Spencer says that all the racial stuff doesn’t sit well with him.

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


9:30am Andy and Spencer are out in the backyard hammock talking. Andy says that he will vote how the house wants. Andy tells Spencer that he wants to go far with him and Helen … I want to go far with everyone. Andy says why get rid of Helen who is a guaranteed vote? Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back – Judd is now talking to Spencer and Andy. Spencer says that there is a lot of in fighting in our group. Judd says that he doesn’t like how the others are treating Elissa. They talk about how Jeremy rubbed Elissa’s had on his a$$. Spencer says that he didn’t know about that until yesterday. Judd comments that Jeremy told me I am safe. Andy says that Jeremy is saying that to everyone. Andy says that it shouldn’t matter if the other side of the house is mad at us because we would have Elissa and be able to nominate one of them and get them out. Judd says that he is worried about if they do that Ginamarie is liable to punch him. Andy says that there is just something he doesn’t trust about Nick. He says that I feel like if I don’t vote him out this week, I will be kicking myself when he evicts me next week. Spencer says that he worries about some flipping to the other side. Andy says that he even if someone did I would lie my a$$ off because no one trusts anyone. Spencer says that Jeremy doesn’t intimidate him at all, I think he is a gorilla that won’t win at competitions. Andy says well why not vote to keep Elissa then. Spencer says right now I am voting out Nick. Andy says that he knows it will be world war 3 for a couple days but it will be fine. They talk about how they can’t trust Jessie. Judd says that Jessie is one of the hot girls that just doesn’t get along with other hot girls. Judd says that there has to be something up with Nick – he gets called to the diary room more than anyone else, even Elissa. It makes sense that he gets called now because he is up but.. Judd says that Nick was in there for 20-30 minutes when he was requesting tooth paste and a razor. Judd says what was the point of getting David out if we aren’t going to go after their numbers. They talk about McCrae and Amanda. Spencer says that he is blinded by her. Spencer says that Amanda is attractive but she is vulgar. Judd says that he doesn’t think he has gotten boobs like that before. Andy says the 7 of us are united and aligned to go against the enemy. We have Candice wrapped around our finger, she hates them. Spencer says that all the racial stuff doesn’t sit well with him. Judd agrees and asks do they not know they are on national tv? Andy heads inside.


CBS Interactive Inc.

10:15am – 10:25amJessie and Jeremy join them at the hammock. Jeremy asks Jessie if she needs him to stretch that out? Jessie says no. Jeremy says that he was talking about her vag!n*. Jessie says ew you’re gross! Jessie asks don’t you have a girlfriend. Jeremy says that he will fu*ker her right after he fu*ks Kaitlin. Jeremy laughs. Jessie says you really think you are some kind of a pimp just because you are sleeping with two girls. Judd heads inside. Meanwhile in the lounge room – Andy is trying to convince Howard the reasons why to keep Elissa and to vote out Nick. Howard says that lied and told Nick that he thinks he is good. Andy says that he feels like he will be in the line of fire when I vote to keep Elissa because I am good friends with them too. Andy says they don’t trust any of us, we can lie and tell them that we voted with them. Howard says that Amanda is a fu*king nut case, if it was just McCrae I would be cool with that but she is spreading rumours about a guy group. I don’t trust her. Howard says I will vote with the majority, whatever you guys want. Andy says that he hates the bullying and it makes him want to stand up for her. They talk about how they will talk of the next couple days.


10:25am – 10:30am Jeremy and Andy are working out with the weights. Jessie is on the elliptical and Helen is running around the backyard. Aaryn comes out and starts stretching. Aaryn talks to Andy about the havenot competition. She wonders is it will be an individual competition or if Jeremy will sit it out and it be teams of 4. Jeremy ask Spencer if he thinks Helen is offended when we call her h-bomb because of Hiroshima?



10:45pm – 11am Andy and Jeremy are in the kitchen talking about random things. Andy is asking Jeremy personal questions about his life outside the house. Jessie joins them. Jessie talks about he past relationship with Andy. Jessie then comments that she stinks. Jeremy says that he loves a stinky chick. Aaryn joins them. They talk about how Judd was paddled in school. He says it is kind of outrageous now that he thinks about it.

