Judd says I am going to shave my head, get a tattoo on it and go hard on Wednesday!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy

CBS Interactive Inc.
1:30am Up in the HOH room – Gina is talking to Jeremy and Aaryn. Gina says that if she ever got the MVP she would want it to be a team decision. She says that even just talking to Nick about things helps her realize different aspects of the game that she might not have thought about. Jeremy comments that he trust Nick more than Amanda. Aaryn questions how he could trust Nick more than Amanda. Gina agrees with Jeremy and says that the more and more she talks with Nick, the more she trusts him. Gina says that she trusts Amanda more than she trusts Jessie. She laughs. Gina heads down stairs.

1:40am In the bedroom – McCrae and Amanda are talking with the lights off. She comments that she doesn’t want to leave. She says that it makes her sad to think about leaving the house and says that she wants to try and stay as long as possible. Meanwhile in the lounge room – Jeremy, Gina, Howard, Spencer, Judd, Helen, Andy, Kaitlin and Candice are hanging out and talking. Gina tells them all in front of Nick that she like “fruity guys”.



CBS Interactive Inc.

1:50am Up in the HOH room – Judd goes up to talk to Aaryn. Judd is talking to Aaryn about how she said she has no one in the game. Judd tells her that could be that person for her because he doesn’t have anyone either. Judd says that he is tight with McCrae. Judd says but he has Amanda so he would cut me in a second. Aaryn starts going over the duos in the house. She says the only people in the house that don’t have final two deals are probably Judd, Aaryn, Jessie & Andy. Judd comments that Jessie is cracking. Judd says that he is worried about the MVP nomination and says that although he isn’t worried about Elissa putting him up but that he thinks that everyone is acting sketchy. Judd asks Aaryn if she’s noticed that. Aaryn says that she’s noticed. She says that Kaitlin is really scared about being nominated. Judd says he thinks everyone is going into corners and talking. He wonders if they are just scared about the MVP nominee. Aaryn says that she thinks that Elissa is scared. Aaryn starts going over the votes that evicted David. She discusses how she still isn’t sure who is lying to her about the votes. Aaryn says that the only people that are being honest about evicting David to her are him (Judd), Andy and Helen because you all admitted to it. Judd is surprised that still only 3 people admitted to it.

1:55am – 2am In the havenot room – Elissa is talking to Helen. Elissa says that she asked Nick if she were to put up Kaitlin as the MVP nominee – would Nick vote to evict her. She says that Nick told her that he needed to think about it. Elissa tells Helen that Nick basically told her that he would evict her (Elissa). Elissa tells Helen that say she knows she isn’t winning this game. Helen tells her that she can’t throw in the towel and that once she wins HOH she can build new relationships with the others. Helen tells her to play on Wednesday like you have never played before if you stay. Helen tells her that she has all these people supporting her. Elissa says that is the only reason why she hasn’t given up because all these people are voting for her. Elissa says that Aaryn talks about me making waves since the first week. Elissa says that Aaryn has been making comments about her sister. Helen tells her that she understands but she needs to try not to take it personal. Elissa says she is offended that on national TV, Aaryn says that Elissa is making waves for the 2nd week. Candice joins them and then conversation ends.


