a good idea of
the negative things that people are saying about him,
and actually reading him could drive him to suicidal

While his game play and treatment of fellow house
mates is reprehensible and inexcusable, I hope that
those friends, family members and acquaintances, I
hope that they show some inkling of sympathy for Mike
Boogie Malin for the sake of his mental well-being.

Mike Boogie, although he displays bravado and a
strong front in his demeanor and through his bragging
and putting down of other people, is merely a scared
little soul and a shell of the former “boy” that he used
to be.

I hope dearly that his family will lend him support and
comraderie because he will surely face ridicule and scorn
by those around him in his daily life. Sure most of this is the
“boy’s” own doing, but kicking and stomping a man when
he is down is not very nice.

Upon exit from the BB house Mike Boogie should seek
professional help and stick to a regimen of counseling
sessions. Otherwise, depression and isolation will
overcome him till he will be a defeated man at the
end of his ropes and the worst may happen. We might
one day read in the newspapers that Mike Boogie Malin
took his life by prescription pill overdose, ramming his car
around a tree at speeds of over 100 mph, discharging a
handgun into his temple, hanging himself from the rod
in his closet, duct taping a hose from the exhaust of his
vehicle to a cracked window with him inside and all the
other windows rolled up, thereby suffocating himself, or
going to the inner city and telling a crowd, yo, yo, yo
you peoples can really dance and rap, or committing a
crime and confronting the responding police officers with
a handgun thereby committing “suicide by cop”.

Whatever method Mike Boogie Malin chooses, it would be
a tragic event and something that at all cost should be
avoided and prevented.

We can do our part by praying for the poor man and
toning down our rhetoric and insults.

Chilltown is no more, at least not with Boogie as a
member, he has been excommunicated due to his lousy
game play, his insults and derision hurled at his house
mates, his poor sportsmanship, his lack of self control,
his terrible advice to his alliance, his selfish attitude and
display of it by going for 10k while knowing that the other
half of his alliance couldn’t play in the HOH competition
and was vulnerable to being evicted, his jealousy and rage,
and his lack of sympathy for the newbies and their

Let’s hope that this saga has a happy ending and not the
tragic loss of Mike Boogie Malin. Such and event would
be sad and unwarranted. Not only would the loss of Mike
Boogie Malin’s life leave the world with a void of someone
who could’ve contributed to the betterment of society, but
it will leave his wife a widow and his offspring without a father.

We can all do our part in preventing such a tragedy of the loss
of life of Mike Boogie Malin by sending him words of
encouragement and support.

Also if worst came to worst and Mike Boogie Malin did take his
own life, we could send those words of encouragement and
support to his widowed wife and his fatherless child. And let’s
not forget that the principal bread winner of the family would
no longer be, it would afford us an opportunity to mail some
financial support to his widowed wife. Any monetary support
no matter how large or small would be greatly appreciated and
would immensely help in the raising of his protege by birth.

On Thursday when Mike Boogie Malin is evicted from the house
by a near unanimous vote, and humiliated by Julie Chen and
Aspie-Ian’s farewell message in front of a live audience and
millions of American viewers and Big Brother devotees, let’s
not gloat at the downfall of a “boy” who once walked with his
chest stuck out and strutting his feathers due to his previous
Big Brother win.

Let’s show restraint and compassion and act like mature
Big Brother sycophants and comport ourselves in an orderly
and respectful manner.

The end of the chilltown era is upon us and a new era will
begin, Big Brother 15 will go on and air in a few months, the
population of this world will go about its day to day business,
but Mike Boogie Malin will be a tortured soul, tortured by his
own craftiness, boastings, ill-treatment of fellow Big Brother
house mates and other misgivings

Let’s also not forget that not only will Mike Boogie Malin have to
live down his early eviction from the Big Brother 14 house, but
he will leave having to face a litany of lawsuits both for criminal
acitons and civil doings.

