BBCAN8 – Episode One Results “Origin Story”


Here we go Folks Episode one of Big Brother Canada 8! Just a heads up the real show aka live feeds don’t start until tomorrow night. This is BBCAN so feeds will be free and sporadic.

If you are not in Canada and want to watch the free feeds you’ll need a VPN. We have used for many years. It’s cheap, fast & secure.

This season is all about superheroes origin stories.

This season there will be 16 houseguests competing for 83 days!

First six Houseguests enter the house: Minh-ly, Brooke, Angie, Chris, Kyle, and Sheldon

The second group of five Houseguests to enter the house: Carol, Madeline, Jamar, Micheal, and Susanne

Third group of  five Houseguests to enter the house: Vanessa, Nico, Rianne, Hira, and John Luke

The Twist for Week 1
Canada gets to vote for their least popular houseguests. The 4 voted the least favorite get three chances to save themselves. A test of Strenght, Mental and social abilities. There will be no Head of Household or Power of Veto for this week.

The four least popular houseguests:

  • Minh-ly
  • Susanne
  • Nico
  • Chris

The first competition to come up is a test of strength. They have to hold onto a rope that keeps a car from falling.

Chris drops first. Nico second, Third was Susanne.

Minh-Ly wins safety!

Chris, Nico, and Susanne will compete in the mental competition tomorrow. The winner of this will be safe resulting in two nominees that will be on the block for eviction. They will have to use their “social skills” to stay in the game.

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Hi Simon and Dawg!!


Hi Simon-Go-Lightly:-

Lobster Girl all the way!
I think they’ve done a good job assembling an interesting and diverse group of personalities – good & bad.
Waiting to see how this all develops. Hoping for a strong All-Girl alliance this time around.
Glad there is no HOH in this first week – it throws them off and prevents the usual out-of-the-gate moves that we have seen time and again.

Just Sayin'
Just Sayin'

Looks like the bros are going to bro up again….hopefully we actually have some strong females this season


Hi Simon & Dawg, we have take-off of the BB crazy train. Can’t wait for the drama to begin! Happy you are back and look forward to your updates, opinions & humor. I love reading everyone’s comments, it gives me a new perspective of the house guests other than my own, often changing my view of how they are playing the game. Hugs to all! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

another name
another name

short feed leak earlier today.
Kyle talking to Madeline. Kitchen.
M: who would you if you were…
K: well my first thought has always been Ang. strictly because we have not not talked one, and I mean one shred of game, but it’s like easy.
M: yeah.
K: but at the same time too, I don’t know who else she has talked with, for me to you know what I’m saying… piss off.
M: maybe she’s not like close to someone in particular
K: just, like, whoo woo woo (swerving hand motion)
M: yeah.
K: chill. yeah.
M: yah.
K: so that would be like if I had to.
M: yeah

Meanwhile, Chris, Suzanne, Minh ly, Angie and Vanessa are doing yoga in the living room.

Conjecture with Rumor as source ( So this is to be taken with the entire salt shaker)

If Angie is the target of Kyle, Angie is the target of the men’s supposed alliance of Kyle, Chris, Michael and Sheldon.
Kyle feels pretty free naming names to Madeline, meaning she hasn’t joined the women’s alliance Vanessa has been trying to get going.
Angie may have put a target on her back, because she was hypersensitive to a group of guys going off together, and kept interrupting their game talk, and may have gone so far as telling others to watch out for that group of guys breaking off an being alone together.
I’m sure some parts of twitter have already taken this 39 second feed leak and jumped on the bbus last season bus for a return trip to Camp come black. I’m in no way shape or form willing to go there yet.
Rumors are a combination of three twitter sources that say they were in the audience, and got the order of entry correct in their posts from the 29th. Doesn’t mean they are right, or I wouldn’t be asking anyone to down a whole shaker of salt.

