Judd says Helen asked him to promise to not put up Kaitlin but I don’t want to be tied to that.

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


8:20am – 8:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds return, Helen and Elissa are up in the HOH room talking. Helen is talking to Elissa about how Kaitlin is doing them a huge favour. Helen says that she is just going to ask Jeremy to take a seat. Elissa says take a seat my dude. Helen heads downstairs to the backyard where Judd is to ask him is she can get his bear tshirt to wear during the veto ceremony. Kaitlin comes out to the backyard and says this is going to be a horrible day. She has a smoke and is told to put her mic on. She says figures! Because she just lit up her cigarette. Kaitlin heads inside. McCrae and Judd talk. Judd says that Helen asked him to promise to not put up Kaitlin for a while. Judd says that he said he wouldn’t but tells McCrae that he doesn’t want to be tied to that promise. He says that stuff the other night was so high school. Kaitlin comes back out. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Elissa is chatting with Amanda. Big Brother calls Helen to the diary room. Elissa looks at Amanda and says she hopes it isn’t happening now because you’re not ready. Amanda jokingly says she hopes it does start so her hair stays. Amanda heads out side and tells the others that she woke up feeling like a McDonald’s French fry.
CBS Interactive Inc.

9am – 9:30am Judd tells McCrae and Amanda that Aaryn told him that she is on to him. He says that he told her that she is a lot smarter than he lets on to be. Judd says I don’t know what that means, I never told anyone I was stupid. Maybe its my accent. The conversation turns to talking about Gina and Nick. Judd laughs and says watch it be Gina that voted her out by saying I love Nick while voting and they take that as her vote. Amanda says that she can’t believe Gina thinks she has a chance. Amanda says that watch Nick is married. Amanda tells the other how last night Gina was talking about visiting Nick and how much it will cost her to get into the city to see him. Amanda says that Gina talked about how she and Nick were really together for 6 months in the real world because of how you’re together all the time in the house. Amanda says that Gina used her fingers to calculate that. Amanda, Judd, Andy and McCrae talk about Kaitlin using the veto. Amanda says she is worried more if Kaitlin didn’t use the veto. Judd says he is worried Kaitlin would put him up if she won HOH> Amanda says no, you are a minnow compared to the fish she wants to fry. Judd asks like Howard and Spencer. Amanda says yeah. Amanda says I called Aaryn a racist right in front of everyone and she is still licking my butt hole. They talk about how Aaryn doesn’t care if Jeremy leaves. Amanda says that Kaitlin kicking a$$ in the veto competition makes her look like a bigger threat. Andy says that he doesn’t think there are any trail blazing racist in the house, I just think some people say stupid things. Amanda says she has taken so many Porto Rican showers. McCrae says that’s racist. Amanda says no it’s not. McCrae says yes it is, you are attributing a lesser shower to a group of people. Amanda jokes and says well then they should take more showers. Just kidding! Judd tells her he is going to wash her mouth out with soap. Judd heads inside. Andy tells the others that they need to work on alleviating Judd’s paranoia. Amanda says that she can’t believe Jeremy took one of the gold dinosaurs and put it in his bag. Amanda says I am going to go grab one of the big planes and put it in my vag!na. They hope when Jeremy goes home, the never not pass comes back up for grabs.

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9:40pm Amanda comments on how skinny Kaitlin is and calls her a fu*king c**t rag for being so skinny. Amanda brings up how close Candice and Howard are getting. She says they are kissing and stuff. She says at least it keeps her quiet. Meanwhile up in the HOH – Helen gives Kaitlin that they have her back and tell her that she has told others they can’t evict her too. She says others asked if they could use you as a pawn when it gets down to it and I said yes but that we can’t vote you out. Helen says that she did have a big speech planned but I not going to say it to be respectful of you. Kaitlin says good because I would get really emotional. Helen says that Howard and Spencer are next, there will be a couple weeks of relaxing. Helen says this is your HOH too, we will have a nail party. You are co-HOH this week. Kaitlin says okay. She says that Jeremy is taking this surprisingly well. Kaitlin heads down stairs.


