Amanda calls Candice the annoying jet setting b***h.. but she’s not that bad, we’ll keep her around for a bit.

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen

9am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests.

9:20am Elissa and Helen are in the Havenot room talking about last season with Ian Terry and Dan Gheesling. Both Elissa and Helen think that Ian was cute. Judd joins them and they talk about how uncomfortable the seats are to sleep on. Elissa comments that today is her 9 year anniversary with her husband. They all congratulate her.

CBS Interactive Inc.9:30am In the bathroom – Helen and Andy are talking about the plan and how they are good. Out in the backyard – Andy, Howard and Judd are talking. Judd and Andy talk about Jessie. Judd says that Jessie is hot but she is spacy. Howard says that when the plan goes through there is going to be fire. Andy says the plan will go through. Howard says again when the plan goes through just remain calm and don’t react. Judd says that he is going to go to bed early on Wednesday. They start talking about the havenot beds.


9:55am – 10:25am Up in the HOH room – McCrae and Amanda are waking up. McCrae asks Amanda if she is going to throw every competition. Amanda says no, I want to win something. Amanda comments that Howard is a professional football player. McCrae asks how do you know that, did he tell you that? Amanda says no, that’s just how football players look. Andy comes up to join them. He says that he got as heated last night as I have ever been with Aaryn. He says that she was getting after him about talking with Elissa. He says that he doesn’t and that Nick talks to Elissa but she doesn’t see that. Andy brings up the hat incident last night when Candice sat on Aaryn’s hat and how she flipped out. Andy says that Aaryn is starting sh*t with what she thinks are the weak players. McCrae heads down stairs. They comment on how Nick keeps getting called to the diary room. What does he have so much to talk about? He doesn’t do anything?! Andy and Amanda talk about breaking up Jeremy and Kaitlin. McCrae comes back. They talk about how they think Aaryn will be the next one out. Judd joins them. He brings up how Candice sat on Aaryn’s hat. They all laugh. Andy says that Aaryn said there is one thing you don’t do to someone from Texas – sit on someone’s hat! Amanda calls Candice the annoying jet setting b***h.. but she’s not that bad, we’ll keep her around for a bit. She says that she needs to ask before taking someones things though, she took my UGGs yesterday without asking. Amanda says the 8 of us just need to stick together to get out beiber feaver. They talk about how they figured out the MVP and how they figured out how they can use it to their advantage.


10:30am McCrae says that it doesn’t matter who gets HOH as long as we have the MVP on our side. He says unless they switch up how the MVP get it. Amanda says she is the most valuable player. They wonder if they should bring Candice into the group. Andy comments that Howard should tell her because she likes him. Amanda says maybe tell her the plan but not tell her about the group. Andy and Judd both think that Candice would be on board with them because she hates Aaryn. They decide that Candice is a loose cannon and that they will trust Howard to tell Candice how to vote. They all agree that Jessie is too emotional. Amanda brings up how Kaitlin is starting to be a bit*h, she wonders if Aaryn sat her down and told her if we want more air time we need to be the bit*hes of the house. Amanda says I can’t wait to see how Wednesday goes, they are going to crumble! She will always be their target but we will protect her. They discuss the strategy to win majority TRUE/FALSE OR STEPUP/STEPDOWN competition by always picking true / stepping down unless true is step up. If everyone in their group does the same they will have the majority and knock out the others at which point they will battle it out to see who in their group wins HOH.


10:45pm – 11am Out in the backyard- Spencer and David are talking about the hat drama last night. Spencer says that he told Aaryn that Candice sat on her hat. Spencer says that Aaryn really flipped out. I wish I had conveyed to her that Candice sitting on her hat wasn’t malicious. Spencer and David head over to the couch. David asks Spencer what he thinks about Andy. Spencer says I dunno he’s a fruit. He is the only gay in the house. He is using the gay strategy to connect with the girls. He is a nice dude, I like him but I think he would slit my throat if he had to. David says that he just wanted to ask about if Aaryn was all right because she looks up to you like a dad. Spencer says yeah, I like the sh*t out of Aaryn. David says that next week is going to get wild. Spencer agrees. McCrae and Amanda join them on the couch.


Meanwhile in the kitchen – Howard looks at all of the dirty dishes in the sink and says that is nasty! Andy comes by and they both agree that none of the dirty dishes are theirs. Amanda joins them and tells them that Spencer just said the funniest thing. He says what if the twist is that Candice is in the house as the “Mad Hatter” and sits on peoples hats. They all laugh.

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Chilltown Fan

Funny that Aaryn told GM that it was Spencer that told her Candice sat on her hat. That Aaryn-GM convo last night was disgusting with the racial insensitive comments thrown around. If history tells us anything, the people that get racial usually get worse as the game progresses.


can you imagine how ugly this will get when the men and the women realize they aren’t on the same side here. yiiiiiiikes

people are freaking out and acting like this is make or break final 5. its kind of hilarious

you want to see a masterful performance, go check out chilltown, but these guys don’t have that type of evil strategy….they make the brigade look like a group of brilliant dudes.

