Spencer Clawson is in HOT WATER with his Employer over his Comments in the BB House!


If you have been watching the Big Brother 15 live feeds over the last 2 weeks it is not surprising that a number of the house guests are going to get a rude awakening when they leave the big brother house. In particular GinaMarie was fired from her pageant job, Aaryn Gries was Dropped by her modeling agency and now Spencer is finding himself in hot water over his comments.

Spencer Clawson is employed by the Union Pacific railroad and they are speaking out about the comments he has made on the Big Brother 24/7 live feeds. He has made a number of offensive comments that have undoubtedly land him in hot water with his employer as seen from their official statement below. He has spoken about how he knows a high level manager at his employment which was how he got the job in the first place so it will be interesting to see if that person also has the same pull to help Spencer keep his job.

Some of the comments made by Spencer in the house include:

  • Andy “Kermit the F-g”
  • Spencer said that the medical torture conducted by Nazi doctors was beneficial and praised Hitler’s speaking abilities, even while acknowledging that he’d be criticized for that.
  • He has also referred to women as “Cu*ts”

His employer the Union Pacific Railroad representative states:

“The values represented by Spencer Clawson’s comments during the ‘Big Brother’ show do not at all align with Union Pacific’s values,” it said in a statement posted on its Web site.
“Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating in ‘Big Brother.’ Union Pacific does not condone his comments.”
The company says it’s “acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson” — stopping just short of saying they’re trying to can him.

TMZ reported what Spencers mom had to say about his comments in the house:

“Big Brother” star Spencer Clawson is not a Hitler-loving bigot — he’s just saying terrible things so his racist friends in the house will like him … so says Spencer’s mother.

TMZ spoke with Donna Clawson … who insists her son wasn’t showing his true colors when “BB” cameras caught him praising Hitler and referring to a gay housemate as “Kermit the f**.”

“Spencer really is a great guy,” she tells us … “This is not a guy that’s a bigot or a racist. And he’s not that way at home. He’s a great guy.”

So why would Spencer say such horrible things? Mama Clawson says her son is just trying to fit in with the racist, homophobic people in the house … because it’s the only way he can win the reality show.

“If you’re in a group, you go along with the group talk and that is what is happening with him.”

She adds, “This is a reality show. The purpose of the show is scheming behind each other’s backs.”

“Spencer might not be perfect but he’s my son. All those kids are somebody’s child. He’s a good guy.”

CBS Interactive Inc.
TMZ also spoke with Julie Chen who stated that she was offended by the comments made by the house guests.

Julie and her husband, CBS honcho Les Moonves, were leaving Craig’s in L.A. last night when we asked how she felt about houseguest Aaryn’s racist comments about Asians.

“Personally, I was offended,” Chen told TMZ … “I was offended by all the comments — the anti-gay, the anti-black, but especially the anti-Asian ones … for obvious reasons.”

Still, Chen says she’s hopeful Aaryn will be able to “change the way she thinks” after she leaves the BB house.

Source: TMZ.com

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I know you love your children but for this mom to try and blame everyone but her son for his derogatory and homophobic comments is pitiful. If you do not hold your children accountable for their actions they grow up to be like this man. Sorry, mom but your son and your son alone is the one that needs to be accountable for his actions, and stop blaming the other house guests irregardless of how reprehensible their comments have been for your son’s comments. He made them, and he knew what he was saying!!!

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Typical of Sociopaths mothers, they wil cover their son’s ass even if they look like senseless lunatics. And the cicle goes on…


What about his comment, “we all know that when a women says NO, that really means YES!” I thought we learned over 20 years how to define rape.


what was it he said…. no means yes BUT get off of me means no… idiot. let’s all say it together… NO MEANS NO!


I saw that live and was surprised no one in the group called him out on that.

Fleur de Lis

Calling women C*NTS is not following the crowd. It is beyond disrespectful and does in fact show the world his TRUE colors! All parents want to support their kids and give excuses to why they are saying or acting the way they do, but this KID is old enough to know better and what he says and how he says it reflects on his true character (which is a worthless, scum of a human being whose girlfriend would be smart to leave his nasty ass).


