Spencer says Aaryn might get a job after Big Brother she’ll need to drop her no n*de policy

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?


10:05pm – 10:10pm In the bathroom – Aaryn is doing her hair and makeup. Jessie is laying on the bathroom bench after her massage. Aayrn asks Jessie if she is okay. Jessie says yeah just listening to this bullsh*t! It is time for him (Jeremy) to go. Aaryn says that everyone has said things they should be embarrassed about. Aaryn and Jessie start talking about Kaitlin using the veto and how Jeremy will be going home. Aaryn says that Jeremy is trying to be super sweet so that Kaitlin doesn’t use it and she goes home. Maybe I am being a bit*h but the only way I stay is if I go with the majority of the house.


9:50pm HOH Howard, Candace, Helen, Andy, Spencer, Judd

They are talking about the Power of Veto competition. Candace says when Kaitlin was done she was out of breath like she just ran a marathon.
Helen: ‘Her time is amazing”
Spencer says She was 5 minutes faster than he was
Helen says the TV audience will not get it but 7 minutes is amazing for a competition like that.
The POV had painting of the house guests, Apparently Jeremy’s was of him as the president. Andy says he looked like John travolta.
helen asks Spencer who told him they could take the painting after the show
Spencer: “Heath “
Feeds cut

Andy starts in on his Nick hate saying how stupid Nick was hiding the fact he was a professional roller blader.
Spencer says he got kick out of Yale. Andy says he dropped out. Andy says the first day he saw NIck his “red flag shot straight up in the air” They agree that Nick was called into the diary room a lot they all thought something was up with that.
Candace: “I felt bad for him”
Andy: ‘I didn’t” (LOL why does Andy hate Nick do much?)

They start joking about the Moving Company. Andy laughs about Jeremy walking around the house saying “I have ears all over the house”
Andy drives it back to Nick.
Judd says he hated Nick the very first week he was here. Brings up when Nick would talk about corn syrup he wanted to hold him down and pour it in his mouth.
Candace says Nick never talked about sexual things
Spencer and Howard say Nick never said anything bad about Gina. He may have said “Ohh my ears are bleeding” but that was just general bullsh!t.
Helen says she liked their name “The Moving Company”
Howard: ‘That was spence”
Judd and Andy laughing at Nick for getting out 15th
Judd: “I’m just joking Nick”
Any: “I’m not F*** No”

Howard and Spencer really bash the Moving Company. Howard plays it up that he didn’t want to be in the Moving company because he liked the people he was with (Helen, Candace, Andy, Elissa..)

Jessie saying that Jeremy is really working Kaitlin trying to get her to not use the POV. Helen says that would be stupid if she doesn’t use it she goes home.
Helen says that Elissa is not a pushover once Elissa has set her mind to something she cannot persuade her. Elissa comes in.. the super friends are doing their thing in the HOH.


10:20pm – 10:30pm Aaryn and Gina are in the storage room. Gina asks if you had to pick the who the worst girls voice was, who would you pick? Aaryn says obviously Elissa’s, why did someone ask you that? Gina laughs and says no I am just asking you that. Gina then imitates Elissa’s voice and says “Sorry big brother!” Aaryn says I hate her. I could legitimately go the rest of my life without thinking about her. Aaryn and Gina leave the storage room and go to the bathroom where Jeremy is sitting on the bench. They joke around. Aaryn bring up how Spencer said she might get a job after this but that she might have to forget about her no nude policy. He was making fun of me in a back handed way. Gina says that was rude. Jeremy says he is a scrub and everyone knows it. He is 31 years old. He acts like a little boy. Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin talk about moving in together in New York.


CBS Interactive Inc.


10:41pm Bathroom Jeremy, Judd, Kaitlin

Judd: “If you can get the numbers I’m in”
Jeremy: “I got 3”
Kaitlin: “Helen already told me everyone wants him out”
Jeremy leaves.
Judd: “I’ve heard people don’t want you out for a long time.. I don’t want you out I think you are one of the nicest people here for sure”
Jeremy comes back says he’s not going to give up but it’s not looking good.. he’s got 3 more days.


