Helen asks Judd if she can wear his Bear shirt for the Veto Ceremony Today.

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?

10:20am – 11am Big Brother switches the Big Brother live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests. When the feeds return – Judd and Andy are talking about Howard in the backyard. Andy says that Howard really scares him. He says that anyone that can swear on their bible and go back on it will say and do anything. They talk about how he can’t be trusted and that they need to get him out. Judd agrees. Andy says good, I am glad that we are always on the same page. Judd and Andy head inside the house. Elissa takes a load of laundry out to the backyard to do. Judd and Andy follow. Elissa finds bugs on the bleach and screams. Judd and Andy comment on how Elissa screams more than anyone. Elissa says I am a screamer. Big Brother asks them to please lower the two awnings beside the hot tub and the ones adjacent to the deck. Judd says oh god what does that mean? Judd and Elissa hug in the backyard. Judd comments on how its great that she isn’t a target this week. Judd tells Elissa that must feel better not having to lay low. He says he always talked to her. Elissa yeah you always talked to me. Elissa tells him he is her best bud. Judd says ditto kid! Helen comes out and starts doing laps around the backyard. Helen asks Judd if she can borrow his bear tshirt to wear for the veto ceremony today. Judd says yeah, you can borrow it any time.


11:15am Up in the HOH room – Elissa is talking to Andy about how this is such a nice relaxing week. They talk about Jeremy and how mean he was to Elissa. Andy says that he feels bad that Jeremy is going but that what he did to her was reprehensible. Elissa says that when it gets down to it, when they are all gone then we can just battle it out. Andy says that there is just a better energy in the house now. Elissa agrees and heads down stairs.

Big Brother 15 LIVE FEEDS: FREE 2 Day TRIAL!

11:25am Out in the backyard. Helen talks to Judd. Judd says that Jeremy told him that he has 3 votes. Ginamarie, Kaitlin and a mystery person I am not sure who but he might just be saying that. helen says that she thinks Spencer will be loyal once Jeremy is gone. Helen says that we can keep Spencer till Jury and then evict him and not feel bad because thats all he wants. Then that way we don’t feel bad. Helen says that she will talk to Ginamarie and tell her that she can join the party or she can have a scarlet letter on her. Anyone that votes for Jeremy to stay will be voted out next. Helen says that Gina owes me because I didn’t put her on the block and I will remind her of that.


11:50am Judd and Jeremy are talking on the backyard couch. Judd tells Jeremy if he stays he will probably find out how shaddy Nick was. They talk about how they don’t think he is a pro-skater. Jeremy says I’ve skated before. I know pro skaters. Jessie joins them. Jessie asks Jeremy why he is mad at her. Jeremy says that he isn’t mad at her. Jessie asks why he think she could bully her. Jessie says that Jeremy lied to her face numerous times. Jeremy says he never lied he just with held information. Jessie says that she heard him say to people that you had me in their back pocket .. that is so disrespectful. Jeremy says he never said that, it is someone making it up throwing him under the bus. Jessie says that he probably would have gone farther if he had just trusted her. Jeremy says no it is because the people I was with are cowards. Jessie says that Jeremy obviously has no interest in being friends with her outside the house. Jeremy says that he has no idea why we are even having this conversation. Jessie says it’s obvious you have no respect for me. Jeremy says I guess so.


11:50am – 12:10pm Up in the HOH room – Helen and Andy are talking about whether or not Kaitlin will use the veto. Helen says that Aaryn was telling her that Jeremy was telling Kaitlin that he loves her to try and get her to not use the veto. Helen says that when girls hear those words and fall in love they don’t care about $500,000. Helen says we need to drill into her that this is for the house! This is for AMERICA! There is a reason why America keeps giving Elissa the MVP! Andy says that he thinks she will use it but that he will talk to her. They both agree that Jeremy has to go. Helen says that there is an exorcism in the house, we need to get the evil out! Andy says HE HAS GOT TO GO! Helen says what do we have to do to get the devil out of hell! Helen and Andy talk about not nominating Kaitlin for at least a few weeks. Helen says that the worst possible scenario is if Candice wins HOH. Helen says that they need to talk to Elissa about Howard because he is using her and using his religion to get on her side. Helen says we cant let Elissa win HOH next week because she won’t get rid of Howard. Andy says that he just wishes Elissa wasn’t such a lose cannon. Helen says we just need to keep her in check. Helen says we need to evict 7 more people before jury – Jeremy, Aaryn, Ginamarie, Howard, and maybe Spencer. Jury and final 2 would be me, you, Elissa, Jessie, Judd, Amanda, McCrae, Candice, Kaitlin, and Spencer. They think even if Howard got HOH he would go after Aaryn. Andy says he better not go after one of us. Helen and Andy continue to talk about how shaddy Nick was and how it was so good they got him out now.


