Spencer says Aaryn thinks she was brought in the house and set up to be the racist.

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?

12:50pm Helen says that Aaryn is such a beautiful girl but she is going to be portrayed as the villain. Andy says that he thinks she just doesn’t get that getting on the show and being portrayed negatively are two different things.

1pm – 1:10pm In the bedroom – Kaitlin tells Aaryn that she tried to get them to keep Jeremy. Kaitlin says that they tried to get me to vote out you guys but I won’t do it. She says I tried to get them to keep him till sequester and that I would even vote him out. Aaryn says I feel like you two are falling in love. Kaitlin says that she doesn’t know, I think Jeremy is scared of that work. Aaryn says I want Jeremy to stay but I am so frigging scared. Aaryn asks would you tell me if I was the target. Kaitlin says yeah, at first I knew you were the target but not now. You are not going home this week 100%! Every single person in this house wants Jeremy out. It sucks! Aaryn says that she feels like she is next. Kaitlin says she thinks Spencer and Howard are next. I spilled out everything to Helen up there. I don’t know if they believed me but I will continue to tell them. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that she heard she (Kaitlin) said you wanted nothing to do with me and that I was the negative energy in the house. Kaitlin says that is not true, who told you that? Aaryn says Jessie. Kaitlin says it must have been Amanda because she likes to stir sh*t up. Kaitlin says that she is pissed because Spencer and Howard should be going home before Jeremy. They both agree that Jeremy has bullied and got a big head and it is his downfall. Kaitlin says that Jeremy asked me awhile ago if I would use the veto to save him and I said no. It is going to suck to be here without him. Aaryn says that Gina is becoming a big target because everyone is sick of hearing about Nick. Aaryn says I have been trying so hard to tell her he didn’t like her. Kaitlin talks about how Helen talked about when Jeremy attacked her it was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to her. Aaryn says that when I have attacked someone it was because they provoked it. Someone that provokes someone is just as bad as responding to it. Kaitlin says that she feels like she mad a deal with the devil. Kaitlin tells Aaryn how Helen promised her safety from the house for a while. She says I never told anyone that and Judd came up to me and said that he heard people want to keep her for a long while. Kaitlin says that she is going to use that and go far in the game and win it. She says I will then bring all of you to Vegas to party with me. They decide to go outside and layout. Kaitlin says doing this veto ceremony is going to suck! Aaryn says yeah totally.

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1:10pm – 1:50pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer, Andy, Judd are talking about Ginamarie. Spencer says Aaryn thinks she was brought in the house and set up to be the racist. Spencer talks about the racial comments she has made and says that he doesn’t think she is a part of the klu klux klan but her comments are racially charged. The conversation turns to talking about how annoyed everyone is with hearing Gina talk about Nick. Andy and Spencer both comment on how Nick talked about her behind her back all the time. Judd says that he was used Nick’s hair gel this morning and Gina saw it and broke down and started crying. Judd laughs and says we should go in her room and tell her that Nick is back! They laugh. Andy says if he said that she would probably punch him. Spencer says when they evict Jeremy they should all say “You’re gonna learn today!” He says we should all say sayings of Jeremy’s. Judd tells them that when Jeremy talks to him he just tells him what he wants to hear. Andy says that he did that to Nick too. Judd says don’t do that to me fu*ker! Spencer says I am working with you all! I have full allegiance to you guys. It’s like I split open my chest and exposed it. Judd brings up how he asks Nick who he trusts. Judd says that Nick said he trusts Gina, Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jeremy. Judd says it was that moment that I realized okay you didn’t say my name, you’re out of here. Spencer leaves. Judd says I think final four should be me, you, Helen and Amanda because we have strategized the longest together. Judd says that he thinks Jessie should stay for a long time too. Andy agrees. Judd says he knew he couldn’t remember everything for the HOH competition so he says that his strategy was to screw up others people when they studied.


2pm McCrae and Elissa are laying out in the hammock talking about how they both find it hard to lie.


