Spencer says I wouldn’t have $ex with Gina, all the farting and burping isn’t attractive.

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

CBS Interactive Inc.

11:55am – 12:15pm In the kitchen – Candice, Helen, Howard, Jeremy, Elissa and Judd are talking and eating. Helen talks about a talk show segment called the “Veto Show” – she says she wants to do it with Judd tonight and other house guests. Helen says maybe we can have a special segment with “Judd the Stud” on how to stay up late at night. Judd says and get up early. Candice will also do a segment called “Keeping it Real with Candi” and Howard will do a sports segment. The conversation turns to talking about “crazy girls”. Elissa says that she thought guys liked girls to be crazy. Helen says that she husband says the hotter a girl is the more crazy a guy will let her get away with and if you’re not hot – you have no room for crazy. Elissa jokes with Judd might get a penalty nomination if he doesn’t agree to do the talk show segment. They jokingly think that Nick was an undercover cop. Helen says that they will also interview the moving company members. Helen says that she thinks the reason she got a rash on her neck was because of the HOH sheets because it happened right after she got HOH. Big Brother asks the house guests to clean the bathroom including the mirror above the sink today. Immediately Judd heads to the bathroom and starts cleaning. When he’s done, Big Brother says Judd, Thank you!

12:15pm Out in the backyard – Judd asks Elissa if she really wants to win HOH tomorrow? Elissa says yeah! I want to win it. Judd says that he really wants to see her family. Elissa says she does too. Judd says if it comes down to you and me I will let you win it. Elissa says awe you don’t have to do that. You’re too sweet. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Helen Spencer and Jeremy continue to clean the bathroom.

12:25pm Out on the backyard couch – Judd tells Spencer it’s going to be a close vote tomorrow. Spencer says is it?? Judd says no I am just fu*king with you! Judd talks to Spencer about how he was talking to Gina last night to try and get her to throw the HOH. Spencer asks if Judd knows what kind of deal Jeremy was trying to strike up with them. Judd says no – it doesn’t matter though whatever he offers doesn’t benefit me. You being here benefits me. Spencer says that he has Judd’s back. Judd tells Spencer I need you here, I want you here. I would rather you here than Gina who just mopes around over some one she just met 20 days a go. Judd says I think you’re good – I am still trying to help you out even though I don’t think you need it. Spencer says anything you can do to help I would appreciate it. We might not get the opportunity to get Jeremy out for another few weeks. Judd says it’s starting to turn into a chick-fest around here. We need to get another girl out. Judd says that he is confused if Elissa or McCrae got MVP. They talk about how bat sh*t crazy Gina is. Judd says I hate to dog her but.. Spencer says I wouldn’t even want to have $ex with her. Judd says she is trashy. Spencer says all that farting and burping isn’t attractive. Judd mentions how the first day she was hot and I don’t know what happened to her. Spencer says it’s like she melted. Judd heads inside.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


12:40pm Spencer asks Howard what he wanted to say to him the other day. Howard says that he is just trying to reassure everything goes our way. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Spencer says that he is just worried about all the deals Jeremy is making with Helen. Howard says yeah if Jeremy doesn’t go this week they we know that Helen had something to do with it. Spencer says yeah she ain’t going to be nothing next week. They talk about how they are good with Judd. Howard walks away and puts his hands up in the air and says it ain’t in my hands dude. However they want to do it … heaven that is. Judd comes back out and Spencer talks about how he will talk to Helen tomorrow. Judd says do it today. Spencer say he wants to do it tomorrow so Jeremy doesn’t have any more time to talk to her. Judd says she doesn’t have a vote. Spencer says she is the tie breaker, all Jeremy needs is 3 more votes. Judd says that Jessie is voting Jeremy out for sure. Judd asks who Spencer would put up. Spencer says Aaryn and Kaitlin. Judd says I’ve lied to Aaryn so many times but I had to because everything she wanted me to didn’t benefit me. Jeremy joins them and conversation ends. Jeremy leaves. Judd says that he thinks Aaryn will be the main target after Jeremy leaves but she isn’t a threat to me. Andy joins them.

1pm In the bathrooom – Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jeremy. Jeremy talking about 2 girls 1 cup.

