Helen gives up with Elissa “I know when to surrender something”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


9:35pm Helen and Elissa

Helen: ‘I don’t know if Kaitlin is the right now.. we need someone for sure that will get the votes to be evicted”
Helen says it’s not going to be her evicted on wednesday it’ll be with Elissa and whoever she nominates with the MVP power.

H: “Houseguests are getting nervous.. We need a target that is a bigger threat than you and I and I think that is Nick ”
Helen adds that both sides of the house are unsure about Nick they wouldn’t have to do as much work to get the votes against him.
Helen: ‘Let me go and get the temperament of the houseguests because right now I don’t think you would stay against Kaitlin”
Helen says that some of the people that voted to keep Elissa last week will not vote to keep her this week, “Fairweather friends” Helen is really pissed at them.
Elissa: ‘Who do you think specifically”
Helen is going to tell people if Elissa leaves MVP is going to Jeremy because he’s winning the competitions and people like that. H: ‘They like to to cheer for the underdog and he’s gone from Evil Dick to underdog”
Elissa: “I don’t think America will like Jeremy”
Elissa wonders who out of their group is thinking about switching to the other side. Helen doesn’t know yet but when she finds out she’ll be pissed and they’ll hear her wrath.
Helen is going to tell them “The second elissa walks out that door you might as well write Jeremy that MVP cheque if 500 thousands”
Nobody has said straight up that they are voting you out but it’s been an option thrown around.
Helen: ‘I love nick.. the only other person is Amanda but I don’t think you can win against her.. “
Helen: ‘Maybe you could beat Gina.. I don’t know”
Elissa: “Be careful what you say around Candace I’ve seen her talking to them”
Elissa: ‘It’ll be kinda exciting to see what will happen next from home.. Jeremy will win this if he stays”
Candace comes in tells them that Candace and McCrae were the ones that told Bieber fever that Candace masterminded voting out Dave.
Helen: ‘What did you even know who he was”


9:45pm Candace and Helen makeup


9:45pm Elissa and Howard Howard tells her to put Nick up.


9:54pm bedroom Howard, McCrea and Amanda

Howard brings up that Jeremy is telling everyone if they don’t vote out Elissa he will be coming after them. H: Once he says something JEremy honours it.. He’s a big target I wants him out”
Howard explains that they have to do it strategically though they just can’t put him up.

Howard says that Jeremy is screwing himself up by being so competitive. Howard and Spencer are trying to get in good with Jeremy so once some more of their side is gone they can go in for the kill . H: ‘You can’t go in for the kill until you got it in the bag” Howard suggesting they take out some of Jeremy’s allies before going after Jeremy.
Amanda brings up losing Elissa’s MVP when she goes.
H: “If Elissa gets her a$$ out of here and he keeps being a butthole the MVP will go to whoever will vote him out”
H: “If you don’t get him out you get Kaitlin out and if Kaitlin is out he’s going to implode”
Amanda: “My fear is he’s going to put up Candace and he’ll put up one of us to”
MC: ‘He’ll put up Jessie’
Amanda: ‘He won’t put up Jessie he can control her it’ll be me”
Andy joins them

Howard: “this week make the game fair by getting Elissa out”
They talk about getting Jeremy out and how they need HOH and MVP to do it. Howard says it’s all about timing.

Andy says if they get Elissa out America is going to hate them and might give the MVP to the other side.
ELissa and Judd walk in.. everyone is quiet.. Amanda says there’s too many people in this room. Andy says he’s going to leave. After Elissa leaves they go back to talking.
Judd: “So we’re voting elissa out”

Andy: “I told Helen about the possibility of getting Elissa out and Helen freaked out”


Now Amanda is going back to telling them how they need to keep Elissa because they control her MVP.