I know Spencer personally and this is not a reflection of his true colors, I can assure you 100%. He is an even bigger piece of $hit than you can imagine. And I have good reason to believe that he and his girlfriend are on a break because he was smacking her around. His mom isn’t the only enabler of him. His dad is a judge and gets his son out of all kinds of trouble.


In Spencer’s defense the women in the house like GM Aaryn Elissa are c*nts–he’s just being honest.


TrueDat wash your mouth out, your an ASS. People like you are indeed SCUM.

Cara Mares Clark

Everyone is speculating which surprise houseguest is coming back this week. I’d have that muscular dude Jesse and sweet Jordyn go in the house. First, I’d have Jesse dress up as a coach, and have them review video of their “pathetic” competition. Then I’d have him point out the cup swaps on tape and tell them, “whoops, you’re cheaters.” We gotta do something about THAT. Then I’d have Jordyn come in and give them a lesson on proper etiquette. Then review videos of the mean girls and that ass Spencer and point out that THAT is not how to behave if you want people to like you outside of the house. Finally, I’d have Julie Chen come on the screen and say that since they cheated, they were redoing HOH and that GinaMarie and Aaryn lost their day jobs because of how horrible they were, and Spencer was close to losing his. So they better shape up or ship out! Then she could say in a snotty voice that she had to leave now and “go cook some rice.”


Ian Terry ?@TulaneTerry 7 Jul
Really looking forward to seeing Mike Lubinski from BB5 on Wednesday’s episode #BB15


Where I live, lol, the episode is for tomorrow and live eviction on Thursday. I found it odd too because I thought it was tonight. Yup, I double checked, Wednesday at 7 p.m. and thursday at 8 p.m. I hate to be wrong. lol.


“Just trying to fit in…” – wait, did I just see a pig fly? And, the conversation early last evening between Aaryn and McCrae was unfreakin’ believable…. (did you know she’s not a racists, ‘everyone else is’)… Aaryn has crossed many lines in the house – but last evening was the icing on the cake…


Which convo are you referring to. I missed it.


yeah, are you talking about the one where she was saying crap about “half blacks” now & past seasons being “annoying & racists,” Mc told her she was being racist & she said no not her, THEY were (the “half blacks”)


Yes Pearl, that was the conversation….


Pearl, my computer is acting up (occasionally it gets a mind of its own) so if this becomes a double post – sorry! Yes, that is the conversation I was referring to!

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Throw Spencer off the train..


In the New York Times AG says of this past CBS show why they focused on Arayn ….“That gave us a launching pad to be able to tell this story,” Ms. Grodner said.“I do feel it would be irresponsible to put hate on the airwaves just for hate’s sake,” she added. “You need to have some sort of context.” Sunday’s show omitted some of the misogynistic and homophobic language used by others in the house, like Mr. Clawson, but it could come up in future episodes if it becomes part of the season….. narrative.http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/09/business/media/on-big-brother-racial-and-gay-slurs-abound.html?smid=tw-nytmedia&seid=auto&_r=3&….I hope the link comes through, everyone might know about this already


Thanks for the link. If the producers want to show life as it is, then they need to stop editing out all of the worst and let viewer see that “real Life” they talk about.


I wish BB would highlight all the sexiest stuff the men have been saying along with the racist stuff. this season of BB just makes me sad. i dont agree with howards statement that although he hears all the derogatory comments he cant do anything about them because he has to keep his head down. no one in the house, who isnt a racist, is gonna give you a hard time for just asking someone to stop saying racist things. in fact they will probably respect you more for it. all of them should be brave enough to tell ayran to shut her mouth when she starts with the horrible things she says.


Mommy is just trying to do damage control…….she knows that he’s in some deep sh*t and is making excuses for this Neanderthal …..she probably received the same subservient treatment from men and Spencer just ” learned what he saw” ……does not respect women and cannot stand to see a female with power (Elissa , Amanda)


I really hope Spencer’s Mommy will be there to give him a ride to the UNEMPLOYMENT office when he gets off the show. If he doesn’t lose his job, I do hope his fellow employees ostracize him for his comments on BB15, and make it so uncomfortable for him to stay on the job that he has to leave. Maybe he should be the target of unfair treatment for a while to see how it feels.


This season has simply been intolerable, especially offensive to women.
Which is worse …
Spencer … “C&%nts” (wife beater)
Jeremy … “MeatWallet” (serial rapist)


Sensationalize much? While I think the terms they are using are offensive, saying that they are abusers and serial rapists is a pretty big word association.


