GiGi protecting her man “I see the way she looks at you I’m going to smack that b!t*h in the face”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year

10:10pm Cam 3-4 Hot Tub McCrae, David, Aaryn, Candace, Jeremy, Andy,Jessie, GiGI

Best thing about high school girls I get older and they stay the same age.
Amanda: “OOh My God”
Everyone start laughing.. they ask him to say it again but this time he messes up.
McCrae: “Best thing about high school girls.. they get older but I stay the same age”
Aaryn: “NO you get older and they stay the same age.. you said it wrong the second time”


10:28pm Cam 1-2 McCrae and Nick

Nick: “over all you’re feeling pretty good? “
Mc: “Ya”
Nick: “Because everything is going pretty smooth because.. blonde trash is formed.. it’s David, Jeremy and Kaitlin, aaryn and GIGI that is now a thing..Spencer and I were talking about it last night.” Before he can finish they see Andy in the HOH screen.
MC: “Ohh sh!t you better go shower”
McCrae walks out meets Andy tells him Nick is taking a shower he’s heading downstairs. they meet up in the lounge where Andy complains about the level of conversation that is going on outside.


10:35pm Cam 3-4 Elissa and Amanda

Amanda: “God I’m trusting you so much.. so much.. I’m so grateful about having someone like you to trust.. I’m so happy about what is going to happen”

Amanda tells her to start working on Nick and Gigi just to be safe. Amanda is sure they have the votes to keep Elissa but they should be covered. Elissa says she doesn’t feel comfortable about talking game with anyone, “I just want to win stuff”

Amanda: “You don’t need to do anything just lay low.. im f***iong drunk from 2 glasses of wine”

Amanda seem very confident in her position she points out to Elissa that the only way Beiber Fever can “Beat this” is if they win HOH, POV and MVP.


10:40pm Cam 1-2 GIGI and Nick

GiGI: “Ayrn saw Elissa, Andy, Helen, Amanda and she walked by and someone said to Andy Shutup.. They are working together”

GiGI: “Amanda is a sneaky fuck.. Jessie flirts with everybody..

Gigi explains that earlier in the day Jessie rubbed lotion on David and Aaryn got pissed. Gigi understands that she thinks the same way as Aaryn.. “If someone messes with my man I beat the B1Tch “

GIGI tells them that Andy, Elissa and Helen are in an alliance they all talk. Gigi has noticed that Amanda and McCrae are very close and she thinks that spencer is a floater.

Gigi can’t “Fu**ing stand” Elissa, Candace, Amanda but she likes Kaitlin and Aaryn.
GiGi: ‘It’s going to be Candace and Amanda up next..”
They start running the votes..
Gigi asks Nick if McCrae gets to vote. He plays dumb.. says he doesn’t think McCare has a vote. She starts counting the votes.. and comes up with 10 votes, “It’s 6 against 4.. we would vote out Elissa”. GiGi adds that MVP is up for grabs once Elissa is gone and she’s going to “Grab that Sh!t”
GiGI says that Howard sucks at the game. Calls Spencer a floater again. Nick mentions that Spencer isn’t very physical so he kinda has to float.

GIGI: “Be careful.. of Jessie”
Nick: “I don’t say anything to her”
GIGI: “I see the way she looks at you I’m going to smack that b!tch in the face”

Gallery of hot tub gang

11:13pm Cam 1-2 Hot Tub NIck is joking with GIGI says she the White Nicki Minaj


11:23pm HOH And crying alone


11:25pm Bed room David and Aaryn

She’s pissed off that he’s not hanging out tonight this is their first night with alcohol.

