Amanda says GinaMarie has a serious mental disorder, there is something wrong with her!

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

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12:30pm Out in the backyard – Andy, Candice, Aaryn, Judd, Howard and Gina are talking and joking around on the couch. Spencer says he has a speech that will knock your socks off. Judd says his speech should be “To whom it may concern, fu*k all of ya’ll” Aaryn says that she doesn’t know what she is going to say. Candice asks did anyone else hear Andy’s would you rather? She says would you rather, either when you are nominated all you can say is “I am addicted to internet p*rn” or everytime you compete in the HOH competition your pants fall down and you have no underwear on. Judd quickly says internet porn. Aaryn says pants fall down. Howard says pants fall down. Aaryn says I am not ashamed of what I am working with. Gina says I actually am addicted to internet p*rn so I would go with that. Andy says yeah me too. Aaryn says how much time do you look at internet p*rn? Andy says sometime it takes a few minutes, sometimes it take longer. Howard says yeah sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes it takes hours. Candice asks HOURS? Howard says yeah.

Up in the HOH room Amanda, Elissa, McCrae are talking. Elissa tells Amanda that she will be loyal to our group. Amanda says I think we will be fine. Elissa says yeah with Jeremy gone, one of us will win the Veto. Amanda says it would be stupid for Howard to put up us because we have allies. It would be smarter for him to put up people like Kaitlin and GInamarie because they have no one. Elissa says that she can’t believe that they ever thought that I would put you (Amanda) up as MVP. Amanda asks what was their justification. Elissa says I guess to get McCrae alone. McCrae nods. Amanda say that doesn’t even make sense how does that benefit you (Elissa). McCrae says that’s why they are dangerous. They talk about the HOH competition coming up. Amanda says that the people that haven’t been havenots better get it. They talk about how no one will for get how Jeremy bull dozed through here.

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In the lounge Candice and Andy talk about how where they are at. Andy says that he feels he can talk to Howard once a week and they are good. Candice says that she and Howard don’t talk much game. They talk about Kaitlin and Aaryn. Candice says that Aaryn apologized for flipping the mattress but Kaitlin never apologized for calling me a trashy wh*re. In the havenot room – Judd and Jessie are talking. Judd tells Jessie about his conversation with Howard. Judd tells Jessie how Howard said he would watch his back and yours. And how Judd said that he would do the same for Howard and Candice. Judd says I don’t think that is what he really wanted to about, I think he changed his mind. Jessie says that she is so happy we are working together, you have been such a great partner. I trust you 110%.

1:15am Up in the HOH – Candice talks to Elissa about how it is taking up so much of her energy to be around Aaryn. She says Aaryn just said so many hurtful things about me and the people I care about. Elissa says I can’t have a conversation with her because she turns it all around and twists it. Candice says I think she will watch herself on TV and see that she isn’t the center of the universe and that there are different and unique people out there. Maybe she will get over these sheltered racist views that she has. If she grew up spoiled on some branch as the only baby, then maybe she hasn’t been around all this but being sheltered is not excuse. Candice says that she learned a whole growth thing from Howie about not reacting and giving up our bed. They talk about how they both find it disappointing that Aaryn said her biggest lesson in the house was that she should invest in a muzzle. Candice says that she gave Aaryn the opportunity to redeem herself and show how much she grew but she didn’t. Elissa says that she doesn’t wish anything bad on Aaryn but she just doesn’t want a relationship with her. Candice agrees.


