Kaitlin says oh my god this is so heart wrenching! You’re going home because you’re an a$$hole!

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?




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6:50pm – 7:10pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer is talking to Helen about the competition. Helen asks if he thinks Kaitlin will use it. Spencer says that he isn’t sure but that would be the best case scenario. Spencer asks so where do I stand? Helen says well you didn’t win the veto but you are the pawn. I could easily send you home though. Make sure you tell Howard that I could back door him too because I feel really duped. Helen talks about how Jeremy is ready to give her the world and that she is ready to give that up to Spencer and Howard. Helen tells Spencer that she shares a lot with him. She asks if you win HOH who would you put up? Spencer I know that the plan is to get rid of Gina, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn. Helen says that she loves Gina but that she isn’t going to ask everyone to protect her. Helen says I could revive you. I want that protection from you and Howard. And I don’t ever want to hear you say I should be voted out because I am smart. You should look at that as an asset. You really hurt me. Spencer says that he feels really bad that he hurt her. You have my 100% loyalty. Helen says you owe me, Elissa, Andy, and Jessie huge props. Spencer says that he is sorry he hurt Andy. Helen asks why would you hurt Andy just to save Jeremy. Spencer says one thing I would like to ask of you, I would like to make it to jury. Helen say okay, but then I want your vote in final two. Spencer says you got it. Helen says she loves him and Howard. Spencer says that he knows Helen could get the votes to send him home. If the tides do turn can you tell me so that I can add to my speech to give a shout out to my girlfriend and my work. Helen says that she doesn’t think that will happen unless people turn on me but I don’t think that would happen. Spencer tells Helen and she and Elissa have his protection. If you are in the final two, you have a guaranteed vote from me. Spencer asks if Helen has given a deal to Ginamarie. Helen says that she made a one week deal with Gina and Nick. Helen asks do you trust Howard? Spencer says yes. Helen says even though he swore on a bible. Spencer says he likes Howard, he is a great physical player but maybe doesn’t play the best game. Helen tells Spencer that Kaitlin is going to take herself off the block.

7:15pm – 7:30pm Kaitlin comes up to the HOH room with Andy. Helen congratulates Kaitlin. Helen tells Kaitlin that she is seriously considering putting up Jeremy if you use the veto. I know that you two are very close. I feel if I don’t I am going against the house. Kaitlin says that Howard is super untrustworthy. He swore on the bible that he voted to keep David. He is using religion to his full advantage. He talked unbelievable sh*t about Candice and now that the moving company is out he is making out with her to use her for her protection with you. Kaitlin talks about how Howard has been throwing every competition. It doesn’t make sense that he has that much muscle and played 4 yrs of football and comes out so uncoordinated in competitions. It just doesn’t make sense. Helen says that Jeremy has never treated me well, he has treated me horribly. By keeping him I am going against my own moral code. Helen says that Kaitlin is right about Howard he has lied to me. Kaitlin says that Spencer has lied repeatedly to my face. Kaitlin talks about how Howard was telling us everything that you guys were talking about last week. Kaitlin says I don’t know if I want to stay in the house without Jeremy. I am using the veto on myself. Helen says thank you for using the veto on yourself. Kaitlin says that she can rally the votes to get out Howard. Kaitlin says that if you keep Jeremy and when it gets down to it, I will vote him out. Helen says that the house wants Jeremy out. Andy says if we didn’t nominate and evict Jeremy – we would have a huge target on our backs by people who aren’t coming after us. Kaitlin, Andy and Helen are all crying. Helen says that if she could she would keep Jeremy for her because of seeing how much it hurt Gina. Kaitlin says and he and I are so much closer than they were. Kaitlin says its so hard because he is going up in my place. Helen says America will hate me if I don’t do this. Helen says if Jeremy does go out, Andy and I will protect you. You can come over to our side. Helen says I know you love him.. Kaitlin says I don’t love him. Helen says you can come over and work with us. We will make sure Elissa doesn’t put you up. You and Gina are the people that I like on that side.


CBS Interactive Inc.

The target will immediately turn off of you. Jeremy dug his own grave and you dont need to go down with him. Helen says I will make sure a large majority of the house won’t come after you. We will just rotate winning. You will see Jeremy when this is all done. I will make sure Elissa never nominates you. You can go further in this game without him. You would have been the next one out if you hadn’t won it. You have been as sweet as pie and we would like to bring you into the fold. Kaitlin says okay. I can’t tell Aaryn right away though. I still will talk to her. Helen tells her that is okay you are taking a huge one for the team. We will do it how you want to do it. Kaitlin says oh my god this is so heart wrenching! Helen says we will go after Howard next, and Spencer right after Jeremy. Kaitlin says that she cant vote out Jeremy. I can’t do it. Helen says okay you can vote out Spencer, and I will make sure no one holds that against you. For now you need to act like you don’t know if you will you use it. Kaitlin says I think I already told Elissa that I would. Helen says that’s okay we can spin it that you are unsure. Helen says if you and Jeremy want the HOH room to spend some last time together you can use it. Kaitlin says okay. Helen says that she will also talk to Jeremy and that tell him that if he goes I will tell him that we will protect you. Helen asks Kaitlin and Andy to put their hands in and Helen welcomes her onto their team. Helen says that she owes Kaitlin more than anyone in the house. Kaitlin asks if she can go tell Jeremy. Helen says yes you can tell him.

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7:45pm Kaitlin brings Jeremy into the storage room and she tells him how he is definitely being back doored, there is no way around it. Jeremy says it’s okay. Kaitlin says that Helen said it’s what the house wants and that they are afraid if they put up Howard then the house will come after them. Jeremy says that he is okay. Kaitlin says that he dug his grave. Kaitlin says if I do this Helen said I will go far in this game and that Elissa wont put me up. Jeremy says McCrae has had MVP the last two weeks, he told me. Jeremy says I don’t want you to be on the wrong side of the house at this point. And if you need help spending the money I will help you. Kaitlin says you aren’t even going to be in sequester with me. Jeremy says I can leave with my head held high. Kaitlin says you are not going home because of your strengths you are going home because you are an a$$hole. Jeremy says that he will be there at the finale to see her again.

