Aaryn says I swear to god if I am sleeping on yours and Jeremy’s $ex juice I am going to freak!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


11:35pm – 12:10pm Aaryn is making the bed and finds a stain on the sheets. Aaryn asks Kaitlin why there is a stain on the sheets. Kaitlin says we haven’t done anything! Kaitlin takes a look at the sheets and says there’s nothing there and then says EWWW!! What is that?!! Aaryn says I swear to god if I am sleeping on yours and Jeremy’s $ex juice I am going to freak! Kaitlin says we haven’t done anything though! Kaitlin says that she doesn’t know what that is.

The conversation turns to talking about Nick and Gina. Kaitlin says I really hope that Gina and Nick fooled around. Aaryn says that she doesn’t believe it for a second. Aaryn says that she is getting a weird vibe that everyone in the outside world is getting the impression that he is ignoring her. Kaitlin says that she has told her that too. Aaryn says that she doesn’t like it and I don’t know how to change it now. Aaryn continues to clean the HOH room. Aaryn is in the bathroom with a huge black garbage bag. Kaitlin comments you could literally hid a human body in that bag. Aaryn says not Candice. Kaitlin laughs. Aaryn says what a rough life we have we talk so much sh*t and just lay by the pool all day. Kaitin talks about how weird it was that Amanda shaved her bikini line yesterday with McCrae watching. Aaryn says that she watched too. Aaryn and Kaitlin talk about how they don’t trust Amanda. Kaitlin thinks Amanda is trying to bring Aaryn down. Kaitlin says that she really doesn’t think that Amanda will vote Elissa out, which makes me think McCrae won’t either. Jeremy joins them. Jeremy asks them what they are doing? Aaryn says scissoring. Aaryn jokes that she and Amanda were scissoring in the hammock last night. Kaitlin says that Aaryn is Amanda’s prey. Jeremy starts telling them about his $ex dream about a “fat Mexican kid and a prostitute.” Kaitlin and Aaryn tell him to stop telling them about it.

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12:15pm – 12:30pm Aaryn comments how she better not be a havenot this week. She says that she hopes they don’t throw the bandanna’s in for them to grab because if Candice and her are on the same team again I might as well give up. I am not sleeping in the air plane room. I can’t do it. The cold showers and slop will be fine – I will look hot but I can’t sleep in that room. Jeremy says that he never has to do it, I am so happy. Aaryn says that David should have never dropped, he wouldn’t have gone home and we would have one more person with us. Jeremy and Aaryn talk about how they think they have the votes to get rid of Elissa. Aaryn thinks that sooner or later Kaitlin is going to be put up and she is going to blow up. Jeremy says that talked to her about being negative and told her that if she continues it he would drop her like a hot potato. Jeremy says that he thinks Andy has a good chance to get the MVP because he is gay and everybody likes the gay dude in the house. He says that Helen has a good chance too because she is a mom. Jeremy and Aaryn talk about going to the final two together. Jeremy says that he has Spencer and Howard under his belt. Aarny talks about how Howard and others think she is stupid. Jeremy says they think you’re stupid because you’re a blond and beautiful and laugh a lot. Let them think that you are stupid. Jeremy says that with Howard “it’s a black-man thing – they like to be dominant.” They talk about the punishment competition and wonder how his slop pass works for that. They head downstairs to lay out in the sun.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:40pm – 12:50pm In the bedroom – Aaryn asks Nick and Gina if she and Nick made out last night. Gina says no. Gina says that he wouldn’t with me wearing my retainer and not wearing makeup. Aaryn tells Gina that she thinks she looks beautiful with out make up and her retainer. She says that if she was a guy she would fall in love with her like that.


12:50pm – 1:10pm Jeremy comes down to the backyard and asks Aaryn if she locked her HOH room? Aaryn says no. Kaitlin says that it happened to McCrae too. Aaryn tells him to go to the diary room and ask for them to open it. Jessie starts asking Kaitlin about her mom. Meanwhile in the bedroom – McCrae and Amanda are waking up. Andy joins them. Andy comments how he has 11 hours till he can eat again. Back out in the backyard – Aaryn and Jessie are talking by the pool about random things. Jeremy gets into the pool. Aaryn is called to the diary room. Candice gets on the elliptical and starts working out. Spencer brings her some water.