1:30am In the lounge room – Judd, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae are talking. Aaryn comments how Judd said Nick’s hat would only go for $6 on ebay and someone would just rip it to shreds. Judd says that Ginamarie is the most pathetic bizarre person I have ever seen in my life. McCrae brings up the being havenots. Judd says that Gina is worried about losing her bed because that is where her and Nick slept. (Judd punches the air). Aaryn says that Gina said I better get my fu*king bed back. Aaryn says we have all had to switch and share beds. Aaryn leaves. Judd asks Amanda and McCrae about bringing Jessie into their goof troop alliance. Amanda says we don’t need to bring her in to it, we can just protect her. Judd says that he just really trusts her. Andy joins them for a minute. Andy says that Gina doesn’t want to vote for Jeremy because she wants to be loyal. Andy says he told her that Jeremy wasn’t loyal to her with the Moving Company. He says that Gina said she didn’t care and says that she insists on being loyal. They think Gina will vote out Spencer. Amanda says that GinaMarie has a serious mental disorder, there is something wrong with her! Andy talks about how Candice would do anything for Howard, we need to nip that in the bud. Andy asks Judd what Howard told him. Judd says just that he has my back and he randomly said he has Jessie’s back too. Judd says that Gina is annoying the fu*k out of him lately. Andy says it will be a travesty if she lasts longer than any of them. Judd says it’s a travesty that she’s still here. Judd says that he thinks that anyone can get MVP now since Elissa got it the first two times but then McCrae got it. Amanda says that if she were to win HOH and Elissa and Helen were on the block I wouldn’t use POV so that none of us go up on the block. Andy says that he feels like no one in the Goof Troop is on anyone’s radar.

1:50pm Up in the HOH room – Helen is talking to Elissa and Candice about Aaryn. She says that Aaryn feels Kaitlin and Gina are distancing themselves from her. Helen says that Aaryn said she wouldn’t come after me and Elissa. Helen says that Aaryn thinks that the guys stirred up a lot of drama. Helen says I don’t think she deserves to be here but I don’t think she is to blame for everything. Elissa asks if Aaryn said anything ground breaking. Helen says no, except that she is remorseful but that could all be an act. Helen brings up how Aaryn gets upset about the wh*re house comment and the comments about the medication Adderall that she takes. Elissa just thinks that it is such a mind altering medication that it’s an unfair advantage. Candice says that Aaryn said that she will invest in a muzzle, which means she will still think hateful things but not say them. Helen comments that she think Gina really loves Nick.
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2:15am – 2:50am Out in the backyard – Spencer tells Howard that he would like to bring in Andy and Judd into an alliance. Howard says that Andy will tell people anything they say. Spencer agrees. He says that is why he just offers safety instead of an alliance. Spencer asks Judd who he would want out first Aaryn, Kaitlin, or Gina. Judd says Kaitlin is so nice that people may end up wanting to work with her. He says that Aaryn has no one and Gina is batsh*t crazy. Spencer tells Judd that Gina was blaming Judd for Nick’s eviction. Spencer says that it was a 7 – 4 vote. Judd says he keeps trying to explain it to her that the votes were there with or without him but that she just doesn’t get it. Judd says that Gina talked about spending the holidays with Nick. Judd says that Gina is delusional. Judd says that it’s starting to get old because she can’t talk about anything with bringing up Nick. Howard thinks Gina might be doing it for attention. Spencer says that Gina isn’t smart enough to do it for attention. She is batsh*t crazy! Howard heads inside to go to bed. Judd and Spence shake hands and agree to not put each other up. Judd says we need to get the three girls out. Spence says if they go then it will be five girls and five guys. Spencer wonders about Elissa wanting an all-girls alliance. Judd says that may have been the first day. They both think that the girls couldn’t all be together with all the fighting that would happen. Judd says he sacrificed a lot to be here and says that it makes him mad that people will coast. Spencer says that he hope Howard will dominate in some competitions because he looks like he could kick some a$$. Judd asks if Howard has been throwing the comps. Spencer says that Howard didn’t want to look like a powerhouse. Spencer says that he is excited to give a speech and tell his girlfriend Marilyn and his family that he loves them. Spencer says that if Howard won HOH he would nominate Kaitling and Aaryn or Kaitlin and Gina. Judd and Spencer agree that Gina can’t make it to Jury because she would be bitter. Spencer says if he makes it to jury house and makes the $13000 stipend he will pay off Marilyn’s car, buying her a ring and pay for a honeymoon. Spencer and Judd head to bed.

