Spencer asks how many times do you think Gina will say “THIS IS FOR YOU NICK!”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:30am – 10am All of the house guests are still sleeping except for Helen. She gets up and gets dressed to do her morning run. She then heads downstairs and sits in the lounge room looking sad. She then starts her morning run from the bathroom to the living room as they are on an indoor lock down for tonight’s live eviction episode. At 10am Big Brother switches the live fees to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests.

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10:15am – 10:40am When the feeds return – Andy, Judd and Spencer are in the bathroom waking up. Andy says that it chills my spin walking in the bathroom with no shoes on. Spencer asks if he would do the 5 second rule if he dropped some food on it. Andy says oh hell no! Andy says that he is going to send Gina into a tail spin tonight and write “I love Nick Uhas!” Andy says everyone’s being lazy today. It’s 10am, GET THE HELL UP! Andy goes to see if he can hear Big Brother working in the backyard on their competition set up. He says maybe they will be talking about what type of competition it is. Andy listens and says that he can’t hear anything. Helen says are you ready for a big day. Andy says WOW Helen is already intimidating people! Did you hear that! Andy, Judd and McCrae head into the lounge room. McCrae says that he is going to sleep so hard in the HOH room. Andy asks what when you win HOH? McCrae says no on the HOH lock down. Andy says oh okay I thought you were already talking like you were going to win it. Andy talks about how Helen is already trying to intimate people. It’s working on me. Judd says she’s a bully. Judd says that’s why I had to turn my facebook off. Andy says why because she was cyber bullying you? They all laugh. Andy jokes just watch Gina win HOH tonight! Judd says oh my god, I hope not! Spencer asks how many times do you think she will say “THIS IS FOR YOU NICK!” Judd says 10 times. Andy jokes that Gina says Nick wasn’t coming after any of them. Judd says I wasn’t coming after any of you, I am just going to win this thing. They laugh.


CBS Interactive Inc.

10:40am – 11:10am Helen joins the others in the lounge. Helen asks so everyone is on board with how we are voting tonight. Andy jokes yeah Spencer. They laugh. Helen says Jeremy is going home. Helen brings up how we all need to be on board with giving havenots to the people that haven’t had it yet. Helen references being on slop is like starving kids in Africa. Spencer says that he has no problem being a havenot. He says that Gina really doesn’t want to be a have not because she doesn’t want to give up Nick’s bed. Helen says well her time is up. Howard joins them Helen tells Howard that if he wins HOH, he needs to put Spencer, Gina, Kaitlin and Aaryn on slop. Spencer says her last hours of HOH she is dictating who are havenots. They all laugh. Helen says I could go from Head of Household to havenot in a matter of hours, that’s why I love this game. Jessie comments that Gina might switch her affections to one of them. Spencer says god I hope not. The conversation turns wondering what type of HOH competition it will be tonight. Jessie leaves to go get more coffee. Spencer comments to McCrae “She’s fine isn’t she!” Andy comes back in. The talk about how shaddy Nick was and how often he got called to the diary room. Spencer asks Andy “do gay dudes fist pump each other a lot?” Andy says no! Amanda comes by the lounge and says that she had a really fu*ked up dream last night about jail and being raped.

11:20am – 11:30am In the kitchen Howard is cleaning. Meanwhile in the lounge – Candice, Jessie, Amanda and Andy are talking and joking around. Candice says I need to wake.. Andy says your CRABS UP? Candice laughs. Andy says if it’s a double eviction I am going to hit the panic button. I hope tonight is a quadruple eviction. Judd laughs and says yeah 4 people go home.


11:35am Big Brother turns the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the HOH lock down.

12:45pm Still TRIVIA

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I see Kaitlyn being a potential competition beast- she may just shift the power to her side with this HoH competition tonight.

VA Vet

Kaitlyn in the diary room after winning HOH. “NOBODY GETS BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN”!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Now I don’t want her to win HOH, I hated that line.

Rachel stole it from Bart Simpson’s butterfinger commercial and I used to love that commercial.

