Helen tells Gina her ticket back in the game is to win HOH and nominate Aaryn

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


4:18pm Kaitlin and Amanda suntanning
Amanda says that McCrae won the MVP because he’s got such a large following of fans. She adds that McCrea is a huge Big Brother fan he’s been involved in the fan community for years.
Kaitlin brings up talking to McCrae about getting the votes needed to evict Aaryn.
Amanda says Spencer makes Howard stronger he might be a better target than Aaryn. Amanda adds that Jeremy is too much of a target to not send home this week, he’s pissed way too many people off these first few weeks.

Kaitlin is worried if Howard wins HOH he will put her up and she doesn’t have the votes to stay. Amanda doesn’t think so she thinks Aaryn will be the main target next week.

Kaitlin says Aaryn is getting mad at her because Jeremy is campaigning and she knows Aaryn is the only other target being considered other than Jeremy. Amanda doesn’t think that is Kaitlin’s fault.

Kaitlin asks if the super-friends want all the guys out first. Amanda says it’s Spencer/Howard out first then Aaryn/Gina. kaitlin: “Aaryn keeps talking game to me by I just refuse”
Amanda points out that Helen isn’t in the best position right now because tomorrow she steps down from being the Head of Household. Amanda adds that Helen was suppose to put up Howard and it’s pi$$ed a few people off.

Kaitlin: ‘I swear to god Howard should be the one leaving not Jeremy and I think it’s going to bite everyone in the a$$”
Amanda: ‘I agree..”

Kaitlin says she doesn’t want to hang out with Aaryn anymore she doesn’t want to be guilty by association. Amanda: ‘She’s a trouble maker” Kaitlin wants to start hanging out with Amanda and McCrae.
Kaaltin: “I love Gin but I can only handle her in small dosses..” She adds that she doesn’t feel like talking to the other people in the house right now.

Amanda says it drives her nuts when people try and be your best friends when you are HOH. Kaitlin: “Like Jessie” (+ like Andy and Amanda)
Amanda isn’t worried about Jessie she’s going to be really easy to get her out.

Amanda brings up how Howard lies to peoples faces and nobody catches on, “He’s very manipulative..”
Kaitlin: ‘So is Spencer”
Amanda mentions how Howard is already working on Aaryn by training her at night.

Amanda tell her the reason why people will not vote to keep Jeremy is because they are scared that Kaitlin, Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, Candace and Gina will join forces. Kaitlin: ‘F*** no”

CBS Interactive Inc.

4:32 Andy and Jessie hammock
Andy saying that Jessie is not going anywhere as long as the group sticks together they will be win

Jessie thinks there is a really good chance Kaitlin will win HOH. Andy doesn’t think she should worry Kaitlin is targeting Howard.

Jessie is starting to get worried because she see’s Amanda and Kaitlin close.


4:52pm Backyard Couch JUDD and McCrae
Judd says that a lot of people in the house are saying they want Aaryn out before Howard. McCrea doesn’t think so.
JUDD doesn’t think it’s a half bad idea they need to start getting girls out.
MC doesn’t give two sh!ts about the girls alliance, “Once He get him out it’s going to be all girls to the end” (Howard)
MC: “He scares me too much.. “
Judd: “Howard?”
MC: “ya he’s coming after us”
MC thinks Howard is more dangerous than the girls. JUDD isn’t convinced.

Elissa walks by “Hey .. it would be a good idea to make swim wear with the food we have”
MC says Howard is using religion and race to manipulate people he’s gotta go.


4:58pm Cockpit Andy, Helen and Amanda
Amanda saying at this point Jeremy and Kaitlin are desperate they will say whatever it takes.

Andy wishes they could get both of them out this week. (Jer and Howard)

Amanda tells them right now Howard is the most dangerous, “Candace and Elissa won’t put him up”
Helen is working on ELissa so she uses the MVP on Howard. Helen thinks it’s pretty important they win the HOH this coming week if they want to get Howard out.

Amanda keeps talking like the next HOH is going to be endurance geared towards girls. She’s planning on Elissa doing very well in it and is worried Elissa won’t put Howard up. Helen mentions that Howard is one of three targets for Elissa (Spencer, Howard, Aaryn)

Helen believes that Spencer and Howard feel like they are in a fragile space they will probably do whatever they say for one more week. She thinks they can get them to put up Aaryn and Kaitlin. Both Andy and Amanda want Kaitlin to stay longer than Aaryn, Spencer and Howard. They feel they are close enough to her so they can keep them all safe in case Kaitlin wins HOH. Amanda and Andy tell Helen Kailtin is with them now.