1:10pm Kaitlin is on Jeremy’s shoulders and Jessie is on Howards shoulders as they play chicken fights. Kaitlin can’t stop laughing. She is worried about hitting her head on the side. They have a race across the pool and Howard complains that Jeremy has a height advantage. Jeremy then gets out of the pool with Kaitlin still on his shoulders and runs around the yard. He then jumps into the pool as Kaitlin yells no, no, no, don’t jump in the pool. When they come up – Jeremy complains that he will have snot rockets for days!! Big Brother tells them there is no jumping in the pool.

1:30pm Spencer and McCrae are talking on the backyard couch. McCrae says that he is going to talk to Aaryn and squash that. McCrae says that he is worried about Aaryn getting the girls started. Spencer says that she is a good one to put on the block. McCrae says that if he wins it’s a toss up of putting up Helen and Jessie. Gina comes out and Spencer tells her that she has got him a little heavy .. not hard yet but.. Gina laughs and walks away. Spencer says that he trusts Andy. McCrae says that he doesn’t want Amanda talking to anyone because she gets her mind on something .. Spencer asks McCrae if he really likes her. Spencer says yeah there’s a lot to like. McCrae says that he likes her but that he is here for the game. McCrae says that Amanda doesn’t trust Spencer because he talks to everyone. Spencer says yeah but that’s my thing. McCrae says that he thinks Amanda loves him, I don’t have a problem getting girls. Spencer says yeah right you big stud. Spencer says that when he was younger he had to chase girls, get them drunk and roofie them. Spencer laughs and then says na, jsut kidding but you know what I mean. Andy joins them.


1:30pm – 1:45pm In the lounge room – Nick is talking to Amanda about how Elissa was saying he was throwing people’s names under the bus. He says that he didn’t do it and says that all he told her was that she made some waves in the house and pissed off some people. He says that Amanda’s name never came out of his mouth. Amanda comments that McCrae and her think they are the swing vote this week and tell Nick that they want to vote to keep him this week. Amanda tells Nick that others think something is up with him because he is always called into the diary room. Nick says that people already think I am related to someone and I can say with 100% consistency that I am not related to any one. Amanda says that she never thought he was related to anyone and that the only person in the house related to someone is Elissa. Amanda asks that Nick keep her and McCrae off his radar. She asks that they keep each other safe. Amanda tells Nick that she has heard Nick has something with Jeremy and Spencer. He says that he has heard that too. Amanda says that Jeremy won’t win MVP because he has been vicious to Elissa. Nick says that Frank (BB14) was vicious to Willie too but America loved him. Amanda says no, America won’t respect him. Big Brother cuts the feeds to the we’ll be right back screen..


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wow, Jerm’s sex juice aka jerm’s werm……just when I thought I saw and heard it all…….these people are vile…..one benefit , I’ve lost my appetite for the rest of the day


Jeremy says that with Howard “it’s a black-man thing – they like to be dominant.” SMDH
Did they cast this season from KKK meetings?


I’m starting to think they did!!!


I too have been wondering who did the casting this season. I have no clue how they rounded up so many bigots in one place.


I’m starting to think Big Brother casted all these bigots intentionally, a little controversy has never been bad for ratings.


Every time I don’t think I can be any more surprised by what comes out of these people’s mouths, but sure enough I still am. Spencer’s mother spoke out in his defense, will Jeremy’s? Then I start to think, maybe Jeremy is doing this on purpose, by saying such things and being such a jerk and a bully keeps the camera on him and therefore he gets more attention. If that is in fact his aim, sad to say, it seems to be working.


The ironic thing is that Jeremy has been the one to play the dominant condescending douche bag role from the very start!

I know that Big Brother is not supposed to step in on how they socialize (and that is kind of the point of the game) but geez, this keeps on snowballing with each day. What’s it gonna be like by the time a couple of months pass and those jerks are still in the house?

Charlie Hustle

Cont. Unfortunately, unlike racism which is easily identifiable and largely abhorred, sexism, chauvinism and other gender attitudes are very pervasive and widely accepted around the world. Apart from the objectification which could be understood from this ignorant bunch, there seems to be, with Spencer and Jeremy specifically a real hatred of women.

Charlie Hustle

As to its pervasiveness, look at how the women in the house are obsessed with the others women’s bodies.