VA Vet

I’m glad at least someone recognized it as a parody. This board need to lighten up a bit.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Sheeple doesn’t know how to lighten up. They don’t buy the feeds, so they believe everything on the CBS edit.

VA Vet

Plus the cat ladies get their nose out of joint whenever anything about RB or JJ isn’t presented in glowing terms.

(Watch how many thumbs down that comment gets! LOL)

I disagree

Butterfinger was “nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger”. I think she was doing, “nobody gets between me and my Calvin’s”. Its a jeans commercial with Brooke Shields.

I disagree

Nothing, not nobody


Kaitlyn will probably lose this one. She probably be do the same as Jeremy did. She will be evicted after Aaryn!!!!!


Kaitlin won’t win HoH! She not a potential beast. She will lose big time!!!


That’s what I think and why I feel they need to get her out before Aaryn. Kaitlin is built like a brick wall and also, being a bartender, must have good memory (having to remember orders – and she did win the POV which was memory-based). Aaryn can also be pretty sweet when she’s not doing her racist thing, while Kaitlin has this cold or heartless aura about her 24/7. Kaitlin is more dangerous in my opinion.


Think Aaryn is more ignorant than really a racist. She really just does not know better because she has been probably so sheltered and spoiled all her life. Hopefully she will grow up to see how insensitive her comments really were, but in her ignorant mind I really do not think she meant is as racist.


I feel it could go either way with her – she might want to leave right after Jermy so she can be with him, or she’ll try to get even and really turn the gas on.


Seriously Helen what a da*n stupid statement to say that being on Slop is like starving kids in Africa. You are an idiot to make such an insensitive remark. You are an IDIOT!


Did anyone else see the conversation where Amanda admitted she is a racist, or the conversation where Judd was talking about how GM had said worse comments than Aaryn, which she has, but everyone overlooks GM comments because she is funny. Wow you forgive GM for being a racist because she is funny or Amanda that readily admits to being a racist on the live feeds? Bet money CBS does not air this and does that make CBS if they don’t a little racist?


JUDD said that last night on the couch to Andy and Spencer but I think he said GM was just as bad not worse.. Judd is worried about GM because she’s expressed interest in putting him up so he has motive to run her name trough he mud.


I thought he said that GM’s comments were worse which they were, and that Amanda admitted that she is racist really blew me away. Guess CBS is protecting her and why? I have yet to figure out why they are protecting these other people but instead are all about attacking a 22 year old imbecile. I know that my children were such an ignorant persons at 22 and thank the Lord they grew to think on their own after college.


the cbs amanda favouritism…

i heard her say she used to work in post production in LA


I dont find Gina funny. I have been saying since day 1 that I find her rude, obnoxious, loud and now with the Nick issue psyco….can you all imagine how she would be if they had been dating and gotten married and he left her? She would go off the deep end for sure


I see Gina as being clinically crazy.


I hope Nick , that we don’t even know if straight or gay, not that we care, go to the nearest Courthouse and apply for a Restraining Order against ” Fatal Attaction ” delusional GinaMarie lady. Go fast Nick! It is looking dangerous! Evidence is on tape!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Not racist, “rating whores” whenever there’s a tiny hint of racial tension in the media, it gets blow out of proportion, making what seemed as a small situation into a bigger deal than it is, which is why Howard was off the block this week, CBS is trying to build more racial tension in the house, which means more people will be watching and talking about it, in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict. It’s sad I know, but that’s the way of the world, especially here in America.


thumbs up if you want Howard for MVP, HOH and POV

Jedi Jani


ILLWILL That A$$hole



Not possible Simon, there no way Howard will win HoH, MVP or PoV. Not possible.


Hey Cap,

I promise you an upvote for every comment if you change your name to “Village Idiot”…


No I won’t change it to village idiot. You change from Name to village idiot.

Who Me???

Great comeback. Ranks right up there with – I know you are, but what am I?


I’m with you!!