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3am – 4:10am Amanda and McCrae are still up talking about random things and making out. They talk about past seasons of Big Brother. Amanda asks McCrae what he was talking to Gina about today. McCrae says he was talking about making Amanda his Big Brother wife, he says Amanda Olsen. They talk about how they are excited for their wedding. The conversation turns to talking about how they both don’t want Andy to make it to the final 3 because he has a good memory. Amanda comments that it was bold of Judd to ask to bring Jessie into the goof troop alliance. McCrae says that Judd is wanting security with someone that will fight for him. McCrae says that Judd wouldn’t do anything to mess up the alliance. They talk about the Brigade. Amanda puts a big handful of baby powder down her pants and McCrae watches her. Amanda tells him that she is keeping it fresh, trust me! I know what I am doing! They decide to head to bed.

9:15am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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97 thoughts on “Amanda says GinaMarie has a serious mental disorder, there is something wrong with her!

  1. Candice, as well as the house(numbers) need to clue in on Helen, the only “protection” she’s worried about are her and Elissa, her bigass mouth is letting it be known that she’s only worried about 2 people.

    Someone needs to put duct tape over her mouth for the next month.

    1. Candice might not turn on Helen though. The perfect scenario would be for Howard to win HOH, what Howard would do is totally unknown, which leaves us waiting in suspense, what is Howard thinking of doing? We could also get someone winning HOH who might target McCrae and Amanda, I want to see how these two would do under pressure since they’ve never really had to go against each other, would they turn? It’s all up to who wins HOH, if Elissa wins HOH I like the girl, but she won’t add much suspense. Aaryn winning wouldn’t add much suspense either. Maybe Kaitlyn could, but she’s blinded by Andy. I need some suspense, who do you guys think should win HOH?

      1. Right, I’d like to see something totally different happen this week, because right now if the boreingfriends w/ benefits win HOH, we already know what will happen Aaryn,Howard,Spencer,GM is gong home.

        Amanda/McCrae on the hotseat would be AWESOME drama.

        But if Elissa/Helen got put up, even though Helen deserves to go up more than anyone after her dictatorship this week, that would be expected.

        1. Honestly – I would love to see Kaitlyn get HOH to see who she nominates – she could really go in a lot of different directions. I just don’t want to see GinaMarie or Andy in the final 2! ICK

      2. I’m pretty sure Howard would put up Amanda, if not both Amanda and McCrae, but definitely Amanda. He’s been wanting her up since Day 1. I would LOVE Howard to get HOH just to see what happens too. I do like Amanda (somewhat) but would, like you said, like to see her under pressure. It would also be good to see the target off Howard’s back and see what he does with that. And, uh, Howie, if you’re really planning on asking Marilyn to marry you, I’d stop looking so cozy with Miss Candace. You gonna have some serious ‘splainin’ to do Mister!

        1. Howard doesn’t even know Marilyn. Marilyn is Spencer’s girlfriend and I don’t see Spence getting all up with Miss Candace.

      3. It is dangerous to have Howard win HOH. He is easily influenced by the bullies, and has been a liar too. I liked him until I saw how he has not showed any backbone, he has not defended his race or even Candice in several occasions. Strategy? I would go with cowardy!!!

      1. simon, i missed the whole “royalty vote” thing on and the polls are already closed. was that in last nights episode?

        1. What royal title do you want to bestow upon the Houseguests? Your opinion will play a role in the next HoH Competition! Vote now and tune in to Big Brother on Thursday, July 18th 9/8c to find out just how you made your mark on the game!

