Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

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11am When the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds return from showing TRIVIA for the Veto Ceremony, we learn that Kaitlin as the POV holder used the veto to remover herself from the block and Helen as the HOH nominated Jeremy for eviction.

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Jeremy and Kaitlin are in the bedroom talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger being the governor of California. Jeremy does a Arnold impersonation. Jeremy has red lip stick on his cheeks from Kaitlin kissing him. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that it’s so unfair he is going home. Jeremy says it’s not. In the lounge room – Helen is telling Andy, McCrae and Spencer how they did it, they got Kaitlin to use the veto. She talks about how great it is to be getting him out of the house. She says that she is so excited for Thursday. Helen does a bye Jeremy dance. helen leaves the room. Andy jokingly says that Helen is a power hungry c**t!

Meanwhile in the storage room – Amanda talks to Elissa and says that it is stupid how Helen and Andy are offering Kaitlin immunity. Amanda says Kaitlin should use it on herself, you don’t need to offer her protection for doing it. Amanda say and she is roping you into it. Elissa says no I am not. Elissa agrees and says you can’t just keep offering protection to everyone.


11:15am – 11:35am Up in the HOH room – Candice is explaining to Gina about the Moving Company and how they broke up. Gina talks about how people keeping talking negatively about Nick. Candice explains that Gina knows Nick in a different way than we did. Gina says yes! Candice says we know Nick as a Shaddy fu*k. Gina says Yes. Helen comes up to the HOH room and talks to Candice and Gina. Helen talks about her nail party and how she will get Andy up here to and paint his nails. Helen says that Judd overheard and asked her if she was trying to get out the guys. Helen laughs and says yeah we’ve got a girls alliance called the moving in company. Candice says that when she learned about the boys alliance she asked Howie because she was getting close to him and said if you are in the fu*king boys alliance I am going to … Gina says that she told Nick if he was playing her, she told him he has no idea who she knows in New York and she will hunt him down. Helen and Jessie go into the HOH bathroom. Jessie is worried that Jeremy won’t go home this week. Jessie says that Andy is kissing Jeremy’s a$$ like crazy out there. Jessie says that Andy was hugging Jeremy. Helen says that if he doesn’t go home I will raise hell. Helen says that she trusts Andy the most and says that she will talk to him. Helen tells Jessie that she is to good with Judd, Me, Andy, Amanda and McCrae. We will protect you. Helen says that she made a deal with Kaitlin to try and protect her but that she can’t control the house. Jessie says the sooner we get Kaitlin out the better, from watching previous seasons what if they decide to re-unit the showmances. They can’t do that if she is gone. Helen tells Jessie to win HOH and get Kaitlin out then.

11:30am Out in the backyard – Aaryn makes a comment about David. Jeremy jokingly says oh my god stop talking about David. He comments that what if David never existed. Kaitlin says lets convince Gina that Nick never existed. Jeremy and Aaryn talk about how hilarious it would be to do that.

11:45am Up in the HOH room – Helen talks to Candice about her conversation with Jessie. Helen says that Jessie is upset about how some people are kissing Jeremy’s a$$. Candice says she is different from me because I don’t give a fu*k. They talk about how Jessie is a sensitive person. Helen wants to make her feel good though because we convinced her to come to our side. Candice talks about how she doesn’t normally fu*k with people. Helen tells Candice I don’t ever want to be on your bad side. Elissa joins them. Helen says finally! She high fives Elissa about getting Jeremy up and out of the house. Elissa says we are going to pick them off one by one! Candice says every time I look at the fish and see them all together it pissed me the fu*k off because they aren’t segregated like Aaryn said they were. She sees what she wants to see.


11:55am – Out in the backyard – Helen, Howard and Candice are running around the backyard. Aaryn, Kaitlin, McCrae and Amanda are talking about past events of the house and other random things.

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I hope Candace wins the next hoh. I’m worried the next one won’t put aaryn up!!


I want Candice to win too, not only to see Howie hit that in the HOH bed, but she won’t be afraid to put up Aaryn,GM, and Kaitlin… and possibly Amanda.

To hell with Helen’s BS HOH where she protects everyone who licks her butt and do what she says, her power trip HOH is nothing more than Aaryn’s without the racial slurs.


