Kaitlin and Aaryn question if Jeremy is playing them to be the top dog..

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


6:55pm Up in the HOH room. Aaryn and Kaitlin are talking about how Elissa and others have commented that Jeremy was a part of the plan to get out David. Aaryn and Kaitlin talk about how fu*ked up that would be if it was true. Aaryn says and we can’t let him know that we suspect him either. Aaryn comments on how whenever we bring up David he doesn’t want to talk about it and wants to just move on. Kaitlin says that she is going to talk to him tonight and find out the truth. Kaitlin says circle of trust – Jeremy told me that before it happened he had a feeling David was going home. Kaitlin says I don’t think he orchestrated it but he had a feeling. Kaitlin says if Jeremy is playing us then that is f*cked up! Aaryn says that when it all when down she had a sick feeling about Jeremy. Don’t tell Jeremy. Kaitlin says that she won’t but that she is going to question him tonight. Kaitlin heads down stairs and asks Jeremy if she can talk to him after he is done eating. Jeremy says yes. Kaitlin comes back up stairs and asks Aaryn – do you think he would really be playing us like a fiddle? Aaryn says no, but you see how he likes to be the top dog. Kaitlin says that she has already thought all of this before. Aaryn says that if he thinks we are against him he won’t work with us. Kaitlin says that she knows how she is going to word it and it will be all right. I will tell him that someone threw his name out there and see what he says. Aaryn asks what if he has deals with everyone in the house. Kaitlin says that she will get to the bottom of it. Kaitlin says he already freaked out before when I questioned him. Aaryn and Kaitlin comment on how they think Jeremy would protect them and how they think he would rather be at the end with girls. Aaryn questions whether or not Jeremy made an alliance with Helen the night he had the blow up. This could be a good cover up. Kaitlin says that he hates Elissa though. Aaryn says that she trusts him and her 100% – these are just words. Kaitlin says that she trusts Aaryn more than Jeremy because I have trust issues with guys because of my dad.

7:10pm Jeremy comes up and asks what Kaitlin wanted to talk about. Kaitlin says not now, not in front of Aaryn. Jeremy says okay. He gets up to leave and Aaryn tells him that they think Elissa is conspiring against him. Jeremy says okay that’s fine. He then leaves. Kaitlin says okay that answer was sketchy. Kaitlin comments on how Jeremy knew I had something to talk about and asked what, when he had plans with Howard to play chess. Aaryn tells Kaitlin not to talk to him now. Kaitlin says that she has to, I already told him I had to talk to him.

7:20pm In the storage room – Jeremy talks to Spencer about how they are trying to get Nick put up on the block. Jeremy says that he thinks Nick is making side alliances out there. Jeremy mentions that he thinks they can trust McCrae but not Amanda. He says that they need to get Amanda out soon. Spencer says that he is not keeping Elissa, I am voting her out. Jeremy says that we have the MC, and if MC really has my back we have the numbers. Jeremy is worried that Nick is scheming. I think he is trying to keep Elissa but I am not down with that. If I feel betrayed by MC it will kill me. Spencer says that he has his back. I think of you ..not like a father but as a brother. I want you to win this. I’ve got your back, Howard has your back. You are good. Spencer says you can always come and talk to me. Jeremy and Spencer break up their conversation and leave the storage room.


CBS Interactive Inc.

7:30pm Jeremy asks Nick to go to the storage room to talk. Jeremy tells Nick that he has been hearing that there is some scheming shit going on the side. I am not coming at you hard. Jeremy says we have the six, if it doesn’t go down the way its supposed to then I will know that something fish is going down. I will back out of the moving company if that is true. I have been hearing that you are making side deals with Elissa that they would put you up as the pawn. Nick says that he really tried to win today to show his allegiance. Nick says that Elissa did come to me to ask me to throw it but I wouldn’t have done that. Jeremy says that if Elissa doesn’t go home then Moving Company didn’t do what they were supposed to. Nick says that he has been pegged as the sketchy guy and now I am laying low. Nick tells Jeremy that he can bet his life on him voting out Elissa. Jeremy says that he just wanted to make Nick aware. If the votes don’t go the way they should, even one wrong vote and I can’t trust anyone. Nick talks about how their girls are crazy. Jeremy says Just so you know you might be going up. Nick says that’s fine, they can put me up. Nick asks what about next week. Jeremy says that he wants Amanda out. Nick agrees. Jeremy tells Nick that they are good and then leaves the room.