12:30pm Candice and Jessie join Andy/Helen in the HOH room. Helen tells Jessie how instrumental she was in the vote to get Nick out of the house. Helen talks about how Jeremy is now telling Kaitlin that he loves her. Helen says that she will do her best to help Kaitlin in the game if she uses the veto. Jessie asks if she doesn’t is she going home. Helen says yes, she is going home and we can tell her that. Candice talks about how it was Spencers job to work on me. Helen says that now Spencer and Howard owe us. Helen thanks Jessie for voting with them. Jessie thanks Helen for taking her in and showing her respect. Helen says that Jeremy doesn’t deserve to be here, why did he get cast. Andy talks about what horrible players Nick and Jeremy are. Jessie says that she won’t be friends with Jeremy after the show.


12:35pm – 12:45pm Helen is up in the HOH room screaming Jeremy’s name and about how he has disrespected the other house guests. Down in the Kitchen Jeremy talks to Elissa about how he heard his name screamed. Helen continues her rant about how Jeremy doesn’t deserve to be here. She says that he can leave week 3 with his never not pass. He doesn’t even deserve a $1! Helen looks at the camera and starts yelling to Jeremy’s mom telling her that she is sure he ruined Big Brother for her. Helen continues to yell and scream at the camera about what a horrible person Jeremy is. Helen says sorry for her disappointment. Helen says she will never be able to watch the show without thinking what an a$$ her son was on the show. Judd comes up to the HOH room and laughs about how they all heard Helen yelling out Jeremy’s name in the kitchen. Helen says I don’t normally talk bad about people but I have a right to talk bad about him. It would be wrong if I didn’t talk bad about him.


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Keep Jeremy! Keep Jeremy! Keep Jeremy!

Let chaos reign in Big Brother. I can easily see Big Brother intervening and keepng Jeremy this week. It would be great TV, good vs evil. Without Jeremy, the Mean Girls are without a leader and will be picked off one by one. Plus Helen has created to powerful of an alliance so early in the Game. Big Brother likes to knock down big alliances and keep the suspense going. Keeping Jeremy creates so much havoc. There would be so much crying from the Good Girls. Helen, Candice, Elissa and Jessie would be running for their lives as Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin jump for joy. The HOH would be up for grabs and the Good Girls would be without a champion as Helen looks on from the sidelines. Howard and Spencer would be trying to get the old gang back together. Amanda would be having nightmares as she envision Jermey putting her on the block. Aaryn and Kaitlin will reward Jeremy with a threesome as their returning champion comes back from the dead. Petitions will be signed and there will be protest marches in the streets as they demand the immediate removal of Jeremy. TV ratings will soar as talk shows say this is outlandish. And it would be like old times, Helen and Elissa will be back on the block. Yes this will be great TV, Jeremy is staying. Let chaos reign.


Quote from Daniel Bryan: No No No No No, Jeremy screwed. He done, finish. Good prevails over evil.


Oh it will never happen. Let the mean girls crumble. Good riddance, no more Jeremy around or Aaryn. CBS ratings loves Elissa!!!!


You may not have been paying any attention last week, what happened with nick, was DR planting seeds in everyone’s head making them panic.

Production protects the HGs that have guaranteed entertainment value ie Ratings Grabbers, and the asshole Jeremy does.


I’m paying more attention, I feel bad for victims like Elissa,Candace,Helen & Andy and also Jessie. That why the mean girls need a dose of reality check


OldYeller, it will never happen. Jeremy or Aaryn will be gone. There is no way Helen will never mess it up. PERIOD! The Mean Girls are officially done. Get over it. Finish! Good prevails over evil.


I dunno, I was early on the Helen bus, but she IS messing up and starting to lose it…unless she’s play-acting. I think I might change horses, but I don’t know who, not many to choose from really.


As disgusting as all the racist and homophobic comments are, Spencer’s remarks actually scare me. He has said very explicit things about both the women in the house and women in general. His words have a casual sexual violence to them. There are rumors he is abusive outside the house. I would be terrified living with him.


Why did you just copy and paste what I wrote on the previous post?


That’s all that Cap Wedge knows how to do! He can’t write three coherent words in a row. He/she only copies and pastes other people’s material. Cap Wedge is a plagarist.


