Andy kisses Gina goodnight. Spencer says he puts d!*ks in his mouth. Gina says YUM, so do I!

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

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12am Jeremy asks Andy to send Howard home after him because he has been throwing me under the bus. Jeremy tells Andy that hit disgust him. Jeremy says that Howard told Kaitlin that from day one that Jeremy had been making Kaitlin a target. Jeremy says that he knows Kaitlin will see that’s not true when she goes home. Jeremy says that he feels he deserves here to be over Howard. Andy says that Howard would pull him aside and would tell him he wanted to work with Andy to the end when he didn’t. Andy says that he doesn’t think Jeremy threw Howard under the bus by revealing the Moving Company. Andy says that Jeremy told Andy that Spencer always had Andy’s back even in the Moving Company. Andy says that Spencer about that too which it shows the type of g uy Jeremy is that he didn’t throw Spencer under the bus. Andy says that he wants Jeremy to know he really respects him as a player in this game and that he didn’t want Jeremy to go like this. Jeremy says it’s not over yet. Andy says yeah, but if this Jeremy had come in week one, it would be a totally different story. Jeremy says that his mom told him not to win everything coming in too. Jeremy says but I am a champion and I couldn’t help having that mindset.

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12:35am In the kitchen Gina and Aayrn are talking. Gina tells Aaryn that viewers will change the channel when we’re evicted. Gina says what the fu*k, those two hot blondes are gone? Fu*kk this! Aaryn says that she thinks people like Gina. Gina says that they like Aaryn. Gina tells Aaryn to win the HOH, as she is not good with smart questions. Gina says that the last HOH screwed her up because Nick had just been evicted. Gina says I need diagrams. Aaryn says it sucked a$$ sitting there and not being able to do a thing about it. Gina says that Jeremy was stupid walking around like the fu*king man. Gina says dude, not everything is physical! Aaryn says that one of them need to gets HOH send one of them home. Gina asks why Nick? Aaryn says because he tried to make deals with everyone in the house. Gina asks he did? Aaryn says the last thing she is going to do is go home and watch someone play her in front of her friends, family, colleagues. Aaryn says that at any point people can google any of what they have done. Gina wonders why Nick would play her. Aaryn says for your vote. Aaryn tries to convince Gina that Nick might have been playing her and that he didn’t like her the way she did. Gina making excuses. Aaryn keeps on telling her that she just doesn’t want her to look like an idiot. Aaryn says that she has heard from multiple people that Nick said bad things about her. Aaryn says that she isn’t trying to be harsh, but says that people say that all Gina thinks about is Nick. Aaryn says that Jeremy wants to be here, but all Gina does is talk about Nick, and Nick talks behind her back. Gina says Nick would only talk behind her back to throw people off and make them think we weren’t close. Aaryn says that she thinks her and Gina might be the only two real people in the house. Kaitlin joins them and tells them how the others are outside talking sh*t about Nick. Gina says she is going to go out there and see if they continue. Aaryn says that Gina is embarrassing and it pushes her away. Kaitlin says that she is not going home for a long time. Aaryn asks who told her that. Kaitlin says a lot of people said it. Jeremy says that people never got upset when she called them cockroaches.

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1:15am In the storage room Amanda and Judd are talking about how annoying Gina is in the house. Back in the the kitchen – Kaitlin says that her and Jeremy worked on a sign to communicate after he is gone. She says it’s I’m okay a**hole! Andy says that he told his family that he would wear yellow socks when he was thinking them and he wears them at live shows. Aaryn says she told her family she would fart really loud when she was thinking of them. Andy jokes that he wants to screw up a live show and go in the diary room during voting and vote out house guests that aren’t even nominated. He says or vote out house guests that doesn’t even exist. Jeremy says that once dated a girl and made her say yes sir, no sir everytime she talked to him. Aaryn asks why she is not surprised he would do something so douchey like that.