Out in the backyard – Andy is talking to Nick about how frustrated he is with Candice. Andy says that he feels like he is getting doubted just for talking to people, even if he is just being nice he gets questioned. Nick agrees and says that he is in the same boat. Andy says that he likes Helen so much but he has to tell her to stop hanging out with Elissa all the time because it hurts her. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Jeremy, Howard and Spencer are talking about McCrae and Amanda. Jeremy tells them that McCrae told him he is worried about MC not trusting them. Jeremy says that he reassured him. Jeremy says that them that Amanda is shady one and he doesn’t trust her. Jeremy says that Amanda tried to form a final four with him, Aaryn, McCrae and her (Amanda). Howard tells Jeremy that Amanda is trying to get him (Jeremy) out. Jeremy says that he is worried about McCrae’s vote. He says that his loyalty may lie with Amanda. Jeremy says that he thinks Amanda is getting really cocky and talking about how she has the votes. Jeremy then heads up to the HOH room. Up in the HOH room Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Judd talk. They discuss how nosy Candice is being around the house. Aaryn says that when Candice walks out the door, I’m going to say I guess you got your life vest. Judd says that he thought Candice was just a nice, nosy girl until he heard about Candice going off on McCrae after being nominated. Aaryn and Kaitlin say that Candice isn’t nice. Judd says I am going to shave my head, get a tattoo on it and go hard on Wednesday! Aaryn says that Judd doesn’t get excited, it’s probably going to be an HOH trade-off between Jeremy and me the whole time we’re here. Aaryn laughs and then says that she is totally kidding. Aaryn asks Judd – did you think I was serious? Judd says na. Judd heads downstairs and Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin go to bed.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:25am Judd heads out into the backyard and talks to Andy about the past competition. Andy asks if Judd has any idea who will go up as the MVP. Andy says he’s heard Kaitlin. Judd asks again why everyone is so shady today. Andy says that he will talk to him about it later. Judd asks if people are upset with him (Judd). Andy reassures him they aren’t. Meanwhile Nick comes up to the HOH room but finds that the lights are out. They have a quick conversation about what everyone has been up to. Nick comments that Andy is being gay. Aaryn tells Nick to go cuddle with Andy. Nick says maybe we should. She says maybe someone needs to tell Ginamarie. Nick leaves so they can sleep. Jeremy says that Amanda is stupid for saying how she thinks people are being portrayed. Jeremy says that she is just a huge dyke. Jeremy says that everyone wants Amanda gone. Aaryn is surprised that everyone wants her gone. Jeremy says that it disgusts him that people are going around playing the game like that but they want us gone. Jeremy asks and do you know why? Aaryn says that they are scared of us. Jeremy says yeah and because we are beautiful people. He says that everyone hates beautiful people. Aaryn laughs. Aaryn says that there must be more to life than being ridiculously good looking. They talk about Jeremy winning the POV. Jeremy says that she looked good in her green onesie. Jeremy wonders why he got Jewed with a gay colour like lavender. Aaryn laughs and says that it was a queer colour.

Judd and Andy talk about how they think they should keep Elissa. Andy tells Judd that he is tired of Jeremy’s group threatening people. Judd asks who is against keeping Elissa? Andy says Spencer, Howard and McCrae. Judd says that he wonders if those guys are with the other side. Andy says that everyone in their group needs to stop being paranoid about each other. Judd agrees and says that if people keep pushing then he doesn’t know what else to do. Andy says that it doesn’t make sense for anyone in their alliance to go with Jeremy’s group. Judd says it doesn’t but he is scared that some of them have. Andy says that it doesn’t make sense to get rid of Elissa because they can control a nomination every week. Judd agrees. Andy says that he likes Elissa a lot more than the other alliance. Judd says Elissa is really nice. Andy says that he thinks that Aaryn acts super entitled and isn’t nice. He says and Jeremy goes around bullying people.

In the havenot room Helen is talking to Candice. Helen says that she is worried Jeremy will get MVP if Elissa is evicted. Helen talks to Candice about how keeping Elissa is good for them because of the MVP. Candice says that Elissa says things that rub people the wrong way, including her. Helen tells Candice that Jeremy is this year’s Frank because they eventually become the underdog with everyone against them even though they’re winning everything. Candice points out that Frank didn’t go around bullying people and that America won’t vote for the douche. Candice says that she thinks America will vote for someone that’s funny for MVP like Andy or Ginamarie. Candice says that Gina needs to go.
4am Out in the back yard – Nick and Judd are talking. Judd asks Nick if he feels good about the MVP nomination. Nick says he feels good about it because I haven’t ruffled any feathers. Judd says he feels that Elissa would go against Judd but says that David didn’t upset anyone either and he left. Nick agrees. Judd asks Nick if he has thought about making a deal with Elissa so that he wouldn’t be nominated. Nick says that that house wants her out so it wouldn’t be a good idea to make a deal with her. Judd says he assumes that Elissa will put up Kaitlin since Jeremy won the POV. Nick and Judd talk about random things and then decide to go to bed.