Are you talking about Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak)!

Nick says:
July 14, 2013 at 1:37 pm
That’s all that Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow Peak) knows how to do! He can’t write three coherent words in a row. He/she only copies and pastes other people’s material. Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow Peak) is a plagarist.
Yes we know.


OldYeller, it will never happen. Jeremy or Aaryn will be gone. There is no way Helen will never mess it up. PERIOD! The Mean Girls are officially done. Get over it. Finish! Good prevails


LMAO, I noticed that too. Didn’t remember the name of the person that wrote it on the last list. But I read this 1 & thought, “Hhmmmm, that’s weird, why would they post the exact same thing(word4word) again?” I’m glad u pointed that out. Lola’s a post-thief;) Lol. Good to no:)


This please.

Ratings are in the toilet, it’s way too predictable, and I don’t even watch the shows anymore.

People, you make like the good girl alliance, but they are boring. If you wanted the house to flip so you could see the chaos of Nick leaving, you should want the house to flip so you can see the chaos of Jeremy staying.

Oh, what am I saying, you guys are all just watching so you can cheer on Rachel’s talentless, brainless sister.


OMG…That is annoying comments I ever seen. I give props to you, you are the most annoy comments ever. Aaryn or Jeremy is going home. We can cheer whatever I want. Evil people are the boring ever.


The evil quad needs to go. They are not show villians, they are human villians attacking people for their race and bullying those who will not go along. Once they are out of the house, the remaining ones will turn into show villians and manipulate without personal attacks.


OMG…That is annoying comments I ever seen. I give props to you, you are the most annoy comments ever


I totally agree with you:
You said that:

OldYeller says:
July 14, 2013 at 11:28 am
Evict Jeremy or Aaryn! Evict Jeremy or Aaryn! Evict Jeremy or Aaryn!

Let chaos end in Big Brother. I can easily see Big Brother evicted Jeremy or Aaryn this week. It would be awesome TV, good vs evil. Without Jeremy, the Mean Girls are without a leader and will be picked off one by one. Plus Helen has created to powerful of an alliance so early in the Game. Big Brother likes to knock down big alliances and keep the suspense going. Evicted Jeremy Will havoc ends. There would be so much joing from the Good Girls. Helen, Candice, Elissa and Jessie would be happy as Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin Cry like a little witches.The HOH would be up for grabs and the Good Girls would be without a champion as Helen looks on from the sidelines. Howard and Spencer would be trying to break up the gang. Amanda would be having a good dream as she laughs at Jeremy or Aaryn for being evicted Aaryn and Kaitlin will cry for Jeremy with a threesome as their leader Jeremy got evicted. And it would be like old times, Kaitlyn and GinaMarie will be on the block. Yes this will be awesome TV, Jeremy or Aaryn is evicted Let chaos end.
I know right


@oldyeller. I can see Jeremy staying 2. I don’t like him but I can see big brother using Aaryn racist comments to evict her and keep Jeremy for the drama. Just a thought of what if….

Who doesn’t like the drama 😉


@oldyeller. I can see Jeremy staying 2. I don’t like him but I can see big brother using Aaryn racist comments to evict her and keep Jeremy for the drama. Just a thought of what if….

Who doesn’t like the drama 😉


I want them to keep Jeremy and Aaryn without them causing trouble the show is boring. It’s like the stupid “Friendship” from season six that made me want to puke. Helen and Elissa are the worst


Yeah but look at Sovereignty six, they suck and not even Janelle’s alliance can’t make into final 2. Friendship alliance is awesome. That’s why mean girls need to go. PERIOD!


Goodbye Aaryn or Jeremy. Have a safe trip back home. CBS loves Elissa more than three Mean Girls. NANANANA NANANANA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE!!!!
By the Aaryn or Jeremy. Good luck of getting evicted. Don’t care about spencer. He not going anywhere. As long Aaryn or Jeremy goes, there done!


Sorry posted to wrong person.


I love how Elissa avoids Aaryn and Jeremy. Especially if I knew all the things they did if I was in the house, I wouldn’t either. Jeremy and pretending to be nice and Aaryn and her empty apologies are annoying. They are fake shady people.


Don’t forget Amanda.


Thinking of all they have said, I don’t think Jeremy or Aaryn has any class. Jeremy only apologized to Elissa over her hat b/c BB told him to and he said so when he told her about it. Aaryn has made many offensive comments, but when Amanda tries to tell her to watch what she says, she manages to make herself the victim of the very people she has slandered. I watch these things happen and can’t help my mouth dropping open thinking, “What is wrong with these people?”

