Judd says he forgot to request holy water from the diary room for Aaryn’s exorcism.

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


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1:50am Spencer, Andy, Amanda and Judd are up in the HOH room. Amanda starts talking about Nick and how he is acting shaddy. Judd comments that Nick gets called to the diary room more than anyone else. Amanda says that Nick doesn’t talk game with her at all. Judd says he forgot to request holy water from the diary room for Aaryn’s exorcism. They all laugh. Andy tells Spencer and Amanda he will talk to Helen tomorrow. Spencer says to tell her to get her sh*t together. Spencer tells Andy that Helen can’t feel sorry for these people. Andy says he will. Amanda brings up how they need Candice’s vote. Spencer says that he’s got Candice and says that he will tell her tomorrow. Spencer tells them that they’ll call their alliance the “Bad Dudez with a z”. McCrae comments that he loves it. Amanda tells them that she doesn’t like that name, first off its dudes, I am not a dude. They tell her that she is out voted. Amanda tells them that Elissa is getting on her nerves. Spencer says that as soon as someone else wins MVP they won’t need Elissa anymore. They comment on how Gina makes a lot of racist and inappropriate things like Asian remarks and saying that’s gay.


2:20am Howard, McCrae, Jeremy and Nick are in the bathroom talking. McCrae says that he is afraid of how Amanda is going after Nick but says that he thinks he can control her. Nick says that Amanda is the only one after him so tomorrow he will tell her that he is cool with her. He says that he will tell her that he won’t put her up if he gets HOH. Howard tells them that they are safe.

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Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Andy and Judd are talking to Amanda. McCrae joins them. Andy tells Amanda that Gina is the perfect pawn to use because she wants to go home. Amanda says they should backdoor Jeremy as soon as they can. They comment on how they are ready for the storm tomorrow. Amanda says that Nick said he told Gina that he only wanted to be friends and that she was okay with it. Andy says that Gina isn’t really ok with it. Andy says that she is in love with Nick. Amanda says that she thinks Gina has been threatening to self-evict to get attention from Nick. McCrae says that he thinks Jeremy should be expelled for the hat incident. He says that Big Brother better watch him. They talk about how if you get hit in Big Brother, you can’t fight back at all. Judd says Jeremy is a ticking time bomb. Judd says that Jeremy was shocked to learn that he could be expelled. McCrae tells them that Jeremy scares him. Andy comments how getting rid of David the first week is a huge move. Amanda says that they found a way to take advantage of the MVP twist. Amanda says that she thinks Nick is another twist. She says she thinks that because of how often he gets called to the diary room. Andy says that Nick was staring at him while he was sleeping. Andy says that Nick admitted to it when he caught him. Spencer joins them. He tells Andy to talk to Helen tomorrow about not talking in front of Candice. Spencer says that she doesn’t know when to keep her fu*king mouth shut. Spencer says that they can’t let Helen bring them down and if she fu*ks herself they will get her out. Andy says he will talk to Helen tomorrow about keeping her mouth shut. They talk about how the others will react to the vote tomorrow. McCrae says that he hopes Gina won’t swear on live tv. Spencer says Kaitlin is a hot babe but she’s not model quality. They comment on how Aaryn feels that she is entitled and thinks she is better than everyone else. They all head down stairs to bed to leave Amanda and McCare in the HOH room.


3:30am Amanda and McCrae in the HOH room. Amanda comments that this is the first time they have been alone. McCrae and Amanda get under the covers and start making out. Amanda asks McCrae if he thinks Julie will ask about them being together. McCrae says that he will give a generic answer about them being friends. He says I will say she compliments my game. She is a good ally and she is a snuggle buddy. Amanda says no you can’t say snuggle buddy. Amanda says what if Julie says we saw a kiss. McCrae isn’t sure what he would say to that. Amanda and McCrae start making out again.
CBS Interactive Inc.

6:15am All the house guests are still sleeping..


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TMZ is reporting Aaryn got drop by her modeling agency for droping racist comments in the big brothert house .. the paula deen of big brother …only a matter of time i want her evicted … jury is to good for her i want her evicted …


I apologize if someone has already made this correlation


GiGi – she sounds like she is a doing a “Slappy the Squirrel” impersonation. I meant its dead on.

Slappy the Squirrel / WHO?



Nice find. And I agree, she needs to go. I’ve been watching last night’s BBAD and I just can’t take her “mood” anymore.


the best move for the players in the game is to get elissa out
As a fan watching the best one to go is david


“Spencer says that as soon as someone else wins MVP they won’t need Elissa anymore.”

They’re beginning catch onto the “same person can’t win MVP every week”, which is a good thing for their game.

Problem is, ANYONE can lie and say they won MVP, I can see it, now, arguments of who won MVP, is going to start, since the HG can tell others if they won.

Man this MVP shit of a twist is already starting to get annoying, and this is just the 2nd week.


Getting rid of Elissa asap, is much better for everyone’s game.

This twist seems more “tailor made” for her, then any other HGs.


Simply because Elissa can get the most advantage from it, now that everyone knows she’s Rachel’s sister. Everyone will want her on their side, thinking she’ll get it every week. She’s sitting in the best spot, right now.


The blatant racism, homophobia, and sexism has gotten so bad that production now just cuts to the fish tank when they start doing it. I really can’t remember another cast being so terrible.


I hope production pays attention to what the HGs are saying regarding Nick’s many diary room sessions. They are making him a target which will screw up his game. In all fairness, production should be aware of this bias they may create and call in all HGs to the diary room relatively equally to avoid this from happening to any of the HGS.


Production controls who gets MVP, if they want it to look non-rigged, they can give it to Helen who won’t put up Elissa. We will never know if votes matter, never.




There is possible chance of MC alliance members wins the next HoH.


BB Production voice: “Nick please come out of the closet.”

He totally has the hots for Andy. lmao How are the other HG’s not picking up on this??


They have. GM,Aaryn and David were talking about how they thought nick was gay last night.


Addition by subtraction comes to mind when thinking of the MC. they would be better off with Jeremy out of the house.


What happened to the app???


Sorry flash. The App is broken and until a proper fix is mad we are not making it available. I’ve installed a mobile version of the site to compensate. The mobile site also has a webapp mode so you can bookmark the site right to your dashboard.


Thanks, I had the app last year and it was awesome, you guys are so much better than any other site!

STFU Donnie

Am I the only one who thinks Amanda’s constant admonition has less to do with her “boyfriend” back home and more to do with the public persona she wants shown? It’s almost like the old joke “what do mopeds and fat girls have in common” except replace fat girls with pizza delivery boys. Either that or she doesn’t want to be portrayed from her diary room sessions like some pathetic girl who becomes attached to the hip of a male HG. I guess it all depends on your opinion of Amanda as a person. Either she’s very shallow or doesn’t want to be portrayed as weak…but either way, with 24/7 cameras, I just don’t buy the boyfriend story.


I’m using the app right now Simon. I does seem to have issues loading occasionally. This post is my experiment to see if this works. Love what u guys do with OBB. I’m a fan of Simon and Dawg!!!!


Great to know it’s working for you!


whoa mccrae is getting some action!? any videos of this yet?