CBS Interactive Inc.

7:30pm Jeremy goes into the bathroom and tells Judd in the shower that he has his back and he hopes he has his. Jeremy says that he will protect Judd if he protects him. You want to play with a strong group and that is with us. In the lounge room – Jeremy talks to McCrae and says that he has crunched the numbers and says that if something sketchy goes down then I will know that the moving company didn’t vote Elissa out. McCrae says that he and Amanda are voting out Elissa. . She is on with me. Jeremy says that if she isn’t voted out I will be fucking pissed. McCrae tells Jeremy not to worry, Elissa is going home. Jeremy says that’s great, that’s what I want to hear.

7:50pm Out in the backyard – Kaitlin questions Jeremy if he had anything to do with David going home because she has been hearing things. Jeremy says that he had nothing to do with David going home. He says all I did was that blow up which I apologized for. Kaitlin brings up how she thinks McCrae and Amanda had something to do with David being voted out and Elissa staying. Jeremy says that he knows they did. Aaryn comes out to join them. She tells Jeremy her concerns and Jeremy tells her that these girls are just trying to stir the pot. Jeremy says that they think you are vulnerable because they say you are alone. You’re not alone though you are with the triangle of thrust. Jeremy says that he talked to Spencer, Nick, Judd and McCrae and they are all down to vote out Elissa. Jeremy says that he tells her and Kaitlin everything.


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Lexington Steele AKA Lex The Impaler

Kaitlin is nothing, but a piece of meat to Jeremy. All these women are “rooster” hungry this year. Nobody is getting impaled until the jury house though, Nick is their to win, and not to showmance.


Piece of meat no. ” Meat wallet “. Jeremy is classless. A worm is what he is.


OMFG…Is that Judd? Where the fuck has he been??


Would love for Jeremy to be so full of himself to not use the veto on himself, then to be sent home. There’s a chance he never watched Kaiser from way back when…but I doubt that will happen. I do think he will self implode and won’t make it far.

Pretty trickster

Jeremy can’t make it to jury. He will def taint it.


Put Judd on slop next week, that way we always know where he is…


Funny thing is lmao






Finally!! Then Jeremy enter the HoH and they forget everything!!


I guess jeremy is running the house…..somebody needs to stand up….anybody


I was really hoping that Elissa renoms and puts Kaitlyn up and the MC (minus Jeremy) decides to vote her out (with Judd and others voting her out too) or does anyone know if Jeremy is even taking himself off the block with the veto??


These stupid tards all suck


Hoping that the U-Haul alliance disintegrates very soon. And if Elissa survives this week I like her but if she gets MVP a third time in a row especially after not winning then she’s got to go.


I really want to see Elissa to stay just for Jeremy’s reaction. It would be even better if Kaitlin is the one to go if Elissa would put her up. It will make for good t.v. Besides i think he deserves it. He is like a little kind threatening people if things dont go his way! it is very annoying. I hope Elissa doesn’t put up Nick because i fell like nick will not be voted put. Her best bet would probably be kaitlin, i feel like. If Elissa does go home i hope Helen, Amanda, or Candice win MVP this week to take out the MC. I just wont find the season entertaining if the game is mostly a clean sweep.


Judd is like a combination of JenCity and Joe “Powerhouse”.. think we should root for him???


it’s a tough call.. might have to root for him and the mumbles


Soooo who will be MVP once Elissa is gone???

Poon Hammer

Who knows it’s just another way for production to control the game.

Chilltown Fan

Helen or Candice, the MVP is nothing more than a popularity vote. America is going to vote for their favorites, not who is playing the best game.


most likely helen once elissa leaves, really want to see what elissa can do once she becomes HOH.


