Amanda says her photo looks like little midgets are hanging on her eyes.

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


CBS Interactive Inc.

7pm Out in the backyard – Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Judd, Gina and Elissa are talking about random things. Jeremy comments that he took a drag of a cigarette this morning and I am kind of upset with myself. Candice ask him why he would do that. He says he doesn’t know. Judd says that it calms you down when you are stress. Jeremy says yeah maybe when you’re a smoker. They talk about past house guests like Daniele Donato and Britney Haynes. Andy asks Elissa if Rachel and Britney are good friends. Elissa says that she has no idea, I didn’t even know about her until I was about to come in here. Andy asks if they are friends with Ragan. Elissa says oh ya I love Ragan. Amanda brings up how her titties are probably all over the internet now. If they were ugly I would care, but they not. Maybe Playboy will give me a call. They start commenting on each others HG photo. Amanda says that Gina’s looks the best. She says that her’s looks like little midgets are hanging on her eyes. They laugh. Amanda talks about how she is a botox junkie. Gina starts talking about how she got a breast lift. Candice shows the other house guests how she can bounce her boobs.

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7:20pm – 7:35pm Meanwhile in the havenot room – Candice and Helen are talking about their lives outside the house. Candice talks about a date she went on before coming into the house where she did so much exercise before the date that she could barely stand up. In the bathroom – Judd and Aaryn are talking about how bored they are. Judd says lets go play pranks. Aaryn tells him to go right ahead. They talk about how they hope they get boose tonight. Aaryn says that she feels like she hasn’t been able to stop and think the entire time they have been in here. Everything is just so fast paced and crazy. Judd says that he was in sequester for a week. Some people were in it for more. Aaryn comments on how some of the questions she has been asked make her wonder what she is being portrayed as. She says that her real fans will know and the ones that watch the live feeds will know what we are really like.


7:40pm Out in the backyard – Andy, McCrae, Gina, Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer and Ananda are talking about random things. Jeremy comments that he hopes everyone sticks to their guns. (Meaning voting Elissa out) Amanda says that she wants the HOH room back even though she never had it. She says she wants it to be able to orgasm. Jeremy says that he had a dream that he was spiderman and climbed into a womans bedroom and made love to her. He says that he didn’t wake up with sticky shorts or nothing though. Jeremy asks Aaryn if she has. Aaryn says that she thinks everyone has. Jeremy says that he must have cooties because Aaryn sleeps with a pillow between them. Amanda keeps talking about her boyfriend and how they sleep together. She says he is so great! Howard, Nick and Judd join the backyard crew.

CBS Interactive Inc.

7:55pm – 8:10pm Jessie wakes up and she looks like morning. Aaryn talks to Jessie about how annoying Amanda is being. Aaryn says that it is getting worse and worse as the days go on. She is getting cockier and cockier every day. Aaryn the re-enacts how Amanda enters the room. Spencer comes in and they tell him that he just missed the funniest thing. Meanwhile out in the backyard – The house guests talk about last season of big brother.

8:10pm Andy tells Amanda that he nipples are almost hanging out. Jeremy says leave it to the gay dude to point that out and ruin it for us. Meanwhile Gina and Aaryn head up to the HOH room. Aaryn asks Gina if there is a reason why she doesn’t drink alcohol. Gina says no, she just doesn’t like it. Gina says that she thinks when they tell Kaitlin things she over reacts. Aaryn comments that she doesn’t like all three of us sleeping up here. It’s awkward. Gina says between you and I (They pinky swear). She says day one I wanted to be with Jeremy, David, Nick and you. Gina says then we needed a dope girl.. Aaryn. Gina says that Kaitlin wasn’t even in the equation. I think that Jeremy is going to protect her. Gina says that she doesn’t like fat people. I like people that push for stuff. Gina says I am a nice person. I won’t say sh*t behind your back, I will say it to your face. Aaryn says that this is really starting to get to me because I can’t even get a second to talk game with him because they are always together. Aaryn says that Jeremy just told her that he loves her. She says that right after he said he didn’t mean it but when people fall in love they don’t think about game. Aaryn says that she thinks if it was just Gina, Jeremy and her ..they could tear this place apart. Gina says that Jeremy said he is focused but ..that a$$. Aaryn says that it sucks that if I am up on the block with her.. I am going home. Aaryn says she was found in a bar and didn’t even know what Big Brother was. Aaryn says we need to figure out a way to get her out without Jeremy knowing. Aaryn comments that Elissa is going this week for sure. Gina is doubts that Kaitlin and Jeremy will be together in real life outside of the house. She asks what is he going to move his boat to Vegas. Aaryn talks about how Kaitlin has been threatening people to vote out Elissa and that’s not the way to do it. Andy comes up and Gina leaves.

