Madaline “Imagine if we can pull this off & blindside Chris like he did to you guys. That’s a big f**k you!”

11:20pm Hot Tub – Micheal, John Luke, Hira, Madaline. Micheal – Like I think that Ang is not going to tell anyone how she is going to vote but when she gets in there she is going to be like “Micheal”. Hira – vote out Micheal? Micheal – no like vote to keep me. Hira – yeah you have to go with them. Work them hard! Even Jamer .. work him! Micheal – but Sue and Vanessa are the ones that .. are the f**king snakes man. But I am not threatened by Sue. I am threatened by Vanessa. Hira – yeah Vanessa is a beast! Micheal – the only thing that I know Vanessa is not good at is mental sh*t. Hira – yeah, physically she is really good. Its going to be Carol, Angie, Jamar. I am going to talk to Jamar too and if the numbers aren’t there, I am going to tell you. I am telling you I am with you. Micheal – yeah but stay strong till the end. Hira – oh yeah I will but they will all come to us .. Angie and .. they’re all going to come to us with all kinds of sh*t .. deals and sh*t. John Luke – honestly though we have not told a lie… with that group.. Micheal – they have. John Luke- they hit something with half the house. Madaline – they’re very flip floppy. You saw it today if I am loyal to you I have your back 110% know what I mean?! Hira – I had expectations there and they broke my trust and I’m hurt about it. Madaline – just imagine if we can pull this off and just blindside Chris like he did to you guys. Like that’s a big f**k you! Hira – I would be so happy with that. Madaline – oh my god that would be unreal! Hira – like I said I am with you guys.. lets work Jams and Angie.. Carol too. Madaline – like f**K them ..seriously! We’re going to do it! Micheal – if we do it.. do you know how rock solid we’re going to be! Hira – yeah, we’re in it till the end. John Luke – exactly .. sh*t just started now. Hira – and I am telling you right now I am going to work both sides. Madaline – no, you have to. Hira – they worked both sides to f**k me. They all agree he should. Hira leaves. Madaline – I think we’ll be okay. I really do.

1:55am Upstairs – Hira, Jamar, Sheldon, John Luke. Jamar is rapping to the camera again. John Luke – how do you sleep. Jamar – I’m crazy as sh*t! Big Brother Canada better than all the big b

rothers in the world. Now f**k you! Big Brother US ain’t got nothing on us! … And it be drippin in that green! That slimmy slime. I’m going to bed!

Around 4:00 am Maddy and Michael snuggling..

10:38 am Tuesday morning.. Feeds are down.

12:44 pm Feeds have returned Sounds like there was a team competition. Carol congratulates Mike.

Production Tells Kyle to take off his sn glasses he sticks out his tongue.

12:52 pm JL and Mike playing pool
Talking about how two faces Kyle says he’s lying and trying to blame it on Chris. Mike says he’s taking “those guys” out if he gets the chance. Mike says he has Minh-Ly’s vote. They’re confident they can win the next HOH, especially with Chris not playing.

1:20 pm Hira, Ria and JL
Talking about voting to Keep Mike.
Hira – I’m sick and tired of being out of the loop
Hira and Ria both saying they don’t care if they are on the bottom they are voting out Brooke and Keeping Mike. Their not Kissing anyone’s a$$.
Hira – I love Brooke but they left me out.
Hira – we just need Angie, Carol, and Jamar
Ria mentions Kyle being pissed because Vanessa got hit in the face with a water gun by JL.
Something about saying sorry three times not being good enough
Hira – people make it weird.
JL has left.
Hira – it would be HUGE if we can do this
Ria – I know it would be
Hira says he’ll talk to Angie.
JL comes back Ria saying how they need to stick with Jamars someone needs to stick with Jamar all the time.