11am – 11:30am Jeremy and Jessie are talking on the backyard couch. Jessie says that she isn’t going to be doing any more cheer leading or back flipping. She says that if she hurts herself she would be really mad at herself. Howard asks Jeremy if his side is still good on Elissa. Jeremy says Elissa is gone, no if and’s or buts! Aaryn comes out into the backyard and tells Jeremy that she heard from Jessie that Nick and Gina were “hooking up” last night. Jeremy says NICE! NICE! Aaryn says at least someone is hooking up! Aaryn heads up to the HOH room and tells Kaitlin that Jessie said Nick and Gina were hooking up. Kaitlin thinks that Nick is shy and if she made the first move he might have.


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Really Spencer, you may not be as bad as Aaryn, but you’ve said a good amount of racial stuff too, as well as some horrible stuff about women.


Yeah, he wants to talk about Amanda being vulgar when every other word out of his mouth is c**t?


I know!!
Spencer says that Amanda is attractive but she is vulgar. WTH??!!
Why is it that men like Spencer thinks it’s vulgar for Amanda to talk about her “lower regions” and breasts but when he does it…. it’s what? Supposed to be funny? Come on…. The MOST vulgar in that house is Spencer. Yes, Amanda is a little “trashy” but I don’t hear her calling it a c*nt….

Amandas Vagina

Well since you are talking bout me I figured I would drop in. Look I’ve been around the block a time or ten but hey I’m down for all kinds of fun. Spencer wants me but he’s got to clean up his potty mouth if he wants to nibble on me.


Which is why I would like Simon to refer to him as “C*** Boy” from now on.


Spencer knows he’s made racist remarks and even gloated and said “here’s another one to add to my bigot outtake”. I have a feeling that HGs have been warned because they are repeating things that the public has been saying on forums ï.e. “don’t they know they’re on national television” etc. aMANda is another one who changed tunes and blamed the others for being racist when she herself has spewed a few nuggets herself. Most uncouth lot I’ve ever seen.


well said, especially about aMANda


Spencer is just as bad as Aaryn as is GM!!


This guy is killing himself with that mouth. Never seen anyone go there on national tv outside of jersey shore. Then again I only watch BB.

Spencer is lying about how much the racism bother him I think. Spencer is a genius at saying what people want to here during his one on one’s. And right now he’s talking to one of the minorities that’s tight with the other minorities.


Spencer is very intelligent in an evil twisted way. His strategy is solid. He can manipulate people. I thought he’d be a total dummy when I first saw him, but he may be the brightest guy there. Too bad all that is destroyed by his horrible, bigoted, personality. His comments on women are nauseating.


I agree with a caveat: Spencer is smart and has a nose for strategy…but he’s a control freak who is making too many moves and juggling too many balls, rather than watching developments and responding to fires. This is going to be his downfall. He also struggles with patience and is determined to try and script the next 6 weeks, which almost ensures he’s going to get caught off guard because he’s applying logic to an often illogical game. Nick and Howard strike me as much more impressive precisely because they only make “commitments” when pressed and don’t over-talk. So while people call Nick and Howard sketchy, all they will need is to have a single conversation with the suspicious party and they will immediately move the target elsewhere. Spencer, on the hand, is talking to everybody, saying different things, and putting himself far too out there. Once the idea that he is sketchy is established (if it’s not already), his only defense will be to lie and play the he said/she said game…which is 50/50 at best. While Jeremy has a huge target on himself through immaturity and ignorance, Spencer’s is now just as big because he’s trying to be too smart and too cute.

I keep hoping that Nick and Howard will start talking more and at least establish the idea that they need to have a strong line of communication because the other MC will always be bigger targets, so they need to coordinate to help keep it that way, in the likely occurrence that the MC is discovered or revealed


Yeah CBS good job of ratings over racism & homophobic. They deserve to pad on your back for being an idiot. Wait till the ratings will go down because your irresponsible of tolerate behavior. And yet you don’t care about racism & homophobic than ratings. How dumb and stupid are you? Not even Julie Chen’s husband should do something about it.


I was thinking about this and I was wondering if the ratings went up just to see if CBS would air them. Even if ratings go up CBS reputation is going down.


Look in the mirrr Spencer. I would like to see where this campaign to get Nick outgoes. Sadly the MC will control the vote.