9:55am – 10:05am Candice comes up to the HOH room. Helen explains how she made some deals with Kaitlin because she is doing them a huge favour for doing this. Helen tells Candice that others want Howard out for lying but Jeremy is a jerk on top of being a liar. Helen says that it is kind of symbolic that Jeremy is leaving on my HOH and Kaitlin’s POV. They talk about how Gina’s behaviour after Nick’s eviction hurt her and she will probably go out because of it. Candice says that she thinks Gina is milking the Nick thing for the cameras. Helen says the big question is if Aaryn wins HOH who would she put up. Candice says oh me for sure. Helen says and Howard, and he would go home. Candice says I will hold on for dear life to not let Aaryn win HOH. Helen says that it would be nice for Jessie to win it and to be able to send Aaryn out of the house. They talk about how Jessie needs a lot of affirmations. Helen lets it slip that Elissa is the MVP this week and not McCrae like they had told the others. (Candice didn’t question it) Candice says that every time she sees Aaryn she thinks of her flipping my mattress and I want to choke her! Helen says that she thinks Aaryn is so beautiful that she has gotten away with everything. She is just to quiet that her personality never developed. Big Brother tells them this is a lock down, please go outside and close the sliding glass door. Candice heads downstairs and Big Brother switches the feeds to TRIVIA for the veto ceremony.


CBS Interactive Inc.

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how come that Elissa is the favorite here? I mean seriously?!! I’m so ready for her to go home


dawg is way down the list at 8, inexcusable.


I like how no one responded to you and just flooded you with downvotes for not agreeing with them, I too would like to know why elissa is so popular. She obviously has no clue how to play this game, and does not deserve MVP.

BB superfan2013

I think Elissa is a mole planted by BB production. She is very phoney and does not come across as actually caring about anyone in this game. Watch her expressions when she tries to show sympathy for other players.


I think that has more to do with all the plastic surgery.


Drama queens love Rachel/Ellisa types.
It allows them to feel that that there are more annoying people then themselves.


La la la

The things Amanda says just crack me up!


she is disgusting


I find it funny how she thinks that just because she runs all over McCrae that she thinks she gets the last say in everything, who goes, who stays, etc. LOL.

Nah Nah Nah

Yeah. Talking about puerto rican showers, her vagina and showcasing her fake overdone boobs is hilarious. You must be rolling in the aisles over all the fart comments.


like i said, she is disgusting, and you mentioned most of the stuff thats disgusting..shes lso a bully, an noone calls her out on it bc shes a girl..shes a femail verison of jeremy..


amanda the cbs in house spokesperson for anti racism is involved in the following conversation…

Amanda says she has taken so many Porto Rican showers.
McCrae says that’s racist.
Amanda says no it’s not.
McCrae says yes it is, you are attributing a lesser shower to a group of people.
Amanda jokes and says well then they should take more showers. Just kidding!
Judd tells her he is going to wash her mouth out with soap.

ffs you cannot be serious


GinaMarie still obsesses with Nick, GM GET OVER IT! Nick gone!


to use jersey shore talk gina is a grenade – nick had to put up with her for the moving company, take one for the team


I feel like Helen is doing too much with this HOH…so much that it is going to bite her when she least expects it too.


Amanda says I am going to go grab one of the big planes and put it in my vag!na. WTF.


Amanda is so funny!


it proves that if you have big fake tits you can get away with alot

but she is def not funny, she just has no class


Such a boring and predictable week. Wish Jeremy had the Dan skills to pull off a funeral just to shake up the sunshine and rainbows alliance (Helen)

Dawn Boone

Hey BiggestFan I’m with u I was thinking the same thing about Dan. I’m not counting him totally out because the Dan thing keeps coming in my head!!


You need to have a brain to pull off what Dan did and unfortunately Jeremy is lacking one.


I think Amanda will turn on Helen soon. Amanda might be the smartest player this season! I really like her.


She won’t turn on helen


another person bamboozled by big fake tits

what else is there to like about this woman?


