BBCAN8 First night of Live Feeds “She’s a piece of s**t a f****g loser”

Before the feeds start we had the following results from the two-night premiere.

Canada voted the four least popular houseguests: Minh-ly, Susanne, Nico, and Chris. Minh-Ly won the strength competition, Chris won the mental leaving Nico and Susanne. Nico self evicts leaving us with no eviction vote for the first week. The Head of Household is played and Chris the brain magician pulls out the win.

Hosueguest Ranking pre-feeds.

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9:11 pm HOH Kyle comes in with the slop bucket.
The Have nots are: Kyle, Madeline, Vannessa, and Micheal

9:20 pm Chris reassures Kyle he’s safe this week. Kyle seems stoned (He’s tired) and complains about how much weight he’s lost while being on Slop. Plus the slop looks fortified with WEED.

9:23 pm Susanne and Rianne complaining about Angie’s complaining about the food. Sounds like Kyle is making everyone food. They also don’t like Min-Ly.
Susanne – I love Kyle man
Rianne – me too
They agree to stick together and trust each other. Sealed with a hug.

9:30 pm Kyle shares the slop with everyone using the same spoon.

Green Slop…

9:34 pm Cam 4 Bros bro-ing out
“Solid and f***” “Bro we got all week”
Brooke walks in on them.
Talking about Between the “three of us” there’s no one that can stop them, “We got the beasts”
Chris – this game is all mental
Chris – we’re big guys we’re the targets none of us are getting backdoored any point we’re going final 4
“Like last season we’re going to rock bro”
Kyle – last season but better
After Chris leaves Sheldon and Kyle talk about working on pushing “last season” to Chris. Sound slike Sheldon and Kyle have a final 2.

9:44 pm Cam 1 Jamar and Minh-ly wrestle

10:01 pm John Luke and Vanessa saying they only like each other “Madeline, Brooke and Sheldon. They both think Minh-ly and Angie are “So annoying”
John-Luke says Angie “mooches” so much food.

10:20 pm Kyle and Chris HOH
They agree to keep the weaker players in the game. Players like Carol and Susanne.
Kyle tells Chris he’s his “Ride or DIE”
Chris – you already know I’m going to beat them all in COmps.
Chris – Normally a girl like Madeline in the real world would be all over me The fact that I just won and that doesn’t happen.. but the other girls are.
They want a final 4 with Susanne and Vanessa but they will keep that to themselves leaving
Chris – F*ing Jamar is in my pocket and no one talks game with him
They identify there’s an obvious alliance between Madeline, John Luke, Michael and Rianne
Chris – you and me are the most popular guys on the show

They talk about floaters. Chris identifies Hira and Brooke as possible pawns with a backdoor plan against a real threat. Michael.
Before leaving Kyle thanks Chris for taking him to Wendy’s

10:45 pm Madeline and Michael talking about Chris being strange. Michael shares with her being deployed overseas. Madeline goes on about past boyfriends.

11:04 pm on Brooke and Sheldon
Brooke suspects Michael is the target. Sheldon says if after the veto they have Micahel and Madeline on the block that would be the best scenario.

11:06 pm Kyle, Vanessa and Susanne
Kyle says Chris wants a four with the three of them. Susanne is Chris’ number one girl and Vanessa is Kyle’s number one girl.
Kyle – there’s another four, Carol, Angie, Minh-Ly and Jamar. He (Chris) wants it to be an 8 so we have numbers.
Kyle – He (Chris) wants to put up Hira and Brooke and then backdoor Mike
Kyle wants Chris to switch out Brooke with Angie, “She’s (Angie) a piece of sh1t a f*ing loser”
Susanne calls Angie a floater.
Vanessa says Angie is a waste of an HOH

After Susanne leaves Kyle tells Vanessa she’ll be safe.

12:00 am Hira and Kyle
Kyle talks about Chris wanting to go into the storage room with him and flex. Kyle says Chirs doesn’t have a “super smart plan” calls it a “shifty plan”
Kyle mentions he sees Chris doing a Backdoor.
Hira – I have no clue what he will do
Hira says he hasn’t made any emotional connection with Chris.
Hira thinks that it will be “one of those four” (the 4 least popular)
Kyle mentions that Brooke could be a pawn says that CHris told him that they don’t see eye to eye.

12:20 am Kyle Fills Brooke in on the plan this week. Says she’s slated to be a pawn.

12:24 am THE TANKS alliance
Minh-ly, Vanessa, Susanne, and Chris
Chris tells them his plan is to put up two floaters, Hira and Brooke, and backdoor.
Susanne warns them that John-Luke will be a competition beast. She wants Madeline on the block over Brooke.

