Kaitlin is the Prime Select Meat Cut! Jeremy says I want to sleep with her at least once!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


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2:25am Kaitlin and Jeremy are in the lounge still talking. Kaitlin starts going through the votes. She says that she thinks Elissa would have Andy and Helen. Kaitlin says that she doesn’t think anyone would vote against David. Jeremy says that he hopes so because he needs him there. Kaitlin says that she thinks David threw that POV because he felt safe. Kaitlin says that she thinks without a doubt Jessie will be going home. Kaitlin says oh my God, McCrae is going to be so upset. Kaitlin says if they vote against Elissa and she stays, then we’ll be huge targets. Jeremy wraps his hand around Kaitlin’s throat. Jeremy says that Judd freaks him out. He says that Judd won’t talk to me about anything. Jeremy says that he can’t understand Judd. Kaitlin asks how can they keep Elissa in this game? Jeremy says she’s a pawn for an extra week. Kaitlin says that she is worried that Elissa could win POV so they need to back door her again. Jeremy says that he will win POV so she can’t do that. Kaitlin says you’re so cocky. She laughs. Jeremy tells Kaitlin that she can’t tell anyone. Kaitlin agrees and says that people can’t even handle their sh*t now. Helen comes by and says goodnight. When she leaves Kaitlin says she is such a fucking snake. Kaitlin wonders if they should switch their vote. Jeremy says that they need to just vote Elissa out and hope for the best. Kaitlin says that McCrae is going to be so angry if it doesn’t work out the way he wants. She says that McCrae can’t even vote. Kaitlin worries that Elissa will win things like Rachel. Jeremy says no way. Kaitlin says that she will be upset if Jessie goes home. Jeremy says it will be bad if anyone but Elissa goes home. Kaitlin says she thought everyone wanted Elissa gone. Jeremy agrees and says until today at 2.


2:30am Out in the backyard Andy and Spencer are talking all alone. Spencer says that he is not going to become a weapon in Amanda’s arsenal. Spencer says that she won’t call their group an alliance, he says that she keeps says it’s a group working together so there isn’t any love there. Spencer says that he thinks he can trust McCrae but is worried about how much Amanda is in his ear. He says that he thinks they will be able to tell how tight they are once McCrae isn’t HOH anymore. Spencer asks where will she sleep? They agree they need to keep the 8 strong especially now to go against Jeremy, Kaitlin, David, Aaryn, Gina. Spencer tells Andy that he thinks Gina is trying to bring Nick over to her side. Judd comes out and joins them. Spencer tells Judd that they’re talking about Wednesday night. Judd says that he is 100% with them. Andy says we just have to be aware of Gina and Nick. Judd tells them that Gina was trying to listen in on them before. Spencer says that its bullsh*t that he has to go in there and listen to the love birds making out at night. Spencer asks them when Big Brother will have the first big brother gay showmance. They talk about past gay house guests like Wil and Jenn. Andy says that Wil was too pretty for him.


In the havenot room – Helen and Elissa are talking. Helen says that we need to win HOH this week. Elissa says if I stays I’ll fight hard for the HOH. Helen says that she is worried that she is the next target after Elissa. Howard joins them. Helen complains that she can’t do another week of havenots. They go to sleep.


2:40am Kaitlin and Jeremy are still talking. Kaitlin talks about not wanting to lose Jessie. Jeremy tells her that David is on the block too. Kaitlin says that she keeps forgetting because she assumes he is safe. Jeremy says that they can’t tell them because both David and Aaryn will freak out and that will really put a big target on both us. Jeremy says that he isn’t even sure who is voting for whom. Kaitlin says that she can’t believe Andy is going after you. She says that’s not very bright. Jeremy says no, it’s not. I’m getting tired of his sh*t. Kaitlin says that he is really funny though. Jeremy says that they don’t know what will happen. Kaitlin is worried that Elissa will get MVP again next week. Kaitlin asks Jeremy why he is patting her like an infant? Jeremy says that he is worried about the situation. He says that he doesn’t want anyone to go home that’s with us. Kaitlin says that she thinks that Aaryn will lose it if David goes. She says it will be a huge grenade going off. Jeremy says he doesn’t think Elissa would get MVP twice. Kaitlin says yeah America will vote for her again. They break up their conversation and leave the room.