1:20pm – 1:35pm Up in the HOH room – Candice, Helen, Jessie, Gina and Andy talk about the talk show they’re going to do tonight. Meanwhile in the bathroom -Judd is talking to Aaryn about the talk show. He says god this talk show – I don’t want to participate. Aayryn says her either. I had a suggestion to and she shut it down. I don’t want to talk about the cockroaches. Judd cracks up laughing.


1:40pm Out on the backyard couch – Andy, Amanda and McCrae are talking about random things. Amanda comments on how she is out of cigarettes and that Big Brother won’t give her any more. She says that she is going to look for the nicotine patch. She asks McCrae if he will quit with her. He says hell no. Amanda says I am pretty sure I haven’t poop’d in a week. Amanda tells Jessie that she is really glad to have her on their team. Jessie says I’ve been meaning to talk to you – I wanted to tell you that you are my girl and I’ve got your back. Amanda says you too girl. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Gina is talking to Aaryn about how she is pissed that “Everybody” is sick of her talking about Nick. Aaryn pretends she hasn’t heard people complaining about Gina and says oh really. She says that people are saying they are sick of it because they have loved ones at home that miss them and can’t see them. Helen and Jeremy come out to the backyard. Helen announces there’s a new segment to the talk show to night – Newly Weds – where they will ask the showmances questions to see how well they know each other.

1:50pm – 2:15pm Up in the HOH room Howard talks to Candice alone about the Moving Company. Candice says that she really wants to win HOH because she thinks she is a target and needs it to stay safe. Candice says that Jeremy is going home tomorrow. Howard says he isn’t so sure. Keeping Jeremy around who is strong but will never win in the end is good for people. Howard says that he and Spencer got targeted because people personalized their actions when all they were doing was playing the game. Candice tells Howard he needs to win HOH. Howard says okay – I am not going to throw no more. He says that he didn’t throw the honey one. Meanwhile out in the backyard – McCrae says that me, you and Amanda should play just the tip tonight. Andy says I’d do that. McCrae says yeah it seems like a you me and Amanda kind of thing. Andy says I have a topic to reveal tonight but its kind of embarrassing. I had a wet dream last night and I woke up and looked down and was like WTF.. I hope the live feeders didn’t see that. McCrae laughs.

2:25pm – 2:55pm Helen and Jeremy play backyard Volleyball. Howard and Candice join in on the game. Candice comments that Howards breasts are bigger than mine! The talk turns to talking about last season of Big Brother. In the bathroom Aaryn asks Andy if Jeremy is still going home. Andy tells her yes. She says okay because he is acting all happy with everyone and cleaning so I didn’t know if something was up. Aaryn then asks Andy if he will tell her if something is up and she needs to campaign. Andy tells her he will. Andy leaves. Kaitlin joins her. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that Spencer told Judd that he and Howard are more scared of you. Andy and Aaryn notice that the wood flooring in the bathroom floor is lifting up. Amanda brings up how she thought her period was done and then she got up and had a huge splotch on her butt. Gina says yeah I saw a spot on the couch, so I cleaned it up. Girls know what period blood looks like. Amanda says my boyfriend went to a psychic and she told him that I wouldn’t cheat on him and that I would be gone after a month.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I don’t think Gina would have sex with Spencer anyways, lol.


Who would want to have sex with that disgusting filthy mouthed “Caboose?” Spencer talks a good “Man” game, but I bet he’s been turned down more than a blanket on a bed.


Seriously Spencer should not even talk about who he cannot have sex with. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to have sex with him in the first place. I think he is afraid that people might figure that out about him so he just says stuff like that hoping people will believe he a catch. Every time he says something negative against women I think it is an expression of his frustration at being rejected so much by them his entire life.


Swearing on the Bible in the game of BB is shameful. If you can’t get someone to believe you without swearing on the bible, you have very poor gameplay. (Howard and Dan.) It’s almost a scapegoat, it’s a weak move. The best BB players (Will, Dick) didn’t need to bible for people to believe their lies. I find it even worse if it’s religious people like Howard and Dan who swear on the bible and go back on it.


Why is everyone so hung up with Howard swearing on the Bible, it’s just a book. The show calls for lying and everyone uses what they have to take advantage of their lies and getting people to believe him. I don’t think his religious views or beliefs are any way tied to swearing on a Bible. This seems like the biggest issue everyone has with Howard.