1:55pm Judd and Andy laugh about how Candice didn’t know the rules of the veto and thought if she used it she could go up on the block. Judd laughs and says that they never should have explained it to her. He says we should have told her if she even tried for the veto we would send her home. If I see you hustling you are going home. Andy and Judd laugh. Howard joins them up in the HOH room. They talk about pet peeves. Howard says his are stepping on his feet and not saying sorry and bullying. The conversation turns to talking about bullying. Helen joins them. She tells Andy that he needs to go talk to Kaitlin, I think the veto is happening soon. Helen says that Jeremy is acting too happy. Helen says that if anyone doesn’t vote out Jeremy, then they are going home next. If Kaitlin doesn’t use the veto she is going home. Spencer talks about how Aaryn was afraid of what she is perceived out side the house. Helen says it’s too late for that. Helen tells Spencer and Howard that they are safe they have been revived. They talk about what Andy will say to convince Kaitlin. They turn on the spy screen to see when Kaitlin comes out of the diary room. Spencer comments that Jessie is in the kitchen in her cute little purple outfit. Helen asks him if he has a crush on Jessie. Spencer says no, I wouldn’t move in on Judds showmance. Judd says I’m not getting showmantic in here. Gina joins them and Andy leaves. The conversation turns to talking about the POV competition. The conversation turns to talking about Nick. Judd leaves the room (Judd has said multiple times he hates all the talk about Nick.) Gina talks about how Nick and her talked about not wanting to raise their kids in New York.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:15pm – 2:30pm McCrae says it’s you me and Amanda to the end. Elissa says that she feels like we have an inner connection. They talk about how Rachel and Brendon had a strong connection and trusted each other from the beginning. Andy joins them. McCrae talks about how he wants to get into video production here in LA because that’s what he got his degree in. He says but Amanda wants him to move to Florida with her though. He says that she said her mom will hate me though because I have nothing to offer. McCrae tells Elissa that he has a feeling she is going to win HOH. McCrae and Elissa leave the hommock. Over on the backyard couch. Jeremy tells Andy that he is going to hope for the best and that he really hopes there is a competition before he goes where he can win some money. In the bedroom Amanda finally wakes up. Meanwhile Up in the HOH room the house guests continue to talk about random things.

2:35pm Judd, McCrae and Jeremy are talking on the backyard couch. Jeremy asks are you all ready for my campaign speech.. Don’t vote for me! Jeremy says that Gina mopping around is really pissing him off because she isn’t in the same situation that he is in. Jeremy says Nick lives 3 minutes from her, whereas Kaitlin lives in Vegas.

2:45pm Andy is in the lounge room talking to Kaitlin. Kaitlin says that she is never going to forgive people for putting her in this position. Andy tells her that if she does this it will give her a fresh start and she could win this game. Andy says that he has talked to everyone and there is nothing that can be done. They talk about how the Jeremy that he is today could win this game. Kaitlin says that if Jeremy is going out, I want Howard and Spencer out. If I do this I want them out. Andy agrees and says that Howard needs to go. Andy tells her that Candice can’t know that we want him out. If I get HOH Candice will need to go up with him because she is a vote for him. Kaitlin says I am going to be so lonely. Andy says no you are not, I have complete allegiance to you. I am here for you, Helen is here for you. Fu*king suck it up and do what you need to do! Andy says that no one has any beef with her except for Candice a little bit but whatever. Kaitlin says that she is not going to vote him out. Andy says everyone understands that. Kaitlin says this is going to be big brother history. Andy says it could be big brother history for you to come back from this and win it. Kaitlin asks when are you guys going to get Aaryn out. Andy says soon. Howard is my main target right now. Kaitlin says I promised Aaryn I would tell her when she is the target. Andy says she isn’t, right now. Andy says that Aaryn’s days are numbered because of the way she treats people like Jeremy. Kaitlin says yeah she doesn’t treat people very well. Andy says that from an emotional standpoint this will be the worst thing that can happen to you but from a strategic standpoint this is the best thing for you. If you don’t use it then you will be the one going home and he would follow a couple weeks later. Kaitlin says she knows. They hug and leave the room.


3pm In the kitchen Judd comments about Gina talking about Nick – Can’t we just play one game of “Shut the FU*K UP!” The other laugh.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I miss Shelly.


You miss the person production convinced to save Rachel when she was one the main people hating on Rachel and wanting her out?


I find the way she talked and the way she walked to be really entertaining close to the way Britney’s BBAD kept me entertained.

joe bob

How can Spencer say anything about Aaryn. He is the biggest creep that I have ever seen, and yea Aaryn has said some bad things but I would lay money down on it that Aaryn’s thought process came about at college. I know that in college you hear every negative and racist statements made from everyone including students, parents and even professors. Most people however once they get out of college start thinking for themselves and hopefully get out of that peer group mentality. Unfortunately, age does have a lot to do with it and certain colleges are a lot worse than others on that sort of thing especially in the South.


Isn’t she flunking out of college in Austin?
I thought Austin was pretty cool and enlightened unlike the rest of TX.
(No offense to some Texans you know who you are.)