Hope Andy can see thru his lying red a$$…if only he knew that the mc was gonna pick him off soon……Helen needs to BD Big Red and soon



is there a reason that you post so many pictures of Jeremy?


More pictures of that slut Kaitlin, please.

Speaking of Kaitlin. Is she even part of this game anymore? She’s not playing anymore. She has reduced herself to being “Jeremy’s piece of ass”.

How embarrassing that must be to her dad/family. He must have told all his friends that his daughter will be on the show and so far all they see is Jeremy grabbing her ass every 10 minutes.

Jessies Hungry Beaver

Is Jeremy really banging Kaitlin and Aaryn? or what was Jessie referring to when she said he was f*cking 2 girls and acts like a pimp?


Is Jeremy f*cking Kaitlin AND Aaryn? that could be a BB first hadnling two house guests concurrently. is this fact?


He’s just with Kaitlin and I don’t think they’ve actually had intercourse yet, but I’m sure they do a lot of masturbating under the covers.

Brad B

Jessie said “sleeping”, she didn’t imply if meant sex. Aaryn has been sleeping with pillows between herself & Jeremy


” Spencer says that all the racial stuff doesn’t sit well with him.”………….OH THE HYPOCRISY!!
Jeremy is such a vile, disgusting human being. Everything out of his mouth is so vulgar. Some of the women have no dignity or self-respect and stick around a guy like that (Kaitlin! Aryan!).


Well Spencer, GM, & Aryan better join Jessie in the unemployment line. Welfare isn’t just n**** insurance anymore is it Gina?!


So true….dingaling pathetic GM validates the racist thing every day with her continued vitriol against Candace……these people are blithering idiots ! GM is delusional thinking America likes ” funny people like me ” she must have forgotten abt the n***** insurance comment quickly or thought maybe that America thinks that’s funny too ? Aryan Klan thinks she has fans ? Yikes ! I wanna front row seat for the reality check they’re gonna get when they’re booted from the house !


CBS new reality show , “How to recover from saying racist and bigotry things on BB 24/7 feeds” staring Aaryn, also known as Aryan Nation, Spencer, also known as the Revolting one, and GN, also known as beheaded pageant queen. The show is a reality check on how to make amends to America and get a job!!! Pays $50 a week!!!! Jeremy can be a walk on guess!


I know right, how many Aaryn’s fans is on Facebook? I hopefully it will drop crazy with likes and even Angry comments of Aaryn would love to read. How suck doesn’t it? Even, Aaryn’s nation will turn the away because of racial remark. Even GinaMarie is playing stupid & delusional that “People funny like me” GM, how stupid you eat your breakfast. America hates you & think your the best at big brother house. Your dumber as I thought. I bet not even single Aaryn nation or GM fan will win big brother or not even jury. Not even America’s favorite houseguest, our votes goes to someone who works hard in this game. Too bad, Aayn or GinaMarie won’t win this one.

Suzy Sunshyne

Her facebook page was taken down. Probably too much hate. I wish Elissa would have nominated kaitlyn. I think “Dan the next generation” is really playing, I mean hooking up with GM just for a vote!! That is work right there!


I totally agreed with you, how suck does Spencer, GM, & Aaryn to be in unemployment line. I bet those job interviews will affect them from being employed and better yet they probably work at McDonalds or even Walgreens. Not mention to it, they probably be on the street asking for money and they throw water into their face.


Whats wrong with working at McDonalds? What a douche. You bitch non stop about those two but yet make comments just as bad. Hypocrite.


Man Andy is really working overtime to keep Elissa in the house I hope that he can pull it off but I got my doubts.


Andy is going to get screwed on Thursday because his and Candace are the only 2 votes for Elvira.
Cannot stand annoying Andy so it will be awesome.


ha ha yeah for sure Andy is such a fake sucking up to Elissa/Rachel/Brendon fans for mvp votes – hope aMANda and Andy leave right after Elissa

Dr. Will Kirby

Jessie say what?? Is Jeremy really having sex with Kaitlin and Aaryn?? is this really happening?


Jeremy is an asshole plain and simple.


Jeremy f*cking both Kaitlin and Aaryn is epic YO. Has there been a full out threesome? Kaitlin and Aaryn hooking up at all?