Well, in the house of: fraternity/brat packs gone wild. And of the “MC” which is controlling a lot of the game (but I’m really not agreeing in a lot of their tactics) many of the guys are mixed in showmances on purpose. And boy do they got these girls messed up, But it’s plain and simple they are just using them, they act like they hate women, or that women are just C&^%% or Wh^&*$. Then we have the HOH scum, the worst of the all, using racist remarks all over the place, with an IQ of teenagers/fraternities, language which is NONESTOP and humping about anything that’s moving, or not. Then there are those in the middle, a mix. Some that are kind of good people, but haven’t figured they should band together and bring down the rest, or at least start picking off some from each side. For the first time, and I can’t believe I’m saying this…I hope one of them wins this thing. Not liking all of them, BUT at least in my view, they are playing a little bit cleaner game and will hopefully start using their brains and figure this out. Then just pick these egomaniacs off one by one. The BEST PART!!!! Will be when they come back into the real world, going to be in a world of hurt and/or the back lashes is and will be well deserved. On TV 24/7 and thing nobody’s watching. Fools!!! I know many will not agree, just one humble man option. LOL

Poon Hammer

Jeremy won’t make it past 3 more evictions playing the way he is now. Just waiting for someone to do something so I can get onboard.

billy bob

dont worry production is designing tomorrows pandoras box right now,and these guys are idiots,after watching the last 3 seasons,this cast sucks balls,we’ve just seen Dan Janelle,boogie,dani danato, rachel, big jeff,britney, cmon now, these rookies are dumb asses,


If I’m in the MC, these conversations would convince me Jeremy needs to go sooner rather than later. He’s doubting the alliance based on what others are telling him when the whole point of the alliance is to play everybody against each other, which requires misinformation which will create blowback that gets back to each other. His emotions regarding Elissa reveal insecurity and panic and a committment to Kaitlin and Aaryn, signs that he will flip as the pressure grows on him and them. As it stands now, the MC needs him as a heat magnet, for competitions, and the numbers game, but I think they will hold on to him for too long and that, coupled with McCrae’s infatuation with Amanda, will be their undoing. The fact that these potential fractures are so readily apparent this early makes me think the implosion will happen sooner, rather than later.


I have been with the MC since it was formed, however you are dead on. Jeremy is going to be the downfall of this alliance. I would like the MC even more if they cut him loose. And I think they are making a big mistake getting rid of Elissa this week. With her there, it’s a constant, she will win the MVP. With her gone, then the MVP is up for grabs and it’s highly unlikely that those that voted for Elisa is going to turn around and vote for those that voted her out. I would rather work with a known than an unknown anytime.

As far as class and intelligence go for this cast, just when I think that they have finally hit rock bottom, they keep on digging.


Does anyone know what the veto competition was? Its funny they keep saying jeremy is going to keep winning but all the competitons aren’t going to be physical and his dumb a$$ isn’t going to win any mental ones and did nick really throw the pov?


So I’ve been reading many comments everywhere about how Aryan and Jeremy cheated in the HOH competition. I don’t have live feeds so I just read the blogs, but seriously if they really did cheat, why has CBS not done something about it? Are they maybe saving till the live eviction night and after they vote they will say that the whole week didn’t count because they cheated? I don’t think it will happen, but my God the look on all these idiots’ faces when they find out Elissa would be staying another week would be priceless!

Lennon's Ghost

Julie instructed everyone to pour the BBQ sauce from one cup into the other, not swap cups. It was a clear violation of the rules.

This was picked up on several other BB blog sites and some even have different views which show closeups of Aryan & Jeremy swapping cups. None of the other teams did this.

A & J even talked (bragged) about it later that evening.

Go Elissa!

Then CBS, knowing this, can play the tapes and make amends. It would be the RIGHT thing to do.


The values represented by Spencer Clawson’s comments during the Big Brother show do not at all align with Union Pacific’s values. Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating on Big Brother. Union Pacific does not condone his comments.

Union Pacific is acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson.


I wish they would get down to the final vote this week and then CBS/BB would void everything because the two biggest douche bags in the house cheated to win the HOH.


Everyone keeps doubting the moving company, but frankly, they’re still controlling the game and haven’t really had any mishaps yet.


Still waiting for CBS to do the right thing in regards to the HOH Comp. cheating. Will CBS simply ignore the cheating? If so, they will be doing that at an enormous cost!


It will be funny when aaryn and ginamarie are evicted and find out they are fired. It would be funnier if it was julie chen who informs them infront of all of america


We all know that production saw Aaryn & Jeremy cheating but I feel this will be the cliff hanger of Elissa being saved and not going home. To create more drama and knowing Jeremy will blow up since he has attempted to threaten everyone. Like he’s the big boss in the house. I just wonder why did production select so many young immature cast this season.

Frank n Beans

If cbs does do something about the “cheating” incident it would be great if they did it on the eviction day making aaryns vote “no bueno”…then have a double eviction …BUT IM SURE THATS A LONG SHOT..