Kaitlin says if there is one way to keep Jeremy here it is if you and I vote out Aaryn.

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

CBS Interactive Inc.

3:10pm In the bathroom – Aaryn tells Judd – These bathing suit bottoms are completely see through, you can see the outline of my vag!n@ and my butt is completely out in these as well.


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Meanwhile in the bedroom – Kaitlin is telling Gina about how Aaryn is acting super sketchy. Kaitlin says if there is one way to keep Jeremy here it is if you and I vote out Aaryn. Gina says I was going to vote out Spencer. Kaitlin says we need to go up to Helen in the HOH and make a deal with her to keep Jeremy. I am going to tell Helen that I want her to keep Jeremy here and I want to know if you will vote Aaryn out. Kaitlin says that Aaryn made that wine situation out of nothing and Jeremy is going home because of it. She is a huge enemy in the house and she is bringing down all of our games. Gina says that Aaryn keeps telling me Nick didn’t like me and that he was gay. Kaitlin says I have already been talking to Helen about how I don’t want to be associated with Aaryn. Gina asks won’t Helen question why I am throwing Aaryn who’s my friend under the bus. Kaitlin says she is a target, if you want to stay in the game you need to figure this out. Kaitlin says I don’t want Aaryn to see us in here talking and get suspicious.. we need to talk to Helen today though. Kaitlin and Gina leave the bedroom. In the kitchen Kaitlin tells McCrae her plan to try and save Jeremy.

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In the havenot room – Judd and McCrae are talking. Judd says that he is nervous because Spencer is obsessed with Jessie. Judd says that he hopes Jessie isn’t being swayed. McCrae says we need to keep Jessie close. Judd says we haven’t really included Jessie in anything. McCrae says agrees and says we need to include her more. McCrae tells Judd to do the showmance thing. McCrae says turn on the mack daddy charm on. Judd says that he thinks Aaryn made something up and might be trying to turn Judd against Jessie. McCrae says that Aaryn has been telling people Judd is very smart. Judd says we need Aaryn out of here. McCrae agrees. Judd says that he told Howard he had his and Candice’s back. McCrae said that’s good. McCrae says that Aaryn needs to go but Howard needs to go first. Judd says that he doesn’t like Aaryn is going around saying he isn’t smart. Judd says he doesn’t understand why Aaryn scrambling so much? McCrae says that she is trying to create chaos.

3:30pm Out in the backyard – Kaitlin tells Jeremy about her plan to try and save him. He doesn’t think it will work but says that they should talk to Helen when the lock down happens.


3:40pm Jeremy has a quick conversation with Elissa about how Kaitlin is trying to flip the vote. He tells her that Aaryn has been trying to start sh*t and needs to go. Jeremy says that he just wanted to bring it to her attention and says that when the lock down happens he is going to try and talk to Helen in private. Jeremy says I can pull you up there too if you would like. Elissa says okay that sounds good. Jeremy and Elissa end their conversation. Elissa calls McCrae inside from the backyard and shows him some jewellery that she found that he can use to make a ring to propose to Amanda with. McCrae is super excited and thinks it could really work. He says this is great! McCrae hides it in his drawer to make it later.

3:50pm – 3:55pm Judd pulls Jessie into the havenot room to tell her that Spencer and Howard are shaddy and that she can’t trust them. He says that Aaryn is telling people that you are working with them. Jessie says that she isn’t, why would she say that?! Judd says that she is trying to start chaos. Judd says that Aaryn is telling people that I am not that smart too. Jessie asks what is she supposed to say when they talk to her. Judd tells her to tell them whatever they want to hear. Jessie says that its just so annoying when people say lies like that about me, I want to go call them out! Judd tells her not to. Judd tells Jessie that he has her back. Judd and Jessie leave the room.


4:05pm – 4:15pm Kaitlin talks to Amanda about what’s going on and how she is going to get Aaryn out instead of Jeremy. Amanda tells Kaitlin that she doesn’t think it will work. Kaitlin says that Howard should be going this week, not Jeremy. I feel like it is going to bite us in the a$$ later in the game that we didn’t get Howard out. Kaitlin says that she will definitely be hanging out with McCrae and Amanda because she says she doesn’t want to be associated with Aaryn. Amanda says that the reason why people wont keep Jeremy is because everyone would think that you, Jeremy, Howard Aaryn and Spencer would align. Kaitlin says that will never happen. Amanda says yeah but people are going to think that. Kaitlin says if we keep Jeremy here I can control him. Amanda says that it’s convincing everyone of that and I don’t think you can convince Elissa of that. Kaitlin says Howard is using the sh*t out of Candice. Using the sh*t out of her. Amanda says hopefully we get him out next week. Amanda says that the people that are loyal to Helen wont be next week when she isn’t in power.


