Big Brother 15 GinaMarie “GiGi” Zimmerman – Snake Eye Piercing and More..


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From the videos found on GiGi’s YouTube Account this girl is sure to be entertaining in the house and along with her New York attitude she is sure to start and finish a few fights on the live feeds. She isn’t shy in front of the camera’s either as she has been modeling and “acting” her entire career.

In case you missed it, here are some revealing photos of the New House Guest GinaMarie on: Google+

As well as a couple other posts of some of her modeling work: Photo shoot 1, Photo Shoot 2.

Here are another 54 photos including the ones of her as a Playboy Golf Girl

Here is a video of her getting a snake eye piercing:

GiGi impersonating Honey Boo Boo:

Another one of her doing the gangnam style dance:

F.A.M.E Tv – Nervous Records Fashion Shoot Bronx NY

Video with GiGi in it: Oscar G – Fallin’ feat. Adaja Black

Here’s one of 3 videos of her playing Wii Dance:

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I already don’t like her.


Hi Simon and Dawg,
It seems that a promo code is needed to signup.
where do i get that code?





She spells the word fun! One of my favourites so far!

Canada Wants Live Feeds

has anyone from canada tried the VPN yet , how does it work , help


All signed up and ready to go. Clicked through from here of course :)

Mobile is real easy also this year, just go to from your phone to view the live feeds!

Looking forward to another season with you guys, you rock!!

Biff Tannen

Either she or Aaryn, I think, will be first out, which is a shame.

Beyonce for BB

She just here for fame don’t like her at all


My three early picks

1) Spencer – A) He started playing the game during casting B) He’s got a beard (Hey it matters!) C) He’s a normal dude that knows what’s going on.
I’m hoping Spencers plan on creating the Brigade pt2 pans out

2) Helen – A) Socially Smart B) May not be perceived as a threat. I always thought Shelly BB13 played a stellar game.. Helen looks like the next Shelly and lucky for her she doesn’t have to deal with “Vets”

3) Gigi – A) Hot. OBB’s soft spot

** Wild card ** Rachel 2.0 – I predict production will have an even larger hand in the game this season. The MVP twists will probably keep Rachel safe while subsequently keeping her in the centre of the drama.

** Wild card ** Nick he’ll either destroy or play too hard too fast. He could team up with Spencer and grabs a showmance and run the end.

Cross posted

Chilltown Fan

I’ve already got the vibe of Brigade 2.0 with David, Howard, Spencer, and I think Nick might be a part of it. They will drag along a couple of the females thinking they are part of the alpha male alliance, but are really just sub alliances for the guys. I can see Amanda as being the female cast member that helps the alpha males out the most, she has connections to Boogie’s Dolce group. I’m hoping for a deserving female winner this year, no Rachel or Jordan type winner. Be cool if a female finally defeated a male in the final 2.

Killer K

DEFINITELY a soft spot for Gigi! I think her or Aaryn, if not both, will be on the block 1st thing….boooooo! LOL,.. couldn’t agree more with production helping Elissa, aka Rachel 2.0 (I like that!) In fact, think she’ll be” voted” the 1st MVP…BTW, I HATE to see people like Nick, that are already in the entertainment field in the house….gotta think he’s got other things in mind OTHER than playing/winning the game…and please please PLEASE…..NO showmances this season! OBB rocks!


No showmance?

Hopefully we get a dysfunctional showmance like Topaz and Alec from BB Canada.


Simon, thanks for cross-posting here. There are still a few of us out-of-touch, pathetic old timers, who think that your “comments” section and e-mail are the latest in computer technology, and think that “social media” means a summer cookout, not Facebook or Twitter!

As for BB15, I’m spending my time try to figure out just *one* thing. Who is gonna be Simon’s “Secret Favorite HG?” You always wait to tell us until late in the game.

(PS-Dawg promised me that you guys were gonna put away a few jars over the weekend, gettin’ ready for Wednesday. Hope a good time was had by all!) :)


Hey Jim, I always make sure the main stuff goes into the OBB comments.. I’m not a huge social media person myself.

LOL my secret favorite haha I wonder who it’ll be this year ;) If the MVP twist doesn’t ruin the season I have a feeling this is going to be a great year!!

I hit the jars over the weekend was nice to relax a bit, life’s been busy lately and in 48 hours it’s going to get REAL busy :)

Chilltown Fan

I like her, she’s hot and has spice to her personality. Seems she has more depth to her than Kara.


Hey, is After Dark going to be on Showtime. I thought I saw something on this site saying After Dark was not going to be on Showtime. Anyone know?


Thank you Simon!


Brigade 2.0 coming soon. Also, Regan 2.0 vs Rachel 2.0


she is very thirsty looking for fame i wont like her


Love her!

Janelle queen of povs

her mouth open in all them videos humm i know how she gate her spot on the show


This girl is smokin’ hot until I hear her voice. Total turn off..