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Katlin hasn’t given up the ass to Jeremy yet, he’s not sleeping with Aaryn yet(I think they’ll get close once Katlin is gone), they just slept in the same bed together all week.

It would be cool if there was a 3some in the BB house for the 1st time..


Kaitlin definitely gave it up the other night in the HOH bed…there’s no doubt in my mind they were having sex.


so Kaitlin has given up the vag but not her ass or neither? Thats hard to believe. If he hasnt already he gets both and most likely together. Dirty girls


looks like the diary room questions have certain hg wondering about how their comments and remarks of others are being protrayed – too little, too late.

after they leave the house and read the blogs, then surf over to the online stories, and finally see the tv reports, they will wish they had learned the lessons of tolerance a long, long time ago.


the way Jerm talked to Jessie about ” stretching her vagina out” is downright disgusting…..this guy has an astronomical ego…..hope he’s ” boatless” when he leaves the house…hoping he doesn’t make it to jury …..he’ll be speading his ” werm ” around anyway….


Jeremy is this year Jeff Schroeder of big brother


Simon or Dawg, where do the votes sit right now?


Last night Elissa was leaving.. I doubt it’s changed yet


I don’t think Nick would even touch Gina Marie. What is Jessie talking about? She is a terrible player she never talks game.


its smart not to talk too much game too early…overplaying has already put massive targets on certain peoples backs


I’m sick of this shit. What, is every white person gonna be fired by the end of the show? Every day I come here and see some shit about race. Who the f is stirring this pot? President and chief Exec of CBS- Les Moonves – jewish. Doesn’t take long to answer the question. Google every head of every media outlet and studio exec and you get a jew. Amanduh is one of the tribe so she gets a pass with the shit she says.


exactly – and aMANda apparantly has done work in post production in LA – i feel she is getting favourable treatment from bb production in the cbs shows

she has been racist and homophobic, even singing a song with lyrics about how asians cant drive and they are good at maths…and then she has the nerve to call out aaryn on her comments

Stretched Out Vagina

How’s Jessie doing with the guys of late? Any takers? Maybe howard should give it a go


howard thinks jess is fine, but its actually worked out well for jess that she is not in a showmance – at least she is not getting played and disrespected like gina, kaitlyn, manda are

Stretched Out Vagina

Its kinda amazing how hot some of these girls think they are. I mean honestly, in what universe are gina, kaitlin and aaryn really that hot??? in any major city they are no better than just another girl at the bar/club, if even that.


They are cute girls when you first see them… But it is the heart that determines beauty and they are cruel, selfish people. Unfortunately that is what we see and the more they are that way the less attractive they look. Hopefully they learn from this and change!

Jessies Ass Cheeks

how much are the live feeds? they worth it or painful watching these people sit around?


live feeds are tons of fun and worth it.. sometimes it’s boring sometimes it’s crazy.. use this site as your guide to find out when the good parts are


So is spencer really planning to vote nick out or was that jut talk?

The Black Fish

its just talk

The Black Fish

I really do wonder though, how will Andy react when he finds out that only two other people voted with him (I’m counting Candace and Judd). He seems like the type who might panic.

Jessies Ass Cheeks

did anyone see the video of jeremy asking jessie if she needed her vagina stretched out? was she blown away and visibly shaken by this conversation or no worries?


Wait til Jesse gets his day in the ‘big house”. He’s gonna be forced to be someone’s bitch.


So, I already despised Jeremy, but after hearing the way he speaks to Jessie makes me wanna punch him in the face. Seriously, he’s really lucky I don’t live n Texas bc if I ever seen him on the streets I’d knock him the fu¢k out!!

***Sidenote: Ppl are wondering who the visiting HG will be, my guess is douche bag Frank or someone from last season(Ian) nobody good or important. I wish it was someone like: Danielle, Britney, Janelle, Jordan, Jeff, or my all time fav, Dan:)


Man Spencer is the epitome of a misogynist. So Amanda isn’t allowed to say anything vulgar, while you talk about “c*nts” all day long and Jeremy talks about “ham wallets”? These men are pigs


Spencer is making racist comments but Amanda was pretty bad too, she insulted asians and jews quiet a bit and andy is not clean either.

Spencer is about the smartest person in the house with helen a close second. Spencer is willing to throw at anyone, and he showed it by getting rid of nick because he knew he couldn’t cover his own track