7:55pm – 8:10pm Jeremy goes up to the HOH room. He tells Helen that he was going to come up here and offer her a deal where she would have a hand in all of my nominations if I win HOH but I know I am going home. Helen talks about the things Jeremy has done like attacking her, bullying Jessie before the vote and wiping his butt with Elissa’s hat. Jeremy says that he has made some poor judgements in the house and feels bad about the things he’s done. Helen asks if you stay that would be the bare minimum for you to let me have a hand in your nominations. I would also want you to take me to the final three if we made it that far. Helen tells Jeremy if he had been this way from the beginning .. Jeremy says yeah I am cocky and I love to win. Helen and Andy tell Jeremy that they have mad respect for him. Jeremy says that he is going to enjoy his last few days in the house. It is what it is, I have learned my lessons and I will be a better person because of it. Jeremy heads down stairs. Andy tells Helen that if that person had been in this game from the beginning… Helen says he would have won this game.


8:20pm – 8:30pm Elissa comes up to the HOH room. Helen talks to Elissa about how Kaitlin is going to use the Veto. Helen explains how they are going to be offering her safety for taking herself off the block and coming over to work with us. Elissa agrees with everything about offering safety and that Jeremy has to go. Elissa is a little concerned about Kaitlins behaviour the last couple days. Elissa says that I don’t feel comfortable with a middle man promising her safety from me nominating her. I think she should come and talk to me about it. Helen repeats that she is worried about Kaitlin not using the veto. If we are making deals I want to be involved. Helen and Andy agree. Helen says why not turn one of our enemies into an ally. Elissa agrees I just want her to come talk to me. Helen says we will have her come talk to you, but we need her to use that POV. The problem with Jeremy is that he wants to come talk to you. He offered everything to stay. Elissa, Andy and Helen discuss making a final three deal.


8:35pm – 8:45pm McCrae and Amanda are in the lounge room talking about random things. Andy joins them and tells them about conversation that he and Helen had with Kaitlin up in the HOH room. He reiterates the entire conversation. He then tells them about the conversation they had with Jeremy. McCrae asks if they talked about the MVP? Andy says no not really Helen just said that who ever gets it McCrae or Elissa then we will make sure they don’t nominate you. McCrae says okay good. Andy says that Howard will be my demise, and all of our demise. Howard needs to go, then Spencer needs to go. Andy says with Kaitlin staying I can guarantee we are all safe and she will be going after Howards blood. Amanda talks about how we can get other people to do the dirty work for us. Andy, McCrae and Amanda talk about how Helen and Elissa need to shut her mouth, they are doing a lot of damage up there. Amanda comments how Aaryn knows that McCrae isn’t the MVP. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Jeremy tells Gina and Aaryn that he is going to probably be going this week and he wants them to be happy and play hard. Amanda talks about how she doesn’t really trust Helen. Andy says that he has gained a lot of trust with her in their conversations.

8:55pm Up in the HOH room – Helen and Candice are talking. Candice talks about how Aaryn has apologized to her 4 times now, she isn’t sorry. Helen thinks Aaryn will look back are realize how wrong she has acted. Candice says she is a narcissist. Candice says I feel like I am on the outside of the group. I am asked to leave when I come up here when conversations are going on. Helen offers to tell Candice what her conversations were tonight. Candice asks if it is because she is getting close to Howard. Helen tells Candice that a lot of people in the house are concerned with Howard. Helen starts telling Candice about her conversation with Spencer. Candice says that she just found out that Spencer was the one to tell Aaryn that I sat on her hat. Candice talks about how she will be loyal to Howard through what he is going through and I hope he sticks with me too. Candice gets called to the diary room. She leaves. Howard comes into the HOH room to pray.

9:05pm – 9:20pm Meanwhile in the bedroom – Aaryn, Gina, kaitlin and Jeremy are talking about random things. Gina tells Kaitlin that if anyone of you leave it is going to suck in here. It is going to be nerd alert. Jeremy talks about ninja jumping or sky diving back into the house. Kaitlin comments that Jeremy is in a chipper mood. Jeremy says that he has something cute planned. Kaitlin tells Gina that we can’t go against them, we will just do what they want. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that she already told them she is voting for him to stay. Jeremy tells her no. You need to vote with the house. Meanwhile Andy heads back up to the HOH room. Helen comments on how Spencers answer to who he would nominate next week wasn’t sufficient. He said Aaryn.. Andy says and I think Gina. Helen asks Andy who he would put up if he won HOH. Andy says that he would put up Howard, Aaryn, and Spencer as the third nomination. Judd joins them. Judd asks who they are going to have put up if Kaitlin uses the veto. Helen yells Jeremy! Judd says he thinks Candice would be a good person to.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Judd, Andy and Helen are talking about who Elissa will put up as the MVP. Judd thinks she might just flip a coin. Andy is worried she might just put him up because she knows he is safe. They talk about Howard lying on the bible. Judd and Helen think next week could be a double eviction. Judd thinks that Kaitlin should go before Spencer. He isn’t athletic, he doesn’t win challenges. Helen says that if I hadn’t won – Howard, Jeremy, Spencer would still be operating as MC.


9:30pm – 9:35pm In the bedroom – Jeremy and Amanda are talking about how Jeremy is pretty sure he is leaving. Amanda says that she isn’t even sure how she is voting. Jeremy says that there is still a lot of game to be played before Thursday. I am not giving up. Amanda ask Jeremy if he is still working with Spencer. Jeremy asks do you know what they did to me? Jeremy talks about how if the MC had stuck together we could have coasted through this game. Amanda tells Jeremy that there are bigger threats to her game in the house than him. You should definitely campaign. Jeremy says that he will.

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9:35pm – 10:05pm Spencer heads up to the HOH room. Andy, Helen and Judd are still talking. Judd starts going off about how guacamole is nothing without chips. Candice and Howard join them. They continue to talk about random things. Meanwhile – McCrae, Amanda and Jessie are in the lounge room talking about wanting the backyard to open up. Judd heads down from the HOH room to the bathroom to sit with Aaryn. Aaryn asks Judd if he threw the POV Competition. Judd says hell no I didn’t. Aaryn says she thinks Howard threw it. Judd says that he thinks he was trying to get in good with them. Judd tells Aaryn that she went from being on the bottom to being back in it. Aaryn says she hopes she is. Judd tells Aaryn from what he is hearing she is 100% safe this week. Aaryn asks what about next week. Judd says he doesn’t know. Judd talks about the MC and how he and Nick hated each other. Jessie joins them and Judd starts giving her a massage.