BTW, I am a black man, so imagine me saying this in a very dominant way.


Duh! Aaryn, you are stupid!! Even Jeremy knows you can’t figure anything out as he constantly states names of the MC under his belt and you haven’t clued in yet.


I actually think saying this is arguably Jeremy’s only smart play. He’s inoculated Aaryn and Kaitlin from any attempts by Amanda, Helen, or anybody else who tries to sell the idea of a “boys” alliance. By telling them he has them under his thumb, when somebody outside their circle tries to plant the MC seed, Aaryn and Kaitlin will be prepped to accept Jeremy’s story that the only secret alliance is from their enemies, misreading an alliance when Jeremy actually has the boys under his control.


Wow again…just read the comment about Kaitlyn saying that ” you could hide a body ” in the black bag and Aryan says ” not Candace’s”…….keep digging that hole Aryan Klanswoman !


OMG, stop the presses, call Jesse Jackson! She was holding a BLACK garbage bag and said Candice’s name and Candice is BLACK! That bitch! Hang her!


People like Aryan Nation is the reason for Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.


People like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton is the reason for Aryan Nation. I think this is more accurate!


I think she was implying that Candice was fat.


I think she was implying that Candice was fat.


Hi Aaryn & GinaMarie, you apply for a new job yet. Of course not, everyone hate racist. Your application does not approved.


They will probably find a job before you learn how to speak English.


I do speak English!


At times I feel like I’m watching the 1959 movie, Suddenly, Last Summer…. And then I come to senses and realize I’m actually watching Big Brother…. It’s all too surreal….

Charlie Hustle

Who’s more likely to have body cavity spillage: Aaryn, Jeremy or Kaitlyn?

Trick question. They all are equally likely. Burn the HOH bed.

Spears and Buffalo

I don’t even know who Spencer would put up if he was HOH, he seems to have like half a dozen targets. I suppose the rest of the MC would prefer Jeremy win, and keep the Mean Girls-Outcasts fight going on, and sit back for another week.

Suzy Sunshyne

Jermany saying black men like to control, is hilarious!! Isn’t he the one trying to control the entire house!? By the way, Howard could control me any day he wants!!


this cast disgusts me.

Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer, GinaMarie…. shame on you all. Youe Momma’s must be proud. SMDH!!


Maybe I’m just pessimistic about BB and CBS, but I couldn’t help but wonder if they were airing Aaryn’s dirty laundry to try and show the audience why they were going to kick her out and save Elissa this week or something.


*your Mommas’


I get the feeling Jeremy is that dude that hits on EVERY girl at the bar.

Seems like he’s already getting bored with Kaitlin. He’s been flirting a lot with Jessie lately, and I know he’d hook up with Aaryn if she’d let him.


guess jeremy hasnt banged kaitlin and hasnt done anything with aaryn. he should move on to jessie, stretch that thang out, as he would put it


I’m honestly about to quit watching the feeds, b/c of Jeremy’s foul mouth. It is BEYOND disgusting. As bad as the bigoted comments have been (and I have been majorly offended), his comments about women and sexual statements have been MORE THAN OFFENSIVE!


i bet you dont stop watching – you know you love it

Lennon's Ghost

David is back home in San Diego and was interviewed by both the Hollywood Reporter and Reality Wanted and is defending Aaryn. He stated that “America has been too hard on Aaryn. They (the American audience) haven’t really gotten to know her like I have, because she’s not like that at all.”

Yikes! He is delusional. How well could he have gotten to know her in the week and a half that he was in the house?

Here is the link to the Reality Wanted interview:


I am certainly glad that he is gone from the house.


There’s a strong possibility David was hit in the head with a surf board one too many times…the few brain cells he has are misfiring which make him delusional about Aaryn.

Stretched Out Vagina

Anyone stretched out Jessie yet?


theres been no confirmed intercourse for anyone – i think only rumours about MANda/Mccrae week 1 and jeremy/kaitlyn week 2, but im not 100% sure

Amandas Vagina

Can I control you any day I want Suzy Sunshyne? I’m a switch hitter darling.