She asks him what was he talking to SPencer about.
David reports that he was just talking about his digestive problems drinking kool aid. Aaryn tells David to stop pulling out his junk


11:27 cam 1-2 Amanda, McCrae and Spencer Chess board

Amanda: “I’ll F*** you up if you take my piece I’ll f**** your shit up.. I’ll r**e your piece.. I’ll St!ck your piece in my V*****.. Shove it in.. take it out it’ll be covered in ghost buster sh!t”
McCrae: “Ectoplasma”

I want to brush my teeth so bad it feels like I ate a poop sandwich.
Spencer: “Probably because all the s!it that you talk


11:42pm Cam 1-2 Storage room Jeremy and McCrae

McCrae says he didn’t trust Amanda and first but now he thinks he has her in his pocket. He wants her to stay save a bit longer.

Jeremy: “I’m only loyal to the movie company” He tells McCrae about the Boats ‘n’ hoes alliance. McCare says that he’s always been loyal to the Moving Company.

Jeremy: “you want to keep Amanda.. I respect that If I win it’ll be Helen or Andy.. normally it would have been Amanda and Candace but if you want her safe i’ll do that”.
Jeremy wants them to keep Kaitlin safe for awhile same as he’s going to keep Amanda safe.
Jeremy: “We can’t let Elissa stay for too long. She’s dangerous. then it should be Elissa and Helen going up”
Jeremy: “I don’t trust that b!tch for one second she already lied to my face.. “
McCrae: “exactly.. “

They want to start talking more but it’s so hard and risky.
Jeremy and McCrea shake on their alliance. MC says he’s worried if Elissa wins HOH he’ll need to talk her out of putting Nick and Jeremy up.


Girls head inside to make a pizza


12:12am Cam 1-2 Helen and McCrae HOH

Helen says she has talked to Spencer and she’s in on the plan. She thinks they need to get Candace’s vote. McCrae is worried if the other side wins HOH it’s going to be him up against Elissa on the block. She tells him not to worry they have the votes to keep him safe. SHe a bit worried about Amanda she’s too close to the other players. Helen suspects that GIGI, NIck, Jer, Aaryn, David and Kaitlin are teaming up. She worried that they will be able to get Jessie after David goes. McCrea says that eventually one of them will have to talk to Jessie let her know she’s the first one gone out of that group. Helen says she’s close to Jessie she’ll talk to her.


12:30AM Canace and Aaryn backyard Cam 3-4
Candace say that she doesn’t disrespect thing at all
She’ll share her things with people.. Kaitlin is wearing her extensions she would never purposely sit on Candace’s and if anyone is saying she’s said sh!t about Aaryn she wants Aaryn to come directly to her before aaryn goes off telling people.

Candace: “I didn’t do anything to your hat I adore you I think you have the cutest things I would never ruin your things it’s not my personality.. I’m almost 30 years old I would never do that. ”
Aaryn: ‘I’m sick of the age thing getting brought up”
Candace says you could have just come and asked me instead of telling people I sat on your hat.
GIGI jumps in and tries to defuse the situation. Aaryn walks off “I don’t even want to finish this conversation”


12:45AM Bedroom Candace, David and Jessie

Candace is saying how ridiculous aaryn is being thinking that she would sit on someones hat. She brings up that her age being 30 means she wouldn’t do something like that. Candace mentions that the hat was worn by “50000” people and she only wore it for a couple minutes. Candace doesn’t understand why Aaryn just didn’t come to her and ask her instead of telling spreading false sh!t. She asks Jessie if she told aaryn Candace had sat on her hat. Jessie “no” she wouldn’t do something like that. Candace just asked because Jessie was outside and she saw her with the hat the entire time. Candace mentions that she’s a speech therapist she’s poor she knows meaning of working hard for things and respecting your sh!t


12:55AM Hammock GiGI and Aayrn
GIGI says she backs her friends up.. They rehash the argument with Candace. Aaryn: ‘Like you just got off the block and now you want to start shit .. what are you doing.. he should have taken Jessie off”

GIGI asks who told her about the hat. Aaryn: “Swear you don’t say anything because I don’t want him to get into trouble and he’s like my dad now. It was Spencer that told her Candace sat on her hat. Aaryn: “From where i come from you don’t sit on people’s hats thats the highest form of disrespect.. in the south”