As a Christian myself, I would love to see Howard turn it around and repent, just come clean about the lies and the swearing on, “religion,” which is the same as the Bible. You have to lie in the house because it is a game, I understand that. But Howard dug himself a hole and he just needs to come clean to get the respect back.
I would like to see Howard get HoH tonight and turn up the heat on Amanda. I would like to see her on the block, not necessarily to go home, but watch her game play and McRaes. As far as going home Gina Marie, Spencer or Aaryn because they will becoming home to a media fire storm and I have to go back to teaching and will not be able to read the updates from Dawg and Simon when they pop up. As a fan of BB from the start, this has been the one of the best game playing I have ever seen. 3 major guys out first 3 weeks awesome. As far as Ellisa MPV gave her an even playing field because she would have been gone week 1 just for being Rachael’s sister. Keeping Howard insured Jeremy is going home this week. She made the correct choice for HER game and proved she will NOT be weaponized by the other HG.

PS…I love you Siomon and Dawg!! We spend a lot of time together each summer!!!! joking!!!


Gotta say…..anytime some one starts a sentence with “Im a Christian”….I throw up in my mouth a little bit. I have nothing against Christianity or any other religion, but why must you remind someone of it when you are making a point? Do you have no other way to make a point? Or maybe you are just constantly having to remind yourself which religion you belong to?

Big Sister

So glad you are on board, Simon! I encourage everyone to vote the maximum 10x on cbs.com (It is free!) for Howard to get MVP. He is getting a lot of undeserved negativity from Amanda, Andy and others.


Such the conspiracy theorist aren’t you. Why can’t things just happen because people change things up. According to you we should all just go with a plan and stick with it cause we’re supposed to, cause we are all just a bunch a robots and have no conscience. So I what I gather from all your posts, people in the house can’t change their minds otherwise Production made it happen.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Watch the feeds fool, both Helen and Elissa said production pressured them not to put Howard up, and while you’re at it watch DickatNite past HGs talks about production manipulation all the time..

Know what you’re talking about before you reply to my posts.


I cant watch Dick at night, he just talks about himself the whole time. I dont get any input on his views of the new season,.he just yammers on and on about his season and himself. YAWN


Amanda did NOT say she was a racist.. And if you heard it she was probably mocking the whole conversation (she does this a lot).. I have watched her on the live feeds and heard her echo the sentiment enough that she is the farthest person from being a racist.


Sorry, but Amanda did say she was a Racist and was shocked that CBS was portraying Aaryn as one when she was the one that was the Racist.


exactly its pretty astonishing how much cbs are giving amanda undeserved golden edits

she has said racist remarks and even sang a racist song

her lover mcvag has told her many times the remarks are racist

she has admitted she has been racist in the house

wtf cbs?


why is the camera always on amanda an mcare every time at the end of the show they have to show them please show somebody else


CBS is milking the showmance for cat people money


Omg I’m laughing so hard right now, funny shit!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

The new Jeff and Jordan? Cat people are going to eat it up, and defend everything they do to the end, like they did for JJ.


Let me guess, I bet you believe that Production bribed them to get together.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Listen, my balls are aching, can you please get off of them?



Is it just me or does Jordan always seem bored and a little..um…disconnected? She seems very sweet and all, but Jeff is so outgoing and friendly and Jordan just seems kinda out of it. What is the cat people reference? Thanks in advance.

VA Vet

My understanding of the “cat people” is someone who’s primary companion is a cat and their groins get stimulated at the thought of Jeff and/or Jordan and/or other couples on BB.

Perhaps someone else could elaborate more.


A Cat person is someone who has undying love for a big brother character. They skew polls, send Shelly’s family death threats and tell me my site sucks because of my grammar and spelling mistakes. They generally make things uncomfortable for everyone
1) Cat people love Frank, Janelle, Rachel, Elissa, and they worship JEJO.. JEJO is their god
2) You can be a JEJO, Frank, Janelle, Rachel, and Elissa fan and not be a cat person
3) You don’t need to own a cat but it doesn’t hurt
4) I on occasion have exhibited cat person like traits I think all BB fans do.. that is when you beat me with a phone book
5) It has been theorized that the cat people moment started during Big Brother 6
6) There is no way on earth there opinion of their favourite character will change no matter what.

anybody else want to take a stab at the official cat person description?


