Helen says I will not be on a side that votes out the MVP when they’re on our side. I’ll switch sides!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


5pm Out in the backyard Elissa is doing her yoga and stretching. Helen and McCrae are tossing the “bandanna ball” across the yard trying to get it in the trash can. McCrae yells “BANDANNA BALL 2013!!” Amanda is sitting on the backyard couch watching. Andy joins in and tries out the game. Elissa then starts doing flips in the backyard. Over by the pool – Andy and Helen are talking. Andy tells her to come inside to talk in the cockpit. Andy heads inside first. Helen starts to head inside and then Spencer asks her to join him on the hammock. Helen says then says she has to go pee. She heads inside to the lounge room to talk to Andy. In the lounge room – Andy says if we play our cards and keep Elissa here, they are all going to know and their red flag will go up on all of us. Helen says that it doesn’t matter we still have the numbers. Helen says if we get out Kaitlin out this week, we could get Aaryn out next week. Andy says if we could keep this thing on wraps for right now it would benefit us. Helen says I am on the block this isn’t benefiting us. Andy says if we get rid of Elissa then it will keep them happy. Helen says that she is taking one for the team by being on the block. Andy says if we get Elissa out we have a better chance of getting MVP over Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aaryn. Andy says that they don’t trust Jessie. Andy says if we get rid of Elissa they will freak out. The second Jeremy feels safe and doesn’t win HOH, we take him out. If we appease them now, they will not see us coming. Helen says that with Elissa still in the house the target is on her. Andy says no they have straight up said if we keep her, then they are coming after us. Helen says she wants to get more numbers. I am on the block. Andy tells her she isn’t going any where. The least we can do is get one more of that group out of here. Andy says you, me, Howard, Spencer and McCrae are all solid. If you hear anything about any of those people you can’t trust it. Helen says that if Jeremy wins next week, three of us will go up. Andy says no, I am in good with him. I won’t let that happen.


CBS Interactive Inc.

Helen says the whole part of having the numbers is to go after the other side. If we don’t I might as well go to Aaryn and ask to join their side. Andy tells her we are fine. Helen says again that she is on the block its not fine! If we vote out Elissa they then get the majority and can start voting us out. Andy says they still won’t, they won’t get Candice. Helen says I think this is a stupid move, but you guys talk about it. Andy says that he is going to talk to Elissa about putting up Kaitlin. Helen says that she doesn’t think that’s a smart idea. Helen says this is stupid, America is voting and will not understand why we voted out one of our side when they gave it to us. If we do this America will give the MVP to Aaryn. We can not lose the MVP on our side. You won’t get MVP if you vote out Elissa. Andy says we won’t do it if you don’t want to. We have to stay united. Helen says when we have the numbers, we don’t give them the numbers. We have the MVP in our hands, she is doing what we tell her to do with it. Andy asks who we should get Elissa to put up? Helen says that’s what I have been asking you guys. They talk about how Nick is being a shaddy player and how they want to get him out. Helen says I will not be on a side that votes out the MVP when they are on our side. I will walk over to Aaryn.
CBS Interactive Inc.

5:40pm Elissa joins them. They briefly talk about who she should nominate as MVP. Elissa thinks Kaitlin. Elissa leaves. Helen and Andy discuss convincing Elissa to nominate Nick and get him out. Helen tells Andy if he can convince the others that Nick should go up, then she can convince Elissa. Elissa comes back in and Andy tells her about putting up Nick. Elissa say how bad would that look if I went back on my deal. I would just feel so bad going back on my word. Would you do it? Helen says to stay in the house I would. Elissa says oh my gosh I just shouldn’t have said anything to him. If I do this I am going to be the biggest jerk in the world. Candice comes in and Elissa asks her who should go up. Candice says Nick or Ginamarie. Elissa asks if you made a deal with someone would you go back on it? Candice says she is a woman of her word and wouldn’t go back on it. Candice thinks that Nick is loyal to them, more so with Jeremy. Helen tells Elissa that she is worried that she wouldn’t get enough votes over Kaitlin. People don’t want Jeremy to come after them, that is why people might not vote out Kaitlin.