Last week my 7-year-old daughter watched the show with me. When she saw Aaryn’s rxn to Amanda’s words, all she said was, “The blonde girl is pretty Mom, but she’s not very nice. I don’t think I’d want to be her friend.”


Jeremy is repulsive and he has to leave the BB house this week! Production shouldn’t stop it ’cause there’s a lot of people in the house right now that could instantly become villains so they don’t need Jerm around! Spencer and even the Holy Howard can be a villain and let’s not forget Amercia’s darling Aaryn (Sarcasm)


You are exactly RIGHT!!! Yes the others are disgusting, but this man is just sick in the head. It amazes me that BB shows everything that Aaryn says but nothing about this man who actually said when a woman says no she actually means yes, and sorry but that is the same as saying he is advocating rape. When a WOMAN SAYS NO, IT MEANS NO! This man is talking about raping women and yet why does BB not air what he says. I mean I have a little hope that the racist will perhaps change when they see themselves on television and how they are perceived, but Spencer is advocating a crime and talks about women like they are property and yet Julie Chen has no problem with what he is saying, but Julie Chen had no problem with Frank saying what he said last year. Sorry, Ms. Chen but you having no problem with this is sick! Sorry, but people need to write CBS about Spencer because what he is saying is a crime and scary!!!!


CBS doesn’t care. On The Talk they talked about abuse and were very flip and dismissive as to how serious it is.


So I guess CBS does not in anyway respect woman. Sick that Julie Chen is a woman but thinks that it is okay, but not surprised she was fawning all over that Frank creep last year who made the comment about raping Dan’s wife. Amazing how she can be upset by the cooking rice comment but has no problem with guys talking about raping women. Wonder if she would feel differently if she had a little girl instead of a boy, but guess should be grateful that she doesn’t have a little girl since she has no problem with rape.


I know right, as long as Jeremy being as replacement nominee he is done. No chance of winning it. He will never be in the jury.


Howard is being condemned when Dan did the same thing. It’s a game, people’s words mean sh!t.


I dont have the feeds just bbad..do u know if Kaitlin is using POV


I can’t believe Nick’s picture is in black and white, still not over it, judge away.. 🙁


I think you meant to type Gina Marie instead of Sara… 😉


haha funny, but she looks more sane than me


Anyone know where Judd got that Bear shirt from? I want one

yoga stretch

google ‘Bear Get A Life All Over Long Sleeve Shirt’

it’s 100% Polyester (which means it’s hot, itchy and has the propensity to smell like body odor)


I seen somewhere in a PR show interview that Judd said production gave him the shirt. They must have thought it would make him look more “rednecky” with it.


Enough of Jeremy! For once let’s see the true players play. Get rid of the scum and let the real game begin!


“Anyone that votes for Jeremy to stay will be voted out next.”

Yeah, okay. Let’s go after someone like GinaMarie next, she seems like a huge target…………

Helen needs to tone it down just a tad.


Helen is really losing it. Causing me to lose interest in her. I do not like the way she’s using her HOH. Demanding things from ppl, promising EVERYBODY safety, blowing up at the cameras & Jeremy’s mom. Saying she deserves to talk bad about Jeremy bc he deserves it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the reason she & everyone else doesn’t like Jeremy is bc he was “mean”? But it’s ok for her to stoop to that level & be mean? Esp to his mom who is not even there to defend herself or her child. Just sayin. Beat a Bully don’t BE one, HELEN.

***Note to BB production, give her a fu¢kin Xanax, PLEASE!

I liked her the first 2 wks. It’s just sad to see the real Helen come out.

***Totally random, but I wanted to add, that I feel like this cast really sucks. This is the 1st season off BB where I didn’t have a standout fav HG, or alliance. It’s kinda sad really. I just don’t feel like I can say for certain, oh so-in-so is my fav. Bc I don’t have one. & something is seriously wrong if u watch a reality show competition, but aren’t rooting a specific person on. BB15 casting went straight down the $hitter this year. It’s horrible. Fire Kassting & move on to someone that can bring in some good “REAL” ppl. Not models, actors, & ppl looking to be on a dating show, hence the 5billion showmances.


welcome to the captainwedgiearchnemesis show (formerly known as online big brother) – not!

please, please, make it stop, please…


I declined Sorry! This is NorthAlabama show!