They all agree that Jeremy is leaving 100% Andy says that they have Judd and Jessie he’s going home 150%
Amanda says they have to drill in to everyone that Howard is the threat he has to go up next week.


5:13 HOH Gina and Helen

Helen tells her that the best play is for her to take out Aaryn next week so that she can join the superfriends. Helen points out that unless she does that Gina runs a big risk being sent home the following week.

Helen starts explaining to Gina that with Jeremy going it’s going to help her game because it will give everyone a chance to win HOH. Helen says it’s such a wonderful feeling to win HOH she wants everyone in the house that isn’t targeting her to experience it.

Helen says that the other girls Gina’s been hanging out with are no good for her they bring out the bad in Gina. Helen thinks that once

Helen starts trying to tell her she should vote Jermey out as a token of good will , “And maybe that will help a little.. be like hey guys I’m doing this as a apology for screaming cockroaches ”
Helen: ‘We understands why you were upset because everyone lied to you I would have been upset to” Helen adds what’s she’s trying to say is the first step in Gina becoming a super\friend is for her to vote Jeremy out tomorrow.

Helen tells her another option would be for Gina to vote to evict Spencer. Helen wishes that Gina and Nick would have joined the super friends from the start she really wanted to be friends. Gina brings up that Howard is throwing all the competitions. Helen doesn’t think Howard is the type of guy to throw the competition.

Helen says the only way back into the game for Gina is for her to win HOH and put up Aaryn.

(5:43pm Helen is still talking about alliance’s friendships, sportsmanship, the house, doing what the house wants, My nominations are game not personal, Jeremy is going home etc etc.. )


5:40pm Backyard Cam 3-4 Howard and Aaryn

Howard training Aaryn .. (Amanda is probably freaking out about this)

CBS Interactive Inc.

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These people think they can make Elissa do their dirty work by nominating Howard. It’s pretty clear from the diary session on tonight’s show that Amanda and McRae want her to do it to protect their own game. So basically Elissa, should make two enemies (Candace and Howard) early? Oh please. Amanda needs to step away from the crack pipe. If I were Elissa, it would be wise to nominate someone unexpected (were she to get veto again) to shake the house up. Why she continues to tell people she has MVP is continues to befound me.


The house should be grateful that Elissa put up Spencer! If she put up Howard, then Kaitlin might not have used the veto, since there would be two bigger threats to evict, beside her on the chopping block.


Elissa needs to be grateful herself. She seems to forget the simple little fact that if Helen, Amanda and the rest didn’t save her she would be gone.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Yea, she might’ve forgotten that little gem. They kept her safe week 1, for 1 reason only, “guaranteed control of MVP”. Once that’s gone, bye bye Elissa.


Or maybe Elissa is still around because she is actually a nice person unlike your favored evil side of the house.


Exactly. Elissa wouldn’t be in this game if it wasn’t for Amanda disbanding the Moving Company.


Ugh. You are giving Amanda a little too much credit for disbanding the moving company. Because if I remember correctly, it was Candace who first suspected there was a guy’s alliance. I also remember Hellen doing a little detective work on her own as well. To give Amanda full credit is completely absurd.


ya, but even though candance knew about it first, she definitely did not break it up! amanda was really the one to turn things around that week or elissa would have gone home. helen always wanted elissa to stay, but i strongly feel amanda was the reason the reason the vote flipped. and then she turns around and tells elissa to put up howard bc he voted out elissa (although I agree she did it too forcefully). i don’t understand why elissa wouldn’t nominate someone who for sure voted her out…


They worked to save her for their own purposes. She didn’t sign up to be their personal b*tch.

Kayla J

Are you crazy!?!
Elissa does not need to be grateful for jack$#it!
firstly, if they evicted Elissa instead of Nick, then the Moving Company would have steam rolled through the house and Jeremy would make their existence a living hell!
They(friendship 2.0) Kept Elissa as an MVP tool and Elissa is simply letting them know that she is so NOT a tool.
Was very a huge fan of Elissa’s but she keep going higher in my book. I like her now!