1:30 pm Minh-ly and Brooke
Minh – Don’t worry I got you… I got you Brooke
Brooke says she feels good about the votes, Kyle, Vanessa, Sheldon and Sue.
Brooke – that’s all I need. I feel pretty good about Angie as well
Brooke – The votes I’m confused about are JAMS and Hira. I just don’t know about Hira’s it’s not that I don’t trust him it’s just like.. I think it’s just because I can see them working him super hard.
Brooke says it would be bad if Chris took, a shot then it all blew up “Very very bad”
Minh goes on about how great of a guy Mike is saying he would be good to keep in the house.
Minh – but unfortunately he played the game a little too late and he only played the game with certain people
Brooke – he didn’t play smart he played comfortable
Minh – I kept telling him the first couple days Mike I never talk to you..
Brooke – I feel good with Hira. I need 6 for a tie and 7 to do it
Brooke – one of Mike’s campaign technics was to go to Carol and say I’m been talking sh1t. She was very upset yesterday
Minh – that’s wrong.
Minh says Mike is naïve, “He’s not cut out for this game”
Minh goes on about how Mike is a standup guy but isn’t the best pick for this game. Adds that he’s a numbers and a physical threat.
Brooke – The one thing that will make me lose my sh1t is blatant hypocrisy. If he comes to me and says, I don’t make moral decisions I will lose my sh1t. (Mike said her not telling him beforehand about the blindside was a poor moral decisions)
Minh mentions how much Angie hates her. “just wait, do you have a good relationship with her.. She pisses me off”.. Brown noser”
Minh – she’s trying to get into every conversation that she’s uninvited to
Brooke says Angie knows a lot of what is going on in the house because she does HOP into every conversation.
Minh says Angie is going to get dragged along and make it far like that girl Kiera last season, “I don’t like that”
Minh says Angie is jealous of her. “She instigates shit that whole thing with MAddy it was a joke”
Minh – Because Angie was sitting beside her and was like Don’t take that be the bigger person. She was adding fuel to the fire and the time me and Kyle got into an argument she tried to intercept it.. Mind your own damn business.
Minh says that Angie can’t compete all she has is to sell herself as the snitch of the house. Likens this to how Kiera played last season.
Minh – I don’t like that.
Minh – Do you know who Kyle wants to put up.
Brooke doesn’t know “I don’t think he’ll go for you though”
Minh – I think I’m a natural sociologist as well
Brooke agrees..
Minh – all my living experiences.
Minh says she stirred the pot the first week but not purposely, “I made some waves just by being myself”

3:47 pm
Hira – from my gut
Hira – f* the numbers I’m going with my gut we’re going to flip this vote. Those guys think they can keep us in the dark.
Maddy joins him.
Maddy – I have BIG news but I want Mike in here..
Mike Joins
Maddy – I was just speaking to Kyle. He said If I can get 6 people.. cause he’s like I’m going to go with whatever the house wants.
Maddy -0 he said if you can get 6 people I will be the swing vote.
Hira – yes let’s go with it and we’ll take him out later. yes we have 6 people
Mike- Yeah yeah we have 6 people. You know why I think he’s full of sh1t?
Mike – Him, Sheldon, and Brooke sat down with me when they were telling you to throw the POV. He said If you go up man you have my vote and he didn’t honor it
Maddy – did you talk to him about that
Mike – I didn’t want to throw it into his face he would be all like HEY you insulted my word
Mike says everyone is questioning Kyles’s word because Brooke rated the three out and Kyle is so close to Vanessa.
Hira – tell him we got 6
They count the votes. “Maddy, Hira, JL, Ria, Carol and Angie”
Maddy – are you sure Angie?
Mike – I’m not sure Angie

Hira says he’ll talk to Angie tonight.
Maddy plans to talk to Kyle again to tell him they have 6 votes.
Hira warns them to not trust Kyle.
Mike says if he gets a chance he’ll take out Kyle goes on about how Kyle promised him a vote, “He’s a piece of sh1t to me”
Mike says Kyle had everything to do with the backdoor cites that Chris and Kyle were together one on one during the wendy’s meal.
They are certain the game move was mentioned during that time.
Maddy and Mike start reassuring Hira that he’s with them.
Hira says he’s putting his vote on Mike regardless. “I’m going with you no matter what. I want to flip this house upside down”
Maddy – Chris thinks this is his house.. King Chris
Hira says “their” plan was for him and Miek to be on the block, “100 percent”
Mike agrees. “That’s why Vanessa was gunning for it so hard”
Hira warns them again “do not trust Kyle”
Hira – I don’t even worry about Chris it’s Kyle
Mike – Kyle is the mastermind
Hira – and he’s got a lota minions running around
Maddy – they’re all his minions
Hira – I have to get Minh on board
Mike says if they get power the noms should be Chris and Vanessa. If Kyle wins POV take Vanessa off they put Sue up.
Hira suggests Sheldon
Mike – that’s better two big hitters that guarantees Chris goes home.
Mike – if they don’t, Chris somehow takes himself off the block Kyle goes up so it’s Vanessa and Kyle
Hira – Any one of Chris or Kyle going home is good.