6:40am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9am Still sleeping..

9:50am No wake up call yet..

10:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests.


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“Jeremy wonders why he got Jewed with a gay colour like lavender. Aaryn laughs and says that it was a queer colour.”

Is someone keeping count? Who’s winning — Asshat or Aryan? I’m still betting on Spencer as the dark horse….


I hope Jer’s boat he lives on is owned by his company (store) and they fire and evict him. He can then blame that on how beautiful he is.

Charlie Hustle

His boss is totally jealous of him!!!


So Amanda tries to do right by Jeremy and Aryn by warning them how they are looking and they react like this!! Definitely shows their immaturity.


amanda making herself a big target this week with poor gameplay


Hooking up with McC may have been the worst thing for Amanda’s game, nor McC’s. Her dominant personality is not going over well, and it’s coming off that McC’s her lackey.

She needs to win HoH next week.


ps: Jer is right, I do hate him. It has nothing to do with his looks though.

“jewed with a gay color”. Wow.


I don’t find Jeremy attractive in the least! Honestly! I actually think he’s weird looking. Now…if he was a sweetheart & had an awesome personality it would start to make him a bit cuter but his j a c k ass personality & him being a full of himself big ole bully, it just makes him even UGLIER!!!!!!


thank god the usa big brother has the house vote people out – because if the public, and many people just like yourself voted on it the best game players would not win


I hope the MVP twist is scrapped soon they should scrap it once jury hits.


It’s a pretty bad twist. I hope they come up with something better to replace it.


it doesnt need to be replaced – simply go back to 2 noms and veto…no mvp


If you think about it, the MVP twist is doing exactly what they wanted it to do. Creating non-stop game play and paranoia. It definitely won’t last too much longer because they’ll run out of people and won’t have any to nominate.


scrap MVP NOW!


So Elissa is going home? Haven’t been keeping up last couple days. Dipshit Jeremy had to win the Veto of course…


Jeremy and Aaryn are some self absorbed bitches. “They hate us coz we’re beautiful people” seriously? They fucking hate you coz you are freaking bitches and bullys who think that their all that. I seriously cant wait till Aaryn to leave next weak coz when she comes out that door she will hear the boos that she deserves.


I know right, the whole entire audience will boo Aaryn and chant “AMERICA HATES AARYN” “GLAAD HATES AARYN” “AARYN DON’T DESERVE TO WIN HALF MILLION DOLLARS”. Even the protesters would be out the studio city waiting for Aaryn to come out. I bet her family taught her about racism is wrong but she does it anyway and she probably look for another job. That would be sucks for her and she would be the world hatest big brother contestant ever. She is not a good role model and even she will never win America’s favorite houseguest. I think Aaryn will be on streets holding the sign says “HI I’M AARYN, I AM CELEBRITY OF BIG BROTHER 15”. They will ignore her because of racist comment.


every year i try to tell myself that we will have a girls alliance that would go to the end and every year i get dissapointed …. IF not a showmance some type of mance ..Women are so quick to attack each other rather than working together …….THE only thing that would disappoint me this season if one of these racist JEREMY ,,, AAARYN,,,,, GINA,,, SPENCER ,,,,, KATLIN even if guilt by association win big brother …. then and only then will i say this was the worst season ….. I lOOKING for that one person to stand up to this bully who will have the guts to nominate him who will tell him face to face u are a bully ……


A Racist winning wouldn’t be any worst then a Dumbass Jordan, Douch Bag Hayden, Whore Rachel, a Weirdo Ian, or an Asshole Evel Dick… Winning is Winning….