10:48pm Cam3-4 Candace and Elissa
Candace says she bounded with Kaitlin early on She was super sweet she was a super nice girl. Kaitlin shared some personal things about her family adn they got close, “I really liked her it’s a shame that she got pulled away by Jeremy and Aaryn”
Candace says she wouldn’t use the Veto on Spencer because he screwed her over in the vote week one, made up the hat story and lied to her. “I don’t trust Spencer.. She would use it on Howie though at this point there’s a level of closeness between them. She points out they’ve only started talking to each other these past 4 days.
Candace says that Howard is the type of person she would want to know outside the house. She’s not sure why Amanda has such a beef with Howie “Why is McCrae’s lie any different than Howies”
Elissa thinks that Amanda is trying to protect Candace because she’s worried that Howard is using her
Candace makes it clear that she does not trust Spencer at all and wouldn’t mind if he left but she trusts Howard a lot because he’s a good man.
Candace: “I’ve already told Howie.. that’s your boy.. but he did two things to me that pissed me the hell off”
Candace: “I’m almost 30 years old I’ve dated a plethora of boys.. I think he’s a really good man “
Candace says when she’s around Howie she feels like she’s on a date.
Candace: “I’m 100% with you guys and Howie is 100% with spencer”
Elissa mostly just listens.. (They’re building a bond the friendship grows)


11:07pm Cam 1-2 Hammock

Kaitlin is talking about her conversation with Helen where she proposed flipping the house and rolling with a group of 8.
Gina: “Not everybody can be on one side”
Kaitlin says the HOH group was so happy that Jeremy’s name didn’t get pulled
Jeremy: ‘Everything is done for a reason”
Gina: “I’ve never seen Amanda in such a bad mood”
KAitlin: “She’s on her period.. thats it”
Gina thinks it’s also the slop.
Kaitlin: ‘I tried to save you babe”
Jeremy: “Everything happens for a reason” he’s disgusted that players like Jessie are left in the game.
it’s funny because KAitlin and Gian both assume Jeremy is leave and he has to keep reminding them he’s not gone yet.

Jermey tells them they can’t give up, “I’ve I got home and y’all quit it means I go home for nothing”


11:17pm HOH Helen, Elissa and Candace
Candice tells her she doesn’t trust Spencer and if she had won the veto she would have saved KAitlin. Candace says her loyalty is with Helen and Elissa (The friendship grows). Elissa and Candace want Aaryn to go home next. Helen says Amanda wants to win it and take out Howard so they will be fighting against her in the comp.
Helen: “Amanda is friends with Aaryn and she’s not going to help us get her out”
Helen suggests that Amanda will eventually want to get them out.

11:45pm Super friends playing volley ball


11:58pm Kissing on the hammock..

About 10 minutes ago Gina was in the kitchen sobbing about losing Nick in the game. Judd goes up to her to confront her . once Amanda is done in the kitchen she heads out to the backyard couch where Andy and Spencer are talking. Amanda starts in on how embarrassing Gina is being. Spencer throws in some jabs about Gina thinking her and Nick’s time in the house was like dating for a year outside the house.


12:18am Storage room Spencer and Andy
Andy: “What are you taking”
Spencer: “Hydro condone” Feeds cut
Andy says that Helen and Kaitlin were with him in the HOH and we told her Jeremy is going home.
Andy: “There are bigger targets in teh house once Jeremy goes”
Spencer: ‘Naturally I’m pretty nervous”
Andy: “I trust you again and you are good with me ..” Andy says if Spencer lies to him again it over
Spencer saying he wishes he had invited And into the alliance, “I’ve never badmouthed you behind your back..”
Spencer says that he just couldn’t turn his back on good people like Helen and Andy and that is why he left the Moving Company.


12:27am Aaryn’s cookies are done she deliveries some to Kaitlin and Jeremy on the hammock

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So in a couple weeks we will have “Revenge of the Nerds” tv show.

Could this season become anymore Lame?


yea, because “Alpha Dog” is sooo much better!


Just calling it like I see it. It is the unpopulat kids in high school getting back at the popular kids.

I blame BB casting and the mvp power. We will be left with weaklings competing in challenges. Aryan racist a** didn’t help the cause.


totally agree, this season is going to be so boring once all the entertaining players leave. i really dont understand how anyone can like elissa, shes a total dumbass and talks incredibly slow and annoying


I understand. And the first 2 weeks were “Alpha Dog” Do you know what that movie is about? If not check it out. Based on a true story.You have to be careful of bullies and those who want to be accepted and in the “in” or “popular Kids” They are willing to do and say Almost ANYTHING! Even MURDER. Look at how a 32 year old women has been lead around by some 20 year olds. Look at Kaitlin…. they ALL fell into the Racist things. Its a terrible “pack” Mentality.Everyday, they got meaner and meaner! Some might think, this is great TV but its just not worth the message it sends. So yes, right now, maybe its a revenge of the nerds but…. It’s so much better then what it has been. Right now, the alpha dogs have been broken…… Even if it may only be temporary.


