Amanda “Dude.. If we save Jeremy we can be safe for a lot longer”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


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3:02pm Andy and Spencer Storage room Cam 3-4

Spencer asks him who the MVP is
Andy thought it was Elissa but he thinks heard McCrea say he had it. Andy says him and Judd were talking and they feel like they are being cut off by the group. The fact they don’t know who MVP is means they are out of the loop. Andy wants to corner Helen and ask her what is going on.
Andy says we always assumed it was Elissa and she was going to do whatever they told her..


3:11pm Backyard couch Amanda, Judd, McCrea

Andy is in the backyard running with Spencer. not sure what their conversation is but Judd and MCrea hear “what is listing the order of people to vote out… Oh I forgot you Helen” (There’s laughter Helen is also part of the conversation)
Judd and McCrea start laughing.. Judd mumbles something might be “God Andy”.
Amanda: “Dude.. If we can save Jeremy we can be safe for a lot longer”
Amanda: “we can totally get the votes for it”
McCrea: “Don’t even think about it”
Judd: “Who Aaryn” (Who will they evict Aaryn?)
Amanda doesn’t know.. ”I just think i’m being retarded right now.. but that would really fuck everybody up”
Judd: “Ya,.,.”


3:26pm Backyard couch Amanda and Howard
Amanda: “So if you won HOH who would you put me up”
Howard: “I promised on the bible I wouldn’t put you and McCrea up”
Amanda: “Who would you put up”
Spencer: “I would put the two girls up.. or whoever the group wants me to”


3:42 HOH Helen and Andy
Andy relays his conversation with Kaitlin. He told her if she doesn’t use the POV she will go home. The house is unified they all want Jeremy gone. Andy: “I told her they will get you out and the following week unless Jeremy wins HOH he’s gone” Andy mentioned to KAitlin when Jeremy goes it will be a fresh start for her in this game.

Helen: “and you told her I have her back..”
Ansy: “Ya I told her she has allies in this house”
Helen: “I don’t want my HOH to go down in flames”
Andy: “She wants Howard out that’s awesome.. she sees Howard and Spencer as the 2 main reasons Jeremy is going home”
Andy asks if he can use the shower.
Helen: “This is the people HOH.. you studied just as hard as I did”. She brings up that it’s not one person controlling the house it’s a team they all did their part this week they stuck together. (SuperFriends)

3:59pm Aaryn and Amanda Kitchen
Aaryn is saying that Jessie won’t even talk to her.
Amanda: “She not even that influential so I wouldn’t even worry about it”
Aaryn: ‘She’s going to float to the final 5″
Amanda: “No she’s not.. Trust me she’s not.. Nope not going to happen”

4:00 Cams 3-4 Photobooth


4:15pm Kirchen Aaryn, Spencer and Amanda
Amanda is talking about her b**b job, I was able to save up enough myself and “Finance my T!TT!es”
Spencer: “Finance some T!Ts”
Amanda explains that she went to a very expensive doctor she wanted them to get done once and not have to worry about them.
Aaryn totally agrees says her mom and her are going to get their chest done when she gets out of the house. “She already has hers but she’s getting them fixed”
Amanda: ‘Aww”

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147 thoughts on “Amanda “Dude.. If we save Jeremy we can be safe for a lot longer”

  1. amanda always trying to save someone making sure she is protected ….i hope judd goes and tell hellen what she said…… amanda needs to leave i cant wait until the tables turn on her sitting good right now making all types of deals … i just feel jeremy may be save last mintue and aaryn is evicted just my belief

    1. Funny cause Helen is making those same deals with Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GinaMarie. Wouldn’t be surprised if her deals come back to bite her in the a$$ as well…

  2. The house seriously needs to get out boulder holder, she will take over this whole house and she is sneaky as hell.

        1. Because BB never has had such racist hateful people in the house before. Tonights episode was sad seeing how Candance and Howard were together. I am so sick of Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn and GM, they act like hyenas in the house laughing and attacking. Really vile people. I am not the biggest fan of Amanda, but she makes me laugh and she isn’t personally attacking anyone, but definitely playing the game.

          1. There have been racist people on BB before and there will be afterwards, although people will definitely come in and not be as loose as they’ve been in the past since they could lose their jobs. I think the Paula Deen situation is having a large effect on this season’s racism storyline. I’m not saying that CBS is overselling it, because it should be brought to the mainstream viewers’ attention. But there is so much tension with race right now. It’s been building since Obama took office and half the comments against him have been about welfare this, Obamaphone this, because he’s black , etc. Then with the Trayvon Martin murder last year and the Paula Deen thing this year, when you combine those things with the politically correct police being at an all time high alert level something like this that likely would’ve been more or less overlooked before becomes a headline grabbing story.

            1. All this season is proving is that racism is alive and well in the country. It’s never really left and to blame it ona few things in the media is ridiculous. Aaryn didn’t just become racist in the last year. This is who she is !! GinaMarie as well and Spencer too. GinaMarie and Aaryn are bullies too. All round vile people in my opinion.