Hilarious! I’m glad that’s been defined. I am not a cat person. Whew!


Elissa has no redeeming qualities; she is a waste of space. There is nothing interesting, likable, sincere, intelligent or attractive about her. If you like/defend Elissa, you are DEFINITELY a cat person. M-Elissa-O-W


I don’t get it, let me in on the joke please.


lol that’s pretty funny. Now, which of these showmances can actually survive off camera? Hmm..




i love watching mccrae and amanda! and honestly, so many people come to them with information and just sit with them i find it gives one of the best perspectives of what is going on in the house. i feel like some other HGs, if you follow them only on the feeds, you’d have no idea what is going on in the house!! i hate any convo with spencer, gm, elissa, aaryn, jeremy and even helen and howard/candance are starting to get boring now… i just don’t enjoy watching them on the feeds. i also enjoy andy, judd and jessie, but mostly when they are talking as a group.


They would be my favorite couple. I think Amanda is really sharp and I love how she will say anything and everything that’s on her mind. She had the balls to come in and get in the faces of Aaryn/Kaitlin/Gina/Jeremy all at once (mattress incident) and I thought she kicked their asses.


another person not paying attention to the fight after the nick eviction

jess had already put the 4 bullies in their place

manda came fishing for mvp votes shouting at aaryn in an argument that had nothing to do with amanda…aaryn spoke the truth when she told manda that manda talks more shit about the girls than anyone


GINA personality is like liquid paper…. I AM not in the big brother house and i want to evict her a** when she leaves the big brother house she is in for a rude awakening ..Even though she ask nick to kiss her touch her and hug her he told her on many ocassions he doesnt want any relation or showance with her I really do believe she is bat shit crazy and the sad thing about it she can be actually end up being one of those LADYS on SNAPPED

candice / howard MVP


What makes reality shows interesting to me is when you can relate to a cast member and root for them to win because of a feeling that they are relatable. Or the opposite feeling of hoping a person will fail because they are such evil characters. With this cast I don’t relate to any of them on a personal level. The only person who I would even see having a beer with is Judd. This is why watching this season is so frustrating. I really despise the entire cast and my enjoyment comes from seeing each one of them having difficulties. I am really just watching to see which hateful person gets eliminated first and the hope that there is as much drama as possible.


I just hope either Howard, Elissa or Candice win the HOH, and see Amanda kissing ass the whole week, I use to like this girl but completely lost respect

ILLWILL That A$$hole

No, Elissa cannot win HOH, no more Helen dictatorship, it wasn’t even entertaining, it was annoying as hell.


Yes she will win. The whole America is counting on her to win it. Kaitlyn can’t win it nor Aaryn, GinaMarie, or even Howard. Have faith.


Amanda talks about Helen pushing her agenda but she has become a bully. Watching last night when Elissa didn’t want to put up Howard, she lost it. Elissa has it right, they want her to do their dirty work for them. If Amanda wants Howard gone, win HOH and put him up yourself.


I agree, Amanda really screwed up on how she handled that. I know a girl just like her (It’s eerie because she has the same build, same voice, same manner) and I don’t like her. She strong arms everyone to do what she wants. She’s used to this because most people won’t put her in her place, she gets away with it and keeps doing it. Just wait. Someone will tell her flat out no, and she will fly into full bully mode. Guarantee it!


I know a girl just like Amanda. She’s fun as hell. Married to a good friend of mine…of course over the last 10 years she’s sucker punched me 3 times for reasons I’m still not clear on…but she’s still fun to be around.


Yeah, that’s another thing about this girl I know. She is great fun to be around…. as long as things are going her way. The second someone wants to do something different than what she has already decided in her head… then BAM! Full out bully.

VA Vet

If Elissa wins HOH, we’ll get another week of Helen’s mighty mouth. Do you really want that?


Yes, because we need more confident less chaos. I rather have fairness than chaos.

VA Vet

I’m not surprised.