LOL!!!! Yea Howie will be up in that HOH!!


I don’t necessarily care if Candice wins it or someone else, but I am worried that whoever does get it will not put Aaryn up. Which is BS. I want that racist Biotch gone! For several reasons, but mainly to hear the crowd boo her & for her exit interview with Julie. Maybe Julie will have some rice for her:) LMAO, that would be funny. Bc then Aaryn would for sure know, that Julie took her racist comments personal.

***I think the house needs to work on getting Amanda & McCrae out before Howard & Spencer, but they’re too stupid to realize that. They are a much bigger threat, hf they’re playing everybody. How can they(the house) not realize that. I kind of like Amanda too, but I go back & forth with her so much. One min she’s a good strategic player then the next she’s threatening ppl & saying racist things. So Idk, but she’s definitely a threat.

*** I also like that Elissa is playing more & realizing that Helen’s head blew up & she’s making promises to everybody from everybody. I’d like to see a core group get together & stay together, like Elissa, Candice, Howard, McCrae & Amanda. Or Andy, Helen, Elissa, McCrae& Amanda. Something like that. Oh & Judd too. I kinda like him now. Now that he’s speaking more:) The show is just funner to watch, when there’s an us vs them feel to it. It can’t be like it is in Helen’s superficial world, rainbows & kittens(lets all be friends).


What did Aaryn say that made her a racist? i am african and i follow BB closely. dont call people racist…coz u might be one and not yet flushed out!!


congrats Helen now that Jeremy is gone your whole alliance is in the house minus Aaryon . Helen it’s week three all of these alliances and promises to keep people safe during your hoh it’s going to come back and bite you in the butt.

This Season Blows

Yawn…. Jeremy getting evicted is just another step towards Rachelissa being handed the check. Biggest floater in BB history. Once production is done railroading every strong player out of the game, there will be no point in watching the rest of the season.


The down votes are from the sheeple that don’t want to hear the truth.. Production is doing the same thing they did with Rachel minus the comp wins.


If this season sucks so bad…why even watch it and post your negative comments? ITS OBVIOUSLY holding your attention

Hypocrite much?


Ellisa fans are like Elissa, they can’t think for themselves.


How exactly is he/she a hypocrite? by pointing out the obvious? he/she is a BB fans just like the rest of us.. I’m sure you sheeple have no problem with Elissa being handed MVP without ever earning it getting protected by production every week.

This Season Blows

I’m a guy, and yeah, I’ve watched every year since season 1. As a fan, though, I’m at my wits’ end with the rigging that production has done first with Rachel and now with her even more annoying sister. It seems delusional Brenchel fans form a bigger part of the show’s audience than people like me who enjoy the actual game nowadays, and that’s sad.

Dude McDuderson

Agreed! I find it incredibly annoying that the production decided to have the mvp twist which completely changes the game structure in a season with a house guest (Elissa) who already has fan support before the game even begins! Now that she is safe and seems to be safe for quite a while, there is no joy in supposed mystery of mvp! They might as well save us the stupid camera shoot right before she enters the diary room to collect the mvp. By the way, I never understood the appeal and popularity of Rachel; maybe some of her fans can enlighten me on this subject. She always bullied people when she was in power and acted complete 180 and like a please feel sorry for me victim when she wasn’t in power; just to be clear I happen to think Elissa is different from her sister and is kinda sweet and kind for now at least! lol I just share the same frustration as many others do in a sense that the production has taken away quite a bit from the game itself just to please Rachel fans.


anyone else think that girls falling for guys that quick is just crazy! That you came into a game to play for a huge amount of money but you would give it up for a guy? What is wrong with these girls, they are certainly missing something!


i know we liked rachel because we felt they picked on her and we kinda found her enduring over time, her time with jordan made it better as well, we really cheered her on for all the times we have had people misunderstand us in our lives.


I like Elissa as a person, but in this game she’s can’t do s***t without production’s help MVP every week/ Production convincing the HG to protect her ect…

This Season Blows

I see the truth is stinging. Face it: Rachelissa flat-out sucks at this game and would have been gone already if she wasn’t Rachel’s sister and production’s pet.


the talk julie talk more aaryn i really think candice , howard,, hellen will win ….