Why are these people on wanting Gina to be with them? Gina is the worst racist of the bunch; she is the one that used the N word and started the homophobic comments? I am confused? It would be hilarious if Howard and Aaryn started to work together and took out these other racist liars and bigots, women haters and homophobic haters. Now that would be a BB I would keep watching especially since Howard accepted Aaryn’s explanation. Love it!


WOW, GIna Marie is such a liar. Helen tells GM that Aaaryn made racial comments, and GM acts surprised when she was saying worse slurs by using the N word and saying homophobic slurs. If that is not the pot calling the kettle. Can’t not wait till GM gets out of the house and finds out she was FIRED for her racial slurs. Wonder if she will act dumb and claim she did not say them? Seriously, GM at your age playing the stupid idiotic young and dumb card does not work for you. You of all people should understand and know better. YOU are the EPITOME of the word RACIST!!!


hellen making alot of demands and she powerless this week . … watching cbs tonight amanda needs to start winning stuff so she can get some blood on her hands … glad elissa didnt listen to her …. i could smell a new MVP howard or candice


Candice for MVP yo! 🙂


I have a feeling Jessie will be winning the HoH competition tomorrow. She is a lot stronger mentally than she gets credit for.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Nah, wouldn’t be good for her, because if they can pretty much make Elissa do whatever they want with the noms(this week don’t count due to the racial thing), but they would be able to control Jessie even more.

I want the tides to change again, more than I want the rest of the mean girls out.

No Name

Amanda is obsessed with Howard

Howard for MVP!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

This obsession is a lil more then just him being a threat, I’m starting to think she got a peek of the magic stick, and she don’t wanna hurt her pizza boy.


Your just mad cause you want a piece of Howard.


I swear every time Helen opens her mouth these days I wanna puke. “Come join super friends!!!” last time I checked this was Big Brother not Barney, stop trying to create rainbows and ponies. Also did anyone else LOL at how Amanda said she hates when people try to be best friends with the HOH? She is the queen of doing that.


BS the show never showed Helen making all the deals to protect Kaitlin by using the VETO. But they did show the good side of Howard and how he confessed moved everyone! Howard and Ellisa are PRODUCTIONS favorites and they are NOT going ANYWHERE! You could tell how they edited the show!! Which causes drama and hopeful it raises ratings for the show. TMZ talked to CEO of CBS and Julie Chen husband about Big Brother and he stated in front of her that it wasn’t his place to interfere with the houseguests that KNOW one will be REMOVED from the show because of what they say or how they act. They asked him will he condone this next year. HE said WHO said their will be a BIG BROTHER NEXT YEAR!!! I have a feeling his sponsors are leaving CBS!! and this maybe the last year!!


With Howard and Candace being targeted with subtle and overt racism by several HG’s AND now Helen, Amanda, Andy, and McCrea trying to sell the idea that Howard created the racism story to try and manipulate the HG’s and audience, the way this is heading, I can’t honestly imagine there will be a season 16 without a HUGE housecleaning in production and some hard and serious assurances.

I work for a pretty big and well known company, there is no way we would want our name anywhere near this show after this season. It’s got nothing to do with morality or right and wrong and EVERYTHING to do with the fact we do not want our brand or products associated with anything that has the potential to infuriate our potential or existing clients who see our name associated with the show and participants that are offending them. Why would we associate ourselves with a show featuring a basically racist or racially insensitive cast, when we can find the same audience elsewhere minus controversy.

This isn’t about black people, white people, brown people, gay people, etc. This is about money pure and simple and no way corporate America wants their name on this show…likely CBS included. How can CBS go to sponsors and advertisers next year and sell them on backing this social experiment?


Nah, there will be a next year. He’s just saying that bc they haven’t “officially” been offered another season. But they will, it’s just a matter of time. Sadly, the racist crap has gotten them more ratings. More ratings = more advertisers. Trust me, they will be back next year, 100%, no doubt about it.