3:10am Out in the backyard – Spence, Judd, Jeremy and Nick are playing pool. Jeremy comments that if it were us at the end, I wouldn’t mind sitting next to any of you. Jeremy starts talking about the girls in the house. He says that they just have to wait till they crack. He says that the girls are all catty and jealous of each other. The guys start making fun of Jeremy’s purple pants. Nick says they look like pirate pants. Nick laughs and says those are ridiculous. They head inside to get ready for bed. After Nick and Spencer go into the storage room and Spencer tells Nick that Judd was being paranoid about Nick. Nick tells Spencer that he is going to have a talk with Jeremy.

4am Out in the backyard – Nick, Judd and Jeremy are talking about how crazy it is to be in the house on TV. They talk about random stuff then Judd heads inside.

Nick tells Jeremy that he appreciates him a lot because he is in the worst spot of the five. Jeremy agrees and says that he isn’t here to make a girlfriend and he knows if he wants to go far he has to do it with the Moving Company alliance. Nick reassures Jeremy that him not hanging out with Jeremy is an act of good faith towards the Moving Company alliance. Jeremy says he knows that and it doesn’t bother him. Jeremy says he is worried about Amanda and he hopes that the Moving Company alliance is strong. Jeremy says that he knows that his name has been thrown out there as a possible target so they need to win. Jeremy says he will be devastated if one of their alliance goes out before Jury. Jeremy talks about how Amanda makes him super nervous but McCrae reassured him. Jeremy says that if he wins HOH he wants to nominate Elissa and Helen. He says that he is worried that Elissa has a deal with Big Brother so they need to get her out. Nick says he wants her out too. Jeremy says the Moving Company have to be final five. Jeremy tells Nick that he is going to be totally loyal to the moving company but that his relationship with Kaitlin he says I’ll kick that bit*h out, I’m not fu*king around, I’m cuddling with her but I’ll kick that bit*h out! Nick talks about keeping their alliance quiet. Jeremy agrees. Nick says on Tuesday night they will decide how the Moving Company should vote so that people don’t catch on. They talk about David being evicted on Wednesday and how crazy the house is going to be. Jeremy says that he knows David is going to be mad at him after seeing this episode. He plans on telling him in his goodbye message that he had to do it to further his game and that maybe he should have played a little harder. They agree all David does all day is hang out with Aaryn. That was his downfall. They know Aaryn is going to freak out when David is sent home. Nick says they’re set now. He says we just need to be totally unemotional. Nick tells Jeremy he got the prime select meat cut with Kaitlin. They both agree that she is the hottest chick in the house. Jeremy says she may need to go sooner than later. Jeremy says that he would like to sleep with her at least once. America’s going to hate me. Nick says I will tell you you think I do not want to sleep with … Jeremy says no dude that girl would eat you alive like a praying mantis. Jeremy says you know what`s her name was trying to get at it too. Nick says ya not happening either! They break up their conversation and head inside to bed.

4:25am All the house guests are now in bed sleeping..
6:45am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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ashli rae

Jeremy is a vile disgusting person and I hope he’s gone next week followed by Aaryn who is a total b!tch. I can’t stand girls like her who think they are all that and treat others like crap. I’m liking Nick more and more and will be voting for him as the next MVP. Hope he doesn’t disappoint.