Nothing more than a PC smokescreen, she knows Elissa is winning.


Woohoo! 2/5 MC’s gone in two weeks!


Man Helen is really irking me lately, she seems so power hungry and arrogant, she for sure thinks she’s playing the best game that has ever been played, and it makes me want to puke.


Yes, Elissa is the only one that can be offered protection, oh wait, that’s production’s doing, 3 weeks and running.


Noone should get MVP out of pity. Just like you don’t get a free pass out of jail so that others don’t scream ‘racism’. The truth prevails – people (CBS) will not have to deal with backlash if the ‘right things’ are done. Giving MVP to a minority ONLY BECAUSE OF THAT REASON smacks of hypocrisy and in itself is racist, IMHO.


Who in the hell is Noone?

Is he related to Mr. and Mrs. Nobody?


Quote from bully beat down fighter, “where is your beast at?” Yeah Jeremy, where is your beast at?


it sure looks like jeremy is going home, but it’s stll 3+ days from thursday’s eviction, and if it’s anything like last week, there will be shifts in the voting.

question is, are jeremy and kaitlin clever enough to create a plan to send aaryn out the door?


Right now my position with Thursday’s outcome was the same as last week
Last week on Monday I said only a twist can save Elissa and NIck went home
This week on Monday I say only a twist can save Jeremey and ……

Really anything can happen but If I had to bet some beers it would be on Jeremy leaving


I would not be surprised if there is a double eviction coming this week!


You hit on a key for me. Jeremy has stupidly tried to shift the vote to Spencer. Too transparent. He needs to give up Aaryn to show him and Kaitlin will be loyal to the 5 who vote to keep him.


I am so glad to see that the girls haven’t ganged up on each other only to let the boys float. We have a smart group of girls this year. Hopefully, it will be a girl to win Big Brother this year. Although, I wish Aaryn or Gina was leaving this week. They make bb no fun to watch with their racism.


I would NOT be shocked if Jeremy STAYS! Thursday. If PRODUCTION has their way!! I have a feeling that until then they will try and convince (for the drama/ratings/and more viewership) the houseguests to split their or possibly sway the vote towards Aaryn / Spencer which will SAVE Jeremy! It will completely cause CHAOS in the house which is what Big Brother wants and needs.. I honestly see Spencer LEAVING!! because he is a waste and no one trusts him in the house and he doesn’t bring ratings for the TV show!! And Aaryn causes drama is the biggest media draw!
REMEMBER this is a television show and they need to make MONEY! bottom line…


That’s what I’m expecting, they did it last week, MC was together and everything was pointing got to Elissa leaving, and it was magic time in the DR(as usual) and then everyone was panicking and questioning their decisions, and everyone else than boom Nick is gone and Elissa gets the 3rd week of protection.

Only good thing that happened during this week was the Racial Blowup between Aaryn,GM,kaitlin and Howard and Candice…


I completely agree. I have a feeling spencer is leaving this week, which really won’t bother me since his comments as a woman really really bug me. Don’t get me wrong the other two are horrible too but this week is perfect for noms because I can’t stand any of them. I think they (production) would want to keep Jeremy because he is such a huge target and Aaryn because she is such a huge racist and even if we don’t like it, it gets them more viewers.


Not going to happen, the production is too busy with keeping Elissa until Jury or Final 2!

Roisin Dubh

Don’t count Jeremy out yet, there is still a lot of time left.


Oh yeah! Time for what, he will get evicted!


Ugh the circles and circles of rehashing the same reasons why you want Howard and Spencer out Helen is so boring……. Yes, he know they lied to you, it’s BB, get over it. You are offering protection to everyone even when it is not yours to give. Just wait until other people are in power and see how much they protect you and all the people you made promises to. I liked Helen, but like many of you, she I on my last nerve with her HOH reign.


everyday i change the people i rooting for …. right now i all over the place ..everyone of these players are wishy washy they let hoh get to them ,then the cocky ones get on my nerves … sometimes i hate amanda sometimes i love her depending on what she’s saying at that time … honestly how CBS and julie keeps talking about racist remarks on the talk not only because they want to increase ratings i really do see a diffrent ethnic group winning big brother with everything thats going on right now production will not let any african american go nor hellen anytime soon … the other season of big brother it was cut and dry for me i pick a player and stick with but this season i aint have many favorites the coolest laid back one could be JUDD shit did i say that