          1. Who would be crowned the Earl of Egotism because they are most likely to want their face added to Mount Rushmore?
          2. Who would be crowned the Duke of Dork because they are most likely to stand in line for ten hours to buy a Zingbot action figure?
          3. Who would be crowned the Sultan of Sexy because they are most likely to be featured on the cover of Hot Highnesses Weekly?
          4. Who would be crowned the King of Klutz because they are most likely to trip over their own words?
          5. Who would be crowned the Mean Queen because they are most likely to laugh while stealing candy from a baby?
          6. Who would be crowned the Lord of Laziness because they are most likely to go straight from living in the Big Brother house to living in their parents’ basement?
          7. Who would be crowned the Squire of Sugar because they are most likely to go on an ice cream binge and gain 100 pounds this summer?
          8. Who would be crowned the Friar of Frowns because they are most likely to whine when the house runs out of wine?
          9. Who would be crowned the Heir to Hair because it looks like they go to a barber who uses a weed whacker?
          10. Who would be crowned the Duchess of Dress because it looks like they buy their wardrobe from the bargain bin?
          11. Who would be crowned the Count of Cute because they are more adorable than a litter of puppies?
          12. Who would be crowned the Maiden of Mischief because they are most likely to egg the Big Brother house on Halloween?
          13. Who would be crowned the Prince of Pecs because they are most likely to wrestle a bear and win?
          14. Who would be crowned the Knight of Naughtiness because they are most likely to strut around town in their underwear?
          15. Who would be crowned the Baron of Boneheads because they are most likely to skydive and forget to wear a parachute?

          1. This kind of competition always stirs things up because it is a little glimpse into what America is thinking about them. They will get an idea of who is loved and who is hated. Should be good for some post competition drama.

            1. Plus, Julie only has to look at the answer the predetermined winner gives in order to determine what the correct answer should be.

              1. simon since everyone is asking you dumb ass questions i thought i would get in the mix. lol.
                Hey Simon is Santa Claus real?

                  1. Simon,these people must think you have the, “inside track”,or some shit.Mr. Wizard already knows who won the

    1. there are definately other hg i’d rather see go first, but it looks like jeremy has out stayed his welcome in the house.

      the hoh comp is the key once again, and glad helen can’t compete – another week with here as hoh might be unbearable.

  2. The reason Howard is getting a lot of criticism of his Bible is because he’s the one who walked in there with it and made a point of letting everyone know it is his tool. It has now being used against him. He should have just kept his beliefs to himself instead of using them as a manipulative way of saying he’s more trustworthy. He might as well have yelled it out. When you are a person of faith, you don’t need a tattoo to let everyone know – you just are that way. Just one person’s opinion.

    1. You don’t have to yell it out. It should be in you. But that’s their own issue if they fall for anyone using the Bible as a tool in the BB House. I’ve yet to see where his use is matching the extremeness but okay. And I don’t agree that’s why he’s getting a hard time for it. He’s getting a hard time because he’s a threat and they don’t know where his loyalty lies but they know it’s not necessarily with them. People use each other to get further in the game and he’s a wild card.Let the power shift for a week in his favor and then some of that talk would die if people are getting their way.

    2. Thats a bunch a BS. They are using the Bible, just like he did. They are using it as an excuse to go after him, but the real reasons they want him evicted are that he’s Black, in shape, and he turned down Amanda’s skanky a** week one, which is why she is on a holy crusade against him. Everyone has lied in this house.

    3. I want to see Helen and Amanda on the block, to see both sides of Friendship go at it and campaign against each other.

      1. It will never happen. Helen is too smart and she can even strategize her safety. Beside, Helen is too good of winning comps.

    1. Elissa couldn’t possibly win HOH tonight! If it has anything to do with the “Royalty Vote” then that means she’ll have to actually use the other HG’s names…and she can’t remember them half the time.

  3. elssia or candice wil win hoh tongiht i see it coming in then make a deal with aryan so they could put up kiklan an amanda

  4. It will be a dull love eviction tonight. Hopefully, the HOH comp makes things a little more interesting this week. I really don’t want Aaryn, Gina, Kaitlyn or Elissa to win this week.