      1. Women who get cosmetic surgery are unattractive to me. It’s a representation of how insecure they are. That’s why when they start, they never stop, because they’ll always see something else wrong.

      2. I think it’s up to the individual. if you meet the girl of your dreams & you find out years later that she has had an undetectable breast augmentation or nose job You’re not going to dump her. If you did what the hell does that say about you

        1. I do like her too but wish she’d do something – anything! I haven’t seen or heard her doing anything other than lounging around with Mc, or whomever, machinatingmachinatingmachinating…she’s like a big ‘ol sexy spider.

          1. I think that’s the issue..if Helen gets her way, the house is going to be this giant paranoid alliance that’s complacent to be picked off one by one, out of fear of speaking out against it. Amanda needs to rally her army now, or in a week or two they’ll never have the numbers to stop it anyway.

    1. She’s really chilled out in the last 24 hours and when she wasn’t chill, Helen was on the warpath/witch hunt, so her over-playing flew right under the radar. She was like the bank robber who waits for natural disaster when the authorities are preoccupied and then strikes. She has managed to make more deals and use selective use of information to engender loyalty, never once directly threatening, but rather using the overt threats of others. With McCrea, she used her defense of Jessie the night of Nick’s eviction to make and alliance with her and Judd. They were the only people to not grill Howard and castigate him, instead they opened their arms. They’ve used Andy to secure them with Helen and Elissa. And they’ve fed Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Aaryn advance intel, preempting what Helen was planning to tell them and proving their value.

      She really has covered every single base, compartmentalizing every arrangement, and all but ensuring there are several people ahead of her on every hit list.

      While I still don’t know why it did not give Helen, Elissa, Andy, Candace, AND McCrea pause that she had ZERO reaction to the MC…it does show she is very single-minded in her goal and able to think on her feet and not succumb to emotion. If she can just show some ability in competitions, I think she has to be the favorite to win…or at least finish 2nd when the jury votes against her for being a good player. And that’s something she has to consider: Does she want fellow schemers in jury given her gameplay…or does she want the SuperFriends? I’d want the schemers.

      1. Interesting point you make re jury schemers being pro-Amanda if it comes to that. But…aren’t the schemers also part of Superfriends? I’m thinking of Andy, Candace and Helen; who else is being remotely strategic?

        1. If I’m Amanda, I wan’t Spencer, Jeremy, Andy…and McCrae in the jury…all of whom (Andy…I think) will look at gameplay more than anything.

          But I’m one of those people who has never understood why you want your partner/ally at the end. Ideally you want to be final four with the partner another ally (a goody two shoes…like Jessie) and an enemy (a schemer who is loyal only to themselves…like Aaryn/Kaitlin) all of whom would take you to final two (another reason you don’t want all your allies at the end, where you have doubt and it feels like 2 vs 2. Ideally you have one enemy…who you’ve established a secret safety deal) . Then you desperately want to win that HOH, then pray you partner loses the veto and whoever wins it send him into jury where he’s your campaign manager.

          I get the idea that it’s nice to guarantee one of you wins…but I’d rather win and then take my partner on a trip to Hawaii…

  3. Here it comes…. Amanda is going to start thinking and scheming to keep Jeremy this week.

      1. I want Jermy to stay, last week when Elissa didn’t go home, the drama was at an all time high, we’ll have another week of blow ups if Jeremy stays.

        1. Nooooooo!! that piece of Jerm needs to go, oh Mr. High and Mighty, not so much anymore, he is a bully and they need to dump him where he belongs out of the house, and why are they upset with Howard he is playing the game, he needs to tell them to shut it! I would thats the game Idiots, not BFF’s forever, what the hell is wrong with Helen, stop it before you find your ass out the door as well, the game is lie cheat do what you have to to win, just no racist shit and hate against ones race or woman and no Big Bully!!

      2. I don’t think so, Simon. I know you want Jeremy to stay in the house, but I don’t think Amanda will jeopardize her place in the “alliance”.

      3. That is what I’m hoping. I don’t like Jeremy any more than the rest of you, but Amanda’s definitely gonna keep shaking things up!

        1. If Simon watched Season 6, he knows we’re in for a dull season if someone doesn’t step up and challenge the New Friendship-and it needs to be done quickly. After all, we don’t have an opposing (and ultimately more interesting) alliance like the Sovereign Six to balance this Sunshine and Rainbows garbage.

          I despise Jeremy’s behavior in the house…but I’m not against Amanda and McCrae using him to better than game-and potentially take out Elissa and Helen. I certainly won’t miss Spencer or Aaryn if they leave in his place.

    1. That will be her downfall. If Amanda go against the house she will be exposed and will be a vulnerable target by the MVP. Between the “honest” and “public” Helen, she’s a much bigger target because everyone can now see her as sketchy and smart. Unless Judd and Andy go with her, I don’t see her lasting longer if she make that move.