8:40pm – 9pm Andy and Aaryn talk in the HOH room. Aaryn comments that she really likes Helen. Andy agrees but says that she is hanging out with Candice and Elissa when she shouldn’t be to keep the target off her. Aaryn brings up how the plan is to go after Amanda. Aaryn says that Jeremy is starting to scare her. Aaryn tells her to not tell anyone this not even Helen or Elissa. Andy says that he won’t. Aaryn says that she wants to align with people that she feels she can trust and is safe with. Andy and Aaryn talk about working together. Andy says if Jeremy wins HOH then you keep me safe and if Helen wins HOH I will keep you safe. No one would ever suspect it. Aaryn agrees and says that she thinks Helen would be on board with it too once Elissa leaves. Kaitlin joins them and the conversation turns to where Andy bought his flip flops from. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that she put self tanner on and she is going to stink in bed tonight.. Sorry .. but not really. Kaitlin says that maybe she will sleep down stairs and you can sleep with Jeremy. Aaryn says um no. Kaitlin says just kidding. Jeremy joins them and Aaryn heads downstairs to the backyard.


9pm – 9:10pmIn the bedroom – Gina talks to Nick about her conversation with Aaryn. Gina says that Aaryn is scared that if someone goes after her, Jeremy is going to blow up and it is going to come back on her. Gina talks about how Aaryn isn’t comfortable with Kaitlin. Gina tells Nick that Jeremy told Kaitlin that he loves her. Nick says wow! Gina says I know I have said that before but she bothers me. Gina warns Nick if he has to say something to Jeremy make sure its just him and not her too. Gina talks about how Kaitlin was threatening people. Gina says Kaitlin got picked up in a bar and doesn’t even know big brother. It was probably a strip club. Gina says we need people that are focused. Aaryn was focused even when David was here. Nick says Aaryn says that she is scared.. then lets protect her! Gina says that she cares about Aaryn and Jeremy .. and you Nick! Nick says that he can’t be flying the Kaitlin flag at the front of my ship.(To try and get her out) Maybe Jeremy can but not me. Nick tells Gina to tell Aaryn that we have her back. They decide to go look for Aaryn to talk to her.



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I really want to know what this surprise news is on Wednesday! Maybe it’ll rock the boat a litte and change everything that’s going on right now in that house. BTW, I love CBS for showing Aaryn’s dirty minded comments she’s been making! I wish they’d show Jeremy, Spencer and GinaMarie doing the same thing but, I think A. Was chosen ’cause out of the bunch she’s the worst! #TeamElissa.


Keep in mind that since she is HOH, Aaryn is the focus this week. Don’t be surprised if/when the others get HOH, they receive similar treatment in the edits.

VA Vet

I’ll take a couple shots at Wednesday’s surprise.

Aaryn gets shown the door for her comments and her HOH is cancelled saving Elissa.

R1 makes an appearance and delivers a twist that screws R2’s enemy’s.


if they did that it would make it look super rigged – and i dont like or hate elissa

no matter what someone says in the house, production cant show that level of favoritism to one house guest – it ruins the integrity of the game

if i was a house guest i would want a level playing field, not one person getting a power every week and getting saved when they were evicted(two weeks in)

the elissa/mvp gimmick has got old fast

i just want to see regular bb gameplay


Could be… if they (CBS) stands up, and does the right thing and says the last HOH is void because cheating. And all noms are off, and we are going to do it again. That would drive them (houseguests) nuts, but I have to admit……SOME!!! Of these houseguests need a very big kick in the butt/to suffer, and stop being 12 year olds. You never know how the tide could turn if something like that happen. They could do a double elimination later.