10:23pm Spencer and Helen

Spencer says to her he treats her game like he treats his own he wants her to make it with him. Helen knows he’s told her that before they have the number to get out however they want. Spencer says there is one problem “McCrae and Amanda are about to jump ship and the first thing she does is rat out everybody“

Spencer has faith that a person on their side has the best chance of getting MVP when Elissa leaves. Spencer doesn’t see the other side getting it. Helen thinks MVP is now a curse because if you win MVP people will try to vote you out like they are voting out ELissa.

Helen thinks Jeremy will get it. Spencer thinks the MVP twist will be over soon.

Spencer says if Elissa goes this week the other side will target Candace.
Helen says she doesn’t trust Candace because she’s all over the place, Andy and Spencer are her Foundation.

Helen: “Who would you put up if you got MVP”
Spencer: ‘Amanda.. if we put her up they will vote her out”
Helen agrees. Helen: “I’m OK with Elissa going home if we make an agreement to get Amanda out next week”
Spencer is keen on this plan. Helen doesn’t think they can do it because “Amanda is kissing Jeremy’s butt right now”
Spencer: “I think aaryn knows that Amanda was the ramrod to get david out”

Howard joins them. Helen says she is the most loyal to Howard, Spencer, Andy and if he can get his shit together McCrea. Helen does one last pitch to the guys to keep Elissa. Mainly they want to keep her around so they can continue to control her MVP. Helen thinks Jeremy is going to get MVP because he wins comps like Frank (BB14) and is the underdog.
Spencer says Jeremy getting MVp is speculation he thinks it’ll be Andy or Helen. Helen doesn’t want to win MVP she would rather Elissa wins it and they tell Elissa who to put up. Spencer mentions how Elissa didn’t put up Gina like they all suggested she put up the strongest player to play in the Veto.
They all agree that they need to get rid of Amanda soon. Spencer thinks if Jeremy wins HOH he’ll put up Candace and possibly Amanda. Howard nods.

Helen thinks it’s crazy to keep Kaitlin, Gina or Nick in the game they now have a chance to take one of them out. Helen says that Evil Dick won the game and was hated by everyone. Spencer points out that Big Brother 8 had no twists that required the fans to vote.

Helen want so know who they put up if Amanda wins POV, she suggests JEremy. Spencer thinks it’s a great idea. They are all very much on board to get Amanda out soon.
Spencer: “Amanda is sketchy.. but Judd is a person that is up and down.. as far as Judd goes I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s up stairs spreading things around”
Spencer proposes their 5 go after the otehr sides 5. (There 5 is Howard, Spencer, Andy, Helen and MCCrae)

Helen wants a name for the five of them.. Howard: “I don’t know I have too much inside my head” Spencer: “Amanda wants to call it the area 51”. Spencer mentions there is no way the 7 perosn alliance was going to stand.
Spencer: “I like bad dudes”
Helen: ‘I don’t like dudes because I’m a girl”
Spencer says he really trusts Andy, Howard agrees.

Helen wants them all to promise if they get on the block they have to vote their way. Spencer says until they can get McCrae 100% if it comes down to McCrae and HElen he’ll pick Helen.
Howard warns Helen that she needs to stop hanging out with Elissa.

Helen: “I know when to surrender something”
Spencer: ‘We all have to make sacrifices”
10:48pm Candace joins them.



11:38pm HOH Kaitlin and Aaryn
Aaryn: ‘Kaitlin I hate to say this but we’re going to have to be the fakest person alive”
Kaitlin: “Honey,. I know how to be fake”
Aaryn mentions that downstairs she caught Elissa staring at him.
Aaryn called her out “Dude why are you always staring at me it’s so creepy”
K: “What did she say “
A: “Nothing She laughed.. like why is she always staring at me it’s so creepy.. she so obsessed with me”
K: “That now how she sees it”
A: ‘Well that’s how it’s coming off”
K: “ She’s super insecure about herself and both you and I are all natural and it drives her crazy”
A: “I wonder what she looked like before the 17 surgeries”
K: “You can only imagine.. She probably looked as trashy as Rachel”
A: “Rachel kinda looks like a frog.. that is what they remind me of cartoon frogs.. Think about it like their lips and their faces.. “
A: Think about it.. why does her lips stick out .. it freaks me out”
K: ”because she’s had lip injections and thats what happens.. yet she will not admit to anybody that she’s had plastic surgery which is sto stupid because everyone can tell.. ”
A: “She’s probably so ashamed of herself.. when she goes to bed she’s not happy with herself.. “
K: “I walked by the lounge and Helen and candace were there Helen said hi to me but was snarky”
A: “Their sketchball anonymous”