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Simon and Dawg, I love all these flattering pictures you use of GM! 😉 Thanks for the updates!


Kaitlin will be a way better player when Jeremy and Aaryn both leave ’cause it seems like she’s getting good at the competitions now and A. + J. Just make her a target by being aligned with them! Eliminate them and she becomes more like able with everyone else. She needs to let go of Jerm ’cause obviously he would throw her under the bus to save his scumbag self! WAKE UP, KAITLIN. This is your chance to make it very far in this game!


Yeah, I have the complete opposite analysis: Kaitlin is losing her partner and likely starting too late in the game to try and save him (she had leverage with the veto and she gave it up without a thought in exchange for “safety”). The mean girls are all scrambling and the protection Helen is offering might not even last a week (since she has no protection to offer…which Kaitlin still doesn’t grasp) and while everybody hates Aaryn and is annoyed by GM, neither showed her comp skills like Kaitlin just did in the veto. The fact that everybody was talking about how she blowed everybody’s doors off is a very bad thing. That will scare people. As it stands, she’s waking up to the game very late, long after other relationships have been established. Without Jeremy, her best hope is for another house explosion and if she is tuned in enough, maybe she can scramble to an alliance in which she is an equal partner…not the 12th Superfriend…


I feel the same, all Katlin can do with Jeremy around is straddle, kiss, bump, & grind him…I like the trouble makers in the house for drama & I believe Katlin will bring it but this racist stuff & Jeremy with the asshat thing, no, him & Arayn need to go…using someones laundry to wipe an ass went to far…nasty ringworm Jeremy, yuk…I think Howard & Candice are fixing to come out of the shadows & start mixing things up…I’m still JUDD for MVP…


Yes, make Aaryn a target! I have no idea why they quit targeting her in the 1st place, but they did. Get Jeremy out, then Aaryn can follow:)

I also think McCrae would be a pretty good player if he wasn’t so damn paranoid. I can see him going pretty far though.


Face it GinaMarie & Kaitlin, your plan will fail!!!!

Howard's Biceps

McCrea is a vagina. Why doesn’t he man up and talk shit to Howard’s face than always talking shit behind his back. Pussy! Howard for HOH!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Because he’s a p***y just like Brendon, taking s**t to a little Britney, but couldn’t stand up to Lane, because the knew he wouldn’t got rocked.

ILLWILL That A$$hole



Lane was too chubby. Brendon would have ran circles around him.


Yup Brendon would of run alright…AWAY from Lane. Lane would crush him if he got his hands on him Brendon is a pussy.


He was just being nice to lane because lane was likeable and Brendon knew it. Brendon is smart enough to know that if he raised hell with good people he would be targeted even more that’s all. Brendon I’m sure would have beat Lane’s fat ass.


So tired of Helen’s reign. She feels so entitled. No one can dare lie to her, or Andy. But its okay if she lies….I hope she gets evicted this next week.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

McVagina known if he talks like that to Howard, he’s going to the ICU.


Damn right!

Howard's Biceps

Damn right!


Howard is not just some meat head that is gonna just rock somebody because they insult him. He is patient and level headed. He knows he can take McCrea. Plus it would be against his beliefs. But we know the route YOU would take.


Because he knows how to play the game, knucklehead 😀

No Name

Howard for MVP!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Yea Judd, turn “Mack Daddy” on, Jessie’s legs are already loose, she been trying to get in a showmance the whole time she been there, but the hoochies snatched up every cool dude in there.. She’s ready to settle for anyone. Better hit that s**t before she gets desperate and let Spencer get it.


What is surprising to me is how low Andy is in the MVP poll compared to Amanda and Judd.. I mean what exactly is he doing worst in comparison to the two? I respect his hybrid floating strategic game play and he literally has no one uttering his name in terms of nomination with this or the coming weeks.. He has a bromance of his own in Spencer and has aligned himself with almost every member of the house(hell I rarely see him get talk about on the boards).. quite frankly he may be in the best position in the house considering Amanda and Judd have small but still targets on their backs in the near future.

The game to me has never really been about final 2,3,etc. deals but avoiding eviction in the foreseeable future. While there are wrenches that can be thrown into the plans of multiple house guests if certain catch on I still think Andy can somehow avoid the whiplash and remain low.. Judd and especially Amanda, not so much, ‘cuz they have made to many promises to too many people. Then again I thought Howard was in the best position this time last week and now he’s enemy number one..

