Nick:”I don’t care if I go up tomorrow.. I’ll smile.. I’m dead serious she is going home”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


8:00pm Bedroom Elissa, Judd, McCrae and Amanda
Elissa: “Hey.. you do you think I should put up.. kaitlin”
McCrae: ‘Ya”
E: “And you’ll vote her out”
Judd nods
MC: “Ya that’s what we promised”
E: “100%”
Amanda: “YA”
E: “Because they need to be broken up” (Jeremy and Kaitlin)
E: “I don’t see why i’m a threat.. I don’t even want to win it, I’m here to entertain, I’m here to have fun”


8:10pm bedroom McCrae and Elissa

Elissa thinks that maybe they cast people that specifically didn’t like her sister and will therefore not like her. Elissa says that production is being nice to her but the people in the house are not, “It’s tough to do well when you have all the odds stacked against you” (You may have had a lot of enemies but you did win 2 MVP powers)

Elissa: “I feel like I should get a golden power of veto of something”
McCrae says it feels weird right now. Elissa thinks that some former houseguests are going to come back into the house. McCrae: ‘I think you’re onto something” Feeds switch to the backyard


8:14pm Helen and Howard Cam 1-2 Chess board
Howard: “I need you and Candace.. I need you to stay”
Howard: “I don’t know about Spencer I think Nick and Jeremy have something going on”
It’s really hard to hear Howard talk but I think he’s telling Helen that ?Spencer? is wanting to backdoor Jeremy.


8:40pm Cam 1-2 Chessboard Howard and Spencer
Howard: “Candace and Elissa and Alliance think you jeremy and Nick are in an alliance.. but they trust me” Howard explains that he told Candace that Spencer is trying to backdoor Jeremy. Howard has already talked to Jeremy about this.
Howard adds that Helen and Candace think there is a boy alliance going on. He suggests Spencer lay back and chill for awhile.

Howard says that Even if Nick is the replacement for Jeremy they still have the numbers to get her out.
H: ‘I’m MC till the end i’m loyal to you guys.” Howard adds that he’s getting closer to Helen and Candace but only for information so he doesn’t want other member of the MC freaking out.

(Almost impossible to hear them talk.. it’s too bad because a lot of game went down. )


8:28pm HOH Cam 3-4 Kaitlin and Andy

Someone just came and told me you are in an alliance with Elissa. Andy wants to know who Kaitlin says she can’t say but then accidentally slips out Candace. Kaitlin: ‘She also told me Jeremy is playing me”.
Andy: ‘Here the thing don’t f**** believe anything she says”
Kaitlin brings up Jeremy heard from someone else that Andy had an alliance with Elissa. Kaitlin: ‘They didn’t even want me to just tell you so if that that gets out my trust will be broken with them and I don’t want that”


9:06pm Cam 3-4 Candace, Gina, Aaryn, Jessie, Jeremy and Kaitlin
They’ve been out in the hot tub for the past 40 minutes random chit chat. The highlight is Jeremy wearing the Power of Veto the entire time.


9:13pm Have Nots Spencer and Andy

Andy: “Kaitlin just told me everybody is throwing me under the bus.. I still feel totally solid with you guys”
Spencer tells him not to worry the house is scattering.
Andy mentions the more he talks to Jeremy, KAitlin and Aaryn the more he realizes they are terrible bullies.. “Elissa will win MVP next week I think we should keep her around”
Spencer wants him to just hold on and see who goes up to replace Jeremy. Andy: ‘I’m starting to feel like i’m f***ed.. even if I vote ELissa out I feel they don’t trust me” (Aaryn side of the house doesn’t trust Andy)
Spencer thinks aaryn group will be after candice after Elissa goes, “I hear them badmouthing Nick, Candace and Jessie all the time”
Spencer “Helen has got something against me SHe’ not trusting me any more”
Candace joins them they’re stressing about who Elissa will put up.