Suzy Sunshyne

You have to ask yourself, what does Amanda’s boyfriend back home look like?! I say we get rid of McCrae and keep Amanda. I personally have a problem with a few of the house guests racist and misogynistic comments. Spencer is getting better, production must have talked to him. Jeremy is leaving, can we get an AMEN! Next you take out the crazy delusional mean girl crew, Aryan, Gina, and Kaitlyn I think you could have a pretty good game. There are some people who want to play. Wondering why they haven’t called the therapist in for Gina, she clearly needs some help!


Good grief Amanda has some seriously messed up dreams.


She’s probably sleeping with a nicotine patch on her arm, those give the most realistic crazy dreams.


Well the symbolism isn’t hard to read, she’s TRAPPED in the BB House with cameras everywhere and just had sex wth McCrae in the pilot room when everyone went to bed.


Glad I switched to electric cigarette instead of going on the patch. That is what I would be taking to the BB house if I were there.


I am so close to blowing off this season! I just hope Big Brother will be picked up for another season after this horrible season!


I love this season!!!!


Amanda is having bad dreams because she is wearing the patch to bed. It will cause crazy nightmares.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

If the patch can cause nightmares, why the hell would people put it on?

Glad I don’t smoke..


I had the same problem years ago with the patch. The directions tell you to take off the patch before bedtime, then apply a new one the following day. After one night of crazy-a$$ dreams, I learned to follow the directions.

i'm tall

it wasn’t a dream amanda! u know it all happened to you when you spent 6-months in that female penitentiary in Flordia 5 years ago! Come clean and tell the house! 🙂


Andy is a little creep, he always makes sick little comments to people like, ‘crabs, hoe and which guys in the house he would like to fuck first.” Can’t stand him!


Elissa wins HOH and MVP. Helen wins POV. Mom Squad in power again!


can’t wait


Lol, love the sarcasm Simon. Can we be super-friends??? 😉


For sure… I want everyone to be my friend

VA Vet

LMAO at that one! You’re on a roll Helen—-I mean Simon.

i'm tall

i’m all for elissa. i really like her but i’m against anything helen at this point. she is the worst with her dictator mentality. her week as hoh as been horrific to say the least. her plan on protecting everyone is going to come and bite her in the butt. how is she gonna keep her promises now that she isn’t in power?


Good go no!


God, not go. I hate my iPad sometimes!


I would love to Elissa win something so she can see her family.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

I hope tonight is the big glass box competition that they had in Janie and Kaysar’s season… I bet Simon and Dawg would hate it though… That comp was so brutal I think it lasted for the better part of an entire day didn’t it???

VA Vet

Either 14 or 17 hours. Not sure which, but it finally ended when they made a deal.


Lol, that’s an idea for a tiebreaker question. “How many times has the word “Nick” been used by all of the houseguests since his eviction?”


Simon/Dawg, why did they take Gina’s clothes and make-up away? I see the pic about Candice’s DKNY bathrobe, did all her clothes have logos or sponsorship?


Thanks, I remember her whining about it. I guess her make-up had sparkles in it too 😉 haha


With regards to the makeup issue, GM brought an air brush makeup kit int the house that’s why it was confiscated. Whatever the case, I’m glad that BB did that because we all get to see the “real” GM in all her glory! 😀


She obviously isn’t good at following directions. I’m pretty sure they tell you all of that before going into the house. I really doubt they have that hour to pack and go as they lead you to believe on the first episode.


Mr & Mrs. Amanda were doing the deed last night. Around 3 times.


This morning around 3:50 Amanda and Mc C had sex. It was so gross…….


Don’t remember what time but yesterday Kaitlin and Jeremy masturbated each other in bed again. Jeremy even told her her shoulder (movements) were too obvious. He dad must be so proud (puke face).


Her dad


Everyone is so set on this plan on who to get out and when. Yet, if this season is supposed to last into mid september like they claimed, there’s no way that old houseguests won’t come back! It’ll be interesting to see what happens

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Some of these BB fans on here need to buy the feeds, I’m tired of the sheeple posting some s**t that was heard on the live feeds, denying it happened, because they only watch the CBS edit.


Ginamarie is so crazy, I wonder if production did, in fact, not confiscate all her clothes, and the truth is she just forgot to pack anything flattering and is looking for someone to blame.