Helen is making promises she can’t keep. If they protect Kaitlin, send Jeremy home and stick together, it leaves only GM and Aaryn on the “wrong side” of the house. Helen has no power after today and if anyone but Helen or Andy win HOH, nobody will think twice about nominating Kaitlin if it helps their game. Helen will be just one vote, if she is lucky enough to stay off the block next week. She talked too much to too many people, she threatened the big guys, she thought she had everyone controlled, and she has made too many promises. The power and the alliances will shift next week. We will see that start happening as soon as the replacement nomination is done. Howard and Spencer will start trying to reform a solid alliance, probably using Candace and maybe Aaryn and Gina. They are just waiting until Helen no longer has the power to make them bow and scrape to her. If Helen doesn’t tone it down soon she will lose McCrae, Amanda and Judd, who are the ones that saved her and Elissa from going home last week. I hope Elissa goes home soon and the MVP gets a chance with other players. I was liking Helen, but she messed up this week. Anyone who wins HOH has to always keep in mind that whatever they do when they are HOH can go against them once their reign is over. Helen forgot that. It’s time to get some of the girls out of the house. I am rooting for Amanda, McCrae and Judd. I hope Kaitlin wins the next HOH and puts up Elissa and Helen. Elissa is a loose cannon and needs to go.


It will never happen, Helen & Elissa will never being on the block. Beside, Elissa is nice person not like Aaryn or GinaMarie!


Ya you’re right just like they’ve never been on the block so far! Oh wait, what happened last week again?


Yeah, I don’t really know what Helen is doing. She’s trying to make friends with everyone and bring everyone over to her side. Except that doesn’t work in a game like big brother because she will very quickly have to start going back on her word to keep people safe. It makes no sense. I like the drama, I like when people get into fights (not the racist ones. I wish there was normal hatred this season), and this whole “I would love for you to come over to our side” BS is just kind of irritating. I think next week there is going to be an alliance shift in the house because their group is too large and there’s no way to maintain that.


helen is trying to set herself up for the following week so nobody targets her, except for aaryn

I agree

I hope Kaitlin wins HOH and puts Helen on the block for sending Jeremy home.


I don’t get why Elissa is the favorite either lol….she hasn’t done anything in the game…..Howard for MVP!!!!


So these idiots will let the racist ho stay even the next couple of weeks?? This blows!!


Amanda is the best! My favorite in the game so far and playing it well. I think Helen is getting distracted with her friendships with Candice and especially Elissa. Elissa actually screwed Helen this week by putting up Spencer and the relationship is driving a wedge between Helen and Amanda which to me should be the real “Girl Alliance” here. Elissa hasn’t done anything is seems not be willing to play the game and Helen babys here over it. I think this strategy will backfire on Helen if she is not too careful.


I believe Simon had said on another post – he had heard – Elissa and Helen talking quietly and production told Elissa to put up Spensor and not Howard. so what are you gonna do?


We have three time stamps of them talking about it..


This whole thing about protecting the minorities from TPTB is really stupid. It takes away from the game. Howard may be on the wrong side of comments, but his game play should have him on the outs.


Say “NO” like Ian did when they asked him to save Dan. She chose to do what they wanted, she made it her play.


looking forward to the departure of amanda soon

she is so annoying and hyper and her voice is brutal

shes gotta lay off the adderal, at certain times its like shes done a few lines


And Helen does it again. She has now let it slip to 2 people that Elissa had the MVP. Way to be loyal to McCrae, oh sacred queen of loyalty and truth. I hope someone makes her cry and come clean about all of her lies, promises and final 3 deals like she did to others last week. I thought she would be calm and calculated, thinking before speaking, being in politics, but after seeing her this week, I find it hard to believe that she could run a winning campaign without blabbing about what she shouldn’t.


Amanda has completely blown ANY chance she had of getting MVP with her racist and insulting comments. She is not as bad as Aaryn, but…Puerto Rican showers???? and her comment about Asians break out when they drink? These are but the latest of her comments. I am hoping that someone figures out that they need to split up McCrae and Amanda sooner rather than later. Leaving a couple in the game is dangerous…the recent BBCAN is a perfect example.


exactly but amanda is certainly nowhere near the overall player jillian was in bb canada


elissa is the fav on this website too? wow. no wonder she wins the cbs polls, she can’t even lose on this spoiler site.

I voted dawg out of pure lack of anyone to root for.


BB15 bigest mess was Elissa and MVP!!