Have to let him be. If I remember from last year, he’s a young boy from Chicago that is afflicted with autism. Best to skip his reptitive comments.


thanks for the insight, and apologies for venting openly…it’s been a differnt day.


Dude, I’m 32 years old not a little boy


Thank you for that comment. I thought I was the only one that found his comments annoying. Great comments Captain, but can you capture them in one or two posts instead of dominating the conversation. I don’t think that was your intention but that was the result. I like your comments, but I have to sort out seven of your postings before I get to someone else. I understand and value your take. All I am saying is let me also get the other perspectives as well. Thanks Captain, and I am quite sure if you had your own show, it would be good. You are pretty witty.


Can’t understand y u got so many thumbs down. I thought u got your point across(I completely 100% agree with) and u did it in a nice, polite, respectful way. I give u 100 thumbs up:)

His posts are annoying at times, due to the sheer volume of them. U can say as much as u want, just do it in 1 or 2 posts. Not 50. Also the missing words & lack of punctuation, gets me. That’s just my opinion. On the other hand I too, enjoy reading some of his post’s & think he’s witty:)

Props to u Old Yeller for addressing your issue with another commenter like an adult:)


I think I have a crush on Judd 😛 he’s so sweet

kickkin Chicken

Hey, has anyone seen Judd eat anything in the house? I mean, are his jaws wired shut or something? Seriously asking, because I cannot even read his lips, let alone understand a word that man says. He needs to OPEN HIS MOUTH, when he speaks, if that is at all possible….but I love him!!


Lets just hope Amanda, McRae, Andy, and Judd don’t get to Elissa before the veto ceremony today and convince her that Howard is a bigger threat than jeremey. They were talking about doing that last night. Helen wouldn’t do that though because too many people wouldn’t like that (Elissa, Candice, spencer, and Jessie).


If Helen chose to put up Howard rather then Jeremy, the votes you mention in support of Howard are not enough to stop Helen. The votes in support of Helen’s decision to put up Howard would be Kaitlin, Jeremy, Gina, Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Judd. Additionally, either Kaitlin or Jeremy will win HOH, when Howard leaves, but Helen would be protected. Helen would only take this action if she decides keeping Howard is to much a risk. However, Howard has a lot of time before the POV nomination to screw this up and get himself on the block.

Janelle pov queen

I think Elissa is in a spot in the game where she want go up for about 2 weeks


Time for Helen’s HOH to be over with. It is getting way too much to her head.

super friendship suck!!

This is big brother not let’s make as many friends as we can!!

Guys, let’s make a 12 peoples alliance!!! Let’s combine all sides of the house and make one big care bear friendship!!!

At this point I am glad Amanda is there, this is getting boring!


amanda is way more annoying than helen


wow Helen is on a total powertrip i hope Gina tells her go pound sand ill vote for who i want she didn’t put Gina up because there was bigger targets and she still went after ginas allience she owes helen nothing


According to Helen, everyone she didn’t put up owes her and everyone she put up but isn’t a target owes her.

Helen's Alliance Member

What is the difference between Helen and Jeremy? They both threatened people to vote their way and they both made deals with all the houseguests…

This Season Blows

The difference is that Jeremy wasn’t aligned with Rachelissa so delusional Brenchel fans weren’t making excuses for him.

The truth

Couldn’t agree more with this comment. I also think the biggest snake in the house at this point has to be Andy, he’s just a little smarter about it. Also, how many times can you say (fill in name here) can’t be trusted? Isn’t there only one winner to Big Brother?


Andy aka Richie Cunningham is very sly, cunning and manipulative, and seems to be in control in alot of conversations, he has a good ability to go from person to group and morph into talking about whatever is needed to help his personal game…but he is very fake…i would actually put him up as he is a dangerous player, along with amanda and mccrae, they would be the 3 i would put up if i had both hoh and mvp control


I’m with you that Helen is going over the top but there is a WORLD of difference between her and Jeremy when it comes to bullying, not to mention integrity and good manners.


Yeah sitting in front of everyone and screaming insults at Jeremy’s mother is a pretty classy move. The only thing that Helen and Elissa excel at are victimizing themselves.


Jeremy has displayed far worse behaviour over the course compared to Helens outburst…the difference is massive


So whatever happened to Helen & her “there are bigger fish to fry” – Seriously let’s bully Kaitlyn to use the vote & tell people if they don’t vote her way they’re gone next week? Unbelievable!
My opinion if Howard doesn’t go up, Kaitlyn should not use the POV. Of the 3 currently on the block Spencer is the bigger fish. Then their epic plan to get Jeremy out is over.
Can’t wait to watch it all unfold. It’s a long way till Thu – even if Jeremy goes up on the block.