9:00 am Friday – Housegutes are waking up. They were up pretty late last night. Some didn’t go to bed until 2am . Brooke thinks she’s going to be nominated. Susanne and Michael were with her in the bathroom consoling her telling her she will be Okay they have her back.

I’ll be back tonight πŸ™‚

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another name

Alliance names and members first day of feeds:

evictors: JL, Riri, Maddie, Michael. looking to bring in jamar, susanne and hira so they have numbers. everyone knows they are a four. Hira likes Michael. Jamar likes the idea of four guys getting together, then pull in a couple women. Susanne wants maddie or Michael to go, prefereably Michael. Riri and Sue watching each other’s backs.
tanks: chris, susanne, vanessa, minh (chris says this is an 8: guessing kyle, jamar, angie, carol round out the group whether they know it or not). I think this is only real this week while chris is HOH. Brain magician is not well liked once he leaves a room.
4 person group: sheldon, vanessa, brooke, kyle. becomes the six person group when you add in carol and suzanne. possibly that the four all have interchangeable final two deals with each other up the wazoo.
hira’s alliance. backup alliance for the others real to hira: hira, suzanne, brooke. sue hira pinky promise to keep their discussions secret. Hira would like his alliance to join with the evictors.
minhs alliance. was a day one thing… maybe not so much now. Minh, carol, vanessa.

secret duo1: chris and angie. formed tonight.
secret duo2: kyle and vanessa. day two.
secret duo3: sheldon and kyle. day one.
secret duo4: kyle and hira. may be fake to kyle. just another “we good i got you” like all the others kyle has.
secret duo5: minh and sheldon. sounds like they’ve talked twice about duoing. might be a sheldon fake.
secret duo6: chris and kyle. might only be real to chris.
secret duo7: brooke and JL. real to JL who thinks he has brooke in his pocket.
secret duo8: chris and jamar. chris is teaching him bb. eyeroll. I don’t think it’s actually real to either of them.

vibe: Chris wants Michael out because Michael is getting attention Chris wants from the blondes. fragile ego. wait and see.
vibe2: everybody hates chris but always adds ‘but he’s a great guy’ after every complaint. every. body.
vibe3: susanne is baby sabrina. by week four she’ll be inviting them to her house. it’ll happen.
vibe4: Minh is going to be a trainwreck of messy. already not liked by 5 people. she says she’s a sinking ship herself. she is.
vibe5: Brooke is what happens when you put jordan parhar’s tendency to overanalyze into sarah hanlon from the same season’s tendency to over emotionalize. her error: if you don’t want to be a pawn spend the night before noms being the hoh’s bestest friend ever. convince him you are good for his game. don’t whine and cry about it for three hours.
vibe6: Jamar if he ever hits the block is going to be a shitshow. you feel me? wait for it.
vibe7: when the bus hits chris and kyle’s house of cards falls, we are going to get monumental amounts of popcorn feeds. I give it about a week at most before the cracks become irreparable and one of the two happens.
vibe8: Angie is that superfan that’s never watched feeds, doesn’t know alliances have formed, is coasting but angry to be called a floater, doesn’t cook or clean up after herself kind of superfan. yeesh.

gut response: not a fan of the showmance alliance, disliking JL most of the four because he just ticks me off on a gut level. he’s my nope guy this season. no rhyme or reason. just he’s my nope.
gut response2: chris and kyle’s definition of floater is WRONG. a floater is not the same as a pawn. Their definition is even worse than the rachel grab a lifevest definition that equated coasters with floaters, thereby maligning a difficult social game strategy to pull off as something trivial.
Sleep. Now.


Great post! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the recap!

vibe: Chris wants Michael out because Michael is getting attention Chris wants from the blondes. fragile ego.

: so true.
To be fair: there’s an unusual amount of muscular dudes this season, many of them must have thought they’ve for sure been cast as the Hunk of the season, and now that they’ve met, some of them had a reality check. No wonder Chris wants Micheal out so bad, he probably sees an opening to be “the Hunk of the season” if he gets all the better looking guys out ASAP. That seems to be his biggest concern. Not only for attention inside the house, but also from fans watching. He gives me a big Mark-Vibe: “We’re going to make Pretty Boys T-Shirts, travel around Canada solving crimes, everybody loves us so much”. Ugh.

Club H.O.H

Man! This season is starting quick! I already lost count of alliances. Why Michael?! Dangit! I had him in my Top 3 (along with Hira and John Luke). Thank you Simon and Dawg for the many years of updates, pics and funny shade. Look forward to this season.


OMG Nico freaked out before anything happened, and now Brooke is freaking out before anything happens. geez people, keep it together and play the game. Stay Chill in Chilltown


Chris – you already know I’m going to beat them all in COmps.

Weird. I could have sworn I just saw him finish dead last in a “strength comp” against Minh-Ly, Susanne and Nico. The first one to drop the car. LOL.
What a douche. Am I allowed to say douche?