5:55pm – 6:05pm Up in the HOH room – Aaryn and Kaitlin are talking. Aaryn says that she has to know we are voting her out. kaitlin asks why would Andy say that to about Elissa when she can’t even vote this round. Aaryn says why don’t we just assume that you are going up so that it’s not a surprise when it happens. Kaitlin says that she just sat there and smiled when Jeremy went up. Aaryn says that she needs to stop being so cocky, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Jeremy and I are exactly alike. Kaitlin says that’s why I love you guys. kaitlin talks about how smart Jeremy is at the game. Aaryn asks if Jeremy knows about Nick. Kaitlin says yeah. They talk about Nick throwing the competition. Kaitlin heads down stairs to go outside.


6:05pm – 6:50pm Out in the backyard – McCrae, Judd, Spencer, Candice, Kaitlin and Amanda are on the backyard couch talking about random things. McCrae and Amanda head inside to take a nap. Amanda says how cool would it be to be in the final two together. McCrae says that he can’t believe how easily Jeremy will drop Kaitlin. McCrae thinks he will go with Aaryn then because she is strong. They start talking about the competition. Up in the HOH room – Candice is talking to Aaryn. Aaryn tells her that when she and Jeremy were up here talking to people a lot of people threw your name out. Candice says that she knows. Candice says that she was already prepared for that. Candice says that she doesn’t think Elissa has the MVP. She doesn’t talk about it and I was just talking to her and she was sad. Aaryn says yeah but she has told people already that she got MVP. Candice says oh. Aaryn says everyone wants her out because once she leaves it will make everything fair for everyone. Aaryn says that who ever doesn’t vote out Elissa this week, we will go after. Kaitlin says that Candice is guilty by association. Candice says she spends time with both sides. Kaitlin says that we will see who the MVP puts up and then we will know if she is it. We knew Jeremy was going up if it was her and that’s what happened. Kaitlin tells her that everyone that talks to her comes up and tells us what she is saying. Aaryn tells Candice – people think that you, Helen and Elissa are working together. Candice says that’s not true, I am not working with anyone. Candice starts crying about how people would stop talking to her and move away if she sat on the couch with them. Aaryn says that is why we put Helen up instead of you because we didn’t know where your loyalties lie. Aaryn says that people come up here and throw people under the bus just to stay off the block. They threw out your name because you voted out David and were persuading others to do it too. Kaitlin comments on how mean Elissa is to Aaryn, her and Jeremy. She called me a wh*re on national tv. This game is going to be rigged and unfair until she is gone. Aaryn says after Elissa leaves we don’t have any other targets. It basically resets the game. Kaitlin says if people don’t vote Elissa out – Jeremy is going to have even more fire under his a$$ and go after those the don’t vote her out. Kaitlin says that Elissa has no loyalty to anyone. Aaryn says that she wouldn’t even talk to us on nomination day. Kaitlin says if you are willing to work with us, they we are obviously willing to work with you.


6:55pm Aaryn asks is it possible that it was a decoy, that people wanted Elissa gone when really they wanted David gone? Candice says that she doesn’t know. Candice heads down stairs to “eat some lima beans.” Meanwhile out in the backyard – the house guests in the backyard continue to play bandanna ball. In the kitchen Helen is cooking and Elissa is making a drink.

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George Zimmerman

A beautiful picture of Elissa and a nice one of Aaryn. And then one of a guy high on pink mushrooms, ugh.

Roisin Dubh

Why is everyone so scared of Jeremy? He’s a loudmouth and everybody hates him. Candace, Helen and Amanda are the only ones thinking long term, but because the rest of the house are backstabbing cowards, that’s gonna get them booted real quick.Anyone with a brain and a little maturity is apparently a target this season.


“Anyone with a brain and a little maturity is apparently a target this season.”