I’ve been asking myself the same question. Add in the bullying to Jeremy’s list and the Hilter enthusiast to Spencer’s list and it still is a toss up for me.


Yes, the other house guests have made a LOT of racist and homophobic comments but as a woman and a human being the comments made by Spencer and Jeremy regarding women are the worst. WHAT kind of a sick human being makes comments like when a woman says no she means yes. That is called rape in the eyes of the law. It blows my mind how CBS covers up any comments that these men make that concern woman. Frank last year talking about raping Dan’s wife and now this Spencer. Come on CBS get with the times and sorry but this is a part of the storyline when men are talking this way about women. It is not like we are in the ancient times when women were regarded as property.

Stating the Obvious

Although everyone believes that because Union Pacific issued a stated about Spencer that means he’s automatically fired, let me point out a few facts for those of you who have no clue how the railroad operates.

Spencer is in a railroad union, therefore, it’s not as clear cut to fire him as it was Aaryn and Gina.

Spencer is unlikely to be fired from Union Pacific because of the comments he made because he was not at work when he made these comments nor was he directly representing Union Pacific at the time.

Had Spencer been at work when making the comments he made, he would have been investigating and probably fired if it was proven that he said these things. However, because he was not at work and not directly representing UP when making these comments, the likelihood of his firing is extremely low due to his Union Agreement. UP will likely make Spencer go to some sort of counseling session rather than firing him. Worst case scenario for Spencer is that he receives a short term suspension without pay.

Now let’s say that Spencer’s Union Agreement does in fact allow Union Pacific to fire him because of the comments he made off duty while NOT directly representing UP. Spencer would still have a job when he got home and the likelihood of him being fired while still in the Big Brother House is still relatively low because Union Pacific would have to wait until he was able to be contacted and conduct a full investigation into the matter before firing him.

I’m not trying to anger anyone by posting this; I just figured I would let everyone know what the consequences of Spencer’s comments because TMZ is not always the most accurate source when fishing for information.


I made a similar statement before about unions – but even if it gives them the right, i think it would be more likely that he could be demoted than fired with potential suspension. Given his profession, it might pose as a ‘safety risk’. I know with my job, it says I represent my employer in and outside of the workplace and I am to conduct myself in a reasonable manner in public essentially – he might be the same. I think, in some ways, his statement re: pot use is more likely to get him into hot water just because of the safety. The rest of his comments mostly depend on how much he interacts with the public at work I would imagine.


You’re right, but maybe they can go after him for saying it while wearing his railroad t-shirt, which is a reflection of them, in a sense.


Of course the union isn’t going to fire him – he’s on unpaid leave– yadda, yadda, yadda, – what the union did do was come out and say that it does not support Spencer’s comments …. Which for a union is a rather big deal, and for me, that speaks volumes….


they are laying the groundwork to be able to fire him

STFU Donnie

But you’re making quite a few big assumptions:

You have no idea what the nature of the collective bargaining agreement is, nor how being on a leave of absence impacts the process to go on TV. There could easily be a morality clause within the agreement that holds employees to account for any controversial “public” displays. Union Pacific is discussing it with the union and likely presenting the grounds as they see it to fire him.

You also seem to think it’s 1950 and unions are in a position of strength. They’re really not and have been under assault for the better part of 20 years. Now if Spencer is a 15-20 guy, then I suspect the union would use their capital to protect him and fight for his job…but if he’s a 5 year, low on the totem pole guy and the union is already battling to save other guys from getting layed off, then the union will gladly offer him up as a sacrificial lamb.


Unions do have alot power and they fight like hell to ensure their members are not fired. You can be on drugs and drinking while operating heavy equipment and the union will not fire you, they will send you off to get help and come back. It is extremely difficult to get fired from a union, thus the reason most large corporations don’t want a union involved (IBM spefically) because they want to layoff and fire employees. Union Pacific specifically put out this statement to cover their ass and make sure everyone knew they didn’t think the same as Spencer, doesn’t mean he will lose his job. Being an asshole is not a reason to get fired. If it was most people in this country would be unemployed.