Maybe at this time, we can take a few minutes out of our busy
and event filled lives and observe a few minutes of silence
for the former Big Brother winner, now an outcast: Mike Boogie

Such a request is a small price to pay considering the shame,
tribulation, suffering, trials, roadblocks, challenges and failures
that await Mike Boogie Mailn outside the Big Brother house.

In closing, remember those more unfortunate than us.

There is a lot more that I could say, but in the spirit of keeping
this short and concise, I shall bid thee farewell and despite the
somberness of the nature of this posting, let’s continue to enjoy
Big Brother 14 on the television and Simon and Dawg;s wonderful
website, treat each other with kindness for life is short and every
personal encounter is an opportunity to bestow on others the gift
of a smile and geniality. Enjoy your revelry in the light hearted
entertainment of Big Brother 14 and may success and happiness
follow you in every path and venture that you take. I know that the
majority of you would like to hear more on this subject, but I have to
keep this short and concise due to the short attention span of today’s
baby boomer, X, Y, millennial, MTV, hip-hop, and the “lost” generations.
Their attention spans are dictated by shows such as those on VH1
where images flash on the screens of LCD, CRT, plasma, LED
televisions at the rate of one every few seconds. Otherwise I would
go more in depth into this very serious matter before us.

“The Doctor”

Janelle's worn out lip

If I really believed you were Dr. Will I might have actually read your entire (anything but short) response.
I got about 15 lines in, realized you had an agenda, and bailed.


My sympathy lies with you in knowing that you cannot
fully grasp the import of the monologue.

Janelle's worn out lip

I guess I missed the plagiarism.


Hey, Janelle’s Lip, nice try, but no cookie !!!

Your amateurish attempts at PSY101 are transparent
and childish. Your parents should sue the higher
learning institution you attended for their money back!

If you want some real life lessons come to me, I can
help you. I’m a very caring person and won’t shun
you away.


Dr Will to Janelle’s crooked lip:

Ring, ring ring:

Janelle’s lip: Hello, who’s this?

Dr Will: It’s me, the doctor.

Janelle’s lip: What do you want?

Dr Will: No, what do you want?
Why don’t you reply?
What happened? Cat got your lip? Hahahahahahahaha, LOL LOL LOL !!!!!


Simon and the rest of the commentators, I wouldn’t mind your thoughts on this.

Are we underestimating Danielle’s gameplay because when she is not talking game, she becomes so insecure? I mean Boogie did not once mention Dani this whole week, unlike Britney, Dan, and Shane. Plus, what other BB houseguest, ever, has had so many people looking after them? She has two that have said they will surely take her to the final two(Shane/Dan), one that is ify(Britney), and one that came out of no where in Jen, who may just partner up with her.

She is in a better spot the “genius” Ian because his name has been mentioned as a person to evict, while Dani getting voted out has not been mentioned by anyone. Now that I think about it, has her name been mentioned, at all, since the coaches entered the game.


Just strictly from a gameplay stand point shes doing alright,but i dont think she will get votes for the win against any of her alliance shes got a good shot at 50k though

Janelle's worn out lip

Danielle has been protected and “talked off the ledge” more than a few times by her teammates.
All it will take to crack her is someone making comments about her weight or saying “someone close to you told me you are a nurse”.
Game over.


lol i feel like comments 31 and 32 were written by the same person, considering all the Booger/Frank bashing going on right now


Last night on after dark boogie was talking about he was going to go back and watch this last week he said it would be funny if after all this he finds out that dan wasn’t the one who told them but he said he said he was sure it was him lol if he only knew


Boogie made his mistake when Dan reach out a hand to say I saved your boy by hitting the reset or he was going home instead of thanking him he gets pissed trys to form a temporary alliance silent 6 for one week to get Janelle and than start talking to Ian about Shane and Britney which gets back to Shane as Hoh Boogie you have nobody but yourself to blame you were not the intended target your boy cheats during pov picks you tell Ashley to fold Franks take himself off and your the idiot going home Im sure everyone at home will forget you 15 minutes after you leave especially your not in jury


Other than Dan thinking a reset would help his game and not give F/B’gie a reason to not trust him, for not giving Frank a heads up before eviction night, your comment is so right.