Kaitlin says she got in trouble by production today for not wearing her microphone.. they told her she would get a penalty .
Aaryn wonders why Elissa doesn’t get a penalty for walking around talking about her medications and medical condition .. “I asked them this morning and they still haven’t gotten back to me”

Kaitlin: “This whole thing is favored for her they are not going to do anything”


11:50pm Amanda and Andy Hammock

Andy says he’s been acting scared with the other group (See image) Andy: “I know they are making shit up to scare us.. we cannot let Jeremy win”
Andy says that their alliance is so strong and they all trust each other so much unlike the other side who is always doubting their team..

Andy: “I can’t stand them they are standing around bullying us and I do not stand for that”
Amanda: ‘I 150% agree with you”
Andy: “Helen has a good point America loves Elissa and if they go and vote her out they will be pissed and give Jeremy the MVP”
Andy wants Elissa to stay and so does Amanda.


12:26am Elissa tells them she knows that there is a 5 minute delay on the feeds so it can be edited
Jessie went to bed early. random chit chat..


12:40AM Bedroom Jeremy, Amanda and McCrea
Jeremy saved a bunch of stuff to give to his mom for her scrap book..

1:00am HOH Cam 3-4 Aaryn and Gina

Gina saying that she say Helen, Spencer and howard doing major game talk in the cockpit.

Aaryn says the only people Jeremy trusts are her, Kaitlin and Gina. “Thats a big deal Gina”

Kaitlin comes in.. Gina brings up the meeting in the cockpit room. Kaitlin asked Spencer what they were talking about. Spencer says Helen broke down.
Kaitlin doesn’t know if they can believe Spencer. She’s also certain Andy is relaying information. They discuss who is going up. It’s a toss up between Kaitlin and Nick.
KAitlin: “McCrea and Amanda areally sketch me out..” Kaitlin is freaking out she isn’t trusting anyone. She says spencer was telling her about Elissa “This C*** gotta go… but why didn’t he vote her out the first tim”

Gina says she would take a 500,000 bet that David was going to stay last week. Kaitlin was shocked to she was telling David to not even pack her things.
Aaryn tells Kaitlin to stop being so paranoid because people are noticing and it’s going to get her votes against.

Kaitlin: “Do you know what Elissa said to me today… Umm doesn’t Jeremy have a little boy..”
Kaitlin says Elissa was trying to cause a fight between her and Jeremy thinking Kaitlin would charge up to Jermey “YOU never told me about a KID”

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If Nick goes home, well then there goes my only reason for watching the show. His the only one playing smart and I feel bad for him being surrounded by all these dumb a***s!


and being the most low-key player gives him the gay-label lol These people are turrible.




He’s a great player…. Bu also in the closet gay… He even sounds gay. I would like him better if he would come out


I really don’t think so, Nick’s sibling is on Reddit, and told everyone that even though he seems it, he’s not gay.


i am so bored about hearing about Elissa and the mvp


Helen is too gullible, the last time MC was altogether they agreed that Helen was next weeks target.