Aaryn about Jessie, “I dunno but every time I turn around.. she’s flirting with David”
GIGI: “I think we’re a lot alike .. the way I see you act is the way I act.. I truly like you”
Aaryn: “The thing with David.. with his common sense.. I don’t think he can win the comprehensive stuff and i’m nervous about it “

1:14am Cam 3-4 Hammock GIGI, Aaryn and Kaitlin

Over by the couch Helen, Spencer Andy
The girls are trying to listen in on the conversation going on at the couch.
Helen had just joined the couch guys and is talking loudly.
GiGI: ‘She’s a shady B!tch”
Aaryn: “She’s saying that she didn’t cry at veto.. you should have seen her face it looked like someone killed her chihuahua”
Kaitlin and Gigi are laughing you can hear Helen talking in the background
Aaryn: “..Shut up go make some rice”

FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year


1:06Am “I’m 30 years old I wouldn’t disrespect the hat”

1:38AM Cam 3-4 Kaitlin, Andy, GIGI and Aaryn

Kaitlin: “I’m worried that Elissa will stay”
Andy says there is no chance that is going to happen. Aaryn agrees says she’ sure Elissa is gone.

The Kaitlin and Aryn leave to go to bed. Gigi says that McCrae did the right thing and now they all have to back him up. Andy agrees says he’s going to the couch to chill with the other houseguests. Andy jokes “cause I hate you” GIGI laughs says she loves Andy


1:57AM GIGI and Nick Cam 3-4

GiGi tells Nick about the entire Candace/Aaryn disagreement. GiGi really highlights her “Sticking up for Aaryn.. You F*** with her you fu*** with me”
GiGi: “Aaryn is very protective of her hat.. it’s a whole texas thing”

Gigi really doesn’t like the way that Jess looks at him, she’s had about enough of it.
Nick: “you and me both”
GiGi: ‘She told me that she saw your d*** through your shorts and its 7″ long” (LOL GIGI loves Nick it’s awesome)
Nick: “America that woulds be awesome but it’s not”
Gigi says she talked to Judd and Spencer and they are both voting Elissa out so it’s a done deal.
GiGi: “The only people I trust are you and Aaryn and if you turn your back on me i’ll f***ing kill you when we go back to New York”


2:12am Lounge Cam 1-2 Kaitlin and Jeremy

Jeremy says he has a hunch that Elissa is going to stay.
Kaitlin: ‘Holy Sh!t.. why where did you hear this.. is it david”

Jer says Jeremy Howard, Spencer, Amanda told him and he thinks that Jess is a target.

Kaitlin: ‘I don’t think we should keep Elissa she’s dangerous”

Jeremy: “I know that is why I will nominate Helen and Elissa”

Kat: “Who do you think she has a deal with”
Jer: “Could be helen, Andy.. Amanda”
Kat: “What if she wins HOH”
Jer: “I go up.. She’s not i won’t let that happen”
Kat: “If she stays she’s going to win MVP again”
Jer wants her to promise she’ll keep her cool because if they find out he told her they will not trust him anymore.

Kat: “McCrae is going to be freaked out.. we have to protect him”
Jeremy: ‘I talked to him today he’s going to be pissed”
Kat: “I don’t think anybody is going to vote against David”
Jer: “and I need him here for sure.. I get too surrounded by girls and sometimes I need my bro moments.. we laugh about dude stuff like Sp***ing it..

Kaitlin starts trying to figure out where the votes are going.. She’s certain that Andy and Helen are voting to keep Elissa. she points out how suspicious he was early in the evening always saying “She going, Elissa is going home, It’s a given”

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Watching BBAD is like watching paint dry. Wake me up when it’s Wednesday and David is evicted; that’s when shit will REALLY get interesting.


Also why are a majority of these girls so annoying and possessive? Whoever was in charge of casting these hooligans should get fired A.S.A.P.