Simply not true. Union are about collectively bargaining to get all employees a fair and living wage and they will not jeopardize those employees for one screw up. Who are these heavy machine operators who use drugs that you speak of. Give me more than one example which is actually the anomaly and just as likely specifically covered in the SPECIFIC collective bargaining agreement that treats substance abuse as a medical condition…so the employer was stupid to allow that language. I work extensively with the teachers and food services union and yes if you have a 20 year record of exemplary service, the union will fight tooth and nail for you…but if you’ve got six years in or if you have a record of issues, they will cut you loose and look to replace you with somebody who has a shot to become that 20-30 year employee.

You don’t understand that collective bargaining is to benefit the whole, not a single person, and no union is going to surrender future negotiating capital on a single screw up employee. Now that doesn’t mean Spencer will certainly be fired, but it also doesn’t mean he certainly won’t. So you and all the other black and white world types, need to venture out into the real world and maybe you’ll get an idea how things work.


My comments were made specifically being married to a Teamster and knowing first hand what has happend to teamsters working in a warehouse setting. Look at the auto industry and those drinkers on the job, where they fired – temporary but brought back after arbitration against the companies wishes, but they have to do what the union wants and are continuing to build Chrysler cars. There are weak unions and they are extremely powerful strong unions, Teamsters being one of those and the railroad being another.


The agreement is available online and there is no morality clause for a railroad conductor. Those are usually reserved for public figures like news anchors, etc or those working for Fortune 500 companies and even they have a hard time with the morality clause because it has been shot down in court for restricting freedom of speech.


LOL ! thanks for the thumbs down, Donna !


So I may get a lot of hate for this comment but it is just my opinion, what is being said on this show is incredibly wrong, disrespectful and revolting. However with that being said on the topic of what Spencer said about Hitler being a great speaker, he should not get in trouble for. When I took AP History in highschool my teacher often said Hitler was a good speaker and was quite smart. If he wasn’t then he wouldn’t have been able to talk Germans into giving up the rights ‘for a short period of time’, so I don’t think he should be ridiculed for having that opinion.

The other things he said are completely inappropriate however and should not be condoned.


who or what was speaking thru hitler?


Guess Hitler’s in good company – two other good speakers and Intelligent human beings – Charles Manson and Ted Bundy! Just a couple of poster boys for good behavior!


I think I just realized what cbs is doing. Omfg I think they aren’t doing anything of the cheating part because they’ll use it later as a way to get ellisa back in the house because of technical reasons. Whooo I hope this happens. I wanna see aaryn’s face when she comes back.


Funny but some of his comments (esp the c*nts comments) were WAY early in the game. Way before all the anti-gay, anti-race comments. I don’t doubt that he and his momma feel they aren’t racist but it doesn’t change that fact that he is. Hell, he might be “living up to the standards set in the house” but he’s ABSOLUTELY anti-women. His use of that word (over and over again) shows NO respect for women at all! As well as his many other comments.

The Hitler comment was an irresponsible thing to say. True, Hitler was a great speaker (that’s how he got as far as he did) but to condone the medical
torture was hateful considering the number of families that still live with the horror that was done. I think people easily forget things, that to them (because of his young age), didn’t really apply. Imagine how people would feel, if we all started justifying the 9/11 attacks. It’s still current enough to hurt. Hitler’s genocide is still hurtful (regardless of whether you’re too young to have to have someone in your family experience it or not).

I’m not saying that he should lose his job or the other two for that matter. That’s between them and their employers but I do feel that perhaps CBS should
have a “special meeting” with the HG’s and remind them that there are 9 million viewers listening to every word. The comments they make, may just follow them outside of this house and become a part of their lives forever. Who knows…. if they are all just “playing the game” and “trying to fit in” – maybe they will all stop it. (But alas… I fear it’s just their own personalities and views). Sad really.

Stating the Obvious

well said.


I’m guessing your downvote was Spencer’s mom

Enough is Enough

Howard may be outnumbered by Satan’s Army but enough is enough. Clearly he is aware of the derogatory comments made by other HGs, including those in his alliance. Everyone knows that lying is part of the game but these HGs have gone too far. Sure they have freedom of speech but it doesn’t have to be condoned. I would LOVE to see him rally Helen, Candice, Andy, and Nick and make a stand regardless of who is going home!