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Quote from Vince McMahon: Jeremy screw Jeremy or Aaryn screw Aaryn


Helen have made more bullying in 1 week than all the so called *bad people* This season has no interest…wake me up in 6 week when..there is only.. Andy Helen Amanda Candice Elissa Jessie Judd …left in the house …a so exciting group #sarcasm


Wtf Helen? So let’s count all the people in your alliance now: Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Candace, Spencer, Jessie, Judd, Howard, and now Kaitlin too?!?! Plus you like GM as well? You can’t just allign yourself with the whole house like that and expect no backlash later in the game.


I agree, don’t listen to Kaitlyn. She can’t be trusted.


Jeremy is going home. Helen already told Jeremy.

Roisin Dubh

There’s still a lot of time between now and eviction time. Remember, what they say on Sat and how they vote on Thursday is two entirely different things. I think Spencer’s leaving. This is the wackiest bunch of two-faced people that house has ever seen.


I thought for sure Nick was safe last week and look what happened.


Production? :p


Helen is telling her plans to everyone even to those she has no trust in…she is going to shoot herself in the foot…she needs to SHUT UP!


“Helen is going to shoot herself in the foot.”

Too late, her feet are ridden with bullets.


I know! Helen was my favorite until she became HOH and developed diarrhea of the mouth.


Its just what the HOH always does…use the position of power to set yourself up for future safety. Unfortunately, the other HG’s will tell the HOH anything they want to hear. Helen has had a heavy hand in getting out the showmance of every one of the Mean Girls. If she thinks she can do that and then not have them come after her, she’s not as smart as people think she is. She had better hope Elissa is able to save her.


I know,right. i noticed also that she’s missed a lot of info on her “search for the truth” cause she won’t let anyone finish what they’re saying, during her one on ones cause she won’t stop talking! She’s finishing their sentences for em, gets all dr phil on em, it drives me crazy listening to her talk now. She needs to learn to listen…She says what she wishes they were saying…anyway,that’s jmo, i just got home & am trying to catch up…


Helen seriously could not have used her HOH worse than she has, making everybody nervous and paranoid, annoying her allies, and leaving HUGE opening that Amanda and McCrea are filling…and as soon as she is no longer HOH and everybody is safe from Helen, notes will be compared.

I bet the next two weeks after Jeremy we see Howard and Helen evicted.


It will never happen. Helen is not going anywhere. She too smart & good strategy play. Helen is here to stay PERIOD!


Joke of the day: Helen is a good strategic player.

My strategic play would be NOT be a team that Helen’s is on. Like I said before, she needs to just SHUT UP! Stop speaking for your so-called alliance. Stop interrupting people: yeah, yeah, yeah; like I was saying… Stop crying!

Andy and Helen are very much alike.

kickkin Chicken

Arby, you are right, Helen and Andy are so much alike. Neither one can shut up long enough to make sense out of any conversation. Andy talks like a Valley Girl, fast & furious flapping his big ass lips so fast, not even a “qualified Lip Reader” can unscramble his mess. He should be careful, he might get “back doored” and NOT like it. BTW Andy, you keep bash/hating on Nick, is it because you hit him up and he turned you down?? LMAO.

Helen, you need to stop taking all the credit and give thanks to Elissa who handed you a golden opportunity to work with…..and stop trying to hide her sparkle, ……’cause that dog don’t hunt!!! Surly your ‘political’ advantages should have taught you that much.

Amanda, you need to keep that bandanna over the eyes of your “Tiny Tim” (McCrae) just a few more weeks, keeping him blinded, so you just might have a chance to worm your way into the jury house…..What a poor excuse to make $13K…dude with implants!…..You hate Howard for more than one reason, why don’t you tell everyone the real truth!!!!


CONSPIRACY THEROY BB15 001—>DR hints strongly to Elissa to not put Howard up<– ok, the whole world now knows about the racist stuff going on in the BB house, all the news papers & what not…Candices mom has been giving interviews. Her church in boycotting BB, Arayn in constantly spewing stuff on the side lines, It's an everyday thing now, BB can't let Howard be put up now. They have the bed flipping fight & Howard praying to air on tv now cuz it's already in the papers & on the you tube shows, So now they have to figure out how to handle this…Howard not getting put up this week is all thanks to Arayn… wait til she's gone & finds that out… what y'all think? i haven't been watchin feeds for 6 hours or more now i just got home & came on here to catch up so…just "spit ballin here" as spencer would say..


I can definitely see that: that production wouldn’t want Howard gone yet. Maybe they think he’s had a raw deal, are considering the stress level, or (and I hope this isn’t true) wanting to exploit the racial tension for ratings. They’re not hinting to keep Aryan are they?


You may have missed 6hrs on the feeds, but I think you’re right on point. I totally think production will be airing the Candice/Aaryn/Kaitlin/GM fight. Bc it was right after Helen won HOH. It also goes along with what they have already aired in regards to Aaryn being racist. So it fits right in, not to mention the fact that they know a fight equals ratings. So they’ll air that, then show Howard carrying her out of there along with their conversation about the fight & their talk about Aaryn’s racist remarks. They’ll show Howard praying & crying. If u think about it, that will take up quite a few mins of the show, plus they’ll have to show Helen’s HOH reveal on top of the conversations she had with ppl regarding nominations, then of course the Nom Ceremony & the dismemberment of the MC(LMFAO). So what I’m gettin at here is, it would be very hard for production to show all of that about Howard(portraying) him in a good light & explain why everyone turned against him bc they think he’s evil. It just wouldn’t go hand in hand. Howard not being nominated makes it easier on production to edit the show. That’s why they were encouraging Elissa & Helen not to nominate him. Sad really. I don’t think they should get involved at all. Not even to help them put sentences together in the DR. If the HG can’t think of something to say on their own the by golly they shouldn’t be talking. Lol:)

On another note: I personally think Helen needs to wake the hell up & smell the coffee. She’s is talking waaaaayyyy toooooo much & to way too many ppl. Her telling Kaitlin to join her “side” cracked me up, also saying her & GM aren’t targets. Lol. That only leaves Aaryn u idiot. Unless u add in Howard & Spencer. Idk, but what I do know is, it’s stupid. If Helen thinks that Kaitlin is going to let Helen evict Jeremy &she’s not coming after her, then she’s dumber than I thought she was. Just wait, we’ll see it in their DR sessions. Kaitlin will be saying she’s coming after “them” aka Helen for taking Jeremy out. GM will be doing the same thing in regards to Nick. & Aaryn, well she’s just Aaryn. & she will always be gunning for Helen & team bc she just doesn’t like them. Helen needs to not threaten Spencer like that either. That was just ignorance. Bc he may smile & nod to her face, but u better believe he will remember that. & he’s prob in the DR talking about how dumb that was for her to threaten him.