Austin is cool, Aaryn is not!


in regards to spenser………he must get edited alot with this vulgarity he has said…….


I like Shelley too after she sent homophope Jeff packing


Oh BLKG, don’t you know you don’t bash Jeff on these forums? Most of these people are in deep denial about what a lousy person most of their favorites actually are.

The first time I watched BB11, I had so little knowledge as to what went on behind the scenes, and I thought Jeff was just the best guy ever. Then I found this site, and the feeds, and I EDUCATED myself (something I found the middle aged housewives that tend to comprise the Jeff Schroeder Fan Demographic have a hard time doing) . Going back and watching that season now, it’s so easy to see why Chima got as angry as she did. i dare say, besides destroying Big Brother property, she was totally justified in her outrage.


I do not miss that weird kissing thing she did during her voting sessions. Just the mention of her bring that into my mind. :::shudder:::


UGH! The ONLLYYY reason I am watching this show, is to see the audience boo Aryan, Jeremy, and GinaMarie!


As long as Aaryn or Jeremy is gone, there would be peace. Simple is that.


I could careless about “peace”.. I wanna see fights and drama.. reality shows with “peace” get canceled


I agree with Andy’s comment that if Howard is willing to swear on the bible and lie. Howard is untrustworthy and needs to go. Howard is not the first BB house guest to use the bible to deceive, but he’s the first house guest to get caught before the end of the game. When Dan from last season pulled this bible stunt, no one found out about this deception until the jury vote. I know many of you will say its only a game and swearing on the bible is ok. In my opinion, I find it repulsive that the bible is brought in for game play. There is one primary reason this is done, to deceive those that understand the religious symbolism of the bible. So when someone says I swear on the bible then proceeds to lie, you are using my faith against me. You are being a snake in the grass by hiding your true intentions behind the bible. I know, there will be many supporters of this type of gamesmanship. That’s great! However, just like Andy, if you swear on the bible and get caught lying, I want you out.

Howard is just a bad player. He spent more time appeasing racists, bigots and sexists then developing relationships that could help him in the game. Jessie, Andy and Judd could of been in his corner. He tells Amanda of all people that he threw the HOH competitions. Now he’s isolated, the Mean Girls never accepted him. The Good Girls know he is a liar and you have crossed the line with Andy with this bible stunt. You need to pull a rabbit out your hat. You need Candice or Spencer to win HOH. You need to be kissing up to Elissa and Jessie at every moment you get. Next you need to win HOH after Spencer/Candice wins. If that doesn’t happen you are gone. They are starting to circle the wagons to get you out.


I think someone will become a bigger target before they get to chance to get Howard out. For example, Amanda. She’s really smart.

Sir Peanut

Amanda is smart and never never shuts up. Most of all she tries to insert herself into everyones’ HOH. How much longer can the house be patient with her?

Charlie Hustle

All things being equal (everyone being Christian or religious), everyone is ‘bearing false witness against their neighbors,’ the only difference is that Howard carries around a bible. Killing is killing, stealing is stealing, coveting wives is coveting wives…doing so while publicly espousing faith might be hypocritical, but it isn’t any less unChristian.


It worked for Judas…err Dan


Agreed about Howard. Cant stand that 2 faced hypocrite. In my experiences, the people who are most religious are the most dispicable people who do all sorts or rotten things then blame it on being sinful and as long as they repent, its all good. That justifies all sorts of deceitful and evil stuff. No wonder some of the best, upstanding people i know are irreligious or atheist.

Down with the God squad!


does everyone forget dan also swore on the bible?


It was my understanding that they went and got the bible for him to swear on – not him volunteering to swear on the bible. Not that it makes it any better- but wouldn’t that be them using his religion against him?? How is that right as well?? We all sin and fall short of the glory of God – he just did it in a more public way. That doesn’t make him any less of a Christian than me. I also remember him coming clean and saying that he’s made some mistakes and God has checked him on all of it – and even saying that he feels bad because he doesn’t want that to mess up his witness to other people (praying with them, leading devotionals, etc.) All I’m saying is everyone has lied in the BB house in one way or another – that is the nature of the game. It’s unfortunate that Howard couldn’t see that they would use him swearing on the bible against him in the end. I am praying for him – that God will help him play a clean game and protect his witness.


when did howard swear on bible?