All due respect, but you don’t know how the television industry works:

Ratings are only as good as the demographics they attract. If Big Brother is attracting more low-middle income viewers (and those companies who market products to this demo) they can do double the ratings of a show that draws high income viewers and still be a loser to a network. The types of advertisers and sponsors CBS wants for their original prime time programming want nothing to do with a show that generates controversy like racism. They want the NFL, 3 and a Half Men, Survivor. Safe, reliable, predictable programming. The last thing they want to be involved with is a show that could alienate half their customer base. CBS chose to allow the social experiment to continue and become a story within the show and now the majority of the house is vilifying the racists for having become victims, believing they chose to be the victims. All the complaints directed at CBS will begin to trickle down to sponsors. No blue chip companies will want any part of that when there are safe havens on other shows, networks, and channels. Which will leave CBS hunting for lower tier advertisers who will not pay top prime time dollar, especially considering the utter unpredictability of putting 16 people under 24/7 surveillance.

The rise in ratings of which you speak were to view the car crash of racism. It’s no different than a show featuring live executions or some other offensive catastrophe. Sure, it will draw eyes, but the ensuing complaints and outcry and threats of boycotts of sponsors drowns out the benefit of the exposure. At the end of the day CBS has far bigger concerns than protecting/carrying a summer season show that is more problem than it’s worth. Shows with better ratings and less controversy have been cancelled for just this reason. CBS is an empire and seeing a show where the first 3 episodes draw a million viewers then spikes to nearly 6 million only after the house engages in racist jokes and attacks, that would tell me that unless we generate similar controversy…which will alienate our partners…then this show is dead.

Baring some major revamp and major changes to the team in charge with some assurance within the casting process, no company is going to want to be involved…and if they cut out the type of cast they found this year, it’s a poorly rated show. This is the end…and the need to rely on past players or their siblings and gimmicks like coaches or MVP/audience participation only proves BB was on life support anyway.


Amanda says it drives her nuts when people try and be your best friends when you are HOH. Kaitlin: “Like Jessie” (+ like Andy and Amanda)


ILLWILL That A$$hole

Helen is still acting like she just KNOW the “boringfriends w/ benefits” will be in power next week?

She’s just craving for Slop, and I hope she gets it and a spot on the chopping block.


Helen won’t be on slop. The slop is either Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Spencer.


And let me guess you would like racist Aryan to be HoH, huh.


At this point, I want Jeremy to stay just to piss off Helen. I can’t take her anymore with her superfriends!


If everyone is on your side of the house, than you’ll piss them off more when you vote them out.

Always keep a lingering target.

Helen is a tool.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I would too, but just not enough time.

Last week due to the extra day in the house which made all the difference, the house was able to flip to take Nick out, but if the live who was on Wednesday, Elissa would be gone. Jeremy attitude in the past and the house being scared of “Kim Jong” Helen, he’s ghost.

One good thing that happens this week, Helen is no longer safe from her own alliance, because of her big mouth.


Ok first you wanna blame production for everything that goes wrong with the way you would like the game to go and now your blaming it on the eviction day? Ridiculousness.


Helen doesn’t seem to realize that nobody is in the house to play HER game only. She’ll be in for the shock of her life when she’s put on the block by someone from her alliance. People will tell her what she wants to hear since she’s HOH.

This is what I wouldn’t mind seeing this week:
1) Amanda winning HOH, just because she’s my favorite
2) Candice or Howard winning HOH, just to see what the houseguests will do since they have it all figured out the eviction sequence week after week. Them winning will certainly reshuffle some alliances
3) Elissa NOT winning MVP, come on give it to someone else, let’s spice it up


Almost 1 month into BBUS and I have to say that no1 has stood out as being particularly good. Its more of a highschool popularity contest and everyone is just trying to hide behind the next person’s faults. I predict the MVP portion of the season will end shortly. There are so many floaters right now that its hard to get excited. Andy, Judd, Candice, Jessie, Gina Marie and even Howard are all pretty much just coasting although Howard’s only spotlight is the fact he tried to stay super loyal to the Moving Company. McCrae is a frikkin’ loser who will turn at the drop of a dime and Helen is just cocky right now because she is HOH. Until she won she was crying and trying to kiss everyone’s ass. BBUS its time to mix things up a lil’…. Goodnite peoples.


Anybody else sick of Helen thinking she’s “The God Particle”?


Kaitlin needs STFU and Jeremy needs to leave! Simple as that.


Helen: “bullying is bad, but if you don’t know what I saw you’re out”

Helen thinks she’s the frickin master of this house.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Hopefully, Howard,Candice, Aaryn, or GM wins HOH Boringfriends w/ benefits need to be separated big time.