She needs to hand the blabbermouth book back to Amanda & go back to the quiet, strategic Helen we seen the last 2wks(that’s the Helen I liked). And her constantly talking about what America will & will not like is VERY annoying! She also needs to stop treating Elissa like a child & start including her in conversations & definitely stop making deals for Elissa behind her back or she just may end up as the/ 3rd & lucky nominee next week. Nah, I doubt that Elissa would ever nominate Helen, but shes definitely fed up with it & will not tolerate much more. I don’t blame Elissa either bc I’d be pissed if I had someone making deals on my behalf that I wasn’t even privy to. Anybody would get upset over that. Especially considering the fact that it’s happened on several different occasions.
***I know this is long & annoying(I apologize for that) but I do have to say one more thing since I was talking about Elissa. I’m not so sure her letting McCrae say he’s the MVP was a good idea. Sure it’ll take the heat off her 4 the 3rd nominee, but it was Spencer. He wouldn’t have even been mad at her. Anyhow, McCrae is using it to make deals with ppl. Which is dumb on her part for allowing that to happen. Also, her having that has kept her safe. If ppl think she doesn’t have it they will no longer need her. Idk. I wouldn’t have let him told ppl he had it. I That said, I am happy she’s starting to play the game more. And she’s speaking up about things. I love that & wanna see her do good.

1 last thing(I swear) why is Aaryn suddenly no longer a target? Can some1 plz explain. Bc I can’t stand her, or Jeremy. I just hope they don’t let her skate on by. That would be a disgrace.


I know, Right? Not only aligning with everyone but offering protection to each one. Protection from who?

Dawg, I voted for you 😉 So, what has Jessie been doing lately? I think I’ve only seen you mention her once or twice since the Aaryn/Gina/Jeremy vs Jessie/Candace/Amanda throw down. Has she been sleeping since then?

Every season we have a few HGs that allow their paranoia to run rampant. This season it’s McManda.

Shiny Happy People

This is why the friendship was so terribly unpopular in Season 6. Helen is a smart woman, but I don’t respect her gameplay at all. I was looking forward to her getting an HOH, but what a letdown.


Bye Jeremy or Aaryn, have a nice trip.


I hope when Aaryn walks out of the house (& I hope it’s SOON!) that the live audience boo’s her ass! I mean, how could they applaud her??!!

Zingbot Fan

I sure hope Helen does not fall for Jeremy’s false promises. Get him out while you have the chance.


Helen and Kaitlin already told Jeremy he is going home.


Looks like Helen will be the first HOH to actually have one of her nominations leave the house. But….its still early.


Jeremy needs to play up to everybody that he knows he’s gone and it’s cool, so since he made the first two weeks the opposite of fun, please let him make my last week fun. And he needs to be one charming mother****er. Then not deliberately and overtly, but with a ton of subtlety, he needs to pull Helen, Candace, Jessie, Andy, and Elissa (she will be the key. Elissa has to believe he’s sorry…she doesn’t have to forgive him, but she has to believe he is truly sorry) aside and apologize. Again, he has to be sincere. No excuses unless they are real. No hints about how he can help them. Just bare his soul apologize. If he completely gives up hope and playing the game, and is fun, charming, sincere, and remorseful…Arryn will go home on Thursday

STFU Donnie

I think Helen saying that Jeremy would be evicted was both incredibly presumptuous (that power has taken over her senses) and way too early.

Jeremy has made all the right moves since Thursday night and Aaryn has made all the wrong moves. So now that Helen has decided how everybody will vote…a calm will settle over the house, which Jeremy can take advantage of and you’re spot on that he has to give up outwardly. And just as important as you lay out, Aaryn will relax and any pretext she had of going out of her way to be nice will slip. She’s naturally an unpleasant person, so even if she tried her very best to be nice, there will be cracks in the facade. The HG’s will begin talking and begin thinking and paranoia will start creeping in. Then Aaryn will piss off Elissa, Candace, Jessie, and maybe a few others. Then maybe Amanda and McCrea see Jeremy as insurance if Howard really does have a deal with Helen and Elissa and who better for them to knock heads with Howard in physical comps than Jeremy. What if Howard has been throwing comps and is just a beast and if Jeremy is gone, who will beat him? Maybe Amanda goes to work and starts sowing the idea that Aaryn was the power behind Jeremy’s behavior and with him gone, maybe he will do business.

Who knows? But anybody who thinks Thursday is already decided on Saturday night must be a newbie to BB.


I think you have some very valid points, however let me see if I can throw another perspective into this. Does anyone think that perhaps Helen has determined that she is going to backdoor Howard, that by putting it out there she may receive some valuable information from houseguests while they are in a complacent state? This may be strategy, tell Kaitlyn and Jeremy they have made the decision already, and then take everyone by surprise and announce that the replacement nominee is Howard…..or even better Amanda?

Amanda seems to be the bug in everyones ear, no matter which way the wind blows you can find Amanda sailing straight into the head wind….that girl never stops running her mouth and spreading negativity and paranoia everywhere she goes. McCrae you need to leash up your bit*h. I wish someone would call her out on her inablity to SHUT UP, and her ability to talk out of both sides of her mouth at the same time.


I gave u a thumbs up on your comment. Not bc that’s what I want to happen, but bc I think you’re on to something. I agree with you. I think he would stand a chance if he did that.

Like I said though, I pray to God that he doesn’t stay. I might even fake cry. Lol. I’ve been takin pointers from Helen:) Hahaha.

Shiny Happy People

Helen and Elissa are so closely allied though, like it really matters. Their “side” has completely run this game-thanks to YOU AMERICA!


Before a man falls, there is pride- Send Jeremy’s Cocky *ss home and teach him consequence’s.