I totally agree with you OLDYELLER. I think it is disgusting that Howard brought a Bible in with him with the intent of using it to lie. I don’t even believe him in the feeds where he is acting like he is praying. I could never lie while swearing on the Bible, it would be an insult to the Lord that I love. Also, I have seen Howard on another reality show, Tough Love, where he did not appear to be a man of God. In fact, he told a woman that he considered himself a King. He also used to be a dancer/stripper although that may have been several years ago. I started out really liking Howard, now I want him out even more than Jeremy. Jeremy is a stupid little kid. Howard is scum. I don’t want Howard to hurt Candice either. He is using her and she is falling for him.


It’s hard for me to hear Andy or any of the others talk about Howard and the bible when most of them are going against a lot of no no’s in that same bible. If you say you respect the bible then respect it in every way.


Aaryn’s world is upside down bizzarro world. She only attacks when provoked and the provoker is to blame…or just as bad.


Funny we haven’t seen anyone provoke any of the racial comments in that house, it all came outta them 1st..


I think Aaryn’s hatred of Candice started when Spencer lied and said Candice sat on Aaryn’s hat. I have to wonder if Aaryn would have hated Candice so bad if it were not for Spencer’s lie. Also, Katlin did not like Candice because Candice did not listen to her during a challenge. Katlin was telling Aaryn about how she kept telling Candice how to hold the rope and Candice did not listen. It is NOT Katlin’s right to tell Candice what to do. Maybe Candice thought her idea was the better one. I don’t like Katlin at all. She has said so many things but the camera does not focus on her. In fact when Aaryn said that you could not see Candice in the dark, Katlin had just said it in a whisper and then Aaryn said it out loud. Not taking up for Aaryn cuz she is a brat, I just don’t know why they are putting everything on Aaryn and ignoring what Katlin and GinaMarie say.

Julie Chen

Is the veto ceremony today ?


The more I watch the feeds the more I want Judd to get HOH, I’m starting to think he’s the most level headed one in that nut house! …they need to take away the MVP so Elissa can be on even ground with the rest of the house, her walking around with that protection is very old…Jessie needs meds too, something with an ingredient of personality in it maybe?, wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t promise Jeremy a vote for a date….(yeah I copied this from the last post where I commented, i’m slow typing, got band aids on 2 fingertips…


This has been the first week Elissa has been safe. The MVP has not kept her off the block, in fact it has put her on it twice. You have to admit she has played a good social game, made good connections and wielded the power well. As a matter of opinion, if Spencer keeps up with the offensive comments, the girls could rally to kick him to the curb sooner rather than later.


jess for the win


SERIOUSLY Gina has been crying over Nick as long as she even knew him! If you’re so sad he might meet someone else. GO SELF EVICT! No one is stopping ya. Your “alliance” might not even stop you!!! I’m glad so far Jerm is sure to go!


I can’t believe she’s still crying over him. It’s unreal and she’s going to be so embarrassed when she leaves the house and see how ridiculous she acted over this.


Aaryn was Hitler’s dream girl. Blonde haired, blue eyes and crude with her insults.


If Kaitlyn had a brain, she wouldn’t use the POV.

It’s not about being another Lawon, it’s taking a calculated risk. I don’t think they would waste a crucial week on her, and she won’t make it very far without Jeremy in her corner. Once Jeremy is gone her goose is pretty much cooked.


This group might be dumb enough to waste this vote on Kaitlyn if she doesn’t use the veto on herself. It would be a dumb move, but I can see it because they are all tripping on power right now. I would vote Aaryn out if the veto wasn’t used.


That’s interesting. I view it the opposite. I think she has the potential to have a better social game without Jeremy and if she seperates from the other two Debbie Downer females. She full well capable of winning comps. And there’s no way I wouldn’t take myself off the block too much is out of your control and things change too quickly.

Aaryn's Hat

Kaitlyn has potential to become a comp beast. This bitch went beast mode in the last hoh and won pov. I would keep Aaryn because she will NEVER win big brother.


I don’t think it would be a waste getting out Kaitlin if she doesn’t use the veto I think she’s a much better player than Aaryn and Spencer. She has everyone guaranteeing her safety by using it and being so sweet to their faces also she’s won a few comps. I don’t think she’s the best but she’s better than the two of them at this. Plus this showmance she has with Jeremy turns my stomach ugh he is such a douche



I don’t like Aaryn.

I don’t like Helen because she says she plays an honest game, but she is the biggest two faced game player, right now.

I like Elissa, but she can’t play this game well enough to win it.

I don’t care for the rest of the group.

Until the next update,



As long as Aaryn or Jeremy is gone, there would be peace. Simple is that.


I agreed, you said that

Nick says:
July 14, 2013 at 2:19 pm
As long as Aaryn or Jeremy evicted, GinaMarie or Kaitlyn is next go. Simple is that.
We know.