I don’t know. I think Helen is that classic dumb smart person, but I also think Elissa is the only one she is truly honest with and that powwow with Spencer and Howard was her just going along to get along. Her biggest problem is talking too openly and I think Elissa’s eviction could be her wake up call. She sees all these people supposedly on her side now turning tail and running. The hope would be she sees that her allies aren’t really her allies. She has the idea that there’s something going on that’s hidden, but it’s all speculation at this point. Her best play at this point is laying very low. STOP talking so much. She needs to become an actor. So when Elissa goes, she has to act sad and stay cool. Be the first one to hug Aaryn and tell her this is all a game and everything is OK and Elissa could be tough on a lot of people. This is the start of her using her seniority to her advantage and being the house mom, convincing everybody that she was Elissa’s puppet and without her, she’s just a nice mom and non-threat. Next week she needs to be noncommittal to everybody. Don’t be obvious, just become an indecisive wallflower and do a lot of listening and thinking, try to get a read on people. One trick: if you know Spencer doesn’t like Amanda, make sure to be around when he talks to her and just watch his face. Then compare it to his face when he talks to Howard. Try to learn people’s tells.

The point being is that her ally is gone and many will assume (as they’ve said) that she will be the new MVP and the MVP is threatening (as they’ve said) so Helen has to expect to be next. If Elissa is an acceptable casualty to some because of her power then why wouldn’t Helen be as well? Helen needs to redefine the MVP and get the target off of her back and become safe…until she can figure out what is happening OR until what is happening implodes. As soon as/if Helen gets MVP, maybe she calls a house meeting to suggest they not vote for the MVP nominee and essentially make the MVP innocuous. She asks them to give it some thought. Then let others come to her with their ideas in the few hours she has to make the nomination, all while asking who they would never vote for, flipping the normal script and asking the one question they won’t expect and putting them off balance.

Even though she isn’t street smart or strong on common sense, hopefully she can tap into her political background. After a defeat, you lay low until you can figure out a path back and in politics you want your enemies inside the tent pissing out, not outside pissing in, so she needs to draw EVERYBODY in, because she doesn’t know who here enemies really are.


I agree but the Moving Company is a joke. Every time they talk they have a new target. Jeremy didn’t even vote with them last week. Heck, Jeremy is in the alliance and he’s been talked about as a target. To me, they don’t show any sense of unity, central focus, direction or even camaraderie. I get the impression that they talk game just for the sake of talking game… like they’re just saying whatever just for the sake of wanting to look like they’re playing the game. I don’t see them as an alliance as much as a bunch of random guys who congregate to grunt for the sake of grunting. Nick, Spencer, Howard, McCrae and Jeremy… I don’t even think that they like each other very much lol.


I think mc is dead dude.


Loool you sounded like david


BB15: Candice Vs The World. Helen is hopeless, all the women are disposable votes this year. I want to fast-forward to Jury already lol


I’m SO CONFUSED! Seems like “Tweedle Dee” tells “Tweedle Dumb” this but then tells “Dilbert Ass” that, then turns around and tells “Dip Sh*t” something else… and so forth and so on and I’m not sure who’s doing what with whom or to whom… I’ve NEVER seen suck a CLUSTER F*CK of houseguests in my life. (or hey, maybe I’m just old and missing a lot?) It seems the Moving Company is the strongest thing in the house, but just barely… I think each of them would sell their Mama for a final 3 deal with ANYONE!

And why the hell are so many houseguests on controlled substances??? Shouldn’t someone have checked this sh*t and had the sense to realize it doesn’t make for good TV??? What’s next? Someone with glaucoma twisting one up on the hammock????

And another thing… I don’t care for Aaryan or Gina and understand why they got fired… don’t think it was solely because they’re racists… I personally would NEVER want to employ anyone that F N stupid… as for Spencer and what I read about his situation tonight… NO WAY the Union will allow him to be fired until he does something illegal or against their rules… being a stupid sonofabitch is not on that list.

I find most of these people disappointing and am embarrassed by them. What a sorry lot!


HYSTERICAL! Hope to see more comments from you… Glaucoma rolling one on the hammock! I laughed right out loud!! LOL




Today has been the most game Howard has played since it started.


Oh Helen, I had so much hope for you. Really thought you’d be able to see through Spencer’s bs


ME TOO! I was hoping that somehow down the road she would join forces with Howard …. Too bad! 🙁

Poon Hammer

I vote for back to back double evictions to speed this along a bit.