    1. Never thought I would say this, but I hope production throws a wrench into this weeks HOH/MVP. Otherwise we are in for one really—I mean REALLY—boring week.

  5. Helen and Amanda go on the block and the MVP go to Kaitiin and she could put up Elissa. .. This would shake up the house.

    1. I don’t think Amanda or Helen be on the block and Elissa as a third nominee. I think McCrae or Elissa will get it and put up three mean girls.

  6. Just wondering, how much do BB contestants get paid to be on the show (not including the winner and runner up), and to be on the jury? I saw in the post above Spencer mentions making up to 13k. Anyone know what these numbers are? Just curious.

        1. That’s really good money for this bunch, I think. It’s probably only Helen (and maybe Andy?) who are taking a pay cut.

  7. At this point I think just having someone other than Elissa/Helen winning MVP will be a devastating blow to Helen’s game as she’s based all her strategy around it.

    1. I hope someone besides Elissa gets it. It’s been three weeks of her getting it. The for another MVP or get rid of it!

  8. Does anybody else see Helen staying as a power hungry girl, going for fame and power after Big Brother is over and eventually getting divorced because she drives her hubby nuts from the talk of power?

    1. My guess is that she is this way at home too. She’s in politics in her real life job, I’m sure she will use this as a stepping stone to something else because I don’t see her going on BB for the $ alone. I think most of the contestants are expecting to gain some form of fame from being on the show. Unfortunately, some are destroying their lives outside the house and not even aware of it.

    1. You’d have to do some major spinning and who will buy it? Tis show highlighted who she is.

    2. I said this in a previous post –sorry for the repeat. But, if I were Aaryn’s mother I would have pulled her out of the house the first week. That move might have provided Aaryn some coverage. I think hiring a firm is too little and too late. Gosh, even some of her university classmates want her expelled from the school. I wonder if her mother apologized for, and or acknowledged, Aaryn’s mean-spirited statements.

  9. Morning Simon. Can’t locate that Carnival ad on your site. Ready to book today. You have a list anywhere here of current advertisers with links that I can click through on? Also will need to book Marriott later today/tomorrow. Think I saw their ad as well only just this morning.

    1. Why the thumb down? It’s my understanding from Simon that they benefit from ad click throughs and those that lead to a sale. Besides donations, advertising helps to support this site. Hope you donated.

      1. Thanks for the support Gina’s Tears. All the ads, feed sales and donations help keep OBB running. It also requires a fair amount of our blood and sweat :)

    2. The carnival ads are served up by google we don’t get a commission if a sale is completed. The site makes some $ if a person is interested in what is being advertised and clicks it.

      We only make a commission if a live feed subscription is purchased though one of the ads on this site.

      BTW thanks for the support

      1. I got my live feeds through CBS on your site, did that help you???? The link you sent me would not work for me.

        1. If you clicked on a link that is on our site that took you to CBS then yes it did! Either way thanks for the support and visiting our spoiler site. :)

  10. Judd sentiments about Gina Marie are funny. I can’t imagine being locked in the house with someone like that. They are in tight quarters. There probably isn’t anything anyone can say to get her to stop acting that way about Nick. I had the pleasure of dealing with someone who was like that about a relationship and I wanted to do was run after awhile and made sure I talked to her very sparingly. Any conversation you had somehow came back to that. Initially, I felt bad for her and sympathized. But after awhile it was like talking to a brick wall. She finally cut it out telling me stuff because I would tell her the truth that she didn’t want to hear. But it that certainly hasn’t stopped her from thinking some guy is her soulmate blah blah blah and telling other people when clearly he isn’t thinking about her. It’s insane. But instead of keeping it to themselves and not pulling other people into their emotions and BS they go on and on like a part of them has died or is lost. Talk about melodramatic and sort of manipulating as if they are a victim.

    1. I’m 100% sure Judd has no game when it comes to women, lol. Jessie is so ripe for the picking, and he can’t even remotely get close to tasting that peach, lol. Poor guy.