Was the “brain” part a joke? One word Potroasts, oh wait, that’s two words, someone with a “brain” would know that….Zing


amanda displayed maturity? im stunned if true


I have absolutely no respect for most of this seasons players, they know the live feeds are on….. Do they really act like that outside the house? Do they really think if they vote out Ellisa, they could become MVP?

Are they kidding ?



I really don’t want Nick to leave. However, I really want the Moving Company to go out of business. It is one of my least favorite alliances on BB. I dislike most of the people on it except Nick. I have no feelings about Howard because he’s pretty boring to me and doesn’t do or say much. McCrae is meh. And Jeremy and Spencer…..ugh I don’t know what I can say about those two that haven’t been said.
It’s sad that they think they have the numbers.
Can someone explain to me how this MVP things works because I’m confused? Last week when McCrae saved Candace with the Veto, he got to chose the replacement. So why is it that this week, Elissa will get to choose who will replace Jeremy? I don’t get it.


Because Candace was his nomination as HOH, Jeremy is her nomination as MVP

just me

My understanding of the rules is that if the MVP’s nominee comes off the block, the MVP gets to decide the replacement. In all other cases it’s the HOH who decides, as usual.


1) They do have the numbers, at least to evict Elissa. At least four of them will be voting, five if Nick isn’t nominated, and at least two of Kaitlin, Jessie and GinaMarie, three if Kaitlin isn’t nominated. So it’s either GinaMarie, Jessie, Nick, Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, McCrea or Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Jessie, Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, McCrea; that’s seven no matter who she puts up, eight if she nominates someone else.

2) What the Moving Company is having trouble with is devising a scheme to evict Elissa without making it obvious were their true loyalties are. That is a much harder challenge.

3) The MVP gets to replace their nomination if their first nomination uses the POV on themselves.

Brad B

Elissa is MVP. Her Nomination is Jeremy. He removed himself so she’d name the replacement as it wasn’t a HOH appointed nomination


Because of Spencer and Jeremy I want to see MC, move on out of the house!!!


“Can someone explain to me how this MVP things works because I’m confused? Last week when McCrae saved Candace with the Veto, he got to chose the replacement. So why is it that this week, Elissa will get to choose who will replace Jeremy? I don’t get it.”

Candace being put on the block (and taken off) last week had nothing to do with the MVP. Jeremy, this week, was put up by the MVP, so the MVP chooses a replacement. It’s not confusing at all.


I hear ya…I don’t know what is going on with that either.
My only wish is the Jeremy doesn’t use the veto at all (unless he has already) because he doesn’t want his great love of his life Kaitlin and her UTI to go through the experience of the block…(she has been through so much already) and he gets voted it out.
That would be awesome.


Helen has a good head on her shoulders, now she just has to win HOH and target the other side.


Honestly her best bet is to put up Candice


Honestly her best bet is to put up Candice


They should try Gina Marie. They have a better chance getting her out than Kaitlin.

STFU Donnie

You’re arguing based on what we know (even then it really doesn’t make sense) not what Elissa knows. Candace is next to Helen as her closest ally. It would make no sense to put Candace up unless 6 voters come up to her and say either Candace goes up and home or you do. Short of that her options are Kaitlin and Gina. Who are their closest allies? Jeremy is a vote she can never get, but Nick is plausible. If you put up Nick’s ally she ensures a potentially up for grab vote goes against her.

What she needs to do is start working and talking to people and see if she can figure out if Kaitlin can go and if not her then somebody like Andy, Jessie, or Judd. She can’t just assume she has the same votes as last week considering not all of those voters will admit they did. Those who voted David out but won’t kop are treating Elissa like the fat girl/moped, their fine with her as long as nobody sees. Overconfidence this early, after last week, is not an option…so if she doesn’t work, she makes her eviction easy.


If they don’t put up nick then Elissa is gonna go home for sure.

STFU Donnie

Huh? How do you figure this? Jeremy, McCrae, Howard, Spencer, Gina, Kaitlin, and Amanda all vote to keep Nick. That’s 7 and he only needs 6.

