Danielle tells Ian that he is playing with fire if he doesn’t put Frank up if he wins HOH.

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 23 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


12:35am Danielle, Joe, Jenn, Dan are out in the backyard sitting around the hot tub talking. They talk about how they all need to get to the final five. Danielle says that the key to winning the pirate ship endurance competition was telling herself that losing is not an option. Jenn leaves and Ian joins them. Ian tells them that he still has the dog costume. Danielle says she has the candy corn suit and that she might wear it for Halloween. Dan returns from the diary room. Dan says that Frank’s leotard was the most uncomfortable. They talk about what type of competitions they think will be coming up.

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Dan and Jenn are sitting on the backyard couch talking about Jenn and how she doesn’t like dating straight girls. She says her first girlfriend was straight and that it was heartbreak city. They continue to talk about her past relationships. Ian joins them and says that 48 days is a long time to be without Jodi. Dan and Ian then head inside.

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1:35am Dan and Ian are in the bathroom talking. They talk about what their odds are of winning against the other house guests in the final two. Dan says that his only shot of winning the half a million is walking out the front door. (The only person Dan could be up against in the final two where the jury would give him the money is if he was up against Boogie.) Dan says that no one will give Boogie another $500,000. Dan tells Ian that if Frank makes it to the end, Dan would vote for him because of what he went through to get there. Ian says that he understands he should not throw the HOH competition but if he puts up Frank he feels he’s playing for $50,000. That Frank would never vote for him in the final two. Dan tells him that he would lose to Britney, Danielle and Shane, but not Ian because who would give Dan half a million again? Ian says that I got a lot of blood on my hands. Dan says yeah, that no one knows about. Dan and Ian start studying the events of the house. Ian and Dan head up to the HOH room.


1:50am – 2:15am Up in the HOH room, Dan, Ian, Shane and Danielle are talking. Dan asks Ian if he wins HOH tomorrow, who he is going to put up. Ian says that he is scared to put Frank up. He says that it will expose the whole thing and Frank could win Power of Veto and come after him, he could lose and taint the jury. Ian says that he will try and win unless it’s down to him and Dan or him and Britney, because it would not look as strange with them putting Frank up. Ian says that he would rather put up Ashley and Joe. Ian comments that if we up one of the quack pack against Joe, and then we back door Frank. No one is on board with Ian’s idea of putting up any of their alliance members. Ian says that if he puts up Ashley it will look funny and expose him. The others make Ian promise that if he wins HOH he will back door Frank. Ian says that he assumes that if one of them gets HOH, he will go up as the pawn against Frank.


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2:30am – 3:45am Danielle tells Ian that he is playing with fire if he doesn’t put Frank up if he wins HOH. Ian agrees to put Frank up as the initial nomination and not backdoor him. They talk about how Big Brother could change the competitions to make it more favourable for certain house guests to win and shift the power in the house. Dan says that before we make any decisions, we need to talk to Britney. Shane says that he would offer himself up as a nomination pawn against Ashley. He says that then after power of veto, I get replaced with Frank. They all then start study the events of the house before they go to bed. Dan says his goodnight and heads downstairs. Ian says trust will get us through this one. Ian then says to Danielle that he is putting up Shane and Joe. Danielle and Shane try to convince him to substitute Ashley in place of Joe. Ian says that he is worried that if Ashley is up on the block Frank will try for the Veto to save her. Danielle says that this last week’s plan was a big risk and it worked. Danielle says that she really wants Ashley up on the block. They discuss what to do if it’s America’s Vote competition. Danielle tells them to remember the Zing bot zings saying that it could be questions in a competition. Ian heads down stairs to bed. Danielle and Shane are in the HOH bed. Danielle ends up spending the night in the HOH bed with Shane.

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140 thoughts on “Danielle tells Ian that he is playing with fire if he doesn’t put Frank up if he wins HOH.

  1. Thank you for the Update! Interesting day today with the double eviction , Imagine if Frank wins the first HOH , damnnnn lol

    1. I haven’t had time to get into posting in the last couple days, but I’ve been watching the feeds and keeping up.

      I hope Frank doesn’t win. Seeing how the two of them act in that house, the constant whining and name calling, laughing at everyone, and the “woe is me” attitude has had my stomach turning. I hate Boogie and Frank with a passion. It’s so nice seeing the other side getting along and laughing together. There is the game and there is the personal angle, but I feel those two have have crossed the line this year.

      It is also difficult for me to grasp why Frank has ruined his entire game just for Boogie. It’s been basically those two against the rest of the house and mostly due to their lack of social skills. Their strategy sunk because people didn’t like them and started talking and getting the truth out. I think that at the beginning of the season, many thought Frank could go all the day, but Boogie destroyed it. Not to mention that Boogie could have likely won the last HOH, but instead went for the money.

      I didn’t think anyone could have played a worse game than Janelle did, but Boogie really takes the cake. Overconfident and rude won’t get you anywhere on BB.