Where is the line drawn the people in this house are either too loyal or too childish.. Why would Helen ever believe Kaitly or anyone from that side deserves a second chance.. pllllllzzzz


speechless i told yall hellen wasnt taking no prisoners lol hellen has me roflmao talking bout if jeremy would take her to final 3 lol hellen has gotten besides herself but i love her … i have never seen noone in the big brother hosue who have won hoh abuse it for what it is . hellen has use her hoh to maximum lol she milk this hoh she squezze all the milk out of it love it but alot could change by now and thursday jeremey better pray AAryn goes on one of her racist rant …


Good riddance to that idiot… that’s all

Charlie Hustle

That is hilarious. You’re not leaving because of your strength dumba$$. He’s freakin toxic.

At least he’s taking it like a man. He’s made his bed, he’ll lie in it.

Someone should have told him how the game works. You can’t be HOH successive weeks so try to not alienate 90% of the house. Assuming he was teflon because he had an alliance and a chick was a mistake.


Jeremy is acting completely different. Is it possible that production gave him some advice? Maybe they have plans to save him……


***DIng, ding, ding!!!*** you’re right, on the money, Stooks!
Production IS going to save Jeremy and the MC will realign (without McCrae) once that happens!
(Just mark my words!)


I have thought about MC doing a re-align… but WITH Amanda. Without Amanda going for it though, it’s just not going to happen.

McCrae ain’t gonna do sheet w/o Amanda’s okay. If they did re-align though, there could be three big alliances. Moving Company 2.0, Cool Kids, and the Mom alliance.

Seeing where Jessie sided in that scenario could be make or break for either of those alliances… Candice too I suppose.

Ain’t gonna happen though imo.

Here's an Idea

Kaitlin uses to POV to take herself off the block.
Helen replaces her with Gina M.
BB15 TWIST (Double Elimination)
Bye, Bye Aaryn and Gina M.

I truly believe that Howard is playing a good game. Yes, he should have never lied on the Bible and he will have to deal with his conscience on that one. Everyone else in that house has lied and swears at some point or another.


Howard is in a really bad position. If he does not win HOH or POV next week he’s gone.


The funny thing is a new target could arise in the next few days and Howard will be forgotten. Look at Elissa, she survived 2 weeks because a bigger target emerged, now no one is even talking about taking her out.


well I am sure Howard would not put up Elissa or Andy … Amanda might because when she was bulling Elissa to put up Howard and she didn’t Amanda went on a rant … I want to see the look on Amanda`s and Macrae`s face when all their alliance become known .. and when everyone finds out that Macrae wasn’t MVP … that would be epic and whos fault would that be .. yep the bully Amanda …lol


rolmao … wow looked at the board “who is your favourite“ now really who would vote for a bully… and name caller .. I believe she has used the word stupid many times if someone does not agree with her … that is not game play … dang we might get rid of one bully only to give the female version run of the house .. I would send her packing next ….


I voted Dawg


They’re not talking about getting Elissa out ’cause it’s an impossibility this week, but as soon as the power swings the other way, you can bet she’ll be a target again.

STFU Donnie

Only if Amanda and McCrea decide to prematurely divide the house as I think Helen has no intention of giving up Howard until after Jeremy, the mean girls, and Spencer are gone. Next week the Aaryn/Jeremy survivor will be the target and that is who Helen, Candace, and Elissa will want out…but Amanda, McCrae, and Andy aren’t threatened by her, they’re threatened by Howard. If they can get Howard on the block, they have GM (most likely the safe mean girl) and can likely pull Jessie and Judd who they have made a side alliance with and evict Howard.

Then the house splits Amanda, McCrea, Jeremy/Aaryn, Kaitlin, GM, Judd, Jessie with Andy trying to float versus Helen, Elissa, Candace, and Spencer


I think Judd and Jessie would be on Helen’s side surely, remember how K and A went off on Jessie? Judd’s way tighter with that side as well; I thought he doesn’t like Amanda?


That’s the final 9 I’d like to see make it, but …………..


Every season there are the “villains” that some cheer for, whilst the majority dislike. I was sure this year’s villain was Aaryn, until I found out she’s just a flat out bitch. I think maybe Kaitlyn will be able to fulfill the role, if she manages to win more competitions and mess up the “good side” of the house. Without the presence of Aaryn and Jeremy, I (don’t kill me) find her likable.


I find myself loving Kaitlin more and more each week. She’s this years Porsche. Seemed completely pointless at first but slowly starting to make a name for herself.


the way she constantly bitches and bullies – she is not likeable, but thats me


Wow sure can see the politician in Helen coming out. No wonder our system is so corrupt. How can you have an alliance of the entire household. Does she even realize its only week three and that talking about final 2 at this time is pure pointless? She already has a god complex. Also I thought MVP was a vote for the player who is playing the best game? when did it turn into a popularity contest that someone wins because her skank sister was on the show? Don’t get me wrong, I hated Rachel with a passion, still do, but Elissa is a very attractive woman. I hate to like her but I do, but shes deff not MVP worthy by its given description. Am I missing something here?


this season is insane. i ve never seen so much weak players in one season.

helen has to realize that jeremy is more trustworthy than spencer and howard. even more than the 2 amandas. look at the game actions not at the personal stuff. but its a lost cause with this people and a non player like elissa getting a special power thats better than HOH every week. at the moment its no fun to watch regarding gameplay.

and after this HOH the whole house is one big alliance it looks like. what a wasted HOH. helen could really made some good moves for herself.


I don’t see where any of those men seem trustworthy. Look where it got Nick…a place at home. And Jeremy showed how trustworthy he was by acting like a jackass to the point where even his own alliance had an issue.


acting like a jackass and being trustworthy are two completely different things. As big of a douche he is, I’d take Jeremy’s word over a lot of the others. Sometimes the biggest assholes who are upfront are the ones you can trust the most.

Big Brother

As much as a a****** Jeremy is I have to give him props for showing class and being nice. Even though he was a bully I wish the best for him and hope he does better himself. I want to see the good in people and at the end of the show I hope Spencer show respect to women, Jeremy stop bullying, Katlin to stop hanging around with that crowd, Gina to act her age and Aaryn I don’t think she racist but I think she is the immature high school girl who said things racist and mean and don’t remeber saying that or does and not owning up to them. I think those three girls are pretty but they need to stop being ugly on the inside but they going to stop when they realize how it affected them outside the house hopefully. I wish the best for them and hope they better themselves. Alright I’m going to pray for them and sleep since its 11:30 her.