Agreed, Judd will probably win big brother because he lay back and calm. McCrae gets runner-up and Elissa will get America favorite houseguest.
My top 4
1.Judd (winner)
2.McCrae (Runner-up)
3.Helen (Third place)
4.Elissa (America’s Favorite Houseguest)

Meat Lovers Pizza

I really want Howard on the block next just to see how Candice will react and this will be the catalyst that breaks up the rainbow and unicorn alliance. Unfortunately I do not think production will allow Howard to go home as they are going to try their hardest to have a minority winner to offset the racism. I wouldn’t mind Candice winning, but Amanda is my favorite right now.


Is Jeremy not a minority? I understood he was of Cherokee descent?


He’s not the right kind of minority…. LOL!

Jeremy Looks Like Shrek

Yeah, and he would be the most explosive if anyone even intimated something derogatory about his genes. He can dish it out but cannot take it. Same with Aaryn.


Helen was my favourite last week but she is officially working my nerves. You cannot go around promising people immunity for weeks to come when she has no power – she is making promises to Kaitlin in someone else’s name. Besides Amanda is right you don’t need to offer immunity for Kaitlin to do the obvious thing and protect herself. If she chose not to use the POV then she is stupid and deserves to go home.


Most boring and predictable season in a while.


How is this season boring and predictable? Last week Elissa was out the door until McCrae and Spencer turned on the Moving Company and voted him out. This is actually one of the most UNpredictable seasons in a while.

This Season Blows

You’re kidding, right? Rachelissa staying was EXTREMELY predictable because production bailed her out with another rigged MVP.


Amanda and McCrae are my favorites. They are actually thinking STRATEGICALLY and not based on hearsay or rumors. Yes, they get paranoid, but in the end, they use their heads to figure out the best game moves for themselves. Everything they are saying about Helen and her HOH reign is true…you can’t have the whole house be in one alliance…otherwise it’s not an alliance…it’s an episode of the Waltons.

I really like Judd too. His accent, unfortunately, does make him come off as less intelligent, but I think that really will work for him. Just the fact that he comes out with some great quips and good zingers really leads me to believe that he is smarter than the houseguests give him credit for.

I’m leery about Andy…which way will he go in the long run? To Helen and Elissa? Or to Amanda and McCrae? Either way, I don’t think he has a great chance of breaking up either couple.

I’m glad Jeremy is going home…but I wish it was Aaryn. I really can’t wait to see the backlash she gets from her time in the house. I don’t really understand why CBS is choosing to single her out though…there were many a time when GM/Kaitlin/Spencer were right there by her side making disgusting remarks. I think that CBS is railroading one houseguest and protecting the others. Not really sure why that is.

As for Elissa…I think her game play is a wreak. I actually don’t think she really knows anything about BB even though her sister participated twice. I think Elissa shows that she has a kind and loving heart…that she wants to be a giver in life, and that is really commendable, but a savvy, strategic, intelligent BB game player, she is not.


Agreed, my favorite is Amanda first, McCrea second and Judd third. I like this group of players. They are smart, strategic, and seem to figure every one out. I used to like Helen, but I think she has become too close to Elissa and Candace which I do not believe are good allies to Amanda. Helen is foolish for putting all her trust into Elissa and Candace. It will come back to haunt her when Amanda, McCrea, and Judd turn on her because she is not in their inner circle so they will not trust her. Elissa is a lousy player and screwed Helen with nominating Spencer instead of Howard. I cannot believe why Helen does not see this? She should be BFFs as I said previously with Amanda. That would be a killer force to be reckoned with in the house. But after Jeremy is expelled hopefully, then you will see a the Empire (Amanada, McCrea, Judd, Andy, Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Candace) split into two kingdoms of (1) Amanda, McCrea, Judd and (2) Helen, Elissa, Jessie, and Candace with Andy playing a spy for both sides as long as he can get away with it. Howard and Spencer will float between the two to see who can give them the best deal and which kingdom best use them as mercinaries against the other side. Kaitlin may join Helen’s kingom which I think would be a serious problem for Amanda’s kingdom. Kaitlin could be a threat if she shows up to play. Aryan and trashy GinaMarie will be living in exile until their actual explusion from the two ruling kingdoms. That is my take for next several weeks. But anything can happen. I hope Helen at least wakes up to the fact she trusing the wrong people. Her eventual side looks week in the long run.

production rigged it

I’ve noticed alot of people think Jeremy might be staying, i just don’t see it. He needs 6 votes to stay and there is no way he can get them in my opinion.