  2. If Danille could just get over the Shane crush she could win this game. EVERYONE has her back. Dan wants to take her final 2 so he can say as a coach I deserve the $100,000 or $500,000. Jenn and Brit are her new BFS. Ian would love to take Shane’s place with her in bed. And if Frank is still there after Dan and Shane are gone she’ll suddenly find herself in the HOH with Frank pillows. Boogie should have told her she’s a nurse and he found that in a special question mark cube and that Shane and Kara are roomates outside the house. For some reason, I enjoy watching BRIT cry like she made Rachel cry. Hey, Brit don’t worry about your husband’s birthday. He’s going with us guys to a strip joint and maybe he’ll get lucky. She’ll never see this., so give it a break haters.

    1. I think Dan is onto how unstable Dani is and is beginning to set her up for a downfall. He tells her to get close to Jenn and also to begin sleeping with Shane. Why? To make her a bigger target to Brittney and the rest of the house and take some of the heat off of him.

      As for Ian wanting to put up Shane or Joe if he is HOH is that they would have the votes to keep Shane. DDB vs FAJ and he is the tie breaker. Or if one wins the POV (Joe) he then can backdoor Frank. Ian, Dan and Brittney are the only ones thinking ahead. The others only work one week at a time.

    2. unless she comes onto this site to see what everone is saying abouts her … i think everyone on here though has insulted one of the houseguests one time or another

  3. Dan, Britney or Danielle have to win HOH and not depend on Ian. I would trust Jenn more then Ian at this point. Ian is so scared that Frank is going to taint the jury?? What about the quack pack tainting it being pissed that everyone took the fall for Ian??? After Frank goes they need to get rid of Ian!!!

    1. Chris

      It will never happen. Frank will win his 3rd HoH! Your prediction is wrong. Shane will end up at the jury.

  4. Discussion: Danielle/Ian/Shane…..Danielle telling Ian he is playing with fire if he doesn’t put up Frank should he win HOH…Ian agrees to put up Frank as an initial nomination but not backdoor him. OK…..then seconds later he says he is putting up Shane and Joe….WTF Ian…get a set of balls for gosh sakes!!! He needs to put up Frank alongside Ashley! One to go for sure. He simply hates Joe and is gung ho on getting Joe outta that house. Poor little Ian…..one minute I think he could really be a contender and the next its just poor little Ian….

      1. Your right CJ…however, I think he needs to use that awareness to try and buy himself some insurance with the Quack Pack….as in…OK…I’ll put up Frank but what am I getting in return…but then again they (the Pack) would probably tell him he owes them that for protecting him and not ratting him out….catch 22 for sure.

  5. I swear, if Big Brother doesn’t get their act together and stop cheating I’m going to stop watching it. (I know that has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to see what other people thought) Honestly, all the cheating is ridiculous, did evrybody hear about the BB scandal where not only

    1. sorry, accidentally hit return, anyway, where not only did Frank openly state that BB was cheating for him, but also Shane talked about how they were telling him not to nominate boogie and frank. I think it’s completely ridiculous, irresponsible of a TV show, and unfair. If Frank wins, I am done watching it because porduction definitely had a hand in his getting this far, its obvious with all the proof. He should be out right now, and AG of course won’t comment on the subject and just acts like nothing happens but they need to fess up to the fans otherwise they will be cancelled. And of all people to cheat for, they cheat for FRANK AND BOOGIE? THEY COULDN”T HAVE CHOSEN ANYBODY MORE LIKEABLE? THEY CHOOSE THE MOST ARROGANT AND HIS APPRENTICE? its a shame what happens to good shows. Cheat for Shane and Brit to make up for what ou did! haha I just don’t know how they get away with it honestly, and if Boogie makes it past this week its because of production and I bet they will cheat for Frank in HOH this week like they did for him in POV…

      1. Where’s the flashback time and/or post where Frank admits cheating or Shane says the DR told him not to put them up? I’d like to see/read it.

        1. Saturday at 12:06BBT. Frank admitted to palming the veto Houseguest Choice chip in the redraw process, because he thought that “they” (production)”wanted” him to keep the same chip, even though he was supposed to redraw.. Boogie said “That’s amazing”, the feeds cut, then when they came back, Boogie told Frank to “never mention that part again.

            1. Watched it. From what I gathered, Frank drew HG choice on his first draw (after Boogie just pulled it). It sounds like production told them to do a redraw and Frank put his hand back into the bag with the HG choice chip THAT HE ALREADY DREW, held onto the chip THAT HE ALREADY DREW, and just pulled his hand back out with the same chip in it.

              He mentions production probably wanted him to draw the same chip but the fact that production already told him to redraw once says otherwise. He mentioned palming the chip and if production throws a fit about it, Frank can just say he drew it fair and square the first time. What are they going to do? Call for a redraw at least an hour after the fact because Frank cheated by pulling out the same chip he pulled out fair and square previous to that? C’mon.

        2. When will people just give Frank his props? The the kId is freakin awesome at least he’s playing the game hard and working for every day in the BB house… Give me a Break!