So Elissa can’t even depend on Helen now. It always come down to playing your own game. Elissa nominated Jeremy which was the worst thing for her game. Elissa, by putting him up, he was able to play and win the POV. You kept saying you had the numbers, you never had the numbers. It was as if you never saw Big Brother before. People lie in this game Elissa. I don’t think Moving Company as an alliance gets to the end. Jeremy is to much of a loose cannon and others are going to be pulled into his drama.


and Elissa knows she is not worthy of the mvp 2 weeks running…she has been nowhere near the best gamer


Yeah, putting Jeremy up when she is already sitting on the block next to her only true ally was a very stupid move. She should have put up Gina or Kaitlin and given herself and Helen a better chance at POV. Why would you put up someone that could beat you easily in the POV competition? Elissa is becoming very annoying, she is starting to show signs of the Reilly entitlement complex, and she might not be skanky like her sister, but Rachel had a little game smarts and could win competitions. Elissa has had this advantage and instead of using it wisely she has made one stupid move after another. All she had to do was put up Gina or Kaitlin and try to make it look like Jealous Jessie won MVP. Instead she blabs to everyone about getting it, both times. And she is surprised that people want to eliminate her free ride and perpetual MVP power? Completely clueless. Amanda is the only female that has any business being in the game, maybe Candace. The other girls are just a waste of space.


I wonder what McCrae will do if Amanda 100 percent decides to keep Elissa


He does nothing. Amanda can vote to keep Elissa, but she is still going home. I give Amanda credit, she is playing her own game. Amanda tries to influence McCrae but McCrae pretends he going along with Amanda. I find it interesting, that they both are using each other. However, unlike the other girls, Amanda seems to be a lot tougher emotionally.


amanda will be packed up and shipped out by moving company in a couple of weeks


I thought they told Elissa to put up Jeremy? She wanted to put up Nick or kat?


That is so true. Helen and I think Amanda was there as well, told Elissa to put up Jeremy. That was the wrong move. Although Elissa was told to nominate Jeremy, you need to think about your game. Helen kept telling Elissa they had the votes, when I knew that was false. I am not sure if Helen intentionally mislead Elissa but not even Helen really believed they had the votes. Elissa had to win POV, and Helen is telling Elissa to throw it. Why is Helen suggesting to Elissa that she throw the POV? Again, it seemed by that action Helen was playing Elissa. It was up to Elissa to realize that she needed to win the POV and nominate someone she could beat. Elissa never played her own game.


As i was reading the top section of this i actually had hope for Elissa with Helens idea telling the house that if she leaves Jeremy will get MVP’s. But then i got to the bottom and Helen gave up on her. UGHHH i clearly dont get why everyone hate Elissa like what have she done to be such a big threat? UGHH man its pissing me off i just want her to get further in the game and see her actual strength.


Sorry if this has already been addressed but I have been away and haven’t read anything. Someone told me Jeremy and Aaryn cheated at HOH. Is this true?


Oh My God!! I can’t believe Aaryn just quoted Regina George from mean girls!!! PRICELESS! And she didn’t even mean to!!! Such a sad, sad person. Yes, Aaryn..Elissa must be OBSESSED with you!!! I really don’t want to see Amanda taken out by the moving company! She is one of the only people in the house who have the potential to take the moving company down!! Helen needs to stop worrying about Amanda and realize all these guys are lying to her!!! Helen! Wake up!!!!!! All of these girls need to wake up and start talking to eachother!!


amanda has no chance versus moving company


So let me get this straight, in Aaryns head it’s okay to talk shit about peoples race and sexual orientation
but GOD FORBID Elissa talks about the medication she uses for her “medical condition”
REALLY?! asking for Elissa to get a penalty for that? REALLY!?
she needs a reality check


Wait, why is Howard going around pitching Nick as the replacement nominee?


yeah alot of lies often needed to hide possible alliances from people who try to fish for info – send out wrong info so when it spreads there is confusion


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Was Kaitlin serious that Elissa asked if Jeremy had a little boy? Or are they just talking trash about Elissa like they always do?