I give Amanda credit for how she reacts to things. for being so outspoken, and frankly, scary…she sure can keep her emotions in check on big things like mcrae and his alliance etc. but then she will go blow something out of proportion that is about 1/100th in size in comparison. its weird. but often it seems everything she does in that house is calculated. something you can’t say for everyone else.

what Kaitlin and aaryn don’t seem to get is that people have won BB in the smaller group, with a smaller alliance, it just takes better gameplay, and production to like you enough to hook you up a bit. they aren’t doing themselves any favors, and I actually think Big Brother has changed their original plans, and will give some breaks to Amanda now, as opposed to aaryn or Kaitlin.

STFU Donnie

I agree with your Amanda observation, but not necessarily your analysis. The bottom line is her reaction to the MC did not impact her emotionally because she is stringing McCrae along and his confession only confirmed she has him wrapped around her finger. She’s not dumb. He gave up a great spot in the house…for her. Helen and Andy being so upset with Howard and Spencer respectively, proves that Amanda likes McCrea…but she doesn’t really like like him.

But when she feels threatened or paranoid, then strategy goes to the background and her emotions drive her tactics. For me that is Amanda’s definition as a player (and I believe she is the best in the game): A fantastic strategist, but a mediocre tactician. She’s like a World War II General who knows that if she takes Normandy then moves to Paris then to Frankfurt before descending on Berlin that is how she wins the war…but she takes the beach when patrols are highest, then concentrates her troops rather than out-flanking Paris, then sends an underwhelming force to Frankfurt, before waiting too long to enter Berlin, allowing the Russians to take control of the city.

But I don’t know that there are any other generals in the house to capitalize on her weak tactics…


Helen is not surprising at all!!! after all she is a politician


When does Arryn Nation impersonate Asian people and how she thinks they speak in nail salons? Does anyone have a date/time stamp? i have the feeds and want to see it for myself.


I think Elissa has a lot in her, a lot of potential. Helen needs to leave, i’m guessing Howard will get HOH next week, and Howard or Candice MVP after last nights episode.. Candice and Elissa will work together it will be amazing


Elissa didnt have a choice in thr first 2 weeks and has really been a production mole, but she hasnt over shared info (except the first week) and ultimatly has been playing a smart quiet game as well as Mccrey…

I BET Aaryn goes home this week


If I hear Helen say this is the peoples HOH one more time I will puke! She’s doing the most! It’s over kill! people are going to get so annoyed.


Making promises of saftey for using the veto to save yourself is one of the stupidest thing ive seen on BB. Im thinking Helen may secretly want to keep Katlin to final two because she knows no one would give her the money. Helen is great but shes gotten a little power hungry like every politician.


MVP is whoever PRODUCTION wants it to be! Do you really think that PRODUCTION are taking the viewers votes and ACTUALLY counting them? HAHA The America VOTING is BS it has been from the beginning of Big Brother!! They PRODUCTION/CBS/BIG BROTHER tried to let America vote back in season 1 and it was a DISASTER!!! and the viewership and ratings were low!! That is why they NOW let the houseguests vote! LIVE to add the DRAMA on TV. I really wish I knew who was making ALL the money on people voting because they are ripping the public off! Right now Ellisa makes GREAT TV (and she won’t cause waves) plus she is part of the Big Brother/CBS family! She already admitted that she and the whole family devoted to PRODUCTION!! But as soon as she said it OF COURSE the live feed went to we will be right back lol! So they (PRODUCTION) will continue to tell her how to vote and who to vote off and she will continue to be SUPPOSEDLY picked by America.. We will see how far CBS is willing to go to get the RATINGS!! they need.


The problem is that Elissa is not making good tv. She is boring, she is whiny, she refuses to talk to people she doesn’t like (what kind of game play is that?), she is an airhead that still mixes up the other players names and nominates the wrong person and has a sense of being special and entitled that is making me sick. She had a great advantage and she hasn’t used it wisely all three times. The MVP twist would have been great if they did it differently. They should start assigning points for certain behaviours and moves, not make it a popularity contest for cat ladies and Brenchel fans. They tell the HG that it is America’s vote, but in reality, fans can assign or take away points for things the HG do. At the end, whoever gets the most points is MVP and they aren’t allowed to tell. THAT would be fun. Watching Brenchel play through Elissa who is just as annoying as Rachel, but nowhere near as fun to hate or game smart against people that are trying to play the game is just boring and stupid. They might as well fast forward to final 4 with Candice, Howard, Elissa and Helen. I say it every year, they need to shake up production and casting before this show gets cancelled. They are running a great show into the ground and it gets worse every year.