When Jermey was telling people who they better evict it was called “Steamrolling”! What do u call it when little, miss too good Helen does it, “She can join the party or have a Scarlet letter on her” what the hell
Is that


what is wrong with Helen? She is acting like she has control over every HOH & MVP for the season! She needs one of Judds xanax, calm down girl, even HOH ain’t in control this year…like a politician,she’s making too many promises she can’t keep…someone needs to put some saltpeter in spencers food…feed him that thing GM has on head every night…

Big Jim

I’m getting tired of Helen/Andy self righteous we deserve to be here good vs. evil crap


I am tired of Helen and her POWER TRIP…Jeez!


I so get why Helen is going off. Look what she has gone through the last 2 weeks. Not just what she went through but her emotions of seeing others being mistreated also affected her because she is a caring person. She has held her emotions for 2 weeks. To me that takes strength. It would really be hard for me not to call people on the bullying, women put downs, bigotry and inconsideration. I think she is entitled to vent right now to people she trusts. She stills treats those bigots and bullies with respect, I admire that about her. So far, I am voting for her.

This Season Blows

Can someone explain to me why they think all the “villains” leaving and Rachelissa being handed a check is more entertaining than Jeremy, Spencer, and Howard staying in it for the long haul? As soon as those three (and Aaryn and Gina Marie for that matter) leave, it’ll be completely boring.


I’ll take a hit in entertainment if it means Jeremy is guaranteed not to win the money.


I honestly believe production will get the HGs to save Jeremy, because who else has made Elissa’s time there worst?

I see a boring season, if Elissa and Helen coasts to jury protected by production and the MVP, like they’ve clearly been so far.

I have a feeling this twist won’t end like the rest did, it will last til final 5


Will, three weeks in. Still all eight girls in the house. Boring? Snoozefest? Aaryn? Amanda? Kaitlin? Candice? GM? Helen? Elissa? Boring??? There’s never been a BB season without a majority of strong guys making it to the end. That’s what we’ve seen, over and over, on BB. Not this. The cat-fight possibilities remain limitless! How can something never seen before on BB be boring? After Jeremy goes Thursday, Howard and Spencer are also BB15 short-timers. That leaves McCrae, Andy and Judd with all the girls. The hormones will soon be ruling in BB15, and there ain’t nothing boring about that…..


Andy acts like he has done so much in the game. If you ask me he’s just a floater trying to stay under the radar and not cause too much static with everyone in the HG. Now Andy is trying to spilt Helen/Elissa up without looking obvious. LOL For Helen to be a political consultant she surely isn’t using much of a brain. Her tactics are the same way Jeremy did and look where it got him being backdoor if it happens that way. Even if Spencer stays until he can get into jury, depending on who she’s against her shot of him keeping his word is not a 100%. When they all go back and look at the show, I betcha they will want to crawl under a rock to see how foolish they were. lmbo


I would love see Jeremy or Aaryn go. Don’t come back no more no more no more. Sorry!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Yes Jeremy has his own issues but Helen you are currently ruining BB for me 🙂


WOW Helen’s behavior is no better then Jeremy’s .. insulting someone ‘s mother is completing out of line ..helen should be ashamed of herself and I hope her ass doesnt make jury


Helen said she feels she needs to be mean about Jeremy. Why not take the high road, you can state the douchey things he has done without acting like the rest of them. The HOH room this am was a bitch fest that went around in circles.


For Helen to take the high road when mean she would have to have one, and sorry but the woman does not!! She is as hateful as Jeremy or Aaryn or GM or Howard or Amanda or Kaitlin. The only one that is worse is Spencer who is a disgusting human being. She outed herself when she claims to be so perfect but uses GD when talking. I have no respect for her and hope she is booted out and that Production does not rig it for her to win because Julie Chen was offended by the rice comment. Helen offends me!

Real Truth

Don’t worry Just for Fun, Howard and Spencer will find out Elissa is MVP. After that their whole game will change. Howard and Spencer are only allied with Howard and Spencer! Howard likes Candace but he has never talked game to her. When Spencer and Howard were convinced that Amanda had corrupted McCrae, they stopped talking game to everybody! When the dust settles, they will be the new Allison and June, aka The First Floaters!


no Aaryn is still the racist witch she is. nothing will ever lessen that, no matter how much a bully Helen becomes


sorry reply meant for Alec, not real truth…..sorry!