Nerds rule the world. Or haven’t you noticed.


Thing bout this season is this, the ones you see as unpopular are the “we’ll be nice each other” kinda crap and it’s so much fun when those people turn on each other. Once all the cool kids are gone, we’ll see who the “unpopular kids” ,as you put it, are the unpopular ones in their group.

Friends stabbing friends in the back is always fun to watch. I predict a lot more tears from Helen coming.


It’s in everyone’s best interest for Jeremy to leave the BB house this week and it better happen! The house wants it and I think America wants it more than them. He had it coming and all the fakeness going on right now with him, all I have to see is TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE JERM!!!! His crew should follow soon too and then the “Friendship alliance” should break up.


Aryan says about Elissa “I could legitimately go the rest of my life without thinking about her” LOL, she can’t go 10 minutes without obsessing about her.


Aaryn NEEDS someone to hate…she always has to have someone to direct that hate to.


They can joke all they want about the moving company. But what broke them up was the new MVP power. If that didn’t exist, Nick is still in the house and the boys would have stayed together.

If BB leaves MVP power in place for upcoming seasons, that will eliminate any chance for a wire to wire alliance, like season 12.


Not true they had the votes if they would have stayed together just wasn’t a good alliance


Elissa would have been voted 100% last eviction. They had votes even if one of them went up next week, especially with their side alliances.

Only wrench would have been the amazon woman preying on MC.

Stella Crosby

Jeremy being a bully and being oboxious ruined it. I think the other members did not like the threats made to th other houseguest



Roisin Dubh

No. What broke up the MC was a certain part of the female anatomy that’s found in between the hips.


The MC should have included the most valuable player the minute it was revealed but it happened to be a woman so nooooooooo…..
Stupid men their hatred of women will always be their undoing.


If they bring back in the MVP power, no relatives of past HGs unless all HGs are. I’d say use it for next All-Stars!


I did. The entire cast is lame.


then stop watching and voicing your opinion … better yet sounds like you can do better on the casting ect .. start your own show .. I get it you don’t like the cast and you don’t like production then why are you watching …lol ..


was there another name on the ballot???


no tears from me if jeremy walks, and can’t wait for the pov ceremony, but it’s a long time ’till thursday.

i’ll be glad for the end of queen helen’s reign, she’s gone a little overboard.


Jeremy has some steroid acne. Gross!

Amandas Vagina

That’s just acne cause that guys isn’t on the juice if he is I would be embarrassed.

I woke up in a new Bugatti!


Spencer is the lamest of them all!


Omgosh somebody freaking explain to me why the word backdoor is censored. Jiminy.


Never mind I found it. Thanks google. Damn.


Honest question

Why do you Elissa fans think she deserves the MVP?
And why is she so well liked?

I feel like I’m missing something…cuz I don’t understand!

Just Saying

I like Elissa, I mean I don’t understand why the house wanted her out the first week. Yeah she is Rachel’s sister but she isn’t a threat, atleast not yet. Also I think production wants her to stay (I have no idea why) and she is winning MVP because of her sister and a bit of it is production rigging the votes. Eventually she’ll start winning competitions hopefully and then she’s a threat but up until now she’s a nice person. I have no idea why house guests (some of them) don’t like her and some people in the comments as well.


I’m personally not a fan but I think there are many reasons: 1) She’s Rachels sister so she will be getting all the Brenchel votes 2) She’s a mom, a lot of mom’s watch this show and can likely relate more easily with other mom’s (hence the popularity of Helen too) 3) She’s been an underdog this whole time, and everyone loves an underdog. Not sure if this is right but this is my opinion of why she is so popular.


And also, as far as the deserving MVP thing goes, it will never go to the player that is playing the “best game”, and I don’t think CBS ever intended for it to be like that even though that’s what they proclaimed. It’s just a way to keep America’s favorite player in the game longer, with the mindset of that will keep the ratings higher.


Elissa has to stay in the house. There are events planned in the future that will involve her. Production has to manipulate the houseguests. Yes, this show is staged. The feeds are cut at intriguing points.


I think the feeds are cut when something happens that is good enough to be on the TV show, nothing sinister.
BBAD is ridiculous they cut for more commercials than any TV show that isn’t already a TV commercial.