FYI there won’t ever be an All-Girl alliance, women are naturally to immature, naive and catty to band together against men, than ‘s why they always lose when they try.

Pete Petersen

I disagree. The only comparable winner on that list was Evei Dick, and even with him, it was just an act.

With this crew, there’s no acting involved. They’ve crossed a big line.


The point is, they could still win 500k, so it doesn’t really matter what they say on the show.

If Jeremy keeps playing whatever game he’s playing he has a good chance of winning, maybe not MVP, but who cares about the rigged BS, competition wins and social game thing that gets you ahead in BB.


Naturally immature eh? It’s a proven scientific fact that the frontal lobe in males (you do know what the frontal lobe is…. right?) is not fully developed until they are about 25 years old, in some men it takes longer. Females on the other hand, their frontal lobes are fully developed by the time the reach age 19. Judging by your comment… I would estimate you have.. ohhhh… a few more years of frontal lobe development left. kbye


OK, they’re still Catty and Naive, that’s the truth…


to say women are naïve and yet is physiologically proven that women mature sooner is indeed an oxymoron….so I am guessing your misogyny would make you friends with Jeremy and Spencer


Actually the frontal lobe is developed on average at the age of 21. Hence the age people can start legally drinking alcohol. Someone lied to you.


The only move that makes sense for Elissa is to put up Candace. Judd, Andy, Gina, Jeremy and Kaitlin all have a problem with her. Amanda and the MC would probably vote Candace. They use Elissa one more week and take a real threat out of the game. I think Candace is the only person she might have a chance against.


I would hook up with McCrea too, WHAT a kick stand??? Really, do you think if she had a boyfriend back home that meant ANYTHING that she would be doing the things she does on national TV? Ummm, NO. So, Amanda is by far the best player. I like Nick too…the MC in general need to move ass. They need Elissa on their side to do it. She’s got the MVP power. WTF. Everyone else is disposable until you have to take out your own people. Let Elissa put Kaitlyn up, if Jerm takes himself off. Everyone vote out that skanky be-otch. She needs to go get her STD checked out by her family doctor anyway.


MANda – poor gameplay this week has made her a massive target – get on the bad side of moving company, youre in trouble

STFU Donnie

I hope this somehow gets back to Jeremy and the mean girls (what a great name for a band): Beautiful people have it made in the world. People are nicer to them, they get more opportunities, and basically they have the world by the short hairs….but if their are brutally ugly on the inside, then all the advantages of their good looks evaporate and their forced to lurk in the shadows like the most disfigured and homely people on earth.

Nobody is ever hated for their physical beauty…they’re hated for the ugliness they exude.


Quick question: Do you think the racist and inappropriate comments this year are much greater than in previous seasons or is the public just more sensitive to them this year than in previous seasons?


***By asking this, I am in no way supporting any of the derogatory contestants or comments


What’s troubling is that those comments don’t simply come out sporadically in the heat of saying something emotional (not that that’d be an excuse)…. but it is as if this is simply they way they talk and feel in everyday life. This is true racism and bigotry on display.


I thought it could never be worse than season 9, but these kids set a whole new standard for scum in the BB house. There needs to be a shake up in casting, before the show ends up cancelled. Between the stupid Rachel light “twist” and the lame MVP popularity contest/production meddle switch and the most unlikeable cast ever, BB15 is a trainwreck. I wouldn’t be surprised if the big twist of the season was that Rachel returns to play if Elissa goes home. I wouldn’t put it past production.

Delilah Jones

Yes, I think the racist, bigoted, homophobic behavior in the house is the worst I have ever seen in the history of BB.

Not only do I think it is the worst I have seen, it blows my mind that there is a small army of small thinking people in the house this year.


Judd for MVP


Word Yo, Judd is our new Mumbling Powerhouse

Dawn Boone

Yeah I think they need to check the dose of his Xanax might need some adjusting this dude can barely form a sentence. Lol


I’m really starting to like Andy…he is the only one calling a spade a spade. Jeremy is a bully and Aaryn is entitled and mean! When those two are out it will be a better season.