      1. As long as she tells Helen and Elissa what’s happening late Thursday and has a carefully thought out BS story to cover for all her voters, explaining why Jeremy is isolated and still useful (especially if Howard proves to have been throwing comps and suddenly goes beast…so she can turn it around on them and how Elissa not using MVP on him made everybody nervous), then what choice does Helen have but to accept a different order of evictions. She will have no power and have nobody but Candace and Elissa to turn to.

        1. This isn’t going to happen…. unfortunately. I think your correct Nick that Amanda has to be the 1 to start breaking up the Friendship Alliance. Saving Jeremy could be step 1 except I can’t count the votes. GM and Kaitlyn are 2 votes plus Amanda and McCrea(McManda). They need 6 who are the other 2? Andy, Judd might play but I do not think so. Andy is playing buddy to both groups but look at his pole popularity. There is a disconnect somewhere. He’s like a parrot voicing the opinion already in the room. Who knows what “mumbles” (Judd) is saying? Candace, Ellisa are no’s. Jessie floats and won’t rock the boat. So even if they could get Howard it’s 5-5 and Helen breaks the tie. Howard already has trust issues he’d need to see a complete reshuffle of the vote to be on board. Jeremy is gone but next week may be interesting as some comp beasts are getting early exits.

          Without the MVP I think in other years you could hold out hope that 3 could get together control HOH and crack Friends. Not this year unless America changes MVP holder. It will be up to Ellisa alone to change the house dynamic by the look of things. Or at some point they get together and send her packing.

          Those already thinking final 3 are Andy, Helen, Candace and perhaps McManda! I think Elissa goes around F5 or F6 unless she can get comps. I also think McManda versus Friends happens while atleast a couple “means” are still around. You need numbers to manipulate votes. HOH next week is to soon but sometimes the 1 eviction before jury can be a nasty week.Just a few weeks off. Perhaps a double eviction week soon also.

          I’ll leave you with 1 scenario to shake things up. Candace decides Howard over Friends and perhaps brings Ellisa along. Helen the odd person out and teams up with McManda to save Howard. That is still a very long shot. Candace has to keep selling Howard staying for several more weeks minimum. The problem appears to be mommy Helen has decided to keep the “mean girls” around. That’s a dangerous voting block at 10 or so left to pull a shocker. After Helen’s dictatorial HOH: forget it’s the “peoples HOH” it’s hers and she is making demends and threats a plenty…..Thought that was part of Jeremy’s issue folks? Ah folks?

          Lastly I want to say HOH is running as poorly on BBUSA as BBCan was early on. Though BBUSA is targeting strong players rather than floaters.

          1. If Elissa is going to remain a powerbroker and enforce her will then I think the conflict will happen much sooner than later. I just don’t see her nominating anybody that doesn’t guarantee that Aaryn and Kaitlin are gone…and I don’t see her going for Howard. I’m one of those people who don’t think production tells HG’s what to do. I think their questions are by necessity leading because they need to get a response and sound bites. Howard is not a rat at all and he’s certainly not the evil genius of the MC and I’m sure they were trying to draw Helen and Elissa to explain why they see Howard as the bad guy in the deal because it’s not going to show in the actual footage of the house. Then Elissa and Helen “decide” production is telling them something. It’s no different than the suspicion that fell on Nick because of the frequency with which he was called to the DR.

            Elissa has her own ideas about threats and I think she knows Howard isn’t her number 1 threat until Jeremy, Aaryn, GM, and Spencer are gone. Amanda is a good strategist but is weak in tactics and Elissa won’t be steamrolled….that’s where the split happens. Maybe next week…or maybe this week. A ton of time left.

  4. same thing i said simon all she wants is protection for her and macrea .. … if amanda finds out someone wantsher out she’s always trying to target that person

  5. Amanda talks a lot of smack against people in a completely personal level, irrelevant to the game. I was starting to like her but hearing her talk about how she wants to ‘kill’ Elissa because Elissa’s gameplay is different from hers? She’s making it really hard for me to like her. I think my favorites right now are Elissa and Candice (spelled her name wrong in that poll, by the way), Candice especially because she’s a lot smarter than people might think and I can see her going all the way.

    1. Why do you like Elissa though? Not to be instigating, but I feel like you have good supporting points for your like/dislike of Candice and Amanda respectively, but why Elissa? What is it about her gameplay that you appreciate?

  6. “Amanda is talking about her b**b job, I was able to save up enough myself and “Finance my T!TT!es”
    Amanda explains that she went to a very expensive doctor she wanted them to get done once and not have to worry about them.
    Aaryn totally agrees says her mom and her are going to get their chest done when she gets out of the house. “She already has hers but she’s getting them fixed”
    Amanda: ‘Aww””

    Skank to Racist Skank?