I can’t remember a time when I’ve enjoyed watching Big Brother any less than I am right now. This season and cast is an absolute failure. There is literally nothing redeeming about watching right now. Just extreme insensitivity and downright hatred, stupid showmances, and whining. And there isn’t even good gameplay to help distract the awful behavior. I don’t know man, I think the fact that I want Judd to win MVP simply on the basis that he is a kind and moral person is reason enough to check out on BB15.

Serious question though, is it unreasonable to think that this could spell the end for Big Brother altogether? They’ve had to rely on twists and returning old houseguests the last two seasons already and the terrible behavior has already started to drive ratings down this season.


Since I don’t want BB to disappear after this season, my hope is that “any publicity is good publicity” holds true and the ratings actually go up as people turn in to watch the train wreck. We’re really early in the season, we know production as brought up the swearing and the racism (I’ve heard Jeremy discuss DRs about swearing and Amanda was questioned about racism in the house in one of her DRs). So, it seems to me watching the feeds that everyone has toned down since last weekend. Especially the swearing. I think the show will turn it around soon enough. Some sites are reporting that Spencer was fired too, but I’ve read the statement and I don’t think he was. He’s just on an unpaid leave of absence, which is probably something he set up himself to be able to take that much time off work.


Omg if elissa goes home, jeremy should get mvp cuz it appears elissas “allies” are a bunch of clueless jokes who are scared sh*t out of their pants over da threats tat jeremy made if thy dont vote elissa out. No matter if elissa goes home or not, jermy gona target thm.


If elisa goes home, im voting jeremy for mvp…apparently elissas so-called “allies” have no allegiance or loyalty at all. They are a bunch of scared sh*tlrss c*nts….i guess jeremys bullying is working!!


I’m confused when does Elissa say all these things that they claim she says? ALL these ppl are so dumb not to mention annoying. Nick is the only person I like. I did like Howard but he’s a fucking follower and doesn’t speak his mind. He is to big to be acting so dumb speak up dammit and stop agreeing with everything. If I was in the house I would openly voice my opinion because I don’t give two f.cks and if your being mean and bullying ppl I will tell you and put you in your place.


If they did cheat and BB didn’t say nothing then that’s BS…..


I can’t believe Helen thinks she’s in an alliance with 4 dudes, has she never watched BB? Yo Brittany and the Briggade?


the cast this year sucks, I’m not even into the show like i usually am. i think McCrae is the only good person. and sure Elissa is fake with all the plastic surgery she has had but they have no reason to treat her the way they are…just because they don’t like her sister. They all need to chill and stop being jealous and start f***ing playing the game and stop being bitches.


or pull a BBCanada && give America a veto power.

I am So over the Aaryn && Kaitlin conversations. I know people have to lie && do what is necessary but they make the attacks so personal, && haven’t even attempted to get to know Elissa in anyway.

Also it amazes me that Aaryn gets so butt hurt when Elissa says one thing about her, yet she dishes it out more than all other house guests. I normally don’t want this but at this point I kinda want production to put their 2 cents in.


I think the MC better take notice. They should realize that they will never beat Jeremy at this game as he is good at comps and has Aryn, Kaitlin, and GM’s votes. If H, S, M, and N were smart they would save Elissa and use her to get Jeremy out at a later time. I really don’t think they are smart enough to think that way though. Hopefully Nick will realize this. He seems to be the only one with a brain in the MC. I have to hope that Nick, Helen or Candice can get the rest of the house to see it is in their best interest to keep Elissa to be able to get Jeremy out. They are throwing away a strong weapon. Such stupid gameplay.