Chilltown Fan

I think the MC theory of meeting up in pairs at separate times and never all once is sound gameplay, but the problem is that is not as simple as it is on paper. The social impact of BB is being neglected by them. Jeremy rarely has a any social bond/interaction with Howard at all. McCrae has Amanda messing up his game. To me, the only remnants of the “core” MC is Nick, Spencer, and Howard. Jeremy has already mouthed off to Kaitlin about Elissa most likely staying. I haven’t believed Jeremy for a second when he says he will cut Kaitlin if need be. Nick hinted last night to Jeremy in a subtle way that he is in the worse position of the MC members. Jeremy will be the easiest to cut loose if he doesn’t have power in the house. Spencer has hinted that he is down with working with Judd, and cutting Jeremy out.


the look on kaitlin’s, jeremy’s, and aaryn’s faces when david gets kicked out…LOL it should be priceless…


I’m really missing BBAD on Showtime. I have ATT uverse & they do not offer TVGN. For economic reasons, I can not buy the feeds & continue having Showtime. Showtime is for everyone in our house, so I can’t be selfish by getting rid of it just for my BB addiction. It seems that the viewers with TVGN are not too happy with it either. I believe that CBS is doing everything they can to make us pay for the feeds. They own Showtime also, so I think they should be worried about households puling the plug on this channel as many have said they only have it for BBAD. CBS gets the money here & then wants money for feeds too, double dipping? I’d like to suggest that everyone that’s unhappy let CBS know, whether from emails, phone calls to Julie, their complaint dept. or even the BB blogs. I do not want to take anything from Simon & Dawg as they make money to support their costs providing this website from feed subscriptions thru them, so donate to this cause as we certainly need them too, I should say, we need them more!


you are missing NOTHING but silence


Don’t feel bad, you’re not missing anything, on TVGN they censor swear words, which proves that it’s no longer really live.


you’re not missing a thing by not having tvgn…bbad is unwatchable. i want bbad back on sho2, or not at all. the editing, low quality, compressed pic, and scrolling tv listings make it worthless.


I could’ve sworn, they said BB was in HD? I hate the small screen, when I gotta stretch my TV to fit… Damn you AG.

Big Jim

The only thing I liked about it was that there were no commercials but then last night they started showing them every 10-15 minutes. Complete disaster


I have Uverse as well and wish they would pick up the TV channel for other shows as well!!

Real Talker

This show will get really good when Amanda is up on the block next week and this whole “Masterful” plan will fall apart.

Real Talker

Would also love to see Amanda be a have not next week so she can’t go sleep with the next HoH winner and kiss their ass.


Is it true that Aryan told Helen “Dude, shut up, go make some rice!”? I didn’t catch it but saw it while browsing tumblr.
If it is, why isn’t production interfering? That is just plain racist.


Yes, Aaryn did say that about Helen. Then Gm said something on the lines of “blacks always stick together” in regards to Howard and Candace. It’s really crazy because I do love te drama since it makes the show interesting, but not when the drama is racism.


That racist bitch, and we don’t always stick together, that’s such a false stereotype.


GM calledHoward and Candece the black Ken and Barbie too. If u know anything about Staten IslandNew York this wouldn’t surprise you at all.


so much jealousy. I totally get it. growing up, I was so fortunate to go on a lot of vacations all over the world. this caused my classmates to basically look at me differently, like I Was a silver spoon child. what they didn’t know is that my father’s work paid for EVERY part of the vacation from the rental car to the hotel due to “points”. so those “rich” parents who helped me “jetset” were not at all rich

too much judging a book by its cover going on


They’re really, REALLY stupid if they think the same person can win MVP every week.

Don’t you think production would’ve thought of that when they cast Elissa? They know Brenchel fans will stay up for 3 days voting for her. So she couldn’t possibly win every week, that would give her an unfair advantage her always having control over that 3rd HG.

Elissa will win probably every other week though…

But how do they know they will always have her? She gotta start playing for her own game sooner or later. Unless she’s stupid enough to allow them to use her for the long run? We’ll if she learned anything from Rachel, she would be thinking ahead. Would make better TV if she turns the tables on them when they least expect it.

Janelle pov queen

Did spencer call Andy a fruit?? What is wrong with these people do they not know there on tv?


i missed it, but read aaryn and gm were talking bad about andy last night in the hammock. looks like there’s enough bigotry to spread around this summer, unfortunately.

oan, hey dawg, good to be back, how ‘ya been!?


I believe he called him Kermit the fag as well. I was hoping to like Spencer but that kind of slur is totally unacceptable!!!


Maybe he’s cool with it, I have a gay friend and I call him a queer and a homo all the time


Keep in mind it will get old after a while.


As a gay man who has been subjected to oppression and straight hatred for way too many years, to hear the words “fruit” and “fag” from a hetero guy I’ve known for a week, would not be “cool”. I think it’s a stretch to consider Spencer and Andy close enough friends to warrant that kind of familiarity. My gay friends who share my experience and are personally aware of the pain those words have/can cause may use them, but no straight men who knows me or cares about me would. Hate words are hate words and that’s the context from where this man was speaking I believe.


I hope not that Aaryn is not pulling a Jeff Schroeder racist look. Beside, if America pick the favorite houseguest and that would be Aaryn. But, if she pulls the raist comment she lost very one votes including me.


Well, I usually take the unpopular route and side with the alphas on every season. But this season, it appears as though I will not be.
So maybe I will be on the same side as the majority of fans this go around.


I’m not trusting Elissa….me thinks she was going home till production intervened – I think they want a sister/sister win and have Rachel there at some point. I hope I’m wrong and it’s not going to be staged like that. And, she may know that – there’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Go Helen!


Or somehow convince the HGs to keep her like they did with Shelly, one second she was on bored in getting rid of Rachel as she was one of the main people talking shit about her, then she went in the DR, came out and flipped the house to keep Rachel. That was the most obvious shit I’ve ever seen since I started watching during BB10, as it was completely useless for Lawon to go up when he was harmless to the other HGs in terms of winning ANYTHING, and it clearly wasn’t Shelly’s idea, as it destroyed her chance of winning.


“Andy says that Aaryn said there is one thing you don’t do to someone from Texas – sit on someone’s hat!”

I am from Texas, and everyone here does not behave and act the way that she does. She does not represent all Texans.