  7. Who do you think will be first to break away from the Helen/Elissa alliance Amanda /McCrae or Howard/Spencer?

    1. Between those two: Amancrae for sure, they could bring along Jeremy and Aaryn and GM, Spencer and Howard could bring no one (maybe except Candace), they’d be out in the cold. They need Elissa/Helen WAY more than Amancrae, plus Howard and Elissa are pretty tight, right? Forgetting the eviction for now, I can see the house dividing this way:

      Helen, Elissa, Andy, Candace, Howard, Jesse, Judd

      Jeremy, Kaitlyn, Aryan, GM, Amancrae, Spencer (I can see Spencer jumping to this side, ’cause it makes him a swing vote and they need the numbers).

      Taking Jeremy out is definitely the wisest choice re comps, although gotta say, Kaitlyn would be a good elimination too. Amanda is not on the other side’s radar it seems (for some strange reason)

  8. Elissa is the fav? Really?…….REALLY?! She is a dork who asked what “adjoining” means……not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and her inability to come up with any kind of real strategy proves it. Why is she the favorite???? Best hair maybe???

    1. I wouldn’t really count her out YET, Elissa fails to see the future but she makes strong decisions on the onset. She made the deal with MC Crea to vote out David, she put up Jeremy and Nick and she persuaded Jessie to join in their side. Although it can be argued that Helen is helping her in making the decisions but I think its unfair to say that she has no input in that. Yes she is not as strong as others but I still think she is better than some of them.

      1. What gameplay has Elissa demonstrated that puts her as more deserving than a single other houseguest playing right now?

        Judd and Jessie are lying low…a common strategy that has worked in the past for many players who have floated their way to 50,000 (Porsche being the ost recent that comes to mind). Elissa blew that strategy week 1 by announcing herself to McCrae as Rachel’s sister.

        Winning competitions? A tried and true method for many Big Brother favorites (Janelle, James, and yes, even Rachel) that Jeremy, Helen, McCrae, Kaitlin, and even Aaryn has utilized. Elissa has won nothing but popularity contests ala America’s Vote.

        Strategy? The best players of Big Brother always had a strategy (Dick, Dan)…what strategy has Elissa utilized that wasn’t fed to her by Helen? Amanda, Helen, and Nick are/were the strategists this season, and the polls prove it. Helen and Amanda are at the top of the OBB poll, next to Elissa…and let’s just get real, we all know the real reason she’s up there, and it has nothing to do with strategy, comp winning, or even knowing the basics of this game.

        Ok, I’ve made my point, you can all proceed to thumb down my comment without justification now.

  9. I am not the biggest Amanda fan but lemme say this ” THERE WE GO ” !!!!!

    They have a strong possibility to get Aryan out or maybe Spence? but if a super sub group formed of McCray, Amanda, Jeremy, and KAitlyn started I guarentee the only chance the other people win HOH is if its a crap shoot.

    The odds are not in favor but from Kaitlyn’s POV she cannot go far with the “Super friends” and in reality neither can McCray or Amanda unless McCray wins out at the end like Ian from last season.

    It probably wont happen but I fuc**** love where Amanda’s head is at!!!!!

    BTW I know I am no the only hoping for that exact scenario.

    1. you are not the only one hoping for this. The rabid BRENCHEL fans would love for it to appear that way though.

      ELISSA HAS TO GO. For the integrity of this game…not to mention the entertainment factor. The girl is dull.

  10. Both Helen and Amanda are playing a good game.
    Somehow they both know that there will come a point that they need to get each other out and is already making a move on it.
    Helen plays the “I am friends and honest with you so don’t stab me in the back” while Amanda plays the “I’ll plant a seed about a housemate so vote them out”
    I still can’t figure out who is playing better but I am excited for the week where there will be a showdown between them.

    1. I like this post as I see the same scenario in the end. McManda versus Helen. I personally am going to watch “the fight for Ellisa”. As I think it will be the best suttle things happening the next few weeks in the house. Helen opened a crack by not including Ellisa pre noms. Watch Amanda look for alone time whenever she can. The timing on when these 2 go to war is dependent on Ellisa’s trustwothyness with each and who holds HOH power. Or they could both get out Ellisa as being to volatile to control. I figure fireworks before labour day myself!

  11. I’m shocked looking at the poll that Amanda is the third most popular and that Jessie is so unpopular. You have to love GinaMarie being at zero votes so far. Ouch!

      1. amanda is the shemale looking one who bullies and bitches all the time, she has big fake tits and is always being fake and annoyingly loud

        it shouldnt be too hard to know who they are…just to remember her name, aMANda is the one who is not very feminine, quite mannish in looks and behaviour

        1. Just an FYI, using phrases like “shemale” and describing women as manly just because they don’t fit your idea of what a woman should look like are really misogynistic and transphobic. From your other comments, it’s clear that you lack a basic understanding of what bigotry looks like, but just to clue you in, it’s not pretty when it happens on TV and it’s not pretty when it’s written anonymously in the comments section of a website either. You can defend bigots as much as you want, but it simply will not help you get on the right side of this issue.