Unfortunately I’m done with this season already. I saw every season. This one is the worst by far!!


Then leave already!

Howard's Biceps

Get ready for a whole a lot of ass kissing tonight when Howard wins HOH! Especially from McCrea and Amanda!! Go Howard!!

Howard's Biceps


ILLWILL That A$$hole

Sheeple, no disrespect, but if you’re only watching the “CBS edit” you couldn’t possibly know what “live feeders” are talking about, when they says a HG said DR said this and that. So please before you think about posting your BS, read through the OBB blog, that’s where I get all my info Simon and Dawg.

Production DOES manipulate the game, past HG talk about it all the time. Ian BB14 winner was talking about it Evel Dick’s DickatNite

And if you do not like what I post, here’s a new thing that’s JUST came out.. DON’T REPLY.

Have a Nice Day fellow Big Brother Fanatics

Mandingo's Love Child aka Howard

OK there Helen.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

OMFG, did I get mistaken for a dictator? ROLMFAO

Mandingo's Love Child aka Howard

Mistaken for one? No. Called one? Yes.


LOL at your username!

Mandingo's Love Child aka Howard


Bring Back The GLASS BOX

I want celebrity Big Brother!! There are 1,000 B-D listers willing to do this I’m sure…. just look at Dancing With The STars…. and celeb rehab! 😉

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Nah, it would suck just like the us version of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! ”

But it is cheaper since the winners don’t get winnings, since they do it for charities..

Seeing them hanging on a tire getting slammed into a wall would be hilarious.


Surreal Life


I hope next week Judd wins HOH, noninates Aaryn and Spencer, Helen wins MVP and nominates Amanda. Then, I want Candice to win POV and choose not to use it and Amanda will hopefully go home.


I want Howard or Candace to win HOH, put up Amanda and Jessie (as a pawn) and the MVP (likely Elissa, right) could put up another pawn: Andy (?) I wouldn’t expect Amanda to win POV. Could McCrae? Doubtful, yes? It would be interesting to see Amanda in action and…it would also be good to put Andy on the hot seat a bit as Amanda campaigned against him. I wouldn’t trust being able to backdoor Amanda.


On second thought, putting both Jessie and Andy up is too obvious a double pawn play…one of them would have to be Spencer or even Kaitlyn again to look more legit.


I would love to see elissa or Andy win HOH


My Bootlist for the season:
16th: David
15th: Nick
14th: Jeremy
13th: Spencer
12th: Amanda
11th: Andy
10th: Aaryn
9th: Howard
8th: Ginamarie
7th: Candice
6th: Elissa
5th: Jessie
4th: McCrae
3rd: Kaitlin
Runner-Up: Helen
Winner: Judd

ILLWILL That A$$hole

J U Double D FTW


Elissa please win that HoH! I know I believe in you. You can do it.


So, who else can’t read the title without saying”this is for you Nick” in Guna’s nasal NY accent? I’m originally from Jersey, so the accent is easy. The nasal part, not so much, but my daughter nails it!


How many times you think we have to hear Spencer the molester say ‘Damn, so and so is hot.” ?


“DAmn, Jessie is HOT .. when those cheeks jiggle it scrambles my brains” Spencer

“Damn she’s fine .. natural beauty” Howard

It Puts the Lotion On It's Skin

“Damn she’s fine” – my right hand.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

However many hours til his eviction?


The best twist I would like to see would be the SUPER-EVICTION. One where both the BB house and America vote on who they want kicked out. Whoever the house votes out gets kicked out of the house as normal….but if that player is also the person America wants booted, they get kicked out of the country! Deeeeeeeeeeported!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

But then it wouldn’t be Big Brother anymore, it would be “Immigration”



he is cocky as hell but he has a heart and he deserves a second chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

AG, could do that, just to f**k with the house, like she did in season 12, Rachel coming back for 24 and the catfight with Regan was classic…


I think it will be interesting to see if the MVP gets retired the same week as Elissa winning her first HOH. Would almost guarantee that happens.

Gina Marie