Extra side note:
get ready to spend a half hour, once feeds start, trying to tell the Rianne and Madeline apart.

another name
another name

if post taping spoilers are an indication: Kyle’s other nom would be Minh. Angie would be the pawn. Kyle and Minh don’t mesh, possibility they’ve already argued in front of other house guests.

another name
another name

jamar tries slop. pukes.
suzanne and rianne both dislike minniewithanh and angie. rianne says angie makes side comments about people, doesn’t wash her dish, and rianne has to share a bed with her because minh won’t share with angie. they are tired of MInh bringing up the minh has a bad attitude thing. they say we’ve got to get her out, but don’t name which her.
bathroom. johnluke to maddie hopes chris will do what the house wishes, and get rid of one of those two. assuming minnie and angie are those two.
kyle has been on slop for four hours. he’s already slopbraining. though he did cook for the others while a have not.
The men’s alliance was made. there are four. three are present. they’re going to be better than lesbiansignlanguagesymbol boys, canada will love them, they’ve got every type of comp covered, they’ll control the other alliances (oh shoot me) and make sure none of the boys ever see the block. geekgirl walks in on the brohug, leaves before noticed. even wider eyed than her glasses.
Chris leaves. sheldon and kyle talk about blowing smoke up chris’ ass so that the brogroup is happening, so that nobody gets in his ear and targets them.
Kyle is getting Wendy’s visit with Chris. Carol is complaining about volunteering for slop to take one for the team. Kyle is complaining about taking one for the team by staying close to Chris. Vanessa is present.
Jamar talking about being a target this week. Hira disagrees, says Chris likes Jamar. Minh says you can like someone and nominate them (does she not realize she’s been named target by five people? lol).
Susanne Jamar Minh and Hira are wrestling in expedia lounge.
Johnluke rianne hot tub area. complaining that SOME people are annoying. reload rianne’s complaints about angie from earlier. angie enters. subject changes to Minh again. Angie leaves and RI/JL pivot to bash Angie again. Def getting the feeling ri is going to be THAT girl. Never had hope JL would be anything other than THAT guy.
susanne and brooke. brooke defends angie a bit saying she’s just clueless not a threat. they don’t know where her head is at or who she games with. susanne says she likes her too after brooke says she likes angie. (it’s the typical she’s such a bitch, oh you like her, i like her too vibe).
As Minh tells Sheldon there won’t be a mance with Jamar, it’s all just both being bored and picking at each other, Angie and Susanne and Brooke are now helping Chris fold laundry in hoh as JL heads back to the hot tub area.
Brain trust in HOH: Chris says the blondes (ri and mad) would be all over him in real life, doesn’t know why they aren’t. says keep susanne, cus bella (her nickname) can’t beat him in any comp (coughcough night one cough).
says he knows kyle is there for the right reasons.
Sheldon reveals to Minh that Angie has been smacktalking her since they had words (who knows when). Sheldon says he likes everyone. Minh says I don’t. says she’s only promised loyalty to sheldon and vanessa. they are her people.
brain trust now want to form an alliance of 8. with vanessa susanne angie and jamar plus the four boys.
chris suggests final four with susanne and vanessa, but don’t tell su or van about it, and def don’t tell the other boys about it.
chris and kyle now discuss chris not trusting the two blonde mice, johnluke, michael and sheldon. I’m confused. i’m going to go.

Okay. that gives you some house dynamic hints post self eviction episode. we’ll see if hottubbing gives any indication of anyone’s actual intentions.

another name
another name

Back with night one clarification:
The Plan
as of 1230 pm eastern.

Chris thinks Kyle is his ride or die (Kyle disagrees but is playing along? Kyle also appears to have ride or dies with Sheldon, and with Vanessa, and with Hira, and with whoever he is talking to at any given time… he’s either planning a lot of riding or a lot of dying).
Chris wants to put up 2 pawns and backdoor Michael. Everyone in the house knows the evictors exist, but not the name.
Chris wants to use Brooke and Hira.
Kyle would prefer Angie instead of Brooke. Chris isn’t budging on Hira and Brooke as pawns in his next two how to play bb seminars.
He’s hohsplaining to anyone that will listen.