Just Sayin'

Ughhhhh, why must bro’s always find each other and make each other more douchy? We need to get past the first 2 week superficial alliances already, I swear in every single season it’s like 3 or 4 guys just thinking they are going to run the house *facepalm*

Fruit Loop Dingus

Welcome back, boys! Looking forward to another crazy BBCAN season! And many, many days of hilarious updates! As always, thank you for what you two do!

P. S. Chris is a douche bag

Tom the Canuck

Wow so much hate against Angie. So are they going to start targeting minorities in this show too? First Rico then Angie…..I doubt this backdoor of Michael will actually happen. He is very well liked amongst most of the houseguests.


Is there a bb after dark?


Is there a bb after dark ?


Thank u

Guy From Canada

Last year they posted after darks on the bbcan website…..I think? Might have been the year before…..

another name

Nomination Morning Shenanigans

Chris is chrisplaining to all of the inferior masses why his plan is the best plan ever, and ignoring their thoughts because, in his mind, he is their master and savior. fool is going to try to start a cult, isn’t he? In the bbcan8 class system: Chris and Kyle are “the generals.” their worker bees are “marines” and pawns are now “floaters” KILL IT WITH FIRE. If it survives the fire, drown it. Jamar thinks he and Chris are the Mambas alliance, and they are running the game. Chris says Minh ly is leaving next week to Jamar.

The Lie: Chris tells JL and Michael that he’s putting up 2 pawns to go after MInh ly. Reality: he wants Michael gone. Side bet: if he can’t get rid of Michael, he could swing at Sheldon. In retells Maddie is suspicious of this get minnie with an h proposal. JL buys it hook line and sinker.

Jamar the 23 year old has been saying Minh ly the 28 year old is a cougar. bwahaha. Between that and telling Suzanne that minh was up in his junk and trying to get with him last night i’m thinking oh. he’s the guy that invents scenarios so he can tell people he’s a player. I get the feeling he’d still be cracking on her if she’d taken him up on each of his offers. She’s a shipwreck in slow motion, but Minh was right, he’s a five year old.

Brooke and Hira both figure or know they are the noms.

Carol is, at the moment, completely irrelevant. She’s in the special guest star cameo spot. her head pops in during lulls , then she’s out, having contributed nothing to forward momentum.

Quote of the morning that ties in to previous comments here: “We don’t need a Mark.” the men’s alliance deciding they don’t need an ineffectual clinger looking to merchandise.

another name

as part of the skip the dishes sponsor promotion, there may be a fan vote after Sunday’s show. The winner of the skip the dishes prize will get a slop pass for an unrevealed amount of time, and a skip the dishes order.
This possible fan vote was spoilered by corus in their sponsorship announcement a couple of weeks ago.

The Canadian

Thank you for the updates! You, guys, are the best!
Question: Can I know what have Angie done to be so disliked? Did I miss something?

another name

From comments yesterday:
Rianne: she insults people behind their backs, doesn’t wash her dish. She’s a bed hog.
JL: she’s like uh so. annoying, bra.
Kyle: she sits at the barstools while i’m cooking dinner and says when’s dinner, but never offers to help.
Suzanne: I don’t trust her not to run her mouth if you tell her something. oh you like her? I love her too.
Minh ly: oh we hashed it out after our argument. I told her she’s a floater, and isn’t a threat and now she values me. (not even a little…. nope, now she dislikes minh even more).

Nana Jo

Chris is everything I dislike most in a houseguest! Utter prat. He wants Micheal out because wants to be the number 1 Mr. Muscle. Although there are more of that type than usual this year, Chris views Micheal as his biggest competition in that area. I look forward to seeing his so called magic brain/ego pricked and deflated, the sooner, the better. I don’t care for John Luke, even though he comes from my city. He just gives me a sketchy vibe. I like Micheal ….hope he stays! I also love Vanessa! You rock, Lobster Girl! Use those pinschers to get some of those bros out of there. If/when Jamar is ever up on the block, he will implode. I am not feeling Angie as a superfan at all!

Guy From Canada

From someone who has made it to the semi finals, met Kass, had her ask me to remove my pants to β€œrelax” on camera for the interview after is said I was nervous, ( I refused and then never heard back from them, but the other old BC guy they cast that year was a flop and I guess pantless), my impression is that their definition of super fan is someone who occasionally couch watches, and gets updates from twitter. A true super fan to us would be someone like Simon, Dawg, Another Name, Granny…active people you see in here to us but to production…..


Gosh so many houseguest to just plain ole dislike this season

another name

A note for viewers in regard to most of this cast:
the retell rinse repeats of the arguments will be way more interesting than the arguments themselves.
Case in point: Minh and Maddie.