I’m not “hung up” on him swearing on the bible because of his religion so much as it shows he used it as a crutch. It shows that he couldn’t get by just with lying.


Jessielle, Howard did not offer to swear on the bible. Howard was challenged to do so, which in itself is flippant and disrespectful to his beliefs


either way from what i understood, howard swore on the bible that he voted with the house. He never swore on the bible that he didn’t vote david out.


Howard better not start shit up about Jeremy staying! He likes to stir shit up for no reason like the vote for Elissa last week and then lie through his teeth when he’s busted. I’m starting to not like him ’cause he seems shady for NO reason. Why not just lay low and try to stay off peoples radar and they might forget about you! He talks too much!!!


And Candice is being dumb falling for his BS too. He talks about her all the time like he is using her! I thought she would see through his crap like she did with the MC.


,Says, Howard has been laying low. Unfortunately for him other HG’s are rewriting events to throw suspicion on him. This tactic is working for placing a target on Howard and throwing his credibility into question. Which if not working on other HG’s seems to be working on some viewers.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

In the real world, lying is lying. The bible being used to lie never meant anything, it’s a book of mostly fictional stories mixed with questionable history told by humans used to control the people that believe in ghosts,zombies,aliens, talking burning bushes, gods, and invisible people in the sky, aka the “weak minded” before a time when humans established laws.

The only place in this world where swearing on a bible still matters is in a court of law.

In the Big Brother house, if it’s not against the law, nothing is out of bounds.


I wasn’t claiming it was against the law, just saying that its very bad gameplay & hypocritical for religious HG’s. The only reason I find it so bad is becauseall the HG’s that swear on the bible use it as a crutch and get past by using it as a tool because they couldn’t without it. Shows who is really good or bad at the game.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Do you even pay attention to the show? Big Brother contestants are all “characters”, Dan and Howard’s characters are “religious”, so why wouldn’t they use it to their advantage? Them lying on the bible is no different in deception than Dick or Dr Will or anyone else. If Dr Will and Dick were heavily religious they would’ve use that to their advantage to too.

That’s all I’m saying.


Yeah, but Dick and Will didn’t need to. Because they were fine without it. Dan wasn’t.


Actually the Bible is not a fictional book. It is the inspired Word of God – the creator of the universe. So according to the Bible, here is the scoop:-
Matthew Jesus speaking, 5:34-37 “But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”

Now, having said that, a lie is a lie. All the house guests lie but for some reason they seem to think Howard’s lies are somehow worse than their lies. I think that at the beginning, Amanda was loving the attention she was getting from Howard. Then he started liking Candace and does not look at Amanda like that anymore. She cannot believe that is happening. She feels that if he can dare ignore her then he needs to be sent packing along with Candice…

You so funny



Anyone who saids Dan had bad game play is dumb. Before you bash someones gameplay please recognize that he made the finals twice and won once. The only reason he didnt win is because he was the reason all the jury members were in the jury. Get over it Big Brother is not a game to get hung up on swering to the bible.

Scottie Piffen

I’m very happy to see Howard in Top 3 on the poll and Helen not in it. Now we just need Elissa’s popularity to go down. She offers nothing and has horrible game play.

Howard For HOH & MVP!!!


Howard might has well of taken an atomic bomb and set it off on his game! He’s a big target right now because he got caught up in a web of lies and people know it. However i think a lot of people really like Howard simply because he is a good person and he might get MVP because of that. Either way it won’t go to someone who is playing the best game and probably never will.


Oh yeah, all that rapey vibe from Specncer is uber-attractive. All the girls want to have sex with him. Like he gets to pick and choose?

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

Oooooooh. I have a choice?


Spencer’s pick up line “does this smell like chloroform to you?”


hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmao this is hilarious, thx for the line ” does this smell like chorofoam to you?” omg


hehehe sp chlorofoam


Every day I see Mumbles play this game the more I think that he and Amanda are the two best players so far. Offering to let Elissa win HOH is a classic move that will have her on his side for the rest of the game.

1Rotten Jon

I agree completely


I played basketball in high school. I was a starter, far from the best, but I contributed. Anyway, one game the second unit was on the floor with me and there was a technical called on the other team. Are star player came up to me and asked me to take it since I hit free throws with my eyes closed and the coach signaled me as well. Before I could step to the line, are 10th man came up to me, the guy who struggled to score two feet from the basket, and said, “I’ll let you take these if you want them.” I bit my lip to keep from laughing and never told anybody what he said as I knew he would be razzed until the end of the season if I did. Instead I just nodded OK.