Is it just me or has Helen gotten a little bit…Godfather Vibe going on? Power corrupts.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

For everybody that jumped on the Helen bandwagon early I hope you realize she is not a strategist rather a power struck dumb dumb. She is going around entitled saying you did this to me so you now owe me this believing that BB is a game of honesty…

Um OK Mom? In BB you cannot go around bossing people around like you would your children, and as a super fan she clearly does not realize that you cannot have an alliance with every member of the house and getting final vote guarantees in week 3.

She may be the biggest HOH and BB turn off ever!!! —> She cries,she wants final threes, she wants nobody to put her up, and votes at the end!! Really?


It’s her conversation with Aaryn after Aaryn won HOH on steroids. Just a ham-handed, no salesmanship, promises that are very vague with ZERO details, and demands.

You couple that with Elissa’s No Deal Deal with Nick before veto (So if he wins veto he’s safe from her MVP and if he loses he says he threw it and is safe…OK..the play there was to tell him he goes up if Jeremy wins veto, so he better play hard, then let him try to deal for safety) and these two might just be the worst players of all time…but thank heavens America and production love them.


So, if the next 4 weeks go well, a clean sweep of the bigots Jeremy,Kaitlin,GM, and Aaryn??

Zingbot Fan

I think the paranoia in the house is going to cause a split in the Helen’s alliance. I’m guessing that Amanda is going to talk McCrae into forming a new alliance ,after this weeks eviction, with the remaining house guests that are not in Helen’s inner circle ala Kaitlyn, Ginamarie, Aaryn, Howard, Candice, and Spencer. Amanda does not like the fact that Helen seems to be the leader. Amanda wants control and I see her shaking things up.


She can’t do that YET because of the MVP but it would be a perfectly fun week if MC Crae wins next week, put up Helen and Elissa and then MVP puts up Amanda.
That would be a great showdown and shows who the house trust and “love”.


Yah, and also Helen making deals without ever consulting Elissa will cause a rift in the alliance. Helen basically decided Elissa wasn’t going to put up Kaitlin without Elissa present and without considering that Elissa also has her own game in mind.

Yes she’s looking out for her alliance but Elissa needs to be invloved otherwise she’ll feel used, which she already is by some houseguests.


Amanda wanting control is gonna be her downfall! She’s too blunt for me and probably the house except her puppet.


You forgot Howard. He’s repeatedly said that everybody is racist because they’re southern.

Zingbot Fan


I’m wondering who everyone is rooting for to win the game. Could you please put up a poll asking who do you want to win BB15?

Thanks. Your site kicks ass.


Thanks Zingbot


See – Dawg’s ahead in the poll! Seriously, I have no favorite. With this creation of the super friends & everyone’s on the “good side” it’s like the game has totally reset now (thanks Helen). I have no favorite before or now. Maybe I’ll have one in a few weeks. Until then – go Dawg go!!


I’m in shock, I voted Amanda thinking I’d be the only one.


I did vote Dawg…but really Amanda is the only reason I’m still watching.




There are only seven people who makes it to the jury house.
From Helen’s point of view, and If I’m counting it correctly she promised Jessie, Spencer, and now Kaitlyn.
Seriousy? She doesn’t even have a solid alliance apart from Elissa! She needs to step back and play at least two weeks at a time and not completely write the whole season in her head. She thinks she controls the house and no one is going to back door her and that would be her down fall.


I like that Elissa’s asserting herself in these situations and telling her side to stop making deals without her, especially with her having MVP and likely continuing to get it.

Helen is sort of doing the right thing in making good with Kaitlin (and even Aaryn and GM). I think she knows that at some point she may need their help in getting rid of Howard, Spencer, Amanda, or McCrae if they are still around.


I just really don’t understand why everyone, especially Andy, hates Howard so much. Calling him a liar, when EVERYONE in that house has lied. When did it become a crime to stay loyal to your alliance?? What is wrong with these idiots??


but the thing is, andy, helen and howard are also supposed to be in an alliance. Howard has his loyalty for MC but not on their side, Helen even gave him a chance to redeem himself but flat out lie again. So as his loyalty shows Howard should follow the MCs outside the door.


I love how they think they have this game in the bag. Wow cocky much? I hope someone takes Helen & Elissa out. I know it’s rigged for Elissa to win but there will be other twists I am sure…


It seems like the group in power always believes they will be in power. McCrae has been the only HOH that didn’t let it go to his head.


Michelle, you are correct! Production will not let Elissa go. She is there for a reason and I am sure that there are future happenings planned that she must be there for. Don’t ask how I know that, I just do. Yes, this show is staged. Shocker! Not!


I like Helen but she should remember she’s HOH for this week next week things may change. Spencer is on the block and from what I’m reading she’s talking to him like ” I could finish you but I won’t coz here’s what you need to do…..”

It could be her in that situation soon, she has to cover herself for next week but also remember Spencer could ‘rise from the dead’ and gun for her and also say to her ”I could send you home balh blah blah..”


To add further to my point above. This game changes, see Aaryn and gang had power one minute but then the next minute they were at the bottom and with the minority numbers. Helen could be good now but things shift, after all it’s only Week 3.


I think you’re onto something. Would it be better for Helen to tell Kaitlyn not to use the veto & send Spencer home? Let somebody else get Jeremy out next week & pin it all on Kaitlyn. Helen might be safer next week with Spencer gone rather than Jeremy.


As it turns out Spencer is the biggest c*nt in the house…to use his term. I say the backstabbing, rat, snitch needs to go yesterday. He is a freakin woos!
vote him out now! McCrae n Amanda, Judd n Jessi, kebler elf on speed …oops I mean Andy n Gina …don’t let the door smash your tail on the way out backstabbing snitch woosie Spencer. Also would be a reality check for princes demander Helen who is going to float away anytime if her head gets anymore inflatted…Talk about destroying a HOH …. Helen your fired!


OMG I really don’t know whom to support this time to win. I hope Judd manages.


Honestly, it’s best for Helen’s game if Jeremy goes home. He is basically Frank with only one competition to back himself up. Jeremy’s control over Kaitlin is dangerous and the longer that situation holds the worse it will get for her later. I wouldn’t be surprised if the votes flip and Aaryn is evicted. That would be worse case for Helen & her Super-Friends.

