“you don’t have the numbers”

7:00 pm Carol, Vanessa and Mike
Mike – I will go to bat for you guys
Mike goes on about how his words were twisted.

Carol – what does it say for your group. I know I’m in the middle of you guys and you guys always thought Vanessa and Kyle are together so what does it say to your group if we flip the vote
Mike – Concrete loyalty
Vanessa – that’s where my nerves come from
Carol – we’ll have to deal with Chris and Kyle not you guys
Mike – I’m gunning for the HOH and Chris is my target.

7:24 pm Angie and Maddy
Maddy – all the girls in here lied straight up to my face (about not knowing about the backdoor)
Maddy – so just be ready
Maddy – if you vote to keep Michael here he will have your back no matter what. He is more of an asset to you than Brooke.
Carol joins them talks about having muscle relaxers for her back pain.
Feeds cut ..

7:53 pm Vanessa and Minh-Ly
Minh – more than anything in the world I want Kyle out
Minh says everyone thinks Vanessa nd Sue is Kyle’s minions
Vanessa – I totally believe why they think that
Vanessa – it’s ok for them to think that right now
Minh – But sue is
Minh – Kyle’s a poinson.. he’s such a poison
Vanessa – everyone sees it. I just don’t want to go down with the sinking ship
Minh – I’m going to gain Maddy’s trust. Me and Maddy are good

Minh is going to tell Maddy “You don’t have the votes for Mike but you and me moving forward in this game we should work together with JL”
Minh says she’ll tell Chris and Kyle she’s planning on backdooring John Luke but would BAckdoor Kyle.
Vanessa – I’m telling you right now when he’s on the block everyone is voting him out.
Vanessa says the entire house is starting to talk about Kyle

Minh says she wants Angie out. Vanessa “I want her out too”
Minh says they have to balance it out one strong player evicted followed by a floater.
Vanessa says if it makes sense next one to go is Angie “She annoys the f* outta me”

7:54 pm John Luke and Mike
Mike – If we get Angie
JL – It’s a lock if we get Angie
Mike – I’m not that close with Angie
JL says Maddy and Ria are putting in work with Angie
Mike – Carol wants Kyle out
JL – that’s HUGE now that this happened everyone wants Kyle out.
They talk about how Kyle blatantly lied and everyone saw it.
JL – Chris, Kyle, and Sheldon all three of those guys are together
They call Sheldon a FLip Flopper
JL – Kyle is going next week, Chris the week after that. Sheldon the week after that. Sue the week after that. Brooke after that.. (HUH?)
Mike says he doesn’t want to be a villain this year.
JL – same with me I want to be a superhero
They talk about Kyle being the villain this year.
JL talks about putting Sheldon and Chris on the block with Kyle as the replacement.

Mike looking around for an immunity idol?

7:57 pm Minh and Jamar
Minh saying she’s pulling Maddy aside and telling her they don’t have the votes to save Mike.
Jamar says if she does it today there will be too much chaos. “do it day of Thursday morning Thursday afternoon”
Jamar doesn’t want her to say anything today or tomorrow.

Jamar says he’ll talk to Mike
Minh – get as much information as you can

(Feeds have been down for a bit)

9:38 pm Mike and Maddy
Mike going over plans to take Chris and Kyle out etc etc.. practicing parts of his campaign speech.
Madeline tells him to not trust Vanessa. Mike saw her talking to Kyle “all whispers” then Kyle ran up to the HOH to talk to Chris.
Mike – Kyle doesn’t talk to me

9:56 pm Mike and Sue
Mike – the people that keep me here are not who I’m after.. I have bull-headed vision right now I only see one person.
Sue – did you and Chris talk before
Mike – I was Chris’ biggest supporter
Mike explains he was with them to vote Nico out to keep Sue in the game. That is why he’s so blindsided with this backdoor.

10:04 pm Sue and Chris
Sue – I feel bad
Chris – why
Sue – I feel bad for Mike. I know it’s part of the game it just feels shitty
Sue – I just talked to him and told HIm I can’t vote against Brooke

10:06 pm Mike listening in on Sue and Chris.

10:09 pm Mike, Minh and Maddy
Minh – you don’t have the numbers
Maddy – why? who? Jams?
Mike – you gotta tell us something
Brooke comes into the shower breaks up the game talk.