I want Helen up and gone, her HOH proved she has no clue what she’s doing in this game not only lightly bullying people into doing what she wants, but outing her alliance too?


I would love for Howard, GM, Aaryn and Candice to team up and get Helen and her “so called” Super Friends, or whatever dumb name she calls it, booted out. That would be so much fun to watch!!!!


CBS is painting Helen like a genius-not the power-hungry super friend she’s proved to be this week.


I completely agree with you. Eveyone is the “friendship” alliance thinks Elissa that smart, but from watching her on tonight’s episode she is now realizing these people only want her to do there dirty work for them. Amanda is doing everything in her power to to make Howard look like this liar for using his race and religion. I watch the live feeds and I’ve never once seen Howard bring up his race as advantage. Guess what Amanda it’s Big Brother everyone lies. I remember her telling AAryn the same thing, so I don’t know why she is saying Howard is the biggest liar in the house??? The only reason why she is targeting Howard is because he figured out that she is manipulative in convincing people just like Howard is too with people. I honestly think this is last week of MVP because the friendship alliance is getting way too cocky especially Helen, Amanda, and Andy. Once MVP is gone its really anyone’s game at the point and people are gonna be scared and screwing over there alliance. This season of big brother cast is my least favorite. This game use to be all about actually “playing” but now it’s turned into race, sexuality, religion etc. This is why the ratings have been low for CBS nobody wants to watch people just being plain nasty. Hopefully the season can somewhat get better.


Of course Aaryn thinks Howard is the biggest liar in the house because Amanda is painting it that way to Aaryn and she also told her that Howard voted Nick out and everyone is throwing Howard under the bus to Aaryn because Howard is swearing on his religion that he did not lie. Geez, wish Aaryn would think for herself and not listen to these people and figure out that they are using her to get Howard out. I mean they are working out together and just wish they would talk and put their heads together to vote the “Super Friends” alliance out because cannot stand Helen or Elissa!!!!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

I cannot take it !! Helen not everyone can be in the super friends!!!

Is she a politician…. she seems like a kindergarten teacher saying all this Kumbaya bull shi* !!

You know FUC* IT Lets GO anybody willing to send Helen/Elissa HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I actually hope Jeremy stays. This Good Ship Lolli Pop group is boring. It’s more interesting when the house keeps flipping.


jeremy will be gone tomorrow night, and queen helen’s reign will end. this week’s hoh will be almost as important as last week’s, i can’t wait.


Can someone tell me what did Howard do so besides lying about the vote and the M.C. I get , but why such the big target? At this point just to keep Howard around I’d like to see him Elissa/Candice/Spencer/GM/Aryan form an alliance. Not a fan of the GM/S/A.

I’m Elissa is not a stupid as ppl think with what she did with her 3rd nom on tonights episode.


just to piggyback:Howard and Spencer also lied up a storm that people knew for a fact were lies..
The whole house is flooded by now from everyone’s lives though


Amanda is going overboard with the get Howard out. I am happy that Elissa can see through her bull. Amanda wants everybody to do what is best for her and McCrae. These other people better wise up and see that Amanda is not concerned about an alliance she is looking out for self. .

VA Vet

Gee, all this time I thought that the objective of BB was to look out for yourself so you could make it to the end! MY BAD!


Amanda is a shady fuck..she will be the one to ruin her and mc game with her big mouth. No one is targeting her and mc..rather than sit back and watch she is going around telling Kaitlin what aaryn is saying and not to trust aaryn then going and telling aaryn how Kaitlin and Jeremy are campaigning against her lol.. These house guests are so stupid by targeting howardthat they fail to see how dangerous Amanda is. I find it interesting how Amanda keeps saying to aaryn Kaitlin and Jeremy how Elisa fucked em up by not putting up Howard while forgetting that she told em mc was the MVP. They are too busy targeting Amanda’s threats to further her and mc game rather than furthering their own game.


Helen and Elissa said yesterday then want Aryan out next. Helen agrees with Andy and Amanda about Howard, but tells Gina to get out Aryan and says she doesn’t think Howard is the type of guy to throw the competition. But she knows he’s throwing comps. So she’s either starting to cover her tracks, after talking too much, or quietly (surprise)starting to get on board with the DRs new storyline. Probably a good idea, and she certainly loves authority and authority figures!