Just because Andy and Helen think they have the numbers doesn’t make it so. Quite honestly, the way Elissa has played today: Her and Helen deciding what to do with the MVP, then grilling selected HG’s, then threatening Nick, then losing veto, and now doing yoga while everybody else is trying to figure out what to do, she will deserve her eviction, which is almost a certainty unless she wakes up and starts playing the game. And the next play is to build on her “deal” with Nick, not go back on it. She needs to expand on the deal with Nick AND DON”T TELL EVERYBODY YOU HAVE ONE THIS TIME!!! She needs to tell him she owns MVP, promise him continued safety from her allies, and offer him absolute veto on her nominees for the next two weeks and the channel to have his say with her on what to do with it. But in exchange, he has to vote out Kaitlin. It’s not enough just to assume she has the numbers this early, Elissa needs to make sure she gets every vote she can because who knows how many are lying. She can feel relatively safe with those who saved her last week, but not all admitted to have done so, which should be a red flag. She might feel secure in Andy and Candace, but Jessie is out there (pull her in close), McCrae put her up, so she shouldn’t trust him or Amanda. She needs to pull Howard and Spencer close and say she screwed up not including them in the Jeremy nomination, but it’s a mistake she won’t ever make again and she should semi throw Helen, Andy and Candace under the bus (make them more comfortable with her than them) and say they convinced her to exclude them, but next week, they will be her first conference WHEN she is MVP again. So if she gets to work, she can get commitments from Andy, Candace, Jessie, Nick, Howard, Spencer, and maybe McCrae and Amanda. That’s 8 votes and if she shows enough initiative to Nick, Spencer, and Howard then maybe the MC makes the move for her.


One sentence please,,,,

STFU Donnie

I forgot there are folks like you who don’t really understand this game and reading anything more than a sentence makes your head hurt. My sincere apologies, but if I may offer some advice: When you use your eyes and look peripherally at the comments and you see it’s longer than “I love Elissa she can’t go home” or “Aaryn is such a horrible person” or any other inane comment 30 people leave on every thread…just skip it. This way you won’t be confused and your head won’t hurt. Seems pretty simple, right?


Thanks – that’s a bit clearer.


Well Said.

eli rules

You’re 100 percent right. The numbers are in the moving company’s favor.


Andy’s starting to really annoy me

STFU Donnie

This will be a test of Helen’s game intelligence because if she listens to or confides in Andy ever again then she’s a fool. He basically confirmed that he’s a floater and advocated that others should follow his lead or at least do what he wants so he’s protected. He wants everybody to appease Jeremy so he doesn’t go after them…but who’s he going to go after? Most likely Helen and Candace since Andy is protected. Helen laid it out for him: You don’t evict an ally to appease an enemy…and he still argued. Even though Elissa is gone regardless, Helen better at least use these conversations to figure out who is an ally and who isn’t. She won’t be able to ferret out her hidden enemies per say (the MC) but at least she can figure out who can help her.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Do any of you see cracks starting to form or people realizing Elissa staying is actually a good thing? Or does it seem like this week will be slightly boring making it inevitable that Elissa goes home with an 11-0 vote?

Dont know about the rest of you but I am already ready for another blindside!!!


ok.. let the a holes be jerks and evict Elissa.. only to bring her back with Rachel and Brandon as back up … lmao .. now there would be some pretty awesome looks from the peanut gallery there… just a momentary thought … ps .. they would be total idiots if they evict Elissa… but then again this years BB house guest have some major egos ..


the level of play by some of these hg is remarkable, but not in a good way.

i would start spreading rumors that nick is gay, gm is a lesbian, kaitlin dates a black guy back home, aaryn interns for the southern poverty law center, spencers girlfriend works for the aclu, and jeremy volunteered for greenpeace one summer, then sit back and watch the bigots in the house implode.


I hope Candice or Helen win HOH next week, at least they’ll put some guys on the block.