Enough is Enough, I completely agree and understand what you are saying. This would be my approach but unfortanately, I doubt that this will ever happen. I am an African American Female and I know what Howard is going through but I dont respect his way of handling it. It is often thought that if something racist is said to or about a black person, that we will go off, yell and fight. That is usually not the case. Most of us, bite our tongue, remove ourselves from the situation and just suffer silently. WHY? Because history has proven to us that when we do respond, we are often penalized and/ or labeled the angry black man and or angry black women or playing the “race card”. Malcolm X believe in Self defense but he was considered violent and militant. The Africans that fought back from being enslaved were called savages and during jim crow, any black that took a stand was considered threating and was usually hung. Somehow it is ok for anyone and everyone to stand up for themselves EXCEPT black people. Years and years of NOT getting a good response to speaking up and against evil has insured the silence of many. It is the same with gays…… afraid of might might happen. Look at how Andy responds with they insult him straight to his face. They feel POWERLESS……. even though if they just band together they could stop it, and turn the whole game. Also, lets not forget the 500,000.00 carrot dangling in front of them. A lot of peole are FOR SALE, and can be bought cheaply, I might add. I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t be able to leave the house and look at myself in the mirror if I didn’t say anything. That is just who I am at my core, but I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t suffer some pretty serious consequences for it.

In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

If you don’t stand for SOMETHING, you will fall for ANYTHING! ~ Unknown

STFU Donnie

You gotta love his mom’s defense: “He’s not a racist bigot, he’s just a coward who morphs into the crowd he’s around” which fits neatly into the German/Nazi defense of “I didn’t know they were killing the Jews they rounded up, placed in ghettos, and suddenly disappeared and I was just going along with those in power when I treated Jews like animals”.

And I say this as a coward myself, where I’ve heard people in power say unconscionable things and done nothing to protect my position…but I never joined in, never laughed. I just shut up and looked at the floor like Howard. So I guess what I’m saying is I’m a coward…but Spencer likely says much worse when the cameras are off and his mom’s defense proves it.


As a long standing union member, it is hard to say this , but as others have said there will be a long investigation that cannot start until he answer any charges. I hope that the stewards etc involved will find a way to have his ass over a fire. But easier said then done. As for the statement from UP. Well that is all CYA From Management, perhaps they want to see him punished but for now it is mostly just PR.

POOP (People offended by offended people)

As for game play, I’m team Howard. He is a stand up guy. He stated he doesn’t want to do anything to embarrass his family, he has bitten his tongue and has shown excellent self control. He has brought to the forefront that he has heard the slurs and comments to the house guests and his social game is middle of the road and non-offensive. I wish he would switch alliances and go with Helen, David, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Andy and yes, Aaryn.

I also like David’s game. It is sketchy but these people have played too fast, they do nothing but talk game 24/7. Doctor Will had fun, talked life and then would end with a little game talk. It was like a sales lunch with his favorite client. I also think a Family Sunday dinner where everyone attends and you can’t talk game would be great for this bunch. They may get to know the “Real” people behind the game.


But if he wants to not upset his family he should not be a part of the MC because of Spencer and Jeremy. He should stay with Helen’s group and try to recruit McCrea so they truly do have the numbers. That would make me respect him more.


LOL @ Satan’s Army……don’t like that Howie is partnered with Spencer….talk abt guilt by association… a lot more people r more and more suspicious of Spencer every day……wish that McManda, Helen, Candace, Andy Howie and Judd would align…


What has happened in the house today, any game play? Do not really care about what TMZ reports, or what the house-guest’s employers have to say. The house-guests will have to deal with it when they get out. Thought the site so for what is happening in the house.


The reason that Amanda is questioning her alliance is Spencer’s fault. From the first time that they all got together in McCrae’s HOH room you could tell that Spencer was threatened by Amanda. Every time she spoke he was annoyed. Immediately afterwards he started talking about getting her out because she was vulgar. Um – projection much? He is your typical dude who probably hasn’t spent much time around women and sees them as objects. He is threatened by any woman who doesn’t bow to his wishes. If he was open enough he could use this experience to see his faults and grow from it – but I suspect he will blame Amanda and McCrae when the MC is exposed.


Why would you want to fit in with that? If he would have stood up to them, he may have gotten MVP. Is he not smart enough to see that Elissa got it again because we don’t approve of Aaryn and the gang and refuse to let them get their way?