Her winning it for the third week in a row is making me a little suspicious. I think she legitimately got it week 1 & 2, b/c it was a popularity contest and the underdog always wins those. But this week, I’m seeing productions hand in it. Based on what I was seeing and reading, Helen should have gotten it this week and maybe she did, but they didn’t want her to have it since she already got HOH. If she continues to win it I will find that highly suspect. CBS doesn’t ever show the “polls” so in my mind there’s really no way to prove who actually won.


Me too. I don’t get it. Sometimes I think the saboteur twist is back and Elissa’s mission is to mess up other people’s games. She has been given this power only because she is Rachel’s sister. She is an airhead. She hasn’t made one smart move yet. First week instead of trying to deny she had it and put up nominees that would make the others think that Jealous Jessie had MVP, she goes and blabs about it to McCrae, which was good for McCrae’s game, good for Amanda’s game, good for the moving company (RIP), but did nothing for Elissa’s game but put a bigger target on her. By telling McCrae she essentially offered herself up to be used by them for her MVP. Sure, it kept her in the game, but now she is in a position where she has to do what the others want or she goes.

Then week 2 she blabbed again. She just can’t help herself. The only reason her choice of nominee went home was because Helen, Andy, Judd and McManda worked hard to make it happen. If they didn’t do that, Nick would probably still be there and Elissa would be gone. Those people put their butts on the line to save her, and how does she show her gratitude? She goes to DR after an hour long conversation about why Howard needed to go up, and nominates Spencer instead. This after agreeing that McCrae would pretend he got MVP to keep the heat off of her. I often hear her calling houseguests by the wrong name, so there is a chance that she will nominate a friend instead of a foe because she can’t keep their names straight. Yesterday she was referring to Jeremy as David who she got out week one. The worst part is that now McCrae has to keep up the lie that he has MVP and it’s possible that neither Howard or Jeremy will go home this week. And of course, several times yesterday Elissa almost let it slip that she does have the MVP.

I could accept her getting MVP every week if she had game, but she doesn’t. I really can’t believe that the voting public is voting for her, it smacks of the Grodbeast interfering and ruining another season.


I’m like 99.9% sure it has something to do with who her sister is more than anything else, but let’s not get into facts here.


Spencer’s family.

Zingbot Fan



I am no BB “historian” but if Kaitlin does NOT use the POV and is voted out, wouldn’t that qualify as the dumbest move EVER? I know she isn’t the smartest but DAMN!!!

Dan's Mist

But not as dumb as Lawon and his super power theory…


The looks on his face when he realized he had to play Brendan to get back into the house was priceless. “Oh god, what have I done….”


Or…if she asks 5 HG’s who are voting (no Jeremy, Aaryn, or GM in the room) who she has some connection with to come to the HOH to talk with her. She starts by saying that she’s thought long and hard about the veto and has decided she would feel like a coward if she used it in order to spare herself and sacrifice the only friend she feels like she has in this game. Kaitlin says that Aaryn and GM are not loyal to her like Jeremy is and would use the veto to sacrifice her if they were in the same spot. She tells the group that she understands and accepts if they decide she needs to go. She will hold no grudges, hug everybody, and walk out with her head high because she honored her commitments and stayed loyal to the only person who was loyal to her.

But if they should decide to keep her, then they would know, without question, that her word was her bond and if they showed her the loyalty to choose her over Aaryn or Spencer, then she would know she was not alone with Jeremy and that she had friends and allies in this house. Her last lines should be to turn the loyalty test around on the house: I could sit here and promise you everything and you could promise me everything if I just use the veto, but the proof of loyalty is not in words, it is in actions. So I hope that my actions in not using this veto and putting myself in your hands will prove my willingness to commit to all of you….and if you return my faith in action by voting to keep me in this house to play alongside you, to be committed to playing this game with no more hidden secrets, no more pretend alliances, then I think we will have a strong basis with which to build a true and honest relationship.

And if she can pull this off and they buy it and keep her, then she manages to advance to the end because she saved Jeremy and he always protected her because of what she risked and because so many people trusted her because of what she risked and she ends up winning…well that could put her in Will/Dan territory.

Could she do it? Maybe. Could she do it if she’s afraid to lose? Not a chance.


What about Marcellas and Lawon.