          1. give him credit for what? winning his HOH’s sure…. his last veto.. i dont think so ..ashley was handing it to him ( either on her own or by advice from production , i tend to think more from production because ashley is not smart enough to throw on her own) frank was gone week 4 ( the votes were there ) but production saved his ass due to the fact of the reset

            Why he is their golden child thiis season I hae no clue … he is not likable …maybe someone in production has a thing for him

            1. what the difference from when someone jumps off the the endurance Hoh’s and ask for safey? Ashley wouldnt have won anyway…

              1. Again, it goes back to most fans not caring what’s actually done but who is doing it and whom it’s being done to. If one of their favorites threw to another one of their favorites, it’d be viewed as “brilliant strategy.”

      2. Please cut it out with the production cheating crap, just stop watching! If production is cheating thatmeans they cheated for Dr Will too and no one seems so peed about it when it’s one of their fav’s . Take it to ShutiTown4life! Peace Out!

        1. Or we can just watch the show and feeds for the sole purpose of being cynical and coming up with conspiracy theories. Production manipulation, to some extent, has always been a part of Big Brother. The amount of complaining that goes on about it solely depends on whether it’s someone’s favorite or not.

      3. I’m with you on that- Ths will be my last year watching. I have seen how production cheats on this show. And it really sucks, this show would make it a long time if they would keep there 2 cents out of it.

      4. Who is more likable? Brit and her pouting, Danielle and her nasally voice, Shane and his wishy-washy actions, Dan and his holier than thou attitude, Jen and Ashley with their heads up their own bums, Joe and his loud uncouth mouth, Boogie and his arrogance, Ian and his weasel ways! So tell me who the heck do you think is more likable in that house? If you ask me everyone, one of the HG this season is brain damaged!!! I can’t stand any of them, but I definitely do NOT want Dan, Danielle, Brit, or Shane to win. Especially the way they used that nerdy kid Ian. The poor guy probably doesn’t have a single friend outside that house and he thought he had some in that house, but they are all using him for their own gain. It’s really quite malicious if you ask me! Game or no game!

  6. Ian is an annoying dumbass. So far he’s really done nothing. He told ONE bit of useful into to the QP. And even then it was a exaggerated to say the least. And he thinks he’s this big gamer now. QP has to know that everything he’s done only benefits himself. Dan and Brintey took the heat on the Frank/Boogie sitch. And so did Shane. And now Ian doesn’t want get blood on his hands?! If I was Dan, I’d be to heck with this kid. Besides, Ian is closer to Britney, Dan knows this. He’ll be keeping Joe close. Once Frank goes, Ian is of no worth. Heck he’s of no worth once Boogie goes. Can’t wait for that little douche Ian to leave this game.

  7. @ Simon and Dawg did CBS say it would be a double eviction tonight? Usually they announce it but I only watched the veto comp last night.

    BTW how do you think Frank cheated? Did he look at other peoples answers, because he was standing next to Ashley!

    I really hope Frank or Ashley gets HOH, it be really boring if DDBS get their way this week and get Frank out.

    1. actually if you watch the veto contest again you can see ashley craning her neck so she can check out franks answer so she can do one that is smaller… and since she was prolly closer that would explain why she folded…( by advice from production)

  8. These people crack me up, they are all so clueless. If Frank follows Boogie out who does Ian think will be soon to follow. Why him Joe or now Jenn think the DDBS group has their back is actually funny. While I agree Boogie shouldn’t win again neither should Dan. If you go by having to work in the house the final two should b Shane and Frank, ShNe would hands down since his buddies are in the jury. Even then the quack pack and their followers will probably stick together

  9. On the television description of tonight’s show, there is a double eviction. Also, it states that Shane betrays the silent six……

  10. Can’t wait to see the look on Boogies face when he finds out Dan said nothing and it was Ian all along. I hope BB lets Ian tell Boogie in his good bye message. This will be priceless. ian gets all my votes for fan fav …

  11. booger is going to feel real stupid when he goes home to see that he was wrong about dan, i wonder if he gets evicted if julie will tell Mike that ian was going to vote him out all the while? now that is bein scum bagged, hahaha, Frank please shut up, the more you talk the dumber you sound, this is the first time in 10 years that i mute the sound when someone is talking on BB…

      1. What I find funny, is Ian, Joe and Jenn all think they are in with DDBS, when they are goin to be the first to go. Those 3 would of benefitted keepin Boogie and Frank in the game keeping them the big targets. Ian is so the wanna be popular kid, Joe wants to run with young crowd, and Jenn who knows with her, no one really knows her since she just started playing. They are so clueless it’s funny.

        1. Jenn showed what she was once she actually had to play the game. Once she was in any type of danger, she flipped her lid. Once she had any type of backup, she became a bullying bitch. If she’s out of the line of fire or has numbers against her, what are the odds she just becomes a silent vote again?