So since everyone is starting to slowly but surely dislike Helen for her power trip, does it mean that Aaryn is more liked now?


Kind of sounds like Helen is becoming a bit of a bully herself, “we need to keep her in check” and I mean come one yelling at the camera to Jeremy’s Mom that is just sad. Power is getting to all of these people and they are turning into what they hate.

There is no one really worthy of winning this, maybe McRae, but other then that they are all they same, maybe not open about who they are as some, like Jeremy, but it is there, and is coming to the surface bit by bit.


don’t i remember helen saying to another hg (maybe howard or spencer) “we have the numbers to send you home”? couldn’t believe she made a direct threat like that, very poor long term gameplay – think the power has gone to her head.

it’s sad, cause i was really starting to like her, and even voted for her as mvp last week. it won’t happen this week.


EXACTLY, I think they all have issues, but some of them are just keeping them quiet or BB is making sure that their comments do not make it to air, an not one of them deserve to win, but bet money BB won’t air Helen’s comments just like they have not aired Spencers comments or the others. Julie Chen saying that she was offended by the rice comment but wow not offended by the sexist comments assures Helen of the win. GAG!!!

STFU Donnie

Jeremy and the mean girls may be a**holes…but at least their not sanctimonious a**holes like the SuperFriends…

I can’t wait for Amanda and McCrea to flip the script on Helen. They’re in a position to gather Kaitlin, Aaryn (or Jeremy), GM, Howard, and Spencer…and the Powehouse floaters (Judd and Jessie) will do whatever, and Andy will scurry for survival. It’s to the point that I will be surprised if she doesn’t go next week. If the speculation is accurate, the HG’s are expecting endurance which is physical…not the strong suit of Helen’s true allies.


I am wondering, if considering the placating way Amanda addressed Aryan’s racist comments, and now her almost obsessive vendetta to get Howard on the block, and out of the house, if Amanda isn’t the worst type of racist…..the undercover racist. I am not a big fan of Howard’s…not a fan of any of these people actually, but I definitely get that vibe off Amanda. She made a few off colour comments herself earlier in the game, but I think she’s smart enough and sneaky enough to realize that some things do not go over well with the public.

Real Truth

You speak the TRUTH! But if everyone falls prey to Amanda’s whims, it doesn’t matter.

Elissa's cute little dimples

Someone call the funny farm for Helen, she’s going bonkers.


Let’s keep this page a “copy and paste” free zone, don’t let that brat Cap Wedge post on this page!

Charlie Hustle

I thought only “Absolute Power” corrupted absolutely. Helen is entering the twilight of her HOH week and all of her wheeling and dealing will be worthless in less than 48 hours. Don’t be too mad though, it is still week three…there are so many moves to be made.

STFU Donnie

If you think about it, her power ends as soon as the veto ceremony ends today. She can’t nominate anybody else and she has no vote. If the first two weeks have shown anything it’s that the HG can be corralled to vote almost any way…even if it’s the exact opposite of how the HOH wants. It wasn’t until after veto last week, that Andy and Amanda got on board to save Elissa, joining Candace, then Judd and Jessie floated over. I’m surprised Helen isn’t more cognizant of last weeks dynamic and how fast things change this season.

She’s no different than Jeremy and Aaryn…the HG’s will start talking about her dictatorial and bullying ways (and the fact that NOBODY controls or manages Elissa) tonight after the ceremony and from there, who knows what dynamic takes shape. But I think Amanda (who without a doubt deserves MVP) will be a deciding factor in where the vote goes. I suspect she can move the house in any direction she wants.

Just from an entertainment stand point, I would love to see Spencer go…but either way is fine as a new explosion is just around the corner.


I actually think that Helen is worst because she does her racism behind closed doors and CBS is protecting her. I mean yes Jeremy and Aaryn and GM and Kaitlin and Howard and Amanda have said and done horrible things but Helen is total nutcase and a mean girl that pretends to be nice!!


Helen does have a vote if its a 5-5-0 split or a 4-4-2 split

she also has influence on several voters, and is best friend with Elissa, the weekly mvp holder

so her hoh reign doesnt end after the pov ceremony, i think she will continue to be influential until the eviction, and weekly with elissas mvp decision

helen is dumb to be yelling about jeremy, especially after how calm and collected and mature she was in speaking with jeremy after her hoh win, but perhaps her emotions have just built up over the duration of the game after all the mistreatment of herself, jess, elissa, candace, andy, howard from jeremy and co that she just needed to unleash and vent


Would love to see Elissa and Rachel play this together


Rachel isn’t doing Big Brother anymore, that’s why desperate CBS brought her sister in and pretty guaranteed her protection in the house with this MVP bs.


