Big Brother Canada 8 House Tour

Et Canada released a tour of the Big Brother Canada 8 house today. Showing off it’s “Superhero Origin Story” theme. The folks working on building BB sets really do a great job every year. This year was no different. Lets hope the cast is as good as the house πŸ™‚

If you missed the other house images they can be seen here .

BBCAN8 Head of Household

The HOH room looks cold because the HOH is “cold-blooded”


Bedrooms have a “Anime Magna” vibe Ones in Black and White the other in COlour. “Which one would you choose”

The have not room known as “a swampy nightmare”

“The Chamber” Where the Head of Household Chooses to nominate for eviction.

The living room has some massive props. While it is not as great as that light wall from a couple years back the dripping paint is still cool.

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another name

Things i noted:
HOH bathroom has been flipped. the bathtub and the sink have been reversed this year so that anyone in the tub can see into the main area of the HOH, and vice versa. The production always has a reason side of me says they are hoping for more showmantic use of the tub (more viable camera angles if the tub is away from the wall and closer to the centre of the room).
General design: The ground floor is a little too busy: too many bells and whistles.
Have not room: so it’s like the season 6 room, only with fake grass instead of stone and a moat. Okay. At least it doesn’t appear to have a sarcophagus that everyone waits to unleash a power… only to end up with a rewrite marsha task.
Still 100% convinced the Bathroom looks like what I think a seizure feels like.
Not spoilers. just Rumors floating around that have enough viabiity that I’d consider them possible:
In Arisa’s interview with ET she teased a 17th houseguest entering the game possibility.
Mr. Brain Magician and the Bandanaman formed a night one alliance. Thinking about bringing in a couple more guys to power through the season? There were other rumors that it was the wrestler and the infantryman that entered the night one alliance. That’s why it’s more rumor to peddle as possibility than spoiler.
Lobstergirl and most likely to showmance Madeline say they have Suzanne’s back this week. Dear Suzanne: note how well three member bbcan woman’s alliances have worked in the past. If she’s still on the block by Tuesday, the other two will be saying, “oh, we did all we could do, we’re going to miss you girl, byee.”

Question: 16 houseguests. No HOH week one? 2 nominees for eviction. that leaves 14 votes. Why would they open a season with the possibility for a tie? Spidey sense for d/r monkeys tingles when i think about things like that. Possible theory to compensate: week one winner of the popularity vote (safety) doesn’t have a vote?

another name

sorry about the bold error.


Sorry Simon n Dawg,
BBCAN already sux

another name

And yet every promo i’ve seen in the past 72 hours has him in pinnacle position, either as the first face on the promo with the show logo, or being given twice the screen time of the others. shudder.
What did you think of the comp that they previewed? Looked like a variation on the standard endurance comp from season 2 (the one Ika won week three) or season 5 (karen and cindywithans won week one). body weight calibrated core strength test, only this time not harnessed, grip strength is a factor. I’m somewhat surprised there hasn’t been a believable leak yet of who won that first of two comp.


Date and time for when it starts?

another name

might even be a bit later if they do an hoh after the ‘in front of a live audience’ show on Thursday.


Daves’ not here but Talla is…muuhhaaaa

another name

Just saw a 2 minute sneak peak of the houseguests introducing themselves to each other during the premiere.
Impressions of interactions:

Nico and Minh ly both speak french. Jamar said you feel me three times in one sentence. Everyone else keeps repeating we feel you. So that’s going to be a thing. shrug. Impression of Jamar from this sneak peek: he’s trying to be too much to get camera attention. Suzanne told them she’s not single after Madeline says, “i know all the guys are wondering so are you single” (interest or attempt to invalidate in the who is the most showmantic alpha female sweepstakes.. tbd) , camera cuts to Jamar looking unimpressed she’s not single. Michael the army guy is saying he works in the spandex yoga industry, with a voice tone change that sounds like it’s a half baked story (did they just show us a tell on Michael so that we’ll know when he’s bsing on feeds?) Camera pans to Madeline when Michael speaks (because she looked interested, or because tptb are pushing a showmance prelude?). Carol told them she’s the oldest. Sheldon the wrestler said he worked in a gym and was a part time student (sounds more fully baked than Michael’s story). Soundtrack music changes to something upbeat as Vanessa said she was a super single lobster fisher: camera cuts to Jean Luc (who comes across as negatively in a gut response, I can’t put my finger on why). Oh. Jean Luc suggests all 16 take it to the hottub, in a voice tone like 80’s valleygirl meets bill and ted’s excellent adventure era Keanu. That’s going to annoy.
Obviously this is the meet and greet portion before Arisa announced who lost the prefeed popularity vote.

another name

good call.


Dang I missed it, anyone know where I can watch to get caught up before tomorrow night’s episode?


It’s ok, my trusty PVR recorded it, Yay!

another name

if you ever miss any episode and don’t have other options, the bbcan website usually has the last episode posted by about 3pm eastern the next day.