“I freakin did her eyelashes so she wouldn’t look like a clown the other day “

Chris nominated Hira and Maddy. He’s wanting to Backdoor either John Luke or Michael.

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8:09 pm Michael makes a slop drink.. he says “I feel like I need the nutrients”

8:10 pm Minh-Ly and Madeline (Maddy)
Their conversation to squash some beef but doesn’t.
Minh – I saw you whispering about me. I meant that as a joke
Maddy – it didn’t seem like a joke
Minh – I didn’t mean to jab at you. that’s my sense of humour
Minh – you don’t like really know me… we just met 7 days ago. And like I’m telling you and I’m not saying this because I’m lying honest to god I meant that as a joke.
Minh – You took it the wrong way you took it personally. I’m not bullying you
Maddy – it seems that way and it’s a form of it. You weren’t laughing
Minh-ly says she felt right away that Maddy took it the wrong way.
Maddy – than why didn’t you say something
Minh – I didn’t feel comfortable with all these people around and Jamar the instigator
Maddy – you could have said I’m just joking. I feel like there was this big group of people and you were trying to prove yourself
Maddy says she felt put down
Maddy – there’s been other things said and directed towards me.
Maddy – it’s always with Jamar in the mix
Minh – I don’t know what you think If I’m working with Jamar. I’m not
Maddy – game aside.. just being a human being
Minh – Being a human being….. what did I say
Maddy – you gave me these looks like you want to bite my head off or something
Minh – no Maddy I don’t want to bike your head off. This house is getting to me and I’m annoyed. I’m really bad at being fake
Maddy – what are you trying to be fake about
Minh – I’m really bad at being fake when I’m upset it shows on my face I’m upset
Minh-Ly starts trying about how uncomfortable she is in the house with the cameras and people. Says Jamar is an instigator and it’s getting to her.
Maddy – it felt like you were belittling me in front of a group of people.

Maddy – something about me being a blonde or something
Minh – that’s just telling a joke.
Maddy – ok
They go back and forth accusing each other of little things they’re doing to piss the other one-off.
Maddy asks if Minh has been throwing her name around as a target if she won HOH.
Minh – I said Angie would be a pawn and someone else I’m not too sure. that’s it
Maddy – that’s not what I heard
Minh – from who, Mara>
Maddy – No.. I heard you were throwing around my name, Mike, Angie, and Jamar
Minh – I was thinking Jamar and Angie

Minh-Ly says that Jamra annoys “the f*ing sh1t outta me” . Madeline ends up telling this to Jamar 20 minutes after in the bathroom.

9:24 pm Brooke and Hira
Brooke says Chris told her she is going up as a pawn.
Hira – did he pull you aside and tell you
Brooke – yup
They wonder who the second nominee is. Their ideal is for one of the four to go up.
Hira – at this stage backdoors don’t make sense. they make sense when you are at fewer numbers
Hira tells her they have the numbers to keep her safe.
Brooke – yeah .. yeah we’ll see.

Hira heads over to talk to Kyle.
Kyle – says he has a plan put up two pawns and backdoor
Kyle – I think he thinks he’s in more control than he is… it’s not a smart move but at the same time I’m not him I don’t know why he would be thinking that or where his heads at.
Kyle – don’t be surprised if you go up. that’s what I’ll tell you
Hira – Ok
Kyle – there’s a shortlist of people that he’s thinking about doing it.. I just don’t know. He doesn’t give me any for sure just hypotheticals
Kyle says Chris told him “for certain” that the two nominees are a pawn.

9:30 pm Maddy, Rianne, Michael, John Luke
Maddy retelling her conversation with Minh-Ly. (the conversation was supposed to squash their beef)
Maddy – she’s only talking to me because she wants to clear the air so I’m not mad at her than you guys aren’t mad at her.

Maddy says she was trying hard not to lose it she kept reminder herself “Use your teacher’s voice”
Maddy – I just can’t be fake I’m not fake
Maddy – if she gets put up on the block tonight I’m going for that veto HARD
Angie joins them.
Maddy sighs “Josh she’s so annoying”
Maddy – Hey Minh tell Nico we say hi
her and Angie giggle
Maddy – Tell him we miss him
Angie says that Minh-ly is having a conversation with everyone in the house. First, it was her then MAddy.
Angie looks at Rianne “I hope it’s not you”
Maddy – no she likes you (Rianne)
Ria – I’m not going to kiss her a$$
Maddy – I’m never mean to her I always talk to her
Maddy – I freakin did her eyelashes so she wouldn’t look like a clown the other day
Angie – it has nothing to do with you she’s ridiculous

11:38 pm Brooke and Minh-ly
Talking about how having sex in the Big Brother house would make things “So complicated” giving it “another layer of fear”

11:41 pm John luke, Michael and Brooke
John tells her she’ll be fine this week.