1:35am Out on the backyard hammock – Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae are joking around. Amanda says that McCrae told her to shut the fuck up. Aaryn says that they should call McCrae an abusive woman beater. Aaryn says that she wonders if people will come up and ask if they were on Big Brother. Aaryn says that Ian said he feels like he is 1% a celebrity. Saying that he forgets that people know who he is. Amanda says she thinks both Aaryn and McCrae will both be pretty memorable. Aaryn says yeah the ones that actually do sh*t will be remembered and the racist ones. McCrae and Amanda laugh. Aaryn says thanks for making me reference that night a$$hole. Aaryn says that she can’t deal with Gina anymore. Amanda says her and Nick were fatal attraction. Amanda says that they are going to make her look like a crazy person. McCrae says it will be a funny segment. Amanda says that Nick said he fu*king hated Gina but she didn’t listen. Aaryn says that she told Gina if she keeps it up, she will never find a guy.


2:30am Andy comes out into the backyard and says goodnight to the house guests. Andy kisses Gina goodnight. Judd says you just made out with Andy. Spencer says that is more than you’ve made out in the whole house. Gina says that was hot! Spencer says he puts dicks in his mouth. Gina says YUM, so do I! Gina then says sorry mom!



2:50am – 4am Judd and Gina talk on the backyard couches. Judd says that Nick wanted him out next. Gina says no he didn’t. Judd says that he stayed up too late and it prevented Nick from talking to his alliance. Gina says that Nick liked him and says that is not true. Judd says that even if he had voted for Nick to stay, he still would have gone. Judd says that he heard Nick wanted Judd and then Andy out after. Gina says that Nick liked Judd. Gina talks about how she could move in with Nick. The only thing we haven’t done is meet each others families. Gina continues to talk about Nick and about how she knew his schedule. Everyone heads to bed but Amanda and McCrae who hand out in the lounge room for a bit talking about random things. They then head off to bed.


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Pretty girls still rise to the top just ’cause they’re pretty? Kaitlin, proving to be a comp threat now, is given chances because of her looks – she’s still a nasty skank who’s a true mean girl. Bugs the crap outta me. Get rid of her too!


Any coicidence on Aaryn’s parents part that her name, if letters rearranged = Aryan.


HEY GinaMarie and Aaryn no one likes you on t.v. why because you are racists and the whole world sees that. Honestly the mvp is going to be boring now Ellisa, Helen, or Amanda are going to get M.V.P every week now.


everyone keeps commenting on the girls behavior although they are mean girls Spencer is totally disgusting. Do they not get the concept of cameras and microphones


He is disgusting. Obviously, they all talk this way in real life or else they wouldn’t be on camera. Either they surround themselves with like people and this kind of talk is so common place and acceptable to them that they wouldn’t think twice about censoring what is about to come out of their mouths. Spencer may not come home to a girlfriend with the crap he says.


Spencer is soooooo misogynistic and homophobic, not to mention anti Semitic…’s appalling. The show seems to focus just on Aaryn – which they should – but they should also be showing Gina’s bigotry, and Spencer’s. someone that can actually praise hitler for a genocide is a very verrrrrrry scary person. In general he talks about women like they are trash and only good for his using. He is proving what the rest of the world already thinks about Americans being uneducated and racist. Way to go.


I think Spencer is a disgusting pig, but what did he say about praising Hitler? I must have missed that one thank goodness.


Aaryn says that she and Gina are the two most real people in the house. I guess so because you hid none of your ugliness from the world.

I cannot believe Gina is still whining about Nick. I hate to say this, but Aaryn is right, she keeps this up and no man will want to date her. She is too desperate.

I love the wheels are turning to see if they can keep Jeremy this week.I don’t think Spencer is as big of a threat to want to get out over Aaryn *if* Kaitlyn didn’t use veto. I’m pretty sure Kaitlyn will use the veto on herself.

It will be interesting to see how Kaitlyn, Aaryn and Gina act if they win HOH this week. They are acting all contrite and friendly with the other house guests. I’m sure it’s just to keep themselves off the radar.

