Morning Spoilers Elissa: “I’m going to put Nick up. he wasn’t going to do what I told him”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


Cold Morning in the Big Brother 15 house


10:57am Hammock Helen, Spencer and Andy

Helen says that Elissa talked to Nick last night and asked him if she put up Candace would he vote her out and Nick said no.
H: “Elissa thinks that Jeremy and Nick have a final two deal”
A: “I’m thinking that Kaitlin is the better choice for her to put up”
H: “I’ll support any decision you make but I think we should keep Elissa”
A: “Same”
S: “The ceremony is today.. we need to wait to see who the replacement nominee is”
Helen leaves
Andy saying that if they keep elissa they’ll control the MVP every week and get the other side out “bam bam bam bam “
Andy thinks even though he’s trying to be close to jeremy and Aaryn he feels that they still don’t trust him and Spencer. So there is no doubt in his head if Jeremy wins HOH he’ll put them up.
Spencer: “ya f*** I dunno”
Andy: “I trust you more than anyone .. this is why I want to pick your brain to figure this shit out”
S: “I am undecided I see pros and cons for both”
A: “What are the big pros to getting out Elissa”
Spencer says the pros are this
Elissa has the great chance of getting MVP. Spencer thinks Jeremy, Aaryn and Kailtin are being perceived poorly like bullies and arrogant a$$holes.
S: “I think Helen has a great chance of getting it with all this rachel army bullsh!t”
Spencer remind him the other side hates Candace and if they get control again they’ll put her up next week
Andy: “they are smarter than that.. Candace is dead weight they are just telling us that”
Spencer: “no there not that smart”
Andy doesn’t agree
Spencer points out that all of Andy’s fears are based on the other side winning HOH every week “you almost one last week”

Andy: “Elissa is a loose cannon I know “
S: “that’s the thing that deal with keeping her last week.. if she was honest with the MVP and she wasn’t “
A: “she’s close to Helen and Helen is close to us”
A: “kaitlin is the shit disturber same with Aryun and Jeremy.
Andy says that keeping Elissa is best for their side he’s talked to other people and they all agree.

Spencer says the difference between him and Andy is andy is afraid that Jeremy is going to get the MVP and win HOH every week and spencer doesn’t see that happening he see either Andy, Helen or Himself winning.

Andy: “We are all positive that america loves Elissa and we are aligned with her Elissa.. “

Andy says Amanda, Judd and Helen are on the same side and Howard, McCrae and Spencer are on another page and they just need to talk it out.

Andy goes on and on about being bullied by Jeremy and how that is not the way play Big Brother.
Spencer: “I’m not being bullied at all about ANYTHING.. If elissa goes the 7 is still intact and there not aware of the 7”
Spencer: “Jeremy is smart but he openly talks about who he hates and that person is Candace and Elissa”

Helen comes back tells them that Nick and Jeremy are going to win every HOH they can easily get Elissa out next week.. She leaves
Andy: “Last week Elissa’s choice went home and this week Elissa’s choice should go home.. why don’t we just keep doing that”

Spencer: “let me just share one of my fears which is valid .. This is something I want you to pay attention to and don‘t fu***** talk to anybody about it “
Andy.. this alliance is big it’s too hard to maintain because you have conflicts of interest.. I’m worried about McCrae and Amanda flipping..
he explains that MC and Amanda flipping means the other side has the numbers.
They are a pair and they see that side as the strong side.. “don’t f***** bring it up with anybody just watch this week and see how McCrae and Amanda act.

Andy doesn’t see that happening he’s talked to Amanda extensively
They talk around in circles neither backing down from their stance.

(Looks like keeping Elissa is back on the table and only the MC stands in it’s way)


11:22am Bathroom Elissa and Judd

Elissa: “I think I’m going to but Nick up. He told me he basically told me he wasn’t going to do what I told him anyways”
Jud: “MHMHMHMHMhmhmhuihjuh XANAXdfdkfbnasdkfasdkjn as,dfhaskjfhasdkif ghasdiklulflsad” (OK)



Elissa starts her morning yoga.. (I’ll post a gallery in a bit)


11:48am Judd and Andy cam 1-2 backyard couch
Judd is on board with voting Nick out. He likes Nick but it’s a game and NIck is a threat. Judd doesn’t think Howard is going to vote their way. Andy says the group is strong they will all sit down and get on the same page with the plan. (Andy is going to be sad when He finds out how unsolid his group is)

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If I was Jeremy, I would keep Elissa until jury time. Beside, she will win MVP every week and need more votes.

George Zimmerman

If I were Jeremy, I would seek out the services of Dr Kervokian.