Roisin Dubh

Sorry, I can’t count Jeremy out yet. He’s been laying low and he knows somebody will get stupid between now and eviction night and they’ll be the target. Amanda’s mad at Howie because she wants him, but he turned her down and her ego took a hit. McCrae wants him gone because he knows She gets a little moist thinking about Howie on top of her. Helen is just plain dumb. Wait till her HOH is over, she’s getting kicked to the curb. I’ve noticed she’s trying to break from Elissa little by little but is worried about public image. I think Spencer’s going home this week. For some strange reason, I think Jeremy is gonna be saved because he’s just a strong competitor and a good shield. But I wouldn’t be surprised if POV is used that Howard does go up, which I think is a real possibility.


Put the crack pipe down!


Now I’m not ready to concede that Jeremy is 100% gone. There’s too much time left and it likely would have been better to let all the nominees dangle a bit, if only to see how they respond and what they might say or offer, but so far the MVP twist has helped foster a thought process in HG’s that I’ve long thought was missing.

In past seasons, when the HG’s talked about nominees, there was always this deference to the HOH. HG’s acted like they had to do what the HOH wanted…which considering the HOH was guaranteed to not be HOH the following week, made very little sense. Of course the instinct of not wanting to rock the boat is smart, but in the past the only time where HG’s resisted the HOH’s wishes was when a direct ally was on the block. But this season, many of the HG’s are not thinking about what makes the HOH happy, rather they are thinking about their games. Now the next step (and I can’t tell if anybody is really doing this) would be to try and start thinking a couple weeks ahead. The driving idea should always be, not to save the biggest target necessarily, but rather to always make sure you have people you can sell as bigger threats than you and personalities that will always be at conflict.

Just as an example, I get why Helen and Elissa want Jeremy out…but does it really make sense for everybody else. If you’re a HG and even if you suspect Jeremy might see you as his third target after Helen and Elissa, how might his hit list change, were you to help keep him? Maybe it drops you just one spot…and that’s all you need. And if you dropped on his list, how many “friends” would he take out before you, leaving the surviving friends more dependent on you, making you more valuable? Then you consider how Helen and Elissa will respond to eliminating their second target in Aaryn, which is an appeasement of sorts, and even if they are angry with your choice to keep Jeremy, they go into next week with only 1 of the 2 playing HOH in a very large field and still facing their direct threat, which means you really only rise a couple of spots on their hit list. I don’t know that the Superfriends appreciate that at the end of the day each HG is on every other HG’s hit list. It’s just a matter of where you rank as a priority.

I guess the idea I’m getting at is too many HG play from fear. Fear of leaving “enemies” in the game and fear of angering friends. Now I’m not saying it’s worth it for Amanda, McCrea, Howard, Andy, Judd, Candace, or Jessie to choose Jeremy over Aaryn…but not at least giving it deep thought simply because the lame duck HOH (which every HOH becomes as soon as the veto ceremony ends) and MVP (which could end tomorrow) will not be pleased is so shortsighted. Discarding options for fear of retribution from allies is as shortsighted as doing the same for fear of enemies As long as they’re up front and have a narrative ready to soften the blow to Helen and Elissa and follow up with assurances of safety, then Helen and Elissa have no choice but to accept. So maybe you go from their 7th target in the house to the 5th target. There still 4 targets ahead of you and with those 4 still in the game, they will eliminate each other before getting to you anyway and then whoever survives, you just need to drop another spot or two on their list. The argument is you can’t play this game afraid and if you do then you’re going to need a whole lot of help (production?) to actually win.

I’ve long thought Dr. Will was brilliant because he had ZERO fear of losing and understood you could pit people against each other naturally based on personality or diverging interests and allies, without needing to lie very much at all. Will never tried to make himself the last man on everybody’s target list (which is transparent anyway), rather he just wanted to always keep one or two names ahead of him on everybody’s list. Then when #1 was evicted, he presented and withheld facts to make an argument based on reality – not something he needed to conjure – in order to just switch places with whoever was immediately behind him. And when he had to turn on somebody, he immediately went to their surviving allies and had a narrative to explain himself. He never hid his actions, he justified them with a lot of logic and very small lies. But it seems like so many never learned how he truly played the game and instead think he just lied to everybody (Will lied very rarely and those lies were small, targeted, and specific…and could only be found out if he confessed) and told everybody what they wanted to here (Will never told people what they wanted to hear. He told them what they needed to hear). It’s just a shame because Will understood this game so intrinsically and everybody who has followed him never seemed to really grasp the true brilliance of why and how his game worked so well.