When Judd told Elissa he’d let her win HOH, I imagine Elissa felt in that moment just like I did before those two technicals…

Judd seems like a nice guy, but too many people are thinking he’s more of a player than he is. He’s just a floater and when the house splits again, that’s what we’ll see.

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

At first I thought the only point behind your basketball story was that you could only shoot uncontested free throws. Then you said the whole Elissa thing. Sorry.


No worries…I’m a bit of a wind bag…


I’m sure everyone will comment on this…… Spencer says he wouldn’t sleep with Gina because she isn’t attractive because of all her farting and burping. Really Spencer?! I wouldn’t sleep with either of you two. Your both equally trashy and nasty!


I think MVP will actually be pretty close this week between Amanda, Elissa, and Howard. Elissa obviously has a lot of supporters, but i think the people who just watch the show will really like Howard because he is coming off really good on the show. I feel Amanda is probably the one of the three that deserves it, but Judd is who i believe is playing the best game right now.


I like both Elissa and Howard. I am guilty as charged by always voting for Elissa for MVP, number 1 because I really like her and number 2 because it really pisses the HG off. Why not add to it? It’s a show, and it’s great seeing peoples reactions and true colors. I wouldn’t do this show for a million dollars mind you, but it’s entertaining to me.


Nice booty shot of kaitlin


Does Kaitlin EVERA wear pants!!! I feel like every time I see a picture of her, she’s in her underwear!!!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I say, if you got nice legs and ass flaunt em.

I don’t think she brought pants in the house, Thanks Kaitlin LOL


I think the MVP twist will end this week. All major game-changing twists ended by Week 3:
-Season 9 Couples Twist
-Season 11 Clique Twist
-Season 13 Duo Twist
-Season 14 Coach Twist
-Season 6 Secret Partner Twist ( Julie Chen officially revealed the twist at the end of Week 3 even though the houseguests figured it out before)

Even though other seasons had twists, those twist did not change the format of the game.

Jake K.

And if the twist did not end by week 3, then it ends by week 5 cause this is also when twists seem to end or something happens 🙂

Big Brother 5 – Natalie joins the game
Big Brother 6 – Kaysar voted back into the house
Big Brother 9 – James voted back into the game
Big Brother 11 – Jeff given the coup d’etat to use
Big Brother 12 – When, if successful, the saboteur Annie was supposed to be revealed to the house


I know this is BBUS, but BBCanada had a player voted back in at final four and dropped Dan in for a sleepover (& to coach those that were open to it). This ultimately changed the predictable final two.


Why does Kaitlin insist on wearing those stupid hair extensions?


She needs them, it’s what makes her the “most beautiful girl in the house.” I’m being sarcastic of course. Hey, whatever helps makes her half decent, I guess.

7 Seven 7

I think I have to agree with spencer here, also Kaitlin looked a lot better to me the first week but not anymore.


She is one nasty bitch. She went from my #1 best to #2 worst right behind Jeremy.

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

Once Jeremy marked his territory she became unattractive to everyone.


Judd walks into a jeweller’s and asks for a c*ck. The jeweller thinks for a moment and asks “You mean a clock?”. Judd replies “That’s what I said”, buys the clock, and leaves to continue shopping. He then enters a sweet shop and asks for some licket. The assistant is confused until Judd points to what he wants. The assistant replies “Ah, you want some liquorice.” The man buys the liquorice and continues on to do some more shopping. He’s now getting a little hungry so he walks into a bakers. Judd asks for a bum. The baker, a little confused, thinks for a moment and asks “Do you mean a bun?”. Judd replies “That’s what I said.”. Judd gets his bun and leaves the bakers. On the way out, he bumps into a lady who is obviously in a rush. The woman asks “Do you have the time?”. Judd replies “Of course. Just hold my bum and licket while I get my c*ck out.”


can’t take Spencer talking about sex….so GROSS and nasty.



Spencer is such a creep.

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

Well it takes one to know one. And I totally agree.