Charlie Hustle

Probably the most regrettable period of American history is the near genocide of the Native peoples. With that said, I find myself wishing early American settlers would have wiped out Jeremy’s ancestors specifically.

Peter Finkelstein

Jeremy is about as “Native American” as my great-uncle Morty Finkelstein.


Why the heck is Elissa even the target? I’m so confused. She’s not Rachel. They’re two different people. It’s not even a good game move to get out Elissa at this point (except for Jeremy and Kaitlyn). If these people were thinking with their heads, they would keep Elissa around because Elissa will target Jeremy, Kaitlyn and Aaryn, whilst she is everyone else’s target. This would cause them to float under the radar for a few weeks until the war between Elissa and Jeremy, Kaitlyn, and Aaryn is over.


Getting Elissa out is best for just about everyone at this point, because not only can she not win or contend in competitions, she has taken a huge advantage and messed it up every time! She couldn’t decide first week what to do, so she did what McCrae wanted. She didn’t stop to think that maybe McCrae would tell someone else, which he did. How did getting David out help her game? It got a guy that could probably have won physical competitions, but mostly she helped the MC, and especially McCrae. He got no blood on his hands and let Elissa take out their biggest threat. Then week 2, the deal was that she would be honest about winning the MVP, which she wasn’t, but she couldn’t help blabbing and everyone knows anyways. Instead of putting up someone she could possibly beat in a competition, or Helen might beat, like Gina or Kaitlin, she puts up Kelso, who wins the POV. Now she gets to piss off someone else. The joke is on her though, because the MC will protect Nick, and I think Andy and Judd will too. She should have just kept quiet, reminded people that Rachel also has haters, try to make it look like Jessie or Nick have MVP, and make smart nominations that leave some room for deniability. Last week she did what the others wanted, but this week she is going to piss off the MC unless she puts up Gina, Kaitlin or Candace. One thing I hate even more than production giving an unfair advantage to a player is when that player doesn’t even use it well. The game will be much more interesting when nobody knows for sure who has the power. As long as MC sticks together and McCrae can get his bitch in line, Elissa should go home. I don’t think Elissa is smart enough to put up Candace.


He does look like Kelso wow didnt notice until you mentioned it.All your points make a lot of sense!


I’m with you. I don’t get what all the vengeance for Elissa is about. She’s not even a threat. I understand they want other people to have a chance to win MVP, but for now why not just align yourself with her and milk the fact that you know she’s gonna get MVP and make a decision to use it together! That seems like a plan in everyone’s best interest. Now, enough people just need to get on board with it so they have the numbers to keep her and start picking of the jerks and mean girls. I guess something about being in the big brother house screws with some of these people’s ability to think through strategies. I just don’t see the benefit of Elissa going yet. I think if they got rid of Nick now (even though I do like him) it would be a big move because he’s proving to be a pretty good player. Alas, we shall just have to wait and see how this week plays out.


Oh, there you are Howard! Forgot you existed!

BB15 Unfkingbelievable!

Come on Elissa! Put up Candace or Kaitlyn as a replacement nominee. It would be sucked from Jeremy of losing her.


let’s be honest. do we really think jeremy cares that much about kaitlin? i guess it would suck for him to lose an ally. but that’s about as far as his concern will go. blah. I wish he wouldn’t have won POV.


With Andy doing all this game negotiations, he’s going to be in the absolute worst position if next week doesn’t turn out his way. It’s going to pretty much be him and helen and the flip flopper Candice alone.

The difficulty in this season is that all the alliances are mis matched. The moving company has Jeremy in it, yet he’s the head of the opposing mean girls group and then you got McC and Amanda, one of which is supposedly in the MC whilst the other is slowly becoming their biggest target…

Andy should clue into the fact that anyone that’s not down for saving Elissa that is in his 7 has an sub alliance.

Spencer doesn’t trust Elissa to vote his way with mvp so he’d rather take the risk that someone else might anonymously get it instead. This man’s lies should be very easy to see, I’m just waiting for Andy to wisen up before it’s too late and he’s up next week.

Keep Elissa and the mean girls will target Elissa. Get rid of Elissa and they will move onto the next target, whomever voted David out. It’s that simple.

Charlie Hustle

The only Renoms for MVPnom that would test any MC boundaries would be Kaitlyn and Amanda. Howard, Spencer and Nick have to question whether Jeremy and McCrae’s allegience is sound. Candice might get a couple of the Aryan brotherhood’s votes for racial purities sake, but even with questions, the MC would rally around Nick in order to get Elissa out. That is a bad move.