I have one question when I see that picture of Andy…. …. What exactly was in those muffins Elissa baked?


I’m starting to like helen more and more each day

Mike Piff

The MC should get either Amanda or Kaitlin put on the block and vote em out because booth showmances pose a threat. For example Jeremy, Gina, McCrae, Amanda, and Jesse vote to evict Elissa, and the rest of the house vote out Kaitlin. Then the MC should Divide the house up from that moment with Jeremy, Gina, McCrae, Amanda, Jesse, and Arron in a “secret alliance” on one side and Howard, Spencer, Nick, Helen, Elissa, Andy, Candice, and Judd on the other side in a “secret alliance”. Candice and Judd would be wild cards on either side who knows what they would do but something to this extent to divide the house and take calculated shots at each side would be a good idea to make it to F5 for The MC. And everyone will still want to get out Elissa out because she is a shoe in for mvp every week




wayne brady

you C**T


speaking as someone with a lot of experience when it comes to unions….it wont be that easy for them to fire him….but that doesnt mean he wont be shuffled around, put on suspension, demoted etc….but fired….not the easiest thing to do unless they do an investigation and can find proof that he smokes pot while working or something….although there is a good chance he would be moved to a different job


BB15 is becoming the unemployment site. There new ad should be “We now have 3 houseguests that have lost their jobs, vote now , how many more will be fired this year!!”


There is justice.


Thanks for the link. It is good to know that even if these people are getting away with all of this in the house that something will be done when they get out. I do hope all the employers follow through with their dismissals.


Noooo, did he really say that about hitler? wtf?? I missed that and I am glad they mentioned the gay slur he used too.


I respect hellen for saying why vote someone out on our side then i’ll switch sides thats awesome but please dont go to Aaryn please hell no …. the only thing i will hate is when hellen wins MVP spencer is going to be all over her ……


I’m so confused on the alliances. Here’s what I think is true:

One side of the house is:

The other is:

With the following somewhere on their own:

Then the Moving Company:

And McCrae, Howard and Spencer are pretending to be on Amanda’s side of the house to keep the MC secret, while Jeremy and Nick are doing the same on the other side of the house. And the Moving Company wants to alternate which side of the house loses a person each week.

Is this all correct?


Someone call the police, Judd’s missing!


who is judd?


He’s this seasons JenCity


Too f**king funny!!


He took a Xanax and slept all day.


Helen has the best head on her shoulders, she’s actually seeing the bigger picture.




It is getting painful to watch the bullying. The threats are making me mad and seeing how everyone is willing to let one of their own members go and talk about them behind their backs shows how weak willed everyone is. Do they really not know that their character will be questioned after they leave the show?


BB Canada just finished up … yes there was a Bully among them .. he had power .. and continued to bully .. well that lasted a week and he was gone .. and that same day out went his side kick showmance or what ever they called it .. BOTTOM LINE ; a bully will do just that until he is ignored or a stop put to it .. all I see so far is the cast adding fuel to Jeremys attitude shaking in their boots thinking he will evict them .. last time I checked this was BB 15 NOT Jeremy 15 … Helen seems to be the only one with a spine .. you go girl ..

Spencer the Slob

Jerm, Spencer, Aryan Nation are so arrogant……they probably are only thinking that they’re gonna be celebrities when they get out,,…they don’t know abt the perverbial sh!t hitting the fan once they leave the house…..so no,they obviously are not thinking about their character…..you would have to have a soul first


I have been rooting for Elissa, and of course I would rather see Kaitlin go this week (which I highly doubt will happen) BUT I have to say… The reason so many people are team Elissa and want to see her stay in the game is because the other side of the house (Jeremey, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GM) are sooo horrible. If this were a normal season and a normal cast I don’t think as many people would be rooting for Elissa so hard. From what I’ve seen and heard from this cast & past house guests there is alot of production influence when it comes to Elissa. Normally the super fans would be so annoyed with a twist that was so obviously an advantage for one house guest, but nobody seems to mind this season because everyone hates the means girls so much. I think a lot of influencing has been going on in the diary room, such as suggestions as to how they could use Elissa & her being the MVP to their advantage..I don’t think the whole house went from wanting her out to having this epiphany on their own. Like I said, I do like Elissa and of course I would love to see things not work out for the mean girls and Elissa stay another week, but she will most likely be evicted, and it might be a better game once she is. The MVP will be a more interesting twist when he see other house guests get it and use it in a more powerful way. I hate when I see the game being influenced by production, which happens every season, and just because I like Elissa and hate the mean girls it still doesn’t make it right.


