Jessie says she thinks Amanda has a lot of money, she is a Jew.

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:10pm Up in the HOH room – Jeremy and Kaitlin are laying out in the HOH bed. Kaitlin says that she can’t wait till they can turn the lights out. Kaitlin and Jeremy start making out under the covers. Nick walks into the room and breaks up the make out session. Gina then heads up and walks in on them. Jeremy comments that she is up here checking up on her man. Gina says no I am not, I am bringing Aaryn’s cup back up. Jeremy and Nick head down to play bandanna ball.


Up in the HOH room – Aaryn and Jessie are talking alone. Aaryn is talking to Jessie about how nervous she is feeling about the way things are right now. Aaryn says that the plan is starting to freak her out. She says that Jeremy is making plans and deals …and he is not telling me about them. Aaryn asks what are we going to do, he is going to kill us off. We need to make sure he doesn’t suspect that we don’t trust him. Jessie says lets just make it to sequester. Aaryn says that Jeremy and Kaitlin are walking around like the are tough sh*t. Jessie says I don’t see how that is a problem .. it puts a target on their backs. Aaryn agrees. She says that me winning this HOH and him acting like that takes the target off me and puts it on him. Aaryn says so the first 3 people to go Candice, Spencer and Howard… don’t repeat that. Jessie says how about Amanda? Aaryn says she is scared of Amanda. Jessie says exactly that’s how people get to the end of the game. Aaryn comments that she is starting to trust Howard and Spencer more. Jessie says that she has been trying to trust McCrae and Amanda but McCrae threw me under the bus. She says that McCrae told Amanda that I was trying to come in between them. Jessie says that she wants to break them up. They are too strong together. Aaryn talks about how Amanda tried to called Aaryn out on a necklace she has that costs $15,000. Aaryn says that its a replica but what’s surprising is that she called it out by name. Jessie says that she thinks Amanda has a lot of money …she is a Jew. I know that is a stereotype but what Jew does not have a lot of money. Aaryn says that its part of Jeremy’s game to take a hot girl to the end that doesn’t know the game so that he will win hands down. If he took me, he knows he wouldn’t win. Aaryn and Jessie head screaming downstairs. They realize they got alcohol so they head downstairs.

9:30pm – 9:45pm Most of the house guests head to the kitchen to get their share of the alcohol. Judd holds up a beer and says thank you Big Brother, you’re my dude! Kaitlin and Aaryn head out to the backyard to play a game of pool.

9:50pm – 10pm Andy and Elissa are in the kitchen talking. Andy keeps asking Elissa what Ragan is like in real person. Elissa says that she can guarantee that she will never talk to half of these people ever again outside this house. She says that she will talk to Andy and Helen though. Nick joins them. They continue to talk about Rachel and other house guests. Elissa heads outside. Andy asks Nick why he thinks Elissa wants to put him up. Nick says that he isn’t sure.. you know how things go around this house. Nick says I have heard everyone’s name at one point since the beginning of this game so who knows. Candice joins them. Nick talks about how Frank is his all time favourite player. Andy says that he loved Ragan even though he didn’t play an amazing game. He says that he liked Britney and Daniele too. Meanwhile out in the backyard the house guests continue to play bandanna ball.
CBS Interactive Inc.

10:10pm Out in the backyard – Aaryn and Kaitlin talk about Jeremy. She talks about how much she likes him. She says that she really wants him. Aaryn says so do it. Kaitlin says that she can’t not in this house. Kaitlin says that she didn’t even find him that attractive in the beginning. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that Jeremy told her that he has a weak crush on her. Kaitlin says that she doesn’t think that is good. Aaryn thinks it means weak in the knees. Aaryn leaves to go talk to Amanda over on the backyard couch.

10:10pm – 10:15pm Judd joins Aaryn on the backyard couch with Jeremy and Amanda. Aaryn tells Judd we can kick them out of the HOH room …them we can have a bubble bath later, get naked and sleep together. Judd says alright! Judd talks about rug burns. Aaryn tells him that she will give him rug burns. Jeremy says oh!!!