I hope Elissa gets to stay ONE MORE WEEK. At least then we’ll get to see how she will play when every odd is stacked against her, and every person has lied to her. If she can’t win a comp by next week (POV, HOH, WHTVR), then she truly is just riding on Rachel’s coattails, because her social game is bleak. In her defense, she is unfairly targeted by brain deads who won’t even give her a change to bond/align. The brain deads just jump on a bandwagon; “if one hates someone, we all hate that person” is the mantra.

In other news, I think McCrae is playing a decent game so far. There have been 4 comps…McCrae won 2. That’s 1/2 of all comps so far, but because he isn’t cocky, obnoxious, and idiotic like Jeremy, he goes largely unnoticed for the threat he ca be.

A$$hole #1

We already know how she plays with everyone stacked against her, she SUCKS… Staying another week would just prove that fact even more. We don’t need anymore evidence.

She needs productions help if she wants to win competitions…


Elissa I love you but please don’t put nick up! Her fate is pretty much sealed if she does. I hope she puts up Kaitlin.


Ya it kinda sucks cuz, there’s no way both the moving company and Aaryn’s little group will vote out Nick, by doing this she’s pretty much sealing her own fate without even realizing it.


Jud: “MHMHMHMHMhmhmhuihjuh XANAXdfdkfbnasdkfasdkjn as,dfhaskjfhasdkif ghasdiklulflsad” (OK)

LOL…Simon you crack me up yo!!


Seriously they need to check his dose! This dude is super drugged up! I haven’t been able to understand anything this dude has said lol


Xfghdh juyyygn ssfrdlll mmmmagfffts* (*That was awesome Simon)


Elissa I love you but please don’t put up nick! If she does her fate is pretty much sealed. I hope she puts up Kaitlin.


So has Elissa made up her mind as to who she is putting up? Between Nick and Kaitlin being thrown around as ideas, it is hard to keep track


Stupidist game move is getting rid of Elissa!!!

A$$hole #1

No the stupidest game move would be keeping Elissa in the house, so production can think up another rig to keep her safe, since she clearly have no clue how to use MVP to her advantage. I guarantee, if they keep her, she will somehow he a power that will keep her safe.

A$$hole #1

Judd, the Drugged Powerhouse.. The Mumbling is going to win him 500k, so he can blow it all on a truck filled with Xanax…


As much as I hate to admit it because I think he’s swine, spencer is playing a really good game.


i hope he gets caught up in all his lies and the other side ends up taking him out. i don’t like him, or jeremy from MC. i do hope mccrae (+amanda), nick (+gina) and howard make it really far in the game, and helen too, she’s a really good gamer who’s unfortunately on the wrong side of the house.


Or she could put up Candice.


Why is Spencer throwing McCrae under the bus to Andy? Does the moving company even consider McCrae as an ally, or was he simply brought in the group because he was HOH?
Color me confused..

Delilah Jones

The previous comment is mine.. forgot to include my name.. lol

Delilah Jones

Thanks Simon! With all of the chaos in the house, I am starting to get confused.. lol


Nice! Jessie’s going to go crazy if she doesn’t get some type of showmance, lol.

Speaking of showmances, I’d like to see Kaitlin be the replacement and leave this week. I think Jeremy and Aaryn would start hooking up, they’re so alike.


for those who say Elissa isn’t playing the game – she is – she is fighting to stay in the game……not like Rachel – but her own way……since BB really likes her and America too (we love our underdogs) production will put ideas in house guest heads to keep her……sounds like it is working…..
get rid of Nick this week,
BD Jeremy ( unless he goes insane and punches someone – maybe someone could provoke him) they can get rid of one Bully……Kaitlyn would fall apart and leave the show too…..
Spencer – he is vile
Aaryn –


If she puts up Nick, Elissa will go home 100%.

MC will vote to keep him. Jeremy, Howard, Spencer, McCrae, Kaitlyn… and Amanda will likely vote to keep Nick too if McCrae tells her to, regardless of what’s best for Amanda’s game.


Gina will not vote Nick out either, so even if Amanda flips, Nick should be safe. I even think Andy and Judd will probably come around too and get Elissa out.

Delilah Jones

I agree.. Elissa is playing the game, the best she knows how. She has realized and admitted her mistakes, and is fighting hard to stay in the game.


I’d rather see Kaitlin go up than Nick, but if the MC sticks together, the rest of the house really can’t save Elissa.

I’m all for Elissa leaving, she’s not a real player. Production just keeps giving her MVP to keep the house chaotic.

I’d like to see the MC let the rest of them (Andy, Judd, Amanda, Candice) go ahead and vote to keep Elissa and hang them out to dry, but I don’t think McCrae would do that to Amanda.