I actually had so much hope for Candice and Helen figuring out about the Guy alliance, FUCK! im so pist that MC is too good, Hope Amanda wins


i hope amanda leaves after elissa


I’m kind of disappointed with Elissa. I mean i expected her to be a tough competitor like Rachel, but it doesnt seem like she is. She got MVP twice so you should take advantage of that! And since she got it agin this week then she should use it properly and make a move that would garuntee her safety. Putting Jeremy up was the wrong move. Backdooring Jeremy and wining the POV was the right move. That was her only hope and since it both didnt work then i think she’s done unless some miracle happen. (Jeremy cocky bitch doesnt take himself off the block and Amanda convince the house or Mcrea to vote jeremy out coz his such a tough competitor. I mean if Elissa lose it’s bull crap! UGHHH i hope miracle happens coz i want her to stay in the house and show and prove that he has Rachel Rielly’s competetive blood.

Delilah Jones

It appears that Spencer, Jeremy, Howard and Nick all want Amanda out of the house next week, because they feel McCrae is not able to focus on the game while she is in it. Does anyone think they will inform McCrea of their plan, or will he find out at the nomination ceremony like everyone else?
Also, Helen agrees that Amanda needs to go.. Any idea why she wants her gone? Aren’t they in an alliance together?
I guess I am confused as to why there is so much negativity toward Amanda at this point in the game?

Earlier on the feeds, Candice and Helen were talking. Candice was telling Helen that everyone in the 7 person alliance was on board to keep Elissa, with the exception of Howard, Spencer, and McCrae. She then went on to say that she felt those three were in an alliance with the people upstairs. I honestly think Helen might start to see that there is an alliance that is playing the entire house.


I feeli bad for Aaryn and Kaityn their such bitchess no life. They’re are not gonna make it far in the game by talking shit about people. They’re so Fucking annoying. Like what the fuck what did Elissa ever do to you? I need Jeremy Aaryn and Kaitlyn OUT!


I’m rooting for Amanda to win this! She’s such a good manipulator like the only reason why Elissa was saved last week was coz of her, GO AMANDA!


no it was moving company that wanted david gone to get rid of a big threat, but also weaponise elissas seemingly guarenteed mvp every week – but elissa threatened nick this week, and lied to moving company about getting mvp the 2nd time, and the rest of the house want her gone so she will be gone as they want a fair shot at mvp…amanda should not get credit for saving elissa last week, the credit should go to nick, spencer, howard, jeremy, mcrae


Good grief. I still can’t tell if Elissa is going to be going home or not. They are so back and forth. Her side is stupid if they let her go. They keep saying they can’t trust that she will share the MVP, so make a deal with her that if they don’t vote her out to share it. Duh! I don’t agree that Jeremy will get it once she is gone. I would lose all faith in America if he did. But if that is something to scare them enough to keep Elissa then I’m all for them believing it could be true.


what’s elissa’s medical condition?


As arrogant as Jeremy is, someone (Elisha) ought to tell him if he is so sure he has the numbers and if he thinks his intimidation is working then stay on the block. Then it would be awesome for him to get voted out!


…Also, if Andy was to talk to bigot and play it up that Jeremay will always go with Katlan over her. And if she bites talk about voting out Katlan out so bigot can count on Jeremey. At least plant some seeds. I also don’t want to see Elisha leave and it sad she’s not winning comps!


Ok so I am a little confused… Why is kaitlyn chatting about how shes scared that Jeremy won MVP and she is going up… Does MVP get to replace the nominee with there choice or does head of household pick replacement? HOH is aaryn why would she put up her best friend.


Yes the MVP gets to make the replacement since it was her choice that is being taken down…but what I don’t understand is if somebody else not on the block has won VETO then that person could of pulled Jerm off the block but could of been the replacement because the VETO would not of kept them safe since they were pulling the MVP choice off the block.