Whoa whoa wait. Howard used to be all over the feeds and now he’s been totally replaced by Judd. When did Judd suddenly become one of the best players in the house??


What royal title do you want to bestow upon the Houseguests? Your opinion will play a role in the next HoH Competition! Vote now and tune in to Big Brother on Thursday, July 18th 9/8c to find out just how you made your mark on the game!

1. Who would be crowned the Earl of Egotism because they are most likely to want their face added to Mount Rushmore?
2. Who would be crowned the Duke of Dork because they are most likely to stand in line for ten hours to buy a Zingbot action figure?
3. Who would be crowned the Sultan of Sexy because they are most likely to be featured on the cover of Hot Highnesses Weekly?
4. Who would be crowned the King of Klutz because they are most likely to trip over their own words?
5. Who would be crowned the Mean Queen because they are most likely to laugh while stealing candy from a baby?
6. Who would be crowned the Lord of Laziness because they are most likely to go straight from living in the Big Brother house to living in their parents’ basement?
7. Who would be crowned the Squire of Sugar because they are most likely to go on an ice cream binge and gain 100 pounds this summer?
8. Who would be crowned the Friar of Frowns because they are most likely to whine when the house runs out of wine?
9. Who would be crowned the Heir to Hair because it looks like they go to a barber who uses a weed whacker?
10. Who would be crowned the Duchess of Dress because it looks like they buy their wardrobe from the bargain bin?
11. Who would be crowned the Count of Cute because they are more adorable than a litter of puppies?
12. Who would be crowned the Maiden of Mischief because they are most likely to egg the Big Brother house on Halloween?
13. Who would be crowned the Prince of Pecs because they are most likely to wrestle a bear and win?
14. Who would be crowned the Knight of Naughtiness because they are most likely to strut around town in their underwear?
15. Who would be crowned the Baron of Boneheads because they are most likely to skydive and forget to wear a parachute?


I’m pretty sure the only vote locked in on that survey is question #5 Simon! That question is the definition of Aaryn!!


1. Jeremy
2. Andy
3. Candace
4. Helen
5. Aaryn
6. Jessie
7. Elissa
8. Kaitlyn
9. GinaMarie
10. Nick
11. McCrea/Judd
12. Amanda
13. Howard
14. Jeremy (had to use twice because his ego is too big for just one nomination)
15. Spencer


1. Jeremy
2. Andy
3. Elissa
4. Judd/Ginamarie
5. Aaryn/Kaitlyn
6. Mcrae
7. Jesse/Ginamarie
8. Ginamarie
9. Spencer
10. GinaMarie
11. Jesse
12. Kaitlyn
13. Howard
14. Kaitlyn
15. Spencer


How are all of these people SO HORNY? It’s only been a few weeks and they’re already sex crazed!


I would love to see Elissa win something so she can see her family.


Captainwedgiearchnemesis says:
July 17, 2013 at 1:33 pm

I think MVP will actually be pretty close this week between Amanda, Elissa, and Howard. Elissa obviously has a lot of supporters, but i think the people who just watch the show will really like Howard because he is coming off really good on the show. I feel Amanda is probably the one of the three that deserves it, but Judd is who i believe is playing the best game right then.


I agree with you: you said that

Nick says:
July 17, 2013 at 1:44 pm
Nick says:
July 17, 2013 at 1:33 pm

I think MVP will actually be pretty close this week between Amanda, Elissa, and Helen. Aaryn obviously has a no supporters, but i think the people who just watch the show will really like GinaMarie because she is coming off really bad on the show. I feel Kaitlin is probably the one of the three that deserves it, but Elissa is who i believe is playing the best game right then.
I know right that what you said Nick! I get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope that Jessie, Judd or some of the other quieter house guests win HOH. Time to get to work and get some blood on your hands! I am just so over watching Helen so much lol.

Also, BB should have a rule that you cannot get MVP two weeks in a row just like HOH. I thought that the point of introducing the MVP twist was so that this wouldn’t be a floater’s game anymore… now it’s just starting to look like they just put that twist in there to ensure Elissa’s safety. I get it. Elissa was at a disadvantage because people were clamoring for an easy target during the first week but enough is enough… I will give up if Elissa gets another MVP!