Charlie Hustle

BB “jewed him with a gay color” I am surprised the anti-semitism took this long. I could have sworn Mexican immigrants and Muslims would have been the next targets.

Pete Petersen

No, I’m pretty sure Spencer already beat him to it. I think the only group they haven’t gone out of their way to offend at this point are Muslims.


I think Canadians are up next…


This hatred for Candice is out of control… no one wants to talk/deal with her. Throwing her under the bus at every turn. Now I’d actually hate to see Elissa leave the house because at that point all of the vitriol then would fall onto Candice. I have to believe that in Her mind she must be like “all of these fu%*ing people are so fu^*ing stupid its ridiculous.” Its like no one gets it because no one wants to get it. It starts with Helen, she is so confused that she twists up the things Candie says and then runs with bad info to Spence, or Andy, or Elissa and all the while she could be on the right track with Candice. Ayryan Nation just hates Candie cause they fear how more attractive she is than them and in their world there could be NO WAY a black girl is better than them. That would be the end of the world for them. And Howard… smh. LOL Howard.. LOL… LOFL. I understand the game he’s playing. Non threatening and all but the only real tightness he has is Spence and we all can see Spence is a de-facto member of Aryran Nation even if he hasn’t express his true feelings on minorities yet.


Aaryn and Kaitlin do not believe she did not vote out David….They just can’t believe her.
Circle of thrust sucks.


I personally think they should keep Elissa because they have the MVP and popularity on their side, and with that, they control the votes, even if they don’t win HOH. And as far as the MC goes, they should just break up lol. Jeremy is a strong player and definitely has the drive to win competitions, and that’s not someone you want to go to the end with. And besides their are a lot of dumb and dependent girls in this house, and id rather go to the end with them them strong and manipulative guys.




queer color tsk tsk

everytime i lower the bar of expectation AARYN just limbo under


I have never heard so much prejudice voiced publically and I have watched BB for years. It is strange to me that BB executives aren’t doing anything about it. Isn’t Julie Chen’s husband an exec at CBS? Do you think he orders Julie to “go cook some rice?” Anyway, MC has it in their pocket if they play right. Keep Elissa for the MVP swing. Get rid of the foul-mouthed pigs…Aaryn Nation for starts. You know, I thought she was so pretty until she opened up her mouth. Pitiful.


They may start airing it since they ask Amanda in the DR bout racist houseguests.

I hope they do.

Charlie Hustle

You’re just jealous of her cause she’s beautiful.


Charlie Hustle, you like beautiful woman who lost her job because of racist comments. That’s not cool, she not a role model to the community. She really needs to get a reality check.


That would be suck for Jeremy that his showmances kaitlyn will be her replacement.


I do not see America voting for those bigots & bullies for MVP. None of them should be classed ever with Evil Dick, Dan or any past players. They did their strategies to move forward in the game, nothing as low as Aaryn, Gina, Kaitlin, Jeremy, & Spencer. Total no respect, for the game.

They may be delusional to think people are jealous because the think their beautiful, they are ugly inside & out.

Karma, karma …..


Should we just call this season the year “the “superfans” killed big brother?”
Ratings are down, this doesn’t look good guys and gals. :(
IF Helen can give up on Elissa, then I give up, too. :'(

A$$hole #1

Not so much fans, but “production”, they knew this twist would give Elissa with her built in fan base mixed with the way HGs would react to her unfair advantage. CBS set her up.. Yet fans seem upset with the other HGs? Even if they went talking shit about her, she would’ve been targeted soon as people started recognizing her..


Oh wait, I forgot to add that Jerm IS NOT, in my mind, a member of the MC. He didn’t even vote with them last eviction. MC=McCrea; Howard; Spencer; Nick and sadly…Spencer. +Amanda and Elissa. Good Combo. Get rid of Spencer first. I am not fan of prejudiced people.