  12. You never put a bigger target then yourself up, ever unless you are final 5. You make deals with the bigger target. That Alliance has to break at some point and now is the time. I mean really Frank has NEVER voted in an eviction that is terrible. Not only do these guys seriously suck, but they have virtually wasted the entire season on one person. Talk about a waste of a summer for viewers.

    1. Simon,

      It is season 12 all over again, except all of them BLOW except for Shane… and his social game sucks… he is good at playing in comps… Like you said never take out the big targets, Jenn should be walking out the door, Joe and Ian should flip right now… Especially Joe, who does he think is going up if that side wins and frank wins POV… IDIOT!!!! GOD sometimes I want to come through the tv and shave that landing strip

  13. Here’s a few things I’d like to see happen for the remainder of this season;
    1) Frank takes out Shane or vice versa
    2) Danielle realizes she can’t win against Dan and takes him out
    3) Jenn, Joe or Ash win an HOH
    4) Ian wins HOH and then we get to see what moves he pulls
    5) Somebody, anydody, tae out Dan, he might win this again

  14. I hope Dan wins next HOH&POV, and throw Ian under the bus before Frank get evicted. I really really really want to hear him say ” Here is my answer to you. It was Ian. I don’t care now Ian is going after me, but I’m just tired of him playing both side. He threw another HOH yet again. not anymore, my friend..”

    But.. I know.. it’s never going to happen :( Dan can wait forever until someone else like Danielle from the QP reveal the story of Ian.

    1. @EricMoonless,It will never happen. Dan already won Big Brother. It’s time to cut him loose. Face it, He going to tne jury House.

  15. This will happen that Frank wins his 3rd HoH, put up Shane & Dan. Also, Frank wins his 3rd PoV, keep the nomination a same or backdoor Britney or Ian.

    1. Captain Wedgie is looking in his crystal ball……has he been right yet this season? ( with the exception of predicting Janelle leaving, which was a no brainer )

      Captain Wedgie: This crystal work no! Me boogie fan not but frank hoh win. Brb I talk to voices in my head…they right always.

      1. No, you have it wrong. Hid god Frank has given him visions. He is the prophet of Frank. He is now spreading the religion of Frank. All bow and pay homage to the all powerful Frank!

  16. Frank : F! Dan doing this.. F! Dan doing that.. Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, ………… all day.
    What’s wrong with this guy? Jealous of Dan’s success on his past season?

  17. I’m afraid that Ian is going to do what Ian thinks is best for him and not the QP. His game plan seems to be like Dan’s – get everyone else to do your dirty work. However, with all the QP covering for him (Dan being bashed for B/F on block) if he does not follow the group, he will be the biggest target from both sides. It will come out (Dan will make sure) regarding his hand in the B/F nomination. Ian only wants to make a huge name for himself in BB history (and come back as a “Villian”), which he has mentioned several times, in a future BB show.

  18. Big moves made thus far:

    Danielle – Janelle
    Shane – Boogie

    Ian – ? (Brittany/Dan). ? Is that what they want, a big move?

    Go ahead, push “the kid” some more.

    They act as if Ian has sat in the hot tub and sunbathed the whole time.
    He has endured froogies backhanded insults day after day.
    He has delivered all their targets to them.
    They would not be where they are without him.

    And now, they want to kick him to the curb?


    1. They are not ingrates. First of all, Ian came to them not the other way around. Second, Ian has no blood on his hands and continues to advance in the game. Ian has let Dan, Brit and Shane take the heat for him all week – and now that the need for a mole is pretty much over, is refusing to make a move that may expose him. I am not sure that he won’t vote to evict Jenn. If he if he is so afraid of exposure, he shouldn’t have put himself in this position. It is time Ian paid the piper.

      1. Ian divulged information to others and let the others take the bullet for him but sidesteps making a move too early that will get blood on his hands.

        That sounds very similar to Dan’s game, doesn’t it?

    2. They arent ingrates. They keep covering for him, he is sitting in one of the best spots in the house and playing all sides. Hopefully they will nominate him soon, just as a wake up call and to feel some of the heat that the rest of the house feels with the targets on their backs, Eventually Ian needs to step up and be a man. Quack pack was his idea…he needs to sac up, nominate Frank if he wins. Stop letting DDBS do Ians dirty work for him.

    3. They are not, not grateful, but these are me, me, me people. Ian has risked his neck. Dan payed him back this week. Ian is still playing a great game and Ian SHOULD look out for himself. As long as none of the QP, at this time, gets evicted, then Ian is gold IMO.

      Ian needs to keep his game is mind first and foremost, then his alliance, just like DAN did in his season. Ian is doing fine right now.

  19. Frank wins his 3rd HoH & PoV. Put up Dan & Shane. Shane will be leaving. I’m not Frank Fan but he will survive the double eviction.

    1. From everything I have ever seen you post about blinky,stinky,nasty Frank,,,you ARE a Frank fan. I think you are as in love with him as Boogie is.

    2. Haven’t you heard? Frank is god and Captain Wedgie is his prophet. He has been recieving visions and revelations from his god, Frank.

