Jer “I tapped your hat with my butt.. I didn’t dig it in.. Wish I had a Time Clock”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


10:48pm HOH Spencer, McCrea and Howard

They are going over reasons they can tell their fake team to keep Jeremy safe and push Aaryn up as the target.

Spencer: “If Jeremy keeps being the f**** a$$hole he gets hard to predict”
McCrae: “Ya exactly.. even if he doesn’t we can say we’ll we know where he is all the time.. it’s a good excuse”
Mc: “F*** aaryn just a snake threw her teeth you can never tell.. we should get rid of her way earlier”
Spencer: “After we get out the obvious people we need to get out the people that make it hard for us to meet… Judd”
McCrae: “He so f**king paranoid to”
Spencer adds that they need to be set up so that the moving company can operate without suspicion.
Spencer: ‘But I would like to see Aaryn go after that”
Amanda joins them
Judd walks in with his nicotine patches, McCrea reads the package “nicotine transdermal system”
Judd: ‘I’m ready to snort that bro”



11:12pm Cam Lounge 1-2 Jeremy and Elissa
Jeremy says he got in trouble by Big Brother, “I have to apologize and take care of this .. you know it’s the situation earlier you got the best of me.. you know.. this house is making me crazy.. “
“I got immature I tapped your hat with my butt.. they’re dry cleaning your hat now and if you want it replaced they’ll take it out of my pension and buy you a new one” (LOL he said pension)
Elissa: ‘My Hat”
Jeremy: “Ya your North Carolina Hat”
Elissa: “Ohh”
Jeremy: “I feel ashamed by it thats not me I feel horrible that I vandalized something of your and regardless of our differences I did something wrong”
J: “I’m a very immature boy that has a lot of growing to do.. I’m sorry .. and that is not Big Brother telling me to apologize”
J: “I am ashamed.. I didn’t digg it in my butt I tapped it”

Elissa: “I feel sorry for you because you’re 23 and this show is on national TV the things you said have been really .. I don’t you saying things about being in a gang on national Television”
J: “Gang.. when I say I was being in a gang”
E: “Big Brother wu-tang clan”
J: “I didn’t say Wu Tang but I know what you are saying”
E: “You threw up gang signs.. that just isn’t appropriate for a family show on TV Guide network”
J: “We all have our own opinions of what is and isn’t appropriate.. it was a joke”
Elissa: “Can I speak”
J:”Ya I’ll shut up”
E: “I would just say for your sake I wouldn’t go into the Diary room and make you look stupid.. because that makes me look bad”
J: “if you don’t want the dry cleaned hat i’ll buy you two hats or whatever”

Elissa accuses Jeremy of attacking her verbally and saying nasty thing about her sister Rachel and her husband. Jer also said something about Elissa being a bad mother to her son. She doesn’t care about the hat thing she’s more concerned with his aggression towards women. She also didn’t like him saying things about her family because they are not in the house to protect themselves or her.

Jeremy: “You have my word that I won’t say anything bad about you again”
Jeremy: “If I had a time clock (LOL) I would go back and not do it”
Elissa: “I appreciate you apologizing to me”
Pictures of the butt cheek hat kiss can be seen in this post


11:43pm Kaitlin and Jer (look at Jer’s hand)
Kaitlin about GIGI and NIck “She asked him to have a dinner together and wanted a
K: “he said in like 80 days he will”

j: “she’s coming along a little desperate though.. you can’t ask a guy to kiss you”
K: “Sometimes you have to be aggressive and ask those questions”


Nick and Spencer. Talking about how the votes will go down tomorrow. Nick says that it’s best for Jeremy to be truthful with his vote, “I don’t think he can handle it right now.. I can”
Nick: “We do have the numbers right”
s: “All the numbers add up”
N: “On your side.. 100%”
S: “Perfect 100%”
Spencer explains that he told Helen/Andy that he was going to talk to Candice to vote out David but he’s not going to (Helen already has though). “You are going to be the Candace vote.. see what i’m saying.. ”
Spencer: ‘When they accuse Candace of voting out David she’ll deny it.. they’ll call her a liar.. Total meltdown” (The thing about this I think now Candace will vote out David)



12:25pm CAm 1-2 Nerd Herd AKA (Andy, Spencer, Helen, Judd, McCrae

Amanda wants Nick to go next she’s super spooked about him being in the game. She thinks he’s the only one out of Beiber Fever that has a chance to win the MVP is Nick.
Spencer: “There is no way what he’s doing in the DR is going to trump what Rachel Reilly is doing on twitter” Spencer argues that Aaryn has to go before NIck because once Aaryn is gone the Beiber Fever (Aaryn, Nick, Kailtin and Jeremy) collapses.