I bet CBS is too busy about money and ratinga over Controversal. Yeah CBS, your ratings is worth racism & homophobic. Don’t get me wrong but your full of crap behind your desk.


Not sure how the Union Pacific union works …..I thought that Spencer was in a management position….he still qualifies to be in the union ? I bet if Spencer drops the N bomb…..he’s toast..I don’t believe he;s done that yet…..GM did ..such an odd couple Spencer & Howie…….maybe Howie gets a pass since he’s a dude……Spencer has that David Duke look all over him though…..he also reminds me of one of those guys in Deliverance

What did she say

Aaryn stated that she was raised in a strick household and she is going to be in trouble because of some of the things she has said and done in the house. Let me tell you I was raised in a strick household and my MOM would have busted in that house after the first comment given me a “what for” in front of everyone and walked my rear end of that house in a heartbeat. All the while apologizing for what I said.


Spencer’s mom is completely out of line right now. In no way did Spencer just have to use the c**** word to describe women a over and over again to “fit in.” If that were my boy, I would be so embarrassed. There is playing the game, lying some to get ahead, and then there is what Spencer has done. To play the game, you don’t need to go into detail about Hitler and how wonderful his torturing was… this didn’t win him fans. To get ahead, you don’t have to say to Candice, “are you sure you won’t get grease on my shirt?” To get ahead and make friends, you don’t have to talk to Jeremy about beating GinaMarie while the other one holds back the production team.

Seriously, Mrs. Clawson? I know you love your son, but it’s just absurd to speak out and act like he is “just trying to fit in with his racist/homophobic friends.” There are others, like Nick and McCrae, who very much “fit in,” yet they have not spoken the way Spencer has. Calling women c**** over and over and simply not lifting a finger but expecting the women to cook and clean and then trash them all is not needed to “fit in.” I can’t believe you would honestly say this. Here’s more of a reality check: you had no idea who your son really was because he doesn’t act that way around you. Now with all the cameras and live feeds, true Spencer can’t help but surface. I have more to say that would really fit in very nicely to this conversation about the guy and prove even more that what you see on BB is how he is… but I’ll stop here.

Bottom line, Spencer doesn’t have to use vulgarity to “fit in.” He doesn’t have to describe a girl’s **** as a two day old meat try (talking about Candice), he doesn’t have to say the things about Andy that he has (two weeks doesn’t give him license to crack gay jokes about him), and he doesn’t have to call women c*unts— so vulgar! This isn’t trying to fit in; this is who he is. As far as his job, I don’t care. What I would care about is realizing that the guy does need help and doesn’t need his family to jump at once again protecting and defending him. He messed up— big time; it would be better to simply apologize on his behalf, say he wasn’t raised this way and leave it at that. Don’t try to defend him by saying he is trying to fit in—wow– it’s just crazy! No one is going to buy that ridiculous line– again, plenty HG’s are fitting in without stooping to his level.


Simon, I put more articles on their. How come it still awaiting moderation?

Elementary English Teacher

It might have something to do with the fact that you improperly used the word ‘their’? If you cannot properly create a proper 3rd grade sentence, I have no hope that you’ll be successful in posting anything else.


These misguided losers will find they lost more than the BB15 $ when they get back home. No doubt they’ll encounter fans of the show who won’t have a problem telling them what they think of their on camera actions…Can you imagine Kaitlin in a bar and some “dude” comes up to her (after a few drinks) and makes a crude comment about her behavior on BB15? She’d be mortified. And maybe Arryn will realize she went too far with her remarks when she’s trying to get a job and is reminded of her behavior & comments on BB15. Whether they read it online or experience it in their daily lives, they will get some backlash from their bad behavior.


He’s not going to lose his job for the speech part, & NOTHING about that statement says they are trying to can him. After working in the PR industry for YEARS including several union arbitrations, that statement is nothing more than them saying they don’t condone his behavior and their hands are tied by the terms of the CBA. He had to go on unpaid leave to be ON the show. The only actionable offense is, unfortunately, his admitted drug use. But he has to piss dirty at least once. Its amazing how many people can take a simple statement and read so far into it.

Get Over It

Kermit the f@g. LOL! HILARIOUS!


Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.