  20. so dan just said the only person he can beat is walk out the door? then why not keep him. cbs needs to do something to keep the 2nd best play to play this game

  21. @EricMoonless, It will never happen. Frank wins his 3rd HoH. If he goes for four. He will tie with Hayden,Rachel, Janelle (6 overall) & Drew with 4 HoH apiece. I know he can do it.

    1. Of course he CAN do it. That is far from him ACTUALLY doing it.

      There are other people in the house playing for that HOH other than Frank. Someone else CAN do it too. You just WANT Frank to do it.

    2. You could be right. However, you’ve not been thus far.

      And yes, you ARE a Frank fan. Don’t say you’re not again… no one believes it. You are pro-Frank via your absolutely OBVIOUS love for Boogie. You have no choice BUT TO BE a Frank loyalist–its embedded into you per Boogie’s love.

  22. Ian better not put up Shane and Joe!

    That little rat fuck needs to man up and put up Frank and Ashley!

    Because I don’t trust that snake I really hope that Britney, Danielle, or Dan win the first HOH and for sure puts up Frank and Ashley.

    Hopefully Shane could win his 4th Veto and effectively send Frank out the door [we’ll see if Production will allow it!]…..

    Then whichever people from the Britney, Danielle, Dan group did not win HOH # 1 [assuming they do] can win the second one of the night [Shane would work out just fine too!].

    I was just thinking btw that it would kinda be bittersweet to win the 1st HOH competition on Double Eviction Week. I mean you don’t get to even go up to your custom HOH room and don’t get your goodie bag/letter from home! :'(

  23. Ian got to be getting pissed that Brit and Danielle keep telling him what to do with his HOH if he wins it. Tell them to win it or shut up. He should have told Danielle he’s putting her up if she doesn’t back OFF.

    1. Danielle DID win HOH and got Janelle out. Britney is Ian’s friend and partner in the Alliance. If he gets a HOH and does not get out a big enemy of the Alliance he will shorten his stay in the house. Why do you want an alliance member that doesn’t want to protect that alliance by getting out the big enemies?

  24. Ian cant be serious with this ” I’m masterminding the whole house” bullshit is he? The guy is horrible at this game and the only thing he’s done is rat on people. Period. Terrible player.

  25. I’m an equal opportunity ‘roaster’ of the HG’s, but Boogie and Frank in the backyard last night set in stone for me how right the decision is to get rid of the guy this week. Simon, did you catch Boogie’s comment that called this site and the people leaving comments on it ‘whacko’? Granted, he didn’t say OBB, but he said ‘the site where they type out everything that’s happening’, etc.

  26. Someone should tell Ian that they need to out Ian to Frank as soon as Boogie leaves. At some point, Frank is going to figure out who played him and Boogie, especially if Ian remains undercover passing info. The longer Frank is out of the game and in jury, the better for Ian. Frank is a lover of the game and giving him a few weeks to think about it, he will realize what a good gamer Ian actually was. I think Frank will vote for him then. If he finds out later and has less time to adjust, Frank might be vindictive and not vote for him. It is also time that Ian pay back Shane, Brit and Dan for taking the heat in a big way this past week.

    I do not trust Ian or BB if Shane or any other member of the QP goes on the block. Ian’s fear that Frank will go all out in the Veto if nominated, might be viable in a normal week – but hitting him with the eviction of Boogie, the betrayal of a mole, and then being nominated all in a few minutes – and we saw Frank crack emotionally the other night – might take him off his game. I hope Brit explodes on him for even suggesting Shane go up. I don’t trust him voting in a tie breaker.

    1. You see, Frank being a lover of the game is also a reason to keep him in the house if you’re Ian. Big Brother HGs have historically shown that memories become real short when alliances need to be made. You think that Frank wouldn’t put it all aside for a few weeks in order to break up BSDD?

  27. Ian’s logic for not putting up Frank is actually quite reasonable. But by the way the others are coming at him when his reasoning makes perfect sense, he has to know he’s on the bottom of the totem pole now.

    Regardless of trust issues or whatever else, the best bet for Frank, Ashley, Jenn, Joe, and Ian to survive is to band together after Boogie leaves. BSDD already has a hierarchy (the four of them and then everyone else) that isn’t exactly a big secret in the house. They don’t have to overplay their hands and make final whatever deals but working together to break up an alliance that has been four deep and strong for a month should become a priority at some point in the game.

    1. Please Frank…win HOH and nominate Shane & Dan. ( sarcasm ) If you do Captainwwedgie will love you long time! (eyeroll)

    2. I think that Frank the god ought to put up and vote out his prophet Captain Wedgie. After all he says he isn’t a Frank fan and wants Frank to win. He is more wishy washy than Ashley.

  28. I honestly think since Dan realizes boogie is his only hope to win the 500k, That he goes to himt then decides to cut a secret deal in exchange for his vote. After last night ian_ should realize that he has no business being with the other side of the house and he needs to stick with Frank.

  29. Is there anyone in the Quack Pack (with the exception of
    Dan) who can see that Ian is just trying to make sure that,
    in the end, Ian will still have Frank’s vote for the $500,000?