Candace joins them


12:53AM Cam 3-4 lounge
Jeremy: “That makes me nervous for us bro.. means they have strong numbers”

Nick says it has to be this way pulls Jer into the storage room for a quick talk. He says their main target is David.

Nick explains that if it’s 3 and 7 and david goes home it will blow their cover with the Blondetourage. They need 5 votes to be against Elissa so that is why Jeremy is going to vote out Elissa and Nick will vote out David. This way it doesn’t matter if David or Elissa goes nobody will know.

As of 1:10Am this is where the votes are
Spencer = David
Helen = David
Judd = David
Howard = David
Andy = David
Amanda = David
Nick = David
Candace = They think Elissa but it could be David
Kaitlin = Elissa
Jeremy = Elissa
Gina = Elissa
Aaryn = Elissa

1:12AM Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, Andy, Judd trying to figure out a name for their alliance.. Amanda suggests Area 51. (I suggest “friendship” )

Elissa comes up says that Jeremy and Kaitlin are having s$x. (they’re not.. but they are doing something sexual)

1:30AM HOH Andy, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Candace, Helen and Elissa
Guess what the conversation starts with Hat talk.. Candace reiterates the hat saga for everyone.
Someone mentions that they
Amanda: “Janelle was a bitch.. I am more of a Janelle than She is” (Aaryn)
Elissa leaves
Candace and Helen both say that Jeremy and Kaitlin were probably not having s$x. Spencer makes a joke that Jeremy won’t last long.
Amanda says that Eval D!ck was worse than Jeremy. She says that the reason he won was his daughter won all the competitions and he was a giant bully.
Spencer: “He doesn’t get as much credit but he was as good at his style of game as Dr.Will was with his”

Andy leaves Leaves.. they start going over past seasons..

1:40AM HOH Howard, Spencer, Judd

Spencer: “Candace is a complete moron has no f**** clue what is going on.. if she had any fuc**** intelligence she would be able to connect the dots.. Helen needs to S*** the F*** up.. ” (helen apparently said too much in front of Candace
Judd points out they just told Helen to keep quiet in front of Candace.
Spencer suggests the alliance name: “South Mississippi psychos”
Judd mentions that Aarun, Kaitlin, Jeremy and David think he’s good with them but he always hears them saying “Us four gotta stick together” when he’s in ear shot of them..

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Chilltown Fan

I wonder why Jeremy and Aaryn didn’t have a showmance? They are perfect for each other. Elissa was on point, the hat issue is really miniscule compared to all the other disgusting things Jeremy has said/done.


I agree completely. Another thing that floored me was when Jeremy said that Elissa wasn’t a good mother. If Elissa is a bad mother, what does that say about the job Jeremy’s mother did in raising that waste of flesh.


Yeah… the MC is pretty much gonna go up in flames because of Anthony/Jeremy’s idiocy and McCrae swooning over Amanda.


This scumbag is only apologizing because he was told to and the internet if fired up about this season’s idiots. This Jeremy treats women as if he is their pimp. CBS went too far on picking these classless people and now they need to air the dirt, because the life feeds were outted and the Social Media is bashing. I hope Kaitlin’s family watched him reffering to her vagina and etc. what a gentleman. I wonder if the Nazi Aryan from Texas already got her BB message too.

Captain Spam

I totally agree with you about this cast. Each year I cringe during the first episode as they all look like idiots but by the end of the first week I’m feeling better about most of the cast. This year I can’t really stand any of them and nobody is growing on me either. Jeremy is by far the worst cast member that has been on this show, he adds absolutely nothing to this season. This show has had it’s share of d-bags but all (that I can think of) have brought something with them to the show whether it’s strategy or humor. This guy is worthless though.


What I can’t stand is him slapping and grabbing her ass all the time. It’s on TV for the whole country to see.. her family, her co-workers. Makes her look like a massive slut. They’re not even bf and gf, technically, and he is treating her like this AND she’s apparently OK with it. Not cool. I wouldn’t even treat my wife like this in public, as I would want her to appear as a lady. He is low class and, I’m sorry because I like her, but so is she.