That was the MC plan, that Jeremy vote against Elissa so that he wouldn’t accidentally blab and blow his cover with Aaryn Nation. He is tight with the MC. The one I am worried about is McCrae. Amanda is going to bring him down if he isn’t careful. Nick and Jeremy have their girls towing the line. McCrae needs to reel Amanda in or she will go next.


just so you know the 2 people moving company want out most are elissa and MANda


So, lavender is gay? hmmm I did not know that, I just thought it was an ugly color.. We’ll you learn something everyday.

Production needs to be thinking up a new Unitard for Jeremy, one that Reads, I Love Everyone, Even Gays, and the color is lavender….

Charlie Hustle

With a big “Insert Here” decal on the butt.


These a$$holes are un-freakingbelievable! Kudos to Amanda for telling the Jerm & Regina George how they were being portrayed to America, because she is spot on ……Aryan had that look of ” NO, not me, I’m the pride and joy of Texas…America’s sweetheart…..I’m gonna get a good PR job with CBS after this…..shut up, you must be obsessed with me like Elissa is …” I trying to decide who would be best with the MVP ……I’m thinking
Andy ? At least he wants to stand up to they bullying crap and go to war with Aryan Nation! I hate these MFers !


I bet America hates Aaryn because of racist remarks and better America’s favorite villian. She thinks she America’s sweetheart, she America’s hated girl ever.

Delilah Jones

Although I have not been voting online for MVP, I would vote for Andy! I feel sad for him, because he truly believes he is in a strong alliance, and has really stuck his neck out to remain loyal to them.


remember mvp is best player – one of the 5 dudes in moving company should get the next mvp, they deserve it, as they have played the best game




Gina marie says: I like “fruit guys”
LOOOL dead another thirsty girl in the house.


Aaryn and Jerm are worried people don’t like them because they’re beautiful?
Don’t worry little lovelies, we all know you’re UGLy on the inside.

Chilltown Fan

Helen says Jeremy is this year’s Frank lol. Jeremy is probably a comp. beast like Frank, but the comparison stops there. If Boogie was in the house, he would have immediately gravitated towards Nick, in my opinion. Jeremy would’ve been turned into another Jase type eviction if Boogie tried to create Chilltown 3.0.

Dawn Boone

Elissa has done nothing wrong she has had a target on her back since the beginning if she leaves this week at least she has shown class throughout and I would vote for her for America’s favorite! These other people need to Get out Aaryn and her racist friends. I wish I could see her and GM’s faces when they find out they lost their jobs. This has to be the worst cast EVER! I was so excited for the show to start and now I cannot stomach watching these people! So disappointed! !!! :(


The bottom line is that Elissa is a horrible player, making terrible moves at every turn, and all her fans are blind to the fact that just like Rachel in her 1st season, she came into the house COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS and that’s why it really doesn’t matter when she goes because she can’t win regardless. Production knew this and brought her in specifically for this reason. In Elissa, they saw the perfect candidate for the Janelle/Rachel role. The girl sure to be hated because of her oblivious social nature and propensity to say unintentionally mean things, which the female fans will sympathize with and get behind because they love people like Chelsea Handler and shows like Sex In The City where it’s funny/fun to just say whatever is on your mind consequences be damned. Elissa fans are the easiest BB fans to manipulate and as a test, lets find somebody here who will come forward and explain how they did not like Janelle or Rachel, but love Elissa. I guarantee you there isn’t a single person who can.

To quote Jack Nicholson’s great character in As Good As It Gets when asked how he writes women so well: “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”


well put…. kudos. Elissa is a “oblivious douchebag” and if Aryan nation wasn’t as prominent in the house then Elissa would be hated.


This season is so good. Much better than the past recent seasons. Stop bringing old players back unless it is all stars. Jeremy is an ass. I think that it would be good if Amanda was nominated, because they may vote her out because she is so bossy and they can get their boy back. Hopefully this is realized even though it would be nice for someone else to get the MVP.

