Ash to Pili “Sindy’s such a phony baloney.. She’s literally throwing everyone under the bus”

11:19am The Diapers (Kevin, Zach, AShleigh and Pilar)
Talking about their loyalties being with each other. Kevin says Sindy was in here for 45 minutes “PILI PILI BIGGEST MOVE IN BIG BROTHER”
Pilar adds Sindy really wanted Godfrey/Bobby up with Bruno as the backdoor
Ashleigh points out that Sindy is working with Brittnee and Sarah so why not put one of them up.

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Sindy calls HOH Meeting blows up the Chop Shop wants to form “The Underdogs”

8:49am HOH sindy, Kevin and Pilar
Sindy tells them she’s going to bring Brinttee, Godfrey and Sarah up so they can have a chat. They collect in the HOH.
Sindy tells them to restrain from screaming when she tells them, ” I couldn’t tell you this until one of us were in power”
She explains that they were all sequester together and were able to compare notes.
Sindy says there’s an alliance called the chop shop, “Bruno, Zach, Bobby, Willow and AShleigh.. their goal was to take everyone down”

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Pili- “it would be easy to put Sindy up because she’s already a target.. we want sindy gone”

12:10am HOh Pilar and Zach
Zach says there’s four people that will come after them right now, Sindy, B and Sarah, “Just based on them flipping.. they were the ones that really worked the flip”
Pilar – it would be easy to put Sindy up because she already a target
Zach – yup
Pilar says she’s going to put Sindy and a pawn “we want sindy gone”
Zach says whoever else they put up is the pawn.
Pilar – Godfrey

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Sindy – “pushing for Willow and Godfrey to go up on the Block.. They don’t believe Willow”

10:10pm Sindy and Brittnee
Brittnee says when she cast her vote to evict Jordan the crowds were so loud, she adds that Bobby’s was the loudest.
They’re told to stop talking about production. Sindy thinks next time they are talking game and someone walks in on them they should start talking about Production so that the voice over the loud speaker interrupts.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Week 5 Summary, Eviction and HOH results

What a week we just had, You can’t call Big Brother Canada 3 boring and predictable any more. A lot went on this week it was easily the best week so far for BBCAN3. I’ve tried to compile the complete week’s posts with all the videos enjoy :)
Summary of events

  • Johnny was evicted from the Big Brother House by an unanimous vote. Says in his exit interviews he’ll blow up Zach’s game if given the chance to come back in.

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The “B-Headers” Bruno & Bobby plan to vote out Jordan – “you forced our hand”

9:30am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Bruno and Bobby are in the storage room talking about voting out JP. Bruno says Zach was coming for us last week. The way he set up the nominations it was so obvious. Willow, Zach and Ashleigh. If we did this or not Zach is coming for us this week or next. He tried to this week. He knew he had to take a shot at us. We are the only people in our way. Bobby says we can say you forced our hand here. Burno says yup, you (Zach) put up Godfrey.

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Sindy confirms she has a vote “You’re all in 100%.. lets do it.. DONE DONE” -BRU

10:15pm Bedroom Bobby and bruno
bobby is on the fence what to do this week he’s thinking they should stick with Zach.
Bobby – I’m thinking of hiding in the pantry all night (To listen in on some conversations)
Bobby – nothing protect us from the house ganging up on us
Bruno thinks the girls will come after Zach and AShleigh next..
Bruno points out that after next week it’s the him, Bobby and Godfrey

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Do we have the Numbers? “I confirmed it today … Godfrey you owe us big time” -Sindy

7:40pm Bruno, Sindy, Sarah, Godfrey

Talking about having the votes to keep Godfrey.
Bruno to sindy – You can vote
Sindy – We don’t know that
Sarah – just by chance Arisa will tell us right away
Sindy – Godfrey you up.. you can hear us.. pretend you are sleeping.. I think I can still vote.. Cause they haven’t told me they told me I couldn’t compete in POV and they told me I couldn’t be a replacement nominee.. So I should be able to vote.

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Sarah “The tentative plan is to vote JP out and if you can’t vote then the plan is off.”

5:20pm Up in the HOH room – Sarah talks to Brittnee. She tells her that she talked to Bobby and said that I needed to talk to you. Brittnee says he should talk to me. Sarah says No one is 100% committing. He said that he would tell me right before the vote. Sarah says people don’t think we’re close. Brittnee says that’s good. Sarah says it’s going to kill me but.. Sarah leaves..

Sarah heads to the bedroom and talks to Sindy. Sarah tells Sindy “The tentative plan is to vote JP out and if you can’t vote then the plan is off.” Sindy says good.

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