A$$hole #1

Exactly…. Once MVP is fairly up for grabs, alliances will start to crumble…Chaos and Drama will live and breath in the BB house…


Production needs to stop calling Nick to the DR, lol. They’re not even showing an abundant amount of his DR sessions on air and it’s messing with his game.


When is the POV ceremony? Is it today?


Over the MC. OVER IT. They are so silly to get rid of Elissa this early. She’s obviously not great at competitions and if you’re her ally chances are you guys would have control over MVP. Kick Jeremy out of the MC. Make the BB house a better place. Haha


i am over elissa, OVER HER – cant wait to see mvp go to someone who deserves it for quality gameplay


With Nich up, is it?
Elissa for eviction –

Nick for evict:?


McCrae and Amanda will vote together, probably to evict Elissa.


um… Helen doesn’t get to vote, she’s nominated.

Poon Hammer

If production would keep their grubby whittle hands out of this game it would be really cool. Toss these morons about 5 cases of beer and a case of wine today and let the best live show ever unfold.

A$$hole #1

That’s their main problem, they can’t keep their hands out the game, Twist, is just their word for Rig…


I give Amanda a 2 week tine clock in this house.

A$$hole #1

Yes Elissa, keep destroying your sister’s legacy by putting Nick up…. That’s totally what Rachel would do, she wouldn’t want get Jeremy so pissed he would mess up his own game being pissed about his showmance Kaitlin leaving.


I honestly don’t know why Elissa is liked by America so much. She has played this MVP advantage pretty terribly. Now if she puts Nick up, it will seal the deal for her. Even with the extra powers she’s had, if she can’t make it work, she deserves to go home.
Plus I think it will make the game more interesting when the house doesn’t actually know who the MVP is.

A$$hole #1

That’s the thing, she isn’t liked at all, America is voting for her 90% because she’s Rachel’s sister, 5% because they feel sorry for her, and 5% because they hate everyone else. If America were to vote for who’s playing the best game, which is what the MVP should to be for, she would never get a vote.

George Zimmerman

I voted for Elissa because she looks good in spandex.


if your vote was based on that you should have voted Jess


I don’t watch the feeds, but I obsessively read the updates on this site. (Thanks simon!) and it is truly PAINFUL sometimes. I am just waiting for the moment when it becomes enjoyable again. J and the Mean Girls really make this season unbearable. Not that I could ever stop watching/reading… but I find myself doing *face. palm.* quite often. once those three are gone (plus Spencer because I could totally do without the word c**t..) I think it will be pretty close to tolerable again. That being said, I am kind of enjoying the flip flopping and two-facedness of the house.. it keeps me guessing. (yet is still frustrating at times when I really want to know the truth!) this season has potential. I’m not sure yet who I would like to see win it all though.

Cher-yl Strongthighs

Elissa will win it all.


I know that elissa has never even thought of this but what if she put up Amanda? The MC want her out bad. what would they do? mcrae and Jeremy would vote out elissa but what about the other 3?

Cher-yl Strongthighs

Put up Jeremy, my brother, I’m getting wet thinking of his homecoming.


Elissa should been trained by Rachel of winning every comp by now. Thanks Rachel for not trained her to win.

Cher-yl Strongthighs

Jeremy’s girlfriend, (I am also his sister). If pot roasts were one word, she would be doing good.


If Nick gets voted out, I’m gonna cry. I’m so scared for him right now. Why isn’t he freaked out about this?!!

Cher-yl Strongthighs

Don’t you remember when he said if he went up that he would laugh, will you be laughing with him?


Well…the nip shot of Jessie showed me she was still in the BB house and seems to be alive! No one seems to be talking much to her or is she just not talking to anyone else in the house. I don’t see many comments on here about her either, since she let us know she is the prettiest and all the other girls hate her for that lol! Even Judd crawled out of the BB basement and scrambled up to the HOH room.

Cher-yl Strongthighs

Did she actually show it, or did it just protrude through her clothing?

jason lee 79

my points are if you want to get the mean club out keep the mvp the house would control the numbers the mc is already abroken alliance nick is shady as hell spencer to even know that hes on ameicas craplist and at least we would know who the mvp was every week they should know they were all in danger if elissa goes nick might becool but has no loyalty mcrae wont grow balls and pick aside these hgs are all wussies for being affraid of jeremy i dont believe amrica wants racist homphobic or mysoginnistic hgs to win big brother if elissa does have to go helen judd or andy would be best for mvp

Cher-yl Strongthighs

I knew that the Moving Company wouldn’t last.