Also I would like to say to all the self-righteous aholes that have been relentless attacking on Howard (which is surprising considering this has already been a season surrounded around hate) about the lie going about that he lied while swearing on the bible, the irony, should take something out the “fictitious” book they can apply in real life: “he who’s without sin cast the first stone”… come on I’m waiting….
for the down vote..

Big Sister

Andy is constantly ragging on Howard. Plus he absolutely will not shut up. His nonstop talking will take him down. He is only Helen’s semi-MVP.

Nameless 5

Ohhhh GM is mad! Aryan told her the truth about Nick.


Here it comes, flip the house and get rid of the racist!!


my older who go home jermmy ,ayran , spencer.howard ,kiklan,mcare ,helen,gina ,judd ,amanda , jessica , andy, final two elssia in candice
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


That’s a good dream you have. Someday it might even come true, but I don’t think it will be this season. Candice and Jessie in the final two, can’t see that. Neither Candice or Jessie have an alliance that would get them there. Although Candice is friends with Helen, she was not included in any of Helen’s decisions. So that tells me that Helen doesn’t really see Candice and Jessie as allies. Elissa, is very soft spoken and smart. She knew that Amanda and McCrae are using her. However, Elissa relies on Helen for emotional support, a Helen that is trying to use her but in the same was as Amanda/McCrae. Jessie is a very sweet girl; However, so far she has not shown any social game. Its like Jessie is just shut in her room and comes out only during comps/voting. Jessie is really a wild card. Jessie thought she was a member of the Super Alliance, but an alliance needs people that like each other. Helen is making friends with people Jessie doesn’t like. Jessie can’t go back in with the Mean Girls, the Mean Girls are on the run. So Candice and Jessie might be around for a while, but I don’t think they can make it to the final two.


The picture of Gina Marie is full on all time classic! I laughed right out loud!!!


Is McCrae gonna actually pull a Boogie and propose to Amanda like Boogie did to Krista?


Hah, with her “boyfriend” at home? Highly unlikely but incredibly funny!!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

If her boyfriend didn’t mind her f**king a pizza boy, I don’t think he cares if he proposes. At this point, I think he’ll give them his blessing, after he sells that sex tape and pictures to the tabloids.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

What are they giving GM? she looks blown out her mind in that snapshot.

Or is just just that much of a hoodrat?

DDs make an appearance

Amanda clear nipslip in shower – 4:30P Wed BB time……


I want to smoke cigarettes with Jessie in the morning time.

Butters Mom

Gina Marie makes her living promoting beauty pageants, modeling and advertising…. Im sure she came on this show to promote herself for “bigger” things and yet she rolls out of bed and looks like she’s ready to go back to bed at any moment. She knows she is on TV and being viewed 24/7 … WHY wont she put some make up on and get dressed?! ….. and shut up about Nick! Talk about self destruction. And can someone explain to me why she is eating have not slop when she isnt a have not? Did someone tell her it would help her lose weight or something?


Well now she’s not making her living that way….. Gurl got fired!


I am still trying to figure out how these people think Jeremy is the only one who can beat Howard in a competition. Do they all forget who won the first HOH and POV? While it seems that all the showmances and nomances are being targeted, why are Amanda and McCrae not on anyone’s radar? I would like to see what McCrae could do on his own as he seems like a good competitor and seems to know the game. As long as Amanda is there we will never know as he will always do what she wants. Howard is Amanda’s target because he wanted her out and she is making him the target of the house. I hope on tonight’s show they show the conversation she had with Elissa and tried to “bully” her into putting Howard up. Why on earth would Elissa do that? Howard is not after her. Amanda is now excusing Aaryn’s racist comments by saying that Howard is sensitive and made it out to be more than it was. I have to wonder if that is game play or if she is pissed at production for interfering in her game after they encouraged her to speak to Aaryn and I am sure she was encouraged to do so. Amanda and McCrae have their “boot list” already but the only way that is going to work is if she actually wins something and if she keeps trash talking productions “favorites” that may never happen. She needs to settle down for a while. Howard is no longer after her but he may be if she doesn’t stop telling everyone to get him out. Secrets have a way of coming out in the BB house.

STFU Donnie

Well, I think people more likely recall early this week when Howard took the worst dive in BB history in the have not comp…and he still beat spindly armed McCrea. Then most likely nobody really tried in that first HOH other than McCrea, who by his own words felt like the outcast that he had to win or end up gone. And finally the first veto, which was a crapshoot game, one he wanted to throw (and therefore did not show much) and where the story coming out was David being unable to even attempt a word (a BB 1st) and “Potroast”

Although I agree with you that there are a million alarms going off around Amanda and McCrae that the rest of the house is inexplicably oblivious to…McCrae physical competition prowess isn’t one of them.


