Judd says its scary if Gina won HOH, she would randomly pick whoever pissed her off that day.

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

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9:20am – 10am All of the house guests are still sleeping except for Jessie. Jessie heads into the storage room to change her batteries. She then heads out to the backyard and sits with her feet in the hot tub as she smokes. At 9:40am Judd wakes up changes his batteries and heads out to the backyard to lay with Jessie on the lounge chair. Judd says what’s up? Jessie says morning. Judd asks her if her back is better? Jessie says yeah. Judd says he hopes Ginamarie and Elissa havenots this week. Judd asks Jessie if he can stay with her in her bed. Jessie says yeah. Judd talks about how he hung out with Gina last night and says that it seemed longer that it was because everything they talked about got turned back to talking about Nick. It kills me. Judd says its day 27! Jessie says wow, almost 30 days! Judd says that last night he was talking to Gina just to try and cover bases and stuff. I asked her what she would do if she won HOH .. She still blames me for Nick going home even though there were 7 votes. Judd tells Jessie about how he tried to convince Gina not to win HOH this week due to the MVP. Jessie says she knows its going to be an endurance competition. Judd says that’s what McCrae thinks too. Judd tells Jessie to win it. Jessie says they might have to take her to the hospital after but.. Judd tells her not to hurt herself we still have the MVP so we control the votes. Jessie says even without the MVP we control the votes. Judd agrees. Jessie says we can’t let Kaitlin win. Judd says yeah then we would go up. Judd says that Howard wanted to talk to me today. he is so sneaky. I am always wondering what he’s talking about, what he’s up to. Judd says that Gina was talking about spend the holidays with Nick. Judd says that its scary to think if Gina won HOH, she would just randomly pick whoever pissed her off that day. Big Brother switches the feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the other house guests.


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10:15am – 10:30am When the feeds come back – Andy is awake and in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Helen is also up in the HOH room. Meanwhile – Judd and Jessie are still on the backyard lounge. Judd says that he thinks he will stay up till the lock down and then take a nap. Helen comes does from the HOH room and changes her batteries in the storage room. She notices the suit cases are in there for the House Guests on the block to pack. She heads out to the kitchen and runs into Judd. She tells Judd tomorrow is a big day. Judd says yup. They both head out into the backyard. Helen starts her morning run. Jessie heads inside to take a nap.


10:30am – 11am Helen continues to run. Judd does laundry. Candice is called to the diary room. Howard is up and praying in the cockpit room.

11:15am – 11:30am Out on the backyard couch – Judd asks Howard what he wanted to talk about. Howard says oh it was nothing big I just wanted to talk to you quick. Howard tells Judd that he is good with him, I would never come at you no matter what. I was going to tell Jessie the same thing. Even when I was in the moving company you and Jessie were never my target. I just wanted to tell you that. Judd says I know I was Nick’s target though. Howard says not me though. Howard tells Judd that he has Judd and Jessie’s back. Judd tells him that he will watch out for him and Candices too. They end the conversation and Howard goes over to coach Helen during her work out. Helen talks about being excited to watch the HOH competition tomorrow. Howard says that he is excited for someone else on our side to win it. Howard says that he even teared up listening to Helen read his letter and hopes someone else gets a letter. He says that if he won it he thinks his sister would write the letter. They both think it will be an endurance. Howard heads inside to talk to Candice in the kitchen. Howard catches Candice cursing and tells her not to. Candice says okay I will not curse today – give me a consequence. Howard says 50 sit-ups. Candice says okay.



11:45am Judd is in the backyard doing sprints. Helen, Howard and Candice are in the kitchen. And America’s Most Valuable Player is trying to rally the votes for another week as BBMVP:

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83 thoughts on “Judd says its scary if Gina won HOH, she would randomly pick whoever pissed her off that day.

        1. Amanda is best personality hands down….don’t understand what she sees in mcrae. nice guy but she is way outta his league !!

      1. Everyone, please, join me in voting ten times for Howard to be MVP!! And yes, I want him to be the next HOH as well. He does not deserve the negativity being heaped on him by Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd.

  1. Aww naw, if GM won HOH, she would have production send her picks of Nick so she could sob over for the entire week, not even thinking about nominations.

    Please, No

    1. I thought Rachel and Brendon were beyond pathetic but at least it was mutual. I don’t even know what to label Gina Marie’s obsession other than scary.

    2. I’m feeling GM is a deeply lonely sad little girl outside of the house. Proof happiness can’t be won, purchased, stolen, owned or consumed. Happiness is a spiritual experience of living life with love, grace and gratitude.

  2. GinaMarie will probably get nominate if McCrae, Judd, or Elissa win. It will be easier to nominate Aaryn & GinaMarie while the MVP nominate Howard or Kaitlin as a replacement nominee.

        1. And I also donate to help defray the expenses of running this site.

          I can’t imagine the perseverance it must take for you and Simon to watch the feeds some 16 hours a day—every day—for three months.