Man, everyone is paranoid of Howard. I’m not even sure he is that big of a threat. Either he’s great at losing comps or he hasn’t showed us he can win anything yet. If he wins HOH, it might get interesting again because I’m not sure who he would put up.


Last night’s BB was so funny: GinaMarie going off; Amanda cracking up in the other room. Howard TRYING to throw the have-not comp (kudos!); McCrae competing at his best (pretty bad) and their team still lost.

Why isn’t Aryn’s family feigning a family emergency and pull Aryn out of BB? A lot of damage control. Aryn now has to get some black and Asian friends.

I was cathcing up on the posts and there was one from yesterday that had Judd talk about how he knew he wouldn’t be able to memorize stuff so he was memorizing things wrong to throw other people’s game off.

Helen is, you know, coo-coo, you know, for Coca Puffs, you know,

Why are you making deals with Kaitlin using her veto? Kaitlin’s milking her veto for all it’s worth; of course, she’s going to use the veto. Absolutely, positively, no but’s about it. But, if she doesn’t use it, definitely vote her off! She’s a strong player and has a good social game. Kaitin’s too smart to constantly saying inapproriate things; think it, don’t say it.

STFU Donnie

I continue to think that if Kaitlin were a fan or had a mind for strategy, she would see that the SuperFriends going so hard for her to use the veto WHILE SHE’S ON THE BLOCK is a dead give away that Kaitlin is the 3rd target currently on the block…if even that. Just as likely she’s a pawn. Not using the veto is a big, big gamble…but if I was in her spot, I would think long and hard about it. Clearly they always wanted Jeremy and once he’s gone who’s next? How many people go before they come for her. Is it really worth giving up your partner to buy an extra week or two or is it better to risk leaving now for potentially staying with the partner that can help you to the end? The safe play was always use it and stay safe…but the hard sell would make me pause and think.


Gina Marie’s last name is not Italian – what is she?






All of the above plus desperate and delusional.


oh and unemployed.


How cute and I’m sure production places bets on who will hook up – Candace and Howard hooking up over common daddy issues and other hard knocks.


With Production being so involved and “racist” ratings commanding high $$’s… I truly believe one of the “Underdogs”/or “Victims” of racism will Win this year. There is no way CBS is willing to take all the heat if a racist wins. Their advertisers would be forced to leave in droves. But, if a “victim” wins, more $$’s, “exposure/social media gain for both advertisers… and BB/CBS… Fairly predictable.


America should have a vote on the one person they want out of the house.. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that either a racist, a homophobic or a misogynist is going to either make it far or win this game.


Give America the MVP choice to vote someone out! America’s choice to be evicted this week is..


Can someone please tell me what Jeremy is a Champion of? (I know it’s a loaded question ;).


Champion of a load of shit.


His mommy said he is, so I guess he is!!


Hey Aaryn & Jeremy, whole America don’t like you and especially GinaMarie & Kaitlin. Too bad you all never get MVP. No chance!


Spencer is disgusting. He brings nothing to the game, he’s gameplay sucks and he dug his own grave.


Scenario votes to evict
Evicted Aaryn: Andy, Candace, Amanda, Elissa,
Evicted Jeremy:Judd,McCrae, Jessie
Evicted Spencer:GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Howard
Evicted Aaryn:Andy,Candace,Amanda,Elissa,Kaitlin
Evicted Jeremy:Howard,McCrae,Judd,Jessie,GinaMarie
Evicted Spencer:none
Helen decide vote either Aaryn or Jeremy


Why is Elissa MVP every week? What has she done that is so amazing in this game? I think Helen should win it.


Gina Marie thinks shes hot, roflmao! Only with a thousand pounds of make up.


We’ve seen a few of those over the years, Rachel being the most popular, with tons of makeup she’s beautiful, but without makeup she is the spitting image of BoyGeorge.

Natural beauty is beautiful will or without makeup, anyone can look beautiful with makeup on.