Aaryn is just a victim on every turn when things aren’t going her way. It’s called entitled. They could have put her in the house knowing she has ignorant prejudiced views. But in general that’s just one of a few bad thing about her personality. I forget the girl is in her early 20s she reminds of a preteen or young very spoiled teenager in the way she views things. Hopefully, she’ll go out of the house and wake up and mature and grow up.But with her attitude in general I have my doubts. Having said that she’s isn’t the only one I think Gina Marie has said some stuff worse than Aaryn or just as bad in its context. But Gina Marie is proving she’s something isn’t wrapped too tight so it’s not surprising.

Charlie Hustle

You just don’t understand the connection GM had with Nick. They were on their way to becoming soulmates. They were winking at one another and had just started touching pinkies, mostly by accident, but nonetheless it was just starting to get hot and heavy!


Yup, they are so getting married and are going to have 3 kids together when they get out.. ROLMFAO


SashaD, you are exactly right. Aaryn is a young, stupid, ignorant, self entitled, spoiled rotten little girl that is just saying the same crap that she has heard others say probably at home, not necessarily her parents, college, or even in the classroom. I know that is where a lot of kids who have never had been racist pick up that the jokes are okay because they hear it from others. Have some hope for her when she gets out and from what I have read no one no matter what they say or do not say deserves death threats for her and her family which I hear both her family and her are receiving. I blame CBS for making her the scapegoat as the only one that has said things when in reality Amanda, Jeremy, Gina Marie, Kaitlin, Spencer and even McCrae have all made inappropriate comments that are racist, sexist or homophobic. Also, Helen used God’s name in vain, Elissa called them whores and let us not forget who has sworn on his bible and used his religion to try and get his rear out of the frying pan. All of these house guests are poor examples of what a decent human being is not just one of them, but all of them. Judd and Andy and Jessie and Candice were upstairs last night making very negative comments about Nick. Sorry, guys but Nick never said one unkind thing about anyone and you have to give it to the guy because whether he finished or not Yale is one tough school to get accepted too. Think that perhaps this year BB 15 just needs to be shelved.


She is very immature for a 21 year old.
We have soldiers in the military laying their life on the line when they are 18.
My friend gave her child adderal to her child most of his life and he was underdeveloped in a lot of ways.
I do think that drug in the long term seriously messes with development.
Or she could just be a racist because it suits her.

I am seriously worried about GM her behavior is really crazy.


we are the superfriends. we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. your alliance will adapt to service us. resistance is futile.


“Spencer talks about the racial comments she has made and says that he doesn’t think she is a part of the klu klux klan”

I do, I’m sure there’s some KKK website that’s rooting for Aaryn Nation


You know It!


If Aaryn didn’t speak the words herself, no amount of editing could make her look like a racist, she is a racist because of what she freely says. This kid is seriously in for a rude awakening. I doubt anyone would boo when she gets evicted, but I think the audience will be told to politely clap or pay each audience member 50 dollars to clap.


Its going to really suck if aaryn wins hoh. She has got to go!!!

Jeremy is a douche rocket

Could I just say that believing in the bible & being religious doesn’t mean you never lie or cheat. It just means you believe you’ll be forgiven. We all fall short & let’s face it to be on BB at some point you have to lie It’s not real life it’s a game It’s like cheating in monopoly nobody gets hurt by it It’s not good to be devious but it’s not the worst thing in the world



Religious is a belief in something beyond yourself, it has never and will never be a doorway to god or heaven.

Evil people have been historically known to be very religious, so just because someone is religious doesn’t mean they’re good or evil, it just means they’re religious.


no one is saying you have to be perfect

and that is the argument that pisses off people like myself

you want to be religious…FINE…you want to preach about the bible, FINE. but don’t you dare use that bible as a shield, use your religion to get further in a freaking reality show. Period.

Nick's Jock



I am really amazed that Aaryn is so dilusional in her thoughts. As a southern, blonde woman, I take offensive that she uses that as her scape goat. I do agree with Candice, her parents did not do a good job.

STFU Donnie

Just an observation about Helen and her attack on Jeremy’s mom: Had she said this TO HIM when he was acting at his worst, then it could be somewhat defensible (if still incredibly low) as being in the heat of the moment…but this attack was not in response to Jeremy doing or saying anything bad, it was a response to Helen having a hissy fit that she might not be house dictator and that maybe Kaitlin doesn’t use the veto and Jeremy is saved, since she knows her threats against Kaitlin are baseless as she would want Aaryn evicted before Kaitlin. She attacked Jeremy’s mom because of the possibility the game might not go her way.