I agree, Booger did this to himself


Except dan didnt press the button to save frank he could have just told danielle to keep him she would have listened.Dan is the one who should be thanking boogie for saving him twice both times when frank was hoh he wanted dan out and it would have happened if not for boogie


Frank is the second best player in this game after Dan, everyone else is a joke.


HoH lockdown this early?Is it now time for the hand of god (production)to save boogie.I mean who really wants ben in the house anyway thats the dude with the tatoos name right


The always do an HOH lockdown in the morning for general housekeeping in the house prepping for the live show. Based on the fact that they have double elim tonight, I would guess they pulled the trigger a little earlier today.


A ton of Boogie and Frank hate today. I just don’t get it, like most of you haters just don’t get spelling. Boogie and Frank are BY FAR the coolest people in that house. I’m not saying they’re perfect, so spare me their list of offenses. I’m saying the nastiness and hypocrisy on the other side of the house is stunning. It’s the same problem I have with Survivor. Most players twist logic into pretzels to justify their actions. Actions that are cool for your team are proof of evil if the other side takes them. It gets tiresome. Perfect example from yesterday- Boogie is a terrible person for getting upset about being lied to: IT’S THE GAME! Ashley cries because Jenn is mad at her: WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? YOU LIED! They can turn their morals on a dime. Also, if you have something to say, say it to the people. Every time Frank or Boogie talks to one of these scumbags, they just smile away. Even in group situations, they sit there and act nice. As soon as Boogie and Frank leave, the shit talk begins. “Aw that was sweet, Boogie” is what they say to his face, then when he leaves they get their balls up to argue with a man that isn’t in the room. It’s sad. It’s pathetic. Being a fan of any of those cowards says a lot about you.


Ton of hater because we have BBAD, onlinebigbrother and Jokers updates or live feeds and we see whats going unlike your sorry butt


This is the DDSB fan page! What are you thinking calling them out!

Danielle's Pathetic

Well said Brian! Most Intelligent read on these pages this morning!

Playing Big Brother well is all about everything that Frank is trying to do amongst a sea of hypocritical idiots! All the Frank/Boogie haters that have come out of the proverbial closet today are just jealous as all hell that their team of minions isn’t playing the game as well as Frank and Boogie have. As I I’ve said before, all you Frank/Boogie haters are gonna be sitting around with your thumbs up your asses after Boogie leaves tonight and if Frank goes out in the double eviction. All the good gaming will be OVER and we’ll watching a bunch of brainless muppets who have no game at all, sit around and cry because no one in that group had the balls to jump a sinking ship and shift the power in that house this week.

I am SO hoping that after tonight we’re gonna hear Joe Blow, and probably several others say: “Damn, I shoulda taken Frank’s offer!”

GO FRANK!! You’ve got a lot more people than myself out here who realize you’re a good guy at your core (a precious human being to quote Nana :), you’re playing a mo-fucking good game of Big Brother, but unfortunately you’ve been cast alongside some of the stupidest players in BB history (Joe, Shane & the ugly tattooed chick ), along with Danielle who’s professing love for some guy named Trey yet sleeping with Shane every single night! Brit and Dan have past experience and at least they know the game, and poor, poor Ashley (who I feel very sorry for) whose gonna wonder WTF hit her when she finds out that ugly tattoo girl is claiming she’s a lesbo!