Spencer says if Elissa was smart she would have put up Gina at first and won the veto. Why would she put the strongest person up person most likely to win., “Like Gina she had an injured hand”
Candace wishes someone would have told Eliisa that. SPencer says he did many times.
Spencer: ‘I asked Elissa this morning if she had it she told me no”
Andy:L ‘She told me know to”
Spencer: “She lied”
Candace: “It’s starting to make me feel like why are we keeping her”
Spencer says if Elissa isn’t helping them with the MVP then maybe they should get rid of her and free it up for them to win.
Andy leaves. Spencer says that McCrae F***ed up getting in the bed with Amanda. Candace agrees says every time you walk into a room Amanda is sitting there talking about someone.
SPencer: “It’s f**** up.. something is going on”

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:30pm Storage room Nick and Elissa

Nick says everyone is sketched out that I talked to Elissa. Nick explains that Elissa tried to blackmail him but she what she doesn’t know is by doing so she exposed that she is working with Helen, Andy, and Candace.

Kristen : “We’ll we scared the shit out of Andy”
Nick told Elissa that he would tell her his answer in 30 minutes and he hasn’t talked to her since..
Kaitlin says she doesn’t deserve to go home this week. Nick warns her that they have to stop talking game in front of Andy. Just a bit ago they were in the “Cockpit” (lounge) and Aaryn was talking game with Andy right beside them

Nick:’I don’t care if I go up tomorrow.. I’ll smile.. I’m dead serious she is going home”

Nick swears Elissa is going home.

KAitlin: “She makes me nervous… we need to fu**** get her out”
Nick:”WE ARE”
Kailtin: ‘I got you back if you go mine””
Nick: ‘I do game on”
Kaitlin: ‘Game on”

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I do like all the gameplay that’s going on but some of the houseguests just annoy the hell out of me that it’s hard to like any of them.


I like McCrae.

Chilltown Fan

Lol at Jeremy still wearing the veto in the hot tub. Gosh, I want that guy gone ASAP. Realistically though, I do expect the MC to run through the house unless Candice, Helen, or Andy win HOH sometime soon.

Chilltown Fan

Nick is a little naïve to say he doesn’t care to go up on the block as the replacement nominee, history tells us people that say that or something similar have a tendency to go home. However, I do think Nick is safe though. MC have been talking about the idea of Amanda leaving next after Elissa, I think they need to take out Andy next, not Amanda. The MC dudes can corner Amanda with McCrae, and she usually goes along with what they want, Andy is a loose end they need to eliminate.


completely agree. Andy and Helen are the biggest threat to the MC alliance (as well as self-destruction). I’m all for good gameplay and strong alliances so I would like to see MC go further.


elissa, amanda, helen, andy seem the candidates to go in the coming weeks


Elissa has to stay! She did nothing wrong??? why because she is Rachels sister.. well let me tell you something, Elissa is the one who brings on the show..I liked it when Rachel brought drama to the show, made it very interesting and couldn’t wait to watch again.. Without the drama the show is dead!
I say Elissa stays for a long time!!


seems like a nice girl, especially compared to her sister, but the housemates are over the whole mvp scenario going to her every time when she clearly isnt the best player and not deserving of mvp


Off topic, but McCrae needs to quit being a little bitch and stand up against Jeremy. Every time someone within his alliance says they should keep Elissa, McCrae is the first person to object and say that if Jeremy wins HOH, he will gun for them and one of them will go home. Uhhhh, Jeremy and his crew can’t send ANYONE home with the numbers they have. Why is everyone so clueless this season?


McCrae is just a spineless worm and he has been from the start. Remember when he kept blurting out the all his secret info to Amanda then right to Elissa…then he kept talking about how he had to do what the house wanted(Aaryn hasn’t said squat about being beholden to the house).
I just can’t figure out why Amanda is so obsessed with this guy. One would think he’d be a turn off to her type.

And you are right, all these threats Jeremy keeps making…it’s as if he think’s he’s won HOH next week. Listen if they keep Elissa Jeremy is going after Elissa, that’s it.

Delilah Jones

Without a doubt, Jeremy is a vile, disgusting human being, and I would love nothing more than to see him go… With that being said, McCrae is in The Moving Company Alliance, so of course he is working for votes in their favor. His loyalty is with the boys.