But she’s painting herself into a corner. Next week she’s not in power, so she becomes a lobbyist. If you’ve gone to one side and said lets get Howard and then to the other side and say lets get Aaryn, next week one group is going to be furious with Helen for not following through when they learn who she lobbied and voted to evict…and those she did side with will see her hedging bets and playing all sides and will gladly offer her up as a sacrifice. The fact that she’s led long meandering conversations with everybody means she’s a known quantity…and in a game where flexibility is desirable, Helen has none. Now I’m not saying she’s likely to end up evicted in 2 weeks (although she could), but she’s made it very hard for herself to get to the end and short of taking Aaryn, I don’t see how she wins.


“Amanda tell her the reason why people will not vote to keep Jeremy is because they are scared that Kaitlin, Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, Candace and Gina will join forces. Kaitlin: ‘F*** no'”

And this is why Kaitlin will be so easy to evict. Amanda just gave her a blueprint for her best game move with or without Jeremy and how does she respond: Kaitlin wants to be the 12th wheel in the Superfriends and is convinced Howard masterminded Jeremy’s eviction (?). If Kaitlin was smart and actually listened to all the voices saying Jeremy is done, she would close ranks with the mean girls (she’s already the 3rd target of the 3, so she has nothing to lose by keeping them close…and she cans still pretend to be a superfriend and feed bits of info) and reach out to Howard, Spencer, and Candace. Jeremy could help her here under the guise of trying to save himself and sacrifice Aaryn, using the pecking order Helen gifted him last night to peel all three away secretly, if not publicly.

Kaitlin either needs to plan to be HOH or be ready if Aaryn, GM, Howard, Spencer, or Candace wins since she can position herself as a lead voice in this group and along with Howard and Candace have a voice in Elissa’s ear should she be MVP and eliminate Superfriends higher than her in seniority. Kaitlin needs to to keep Aaryn close, but be ready to sacrifice her to Elissa…in fact she should be making sure Elissa will not use her MVP on anybody else. There’s just no way that Amanda should not be near the top of everybody’s eviction list beside McCrea, Andy, and Judd…but the other two will jump ship depending on who the HOH is in a given week.

Just remember that all this public allegiance to the Superfriends is just that; PUBLIC allegiance. For all we know, the DR’s we see come tomorrow and next week will reveal just how little allegiance actually exists.


Judd, Amanda, McCrae or even Elissa win HoH so they can’t put up Aaryn and GinaMarie!!!!


Actually, they can put up GinaMarie & Aaryn!!!!


The happy unicorn alliance needs to be split up.

Zingbot Fan

I get the feeling that it is going to be a floater that decides the winner this year. You have all these pairs like Helen/Elissa, Spencer//Candice/Howard, Amanda/McCrae, Judd/Jessie and Jeremy/Kaitlyn. I think which ever group gets the floaters like Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Andy to their side will have a huge advantage especially if they can keep their alliance on the down low. I think Andy is with Helen but I’m not 100% sure. The key is going to be what alliance the people whose partners get voted out join.

It also is time to either say the same person can not win MVP in back to back weeks or dump it all together.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Only real floaters this season is Andy,Judd, and Jessie everyone else seems to have a core alliance they trust the most.


“MC says Howard is using religion and race to manipulate people he’s gotta go.”

So does CBS edit Amanda and McCrae honestly and paint them as pretending Howard used Jedi mind tricks to get the racism out of the HG’s mouths and that he doesn’t actually pray, but it’s all an act…or do they try to make Howard look like the second coming of Dan, only with the added benefit in this particular house of being black?

Amanda really should be worried how she is painted given her job and the city she lives in…McCrae will likely still be fine delivering pizzas.


im sure amanda will be fine too…she works for her mom


Yea Kaitlin, lets keep Jeremy so you can have a make out buddy for another week!! How stupid do you think everyone is…she’s obviously not very good at this game!! Can’t take her…uuuugghhh


So sick of seeing and hearing Hellen’s BS….She’s going to be taken out sooner rather than later…. Arrogant b***h….tbh.


I can’t believe it’s gotten to the point for me that I wish the Moving Company hadn’t been broken up.


I’m so glad Amanda is still pushing to get Howard out cause for 2 weeks all he talked about was getting her out, never mind Jeremys girls & all the racist crap he knew they were talking , oh no, he wanted Amanda out cause why? She is smart?….Helen needs to just stop talking already, tomorrow night her reign is over…No more giving orders…rest a little…


two points:

1. I’m so sick of Elissa winning the mvp every week. I wish people would switch it up and vote for somebody else this twist is soooo lame.