If that’s the example she sets for her kids, then maybe she and Jeremy’s mom have a lot to talk about. Jeremy might have been a bad winner, but he’s been an excellent loser. Helen is just a bully who pretends to be nice when it suits her and whenever somebody deviates from her plan, she bullies and threatens. She threatened Andy and Amanda last week saying if they didn’t save Elissa, she would go to the other side. She threatened Spencer saying if he didn’t do what she wanted both this week and last, then he would be next. Helen’s always been a bully, but it took power to make it obvious to all.

Ed Carney

Helen is coming off as a two faced player. hate that.

Ed Carney

12:50pm Helen says that Aaryn is such a beautiful girl but she is going to be portrayed as the villain. Andy says that he thinks she just doesn’t get that getting on the show and being portrayed negatively are two different things.


Ok now I am seriously thinking Helen is a MORON, does she not know Aryan called her a Squinty Asian, she needs to cook rice, and that her face needs to be punched to make her eyes straight…

Charlie Hustle

BB is totally setting Aaryn up to come off as racist. FIRST they let her in the house and THEN they put cameras and microphones on her, but the WORST part of it, the VERY WORST part is they put minorities in the house too! Its almost as if it were scripted. It was a set up from the beginning.


Because god forbid they put minorities in the BB house.


yeah but obviously she wouldint say anything religious in the auditions. So everything we know now about her is just as new to us as it is to the production. And they didint set her up, She is a racist.

Dwayne 23

I doNt funk the show set her up she chose to set her opinions and thoughts the shownand viewers decided to blast her for her comments I just think everyone is being a hypocrite because most people do make racially charged comments in front of their friends the only difference with aaryn is she was on tv. people think we live in this world and stereotypical racism doesnt exist it doesnwe just learned to either shut up about it or only do racial bashing within your own race and not publicly. the show is just the show and aaryn was just being herself and no one is perfect and this won’t make her change her views it will only make her learn to keep those opinions to her self or say them wig people Shes comfortable with. Sorry people we don’t all like eachother and we do say these things behind closed doors.

yoga stretch

I’m beginning to wonder too… the other night, I saw Julie Chen do a walk through of the bb house – did you see it?
She said it was designed to look like (or modeled after) the Mad Men set. She said the HOH room was called the ‘black n white’ room, apparently the colors are restricted to blk and white (ie the fish). She also said one room (one with all the colors) was called the “It’s a Small World’ or ‘Small World’ room, as in Disney.
Since Mad Men is set in the fifties and your environment can definitely influence your thoughts, I started thinking the same thing you are.
I was trying to figure out how the other rooms figure in…


Hmmm. Good point. Funny.

Austin Chow

I get that ya’ll are rooting for this little “friendship alliance”, but idk man, once people are in power you can see peoples true colors. Andy constantly bashing Nick just because he came in 15th place and got voted out early. In my opinion, Nicks 15th place finish will be closer to 1st place than any other place Andy will come in unless he somehow wins this season. Helen going left and right making deals with everyone, HOH power really has gotten to her which is just ridiculous. If the the “mean girls” were smart, they would try to switch up the target to spencer or maybe try to expose Amanda for all her alliances since I believe, correct me if i’m wrong, in some sort of alliance or has a deal with everyone in the house currently.


Andy is the most annoying player in the house


Absolutely, Simon!
What puzzles me the most is how he gets away with his incessant scheming without ANYONE noticing! None of the HGs have said ( even in secret) that they don’t trust/ are on to him, lol *sigh*, I digress


YES! Can’t stand Andy.


andy is the most fake person there but he gets away with being very cunning

how many times do you read the following comment on here…

…Andy joins them…

he is a total conversation crasher!

“oh am i interrupting anything?”

he has rat like cunning, and scuttles from room to room

i have to give him credit for success at this, and i think he is a dangerous manipulative player, but i agree he is very annoying


Nick may of finished 15th but Nick went to Yale which is pretty impressive, and Nick did not run his mouth about every other house guest. He had the good sense to stay away from all of these idiots. Have to say Nick was the lucky one for getting out of this racist, sexist, bigot, bully house where he was surrounded by 14 idiots. THESE idiots proved how stupid they all are when they do not realize that Nick was the smart one, maybe not in the house because he surrounded himself with idiots, but outside definitely. Just see who in five years is successful and then these fourteen that are living on the street.

Nick's Jock

Enjoying the ride there Lola?


