Big Brother 15 LIVE FEEDS NOW Available & What to Expect in the NEXT 3 Weeks!

CBS Interactive Inc.

With the Big Brother 15 PREMIÈRE just 3 weeks away, the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are NOW available as of 12:15pm today for all of us CRAZY Big Brother fans to sign-up for our summer obsession!
Recently CBS took over control of the live feeds as they were previously managed by RealNetworks / SuperPass.
We have been promised that it’s a “New Season. New Home. SAME FEED. Offering 24/7 Real-Time Live Feeds with the same unscripted, uncensored, unrestricted access you crave. In addition to being able to catch up on new episodes, play games and chat with other Big Brother Fans.”

** Also Multi-Device / Multi-Platform
The Live Feeds are available across multiple devices and platforms. At home or on go, the Big Brother house travels with you – anytime, anywhere.

Watch Exclusive Live Feeds From The Big Brother House!

What’s the big deal with the Early Bird Special ?
Watch Big Brother 14 Early Bird Special LINK

CHEAP 20% off the regular price. That means, for a limited time, get the feeds for 3-Months for $23.99. That’s only $7.99 per month! By the way this is the CHEAPEST the live feeds have been.

LIVE FEED Subscription Options:

  • Available only until June 25th – Our best offer. Subscribe today for full season access beginning June 11th. TWO week early access starting June 11th and ends a month after the finale episode. Get special content and connect with the other Early Bird subscribers for Season 15. Live Feeds begin streaming June 26th. $23.99 / season
  • Available starting on June 26th – $26.99 / season
  • Available starting on June 26th – $9.99 / month

Take advantage of this LIMITED Time Offer before it expires on June 25th! TRUST me you won’t regret it! It’s the CHEAPEST Summer entertainment you can get for ONLY 27 cents a day! CLICK HERE to get your Big Brother Live Feeds


  1. THIS works however you may need to use a VPN to watch the feeds as they might be geoblocked. Details on how to use a VPN service will be posted soon. 
  2. STEP 1 – Click on this link:Big Brother Live Feeds
  3. STEP 2 – Click on “GET STARTED”
  4. STEP 3 – Select “Season Pass – Early Bird Special $23.99
  5. STEP 4 – Fill out your billing information like normal, BUT add a US Zip Code such as 93505 instead of your postal code. Click “Continue”
  6. STEP 5 – Enter your Canadian Credit Card Information and click submit. THAT’s it, the order will then be successfully process and send you an email confirmation!

CBS Interactive Inc.
Why get your Live Feeds from ?
Every Big Brother website selling the live feeds offers the same deal, support the site that you enjoy by purchasing your live feeds with them.
Onlinebigbrother live blogs the entire season of the feeds if you like our Big Brother content consider buy your feeds from us to help support this blog.

Added perks of the live feeds:

  • Members-Only Chat – Connect with the vibrant community of Big Brother fans in multiple chat rooms. Discuss gameplay strategies, make eviction predictions or guess the next Head of Household. Join Official and Fan created chat rooms or create your own! Complete with private chat features too.
  • Big Brother Archives – Take control! Our easy Calendar feature gives you access to any past moment from any day at any time. Watch what you want, when you want – all season long.
  • Highlighted Moments – We bookmark special moments from the live feed streams so you can quickly jump straight to the action. You can easily find the specific highlights of your favorite houseguests too! All Highlight Moments are available all season long.
  • Houseguests Status – Keep up with all the Houseguests’ status in the game with at a glance overviews. See who’s in, who’s out, head-of-household status and more.
  • Multiple Camera Views – Watch the action unfold from the multi-camera setups in the house. Four separate camera feeds cover the drama along with a fifth “quad view”, for an all in one eye on the activity. Focus on the story you want while staying in touch with the others and switch at any time.
Sign-up for the BB15 Live Feeds right HERE on OBB!
Sign-up for the BB15 Live Feeds right HERE on OBB!

What to expect in the coming weeks:

  • June 10th Media Day – Where a select number of media personalities enter the Big Brother house to check it out and play their own shortened version of Big Brother Competitions/Evictions.
  • Around June 18th/ 19th – We expect the photos of the newly designed Big Brother house to be released along with the Bios of the new cast of Big Brother season 15.
  • Around June 22nd / 23rd – The cast of Big Brother 15 move into the Big Brother house.
  • June 26th – The Big Brother 15 Premiere airs at 9pm on CBS with the Big Brother Live Feeds being turned on shortly after the episode ends. In addition, the first Big Brother After Dark episode will air at 12pm on its new home – TVGN.