Frank's Fart

They’re going to need to hand Helen a coup d’état soon


Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnd now entering the game: Judd! I think I could really get behind him if Elissa left, which in all honesty, has been underwhelming.

On a seperate note The Trifecta of Hate Alliance just keeps getting worse and worse and I don’t know why I’m still surprised


it’s been noted before that judd is a hidden powerhouse :)


Hoping that Amanda makes HOH next week otherwise she’s gonna be a big target…..I like her game sense and how she sees the big picture….I like Helen but hope that her ” Biggest Dudz” alliance doesn’t bite her in the a$$…….getting Amanda out is not smart right now IMO…..I’m addicted to this show but having to listen to Jermy’s & Aryan’s narcissistic crap is wearing on me…I CAN’T WAIT FOR THESE 2 TO BE GONE !

Delilah Jones

I totally agree that Amanda has to win the next HOH! For the life of me, I can not understand why Helen wants her out. I honestly think if the two of them stuck together, they could go far in this game.

I would love nothing more than to see moving company disband, mostly because I think Jeremy and Spencer are disgusting. I have been rooting for Nick, Howard and McCrae since day one, but it drives me insane that they are remaining loyal to Jeremy. At this point, I am ready to start cheering for Judd..


getting MANda out would be very smart from the moving company point of view…like express shipping asap


“Nick comments that Andy is being gay. Aaryn tells Nick to go cuddle with Andy. Nick says maybe we should. She says maybe someone needs to tell Ginamarie. Nick leaves so they can sleep. Jeremy says that Amanda is stupid for saying how she thinks people are being portrayed. Jeremy says that she is just a huge dyke. Jeremy says that everyone wants Amanda gone. Aaryn is surprised that everyone wants her gone. Jeremy says that it disgusts him that people are going around playing the game like that but they want us gone. Jeremy asks and do you know why? Aaryn says that they are scared of us. Jeremy says yeah and because we are beautiful people. He says that everyone hates beautiful people. Aaryn laughs. Aaryn says that there must be more to life than being ridiculously good looking. They talk about Jeremy winning the POV. Jeremy says that she looked good in her green onesie. Jeremy wonders why he got Jewed with a gay colour like lavender. Aaryn laughs and says that it was a queer colour.”

First of all, Nick, Andy is in fact, gay. Shocker!
Secondly, Jeremy and Aaryn might have a combined IQ of 50…honestly, I can’t even listen to them or even read about them anymore! They both need to leave, I hope Jeremy’s mom puts a special page of Jeremy’s eviction in her scrapbook!


I think a combined IQ of 50 is very generous of you lol. But they’re ‘ridiculously good looking’ so I guess they don’t need a brain! Barf! I don’t think either of them are attractive in the least.


These mean girls are so dumb……..there is no need to keep a guy in the game – this is not Survivor………best to take out all of the guys…..Elissa should have back door the Bully – jeremy….i cannot image his mother being proud of him…..that is a scary thought…

A$$hole #1

If Judd wins HOH, they’re toast… His Mumbles will kill them


Team Boomhauer for the win!


Ugh! Get these losers off my tv now! Ugh…..no words to describe my dismay at seeing and hearing these idiots spew nonsense and hatred.


I think Aaryn has a secret obsession with Nick. She’s so invested in exposing his “gayness.” Beyond annoying.


Seriously all of these racist comments. How are these people still in the house? ( Jeremy, Spencer and Aaryn ) Production should send them all packing and replace them. That would make the ratings go through the roof. I can’t believe in this day and age when we are trying to rid the world of racist Jerks like this they are given a platform to spew it.
I hope Judd wins HoH and puts 2 of those 3 up.

Just saying

Rachel 2.0 go home! I hope this season is not like that one season that Dani had to vote out Brendon out twice!!! I hope that she is gone FOR GOOD!!!