Okay. Helen has officially went off of the deep end. I am sooo tired of her acting like everyone’s judge and jury. And I loved Helen before she became HOH! I cheered her on! But I cannot stand the way she is acting now. She looks even more ridiculous in light of how calm and low key Jeremy is playing it. Never thought I would say this but I now think that it’s time to mix things up again. Let Jeremy stay and get rid of Aryan.


perhaps Helen is faking and has a plan to work with jeremy on the sly and get out aaryn instead


The more I watch the feeds the more I want Judd to get HOH, I’m starting to think he’s the most level headed one in that nut house! …they need to take away the MVP so Elissa can be on even ground with the rest of the house, her walking around with that protection is very old…Jessie needs meds too, something with an ingredient of personality in it maybe?, wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t promise Jeremy a vote for a date….

STFU Donnie

All he’s done is float to power and talk mad s**t behind almost everybody’s back…all this Judd love is coming from people not paying attention.


jess is the only one in there i would enjoy spending time with – she is a genuine and nice person, with warmth, and a fun personality and good sense of humour


I thought Jeremy was bad with his powertrip and bullying, Helen is just as bad… Keep making the target on your back bigger Helen, you and that so called MVP will be outta there soon enough if production don’t step in again.

Jeremy is not going anywhere this week…


I am finding Helen more & more pathetic. She thinks everyone that she didn’t put on the block owes her LOL. Also this America wants this or the House wants that. It’s so dam pathetic. I hope this is the last week of mvp rigged bullshit & Aaryn wins hoh & sends that bitch to Julie Chen who handed her HOH. Can CBS prove that Helen’s answer was correct or did Julie Chen just pick the asian girl cuz of all the “racism” in the house.


That would make sense, in season 13, that question comps that Rachel won, Julie clearly hesitated (as though she was being told something) when telling us if Rachel was correct or incorrect..


So sick of Julie Chen being so offended by the rice comment, yet she has no problem with the sexist comments about women. She is so full of crap and I bet she did rig it for Helen to win. CBS is so rigging this crap so Helen, worse hater in the bunch because she does in under the cover of darkness with Chen complaining an whining to get her sympathy, and probably Elissa to win. Gag, hope Helen gets her butt kicked out next week. She is disgusting, but CBS does not air it!


I used to like Helen but she’s being very inmature. Yes Jeremy’s a jerk but what the heck is the difference between what he did last week and what shes doing this week. She should take the high road and not the low one because she’s looking as stupid as him. Enough with the personal attacks the game is the game and anything else is just stupid! At this point there is no good guy bad guy just some very inmature people!


I would love see Jeremy or Aaryn go. Don’t come back no more no more no more. Sorry


Helen: Anyone that votes for Jeremy to stay will be voted out next.

Funny, Aaryn said the same thing last week…. Now I’m really hoping production steps in like they did last week in saving Elissa and save Jeremy, otherwise the next weeks are going to be boringly predictable


HERE IS to hoping that Spencer goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Helen: There is a reason why America keeps giving Elissa the MVP!

So America is the new code for Production? Got it!!

Ohhh UH! UH!

I think the “good” part of the house has been entirely too hard on Howard. Spencer is more of a freaking snake than anyone!! I believe Howard 100% in his confession, and maybe too honest to a fault.

I think that Elissa has shown TRUE wisdom and discernment in her choices as the MVP. And I believe in her heart that she, too, believes Howard is genuine. I am not gunning for him to leave the house, he deserves to be there as much as anyone else!

*** THIS WEEK I WILL ACTUALLY VOTE FOR HOWARD TO WIN MVP instead of Elissa *** I still like Elissa but I want to prove a point to the HG that Howard is a solid player. At the very least I would LOVEEEE to see Howard win HOH. Then the heads would roll, suddenly he won’t be such a “snake.”

Something keeps telling me that Judd might win this whole thing. I am pulling for Helen but I think she’ll be turned on b/c she is super smart and fierce competition. I think Amanda will have her busy-body a$$ voted out b/c she is so annoying.

Still too early to make predictions but I see some definite groundwork being layed at this point. More to come….


Dr. Will must be so disappointed right now


I saw a version of the bear shirt on bewild dot com here – http://www.bewild.com/judd-bear-shirt.html


BAM.. Bear shirts everywhere..