    The Quack Pack would be much better off ditching Ian and
    replacing Ian with Frank.

    And, if the Quack Pack+Frank made it to the F5, Danielle
    should be next to go, since she seems to be incapable of
    figuring out that this is not a dating competition.

    Danielle is using the wrong criteria to determine who her
    friends/enemies are. There is absolutely no advantage to
    Danielle taking Shane to F2 since the jury would give the $
    to Shane.

  30. Its really pissing me off how Danielle and Britney are yelling and telling Ian what to do….did Boogie tell him or yelled at him the way they are about putting someone up!?! NO!! He’s an idiot if he is gonna sit there and let them talk to him the way they are..he is 21 not 12. Put your damn foot down and play the game like a man!

    1. they covered for him and he isn’t willing to return the favor…he is being really selfish in such an obvious way….I do find it curious that you don’t see that he owes them at least one move….self people can’t see that in Ian ….as Ian would say …interesting!

      1. Again…

        Ian divulges information to certain people, has those people take the bullet, and then sidesteps making moves that gets blood on his hands early.

        It’s Dan’s game all over again. And people are calling Ian out on playing that game? It all goes back to most fans not caring about the actual actions or game but rather who does what and whom it’s done to. Most fans will take similar actions done by two different people and celebrate their favorites doing it while getting on the case of their non-favorites doing it.

  31. Tonight will be great when Boogie walks out the door…

    whats even better…is if Julie tells him that Ian was the mole.

  32. I rarely wish bad things on people but I have to say that I am really looking forward to Ian’s reality check
    You know…the one he is going to get when he realizes he is everyone’s bitch and has been played by the backstab pack. I might get the live feeds just to watch him crying.

    Same for Joe.

  33. I’m not understanding Dan’s game. If he doens’t think he can beat anyone in the final besides Boogie then why isn’t he working to keep Boogie?

    I’d like to see Dan tell Boogie about Ian , make a last ditch rally to keep Boogie, then off with Ian little hairy weasel head!

  34. Ugh, Ian is just getting worse over time. If you want to win you’re going to get some blood on your hands at some point. Quit being such a little snatch.

    And that picture of him digging for buried treasure is a bit nauseating.

    1. He’s getting blood on his hands… He’s just sneaky about it… If he votes the wrong way, or puts someone else up, it will reveal his game play…. That kid is very smart. I also like that he went into the house awkward, cuz Frank and Boogie have no clue its Ian that threw them under the bus.

  35. Believe it or not Ian’s idea is the smartest one. Put up Shane and joe. If for some reason Ashley got picked to play and won then tell her to use it on joe and he will put Dan up but instead after its used then put frank up. Then frank is out the door and he doesn’t have to worry about franks wrath. Now since the vote should be 6-2 ian can blame the other vote on ashley so Then if frank gets picked to play and he wins. Tell him to use it on joe. Then instead of Dan put up Ashley. Then after she’s out tell frank he didn’t trust her because she changed her vote. Now frank is all alone. The only thing is Ian has let everyone else get in trouble for him. I would get the quack pack together and tell Ian if he throws the competition to frank or Ashley then they will tell frank that he was the one. This kid is letting everyone take the heat while he doesn’t want to repay the favor. Boogie and frank think Dan is this horrible person when in reality he’s willing to risk his game for this kid. I can’t wait to see boogies face when he finds out it was Ian.

    1. I was thinking the same thing – it would totally make Frank & Ashley feel safe enough that they weren’t going up. If they were to play & win POV then Ian would already have the idea of backdooring Dan in their heads so they’d take Joe off. If the noms happened to stay the same then the QP votes out Joe or we get surprised & Shane goes.

    2. If Ian wins HOH, I think Ian should nominate Jenn and Joe initially (since he was always telling Boogie and Frank that he wants to get rid of Joe). Frank would have no incentive to win the VETO; there would be nothing to gain. If anyone other than Frank wins the VETO, they can use it on either nominee. Then Ian can backdoor Frank. It should work out good, because it would be an instant eviction.

  36. I hope frank stays, I hate when there’s huge alliances… the show becomes too predictable… I like when its mixed up a bit…

    1. I still don’t really have a favorite, I just like when boogies on cuz the show is better, now they only have one real competitor that will go against DDBSI, but I think Ian might flip on them tonight. I think its interesting too that Dan realizes that his only chance at a half mill is walking out the door, It might be an interesting day leading up to the eviction. He could flip on Brit Brat.

    2. Agree! 100%. This bring old people back is a waste. Fresh faces and new twists. If they keep this up, viewership will sink.

      1. I don’t think that CBS realizes that they’re shooting themselves in the foot by not having a straight up newbie season two years in a row. Newbies have their games and personalities stifled by vets coming into the game. Last season, which newbie actually stood out? Dominic? Shelly? Last season was all about the vets and although this season isn’t as bad, who knows how Willie, Shane, Danielle, Ian, Frank, etc. would have played it if the veterans weren’t in? Instead of being “Booger’s bitch” as Ill Will likes to call him, would Frank actually be respected for his gameplay? Would Ian be a bit more ballsy? Would Willie still be in the house?