Newest Big Brother 15 Promo Commercial – Size Matters!

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Yes yes yes I’m subscribing


same here… once they stop blocking Canadians.. argh :(


canada wont get live feeds?


It may change but right now Canadians will have to go through a VPN to watch the feeds..




yup VPN will be the only way to go for us Canadians


Hey guys, I live in the UK so I’m sure that this going to be a pain in the arse for UK viewers. I have a very good relaible VPN that I used for feeds last year as well as BBCAN.

I think the one thing that’s gonna screw alot of UK viewers is that CBS is insisting US address and zip code for billing information. Can anybody help me? Pretty please?


I don’t see a link. How do I buy the live feeds though your website?


click the big live feed graphic at the top of the post.. the one that says Big Brother live feeds safe 20% Subscribe now ->


Sorry Simon, but I don’t see that written at the top of the post. the top of the post reads “Big Brother 15 LIVE FEEDS NOW Available & What to Expect in the NEXT 3 Weeks!” and it doesn’t appear to be a link. Please make the link dummy proof, I really want to sign up and I want you guys to get the credit.


Also, At the very top right of the website there is still a working link to the superpass that says ” watch the live feeds now” this could be confusing.


Opps.. thanks for the correction Christine, I’ve removed the superpass link from the top.

It’s going to take us some time to clean out all the superpass links


23.99 is not 20% off of 26.99


I think they are calculating the discount from the monthly fee

9.99 – 20% = 7.992 X 3 = 23.976


I really wanted to get the feeds this year (would be my first time) and I wanted to get them thru OBB, but twitter is abuzz with “Canadians can’t view the feeds.” So, if I purchase the feeds thru OBB, will I be able to view them even though I’m Canadian?

I’m confused about what to do so I can watch the feeds this year. Help! :)


Hey WytchD,

Our live feed rep has told us no live feeds for Canadians :( Now this may change but right now as it stands the feeds will be blocked outside USA… LAME

I’ll be doing up a post showing Canadians what they have to do to get around this but in the meantime you’ll need
A) VPN account (We use
B) Live feed subscription (You can buy it in Canada but apparently cannot view in Canada)


Thanks Simon! I’ll check out the VPN thing and I’ll keep checking back for your post for us Canadian viewers. :)


If Canadians have problems watching the Live Feeds this summer now that they are hosted by CBS I am going to flip my ish! Seriously, don’t do this to us CBS!


I hope CBS will reverse their stance and allow Canadians access to the feeds it just doesn’t make sense to me. The show is aired in Canada and it’s not like we have some sort of Trade embargo with the US…

Either way CBS has some twisted reason for this


anyone know when the house guests are sequestered?


with the POV ep now on a Tuesday night a day earlier than normal (and eviction/HOH on a Wednesday night instead of Thursday night) perhaps noms and POV comp and pov ceremony may take place a day earlier too in the weekly cycle of the bb house


If we buy the early special will we get to watch the houseguest enter the house from feeds ?

Steve Spivey

>>TWO week early access starting June 11th and ends a month after the finale episode.

Why would I want to watch anything AFTER the finale? There won’t be anyone to see.

Does this mean we get to watch as everyone goes into the house, instead of waiting until the Premier is on CBS?


I am beyond pis*ed off. Why all of a sudden are they blocking Canadians from getting the feeds!? I hope they lose a ton of money from this mistake. I have been getting feeds for that last……..forever.. this makes me so mad!


Same. I wrote CBS and told them so, they have a link to ‘ask a question’ on the BB page. They don’t care. I hope the loss is significant enough that they change their tune next year….probably not though.


The feeds normally don’t go live until midnight the night of the premiere. They are in the house several days before the premiere, so no you will not get to see them go into the house.


No feeds for Canadians? I have bought them since season 5!!! I want to buy, but I don’t want to spend the money and not be able to see it. The show airs on Canadian networks, why would they not want our money for the feeds?


Those are good questions that I asked our Feed Rep about and they never replied.. Doesn’t make sense to me Big Brother US is on global afterdark is on slice why not make some money and sell the feeds to Canadians!

With that said I live in Canada and using my credit card was able to buy the feeds just had to put down a US Zip code