Votes Jeremy out:

Votes out Aaryn or Spencer

Howard, who knows how he will vote.

Even if Howard voted with Kaitlin and GinaMarie, Jeremy would still needs 3 more votes and the other ones either can’t stand him or see him as too big of a threat in the comps.


Production have been known to perform magic tricks (see season 13)


The whole house was voting Rachel out, until Shelly came out the DR and flipped the house.

production rigged it

That’s true but there are a couple of differences from that season and this one. First one is i believe this season they’re smarter players in the house (Amanda, McCrae, Helen) they’re not going to change their vote. Second one is Elissa is obviously their pick this year and she can’t stand Jeremy and wants him gone, henceforth what she wants she gets….Jeremy gone

production rigged it

When i said they weren’t going to change their vote i was just talking about McCrae and Amanda, not Helen i know she can’t vote. Also i just don’t see Jessie, Judd, Elissa or Andy changing their vote either just because of the way Jeremy has treated them or someone they are close too in the house. Even if the vote was a tie Helen would vote him out, so he’s gone especially since it’s what Elissa wants.


So if there are 9 voters, Jeremy needs 6 to stay? Well that’s one way to do math…


There are 10 voters…so Jeremy needs 6 votes unless he can convince Helen to throw her tie-breaking vote elsewhere. That might be a lot of convincing.


there are 10 voters

he would need 6 as if its a 5-5-0 then Helen sends him home


I hate Jeremy but I hate Aarynn worse, if Jeremy is at all smart he will try as hard as he can to throw Aaryn under the bus everyone hates her anyway. I don’t think it would be that hard to vote her out. Shes awful and if anything doesn’t deserve to be there because of her very racist comments. Amanda is the smartest player in this game….I used to think Helen was but she talks too much.


amanda has talked way more than helen this week, and more people who are capable of getting her out want amanda out than want helen out

big mistake of amanda to bully elissa with the mvp nom decision


I am hoping that Jeremy finds a way to stay in the house and get rid of Spencer. There is so much time left and the real moves will start taking place the day before the vote. Right now he has Kaitlin, GM in his back pocket. I think Judd is leaning his way too along with Mccrae. I think the key here will be getting a split vote. Can Jeremy or others convince Candice and Howard to vote for Aaryn to pull the votes away from him


great point…he would have to split the vote!….he’s probably already thinking about that.


Jeremy is 100% gone Thursday. This week isn’t at *all* the same as Elissa’s “shocking” survival, the past two weeks. Those were due to a 100% AG veto of Elissa’s eviction. I said all last week that Elissa would be staying. She did. I didn’t know that because I’m smart. I’m average, at best. I knew because there’s little real mystery in BB. Ever. It’s the AG show. Every year. The one thing I *do* know is how AG thinks. Both David’s and Nick’s departure were fine with AG.

This week, AG instantly vetoed Helen’s first choice to evict – Howard. (AG knew that a great Howard edit was already made for Sunday’s CBS show. AG just couldn’t have Howard get evicted the *very* same week that Production showed America all that. So Helen/Elissa went to “Evict Plan B” – Jeremy. To them, it was still 99% as good as Howard leaving. And AG has already signed off on it. AG already got what she wanted. Howard is staying this week.

There will be no “11th hour house shift” this week. Sorry. Because AG is perfectly happy with the way it’s gonna go down. No Production interference needed.

I’m very sorry for all the Jeremy fans out there. And the Nick fans. It must suck to know this.I must admit, Jeremy *really* can be a charmer, when he wants to be. In “full baby bib and diaper”, Jeremy was really on his A-game, on the live feeds Sunday night. When he wants to be, like any snake, he really can appear to be quite likable. (100% fake, though. Just like his pathetic “I love you, Kaitlin!” Oh brother….)