Free up that rigged MVP and actually award it to the player that really deserves it….this bullsh*t of just handing it over to Rachel 2.0 is really boring.

A$$hole #1

She wants to go home, she knows she sucks ass at this game, girl can’t even use the MVP they designed for her, the right way. Rachel supports her sister, but deep down is very disappointed in how she handled her legacy. Can’t believe Rachel fans actually thought Elissa would be great in comps… After I saw her put Potroasts a two letter word up, when the competition rules was ONE word, I knew she wasn’t going to make it far unless production rigs every comp for her… There is no “Reilly Tradition” outside of “drunken binges” which I’m sure she shares with her sister and mother, but on Big Brother, Rachel is one of a kind.

A$$hole #1

**Drunken Binges and Bad Plastic Surgery**


i agree 100%

rachel 2.0(elissa) v aaryn is like rachel v dani donato all over again

once elissa is gone it frees up the mvp to hopefully go to the best gamer

i just hope production dont rig it so elissa is saved by another ridiculous twist, as it would be infair to the rest of the house, and if that happened i would lose respect for the bb game and the rules

if production wanted to give elissa a proper fair shot it should have been a season where all players were related to former house guests, like a allstar relatives season


So, is there any indication that any of the bigots will go home this week? If not, I don’t think I care to watch these people get to jury and get rewarded for their behavior.


Jeremy thinks everyone hates them cuz they are ” beautiful people ?” LOL…he must think beady eyes, buck teeth, big ears and Count Dracula style hair, and ringworm all over his body is attractive then…..Judd is better looking than him IMO and that’s not saying much….HIlter’s daughter Aryan needs big time boob implants ..that padded bathing suit top doesn’t hide the fact that she’s built like a tween…..


I’m a huge BB fan, and agree with many that this is the worst cast ever! Some didn’t even try out, or ever see/hear about this show before. Too many immature, self absorbed douches looking for a showmance. I think BB purposefully cast the medicated (not that there’s anything wrong with that), racist, whorish people just to keep it “interesting”. Seems to be backfiring on them a bit though. Yet, I still watch the show and live feeds. It’s just part of the BB addiction I guess :) I enjoy the game, just can’t stand some of the people. And with so many people this season, all of these alliances are confusing the hell out of me! Only way to tell who is really loyal to who is to see their DR sessions.

George Zimmerman

Aaryn & Gina Marie both lost their jobs, hope that Mcrae loses his for being a hopeless coward, But then again, pizza jobs are a dime a dozen, more than Mcrae is worth. Hope that Jeremy loses his job for being a misogynist.


Lowest combined IQ of any season

Suzy Sunshyne

How long until Germy and aryan Nation start hooking up? Why is he holding on to Aryan;s thigh while being cuddled up with Kaitlyn? Nasty! I also like how Aryan is paving the way for it happen, telling Kaitlyn how alike her and Jeremy are….gross!! I think that since so many of these contestants are losing their jobs and the public despise of this crap crew they should let them know. I know we heard they were asking if Aryan said racist comments, but nothing came of it? Germy looks like a monkey, he is so unattractive!

A$$hole #1

“Judd says I am going to shave my head, get a tattoo on it and go hard on Wednesday!”

Jeremy better watch the fuck out, Powerhouse Mumbles just woke up.

George Zimmerman

Since Gina Marie lost her pageant job, she can go to work modeling for Goodwill, seriously, she is the worst dresser in BB history. She is the kind of wench that answers her door wearing sweatpants stained with pizza sauce from yesterday, jizz stains from four different guys, and peanut butter smears from last week.

George Zimmerman

And since Aaryn Nation lost her modeling job, I know a street corner in the inner city of Chicago where she can ply her wares.


Yep, she will be jobless.


she would be an incredible p0rnstar for sure

George Zimmerman

Since Jeremy will lose his job when he gets home (very soon I hope); he can go to work as a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins.

A$$hole #1

That’s Racist…. ROLMFAO