10:20pm – 10:30pm McCrae and Spencer are playing bandanna ball. Helen is in the middle of the yard retrieving the ball and keeping score. Aaryn, Andy, Nick, Judd, Amanda, Jessie and Elissa are sitting on the backyard couch talking about random things. Andy heads up to the HOH room to listen to the spice girls cd. Up in the HOH room – Kaitlin is up in the HOH room talking to Andy about how buzzed she is right now. Kaitlin comments on how the camera is pointed right at her and it is making her uncomfortable. She then fingers the camera.



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A$$hole #1

“Jessie says she thinks Amanda has a lot of money, she is a Jew.”

Oh My, the Devil’s spawn Aaryn Nation is recruiting more people into her brood.


While, it’s not cool to make statements about race, it’s not like her comment was a lie or anything. Per capita, Jews/Hebrews make more money than any other ethnicity (including whites) in America.
What Jesse doesn’t know is that most producers on Big Brother are Jewish/Hebrew as well as the owner of CBS. Remember what happened to that girl from BB8 for talking about Jews? The producers made her look like a fool talking about her dreams of modeling , showing her belly, with her having pretzels hanging from her mouth.

CBS Is Racist

I’m done with this season. At this point, the majority of people in the house have revealed themselves to be bigots. And CBS is responsible.

Pete Petersen

Simon — I’ve enjoyed your site so far, even if this season is awful. But if you’re willing to allow comments like BBK’s to remain here, then I will not be coming back to this site.


Per capita, Jews/Hebrews make more money than any other ethnicity (including whites) in America.

exactly, well said

Jessie was not meaning to be negative in any way there, more complimenting the accomplishments of alot of Jewish people

by the way i thought it was a little extreme to put the Jessie quote as the headline, really trying to stir the pot and make her look bad after the recent comments of others in the house


the headline should have been:

Aaryn tells Judd we can kick them out of the HOH room …them we can have a bubble bath later, get naked and sleep together. Judd says alright!


OMG Judd can do so much better! Yuck!


who are you referring to from bb8?


Amber she was the biggest hypocrite ever!


Let me help out some of our ignorant members.. House guests or otherwise.
If you feel it necessary to group people in anyway to justify your existence.. then you are a racist.
That includes “stating the facts”.
Hitler was “stating the facts” as well. You can now join that brotherhood. enjoy.


Stereotyping that all Jewush people are rich is disgusting. I am Jewish and I can barely make it on my salary with 4 kids and no child support not any help from the government. So there goes that shot right down. Smh.


amanda herself said, “i like money…im a Jew…what can i say?”

Beaver Lips

They need more alcohol so get down to the store and grab some production.


oh how wonderful another racial slur…..


What racial slur?



next people are gonna get upset for calling basketballers tall


Did anyone else notice that when Aaryn got her HOH room all her pictures only showed her? No girl friends, no one else. You have to know that if you do not get along with people you are not a nice person.


I thought Aryans “asian nails” comments on tonight’s show weren’t that bad as everyone is making it out be. When I was a kid I had a black friend come over & he knocked at my door & I answered & said ” didn’t I just flush you down the toilet?” ( i just took a shat). He just said “haha” didn’t get all mad & call me a racist, etc.

Beaver Lips

It’s the way the fear mongers work today RB if everyone got along what would people like Jackson and Sharpton do? I think a lot of this has been blown out of proportion and heck I’m a minority.

billy bob

yea i think on that one she was acting like some dude on youtube,but u cant get around that she probably has swastika and lighting bolt mud slaps on her dixi flag painted truck,


RiggedBrother, you are an imbecile.


Judd finally came out of his hole!


Wow. So you think that just because this one person was okay with your stupid joke that it means that your joke was NOT offensive? That’s idiotic. Ok. Think slowly. What you said to your friend IS incredibly offensive and just because he wasn’t personally offended because you were friends does NOT mean that it’s okay for you to say that kind of thing in general or to people you don’t know or just met.

Aaryn and Helen don’t know each other and are not friends. Worst yet, she does not like Helen and has definitely been negative and insulting towards Helen (i.e. the “go make some rice” comments). So Aaryn has no leeway to make racist-ass impressions or “jokes”. It was rude, selfish, immature and offensive. The same goes for all the other garbage comments she’s made about Candace or anyone else. Aaryn definitely deserves the public backlash. What she did was not the same as two friends joking around with each other when one is absolutely sure that the other is okay with it. So even though what you said was disgusting enough, you can’t compare what you did to what Aaryn is doing because what Aaryn is doing is way worse.