Jeremy talking about he just “tapped it” to his butt, knowing good and well he done used that girl’s hat like toilet paper.


He is a liar. He dug it in.


I’m sorry, but Jeremy is an absolutely disgusting human being. Period. Elissa handled that very well and let him know in a polite way that he’s quite simply put- an asshole. He deserves to have a drink thrown in his face for that shit. He acts like a big man in that house but in reality he’s just a pussy. 🙂


Elissa is a lady. Classiest chick among all cast.

pretty trickster

I feel so bad for Elissa. Rachel was super annoying and did things to get people pissed at her. Elissa is just minding her own business. I respect how she kept her cool with Anthony. This cast is dirty.


Wow !!! Jeremy needs to go he has a serous problem and in very immature how in the heck did he get picked. He has the sense of a 12 y.o


well I hope Jeremy does some growing up … be a man instead of a brat like ie Aaren .. If this gets out to the other players I don’t think Jeremy will be able to hang his head low enough I also think Elissa handled that with such grace .. oh wait Aaren said she (Elissa) is nothing more then a sh@t disturber .. mmmmmmm ..

Confused Parent

Well I just liked every comment so far.


Well Jeremy surely sealed Elissa’s MVP next week and is doing all in his power to ensure the house softens on her as well. If the MC is smart they will take a GIANT step back. I get they’re all slightly drunk on power for manipulating the very 1st eviction…and I hope my sarcasm comes through here since week 1 is usually the easiest eviction of the season. It’s the first week and they’ve played far too strong a hand with too many moving parts. And if the MC is smart, they make sure Jeremy publicly announces he will not be voting to evict Elissa. He’s going to need some strong penance and his allies should make clear that unless he changes, they can’t protect him. And Nick needs to let Elissa know he’s voting to keep her as well, but privately and secretly. Nick can help cover for Jeremy with their fake alliance, telling Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gigi that while he doesn’t agree, he understands why Jeremy could not vote to evict Elissa (which means they need to find a vote to throw at Jessie). Then they tell Jeremy the MC has to win HOH and the other three throw it and let next week play out however it does. If they keep going this hard, they will be exposed and become targets.

Janelle pov queen

Remember how Aaryn said a few days ago “Hat abuse in the South is the highest form of disrespect.” Now, she is laughing about it with Jeremy because of what he did to Elissa, this woman is disgusting.

Confused Parent

This incident just shows Elissa’s maturity and respect for herself and family. She’s not going to stoop low and bash Jeremy in the DR, or have a meltdown over a hat. She just wants Jeremy to grow up and treat women with respect and leave personal insults to her family out of it.
If this was Aaryn, she would probably turn this whole house down and start making racial remarks about Jeremy’s racial ethnicity.
I am so proud of Elissa for being the bigger woman, and handling this whole situation with maturity.

Biff Tannen

Remember when you were younger and your mom would check your fever with a temperature clock? Meteorologists also use them to tell what time the weather is. Then they use the time clock to tell you what time the weather will be what time. They get a pension deposited into their checking account every week when they do because its their job. If the meteorologists get lazy their boss yells and says, “Get back to work, Dale, you’re on the thermometer (fancy name for temperature clock).”

This has been “Facts and Other Good Learns” by Jeremy. Check back tomorrow at 12:30 degrees for more Good Learns!

Chilltown Fan

What Spencer told Nick is going to make the vote 8-4 to evict David, and not 7-5. Possibility that Jeremy and Nick could be in deep trouble next week depending on how the HOH shakes out.

Chilltown Fan

I agree. These guys might have screwed up in how they handled Candice, they should have gone to her right off the bat and told her to vote out David. Then Nick and Jeremy would “vote” to evict Elissa making it 7-5 to evict David. If they screw up on the voting and make it 8-4, it was because they didn’t tell Candice as soon as she came off the block. Nick, unfortunately could be thrown under the bus next week, he’ll be the lone rogue member while Jeremy technically voted to keep David. Everybody’s story will checkout except Nick’s.

King Silva

So glad production made him tell her what he did.

Now she needs to tell people so they know what a piece of shit he is [as if they don’t already know].