Only AG can save Jeremy now. But both Jeremy and Jeremy’s fans have one *huge* problem. AG’s not gonna. For Jeremy, it’s game over. Book it.


I think its hilarious when people start patting themselves on the back. what does intelligence have to do with predicting that production wouldn’t allow elissa to leave this early?

what part of the MVP twist being basically the same thing as the last 2 years to get their specific players to jury don’t you understand?

Im sorry, it just drives me crazy to see people act like a big brother prediction is proof of anything


The bigger the alliance the sooner you have to start stabbing people in the back. Doesn’t Helen have a clue how to play? She is digging her own grave.


I think a great twist in this game would be for production to announce that in one week we are bringing back a player into the house after the elimination. Could you imagine GM talking about Nick 24/7. Then elimination becomes double elimination with GM leaving while Nick is returns to the house. Imagine them being able to see each other again for 10 seconds. What will GM say as she is interviewed? What will Nick say in the house? Could we witness GM trying to break back into the house?


Is Gm on the block?


no. they tried this with Rachel and brendon. in this case, gina marie would just lay down for nick


It really sucks that Jeremy is the only nice person that is on the block and is probably the one going home. Aaryn and Spencer are nothing but heartless bigots. Jeremy showed he had class when he congradulated Helen after winning HOH even though it wasn’t in his favor. He told the three mean girls after they all ganged up on Candice that its not helping any of their games and they need to stop. I really hope Jeremy finds a way to convince the other HGs to vote out either Aaryn or Spencer. Those two are just mean bullies.


It appears that you are ignoring how he acted prior to Nick’s eviction…he juststarted brown nosing after that. I will be glad if he goes.


Jeremy and nice are two words I would never use in the same sentence. He is the biggest bully in the house. I mean ridiculously so – and he is so unaware of it. The only reason that he put his attitude in check is because he lost. He’s the worst kind of bully because when he knows he has the upper hand he is an a$$hole but if he has no options then he will try to kiss your a$$.

But with that said I do think you’re right that Aaryn should go first. I wouldn’t necessarily keep someone or vote them out based on whether they were nice or whether I liked them but whether or not it was the best strategic move. Jeremy has a huge target on his back – so if you could make a deal with him (and trust him which may not be possible) then he could be a huge ally.


You don’t need to trust him. you need to trust your alliance’s and be aware of where their heads are at…..much like Amanda does.


Ok People, I have to vent……..First off, ANYONE who puts a Bible in someone’s face to have them ‘sware on it”, or asks them “Swear On A Bible?” is JUST as GUILTY, if not more guilty for causing that person to stumble….This is a game, Liars welcome to play…..even cheaters prosper for awhile…but don’t sit in Judgment of anyone, that is God’s job, and he is watching this Big Brother Show as well. And remember, No Body Gets Away!!

AND….OH Helen you silly little girl, stop playing “Girl Scout” room mother and STOP trying to override Elissa’s good work here. Helen has been riding on Elissa’s coat tail since the very beginning, when she noticed she was the MVP…..she grabbed onto Elissa for the ride. Oh, and guess what, Elissa can see right through you. Maybe Elissa is here to keep this game real, and show people that back stabbing and BS don’t fly….neither do pigs Andy!

Speaking of Andy, he is lying more than anyone….and he is hanging on to Helen with everything he’s got, until he can jump ship & run with Amanda.

Speaking of AMANDA>…….I’m up and down with you girl, but I have to say, You got some Major Balls, and you play a GREAT game…..I especially loved the way you put Racist Aaryn in her place, with a huge smile on your face….CLASS ACT!!! I loved how you defended Jessie (or any underdog getting bullied)…and…..

JUDD, Thank you for you show of Manhood when you took the bull by the horns and saved Jessie from those jealous loser skanks….Job well done.

HOWARD ~~~ what out America, he’s in it to WIN IT……….!!!