Dominating Black Man

I think this is the best case for the MC next week (assuming the house doesn’t fck up and Elissa goes home, which looks to be the case): Kaitlin or Gina (or maybe even Jeremy) win HOH and continue the Mean Girls war on everyone, and put up Helen (and probably Candice). The MC can then either use the MVP (and I feel Nick has a good shot at it) or the POV to backdoor Amanda if they can convince McCrae. If McCrae puts his foot down (which I can’t tell if he’d fight for Amanda or not) then they can kick Helen or Candice out, either would be a plus since both are heading in the right direction in terms of exposing the MC.

If McCrae doesn’t want to get rid of Amanda from the get go, then if the MC has the MVP, they might want to put up one of the Mean Girls, probably Aaryn (who’s on Nick’s hit list), to keep the light off the men. I don’t think this is likely though, because I think Howard-Spencer-Nick’s determination to get Amanda out exceeds McCrae’s desire to keep her. I think McCrae will relent if he feels like the MC has already decided.

So unless one of the outcasts wins HOH, I think either Amanda or Helen is for sure going home.


amanda is toast, fuck what mccrae wants


When I heard someone was going to get a pass on slop I thought that person would be voted out first.
But Noooooo not Jeremy…..wtf?
They vote out Elissa because she got mvp why is that any different that a slop pass?
Jeremy will never be hungry, Jeremy will always have a bed, Jeremy will never have a cold shower (although he needs one).
Jeremy thinks everyone has it better than he does cuz Jeremy has just a boat.
Jeremy speaks in the 3rd person.
Jeremy wishes he was Native American.
Jeremy is a poser.
Jeremy is a loser.
There is no justice in the universe if Jeremy wins this game.


i wonder if he could still a have not but be able to eat what he wants.Maybe he’ll have to take Cold showers and sleep in the HN room, hope so.


P-L-E-A-S-E let Aryan Nation be have nots next week


Simon or Dawg, would you guys mind spelling out (as of now) where the votes stand per houseguest. There is so much back and forth lying that I don’t even know who is faithful to who anymore. Sally needs some clarity! (:


I’m pretty sure Nick is staying


I could see Jessie getting a little drunk and then get busy with the Jerm…she is so desparate for a hook up it seems


Elissa and Helen will have 3way with Jeremy as they are desperate to stay ha ha – he will tell them both they are safe if they agree to that


I know that it’s happened before so it wouldn’t be unprecedented but how many people have been kicked out of the Big Brother house in the past and for what reasons?

She Said What

Not sure of numbers – but violence and I think at least one quit. No one has been kicked out for their ignorant comments.


google “big brother evicted houseguests”


my bad… should be “expelled” in google


Season 2- Justin, held a knife to Krista’s throat
Season 4- Scott, went crazy violent
Season 11- Chima, violated a bunch of rules e.g. refused to where her microphone, wouldn’t go to the diary room, threw her microphone in the pool
Season 14- Willie, headbutted Joe

Lennon's Ghost

Go to the top of this OBB page and click “Compendium” and look for expelled or removed house guests. Simon & Dawg have listed them all.

Thanks Simon & Dawg for putting all this together for us.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

From the things that comes out Aaryn Nation’s mouth, you’d think sleeping in the sex juices of her fellow Bigot Crew would be the least of her worries…


Couple random things: 1st- Spencer makes my stomach churn. There’s no way I could live in a house with him. And that’s sad too, bc night one, I liked him. When he was getting his key & talking about him I thought he was gonna be a real down to earth normal player. Boy was I wrong, he’s a homphobic racist. And the way he speaks about women makes me nauseous. 2- I wish these girls would get their heads out of the boys’ ass & realize there REALLY is an all boys alliance. They need to stick together y they have the numbers. 3- I wish Aaryn would leave. Production needs to kick her nasty as$ out. She’s a disgrace to women. 4- I pray to God Aaryn gets put on slop. That would be sooooooo great. Her & Kkkaitlin. Then they’d really be bitches, maybe then, the other hg’s would want them out. It would also be nice bc then they couldn’t drink any alcohol. It seems like in previous seasons alcohol was a big deal. And they all wanted it & had to split it up evenly. On this season, I c the same 3 ppl drinking every single night, & that’s Aaryn, Kaitlin & Jeremy. So that would b nice to see them have to go without it. Lastly, I wish Jeremy didn’t have that Never Not pass. I’d love for him to be on slop:)