These people are dumber than a bag of rocks if they keep Jeremy in this game! He’s a strong competitor and he will always have those girls aligned with him no matter how disgusting he behaves. GET HIM OUT NOW while you have the perfect opportunity. To me he’s repulsive but I will say this… Getting Jeremy out is a great game move not personal and they need to remember that. His posse will crumble when he leaves!

Fried Rice

Hate this season !!! It’s being ran by a whore that is so stupid and a flat ass chink!!! Who both wish they could be the hot chic!!!


You are right, Kaitlin is such a whore and Aaryn has a fat ass. Opps you said flat ass, then you must mean Gina. Wait you said whore, that could be Aaryn, Gina or Kaitlin. Wait you said the house is being run by…..now I am puzzled. Jeremy ran the house. Jeremy walked around like he already won a half million. Wait, isn’t Jeremy going this week. Shucks! I am not sure whose running the house now, since Jeremy will be gone on Thursday. At least we still have the whore, or whores.

STFU Donnie

Hellen is fake crying to manipulate Howard and Spencer…just like she does her kids to get them to do what she wants!

And she’s talking about Jeremy’s mom….


I wish these down voters would try to make the case that fake crying to manipulate your children ISN’T emotionally scarring and likely to create boys overly emotionally invested in their mothers to the point of paralysis in their relationships with other women as men and create girls who don’t know how to function as women other than to break down into tears whenever things don’t go their way.

If Jeremy’s mother is to blame for him being as a**hole, that will pale into comparison to the progeny of a mother so incapable of parenting and teaching her children how to behave that she resorts to fake crying to look weak and manipulating her children so they will always feel as though it’s their job to make mommy happy.

Helen is by far the most evil, manipulative person in the house. At least Amanda is just playing a game and not bragging how she traumatizes her children and how the practice can translate to the game


No, Amanda would traumatize them by telling them she wants to suck them back up her vagina ;).

ILLWILL That A$$hole

So, it’s bad for Howard to lie swearing on the bible(which is as serious as me lying swearing on the f**king wizard of OZ book), but it’s fine for Helen to fake cry using he emotions on everyone for game? GTFO with that bulls**t.


i know aaryn is trash, but she is good looking trash.


kiklan is messing up her game cause jermmy going home any way in arayan going to turn on you in gina will tell ayrayn what you saide about her so say good bye soon right behinde jerrmmy


Guess whos’ back??!!! I’m disappointed in this season of Big Brother so far. Elisa getting that stupid MVP every week was just a production trick to keep her from getting voted out fast because she is Rachel’s sister… So Lame. There are way too many turncoats and snitches this season. it will be Helen, Candice and Amanda final 3. This is the result of a very young cast. No loyalty, patience or common sense. i won’t get into the racial tension. I just want to see someone other than Elisa get MVP. Shit is getting redundant. She is basically the HOH every week. Boring and unfair to the other players.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Elissa was terrible at convincing that not putting up Howard, was her idea LOL

Should’ve rehearsed that one a little better.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

WTF is the Cherokee Charm?


No idea…but I’m guessing a Teepee is somehow involved…


I think big brother really wants to keep Howard in the game. If u watched the episode tonite u noticed how they only mentioned Howard leing about the moving company and throwing comps not about how he lied on the bible or was trying to get Amanda out or blame the vote on Jessie. They left out these comments on purpose not to make Howard look bad to America. I also think they tailored the questions for the hoh comp on CBS in favor of Aaron and Elisa and candace. Think about it most people will vote for Jeremy as having the best ego or Aaron as stealing candy from a baby..etc…what are the odds that aaryn or Kaitlin will know the answers to these questions since aaryn and Kaitlin think America loves them but Howard and Candace might since they know Jeremy and Kaitlin and Aaryns true colors..watch Candace win the hoh tomm or Howard


I meant in favor of Howard and Candace and Elisa not aaryn



I registered for the LiveFeeds through a link on this site on the 12. Tonight, I restarted my computer and can no longer see the feeds. Instead, it leads me to the page to sign up for feeds on CBS’s site as if I never had them. Until today, there were working perfectly. What should I do?


Thanks for getting the feeds through us.. you probably need to sign into CBS.com again.


I have the same issue with the feeds then I log in and it takes me to a page that tells me to re enter my info I do it and I’m missing a promo code help I want to watch


Is Aaryn flirting with Judd lately?

Charlie Hustle

In an earlier post Spencer said he had sex with 37 women. I know some evangelicals who are true believers in the End Times, but what are the odds that Spencer actually had the time to sleep with the 37 women who actually thought he was the last man on earth?