I agree. I think Elissa’s a really good person and I never understood why everyone hated her so badly, but clearly the MVP isn’t the “best player of the week” and it isn’t fair. I can see her being nominated pretty much every single week with her MVP powers every single week until she’s actually evicted, which is going to get old quick. She’s in an unfortunate situation. I’d like to see who America’s votes go to when they’re actually voting for their favorite player.


Interesting – production will do as production wants – life is a box of chocolates….we’re the butter on the popcorn (not needed).


yeah people wouldn’t be rooting for her so hard, but people in the house wouldn’t dislike her so much for no real reason either. I think people in America from what I read on blogs etc. were kind of against her at the very beginning and then after actually watching her for a few days, started realizing she’s not that bad, not perfect, but like a regular person playing the game, and different from Rachel. I think the houseguests would have latched onto this too if it weren’t for the three twenty year old morons who decided elissa was jealous of them and out to get them bc they are hotter and better players or whatever. I am sorry I am laughing as I write this bc how ridiculous does this even sound.

Told You So

Funny – many complain about BB’s influence (why make the game favor someone) but this year, many hope that BB sticks its nose into the game – funny how we all want what we want no matter what…


As much as I would hate for Nick to go up it does make sense because a lot of people will target Elissa while Helen could lay back and persuade Elissa to use her mvp nomination on whoever she wants until she stops getting votes if that ever happens. Plus Aaryn and Jeremy will go crazy at the house if Elissa stays and Kaitlin goes but will be easier if Nick leaves or Elissa and could be persuaded (at least Aaryn and Kaitlin not Jeremy because of MC) because nobody knows where his head is at.


This season is just a disappointment. Like mentioned before the cast is mainly a young cast. They are immature, mean, and disrespectful. If BB doesnt get canceled (which I hope it doesnt) after this season, they need to do a major revamp for next year.


Also, I do believe Helen is playing a great game. She is thinking long term and shes not there to just sit around and pick on people all day. Nick has a very good social game, too. However, Helen and Nick will be lucky if they make it to jury. I feel like Jessie, Judd, Howard and Andy don’t even know where they are. Candice is smart but I feel like since she doesn’t really have an alliance she doesn’t try to reveal all that she knows.


I agree, but the times Candice has tried to say things that are insightful people paint her stupid and ignore her…meanwhile I think she actually has most people figured out…or at least is on to them

Chilltown Fan

Time to start rooting for a Candice HOH next week. The MC is going to run through the house most likely, I’m cool with that, they are much more entertaining that the Brigade.


I don’t get how the MVP can go on the block. I didn’t think the MVP could be voted out but they keep putting her up every week. Kind of dumb if you ask me. Jeremy is a bully and needs to go,


1. How does Aaryn saying that once Elissa is gone, there are no other targets help her case? that means ANYONE else could become a target and most likely, it will be Candice!

2. Is Kaitlin for real that she keeps bringing up the whore thing? After what that crew has spewed on national TV – that’s not even what Elissa said not to mention Kaitlin IS practically having sex in a threeway bed?? (that does not make her a whore, I know, but still)

3. Why do they keep insisting they have the numbers and are coming after whoever doesn’t vote out Elissa? WHAT NUMBERS? There’s four of them (if you count Gina who is likely to follow Nick anyway). They can say it to try and manipulate people (and I don’t blame them for that) but everyone should be laughing in their face. Helen is the only one who seems to see the flaw in their logic.

p.s. I think next HOH comp will be a quiz type and I don’t see Jeremy having any edge in that – so they can send him packing then.