Wish I was joking about the BoyGeorge things, but we actually did photo comparisons.


Well I must be attracted to Boy George then cause I would take Rachel over any of these girls.


I cannot believe how disgusting some of the guys are with the cameras and microphones on all the time. Howard keeps burping. Spencer is just all around gross. They all chew with mouths open. I wonder how fast they forget about the cameras.


Why do they want Howard out so bad? I think people getting things mixed up because I thought he swore on the bible to get David out not for Nick.(is that right?). And honestly if production really do persuade the HOH or MVP on their Nomination, I would not be surprise if theytry to make sure Aaryn gets out before Howard and Candance because I know I personally would be pissed.

STFU Donnie

Another comment on the last thread made the point that with paranoia so heightened, it’s possible that in fishing for DR soundbites about racism, production could have created the fear among HG’s that Howard is being presented in a VERY sympathetic light and that this sympathy could help him possibly become MVP. As it stands, the majority believe they own the MVP and control it (Elissa is not much respected). They see Howard as this physical monster which threatens them as it is, but if they think he could end up as MVP, then that makes him a bigger threat.

There’s also a more cynical way to look at this. Amanda and others have been making the case against Howard, including the idea that Howard is using race to curry favor with Helen and Candace. That’s not something I’ve seen at all…in fact it’s the opposite as Howard is trying to eliminate race from his game. He doesn’t want to be seen as the black guy (hence why he’s avoided confrontation with the racists). But maybe Amanda and the others paranoia is leading them to think Howard is going into the DR and being the biggest victim, which is why the DR is asking all the questions. You have to remember that the house was all laughing and going along with it and only after they spoke (giving politically correct answers of course) about it in their DR sessions that suddenly it became a topic in the house AND the biggest house opportunist (not an insult by the way) Amanda took it upon herself to be the hero and talking to Aaryn.

Considering the house was all laughing and many others were making similar jokes/comments (Amanda a big offender), then after the DR sessions, Amanda goes out of her way to portray herself as the conscience of the house in confronting Aaryn and the mean girls, I can’t help but think that maybe Amanda heard those DR questions and made the assumption that Howard (and Candace who somehow has become the target of many, which is not really explained by anything other than this theory, given her level of gameplay so far) created the issue for sympathy (when it was us, the audience) and maybe he included her among the offenders…since she was, just not as bad as Aaryn and GM. But Amanda being PC can’t say this is why she’s making Howard the house villain, so she needs to make him a threat in other ways, so that makes him the MC mastermind, conniver, schemer, bible-swearer, physical monster.

I don’t know…but that’s the best explanation I can come up with for how hard she and others have campaigned against him with EVERYBODY. The jilted girl story doesn’t fly. It doesn’t fit Amanda’s personality at all. But if she thought Howard inspired the racism questions and had lumped her in with Aaryn and the others, that would explain why she covered herself by confronting the mean girls, so then she could take out Howard…and why she desperately wanted Howard out this week and if anybody protects him next week, I expect some HUGE fireworks.


amanda knows quite a few people could put her up so she keeps bringing up the name of a bigger target than her


Just for fun, I’d love to see Ginamarie win HOH, and see everyone scramble. You know Amanda and Andy would be totally up her butt that whole week, lol.


Howard splashing Aaryn Nation with rotten milk on purpose last night was freaking hilarious! And they still won with him throwing the comp because Mcrea is so weak, lol.


I had a dream about BB lastnight, Aaryn is going home this week, and she will go on a racist tyrant and feeds will be cut on live tv.

Pinocchio Obama

Finally a reason to like GinaMarie.


Why are these people eating nothing but junk food and not the real food that just sits in the storage room? What a waste? Big Brother needs to make sure that there is at least 1 person that can cook the food in there every season. I know Helen as a mom doesn’t cook, not sure about Elissa. Nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats who expect everything handed to them!! smh.


Gina is delusional. Move in with Nick? You barely know him