    1. i agree, utterly bizarre

      people go on about how they dont like racism and bullying from aaryn and jeremy and co, but amanda has been involved in that kind of behaviour, so it seems like its ok for her to do it but not others(cbs also gives amanda good edits, masking her bad behaviour and comments)

      add to that how loud and annoying she is

      must be alot of people voting purely on the fake tits

  12. Based on the poll so far I kinda sorta almost feel sorry for Gina Marie.

    The racists vote Aaryn.

    The sexists vote Spencer.

    The sheep vote Elissa.

    The nice, socially acceptable people with any level of intellect vote elsewhere.

    Gina just really can’t catch a break with anyone.

    1. Lol, maybe she can get her head of of Nick’s hat and change her social game up and stop acting like she’s a 18, a freshman in college trying to be part of a sorority.

      1. I think she’s going to have a really tough time after this game. People like Aaryn will shrug off the negativity and losing her job(s). The girl is a narcissist and (I’m starting to suspect) a sociopath. She’ll just see the aftermath as the world having the problem, not her.

        Gina Marie…she’s just not very bright, and certainly not politically correct, but she has feelings, and she is capable of having feelings for someone other than herself (unlike what I’ve observed with aaryn). I think she will be devastated when she realizes how she’s come across to people. She needs to grow up, she needs to educate herself, but something about her just tells me Aaryn is on a level of hate and discrimination far beyond hers.

        Not defending what she’s done, at all, just what I’ve observed.

  13. 1-2-3 here we go with Amanda who unlike the other major showmance on the show she is the one that’s most influential over the man and not vice versa. Helen and whoever is on your side, Jeremy may be coming after your team next week. I really wouldn’t be surprised if this week is a fail and she and Elissa are both sitting back on the block again. Surely, Helen isn’t as clueless as she acts about what people are capable of doing is she. She is coming off like most of the house is on one side. Or maybe it’s just an act I don’t know. But from the stuff she’s said it makes think she’s in the land of rainbows. And getting Howard to fess up may work against her if he stays next week. The house is on whatever works for them individually or as a couple. It will be interesting to see what comes about.

    1. As long as all these “couples” in the house are being broken up, the house needs to wise up and realize the most overpowered duo in the house is Elissa and Helen.

    2. In the HOH rant this am with Helen and Andy, they both said they are crying on purpose..using it to make the people they are crying in front of feel worse. I’m not sure all of Helen’s game play is game play or she is that naive in some ways.

      1. I think Helen is playing this game like a political campaign…get as many people to like your candidate as possible.

        Problem with Big Brother is, there have to be targets, there have to be enemies. In a house where everyone “gets along” the target will still have to shift to someone. Helen has overplayed her game with this 10 person alliance she’s working on. She’s made herself out to be The Peacekeeper…and when it gets down to crunch time, the house will turn on her, because they know they can’t beat her at the end. Why? Because in a season of Big Brother where everyone is in an alliance together (like Season 6’s The Friendship) there is no real gameplay. As the head of this, “alliance” however, Helen has the best case for why she deserves the money.

        Quick, someone tell me what Maggie did in her season that was worth her winning $500,000.

        Spoiler: We will be waiting a long, long time for a legitimate answer.

        1. The house will turn on her at some point but I think her back will be covered if she’s not out prior the jury.
          She already made it clear that Elissa, Candice and Andy are her ‘bestest’ friends and is strengthening their bond more. Jessie i think would be hesitant to go against her because it is her who has “saved” her from being with the chopping bloc group (unless Jessie is really smart but I highly doubt it).
          Right now Spencer, Howard, Arryn, GM and Kaitlyn are on the outs and unless Amanda and Mc Crae makes a move to bring this group together to oust Helen, mom squad would go far.Apparently with the MVP twist I don’t think Amanda can turn against them yet.

  14. I heard hat McRae has a college degree in film production and wants to move to LA? Was he being truthful?? I can’t get over all of the showmances this year and people are not targeting them for it. It is a new house and it will probably start to trend for the next few years!!!

  15. Uhhhh i love howard..BUT STOP WITH THE BIBLE SWEARING OMG

    IF SPENCER OR HOWARD WIN HOH THEY WILL PUT UP AMANDA…which i pray to god she goes up next week..

    Only poeple who will have the GUTS to put that sneaky
    Btch up imo is either SPENCER, CANDICE, JUDD OR ELISSA.


    Helen Is Being A little to damn nice for me smh..

    1. if jess wins hoh she would put up amanda for sure, so would spencer and howard, and maybe elissa(hoh or mvp nom) too

  16. Amanda’s a good schemer, even though I hate Jeremy and would love to see him leave, I would also love to see Amanda turn the tables. Amanda & Judd for MVP next time! Elissa’s finally secured her spot in the house, I would love to see how other people react with the power.