Roisin Dubh

Agree 100%. The thing that makes Will the greatest is what you said and the fact that he didn’t have POV to save him. It was all people skills and manipulation at it’s finest and he was never subtle about it. The problem with this season is that if you rally think about it. MVP isn’t that big of a twist, these idiots made it a lot bigger than it should be.

Just Saying

WOW! Very well said, couldn’t agree with you more. 🙂


Very good understanding of Dr. Will. You should be playing BB. Th problem with most of the houseguests is that they “are” playing too personally. I have no idea why Amanda wants Howard out the most. I know she is afraid he is targeting her but Spencer wanted it too and he is currently on the block. This should make her happy to try to get one of them out. I don’t buy the rejection theory by Howard since she already had McCrea. As for McCrea, does he only want Howard out because Amanda wants him out? What did Howard do to him that makes him the number one target? I am not sure whose game he is playing. If Amanda wasn’t there, what would his game be like? would he have a game?


I totally agree with you about playing too personally, but I can’t really hold it against anybody who does. Think about being trapped in what is essentially a 3 bedroom ranch house with an attic bedroom with 14-16 people. It would be a big challenge to separate the personal from the gameplay and I’d like to think I could, but who knows what I’d do after a week or two in the fishbowl of BB. But where I think we might find total agreement is on the nature of playing personally. If Elissa does not like Jeremy and the mean girls, she has no incentive to do much else but evict them. I get that type of personal play. But if Helen continues this crusade for truth and justice (she still is missing the key moment which is Thursday when the MC split and bounced Nick) and pretends like her and the Superfriends are the good guys and the would never isolate or threaten or bully or lie to anybody – while doing precisely that – that’a the personal game I don’t understand.

But the social game can’t ever be ignored. Nick proved it. If he had been plugged in, he would have discovered he was far from under the radar (BB is an enemy too if they call you in the DR 10x to everybody’s 1x) and maybe had he not been so uptight with a bit of a superiority complex, then Judd, Jessie, and Andy are more than happy to keep him over Elissa and the MC is safe. I hate to go back to Will, but he could alternate between being fun and charming, to artificially driving the mood of the house down, to shoving it up again. But he was always plugged in and active and never assumed anything socially.


I wrote this before but wanted to say that you are spot on with your comments about Dr. Will. The houseguest are playing too personally. And way too big for the first three weeks.


I want to play chess with you!

please stop talking!

Bobsky, it’s time to get over yourself!!!!!!


I hear you…but tell me why what I’m saying is wrong or just skip what I put up. I always use Bobsky, so I’m easily ignored. All I’m looking for is discussion and debate – nothing more, nothing less – so if you’re not interested in that…well, I gotta ignore you.

please stop talking!

you are not only looking for discussion you are looking for attention…..Bobsky stop it……we can see right thru you…..find some self esteem somewhere else.


So I’m looking for attention using a fake name on an anonymous website…so that everybody on the website thinks I’m great, even though “Bobsky” doesn’t really exist? And you’re giving me more attention than anybody…so, what does that ultimately make you?

I think you don’t like to think and you prefer this site to just be “I hate so and so” or “I love so and so”…which is cool. Do that and have fun doing it…but not everybody enjoys BB the way that you do, so just ignore them. Ignore me and deprive me of the very thing you think I crave. Isn’t that the smart play?

please stop talking!

got triggered huh?


I did not need to see that picture of Jermy’s tongue – all I think about is Ringworm.


I hear that….his nasty ass tongue and complexion proves he is neglecting his hygine and diet, or he was always nasty.
Even his hair needs some soap.
That pretty young clean Kaitlin is going down a dark road with this scumbag.


hey how many people have to be evicted pre-jury 7 right, do u think they will have a jury of 9 this year. because if so then 6 people would be pre-jury then. If they don’t then we will have to have a double eviction pre-jury which I don’t like double evictions before the jury, because ur favorite could be gone from the game and not get to vote for the winner. im just hoping Amanda atleast makes it to jury, from their ill be happy.


Spencers popping vicodin lol, what’s he taking painkillers for anyone know?


Dawg gets no love this year!


I don’t understand why elissa is so popular all these mvp votes and number one in the polls its ridiculous nick was my favorite but I voted for candace in the poll I don’t understand why julie gave credit to spencer for running the house either he’s an idiot he betrayed mc out of fear people would know they were in a alliance but know he’s the most untrusted person in the house howie is bouncing back nicely though unlike spencer if howard does recover from this and make it to the end or close to it he really is a great player which this season is lacking greatly when I first heard about the mvp twist I was excited and thought this would be a great twist and season but america ruined it by giving it to the same person everyweek


I just want to smack Arryn across her vile spewing mouth! It’s funny how Arryn thinks she is popular outside the house. She doesn’t realize she is perceived as a racist? Arryn may just be lucky enough to get a job flipping burgers for the rest of her pathetic life.