While a bit exaggerated, you’re right. Any other season Nick would have excelled…but in this ridiculous joke of a season, which I find to be a mash-up of the Friendship gameplay of Season 6, along with the intolerable trashiness of season 8, only bad players are excelling, through the aid of production, and unprecedented interference from America’s vote.


How about friendship 2.0?


Is it just me, or is Helen on a major powertrip? I liked her before, but she’s actually starting to annoy me now. Like, calm down. After this week you’re back at the bottom! Stop trying to intimidate everybody. You have to step lightly as HoH.


Let’s see Jessie’s cute little purple outfit.


she fine


I don’t know about anyone else but I really find Candace unlikeable and distasteful. Since the first night of After Dark where she ran the show (fashion show), I found her to be gross. Then, moving in to the HOH suite with a sense of entitlement, her attitude changed and she’s protecting Holy Howard aka Beelzebub.


Meh. Candice to me is like Jessie. Don’t hate her. Don’t love her. I feel bad that she had to put up with aaryns racists comments though. Candice is not a threat to anyone…. She will make it semi far in the game just because of that.


She is now the closest ally to what I see as one of THE biggest threats in the house – Howard. He has ZERO social skills and disgusts me with his constant posturing and I’m just repulsed by the very sight of him now. He is a poser; part of BB (I think) should be that you have SOME knowledge of how to carry on a discussion/conversation. There has not been ONE instance where that has happened.


Howard may feel a little bit uncomfortable and will take more than a couple of weeks to let his guard down, if he ever does.
I don’t get all the Howard bashing.
He walked away and carried Candice away from what could have been an extremely volatile situation, I give him props for that alone.


I wouldn’t have a problem with that hypothesis except people who feel awkward/uncomfortable don’t usually bare themselves (physically) either. They will typically wear more clothes – not less.


I don’t get all this Howard bashing either … lord


I miss Brittany in bikinis


Helen’s actually playing a good game. She plays the mother role very well. by playing a very ‘faux’-public game she comes off as genuine which is why almost everyone is ‘fooled’ in whatever she says. Everyone apart from Amanda and Mc Crae thinks she is threat right now but has somehow made andy to cover her tracks to them. She was able to put the targets on the mean girls and Howard and Spencer. After her HOH, I don’t think anyone will go after her unless Elissa/Candice wins the next HOH and does not put up Howard which would strengthen the fear of her having a deal with Spencer and Howard.

billy bob

u think the photo booth is there to give someone a 2nd power of veto at some time,


For now it seems to be the ”church’ for his ‘Holiness”.


I kinda think Helen should make a 1 week deal with Jeremy and Kaitlin, if he stays keep Helen And her main peeps (Elissa Andy Judd) safe, and then evict Aaryn. Aaryn plays more personal than Jeremy, so she’s more likely to go back on her word and put them up. Jeremy’s an ass , yes but he’s less emotional than Aaryn. That secures them next week and if jerm/Kaitlin get hoh then push Howard or spencer to leave, then the following week only one of them could play so chances are Helen’s team will get hoh and then send jerm packing. Of course that would be in a perfect world but it would be nice to see that happen lol


Kaitlyn is missing the winning play. She should get Helen alone in HOH and say, “Look, I’m calling your bluff. I know there is no way that you really want to waste your HOH evicting me. You wanted Jeremy out with Aaryn as the secondary target. Work with me. Let me keep Jeremy safe and you guys evict Aaryn as planned, and if Jeremy or I win HOH,you are safe and we will nominate whoever you want”. I bet she would go for it. Nobody in this house would seriously vote to evict Kaitlyn and keep Aaryn….nobody. She just has to have the guts to pull the trigger. That being said, it would take a helluva amount of guts to pull the trigger.


It’s not just you, she is on a major power trip!
I am amazed at how fast the power got to her head. Her bullying antics are just like Jeremy’s, except for the fact that she is “nicer” in her delivery ( unlike Jeremy who was abrasive).

What can I say… That girl disappoints me


I just get the feeling that Aaryn is’nt legit. No one in her family or friends coming out and saying anything? Are these contestants not vetted? Give me 30 minutes with someone-I’ll let you know if they’re a racist, not hard to do.