        I know BB likes to create their own stars but they seriously hinder that development when they don’t give newbies a chance to shine without the vets. How many times can you convince people to leave their everyday lives for upwards of three months? A lot of the reason why some of these vets are popular is because of nostalgia and people get sick of the HGs on the second or third go around. How many people turned on Jeff and Jordan last year or on Janelle this year?

        I’m all for an All-Star season and the coach twist was intriguing had it stayed a true coach’s twist. But the mixing of new and old HGs has to stop.

        1. There is no real dynamic. I mean are we going to have a vet involved every season now? That just makes zero sense to me. Its like now the Vets ARE the twist, it’s like we are running out of ideas. I haven’t seen a Diamond Veto in a few seasons that I remember. The good stuff just seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. On top of that BB protects the coaches because they think they are at a disadvantage for being Vets. Which is far from the truth. Three coaches have made it this far strictly because they were given info and had a safe situation for weeks. No other player gets that, much less FOUR! The whole season will go down as the worst. Just Frank going up the ENTIRE season, is stupid. It’s such a waste to watch. Let me guess Britney wins and puts……FRANK UP. Come on. In the past when that happened players got a clue and brought that person in (Janelle) for a strong alliance. Now…..it’s the same week over and over like “Groundhog Day”.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly and I Really hope it happens That would be the most shocking bit of BB television we will see all season.

        1. Didn’t Dan say his only chance at $500k is walking out the door? I’m pretty sure Boogie being around benefits him more than having Jenn around.

  37. I can’t stand when people like frank say he and mike deserve to be there over everyone else. First of all janelle deserves to still be there but they didn’t care about back dooring her. Then frank and mike call people stupid for not wanting to stick with them. Ok so they offered everyone a final 3 deal. Anyone who takes them up on that offer is an idiot because obviously they will take each other. Frank and mike should just man up and say that it was a good move to get mike out. Frank is killing his game by going to war with everyone just to save boogie. If mike was franks true friend he would tell him don’t kill your game on my behalf. The only way frank will win BB is if he wins every comp from here on out because no one wants him in the finals. Everyone who is on that show deserves to be there. People have different strategies all the time. Frank needs to get over himself. He thinks that everyone should just help him and mike get to the finals. I wish BB would edit frank and mike as the true a$$e$ they are.

    1. I agree. I HATE Janelle, but her better then any of the others. But to say Frank doesn’t deserve to be there is not true. Frank so far is on track to possibly be one of the greatest physical competitors on the game next to Janelle. Everyone is just to full of hate to see it. He has NEVER cast a vote in the house….think about that for a minute. Never casted a vote the entire time because he was on the block. Tell me anyone else that has pulled that off? I agree his mistake is Boogie. Boogie in entertaining, but again he isn’t anything without Will. Will was the master of Chill Town, Boogie was a tag along. Plain and simple, Mike on his own sucks. Will would still be there right now and not on the block. Boogie played the worst game out of anyone, and he should have gone before Janelle. Boogie is avoiding his court dates. Either way anyone who says Frank or Shane don’t deserve to win are being majorly biased.

      1. avoiding his court dates? sounds like something would do, makes perfect sense that’s why Booger didn’t want to re-enter the game he knows he can’t win without Dr Will, he was expecting to lead Frank to the 500k, and get the 100k to help pay off his bills, THAT’S WHY HE’S SO STRESSED

        1. I doubt CBS would have gotten themselves into the potential legal mess that could have resulted by keeping Boogie away from any potential court dates (prove it) or deal with the negative PR by casting someone who’s in the middle of a court case (that hasn’t been talked about in about a year).

          Seriously, what did Boogie ever do to you to make you so full of hate for him? I’m not really expecting any sort of reply that doesn’t involve name calling or claiming I blindly follow Boogie.

  38. So annoyed by Ian and frustrated that they arent calling him out more. If he is down with the “quack pack” then he should be willing to put up Frank. If I were Dan, I would let Ian know that if he doesnt put up or back door Frank (if possible) then he is cut loose. And if he throws the HOH he is also cut loose. I am getting sick of his act, the jig is up buddy make a choice and make it known, everyone else has.

    1. Truth be told. If Ian had a clue….Ian would go ahead and stab the Quack Pack straight in the back. It’s the right time for him to do it. You always do it when you have a bigger alliance to work with when you do it. If he knows the game like he says then he is smart enough to strike first. In reality, he would completely save his game to save Mike and Frank who are HUGE targets, and align with Ashley and Jenn and take down the puppet masters in the Quack like Brit and Dan. Shane, and Danielle would be clueless without Dan and Brit. Then you stab Boogie and Frank in the back and work with Shane and Danielle. Ian is much smarter to destroy the Quack Pack now and work with a smaller alliance now that the house is smaller. Think about it. Double Eviction. Two people gone in one week. How long do you think it will be until there is 7 left and 6 of them are Quack Pack. Ian needs to win HOH on the second and stab them now.