So how does this work for Jerm…MVP put him on the block he is taking himself off…so by the rules the VETO shouldn’t keep him safe can’t Elissa just put him right back on the block again..so confusing this stupid twist


Does Howard and Spencer really want Jeremy out? I thought the MC was solid.


they are solid – they are giving out wrong info to hide the alliance

Charlie Hustle

It is true that Jeremy, Kaitlyn, Aryan Nation, are all worthless as human beings, and rude towards Elissa for no other reason than her sisters reputation. But, this reflexive belief that Elissa is in some way necessary to the game is ridiculous. She hasn’t played a smart game, she hasn’t even solidified the support of the other targets (victims) in the house (Black Candice, the rice maker, and the queer). Her game play week one was horrendous. Her value is as the main target, a deflector of rage and a MVP lock. Not enough in my opinion to warrant the cult like devotion. Not to say that I wouldn’t rather see other players go home this week, but the Allegiance to Rachels sister has to stop.


The good news that I’m happy of Jeremy winning PoV but the bad news that his love interest Kaitlin is going up.


Why did Howard push so hard for Nick to be a replacement? Even if it were to throw people off he was working with him, the MC lose a vote with him being up there…


doesnt matter, they have the numbers


I hate JEREMY so much. I really hope he’s stupid and cocky enough not to take himself of the block and hopefully the MC stabs him in the back realizing they cant beat him.


I like Elissa, but damn she does NOTHING. She barely strategizes, and she just sits around and doesn’t even try to stay in the game.


I don’t think she has much recourse, I don’t think anyone is willing to work with her so what deals can she cut? Kaitlin is the one who is not doing any work at all, for someone who’s name is being thrown up to be put up on the block. I don’t think she is out there talking finding out info, working on any alliances or deals whatsoever outside of the triangle of thrust (stupid name) which is really a joke bc Jeremy’s loyalty right now is with the MC and aaryn is not strong enough by herself to do anything. Amanda knows she is in trouble but she is working much harder to be in conversations, to find out what is going on firsthand, etc. Whatever though, she’s not going to win, some people just aren’t good at this game.


There were other players who were in Elissa’s position and they were able to come back. Like in BB2 after Mike “Boogie” was voted out, Will was basically on his own and he lied cheated and stole his way to 500K. He made false deals and Hardy and Nicole were stupid enough to believe him.

Janelle in BB6 and BB7 was pretty much a target every week but she won competitions, vetos especially to secure her spot in the final three.

And Dan in BB10 he was on his own after Brian was evicted but w/ his low key gameplay and the mist, he was able to form the Renegade w/ Memphis and they made it to the final two and Dan got 7-0 for the win.

All these players were at their lowest and they really didn’t need production interference to help them through the game. They had the charm and Dan and Janelle were good competitors when needed. Elissa needs to starts winning competitions if she stays and improve on her social game that make people want to work w/ her for the long haul not just for the MVP twist. And lastly if she gets MVP again (which she probably will) she needs to really think about who that third nominee will be and how it would affect her game in the long haul and how the other HGs would view her. The MVP twist is practically the only reason Elissa is still here and only production can do so much. She needs to prove that she just as good if not better than Rachel was in her seasons.


oh my goodness, elissa is right, the longer they keep Jeremy in this game, he is going to win – and I’ve said it before that I don’t like Jeremy at all but the way he is playing, he deserves to win. He is running this house, people are afraid of him and he has allies on every side. look at these girls, their intuition is basically telling them he is playing them, but their personal issues (daddy issues) and his charm are sweeping over them. The rest of the guests are waiting a few weeks to take him out bc they are afraid of him, but this is a bad bad strategy bc a million and one things happen each week in BB – alliances shift, twists, new strategies needed, different comp/HOH winners. You cant plan that far ahead. Its shocking how bad Howard is at this game – he said that MVP will go to whoever votes Jeremy out, but once Elissa is gone, they have zero control over who MVP is. They think that the MVP will tell them like Elissa told them she was MVP, but she got voted out for it, the new MVP is not going to admit it! how do they not see this? the paranoia is going to be at all time high. He also says they have to get his allies out before they get Jeremy out – well isn’t Kaitlin his ally? But they are not ready to get her out? What are they waiting for – Christmas?


Hey Spencer did you forget about America’s player twist in BB8? Dumbass!


too bad if all the women got together and formed an alliance they could kick butt this year with so many womein.