Karen S

It’s kinda boring these youngins are so predictable… sigh~


It’s like watching a high school show. Not that it means it’ll be a bad season, just this is a pretty immature cast. Good thing I have my PS3 going here or some of the stuff I’m forced to listen to would drive me crazy.


yes its very “click” like. poor elissa and judd/Helen (too many to count really) are sort of on the outs as that big group sits there like the “cool kids”(so they thought) in high school

its really weird.


Sooo…where the heck is Candace?!

King Silva

Apparently sitting on bitches hats!..

WTF Spencer must have started that unnecessary drama to cause friction between them two.

Good game move by him I guess.

Aaryn is just so childish however Candace needs to stop acting like age is a reason why people wouldn’t do stupid shit like that.

Dumb bitches can be 30+.. -_-


thumbs up cp3

Biff Tannen

God bless Kaitlin.

King Silva

God already blessed her with dat ass! O_O

I don’t care for her as a player but she sure is nice to look at.

It is good for me as an Amanda fan that McCrae is not going to let the MC get her out just yet.

Doesn’t surprise me that Jeremy is getting his non MC plus one Kaitlin a couple more weeks like McCrae did.

I wonder who Nick, Howard, and Spencer will ask to save.

I mean damn if they all get a +1 then that only leaves 6 people out of the loop [5 once David is gone this Wednesday].

I have a very good feeling that this potential +1 road will lead to the eventual breakdown of their ‘greatest alliance of all time’…


Annoying yes, but they are good eye candy…


am I the only one wondering if Amanda is going to hook up with mcrae? the most random and strange hookup in history?

as they lay in bed together, I really wonder if they will just be “friends” all summer

if the “moving company” has half a brain between them, they keep Amanda around because she LOVES the drama, and has no problem talking mad BS. that is the BEST person to keep around

in fact, id keep Amanda AND elissa for most of the game if I could, and just let them both take the heat.


Supposedly she’s gave him a handjob yesterday so it wouldn’t be all that surprising…




AND She got a BF at home?


Has anyone ever kicked someone out of their HOH bed? It seems once it has been slept in by the ‘suck-up’, they end up staying for the entire reign of that HOH. Is that some kind of taboo to say get the f**k out now – go to your own bed?

Janelle pov queen

Did Aaryn just say shut up in go make some rice about Hellen? Wow this is not even funny what goes around comes around so when your boyfriend leve this house this week when next week come around I hope your ass is out the door you dumb stupid dirty Bitch!!!’

King Silva

The bitch sure did:

Aaryn: “..Shut up go make some rice” [to Helen]!

Julie needs to pimp slap that whore when she is evicted Week 2/3/4! ;)

It is really sad that Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gina Marie are so racist..


Who’s gonna bast Aaryn is the 1st to get bitch slapped(verbally, or physically)??




Fuck Aaryn, Gina Marie, and Kaitlin. I don’t know if you’ll update this Simon but on the hammock Aaryn (or Kaitlin) said Candace’s “black side is coming out” Gina Marie called Howard and Candace “token blacks” and referred to them as “the black Ken and Barbie” and that “blacks stick together” Not only that but Aaryn said “shut up Helen go eat some rice” Seriously where the hell did BB find these people? Big Brother 14 had a semi-annoying cast but at least for the most part they were likable…this cast on BB 15 may be the most attractive cast to date BUT they are definitely one of the most unlikable cast to date. (I have been watching since BB 7 so I could be wrong) but these people are SO ignorant.


BB9 still holds the record as most unlikable cast.


Kind of like watching a cast of cartoons – not sure which one, but straight out of animation – stereotypical characters. This is so painful to watch. Ugh.


Oh yeah, I saw that live then used flashback and recorded a video of that myself, lol. Kaitlin has a great ass!