Get it?

P.S. The fact that you are defending Aaryn’s ignorance and rudeness as okay or not so bad (along with your inability to grasp that joking with close friends to their face is not the same “joking” about people you have insulted and don’t like behind their backs) says that you’re probably more like Aaryn than not.


That is probably the dumbest thing I have read in a long time. You think that insinuating that your black friend is shit is not offensive or racist. Are you an adult, because you sure aren’t reasoning like one.

Chilltown Fan

This cast(shakes head). Pretty soon this gang with erect a burning cross in the BB backyard at this rate.


I have the same favorite past players as Andy- Ragan, Britney and Daniele 🙂

Brad B

Aaryn don’t sound to heart broken over David with the way she’s talking to judd lol


@BRAD B is is called SLUT!

STFU Donnie

Now I’m one of those delusional guys who thinks every girl digs him…but I think Aaryn has a thing for Jeremy big time. First the Gina conversation about Kaitlin, then the conversation with Jessie where she’s mad at him (but is already thinking about final two hence her fishing for Jessie to say he would take), then the deal with Judd in front of him, trying to make him jealous.

I’ve dated many an immature woman and that right there is the blueprint.

Chilltown Fan

She’s most definitely the boyfriend/fiancé stealer type.


There was a scene in the hammock w/ Aaryn and Jeremy. Even though they were kinda arguing about the game and them being targets, it look as if Aaryn enjoyed being in the hammock w/ him and he touched her boob and you can tell she loved it. They deserve each other.


Lol Andy’s DR was funny today. ” How often can you see baby pictures of the devil!” Lol. Perfectly describes Aaryn. She is a lying jealous with with a B! She even talks about her own alliance who are supposed to be her “friends.” I cant believe she has friends in real life. They obviously need a reality check


Andy is so fake – so desperate for viewer mvp votes, sucking up to elissa/rachel fans…same with amanda, its all an act


Now I know who Judd reminds me of…..the dad on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo…


Judd reminds me of Boomhauer from King Of The Hill. He mumbles everything he says. You can barely understand him. He’s so funny.


Being that I am a old broad, in my experience, people normally do not pick up a person’s good habits, but you do pick up their bad habits. This seems to be the problem in this house. The people are hearing so many bad remarks, that this is becoming the norm, and so out of their mouths flow more rubbish.
There is brewing some problems between Jeremy, Aaryan and Kaitlin. Why does Nick think he is going to get MVP??? He is becoming just as annoying as the rest of them.

Chilltown Fan

She’s certainly proud of those +2’s.


Thanks for link Simon. I guess another one will bite the employment dust. Are those people insane this season? What possessed her?


I still can’t believe no one recognizes Nick….lmao


I Googled him yesterday. I don’t recognize him, but I can’t believe not many people have figured it out.

kickkin Chicken

I recognize him…he is ADAM LAVENE’S BROTHER, (ADAM, one of the Judges on THE VOICE)


Adam Levine only has a younger brother named Michael.


This might be the reason he is called into the diary room so much!! I wonder if there are others that have relatives in show business??? I wonder if this is the twist???

Suzy Sunshyne

Not sure about Adam Levine but Nick is a huge pro rollerblader, actor, TV host, business owner etc….

Jeremy doesn’t need the money either….

kickkin Chicken

On BB After Dark, NICK said he had an older brother and his name was ADAM ~~ Just like I said earlier, he looks and sounds just like one of the Judges on THE VOICE ~ ADAM LAVENE (SP.)…….I told you this earlier….only I thought maybe it was his nephew or cousin…it’s his flippin’ big brother!!! Oh, and while i’m on predictions, I think Aaryn is related to Daniele, maybe her first cousin??! They look so much alike also.


I’m sorry but why on earth do you keep saying that just because two people look alike that they must be related? Nick is NOT Adam Levine’s brother and I highly doubt there is any relation between Aryan and Danielle. There are many people in this world who resemble each other or have dopplegangers. Please do research and look up Adam Levine’s siblings before making any of your predictions. Not one of his siblings is named Nick. Also, Nick’s last name is Nick Uhas not Levine.


Daniel looks like a skeleton with hair (blond/black), depending on which season you watched.