  17. It seems Amanda has a rebellious streak.. It doesn’t matter who the target is, as soon as it becomes a house consensus she wants them to stay. First Elisa, now Jeremy. I think she gets off on feeling like she’s influential enough to flip the house. I was liking her, now I’m over her.

    1. Newsflash: everyone in the house is a scumbag this year. Even Rachelissa and Helen have spewed out hateful things.

    2. Okay, everything is not about race. Jeremy was talking about the country of Africa, not a race of people. There are many white people in Africa. Why does everyone jump on that comment and not about the sexist stuff he usually says. Some people are trying to find racial slurs in everything someone says. It is getting a little ridiculous, especially the fish comment. If Candice had said why do the black fish swim at the bottom and the white fish swim at the top (which is what they were doing at the time Aaryn said this) then it would have been ignored. There have been some racist comments (GM and her n***** insurance) but you can’t turn every comment into racial slurs. I think CBS is loving this because ratings are up. Otherwise they would have pointed this out to offenders.

      1. Please don’t embaress us hardcore BB fans. You’re a lot smarter than this comment. There is no COUNTRY called Africa. Africa is a continent by the way. ROFL For clarification I do agree partially the everything seems to be judged at some level versus racism. I think the truth seems to be this season has some “insensitive” people at minimum. What is appaling is Arryn won’t be evicted this week.

  18. The entire house needs to stop fighting each other and get together and realize they need to get out Production’s Pet, before we have a repeat of BB13

  19. CBs showed a disclaimer statement before airing tonight’s episode. Will probably have it before each episode from now on

  20. i see they opened the show with a disclaimer this week about the house guests comments. Why didn’t they call out GinaMarie and Spencer? They seem to just focus on Aaryn. I hope Jeremy goes this week followed by the three people who have made these comments.

    1. What doesn’t CBS show all of the house guest being racist, sexist, bullying and bigoting and lying and calling each other whores and lying and swearing on the bible and using GD? Why is it CBS only shows Aaryn? Seems as if CBS is being just as racist and bully and bigot as anyone in the house. Seriously, GM and Spencer have said the worst things in the house but CBS is protecting them why?????

      1. Whats wrong with lying, swearing on the bible and saying goddamn? None of that stuff hurts anyone, not nearly as much as the sexist, racist or homophobic stuff.

      2. Because Aaryn is the cute little blond with blue eyes and it makes for good TV to portray her as a racist. She is a spoiled brat, but I really don’t think she is racist. Saying you can’t see Candice in the dark is the same as my black friends making fun of me at the beach. They shield their eyes and say I blinding them because I’m so white. I don’t take what they say as racist AT ALL.

    1. Can’t bring myself to root for him. I can’t get a feel for his personality…sadly because I don’t think he has much of one.

      For me, this has become a season of, “Just don’t let win.”

      Gina Marie

      About to be there:

  21. Does it make me a bad person that I always look forward to the post-eviction CBS episode to watch how those who were in power, whine and cry…no matter who turns out to be the loser? C’mon Amanda figure out a way to save Jeremy. I need my fix next week from Helen and Elissa…

      1. Now if only they would accurately portray Elissa as someone who doesn’t even want to be there, I’d say production is finally letting the sheep at home in on what’s really going on.

        1. And paint Spencer as the pig he is and Helen as the power hungry mean girl she has become and Amanda as the racist mean girl and Howard as bible swearing liar and Andy as the little scurrying rat he is then all would be right with the world.

          1. ha ha thats funny – i like your descriptions

            i am thinking no matter what amanda does or says she will be portrayed in a good light by cbs – she used to work in post production in LA she said, and i think she is getting favourable treatment and is the cbs in house anti racism spokesperson, when she has infact said racist and homophobic remarks herself…it was good also that aaryn called amanda out on being the one who has actually bullied and bitched and been more disrespectful about jess even more than aaryn, kaitlyn, jeremy and gina have

  22. Jessie,

    Way to stand up to the bullies Jeremy, Kaitlyn, GinaMarie, and Aaryn. I’m proud of you standing your ground.

  23. Seriously, natural boobs, large or small are the best. Fake boobs area joke. Spend them on getting good teeth might be better!

  24. Geez, they are devoting big time airtime tonight to racism. Really sticking it to Aaryn. This will get America even more charged up especially a notorious court case that ended yesterday.

  25. McVagina you’re so whipped, what you think she wants a relationship with a pizza boy? Dude she makes more money then you could make in 20 years delivering pizza, she using you fool. Welcome to Big Brother.