See, Howie and Candace are the stuff of which showmances are made. It just naturally happens, and the audience (o.k., me) just finds itself intrigued. But, these other ones this season are just media-whoring.


When did Helen become the godfather. She talks more than Amanda. Just because she is being honest about the game play it doesn’t mean they won’t want to take her out the first chance they get!

I can’t believe Gina is still crying over Nick. I wonder if it’s not just for attention and tv time.


Candace is blind by color. Howie being afican american can do no wrong in here eyes. Eliisa SUCKS at this game. MVP is the worst twist when skewed by an ex popular player’s reiitive is in the house. Kaitlyn uses POV, put us elissa, vote her out, reset the game.


I think Howard’s manipulating Candace in voting out Aryn instead of Jeremy; I think Howard/Candace and Kaitlin/Jeremy. Amanda wants it to be Jeremy/Kaitlin and Amanda/McCrae. The couples are going to stick with other couples.

I watched a little of BBAD (I didn’t realize I had TVGN channel – never heard of it before). TI think Helen has an annoying personality and right now her so-called alliance is just appeasing/socializing until the replacement nominee is made. Only person that I think is for sure with Helen is Elissa, but unless Helen changes her behavior, she’s going to lose Elissa. Andy wants to be with the “popular/cool” kids. It was funny watching Judd gathering info to take to the other side. I can’t believe how stupid Helen was throwing out Howard, Spencer, I forgot the others but she said quite a few. She should’ve learned that her read on people on not that great (i.e., I 100% trust Spencer and Howard).

Did anyone catch Helen saying that “she’s usally able to coax people into doing things” or something to the effect. There were a lot of people in the room when she said that.


Hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa she ain’t gettin a job outta dis

Big Dan Fan

With the dust settling from nick’s eviction, what kind of alliances are forming? I don’t have the feeds, and am curious if anyone is trying to team up with jeremy, or if any large alliances are coming together.


LOL at Helen trying to bring people over to the “good side”. They got Jessie. They got Candace, they broke up the moving company. So if Kaitlin flips sides when Jeremy leaves, who is left on the “other side”? Just Aaryn and Gina. LOL!! Will those two really be the targets next HOH? I doubt it. They have all the votes on Helen’s side of the house, but don’t they all see that even if they get Aaryn out because she is a b!tch, that leaves poor Gina all by herself. I can see it now, Helen offers her a spot on the good side of the house and then they are all on the same side. Then what?

The game reset this week, but next week will be another reset because unless they want to take out Aaryn, who is no longer a threat to anyone, just a pain in the rear, they will have to start putting each other up. Helen has made deals with everyone, and this will be her downfall once she is no longer HOH. She rallied the troops, she poured the truth serum down their throats and made them confess their sins against her and Elissa, which shows that she is a major threat to win the game. Howard and Spencer are kissing her ass for now, but as soon as the replacement nominee is in place, just watch them try to pull Candace and a few others over to get rid of Helen and Elissa.

No matter what happens, once Jeremy is gone and there are only two “bad people” left plus Kaitlin who Helen has promised will be safe next week, there are three nominations to be made, so one of the “good people” will have to go up regardless. Next HOH is probably going to be endurance, which will favor players like Kaitlin, Jessie, McCrae and Aaryn, And last night they were talking about double eviction. I’m thinking it will be soon. There are more people in the house this year, two extra weeks of game, so there will probably be two DE’s this year. I wonder how the second eviction will happen with the MVP vote. There won’t be time for “America to vote” for MVP. Will they just give it to Elissa again and hope America doesn’t clue in that their votes are not counted, production gives it to Elissa to keep her in the game, or will there be no MVP during DE? I would love to see Helen in trouble to bring her back down to the world of mortals and Elissa gone so that others can get the MVP. I sense that Howard is in big trouble next week, especially if McCrae, Amanda or Judd win HOH.

Amandas Vagina

Yall quit all the sniveling I’m running the house.


It has happened before. A nominated houseguest won POV, didn’t use it, and predictably, his dumbazz got evicted.


Andy doesn’t like Nick cuz Nick hasn’t come out yet.