10:20 pm JL, Mike and Maddy
Mike says Minh told them he doesn’t have the votes.
Maddy says it’ll be close no matter how it goes people will be like what the f* just happened.
Jamar joins them.
Mike – she told me I don’t have the votes.
Jamar – who did she talked to
Maddy – she wouldn’t tell us
Mike – Angie says she would vote for me
Maddy – we need to go outside. they can’t get Carol’s vote.
Mike – As of right now we have 7 ..

10:22 pm Mike, JL and Jamar
Mike – I need you right now
Jamar – same I need you to as much as you need me.
Mike – I’m your guy
Jamar – we can all use each other. You want me to talk to Minh
JL – try to get her to spill the beans

10:37 pm Hot Tub

10:38 pm Carol and Mike
Carol says she’s 95% voting to keep him.
Mike says Sheldon, Kyle and Chris make fun of Jamar behind his back. Jamar knows it.

10:40 pm Minh and Hira
Minh – what I want to do. I want to get Kyle out and I want Chris all to myself cause right now Chris and Kyle are close but Chris doesn’t fully trust Kyle.
Minh – I need Drama. I need Drama in the house. I need Mike to feel so f**ed
Hira doesn’t think he’s going to do that
Minh – I’m literally scaring him. He’s asking me for names he’s asking for numbers. I’m like no I cannot do that. I just walked away.
Ming – He’s desperate. Out of the girls you don’t trust sue
Hira – I’m not sure if I trust her or not but I see her running to Kyle.
Hira – the only two people I don’t trust are Chris and Kyle none of the girls I have an issue with.
Minh – If you won HOH who would you put up
Hira – one of the 2 and a pawn
Minh – I would say Kyle. Put up Chris and then I can save him with the POV and you put up Kyle
Hira says Jamar is on board with one of the 2 plus a pawn.
Minh – Jamar sketches me out
Hira – I’ll tell Mikey he doesn’t have the votes simple as that .. what would you do if you won next week.
Minh – you’re safe. We’ll have to see for next week. I’m keeping you, Vanessa, Carol, Chris safe.
Minh – I want to make a smart move.

10:55 pm Angie and Hira
Angie says she’s voting to keep Brooke. She doesn’t want to be at best 5th in that group.
Hira says it’s the same with the other group in the house.
Hira – I gotta go with the numbers
Angie – I don’t see Brooke going
Hira agrees
Angie – it doesn’t make sense for this house to vote her out.
Hira – its not Brooke it’s that Kyle has her wrapped around his finger.
Hira says Chris had a good HOH he caused this sh1t storm and is sitting cool everyone is after Kyle.

10:57 pm Minh and Maddy
Minh – the votes aren’t there it looks like Mikes going home
Maddy – ok
Minh- I told Mike my suggestion for you is to do something drastic to change that around.

11:36 pm Vanessa and Carol
van doesn’t trust Minh.
Carol – 100% I like her as a girl I love her sass but I don’t trust her in the game.
Carol – even sue. Sue’s all up in my butt all the time. I don’t trust Sue either
Van – Sue’s all over the place. She told me she doesn’t like people flirting with her but she’s the biggest flirt in the whole f****ing house it make me uncomfortable. I see her crawling out of Chris’s bed butt naked.
they laugh ..
Van – uhh your boyfriend is watching
They agree Minh can’t blow up their game right now so she’s good to keep around.
Van – you want to keep her in good graces.
Carol – when Michael goes home their targets are Chris and Sue ..
Carol says Mike heard Sue in the HOH laughing at him when she said to keep fighting. “That’s hurtful right”
Van – c’mon sue..
Carol – Mike’s like at least 20 minutes she literally told him to keep fighting went upstairs into Chrisrs room listened by the door and she was laughing about it.
Vanessa saying that she know Mike leaving isn’t ideal but it one less in that group.
Carol – you’re the only one I’m loyal to in this game.