The Super-Friends alliance is going to explode, Helen has made far too many side deals for her to honor them all; she should stick with Elissa, Andy & Candice. Any else will gladly evict her, she has definitely made some enemies this week for how poorly she has managed her HOH.


If someone could answer this: Has anyone ever had 2 different showmances in one season?


Somebody needs to tell Kim Jong Helen that if the last two days have all been a huge plan to make Spencer and Howard loyal to her and she did it by making them pariahs in the house (she’s fed the talk at least as much as Amanda…she’s the HOH and everybody will parrot her and she has talked to everybody, which everybody can use against Helen), then bullying and threatening them before finally making peace…while also demanding jury votes IN WEEK 3!!!…then she has all but guaranteed that maybe not next week, but Spencer and Howard will always remember how she behaved in power and the second their votes matter (if they’re in the game) they will gladly send her out.

This will be a test of Amanda’s skill. Her and McCrea have a solid opportunity to slide in and control both Howard and Spencer. Amanda could be apologetic, saying she was just so suspicious then angry, but she gets that just like McCrae they were only playing the game. She should say she’s sorry for taking it personally. Then they embrace…and McCrae scares them. He tells them the rest of the house led by Helen is playing personally and they are taking it out on Howard and Spencer. Amanda tells them to just lay low. If game talk comes to them, just agree. Don’t offer an opinion. And Spencer should do all he can to regain his friendship with Andy outside the game, while Howard should build his with Candace…but try to be non-entities in the game at least for a few weeks because any game you talk to them will go back to Helen, Elissa, and the group. Let the dust settle and when the coast is clear, we’ll let you know. Howard and Spencer are the biggest threat to their control and if played smartly could be neutralized and subjugated.

STFU Donnie

They’ve already worked very hard to convince Judd and Jessie that they’re in an alliance (which Helen allowed with her dictatorial ways, virtually ignoring them), they’ve reached out to Jeremy and Aaryn (who Helen is straight up targeting), and they are very tight with Andy and because Helen has gone beast and created SO MUCH DRAMA without discovering the whole truth, it’s allowed them to do all of it absolutely under the radar. Locking down Howard and Spencer will be easy because of how Helen is alternately crying and threatening them.


Well of course Jeremy and Aaryn are under the guillotine this week, and it looks like Jeremy’s time is up. But my real concern is Helen b/c she’s one my fav players so far however… I feel like it’s too early for her to be acting like the Godfather in her HOH. It’s only week 3. And a bitch named Amanda is waiting in the wings preparing to strike.


I agree she’s acting like the godfather as you say. But I do want Amanda to strike, infact I want her to win next week let’s see how she manages her own HOH.


OH me too!!! I agree with you & Didier. I think production gave Helen some of Arayns adderall…she is wound up!!!


every player there should be looking to get out the mcmanda pair


You’re right Helen is making too many deals too fast because she overthinks the game, but remember that Elissa unwittingly cracked the super-alliance and Amanda is the virus that will destroy it completely. That said, I like Amanda and I can’t wait for her to tear it down!!!! (I know I’m probably gonna get thumbs down for spreading the conspiracy theories about production) But….would it shock anyone that Jeremy doesn’t go home because Amanda rallies to save him because it would be best for the storyline that Aaryn goes home as a racist while Howard looks like a Christian hero (which explains Helen and Elissa’s comments)….?


I see cracks beginning to form in Helen’s “super duper” alliance. Amanda is currently throwing Helen and Elissa under the bus to Andy. Saying that they’re messing stuff up. In the end i think Andy will have to choose which side to go with…Andy thinks Howard is a threat to his game.


I find it so humorous that these gals are SO emotional over people they will see again . Aw boo-hoo Kaitlin, King Douche is going to be leaving your side so you’ll actually HAVE to fight your own battles…these houseguests are idiots if they think Kaitlin is “sweet as pie” let Aaryn or Kaitlin win HOH next week and all hell will break loose. These houseguests are idiots….TEAM JUDD


wow, almost a nip slip…


Elissa has a point. Helen is using the MVP she doesn’t have to promise Kaitlin safety. And she is only doing it for her own safety, not Elissa. Helen doesn’t even know Elissa will get the MVP each time. She has no right to promise something that isn’t even hers. I am starting to not like Helen. Power brings out the “ugly” in people.


I agree Helen is drunk on power and painting a target on her back, which she mistakenly thinks is safety…but Elissa is a trip.

So she spends this past week napping or doing yoga or whatever, while Helen does all the work and plays the game and saves her. Then Helen wins HOH and Elissa vanishes again..but the game keeps going. Then she strolls in and acts miffed that the game is proceeding without her. If she actually cared about the game and wanted to play and win, then she would have set up camp in that HOH and made sure she was present for everything…but instead she thinks everybody should hit the pause button while she does her beauty routine and then when she’s ready, they can talk. From now on she’s The Sun: everything revolves around her.


Helen is promising to protect everyone. Almost the whole house is in Helen’s alliance. Helen keeps making deals with people that affect Elissa. You are promising Kaitlin that Elissa won’t put her up, without talking to Elissa first. Helen is arrogant. So if Elissa decides to put Kaitlin up, is she being unfaithful to Helen? Candice, Jessie and Elissa do no like Kaitlin. So you are going to tell those three, that Kailtlin is now on our side. They are going to revolt against this decision. Helen, you have the power this week, but you are creating an alliance that can’t work.

Howard, you are just a bad player. No sooner then you apologized to Helen and swear fealty. You then buy McCrae’s BS and go into an alliance with him. McCrae that sold out the Moving Company. McCrae who thought Moving Company was a bunch of morons, that’s who you are rolling with again. Howard instead of trying to get the Mean Girl’s (Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina) vote. You could of recovered for this setback with the right moves. Jessie, still has no where to go. Although Helen promised to protect her, Jessie has not been included in any of the discussions in the HOH room. That tells Jessie she is not valued. Everyone wants to feel wanted and she is in that house alone. You could of tried to establish some type of friendship with her. Instead you continue to find validation in the eyes of the Mean Girls. Jessie and Candice could be in your corner. All you had to do is wait for Helen and Amanda to show their true colors and you would of got support for another alliance.

Howard, aha, is it time to start winning HOHs yet? Because you might be out the door real soon.


Howard is far from a great player…but the way he’s been made a villain by Helen and her SuperFriends makes McCrea and Amanda an inviting place. Going to them since they’re the only ones with open arms when he feels under siege is not only his best move, but in his mind it’s his only move. And despite the morons mistakenly calling him a rat…he was the last one loyal to his alliance. So whoever gets in first will likely have him until he leaves.