My final four Prediction:

Howard, Elissa, Amanda & Judd


jess put the 4 bullies in their place by herself – judd coming in was after it had gone down, and it continued later on then after that fake amanda came in pretending to be the friend of jess fishing for viewer mvp votes when its amanda who aaryn rightly pointed out that has talked more harshly about jess than anyone

remember amanda is trying to call out aaryn for racism and bullying when she has been a bad offender herself – why cant people see this? amanda has conned everyone with her fake tits its crazy

genuine judd and fake amanda didnt need to save jess, they came in more so it didnt get crazy out of hand…jess did very well defending herself against all 4 of them, and did it with class and in a respectful way


I disagree. to that person, the bible may mean nothing. to the person who is swearing on it, it is supposed to mean something, as they spend so much time praying to god and thanking god for every little thing that happens in the BB house

sorry, its NOT the same

this is like saying it would be the same for a baptized Christian to get communion as a non baptized Christian. big difference there my friend.


We all know…..Production has alot to do with this game…just go with it! It’s entertainment….P>S> I DO HOPE AARYN LEAVES THURSDAY! SHE IS AN AWFUL LIL’ GIRL


omg! Simon, you think the camera people are taking the meds too? i mean really, a camera on Andy by himself laying there listening to music with his eyes closed & a camera on the HOH empty bathtub, & now 2 cameras on the EMPTY down stairs bathroom…someones been in judds xanax again!!!


I’m not watching the feeds right now.. doesn’t look like i’m missing much


maybe it’s an intern


Here’s an interesting thought….Do you recall the first episode of BB15 when we were introduced to the house guests? Howard mentioned that he wanted to win BB because no African American had ever won it. He mentioned it more than once in fact. Now… let’s look at Aaryn, GM, Spencer, Jeremy and even Amanda to some extent. Surely the BB “pickers” did back ground checks and got loads of info on all the house guests. They spoke to their families, friends, coworkers, etc. No where in all that info did they ever get the idea that maybe… just maybe… these people from all these different backgrounds might just say a few racially charged comments that might just set off one or two of the minorities in the house…? Perhaps, it’s all been a stunt from the very beginning. Maybe CBS planned to mix these people together knowing what was possibly going to be said in order to make America root a little harder for Candace, Howard, Helen or Andy to win. Maybe it might just draw in more viewers with a “scandal” and perhaps help them balance their demographic?? No clue…. Just a thought….


I hope Judd wins the next HOH, he will shake that m*ther f*cker up inside and out. LOL.


Was someone evicted? Where is that tough guy in the lavender suit from last week? *sarcasm*


When someone admits that they’re there to get into acting, that is reason enough to get off their cheering squad. Howard is the lowest, sneakiest (next to Amanda). Candace is way too comfortable with her new ‘protection’ – the religious one – she should be working her butt off in comps.

It's time

Big brother = reality game show

People lie .. Get over it
Production plays too .. Get over it
Elissa gets MVP .. Get over it
People get “power trips” .. Get over it

I’m interested if someone could tell me about the all the players and what their game plan is .. I always hear so and so isn’t playing well .. They are still here so something is working (whether production helps or they ride the coat tails of another .. It’s all a game plan .. Whether you think it will work or not time will tell! Don’t care if its “fair” or not .. It’s TV after all !) it’s getting confusing with Amanda making deals left and right I don’t know who is with who… Thank you and keep the comments coming 😀


Amanda is the best female in the house


she is a vile individual and i loathe her


Amanda is my favorite.


Actually let Aaryn stay for as long as she can so she can suffer in the house. Cruel and unusual.

kickkin Chicken

Simon,,,,,,Really now!


Helen is either going to soar to the end or crash and burn in the next few weeks. With everyone in an alliance with her, she could never win HoH and be set. If she just stops playing so hard in the next couple of weeks, she’ll be set once jury comes around to start playing again, since most big alliances shuffle around that time anyway. She needs to let Elissa go though, and Kaitlin. Personally, I want to see Jessie start playing the game. She’s in a good spot right now to flip the tables. However, there’s no way she will. Unless Judd asks her too.


I don’t understand why Helen keeps saying Kaitlin is doing them a favor by using the Veto on herself. She’s on the block, of course she’s going to use it on herself.

Anyone else think that Helen sorta turned into Jeremy with her HOH? She seems very bossy but in a nice way.


I hope that all the “uglies” get sent home……starting with Spence and Helen, etc. ! ! !


I think Jeremy is the new Frank

I kind of hope he stays cuz I like Helen, but she’s starting to power trip…

And I don’t want one side to have the numbers I want them to sweat a little…

I think a good final 3 you wouldnt suspect Judd Jeremy Andy