Elissa: “I feel like I should get a golden power of veto of something”

ROFL! What an entitled spoiled little bitch. Can’t wait to see duck lips leave.

Poon Hammer

I’m with you I’ve seen better heads of lettuce. Don’t even bring up her sister man poor B has to want to chew his arm off every morning to get away from that clown without waking her up.


Production is trying to think how they can pull another Pandora’s Box outta their asses to save Elissa like they did for Rachel in season 13..

What’s the point of building a twist around protecting her, if they’re just going to let her be evicted?? Doesn’t make any sense.

Problem is this is week 2, too early for PB, but they still got DR manipulation, not like they haven’t done that before, but the HGs have to agree to it.

They’re cooking up something..


yeah what do you want next elissa? hoh every week and room service? ha ha


Jeremy wearing the fake gold power of Veto medal. So gangsta! What a low baller! Hahahhaahahhaahahahahahha!
What is next? Wearing grills made with aluminum foil? Lol! What a douche!!!!


If he wore a foil grill with the veto, I would respect his gameplay for the very first time. This house started playing from minute one and yet nobody has the social game to engineer fun and be the guy/girl who keeps everybody up and entertained, thereby making themselves under the radar indispensable. Everybody is glum or boring, talking “game” or taking dumps or mocking one minority or another. If somebody had the brain to try and draw everybody out for some goofy, time killing fun, I would be impressed.

Roisin Dubh

Those idiots I mean MC better think about bouncing Jeremy. It looks like if he can’t run the show, then he’ll threaten anybody to stay top dog. If Elissa goes, man they’re gonna find out fast that was a stupid and wasted move and that it was only done to soothe Aaryn and Jeremy-nothing more.


Jeremy’s a douche


YES!!! Jeremy is a SUPER DOUCHE


Spencer’s game is getting very sloppy, strategizing with everyone, and I think Helen is making a bad move by throwing Amanda under the bus to Spencer because Helen is the target for MC week #3.

Suzy Sunshyne

With Spencer being the next to get in trouble from his real life job, and all the uproar from the fan base, do you think they might talk Nick and Amanda into turning the tide to get Germy to stay on the block, and he would because he is so cocky. Then having everyone vote him out. Be a great way to get one of the trio of BB’s most hated house guests in history out. That is saying something because Jesse, Rachel and James were tough to top. IMO I hope he stays in and goes home. I feel dirty watching him.


I have no clue what’s going on right now. Everyone has so many alliances and is so two faced it is hard to tell where loyalties lie. I have no clue who’s going home this week.


I am laughing at that still whith JERKEMY sitting at a hot tub with his fool’s gold chain, facing the camera as if he was Jay Z at the Ritz Carlton! Hahhahahahahaha. I am cracking up!!!!
I can’t stand this shit stain. Get off of our tv sets. Even my dogs leave the room when he appears. They don’t want to waste their time…

Chilltown Fan

Spencer is the best liar in the game this year. He looks so sincere when he’s filling Helen’s head with lie after lie, it’s really great gameplay how easy he makes it look, and how she believes every word of it.


As a person, I really dislike the guy but as a gameplayer, I think he’s been doing pretty well. He’s always working somebody.

Chilltown Fan

Agreed, can’t stand the guy either, but respect his gameplay.


thats what its all about – good gameplay

billy bob

u know whats funny,they all say they watched season 12 in sequester, lmao, hello people theres a wannabe bragade in the house,lol thats why these people suck,u think the bragade would be punked by jeremy, i really cant take this much longer,lol


lol that skinny toolbag is still wearing the veto

Roisin Dubh

I said in an earlier post that Howard was a floater. I stand corrected. It seems that he’s leading the charge to get rid of Kaitlin and pushing Jeremy over the edge. I hope that plan sticks because if he can pull that one off that’ll be good for everybody. They better start thinking who to can before the jury house opens. That would go a long way in deciding a coherent plan of action.