12:20 am Mike, Kyle, and a bunch of the house
Mike saying that Kyle told him that Chris had it out for him
Kyle denies
Mike – you said that you said Chris threw out my name.. you’re playing me and you’re playing everyone else in the house
Kyle yelling saying that everyone that Mike talks to comes to him and says what he says.
Kyle – I told you to your face I’m not voting for you what more what moire would you like
Mike – you’re full of sh1t better for people to realize now than 5 weeks from now
Kyle – I told Maddy if I hear anything I’m not voting for you and Hi heard something in the pantry and I’m letting yo know right now that I’m not voting for you
Mike – I’m telling you Kyle my campaign against you started the moment you went against your word.
Mike – you have everyone wrapped around your finger. You’re pulling on everyone’s heartstrings man
Mike – Chris buddy I wish you had an ear in every room
Kyle – you seem to have a lot hiding behind your chest. I’m fine
Mike – You accused me of lying
Kyle – I said you are going to people and putting my name through the mud. You say I’m a big mastermind
Mike – this is you downplaying all your stuff.
Mike calls him out for laying low these last couple days hiding what he’s done.
Kyle – Thursday coming soon bro
Mike – whatever makes good TV Kyle. You got your blowout man.. you reeled Minh into and you go me into it
Kyle – I’m really good at it eh

Mike telling Kyle “You’re gaslighting me bro”
Brooke telling them they need a breather.

After a short break up they get back at it.
Mike accusing Kyle of lying to him. Now accusing Kyle of using his family to get further. Maddy jumps in (Apparently Kyle swore on his kids.. didn’t know he had kids)
Kyle says he’s willing to say whatever he can to get ahead in this game.
Maddy – you’re blowing up your own game kyle
Mike says he feels bad for the people that are getting used by Kyle

9:16 am Wednesday
Kyle and Brooke hug.. Kyle says he’s sorry for lying
Kyle – moving for I’ll never do that to you.

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another name

I get home to Kyle and Mike’s back and forth.

my thought: Kyle doesn’t know how to be humble, or how to edit his thoughts when he’s heated. Mike is one of those moral highground arguers. Someone with a real head for how to argue could truly decimate the two of them. Instead: Brooke shuts down the argument so that nothing comes out that will flip the vote against her. Party pooper is what my popcorn feed watcher mind thinks. But actually smart for her. Too bad Brooke’s campaigning style sucks baaaad. I mean painful bad. If she stays, it’s not based on her ability to fight for herself.

Post argument: Chris still thinks Maddie will be his. Shake my head until I nearly get vertigo. Duuude. when he says he’s a brain transformer… i think it already changed into a pinto and drove off.

Well don’t worry about boredom.
I’m sure Minhly will Minh ly any moment now (as Minh ly walks into the room after learning Chris told Maddie it was Minh’s idea to pretend she was the backdoor).
I’m sure Kyle will get on his soapbox retelling the argument to people that were sitting right there and heard every word. He’ll become annoyed if anyone questions his interpretation as absolute reality.
We could have more fun coming.

another name

BTW: if members of the cast of the Challenge are being hired to cast BBUS… can the endtimes be far away?
all open castings in the upcoming weeks for BBUS have been cancelled due to corona.

Just Sayin'

I find a huge difference in the casting between BBCAN and BBUS. Majority of the people on BBUS are there for social media followers and the producers encourage it because ‘it brings in viewers’. I enjoy the cast’s on BBCAN better, I think more of them just want to play the game. God help us all if BB turns into having people from the challenge. No, the challenge is where washed up BB players are supposed to end up

another name

OH it’s worse than having Challenge people on bb, the casting company have hired challenge people to be their scouts to decide who will be on bb.

another name

Considering just how boring a great number of this cast are? They’d better keep her around for a while. I mean…. it’s not like anyone says, “HMMM, I wonder what Carol’s gonna do next?” or Rianne. She was gone from sight for hours… and it made no difference. The Mike / Maddie dynamic is about as engrossing as watching Kyle floss with his hair.

Just a game

Van so good that even I as a viewer can’t tell who she is really with

another name

This morning I sweetened my coffee with Maddie’s tears. It’s after noon now, and she’s STILL crying. Even Carol got up and left.
I’m not sure what the point is of trying to get sympathy from Brooke…
Susanne has said to Brooke she’d rather keep Chris over Kyle (so, she’d rather keep the one she can contain, if not control).
Sheldon has told Rianne Brooke isn’t campaigning hard because she’s such a stand up person that she can’t campaign hard against Michael. oh eyeroll.
Michael’s plan today: try to get Carol and Angie to vote to keep him.
Madeline’s plan today: make everyone feel bad for her.
John Luke’s plan today: uh. duude, bro. wha…?
Brooke’s plan today: to talk in an annoying voice. Or so Sheldon says.
Jamar’s plan today: trying to get someone to feel him.