I Cant see production giving Elissa MVP 3 weeks in a row yes maybe the first one.


you are not allowed to talk about production

I'm Tall

Candy is going to Howard that McCrae is not the MVP and then the sh*t will hit the fan! Amanda and Crae are going to get it! LOL. I love it.

Bumbling bee

run Nick! The Long Island troll doll is gonna get you!


At this point I can’t see anyone but Elissa winning MVP for the rest of the time she’s in the house. If she gets to the end and wins I’m gonna laugh my a$$ off, because it will become apparent that this is the worst twist of all time. Why not just make America HoH every week CBS, and have them vote to evict whoever they want, it’s obviously what you want CBS. Don’t even give the houseguests the illusion that any gameplay they have will make it to the end when you handpick who you want to win before the season even starts.


I really hate this MVP twist this year. Why is Ellissa still winning it? She is one of the worst players. The MVP was suppose to be designed to go to the best player in the game. But the way it is going, people are giving it to someone only because she is related to a former house guest, not because she deserves it. It gives one side of the house a perpetual HOH. I don’t like the Triangle of Thrust alliance, but I do like when the power shifts back and forth in the game for entertainment purposes. And when there are powershifts, it elicits better game play. But all we are seeing is people sucking up to Elissa’s like Andy, Amanda, Mcrea, Judd. And then those that are forced to like, Candace, Jessie, Howard and Spencer.


Amanda should be in stand up comedian or be on Whose line it anyway.




on the TALK today julie talk about big brother house and the racist remarks i could see big brother not letting howard or candice leave anytime soon i see a african american final 2 , not just african but not andy nor hellen


i want cbs to show all the offenders comments so its fair, including the cbs in house racism expert amanda


George/Gina Marie Zimmerman.

Dawn Boone

Ding Dong the big bad beast is almost dead!!!!!! Thursday can’t come soon enough!! I do worry some that he may be able to pull a Dan Jr!!


He done! The almost self proclaim beast is dead. No sequester, just going home.


I’m pretty sure that by saying ‘it’s the people’s HOH’, she thinks she won’t take all the hits from anyone who wants revenge from her reign. She can say it was ‘the people’s’ so they should also be blamed?

Amanda's Disgusting

Honestly, after seeing Amanda make those comments, she is no better than Aaryn and GinaMarie. I hate how she walks around the house and expects everyone to do what she wants. Like, sorry Hitler, people can do what they want, and if you don’t like it, then how about you win something and change things up, instead of complaining.


in amandas mind…

she can be racist, homophobic, a bully, a flirt

but anyone else that does it she will give them a hard time


Amanda may be savy but I really Can’t stand her. Howard’s name always has to leave her mouth in every conversation. And it’s because he’s on to her. And has called her out.She wants to be the only one truly calling the shots. And Andy and his ” look what I did” mentality. Like “if it wasn’t for me kaitlyn you’d be gone” he’s always looking for validity and is like a child that needs credit and attention. He always says something along those lines. ” I told so and so this and now you’re safe because of me” it’s rather annoying. Lol.


My fans this season are def Elissa Candace and Helen even though I’m a little dissapointed with Helen about her attitude this week wanting to make deals with everybody in the house especially Kaitlin who I hate and hope goes home soon. I have a feeling next week either Howard is going to win hon and put up aaryn and Kaitlin or someone from Helen’s alliance will win how but Candace will win MVP and put up aaryn. The reason I said ths is because Elissa said production didn’t want her to put howard up. One reason for that is that bb knew that Howard was a tArget and may go home instead of jeremy and with the way howardand Candace were portrayed last nite, they can’t have Howard leave before aaryn or jeremy because America would be in uproar. I predict that if bb thinks Howard has a chance of going home they will give the MVP to Candace so that Howard doesn’t leave before aaryn and impove their image since people are signing petitions to kick aaryn out.