Oh relax Aaryn’s haters.. We should just wait till wednesday when David gets the boot, her jaw will drop to the floor…I don’t know bout you but I am sure not gonna miss that…


I wanted to really like Aaryn after the first show, but from what I’m reading that she says, I’m quickly becoming discouraged with her immaturity. To get so bent out of shape from someone supposedly sitting on her hat, and then the comment about Helen to go ‘cook some rice’ just shows her nastiness. YES, David being gone will throw her off the deep end, I think. Can’t wait to watch THAT!


I wanted to really like Aaryn after the first show, but from what I’m reading that she says, I’m quickly becoming discouraged with her immaturity. To get so bent out of shape from someone supposedly sitting on her hat, and then the comment about Helen to go ‘cook some rice’ just shows her nastiness. YES, David being gone will throw her off the deep end, I think. Can’t wait to watch THAT!


Nick seems very gay to me. Maybe in the closet but G.A.Y.


The way GiGi is talking about David, has she had sex with him yet? These women are working their magic to stay safe, but the guys are using them too.

I CAN’T WAIT til all this Flirtmancing breaks down, and the DRAMA begins.


gigi was saying in a way that made it sound set in stone, that the red head, elissa and Helen were teaming up. if you watched the convo in bbad and understood between the silence of the censor, you understood this was no team up


Aaryn….GTFO of the bb house. Aaryn is honestly stuck at a middle school level I can’t wait to see her face when David is sent home. Shes the one who started drama about her own hat because that’s what she feeds on…and then she said the rice thing about Helen, she’s so ignorant


Wow unbelievable how racist some of the cast members are… let’s just say that you can tell that there are people from Texas.


It is people like her that try to make make Texans look bad! We are not all “ignorant”, we are not all racists and we certainly do not act like spoiled children. I take offense when people who claim to be from Texas act ugly, because that presents such a negative part of such a beautiful state. It is not our fault that we are so big that ugliness creeps in. Actually, she is from Colorado, would you say her racist, ignorant remarks were because she was from there?

Chilltown Fan

Lol it’s going to be glorious to see the reactions of Aaryn, Gina Marie, and Kaitlin when David goes. I do think Nick and Jeremy are going to have some problems explaining to the blondetourage that they didn’t vote out David. Jeremy kinda leaked the beans about Elissa staying, but tried to cover saying Jessie was going instead of David. Loose lips sink ships, Jeremy.


Nick’s smart.. he knows why he’s there and it’s to play a game not get into a silly showmance so early on unlike some loose folks! I also think too he realizes that these girls may be pretty on the outside but offer nothing else, and he has some standards when it comes to women….. gd on u nick… keep the stale p*ssies away and concentrate on ur game indeed!


also.. the comments made by Aaryn, gigi and their click (u r who u associate with) …. are very disgusting! #RacialStereotypingNotCute


WOW that Aaryn

Where I come from it might not be offensive to sit on someones darn hat but it sure is offensive to be a racist biatch. If that comment was said in Australia the media would be all over it for days and may even remove them from the house.


I love Aaryn so much but damn can she just shut her damn mouth? She’s literally digging a hole for herself to fall in. Like come on now, get your head out of your ass and play the fucking game.

simply a fan

Okay BB it is time to put your big boy pants or big girl panties on and take a stand. Any racists comments or actions need to be dealt with by the producers immediately. They need to be given one warning, next time they are off the show!! BB would be sending a message to all their viewers that there is ‘reality’ But there is ‘REALITY’ and BB doesn’t tolerate any forms of discrimination, racism or forms of harassment under the Human Rights Act. I don’t care that it is a ‘reality’ show. They don’t allow any physical fighting and shouldn’t allow any racist discrimination comments either. I will not watch this season unless the producers show me they are taking a stand.

Take a Stand BB and the network. Show all the fans that have watched YOUR show for years that you draw a line.

BattleKat Canuck

I’m shocked at the tacky, filthy mouths on these kids…I’m no prude, but, tone it down. And why is David always pulling his nipples or touching himself and his hair…it’s creepy. The whole bunch need to grown up, and clean up themselves and their mouths…and out on some clothes…I’ve seen more crack than I ever wanted to…jeez Louise.