Howard is pushing for Kaitlin to be evicted this week? Did I miss something? Cause all I been reading and hearing is that he wants Elissa gone. Please let me know where you heard that or read it

Delilah Jones

Is Howard really pushing to get Kaitlin out this week? Now I am totally confused, because the last I saw, the moving company was still loyal to the bone.


Amanda is fucking annoying especially on after dark. Also everybody is lying to everybody and making alliances with everybody. They throwing each other under the bus and lying to one another over and over again it’s fucking annoying. It’s only the third week and they have made so may alliances and promises it feels like it’s the halfway point in the game and it’s not. After dark is annoying because they keep censoring everything so it sounds stupid. I’m really annoyed with this season so far I hope it gets better.


i agree amanda is incredibly annoying


Please please let Jeremy feel safe enough to not use the POV and they backdoor him! I want the MC to blow up!


JERKEMY is using the bullying tactic that backfired on Russell from BB 11. He is threatening people, instilling fear if they don’t do what he wants. That never ends well. They are not his slaves.

Jeremy Sucks

I am so F*CKING SICK of Jeremy. Way to make yourself a huge target! “I have ears in every alliance!” Way to basically out the MC…which I hope sends his ass home anyway because he is such a cocky loose cannon. UGHHH…I can’t stand cocky assholes…which is exactly what Jeremy is….and he has no real reason to be other than that he won a veto. All Hail Jeremy. Douchebag.

Just saying

Rachel 2.0 does need to leave and should have never been in the game to begin with!! I can’t stand her or her sister!! Where did all the Rachel 2.0 people go?? She is not doing anything that makes her entitled to stay!!! The MVP is rigged and I am sick of production getting involved as much as they do.


yep bb fans who respect the game should want mvp up for grabs, and that will hopefully happen with elissa gone – i would like to see a variety of winners of mvp

just scrap mvp and go back to the usual rules – hope it doesnt return in future seasons


Seems like Jeremy’s mother is coming here to give thumbs down on every comment against her son. Lady, go sleep, it is past your bed time. You should have raised a son with better morals and class.


I think they should get rid of Jeremy right now. He’s HORRIBLE. If Aaryn was up I’d say get rid of her first but since she can’t be put up, let Jer go. If the Moving Company is thinking, they’d let McCrae pull in Amanda, Elissa & Helen in & they’d have the votes and numbers even w/o Jer. You’ve got Aaryn & Katiln thinking they actually have power. Andy, Jesse, Gina & Candice are loose cannons but will go with the numbers week to week. If they keep Elissa, they’d have influence on the MVP from week to week. It kills me that they don’t think what they’re saying isn’t being heard and think that with Elissa gone, one of them will be America’s MVP. They say the most horrible things and are hated (Aaryn, Spencer, Katlinn). Talk about clueless. Jeremy will never get it either.


I personally think they’re all screwing up. Right now they have the numbers to keep Elissa. They need to keep her. If they don’t within the next few weeks, when they’re getting picked off 1by 1 by Jeremy & Co they’re gonna regret giving up the numbers. They’re (Helen, Andy, Amanda, Candace, Judd, even McCrae, Spencer, & Howard(bc Jeremy is & will turn on them too)) ignorant to think, if they just vote off Elissa, they’ll all be safe next week. Newsflash idiots, someone has to go, & it sure as hell isn’t gonna be 1 of Jeremy’s buddies(Kaitlin, Aaryn, Jessie, GinaMarie). That’s what I don’t get. I understand they’re all scared of Jeremy, but, how does voting out Elissa help them? Then that leaves 3 empty seats on the block next week. If Elissa’s there that only leaves 1. Bc she’ll get MVP again & of course she’ll be nominated. If she leaves Andy, Helen, Candace, Amanda, & Judd don’t stand a chance to win. They’ll be right behind Elissa. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t wrap my head around y they think getting rid of Elissa will be smart for them. It’s flat out stupidity.

Mark my words. Jeremy will turn on MC. I guarantee it. He’ll end up siding with the girls.

***Sidenote: Watching Jeremy where that stupid Power of Veto necklace on BBAD last night, made me wanna throw up.