I do not think she is racist as to what she typically think a racist is, but she make racial comments and jokes like many people unfortunately do which in her eyes is not the same as being a racist. What she does not understand is that making jokes like the ones she has made or comments like she has made are unacceptable, and she needs to apologize. I know that when I was in college many acquaintances and even friends would make jokes that they had heard and that they did not consider themselves to be racists or homophobic, but when they got older they grew up and understood that when you say those type of things you are being racist. Most people when they get older realize their faults and strive to make themselves into better human beings but sometimes it takes educating yourself.

yoga stretch

That never even occurred to me until you said that – Aaryn may not be legit.
Did you happen to read what I wrote on page one (re: Julie Chen said the bb set modeled after Mad Men, HOH called blk n white room etc…)
It would make sense. It’s hard to believe that Elissa is the only ‘twist’ to the season… hmm.


stranger things have happen in bbh all jeremy has to do is try and get AARYn send home ….this the time for jeremy to hustle and fight to stay even though i want him gone …. by wednesday something happens everyone change their minds and AARYN is evicted


Helen has put a big target on her back. She has built up this major alliance that right now sort of includes everyone except Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn. Of course she is lying to Spencer and Howard, but pretending to have forgiven them for playing their own game. But once she puts up the replacement, she has no more power and won’t have it next week either. With Jeremy gone, the whole house balance will change, and if anyone except Andy or Elissa win HOH, Helen could be in trouble. She talked too much to too many people, made promises for next week as if she has any power to keep those promises, and she has lied as much as Howard or Spencer. It will all come out, and they will remember how she demanded honesty from everyone while she was HOH, they will remember that she cried fake tears to make Howard and Spencer feel like scabs, and how she told everyone else they were fake tears. WTF!! The power went to her head and the house will flip in a nano second when she has no power anymore. But I wouldn’t count Jeremy out yet, a lot can happen between now and Thursday. Who thought Nick would be gone this time last week?

Ed Carney

People need to stop making excuses for ARYAN..

She stood next to Nick and said ” I LOOK LIKE A SQUINTY EYE ASIAN RIGHT NOW.”. What part of that is not racist?


AGREE..why are we BACKING OFF ARYAN and hatting on Howard. I go from watch the Travon Martin Case to this?!?!!?? COme one AMERICA


I think that when Aaryn gets voted out, Julie Chen should confront her about the remarks that she has been making. When Aaryn starts going on about “I didn’t mean it that way” etc. and “I am being set up to look like a racist”, I think they should have all of the video clips in which she contradicts herself. She is the devil in sheep’s clothing. I bet she was one of those kids that was always used to getting her own way, and getting lots of attention, so that when something does NOT go her way, she freaks out like a 10 year old child.

Aaryn,GM and Kaitlin talking about not wanting to be there…geez there were a million other people who would love to be in their shoes. It’s time for Big brother casting to give some every day people a chance, instead of feeding the egos of these crazy people.

Tonight’s show was very uncomfortable to watch. Even though Aaryn apologizes to Candice, she goes back to the diary room and says something along the lines of “I don’t want Candice spreading “LIES” about me”. C’mon Aaryn, she wouldn’t be spreading lies, she would be telling the truth.

I can’t believe CBS let this go on this long.


Man I am getting real sick of Helen….Shes so fake no wonder shes a politician

Eric ohio

How the hell is Elissa winning MVP? America is filled w tards


To everyone who thinks Big Brother DELIBERATELY put racists in the house-how would this work exactly? It was on the questionnaire, ‘are you a racist’ and people actually checked ‘yes’? Or did they hire private investigators to follow them around and see if they made racist comments? Or ask their friends ‘is so and so a racist?’ ‘well I’m her friend so i’ll tell on her-yes she’s a racist. This is just stupid. Think things through, guys.


“Sure I’ll go on your show and say racist things even though it will pretty much destroy my life.” and to those who say “well big brother paid them.” “Sure I’ll keep it quiet that you paid me to say those things even though my life would be undestroyed if I told the truth-sure, anything for your ratings guys”.


I really hope all this racism coverage doesn’t hurt big brother. I’m sure CBS is loving it because its getting a lot of media coverage, but I could see it hurting the show and making it loose viewers. Their best bet is to get rid of aaryn, production had their ways.


a lot rides on how julie handles aryan’s exit interview-you can bet CBS is putting a lot of thought into this. Aryan is not long for this world-she’s just made too many enemies. if she doesnt get POV she is toast. I don’t think they’ll lose viewers though.


They’ve been losing viewers-actually, the Wednesday before Independence Day Big Brother hit an all-time low in viewership. It has since only regained about 18% of that. I have a link to the article…



This looks pretty bad for season, the production is basically scripting it. They are asking questions to the point that hg get so suspect it is impossible to form any alliance. The strong players cannot win, and you cannot even have a swing in the house power because of the retarded MVP