    2. I agree– Ian can’t call himself evil when he hides shaking in the bushes w dirty underwear from being so scared. Talk about riding coattails!!!

  39. When I read that Dan and Ian were talking about Boogie being Dan’s only chance at the 500k, I thought they were going to band together and save Boogie. This would totally shaft Brit, Shane, and Psycho, but it would be hysterical to see Boogie stay, then Frank get booted in the double eviction tonight. Jenn would go home, Frank to jury, Boogie could’ve made a deal w Dan and Ian… Shane, Brit, Danielle, Joe and Ashley against those three? I think not– SBD (tee hee) would forgive Dan and Ian knowing Joe and Ash can’t bring shit to the table.

    1. Btw: I do realize these players are all about numbers, but this is only what I wish could happen. I don’t even like Boogie, but this is gonna be more lame w/out him…

  40. Ok I accepted that our Co founder Boogie is probably going home with sucks, but I could not sleep last night thinking and worrying about who will win the First HOH. You would think I was in the house… I need to get a Life.. But until then I’m so anxious for tonights show…

    My perfect prediction Ashley wins the first HOH( Long shot in know) and Frank wins the second.

      1. i’m working on it. Your name is spot on because i can hear Will from the show saying the samething… :)

  41. Since the Girls’ Alliance appears to be going nowhere, it
    would be great to see Jenn leave tonight, followed by
    Ashley. (It will also be great to see Britney figure out
    that she is in the wrong 4some.)

    Then it would be very entertaining to see Ian and Joe go.
    And then it would be very entertaining to see Danielle and
    Britney go.

    At this point, a F4 of Boogie/Frank/Dan/Shane is sounding
    better and better, and certainly more entertaining than any
    other scenario.

  42. I have to say I was surprised Jen formerly known as ? stepped up a bit this week, wouldnt mind seeing her win an HOH just to see how she would handle it. Would be interesting.

  43. What I don’t understand is why is DDBS still working with Ian?

    What kind of an asset is he other than being a rat? Now that the brains of Chilltown 2.0 is gone, what exactly do they need him for?

    Who is he going to be ratting on now that Boogie’s leaving?


    Wait til’ that sinks in with Dan ( if he makes it past DE ). I honestly cant wait to see Ian’s game crash and burn.

    Ian is getting away with everything because people in the house view him as a little boy. He’s 21 years old for goodness sakes. He’s a man and he needs to accept responsibility for what he did and stop hiding behind people. How are you going to be this mastermind/villain when your crying and hiding behind people?

    Own up to the stuff you’ve done ( not in the DR ) & then we’ll see how tough you are.

    Dan keeping Ian’s secret is honestly only hurting him because we all know Frank comes back with a vengeance and he holds onto stuff.

  44. Is Shane an A$$! Does he not know pawns go home.
    And screw Ian if he doesn’t put up Stinky and S&M I would tell him you are out of our group and tell
    everyone about him being the one not Dan who told about Boogie’s plans.

  45. @WW, You need to knock it off!
    Not cool. I’m Catholic like Dan!
    @Simon, What happen to my comments with said aftermath of double eviction?

  46. Dan said he will cut Danielle so fast he doesnt care.. i think he would never take her two final two cuz she could win…i think he would take britt first..shes like him no wins so far… and a coach.. newbies are so dumb this year especially shane he looks like hes in pain to cuddle with Danielle…he looks like oh god not again…ok thank god hoh is over soon…. thats pathetic.. their nomane is so obvious.. funny how ashley and Frank have more showmance but stuoid production doesnt show it much… they keep hoping they can make shane change his mind wht a show….

  47. I remember season 13 saved jordans butt by having a pandoras box…I guess boogie aint gonna be soo lucky…

    1. that was mostly for Rachel, but yea, Booger is nowhere near as entertaining as Rachel or even Janelle, production attempted and succeeded at saving Rachel, failing at saving Janelle….

  48. Boogie is so mad he is taliking c…. about everyone and Ashley is sitting there, does she think if she wasn’t he be telling frank bad things about her. Boogie talks about Joe not getting a cooking show after he leaves (maybe not) BUT, HE TRASHES jOE AND YET HE IS IN A MILLON DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST HIM WITH STEALING FROM HIS GEISHA HOUSE

  49. ok why is ashley not tagged , yet Jenn is? and considering you guys have been calling her a ? for most of this yet still credit her. i have to point this ouyt since it has been unusual … is it an intentional oversight or is it just an accident

  50. Someone should tell Ian that everyone wants Booger gone, well Ashley doesn’t she thinks he’s an Elf Fairy, butl even Frank has to know he was carrying him.

  51. It doesn’t matter to me personally what they do outside
    the BB house since I don’t know them and they don’t affect
    my life at all.

    It seems like nonsense to want Boogie to leave so we can
    instead watch Jenn.

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