11:44 pm Hira and Minh
Minh says she’s surprised Hira is nominated. She thought he talked game to Kyle and Chris was Kyle’s number one
Hira – I don’t know. I talked game with Kyle. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked more game with Chris than other people in the house. So I don’t know. I don’t know what the reasoning is. He said he’s got another plan
Min h- he told you
Hira – Chris told everybody
Minh – I’m worried that they are going to backdoor me.
Hira – I think he’s after me . He didn’t tell me I was going up
Minh – when do they pick the veto players?

11:49 pm Brooke and Hira
Brooke says Maddy told her there’s a backdoor plan.
Hira – it tells us we’re expendable. the weaker players that’s what it is
Brooke – yeah good to know
Hira – they must have struck a deal with them.
Brooke – Must have. I feel bad for Minh
Hira – that’s the backdoor plan
Brooke – I think so

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another name

Day two additions to Alliance Tally
The six person alliance of Sheldon, Vanessa, Brooke, Kyle, Carol and Suzanne is called Six Feet Under
Sheldon has yet another side alliance with Jamar and Suzanne. When it’s revealed he has a threelliance with the slop bucket and Carol…. I’m out of here.

Messy messy day.
Chris thinks nobody knows his plan. Almost everybody knows most of his plan. I don’t think that hare krishna at the airport was a shaolin monk, you bug eyed douchenozzle. Messy.
Kyle, stay messy. Keep your pants on. No really. Staple your pants on because Captain Underpants has been trademarked. But by all means keep playing that getalong room to room leaking more than the sink rat game you are pulling. Nobody will ever catch on. eyeroll. Messy. Now pulling the I’ll help you in the game Riri… hey Brooke spy on Riri and tell me if she spills what I just spilled to her. Messy. If you are asking yourself if you played too hard today…. you played too hard today.
Hira outed the evicters or the possible men’s four jamar, JL, Michael and Sheldon were going to form as a target in the house (didn’t elaborate which one). to Michael. Pretty much Hira with an assist by Jamar just sent Michael to Chris to throw Sheldon under the bus? Messy. Sheldon has deals everywhere… but this mess is brought to you by Kyle. Jumping to conclusions level Messy. Jamar doesn’t even realize he helped put a bigger target on his 100% boy Sheldon. If you don’t realize it… Messy.
Maddie feeling pumped by Minh being the backdoor target that she… currently… isn’t. Messy. Ongoing messy theme will become: if Maddie doesn’t like someone everybody has to hate them. Evident in her post noms convos with Suzanne and with Angie.
Feeds cut just as Jamar and Minh were going to argue. Sometimes messy means we can’t have nice things because of messy cam switches. These two are pigpen level messy at the best of times when they are together.
Brooke and Hira and Minh’s behavior today should be red flags to the evicters. Michael seems to be catching on… but the rest of his people might be lulling him into idiocy by Monday.
Suzanne babysabs to camera says she’s in the middle of 21 different alliances and she’s screwed if anything gets out. A talented double dipper playing a traditional float strategy like that would have already formed contingency plans. Say it with me: messy.
Perfect symbol for today. instead of sleeping heads in the middle and feet in the tall grass, these people in have nots are sleeping with their heads in the weeds. Totally describes their game play today.

another name

Side thought before bedtime because the sun is coming up:
Who is Sheldon loyal to?
Sheldon is a member of at least 3 fake alliances of the current tally of 12 fake alliance / duos. That’s right fans… on day 2 of feeds there are already 12 fake alliances.
Sheldon has duo side deals with 5 people: Kyle, Vanessa, Brooke, Jamar, Suzanne. Who has he told the most?
I don’t believe that Sheldon and Jamar are the real deal for one reason: Sheldon hasn’t told Jamar that Michael is the real target, as far as I know. Hmmm. Sheldon and Suzanne know. Neither has told Jamar or Brooke in my recollection.
Sheldon therefore trusts either Kyle or Suzanne with the most information? Does that make sense?


Love your descriptions hahaha they are golden and so on point. Kyle, is actually really funny, he was making me laugh on the feeds last night. But man, dude needs to gear down a tad. He is talking way too much and divulging way too much, which will bite him in the ass. Minh & Jamar’s conversation…….. uuuummmmmm let’s just say my head almost exploded with the amount of Yah’s, You Feel Me’s and There You Go, There You Go, There You Go. Jamar thinks he’s a genius and is playing everyone hahahaha BRAh the only thing you’re playing is yourself lol. Those two are ticking time bombs and I can’t wait for them to explode lol.