Killer K

Jeremy is THE biggest toolbag ever! Once the feeds were up and running , I seen it right away along with the other hardcore BB fans….The guys SUCKS! I can’t even stand to see or hear him anymore….Im hoping he’s gone soon….I can’t take it….lol….it’s not just a BB thing though, this is the world we live in! I see stupid girls ALL the time chasing after DB guys…..guys like him act that way and have tons of chics after them? That’s right! Sad but freakin true! And to the girls who don’t know? Guys like Jeremy talk about girls like that all the time when girls aren’t around….as of right now? Nick is who I’m voting for as well, but not sure it will matter….


I think if I was Jeremy, I need to get my alliance rolling. As right now, too many showmances and its really painful.


It might just be me, but unless Aaryn wins HOH (I really don’t like Aaryn), the Brigade 2.0 will make this season boring and dull…again.


I agree, Aaryn getting HOH would be highly entertaining…a racist redneck in an angel’s body.


I want to someone who isn’t part of the MC win HoH aJD put up two members from the MC. In short I want to one member go home. Anyone bot Howie, wanna see them rattled a little bit.


*and* not aJD


if i was in the big brother house i would shit on everything jeremy love ….ok there were alot of players in the big brother house but none ever admitt on national tv they only wanted to smash a girl then push …. where did big brother find this douchebag from… I THOUGHT I DISLIKE DANILLE BEING A FOOL FOR DAN last season but shit jeremy just top my hit list …in the house you cant trust everybody ,, cant befriends with everybody …. he is one man that was so much appealing when he didnt speak or i didnt know the inner working of his mind ….only katlin and jessie could of fallen for his looks and swag … If jeremy wanted to prove he was a heartless player all he has to do is lay his cards on the table tell katlin i only want to fu,ck but why belittle her and throw her under the bus on top of the bus and call her a bitch but yet still goes back and cuddle with her …humbleness gets u far in the game not this corkyness .. this badass persona jeremy is attempting is lame weak and desperate ….. his ego will be his ultimate downfall . the devil comes in all colors … HOPE THE OTHER CONTESTANT(ladies) for big brother 16 take heed when u enter the house looking for a showmance u could end up finding a jeremy …. I want him gone no jury i want him gone


What is going on of Jeremy’s head? If I was him, MC Alliance needs to steamroll the competition.


Oh wow, it seems like Wednesday is too far away for David to not know he’s getting evicted, especially since Jeremy told Kaitln that Elissa wasn’t the target anymore( dumb move bro, he keeps taking about how he can kick that bitch out… but your also giving her information that didn’t need to be given?? ok Jeremy), she’s bound to tell Aaryn by at most Wednesday. Man, and I was really looking forward to seeing all of their faces when elissa wasnt evicted

Chilltown Fan

Judd is doing alright, a little too much floating, but it’s just the first week. His loyalty seems to be with McCrae. He plays up the dumb stereotypical southern hick thing, but he’s clearly educated when he talks strategy/game in a serious way. He’s an only child too, so I like him so far. The Have not’s have been brutal this week, instead of a week it’s about a week and half of being a have-not. Judd is wasting away, looks like he has lost about a good 5-7 pounds since the first time I saw him, Helen looks absolutely miserable, Howard, Jessie, and Elissa are cranky lots of times.


Wow, such an unlikeable cast. These “cool kids” are going to be devastated when they find out they will be hated by America. Without a doubt Elissa will be getting the victim edit..which isn’t far off. And the girls will be getting the mean girl edit..which is dead on. Aaryn should probably try to keep what a racist she is on the down low while on national television and cut back on the racial slurs. She disgusts me.


Can’t wait to see the diary room sessions tonight to find out where everyone truly stands!!! What an insane first week. I want to see these idiots gone ASAP. Lets hope for David this week and Jeremey next week! He needs a major blow to his enormous ego. Going to be very interesting tonight, see who is actually playing a game. These stupid girls need to take a break from bitching & making out to get a clue! They are horrible people. Mean mean mean girls.


Can’t wait to see David gone!! I so wish Aaryn or Jeremy were next. They’re both extremely annoying. Granted its a game and it isn’t about being nice but we definitely could have done without her comment that she made about Helen