I may be a BB junkie but I don’t know why BB stretches out the events. Let’s get this show on the road. I think the POV ceremony and eviction night should all be in one episode. The house guests will hustle accordingly and we won’t have to watch Elissa sleeping under the covers (how is she breathing? lol). I just keep thinking that it’s gonna be AT LEAST another three weeks until Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlyn are evicted. Soooo long. Can’t BB speed things up a little already??

Howard's Biceps

Howard is in the Top 3 in the voting poll!! No one can handle these biceps! Howard for HOH and MVP!


Howard for HOH, MVP, and POV

Howard's Biceps

Damn right!


Howard’s keloids – scars from gunshots or dog fights? You want to take a stab at it? Or maybe he had pec implants.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

They looked more like gunshot wounds than anything else.

CBS cast a former thug on Big Brother


Niether. I’m thinking that you don’t know a lot about the traditions of African-American fraternities or sororities. Some Black fraternities (not all), have a tradition of body branding is a symbol of devotion.


Please don’t let Aaryn or GinaMarie win HoH!!!! I want to see more drama!!!!!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

The drama would be if she did win HOH, if the Superfriends keep winning, that’s boring, the house turning is what brings the most drama.


GinaMarie for sure can’t win HoH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck on that


COPY & PASTE: Captainwedgiearchnemesis says:
July 17, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Please don’t let Aaryn or GinaMarie win HoH!!!! I want to see more drama!!!!!
COPY & PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Looks Like Shrek

I don’t think Elissa will get MVP. If the game is rigged, as many believe, I think they will change things up because the house guests are assuming it is a given and strategizing accordingly. If production doesn’t rig it, the viewers will change it up because it has become boring.


“Spencer says I wouldn’t have $ex with Gina, all the farting and burping isn’t attractive.”

Said the dude who is more likely to fart and burp twice as much as GM ever would!

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

Hard to stuff things in there if air is constantly blowing it out.


“It puts the lotion on it’s skin” LOL funniest name on OBB today

It Puts The Lotion On It's Skin

Thanks. Just trying to imagine things from Spencer’s point of view.


And he is probably the “King of Skid Marks” in his saggy boxers.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Nothing wrong with a women farting or burping, it’s toxic to the body if you keep it inside.

Don’t be ashamed of letting it out, just warn a brother.

king wolverine

Even though Howard is my favorite houseguest this year, Amanda deserves MVP. Not only she played an influential role in the house and did a good job commanding others, but also she is in the best spot right now. The superfriends will protect her. The mean girls won’t go after her. Instead, they will go after Helen/Elissa/Candice/Howard. The only people that will put her up is Spencer and Howard but even so she is in the majority so not many people will vote to evict her and, assuming Elissa’s the MVP again, the MVP nominee will most likely be the one evicted even if Amanda is on the block


Spencer I am sure no one wants to sleep with anyway so chill! He’s a waste of a player so is Howard, Candace, Jessie, Katlynn and GinaMarie please get them all out!


The thought of Anyone having sex with Spencer makes me want to puke


Wait – can someone describe briefly what has happened in the last two days for everyone to suddenly love howard and hate helen? Last I checked (a few days ago) Helen was playing a good HOH game and Howard was still lying and pussyfooting around and staging house meetings so he could come clean and be a good Christian.


Helen starting doing 3 things
1) Acting like a North Korean dictator
2) Thinking that her HOH means she won the game.
3) taking ecstasy and engaging in NON STOP game talk to everything and everyone.

I’m sure she’ll come back to earth in a couple days and be back to normal.


hey i want elssia to win hoh tommmorow in put up amanda in mcare reason not ayran cause nobody will vote for her to get the money so why not take her to the end


You make a good point. Aaryn is the best person to take to final 2! So far I have not heard anyone in the house say that.


If you want to see the 30 most recent comments on the site go here http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/onlinebigbrother-recent-comments/


amanda is playing the best game but howard spencer in elssia in candice on to her amanda game play will come to end soon they will figure we all target but amanda in mcrea not

Nameless 5

So does Kaitlin stain everything she sits on?


afer jeremy goes id like to see him followed by spencer, gina, elissa, candice. then jury opens then aaryn, helen, howard, andy, mcree, jessie, then it doesnt matter, top 3: judd, kate, & amanda

Boring ass Thread

Summary of this entire thread: Lying on the bible is wrong. No its not its game. GM is gross. Farting is gross.