    1. Brigade members were pretty good, I think, they plaid it more then anyone else from season 10-15, they even made a championship

  26. WOW! PRODUCTION/CBS is crucifying Aaryn!!! She is not the ONLY one that had made remarks!! Yes she did make racial jokes and took things way too far it I would never condone it BUT so did Spenser/Amanda/Jeremy/Kaitlin/Candice/Mcrae/Howard//Andy and even Judd!! They all are talking sh*t!! But because DRAMA sells and CBS/Big Brother needs ratings it will continue until this game finishes or gets cancelled because they (PRODUCTION) let them take it too far and they lose their viewers and especially sponsors which means they lose the bottom dollar!! MONEY!!!
    I’m SURPRISED they showed Aaryn apologize to Candice for her comments and actions I didn’t think CBS was going to show that on national TV! Good for them to show somewhat BOTH sides!! of this story…

    1. Sorry, but horrible that CBS is only portraying Aaryn as the only racist in the house when most of the house has said racist or sexist comments. I mean this girl and her family as it has been reported are already getting death threats and yet CBS has no desire to at least show the truth. CBS you are horrible and if anything happens to this family as a result of how you have portrayed only her as making the comments may the executives at CBS be doomed to he** because of it. I mean it is horrendous that you would do this and not portray all the house guests for the comments they have made. In no way condoning what she said but CBS is aware of what is happening to this girl’s family and yet they continue with their relentless persecution of just Aaryn when it is everyone on this show this season that have said horrid comments. Also, blame Julie Chen because it was also Amanda, GM and Jeremy who made the anti asian comments but CBS refuses to acknowledge that. Ms. Chen if anything happens to that family sorry but part of the blame rest at your doorstep for not at least acknowledging that she is not the only one. I mean Ms. Chen speak to the comments that Helen made about Jeremy’s mother tomorrow on The Talk and let Helen and the others take their fair share of the heat not only Aaryn.

      1. yep surely by now julie chen has heard about amanda singing about how asians cant drive and that they are good at maths

        amanda could shoot someone with a gun in there and still get a good cbs edit…bizarre

  27. Aaryn says: I’m not a racist, I just play one on tv. Oh wait, is “reality” tv, well I just say racist things, but I’m not a racist. Oh wait, yes I am! She’s in for a world of hurt when she leaves the house! So are the other two Mean girls, Jeremy and Spencer.

  28. It is so hard to find a favorite to cheer for this year. I was just starting to like Amanda and now she is talking about keeping dumbass Jeremy. I think Nick would have been my favorite if he never got caught up in the Moving Company.

    1. Nothing is her fault, haven’t you figured that it yet? She’ll blame all her bad behavior and how others view her on everyone else but her rotten self.

    2. Did she really just cheer K A R M A that’s what you get for being a mean person. That girl is delusional!!!!

    3. I grew up in the deep south and I hate to agree with Aaryn on anything but it is rampant in the South. The South has changed a lot in the last few years, but that does not mean that racism is not alive and thriving because it is. Go to most colleges in the South and it is everywhere even in classrooms and with professors, and it is thought of unfortunately in the South that just because you make racist jokes it does not mean you are a racist. In that remark, hate to say it but Aaryn is correct. That does not make it right but it is true.

  29. I thought Aryn was exagerrating when she was saying on the feeds Howard was splashing stuff all over her during the Have Not Competition. He really got her good!

  30. That is BS!! HOWARD threw the Have Not Comp so BADLY!! just because he had the Blonde Squad (Gina Marie/Aaryn/Kaitlin) on his team BUT OF COURSE! this wasn’t a (RACE discrimination issue) against the girls HE said it was so they could make them eat SLOP!! but he still WON!! HAHAHA And his REVERSE DISCRIMINATION didn’t work lol!!

    1. I just can’t get over how bad McCrea did at the have not comp, that he lost to someone trying to throw it!

    2. So you really think he threw the comp because his teammates were white? That’s reverse intelligence.

  31. It’s literally impossible to pick a favorite this season, unless you’re rooting for that type of personality.

    When in doubt, root for DRAMA

  32. Yes A lot of them will be surprised when they (Aaryn/GinaMarie/Spencer and Amanda) find out they lost their jobs!! Well Amanda might not lose her job (because its a family realtor business) BUT who is going to buy property from her in Florida after showing what type of person she is showing after only TWO weeks! I wonder how many MORE will lose their jobs after this is ALL over?

    1. What did Amanda do that would make me not buy from her? Did I miss something other than she is playing the game?

      1. you missed a few things

        amanda has been racist, homophobic and a bully

        been super annoying, and oh yeah cheating on her boyfriend on national tv

      1. I have the feeds, and I read this site pretty often. Was not aware that Amanda had done anything other than make some kind of joke with Andy about his sexuality. It somewhat crossed a line in McCrae’s opinion, and he called her out week 1 for it. No ill intent behind it, just kinda on the line I guess, I don’t know, I didn’t hear her say it.