Helen thinks she’s manipulating Howard (and Spencer) back into her embrace, but she’s just ensuring he will betray her, this time in the game and not just because he wasn’t a rat to her about his original alliance.


I bet things will change and Jeremy will stay this week. If they don’t get him out now then they all deserve to lose.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeremy is still there next week with the way things can go in the house.


What up OBB!!! I’m a free man tonight, and can watch all the Big Brother I want now WOOHOOO!!!


please don’t….it’s not funny if that’s what you are trying to do….we don’t want any George Zimmerman drama here


No matter how many people on this site I strongly disagree with…there’s just something about you that is far, far worse.


this is such a joke helen is just as fake as the rest , she will not save anyone , plus she allows mcrae to say he had mvp not one week but 2 talk about disloyalty and liars , i dont mind game play but when u preach honesty and then do the opposite (plus cry a river of tears ) give me a break there all conartist and i will bite them , im officailly team judd


I love Rachel so much I can’t help but fall in love with her sister, who by the way acts very similar to her!


I love you Rachel!

This Season Blows

Fans like you have ruined Big Brother. It’s not about gameplay anymore, it’s about pimping Brenchel, and by extension, Rachelissa, and handing them checks.

This Season Blows

I can’t decide who the bigger joke is – Helen for overplaying the game, going on a ridiculous crusade against lying in a game built on lies, and aligning herself with 90% of the house; or Rachelissa, who doesn’t play at all, doesn’t win anything, and needs production to bail her out every week with a rigged twist.

Remind me again why everyone’s rooting for these two? Jeremy’s an asshole but at least he provides entertainment and actually wins competitions.


I 100% agree with this statement, but unfortunately it’s incredibly hard to reason with sheep. They’ll rally against you without even being able to articulate why.


Personally, I don’t like Jeremy, but your sentiment behind Elissa/Rachel/Helen is spot on. This is supposed to be a game, not a popularity contest, not a congeniality contest, not a beauty pageant. Big Brother is a game of strategy. These idiots that keep rooting for Elissa need to go back to Real Housewives and Dancing With the Stars.


I was happy Helen won HOH at first, but she’s gone mad with power. It seems like you don’t really get a good read on the HG’s until they win HOH.

Kayla J

Some how Jessie seems to be playing the best game. She has managed to stay out of the drama. When the (proverbial) heads start to roll she will find herself in a good spot. 🙂
not my favourite player but I’m liking her low key strategy


i like jess the most, seems a really nice person

she has had it tough, and is doing well playing low key

but i am so glad she stood up to the 4 bullies on thurs night, before and after the vote, and i really hope her cbs edit on sunday night gives her the credit she deserves when all on her own she put the bullies in their place, seeing that could also give her alot of mvp votes

team jess

Charlie Hustle

Everybody needs to settle down. Helen seems to be making agreements that others likely won’t hold to, but its not as if she has to either. She is trying to manipulate people the best way she knows how. Nobody is going to hold it against her. Jury vote deals are ridiculous, no matter how wronged you might feel. No one in their right mind would hold to it if another HG played the game better.


BBAD- I don’t know if I can take Helen’s overthinking. I am looking forward to a new HOH winner this upcoming week to shake all her expectations upside down. I know she means well but shut up. She acts like it’s Big Brother Camp. Things are going to change or they can change with the power not being flipped in her and her side’s favor. So now Kaitlyn needs to be be nominated next week because she’s doing something for the house by taking her self off the block? Smh.

And Andy we get it you want Howard out. Lol


with that being said i gotta give props to jeremey and howard cuz ova the last few days they both have come clean jeremey was a huge douch at times but when his team lost he maned up and said hey were losing , he kinda grew up , doesnt forgive the hat incident which was terrible but i gotta say i expected him to go off after the vote and hoh , and with howard he stayed loyal to a mishandled alliance but straight up came clean and ridded himself of his sins to the house AFTER that i have pretty much no respect for the others that came down on them and then did the same game play they did i find it kind disrepectful only because they made such a big deal of it


Judd is really difficult to understand!

This Season Blows

And by the way, this is why everyone should WANT the “villians” to stick around past the first few weeks. Otherwise you get these hastily-cobbled together super-alliances of floaters and sanctimonious “good guys,” and boring, low-quality gameplay.

Helen's Alliance Member

I knew helen would mess this up as soon as she won hoh she said this is the people’s hoh….like wtf lol is she the rock? she has everyone in her alliance, who does she want evicted? Next thing you know she’s gonna make an alliance with the fish and the toaster and then try to backdoor the hammock.

Eviction Night:

Helen “Julie I vote to evict the hammock”
Julie “._.”


Did anyone see when Howard swore on his bible about the vote? I heard someone say that he swore he voted with the house. He did vote with the house and that was to vote David out. Amanda is going after Howard because he has her number. She blamed Howard for bringing McCrae into the MC but it was actually Nick who made the deal. I doubt she would have hooked up with McCrae if he wasn’t HOH. She needs to be careful about bullying and talking shit about Elissa or the Brenchel army will hate her too. She was so obvious last night. Elissa was right that it didn’t matter who went up because Jeremy was the target. Howard would not have won that competition today by the sounds of it. If they wanted someone on the block who could win then why not put McCrae up. Amanda needs to win HOH and then she can do what she wants. She tries to control everyone and that will be her downfall. Andy is supposed to be besties with Helen and Elissa and he is trash talking them both to Amanda and McCrae. He may be the Shelly Moore of this season. He will eventually have to choose sides or get caught. They are all sketchy!


Helen has screwed herself with her interrogation tactics and having Richie Cunningham next to her all the time. All he is doing is feeding info to the Black Widow and her fetus! Helen will be gone by jury time! Smart lady but a dumb player.


richie cunningham – hilarious!


Hellen is really annoying what is she trying to do align her self with everyone.
I was a Hellen fan but watching the feeds she’s too political. Why is she making deals with everyone also I don’t like how when she’s talking with Elissa she asks Candice to leave why can’t Candice hear. I’m sorry Candice is the brains of Elissa and Hellen and the only way that can be messed up is if Candice doesn’t start having romantic feelings for Howard. Don’t like Hellen hoh it’s getting to her head.