4:27 pm Carol, Angie and Hira
Talking about riding the middle of the two groups. Hira pushing for Mike to stay. “If we flip this vote we’ll be in a good spot”
Hira – they (Kyle/Chris/Vanessa/sue/Sheldon) aren’t going to come after us they are going after the other guys.
Hira – JL, Mikey they can battle it out
Hira – Mikey is a genuine guy
Carol says Mike has her back.
Carol brings up hearing that Kyle wanted to throw her bag off the balcony when she was about to quit.
Carol – I’ll tell you right now Kyle is my target. It’s personal now

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Just Sayin'

I’m confused why Hira is taking this personally? He was one of my top picks but he is going downhill fast for me….. I’m not even sure at this point what would be better to see, Michael evicted or Michael stays and Chris loses his shit hahaha just hoping for the most chaos really


We definitely want Chris to lose his shit. The dude didn’t even recognize his mom!!!
What a self centered jerk


I was completely wrong with most of my pre feeds assessment of these folks.
Minh-Ly is awesome feed goodness
Kyle is toxic
Chris is a charlatan but I’m enjoying his HOH
Carol is a bore (sorry Van Isle)
Maddy is around what I was expecting. OBB endorsement holds Love her
Hira is around what I was expecting. Go Hira!
Liking Jamar didn’t think much of him pre feeds
Vanessa didn’t expect her to be this much into the game. Was expecting more Ria type gameplay from her.
JL, Mike, Ria, Sheldon, Angie, Sue, and BrookeI’m still forming an opinion.

another name

I think I’m having brainfarts or something:
Hira was the one who said i’m not going to lie in the game, right? How can you play the middle, as he is now saying, without lying? It’s just a cognitive disconnect I’m having between the two ideologies. I don’t see how you can play the middle (tell both sides what they want to hear, and not lie to at least one side). Hira being anti-Chris is completely logical: Putting someone on the block as a pawn without telling them before noms that they are a pawn is stupid. Play the middle without lying though? ooookay.
Mike saying after the ceremony that the plan to backdoor him was Brooke’s(as related by Brooke in convos today)… who makes a plan that starts with use me as a pawn? While we’re on the odd things Mike says: so Brooke putting her head on your shoulder when you sit in the chair she’s already sitting in is being too flirtatious, but sending your showmance in to the HOH to flirt out his plans because you both know he’s hot for her is fair? I’m not judging or sitting on a moral bench here: I want to know where the line is.
Rianne on a recruitment drive… for an alliance she told everyone she isn’t a member of isn’t going to blow that flimsy see through cover, isn’t it?
Kyle saying he’ll vote with the numbers. Okay, dude, you are ‘protest too much’ personified. Let’s think here: vote against Chris lose Chris, vote against Brooke, lose the trust of 2 of your alliances because she’s in both of them? Just say it’s too early to make that decision, he’ll weigh what both nominees have to offer and get back to them the night before eviction.
MInh is D-MInhing. That always makes me feel like I’ve missed something.
From yesterday and today conversations, It seems the Evicters don’t think there should ever be any backdoors or blindsides (except when they wanted it to be Minh who ‘deserved’ it). So everyone should announce the plan to everyone else ahead of time. I don’t think they get this game.

another name

and the alliance that doesn’t think there should be any backdoors or blindsides in the game have entered into an alliance called the blindsiders? with Jamar and Minh (who also made a final 2 with…. Hira last night???) whu???

OOOOh…. I get it. Waffle Wednesday got shoved all the way up in Tuesday’s space because these ones don’t understand how the one hour time change works.

another name

At 955pm eastern
BEST GUESS. If they were to vote RIGHT NOW:
votes to evict Brooke: JL, Hira, Maddie, Rianne.
Votes to evict Mike: Susanne, Angie, Sheldon, Carol. (as of Carol/Angie talk after the sponsor meal).
The who to figure outs: Kyle (should vote out Mike), Vanessa (should vote out Mike), Minh and Jamar (who knows what d-minh and youfeelme will do from one moment to the next reallllly, most likely Jamar votes out Mike, Minh tosses a rogue vote).
In pencil if they voted right now Mike would leave maybe unless I missed some talks in all of this back and forth.



last night BB kept telling Kyle to put on his microphone, and instead of just putting his microphone on, he looks at the camera and says,…”i double dog dare you to say it again” now when told to take of sunglasses hes sticking his tongue out at the cameras. What an overgrown hairy Man Child!