        1. amanda has said homophobic and racist remarks – even if she is joking, which i dont think she is, its still offensive – mccrae has told her,”its bad”

          she was singing a racist song about how asians cant drive and are good at maths, which im sure julie chen will enjoy

          amanda has constantly bullied jess, and tried to belittle her, even more than the mean girls and jeremy have done, and made a comment about shitting on the face of jess as a way to tell andy that amanda did not respect jess…every chance amanda gets she is telling jess she is either weak, has no self worth or is a slut…with amanda cheating on her boyfriend on national tv, amanda shouldnt be lecturing anyone about being a slut…jess who is single, was simply flirting in a fun friendly way with some of the guys that she had just met in the bb house

          amanda likes to tell people its not ok for a girl to flirt, its not ok to be racist and its not ok to bully – but she engages in all that behaviour herself blatantly and gets away with it and cbs gives her good edits because she has got the fake wannabe actress loud trying to be funny every DR possible type of personality!

  33. Not surprising that Howie & Candy got such great edits. Notice they didn’t show how Candice cried & cried over the bed? Or how angry Howie got or they praying or him telling somebody (Spencer, maybe – can’t remember?) that he had to ask his friends to lie about his temper when BB called. Seriously – not down with the racist stuff but all the houseguests have been less than kind about each other.
    And CBS – your disclaimer does not absolve you of the choice not to step in & say something. Notice they edited out the fact that production told Amanda about all the racists stuff & pretty munch sent her to talk to her about it. Oh yeah – that’s gonna work.
    I think this might be the last edited show I watch – I’ve only watch 3 so far, deleted the rest.

    1. So CBS didn’t show enough of Candice crying from Aaryn’s torment? They didn’t show Howard trying to keep his cool and about him lying (who’s to say he didn’t just say that to Candice to drive home the point that if even he can turn the other cheek, she could too). So those failings are tantamount to bullying and racial harrassment? Or is this more Howard throwing the comp was reverse racism? As if there is even such a thing.

      I think we can all be glad your not doing the edits.

    1. Let’s try this again… I never thought I’d ask this, but after two to three weeks, are Amanda and McCrae a seriously strong power couple?

  34. Opinions from tonight’s episode:

    I know people have been talking about Howard and the bible… but I really feel that he is “trying” to be a good guy and he really needs the bible to guide him. He did awesome with Candice and the “beotches” and if we sit and think where he might me coming from (in his personal life) that being good might be hard for him. Which is why it is hard for him to “not lie”, so he uses the bible as a crutch. Not that I want him to win in the end… but I want him to go further than Jeremy and Spencer.

    The way the girls talked to Jessie and Candice was horrible. I have been reading this blog for years (thanks Simon and Dawg) so I know what is going on but this year it seems that regardless of what I know is going to happen, I am still shocked at how bad it actually goes down. I felt so bad for these 2 women on how they were treated. The fact that Aaryn “still” doesn’t think that she has said or done anything racist is “beyond my comprehension”!! She looked totally shocked when Amanda was going off on her and DENIES that Amanda ever talked to her about her racist comments which I know happened because they “SHOWED IT ON LIVE TV!!”.

    I didn’t expect the GinaMarie tirade after Nick’s eviction (all I can remember from the blog is her crying, crying, crying… like a baby ,… and she’s still crying…) but the way she went off on Candice was pathetic. I cannot believe that Candice attempted to console her (I would never have done that…. EVER).

    I am VERY tired of people saying that now they are going to start voting out the STRONG people. Guess what?!?!?! There are different types of STRONG. You have physical (David, Jeremy, Howard), you have the mental (Helen, Amanda, Andy, Candice, Nick) and you have the social (which various people do or do not fit into). I am glad the physical is going away. I prefer watching people match WITS than dominating others on physical strength alone. If you can’t think with your brain and depend on strength alone… you are doomed in the Big Brother house!! This is a mental game more than physical… any REAL FAN would know that!!!!

    Also…. I am really tired of showmances. They RUIN the season and this year there are too many!! If they can save Jeremy, cut Kaitlyn. If they save McCrae, cut Amanda. If you save GinaMarie, cut Nick, If they save Candice, cut Howard. If I were in the house with showmances all around, my sole purpose would be to cut the worm in half and let only one half continue. Plain and simple…. If you don’t, you do not know how to play Big Brother and are not worthy of $500k.

    1. I forgot to mention how I “loved” how Howard tried to throw the Have/Have Not competition! He was teamed up with Kaitlyn, Aaryn and GM!!! Too bad McCrae is such a weakling that they couldn’t get past his attempt. Thumbs down on McCrae in that competition… I am wondering if he was trying to throw it too for some reason???!?!?!

  35. This may be an unpopular opinion here, but I’d still like to see Aaryn gone this week. I like Helen a lot, but her HOH has been a little confusing. I think that Aaryn is a truly destructive force in the house and one that is really damaging people emotionally and psychologically. The season would be a lot easier to watch if Aaryn were voted out. Last night’s episode (and the name-calling and disgusting talk) was difficult to watch because of the vicious bullying. Bullying has definitely happened in other seasons (I can think of Season 6, Season 8, the season where everyone was paired up into couples — was that Season 11?), but not with this particular tone. Aaryn just needs to go.

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