      1. It seems like a lot of your posts are a little dirty. Maybe you should visit your other web-sites before this one, and “get it out of your system.” Ya know?

  11. I wish Candice would get HOH & when Helen starts telling her what to do since it’s the house HOH Candice would tell her “NO, You let me know you are only looking out for you & Elissa so step out, this is my & Howies HOH” Then she could nominate whoever & maybe MAYBE someone else could get that stupid MVP for real this time…

  12. People may not agree. After listening to some things Helen has said over and over. She is just as disingenuous as the rest and just as disingenuous as Howard is supposedly with the Bible. People use what they are used to using or what they are skilled at. It could be a natural talent or a skill from a job or their personality. She may not have used the Bbile. But she is using what she is skilled at which is politics in her HOH reign. She’s using social politics in the house for her reasoning. She talks way too much to me genuine about what she says. And the very fact that she admitted using tears to get people to do what she wanted was telling including her kids. Which is mind boggling. That doesn’t mean I dislike her for it because I don’t. I just have found her super annoying. She acts like she’s in a work place. And I read comments like this or that person shouldn’t have did that when they are all using what the can to play the game. Some are just more obvious and foolish than others on the social aspect.

  13. GinaMarie is sooooooooo annoying. Can she get it thru her head her and Nick are not going to be a couple after this! Get over it!

  14. i want amanda an mcrea to be put up they always in the hoh room thats why i want howard or spencer to win hoh in see amanda come to his room after she want him gone

    1. I’ll say this about Amanda, I give her high-fives for the night that Nick went home – when she went into the ‘mean girls’ room after the bed flipping incident and ripped into them – at least she stood up against the nastiness…

      1. That’s called saving your own bacon. She was asked the same question Aaryn was. Aaryn is seen to be racist.

      2. People give Amanda too much credit. She went and ripped the girls a new one for saying the same things that she does, and doing the same things as she does. We criminalize Aaryn so much that we forget all the vile things that have exitted Amanda’s mouth, that she somehow gets a pass for. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to see someone finally say something. But what does that all mean when two days later you’re talking about how Candice went “Shaniqua” on Jeremy – basically saying the same crap Aaryn did. Notice Amanda does not think Aaryn is a racist nor does she give a flying crap about what Aryan has said. She said “The show is portraying you as racist and you should probably tone down what you say cause you know the minorities are super hypersensitive.” She initially went to Aaryn kindly which she claims was because she wanted to come off as a friend when to me, it seemed like she truly didnt care about the situation at all. I feel like Big Brother was trying to help Amanda become viewed as “Amanda Against Racism” by telling her to initiate the first conversation with Aaryn. Notice that she’s the only one besides Howard to have ever been shown in the DR commenting on the racist situation. In the DR claiming it’s oh so bad and oh so wrong when she’s spewing it left and right her self. Lets get it clear. Amanda did not get upset with Aaryn because she’s a racist, and because she hates racists. Amanda basically said she could give a crap and three quarters since none of it applied to her (says the self proclaimed people’s rights activist of course). She got upset because Aaryn didn’t heed to her advice in terms of toning it down.

  15. I hope Nick never told Gina his address, because I can see drive by’s and stalking in the near future if he did…This chick is coo-coo!!

  16. I know this the least important thing in the house but a Big Brother Wedding?! McCrea and Amanda have only KNOWN each other for what 3/4 weeks?
    maybe it’s just me but damn… she’s steam rollin’ him to the alter!

  17. I think the only thing that could shake things up is if Gina Marie is HOH. she would put up Randoms, and someone besides Elissa is MVP. Helen was horrible this week…

    Is it just me or does this cast run there mouth more than ever before… It’s a game of telephone, Amanda, Helen, Andy all tell everything. Elissa didn’t tell anyone it was fake McCrea wasn’t mvp, Amanda and Helen did.

    Everyone is in an alliance with everyone. Aaryn, and Elissa are the only non floaters.

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