JL, you are exactly exactly exactly right! Andy both was and is *deeply* offended, that Nick didn’t come out, while in the house. It bothers Andy to no end, that Nick felt he had to hide who he really was. Andy knew instantly about Nick. And Andy feels, with every fiber of his being, that there was NO good reason for Nick to have made the choice he did. And was/is deeply offended by it. Also, Andy felt a deep, personal sense of loss, by Nick not “coming out” in the house. Andy has said how much he would’ve loved to have had Ragan Fox in the house. You know – someone else who *really* understands being gay. (I only wish that Andy would have respected whetever choice Nick felt was best for him. But Andy’s reaction is very much the norm here; infuriated by those “still in thge closet.”. So that why all Andy hate for Nick, Simon!) It’s actually the very same “kinship” that Candice feels with Howard right now. Rightly or wrongly, Candice clearly receives *much* comfort in the BB house, because Howard is in there, too. She came right out and said so, to Elissa, Sat PM. And I believe that *one* fact is the main reason why AG “vetoed” Helen wanting to evict Howard this week.


Exactly what did Elissa do to Aaryn that has resulted in so much hate? The only thing I have heard Aaryn say is that they promised not to bring up each other’s names and McCrae said Elissa brought up Aaryn’s name. Is that even true or a lie by McCrae?

Sending Jeremy home is a smart move at this time. He has proven he can win comps and he has the ability to talk his way out of things. He is one of the most dangerous players in the house. Also, who know what his departure will have on Kait for the HOH comp…might she fall apart like Rachel?

Andy is beginning to strike me as the ultimate floater for this season. I cannot decide exactly who he is loyal to. Is he going to be this year’s Shelly?


We finally have another America Sweetheart other than Jeff & Jordan and its Elissa. She is the newcoming America Sweetheart and she deserve to win America Favorite Houseguest.


I would love to see Kaitlyn face that her showmance Jeremy will be her replacement and she will be “shocker”.


Aaryn will work at hardware store but they don’t accept racism.


In on the east coast and it seems all,the good stuff happens when I’m sleeping, the good news it means I always have a lot of good spoilers to read. Thanks Simon and Dawg!

When did Helen became the godfather? Why is she telling everyone her plans, even her targets. Let them scramble and fear for their safety. It doesn’t mean she has to lie, but why give them all her strategy?! She is talking more than Amanda and it’s gonna bite her in the butt eventually. You can’t align with everyone and trust everyone. She keeps crying over the so called betrayals, she does know it’s. BB. I like her and I don’t at this point.

I loved how Kaityln said she didn’t love Jeremy when Helen was saying she knows she loves Jeremey, but her has got to go. At least she is being honest. I don’t think Jeremy loves her either, but at least thereis honesty in that showmance.


My only problem with this season is the same with the last 3, production meddling in the game to protect their favorites, which can be proven.


I bet Jeremy doesn’t have a clue that the whole house wanted you gone. Too bad that your not smart enough to figure it out of being safe.


Aaryn and all the high school teasing and name calling is pitiful, and y are the friendship alliance still debating on whos leaving ugh, smh, 3 days ago it was Germy, GM then Aaryn… so y stress abt howie/Spencer now. Everyday helen comes up w/a month of suggetion. Baby u can only get 1 out at a time,focus the house on THAT 1!!!!!!!!


This is the most annoying cast ever, just a bunch of wanna be bad Actors. Spencer is right though, if Arian is willing to take her white sheet off, she might get a part in a KKK propaganda video. She thinks she still has a modeling job in Austin. She was talking about it last night.


How did Candice find out that Amanda was trying to get Howard out? This girl seems really smart and will probably make it far in this game.


When this show becomes all “nerds”……………I’m finished with it and so are a lot of other people ! ! ! ! ! ! Watch the ratings take a dive ! ! ! !


Unfortunately this year I am not able to see BBAD and can’t afford to pay for online services this year but thanks to Simon/Dwag I can come on here and find out what’s been going on. From what I read I probably wouldn’t pay for it even if was a necessary luxury. I feel the crew they picked this is season are not strategic players just alot of hatred going on as well as everyone feeling they are Captains of a no man ship. LOL Really all of them do not think about the long haul of the game and how they way they protray there self reflects the future of their game down the road. Actually they show true immaturity and I am displeased of Howie has used the bible to make ppl think he is truly being honest. He’s trying to do the same as Dan(might have the wrong name) did last year and this why he didn’t win the money.