          1. Thank you we really appreciate it. And yes it definitely takes a toll on Simon and I, sometimes I don’t know how we do it season after season..

  3. I would love to see the house flip and evict Spencer. Aside from the fact that he is totally gross, it would send a message to Helen that winning HOH isn’t a coronation and she is not Queen of BB15.

    1. It wouldn’t matter, the superfriends have the numbers and MVP, that’s all you need. HOH is now completely useless for keeping your alliance members safe if you’re in the smaller group. Say GM wins and puts up Helen and Elissa or something, then Elissa will just put up Aaryn, and they have the numbers to get her out. HOH will be powerless for a while until the house becomes more divided.

  4. If GM did win HOH, she’s nominating “showmances” only, someone has to pay for Nick going home without kissing her.

    Candice/Howard, Amanda McCrae better watch out. Not sure of Jessie/Judd are a showmance yet, but they should be cautious of not looking too cute together, no romantic eye contact.

  5. Production needs to stop interfering and rigging the game for Howard. I think that is the only way the Mom Squad is not in the finals.

    1. So they’re rigging the game for Howard because he’s black, but they’re not rigging it for Elissa because she’s Rachel’s sister?

      Only in a Brechel Drone’s mind, can this be true.

      Remember sheeple, Big Brother is REALITY TV, nothing is real, production can and will manipulate everything if they choose to, and they have. ;p

      1. Big Brother knows that a black guy can’t go home earlier because of all the racist stuff. Big Brother put a huge target on Elissa’s back by hinting that she was Rachel’s sister in the DR. If anything, production is making the game harder for Elissa.

        1. Judd already recognized her Day 1 when she walked in the door, while at least 4 more people put 2 and 2 together while watching her hang during the 1st HOH comp before the premiere even ended.

          The house already knew who she was before she told McCrae.

          So how the hell did DR tell people who she was?

          1. People just thought she looked like Rachel, not that she was actually related to her. Just like some people thought Nick looked like Dan. The DR confirmed their suspicions.

        2. Hate to say it but BB and CBS will never send either Howard or Candice home because they are black, and do not think they will send Elissa home because of Rachel. This season sucks! Howard and Spencer need to go and really wish Spencer would go home this week instead of Jeremy, but it is painfully clear that CBS does not care about how Spencer talks about women or even that he talked about his comment about violence in regard to women, or they also do not care one bit about the gay comments that have been made and seriously really do not have a problem with the racist comments since they only air Aaryn’s and do not comment on Amanda’s, Kaitlin’s, Gina Marie’s and others. Also, they had such a problem with Dan last year but wow Howard gets away with it and nothing is said and that they air comment directed toward Jessie about being a whore but protect Elissa when she said worse. AMAZING!

  6. So according to Amanda, Howards attitude is the reason for Aaryn racism.
    I hope that Howard and Candace are the next two out the door so that this BS can finally stop.

  7. From what I see these past couple days JUDD is playing one of the better games if not the best. Who is targeting him other than Gina? no one

    He’s good with the superfirends, GoofTroop, Aaryn/Kaitlin/gina/Jeremy still talk to him

  8. I thought I loved the MVP twist but it takes a lot away from the game. No matter who wins HOH has to know that Ellisa will put up who she wants and that person will go. If GM wins the MVP players (who has the numbers) will evict who they want. The house will be boring for awhile until the alliance with the numbers have to turn on themselves.

    1. This is thinking too narrowly. The houseguests’ lack of imagination and game skills have created the current situation, not the existence of the MVP rules.

      For instance, think about this scenario. After winning HOH, Aaryn *could * have gone to Elissa and recruited her as an ally. And then either remained in an alliance with her, OR backdoored her after she made the MVP nomination (which Aaryn could have influenced).

      Instead, she blindly went ahead and put up Elissa and her only ally, callously announcing her animosity to the ONE person in the house with the power to turn the tables on her.

      It’s Aaryn’s monumental stupidity (as well as Jeremy’s borderline sociopathic behavior) that have been the key factors in establishing the early framework of the season here, not necessarily the MVP twist.

  9. Gina Marie wins HOH
    GM: I’d like to nominate myself and Nick for eviction
    HGs: He’s not here anymore
    GM: What are you talking about?!?!? *Sobs and runs away*

  10. Judd may be a floater but, he seems to be smarter than almost everyone in that house. He’s in good with everybody!

  11. I like Judd, Mcrae and Amanda! I used to like Helen but after her power-tripping not so much. After Jeremy’s out I think they have to focus on getting the leaders out if there smart like Helen, Andy, Amanda, Mcrae. Everyone doesn’t seem like much of a threat but those people live the game lol!

  12. Elissa fans, give me a couple reasons as to why you’re voting for her to win MVP I’m genuinely curious as to what 27% of you are thinking. Don’t just downvote me cuz I don’t agree with you, tell me what she’s done over the course of this game that makes her the best player in the house.