Not an Ian fan

You hit the nail on the head! If he follows Boogie out this will turn into the worst season by fat. Someone needs to knock those 4 of their high horses

Chilltown Member since 2001

We’re not dead yet Haters…. This is BB Expect the Unexpected.

chief c

I agree somewhat but back at ya for parts

All these reality shows come down to one group usually both groups calling themselves the good people and the opposition bad people

good versus evil

the truth both good and evil are present in us all and at least if you attempt to be mostly good you probably can be considered by most people in your life as being an allright person.. but everybody has enemies or at the least someone who they just dont click with. those persons probly believe there is a good reason for it.

so I hope Karma catches anyone deserving of some comuppance and gives the rest a break

funny how Ian wants to be considered a villian as if that makes him a better player not so sure he’s attained status as a good player yet on the way perhaps but I dislike some of the rubbing salt he’s doing to Boogie and Frank and even Ash or at least later it will feel like salt


Can’t wait to see Boogies face when Julie tells him that it has not been Dan but Ian that was his demise. Boogie owes Dan a huge apology. Wait until Boogies friends tell him he was duped by a 21 year old, he is going to look so ridiculous, and he will have to take so many digs from his friends. I think it is hilarious, because he was such a douche bag ragging about everyone.

It is quite obvious that Frank has been brain washed by Boogie. He said he has played an honest game….oh really???? He didn’t cheat at all? He hasn’t talked nasty about anyone? He didn’t say he would put up Shane and Britney before getting rid of the floaters? There is so much he did, yet he said he has played an honest game????? WOW!!!!!

The way it looks, if Ian is one of the final two he will definitely win it. I liked him at first but have changed my mind, he is too devious, cunning, and a back stabber, and having Dan take all the blame for his actions. Dan should have called him out in front of Frank and Boogie, but Dan stays true to his alliance and has taken the heat for that little twerp.


Can CBS plant spy cam on boogie for 24hr after he get evicted? please?


I am SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to the look on Boogies face when he finds out it was Ian and not Dan that is the reason he’s out of teh game. This will be PRICELESS !!!!


First of all I hope that the outcast grp that Boogie and Frank bash every day go back and watch and weep the way they talked about them like cattle and not even good cattle…. And iron man Frank with the shirley temple hair do need to realize this is the BB game and only one person will win so there will be a lot of people put up on the block and will have to leave the game…

Really him and Boogie act like the other group broke the freaking LAW….. Heck there are a lot of people in the house but only one person can win oh Stupid and your Frankenstien side kick with the girly locks…….

Give me a break and wake up! Everyone eles is woke….


When Dr Will won season 2 every week from week 1 I wanted him voted out. Every week I could NOT BELIEVE how he fanagled his escape even though like 11 people wanted him out directly.. When he won though I realized he probably will be the greatest of all time. However when I saw Dans season I was rooting for him from week 1 and he masterfully manipulated everyone and everything until the very end and won. remember when he was americas player and had to hug Jessie for 10 secs and winked into the camera? He never had a single vote cast against him throughout the game and he won unanimously. He threw all the comps in the beginning and when everyone realized it was too late and he won a lot of the comps at the end.Anyway it just my opinion that he was the best ever and Dr wil is a REALLLY close 2nd. Most people probably will not agree lol.
However Frank is garbage and Mike B only wond Allstars because of Dr Will taking all the heat. (He still made 4th lol)


You are so right 2 different complete players and Dan played an better game Dr.Will was good only because of Chilltown duo Fans like that all season are unique in their own way My Favorite is Dan and the funny looks at the camera and the winks but Ian and Dan are hilliarous definetly my favorites this season 2 peas in a pod


I Agree, I think Dan is the best


I like how Boogie said that when he gets out he is going to go watch this last week and see what was going on, if nobody says anything in their goodbye about Ian telling Britney it will be pretty funny because he is so positive that it was all Dan and him sitting there and telling Frank that what Dan did and not talking to him hurt their relationship outside of the house is just childish and maybe when he see’s that it was Ian he will feel like a real jackass for attacking Dan and trying to call him out for something he didn’t do.


I think Booger might need his own retraining order the way Frank is talkin 100% delusional about him, looks like he’s in love with his daddy Booger