I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Aaryn and GinaMarie leave the BB House and found out they have been FIRED from their jobs..That would be priceless, and I hope somebody sinks Jeremy’s Sailboat…For such a Mama’s Boy, he sure does bully women!!


Andy’s convo with Helen says everything
He thinks by taking out his own side will prevent the other side form coming after them.

Sorry to say this to Andy fans but all u have to do is put a little fear in him and hell start voting out his own players LMAO
He is a soft.

I think Jeremy could run this house like Dick did in season 8 with the amout of softies in the house
BB fans it may come to that.


Sooo, uh, when Elissa aka the complete waste of a BB applicant is gone, will game the game start? Like I wanna see everyone go after the other, I wanna see blood guts, and tears, people thrown under the bus… I wanna see DRAMA Goddammit


Watch reruns.


its why bb started 2 weeks early this year

give elissa her 2 weeks of fame then the actual game starts


So the Big Brother really Starts wed


exactly bro

Lexington Steele AKA Lex The Impaler

I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Aaryn or Big Jerm.


Jeremy could have a slight chance, but Aaryn Nation definitely won’t make it far.




6:55pm Aaryn asks is it possible that it was a decoy, that people wanted Elissa gone when really they wanted David gone? Candice says that she doesn’t know.

Finally, Candice planting the seed of doubt – slowly. Hopefully this opens the door for more discussion later. Risky, but she could have a one-on-one with Aaryn and reveal her theory of the “all-boys’ alliance.”
She had to convince Helen… wonder if she’ll have a hard time convincing Aaryn? (probably not)

yoga stretch

6:55pm Aaryn asks is it possible that it was a decoy, that people wanted Elissa gone when really they wanted David gone? Candice says that she doesn’t know.

Finally, Candice planting the seed of doubt – slowly. Hopefully this opens the door for more discussion later. Risky, but she could have a one-on-one with Aaryn and reveal her theory of the “all-boys’ alliance.”
She had to convince Helen… wonder if she’ll have a hard time convincing Aaryn? (probably not)


This show is becoming a comedy. First the girls make these guys their boyfriends within the first week of the show. What these guys did to be considered their boyfriend, well nothing. Gina is then disappointed by Nick, the guy she chosen as her boyfriend. Nick apparently has been caught several times eyeing Kaitlin. Candice is being ostracized, because she saw through Spencer’s bull. Hence, the word is out that Candice is person non grata. Instead of Candice being rewarded about bringing to the attention of everyone that there is some boy’s alliance. The girls, who want to believe in their boyfriends that they have known less then a week, would rather call Candice a liar. Elissa keeps getting MVP but doesn’t know what to do with it. Here is a tip, what are the other alliances (See Candice) and select someone that would weaken them. Placing Gina up as your MVP replacement will not help you. MC has the numbers to affect any vote. However, if you take a vote away from MC, you might have a slim chance. You keep saying you have the votes, Elissa, these guys are in 2 and 3 alliances. Spencer gets away with referring to women using the “c” word in the presence of other women and they don’t take offense. Wait until its your turn and Spencer decides to use so very colorful language towards you.

Suzy Sunshyne

Germy and Aryan Nation are exactly alike, disgusting!! Does Germy have a job? Because if not he is next! They may make him move his boat…lol Why not just get rid of them? How many more watchers will they lose?

Lady E

Elissa looks just like Rachel in that photo. I’m reading the feeds and but is it for sure that the target is her?


If the vote went down right now Elissa would go home.


I don’t get it. MC is in charge. They should stay in charge. Amanda is part of MC. They need Elissa for MVP vote. They have it as a shoe-in until they have to start picking their own people off. Everyone vote for Jeremy. Why has it not been discussed that HE did not vote the MC agenda last week??? Get together. Put Kaitlyn up and vote her slutty ass out.


MANda is not part of moving company – she will soon be sent packing