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I think Elissa is a fine person. Let’s face it though, she is hardly playing this game and her strategy mimics that of Aaryn (nominating based on emotion instead of strategy). If MVP is for most valuable player Elissa is just not deserving.

      1. Lol I wish I would have even gotten that, it doesn’t look like a single Elissa voter replied to me. Not surprising, anyone who finds her style of game attractive probably can’t even type out coherent sentences.

  13. I would love for this to happen.

    GM wins HOH and attempts to nominate herself

    Big Bother: House guests *giggles* You’re not allowed to nominate yourselves for eviction.

    GinaMarie: But Whyyyyyyyyyyy???

    Big Brother: GinaMarie, get a grip, Nick isn’t dead he’s waiting for you on the outside *giggles*

    GM runs to the DR pressing the button, but they refuse to let her in.

    GinaMarie: Let me in I wanna see Nick.

    Big Brother: Ginamarie, GODDAMN it was just a joke.

    HGs: laughing hysterically.

  14. I know that Helen has been a little power hungry lately, but, I don’t care what you say; Her HOH was epic, and it restored my faith in this season. I can only imagine how many people jumped up and down yelling at their tv screens when she won that HOH, so that those ass-clowns (GM, Kaitlyn, Jeremy, Aaryn) would be forced to come down off of their high horse. I know if I were Helen, I would have been running around the house doing “suck it” symbols behind their backs. LOL And for that, Helen is still my MVP.

  15. I get why America voted Elissa MVP at 1st, but really – someone else needs to get it. She isn’t the most valuable player. She was bullied, and I am glad she got it in the beginning, but other people are playing very well and better than her. Amanda is funny as hell and tells it like it is. I hope she gets it.

    1. Because they are Rachel fans. I can’t see how anyone could be a fan of her. She was the most annoying player of all time.

      1. “Rachel drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100?s”

        This is where my opinion on Rachel forever changed. Brendon marrying her after hearing this, is terribly confusing, 99.9% of men would’ve run for the hills.

        The idea that she got so drunk she passed out under a table at their wedding reception was more ironic than obvious.

        No one will ever truly know their love connection.

    1. To clarify: Candace is willing to do anything Howards says since they slept together. She is dumber than I thought.

    1. Gina would dominate in that comp just like Rachel did in that “hold onto the dummy” Endurance POV

      That comp could’ve last 4 days, she was never letting go of Brendon

  16. I think the MVP twist will end this week. All major game-changing twists ended by Week 3:

    – Season 9 Couples Twist
    – Season 11 Clique Twist
    – Season 13 Duo Twist
    – Season 14 Coach Twist
    – Season 6 Secret Partner Twist ( Julie Chen officially revealed the twist at the end of Week 3 even though the houseguests figured it out before)

    Even though other seasons had twists, those twist did not change the format of the game.

    1. That’s not good for her, HGs being able control the MVP nom is keeping her in the house. Once that’s gone, so will her numbers, not even Helen will stick around she’s also using the MVP.

  17. I’m so sick of Howard, he’s totally using Candice. I truly believe all the praying he’s doing is only to fool the hg, and America. Some if the things he has done is unforgivable. I have never been a religious person, but I would never swear on a bible. Hes using race and religion to win people over. Please America don’t be a Candace and believe him….

    1. What royal title do you want to bestow upon the Houseguests? Your opinion will play a role in the next HoH Competition! Vote now and tune in to Big Brother on Thursday, July 18th 9/8c to find out just how you made your mark on the game!

      1. Who would be crowned the Earl of Egotism because they are most likely to want their face added to Mount Rushmore?
      2. Who would be crowned the Duke of Dork because they are most likely to stand in line for ten hours to buy a Zingbot action figure?
      3. Who would be crowned the Sultan of Sexy because they are most likely to be featured on the cover of Hot Highnesses Weekly?
      4. Who would be crowned the King of Klutz because they are most likely to trip over their own words?
      5. Who would be crowned the Mean Queen because they are most likely to laugh while stealing candy from a baby?
      6. Who would be crowned the Lord of Laziness because they are most likely to go straight from living in the Big Brother house to living in their parents’ basement?
      7. Who would be crowned the Squire of Sugar because they are most likely to go on an ice cream binge and gain 100 pounds this summer?
      8. Who would be crowned the Friar of Frowns because they are most likely to whine when the house runs out of wine?
      9. Who would be crowned the Heir to Hair because it looks like they go to a barber who uses a weed whacker?
      10. Who would be crowned the Duchess of Dress because it looks like they buy their wardrobe from the bargain bin?
      11. Who would be crowned the Count of Cute because they are more adorable than a litter of puppies?
      12. Who would be crowned the Maiden of Mischief because they are most likely to egg the Big Brother house on Halloween?
      13. Who would be crowned the Prince of Pecs because they are most likely to wrestle a bear and win?
      14. Who would be crowned the Knight of Naughtiness because they are most likely to strut around town in their underwear?
      15. Who would be crowned the Baron of Boneheads because they are most likely to skydive and forget to wear a parachute?

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