Spencer Spencer Spencer what are ya talking about?? Really getting rid of Aaryn before Nick Hmm?? Really? Man you don’t get it Nick is a stronger threat than Aaryn Nick is smarter and is like Dan I think I would get a smarter and bigger threat out than Aaryn. You really want to get out Aaryn just because she isn’t in your group?? And you want to keep Nick from your group that is a bigger threat and is smarter I mean Aaryn don’t have body builder arms like you Spencer. Spencer let me tell ya something if you keep nick he would probley nominate you and someone else and you would probley go home so I myself think that is not a really game play move by getting a not so strong threat little miss Aaryn. Spencer your not there to make friends and have a group of people you gotta get the stronger threats out for you to move on to win Big Brother period so Spencer that luck will get back to ya buddy enjoy getting BOOTED lol

Chilltown Fan

Spencer has body builder arms? Really? Spencer is a gamer, but Elissa is more fit/in-shape than Spencer from a physical stand point. According to Spencer, Aaryan likes to stir shit up and is a hot head, pretty accurate description on his part. Amanda is probably right behind Aaryn on Spencer’s shit list. Lets not forget Aaryn knows now that Spencer was BS’ing when he told her Candice sat on her silly hat, another reason for Spencer to try get rid of Aaryn sooner rather than later.


Jeremy is a douche bag!

Did you all read the article on TMZ about the head honchos at CBS being offended by all the racists comments?

Lady E

Rachel acted out at times but I did want her to win, because she was always against the whole house and had to fight her way to the end. I get that people have a stigma against Elissa because of her relations to Rachel, but she didn’t even get a chance. She knew she was going to be a target and the other HGs think she’s a liar, when they would have probably done the same thing.


I think production will help keep her in the game for at least a few weels


Elissa is a shady bitch… This holier than thou is an act let’s be real…and her face is hard to look at

Nick for MVP!


I agree Elissa is a little shady, I think she’s playing nice, laying low for now. The Storm is coming. With a Reilly, you know DRAMA is on the rise, just wait til she gets HOH.


I disagree, I think she is more naive than Rachel. She trusted Mc Crae telling him about being Rachel’s sister and that she was the MVP. And he betrayed her.


Jeremy is a vile scumbag. Scum of the earth. I don’t even think his own alliance members in MC even like him…why he is apart of them in the first place is beyond me. If I was Elissa I would tell him to shove his apology right up his ass (no pun intended)


MC needs to cut Jeremy loose – much like the Brigade did with Matt Hoffman – although, in this case for entirely different reasons.


aaryn said elissa shouldn’t be mad to be evicted, she got to play for POV.

hope she feels the same about david when he is sent packing


jeremy publicly humiliates elissa when he gets a chance if that was rachel that would of trigger her illness and she would have a meltdown tears and everything … i think ellisssa is a very humble person because if that was me i was going to wage a war against this prick ….He demonized elissa every time … I really think jeremy has a vagina always making excuses for his actions talking bout he young bullshit his bitchass dont need no love from no fans because it send the wrong message we can support a man or boy WHO treats a women and family woman with such disrepect …HIM AND HIS FALLACIOUS THINKING I CANT STAND HIM .. elissa so mature but i feel if she doesnt win she will be nominated again ….


I can betcha one damn thing. Jeremy would not wipe his arse with any of Howard’s sheet. You can bet your sweet, candy arse on that. Howard would straight up knock him the f*** out — if Howard chose to handle it that way. And Jeremy would deserve it.

I truly dislike Jeremy, for really realz dislike him. His words and actions SHOW that he’s never been ‘fathered’ appropriately.


If the Moving Company is smart, they will part ways with Jeremy — completely. They need to do it smoothly and quietly, but do it nonetheless. And again, completely remove him from that circle — and not this half-arse mess they’ve been trying recently… to distance themselves from him.

They would need to add in a replacement to keep their good numbers. IMO — Adding Elissa to the Moving Company (with her not knowing she is added just yet) would almost seal it for this alliance. I do think MC lasts. Hope that MC is correct for Moving Company.

Matter of fact, I think this very well could be Brigade 2.0. The next two/three weeks should begin to tell that tale.


I’m glad that despite all the racist, homophobic and misogynistic stuff that’s happened, we finally have a contestant apologizing…..for “tapping” a hat with his butt. Warms my heart.


Oh my gosh- could Jeremy be more vile? Is he actually trying to get us to believe that this deplorable behavior is his “strategy”? GAH. These people perplex me, but I cannot look away!


If Jermy was sincere about his regret, he should have offered Elissa his Never Not Pass to prove the earnestness of his apology.