2. This is exactly why the guys should have stuck together because the strong guys will always have the biggest targets on their back. Like who does mcrae think is next in line to go after jeremy howard and spencer go


well if they have edited anyone its been amanda she been mean to elissa plus now she trying to use the race card against howard watch the feeds im not lying shes painting this picture thats shes against racism now shes saying howards using it as a copout

thats the truth


A true Amanda edit would be most welcome.


Amanda also said some of the worst homophobic and racist comments. Does Amanda own stock in CBS because they really are giving her a good yet phoney edit.


How can Amanda be against racism when she in effect made some of the worst racist and homphobic comments. She is the worst because CBS is covering up her blatant racism!!!!! WHY???


i have a feeling because she said she has worked in post production in LA

so they may be giving her favourable treatment in the cbs editing of the shows

who knows she may even know some of the production staff


I have to wonder if production is nudging Helen to have the “Nail Party” & this Talk Show thing to make the viewers think that all is swell in the BB house… I was busy outside & didn’t see the CBS show while ago…


Am I missing something but why is DAWG & SIMON implying that Amanda is into Howard? I must have missed a spoiler review because I thought she was into McCrae and that she doesn’t like Howard AT ALL. I’m with her on getting Howard out.. He is a big threat and stupid Elissa or stupid Helen should have put him up this week because of his game play over these past three weeks. He’s a liar, liar, liar and Jeremy may have been arrogant but he has calmed down this past week and I think he would be a better ally then the dufas Spencer & Howard show.


I don’t see Kaitlyn ever aligning with Howard and Candice. She told Jeremy the other day that she is the one who’s a racist and Aaryn is the one being portrayed as one.


Yes, I saw that too and totally agree. Kaitlin is very racist and still just think Aaryn is so young and stupid and that she is getting most of the comments she has made as “jokes” from college. I know when I was in college it is everywhere and until you get out and start thinking for yourself you tend to follow the “fools” you align yourself with in college and just do not know any better. College does not make you smarter; getting older does!


Often Aaryn was repeating what Kaitlin and/or Gina Marie had just said, only a bit louder. This is probably why GM has not ‘noticed’ Aaryn’s comments or at least taken them as racist.


really? Oh wow! I have been wondering why she was after them so bad! I mean Amanda has a reason to be after Howard cause for 2 weeks he was dead after her…that’s a stupid reason to go after someone cause I haven’t heard Howard say anything about her(K), they have even playing chess together…


I know many of you won’t like this, but.. why not give someone like aaryn mvp for one week and see what she does? I know it’s a long shot, but this whole friendship thing is driving me crazy. And it is so sad, because had aaryn been a nicer player she would have had america backing her up at this moment, since she is completely on the outs. Sad, sad, sad.


Agree, it is a shame she aligned herself with the racists in the house like GM and Kaitlin and Jeremy and Amanda in the first week and just trying to fit in with the older cool kids. Wish she had aligned herself with Candice, Howard the first week. Her and Candice have so much in common that I was surprised it did not happen, but she wanted like so many of us at that age to be with the older and “perceived” cool kids. Gee was that a mistake. Hope someone that this week she sees that and that Howard and Candice and maybe Jessie and Judd all align and get the “perceived” super friends out the door. Cannot stand Helen as she is what I perceive as a closet “racist” along with Andy and McCrae.


I am so tired of Andy popping in and out of every room, kissing ass, floating along contributing nothing. Of course Amanda is running the show and making all the threats and decisions – McCrae is a weak man/boy that needs his mommy Amanda – he was my favorite the first week but he never could make a stand and be a man. Gina M is pathetic and psycho

Gorlak 7

McRae is the ultimate wimp. he cows down to everyone. except Elissa for some reason. her he had no problem saying ‘I’m putting you up’. everyone else he’s scared to death of. which is weird cause she is the most powerful entity in the house.


everyone keeps bemoaning the loss of moving company and now its boring cause its just the superfriends….have you forgotten how this game works? the cell always divides-it has to. there will soon be two groups at each other’s throats, it’s the nature of the game…..patience my friends….PATIENCE…..watching the fission is the interesting part of BB.