Adam Levine
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia … does not have brother named Nick .. he has brother Michael and half brother Sam


He has a younger brother, Michael, and a half-brother, Sam.[


You have to let that go… he is not Adam Levine’s brother, not by a long shot…

Kaitlin Sharpie Eyebrows

I do nor remember Nick, he has a familiar look. But do not think he has ties to any former BB member.


Hey I haven’t had time to follow the feeds this week. Can anyone give me a rundown on the strategy talk. Jeremy won veto so who is the target for Ellissa . Are we going to see her go this week? Thanks


So I have read the post and watched a few days, OMG my head is about to burst I think this is the worst BB I have seen in years. Cannot take watching a remake of” fast times at Ridgemont High” (which was actually very good) but this stuff is beyond reason. I’m outta of here. Have an outstanding year to those that have and are still posting. Thanks Simon for doing this website, all of you guys/gals are the best! blessings.


The house needs to just get rid of Jeremy, he can play the jerk all day…doesn’t even need the money………..


I said last week that I thought Aaryn was into Jeremey. She had told David that she normally went for guys more like Jeremey. This whole Kaitlin bashing stems from nothing other than jealousy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaitlin was evicted and something formed between Jeremey and Aaryn. They deserve each other. Can’t wait to see who is coming into the house this week. Lets just hope this isn’t some sort of production stunt to try and save Elissa, it would just be too much!! Everyone is doing a lot of talking this week, and I think it’s going to be an interesting week for the moving company. Spencer needs to stop talking about who he is targeting in the next few weeks to everyone. He is showing his hand far too early. If Amanda wins hoh, Andy will be the first one up there telling her about Spencer wanted to take her out. And by the way, major props to CBS for tonight’s episode, I never ever would of thought they would air Aaryn’s comments. I’m so glad they did!!


What does Amanda mean by “midgets hanging from her eyes”? – Anyone?

Beaver Lips

She probably means she is tired but with all the fear mongers screaming racist about everything going on why don’t we talk about the term midget a bit. Lets all jump on her because she just used a politically incorrect term instead of little people.


Nick looks like Adam wonder if he sings too..


Adam Levine isn’t NIck’s brother. Adam Levine doesn’t have a brother name nick. So um somebody needs to check there facts.


In no way do I condone what Aaryn said about Aisan’s…as I am white with Korean brothers, but no one noticed that she was actually doing a bit from a comedy routine by Anjelah Johnson of MadTV. If you go on youtube and put in her name with “nail salon” you can watch the whole thing, and what she was saying was direct quotes from it. They gave an edit to make it look like racial slurs. Although, from watching the feeds, she is def a bigot and I can’t stand watching her. She is the real life version of Regina George of Mean Girls. When she said that Elissa was “obsessed with her” it just reminded me of the movie! She is ridiculous, and I am hoping that TPTB find some way to keep Elissa in the game (which is looking grim at this point).


please no more elissa – the gimmick has worn off – and please no rigging, no more mvp, no ridiculous twists involving past house guests to save elissa, i just want regular bb with 2 noms and no mvp involving players who are productions favorite – everyone on the same playing field – its not too much to ask is it surely?


I cannot wait until Aaryn hooks up with Jeremy(only a matter of time) and Kaitlyn finds out thus creating a HUUUUGEEE rift in the “High School” Alliance which will ultimately result in Aaryn and/or Jeremey’s demise.


more likely to be 3way action ha ha


CBS just addressed this on the talk. Problem is..CBS needs to take responsibility and action. Lets face it….ppl are tuning in to see what all the racial slurs are and that means ratings up and big dollars for advertising. So they take the low road and briefly touch on it and says they don’t condone it, yet they continue to allow it to rake in the dollars….STOP watching this fiasco..thats how you get them to own it and do something.


I know right, CBS can’t do anything about it and yet still continue to make racial remarks. Not even Allison Grodner can’t do about it. We need to take it to congress and deal with it about racial remarks.


Here is the link for Nick’s brother Adam during interview and not Levine…

Would be awesome if BB instead of eviction pulled out Aaryn and Jeremy, racial comments, cheating and so’s ridiculous. Also Nick surely does not need the can find him on IMDB and the numerous movies he has been involved in.

Some pretty rich people on the show this year….