no, just no

bb should be played as normal

Biggest fan

I’m going to be so upset if Nick leaves. I really want someone else besides Elissa to get MVP. NOT Aryan or Jeremy though. I’m a Texas girl and these twits are really making us look bad!! UGH. I don’t dislike Elissa but she has NO game play! Too bad Spencer has been in appropriate with his comments because he his playing pretty well.


tell me how a girl can have game play when from the minute she walked in she was a target … and for the most childest reasons … as for the jerks from texas ..they are repulsive and discusting and nothing more then bullies …threatening anyone that talks to Elissa.. what a bunch of bafoons ..and as of now the only game play I have seen other then the nasty comments and bulling and childish behaviour ie (Jeremy wiping his ass) is the lies and every last one of them have told a few … some way more then others … so bottom line not one has shown any real game play … those paranoid bigots and racist


ffs she gets guarenteed mvp every week – a major advantage that she could use well if she was a good gamer – she sucks in comps and is not good socially


I am pretty sure that Aryan was making fun of and talking about Kaitlin to Jessie..and she is in the HOH talking shit about her to GM right now… I certain,y could be wrong though..but I think I heard Kaitin’s name, not Amanda, when she did that walk into the room and swing her hair around.


it was amanda they were talking about

alot of them find amanda super annoying, probably why she will soon get evicted


Could aaryn be any more delusional? I honestly don’t think its possible. The girl doesn’t have a clue. Can’t wait til she’s evicted and receives her special prize… A REALITY CHECK!


well evil Aaren is in for a very rude awakening when she gets out of the house .. and if her friends condone what she has done and said then I can only say what a bunch of low lives … SHE IS WHAT SHE IS …… EVIL … that girl (Aaren) can no way be a sweet girl ..


Because she things that he is lying about being a pizza boy and that he’s a lawyer or someone rich.


If Amanda’s boyfriend is so great, why is she sleeping with MCRAE!?


She is sleeping with McCrae because she thinks that he is lying about being a pizza boy. That he is a lawyer or someone rich.


she doesn’t think her boyfriend is great, she’s told mccrae several times and has clearly picked mccrea over her bf. she is just saying that to cover up her relationship with mccrae. it’s too late as at least gina seems to already know about them. she absolutely knows that he is a pizza boy and likes him anyway.

Johnny Boy

Elissa hasn’t done anything to warrant this giant source of support she’s receiving. I don’t see how she has been playing the best game of all the houseguests. If Nick goes up I would definitely hope he stays over her.


Elissa’s support is mainly a result of everyone’s hatred of Aryan, Jermy, Spencer, GM, etc. and because of their petty vendetta against her. I’m not ashamed of admitting that my support for her is completely personal and not based on game play. Those people are just awful and need a complete reality check. I don’t really want Elissa to win, but I definitely don’t want to see her go before Aryan and Jermy leave. I just want her to stay long enough to piss them off knowing that she outlasted them. At this point I really don’t care if its rigged for Elissa for a little while if it means that they find a way to get rid of those too imbeciles first. I can’t stand them at all

A$$hole #1

Partially because of the hatred towards her, her biggest support is because she’s Rachel’s sister, she has Rachel fans voting for her, and they’re in the millions..


Well Said!!! A Says.

A$$hole #1

Right, she hasn’t done anything.

I knew Day 1, that this MVP twist wasn’t going to be used correctly. I would almost rather production made the twist where Rachel Reilly’s sister couldn’t be voted out until jury, it would’ve been more honest at least that way. Could’ve been better for her game anyways as she wouldn’t be used because she has MVP every week, she could build trust with the others and play the game without much stress.


most of the people voting for mvp are disrespecting what mvp actually rewards…good gameplay

cbs please scrap mvp asap


I have to say I was very impressed that CBS showed Aaryn’s true colors and I think showing it is the right thing to do. But listening to Howard’s diary and then watching him as he had to listen to her “nail shop” impression, talking about wanting to say something and losing his temper, but all he can do is look down…it made me kinda sick. In 2013, Big Brother has become a time capsule of the bad old days of yesteryear, where minorities just had to take abuse with no means to fight back. It really makes me not want to watch.

Big Sister

See my comment to Chilltown Fan at 5:53 pm in the previous post, “The Moving Company’s Shotgun Riders.”


Howard could fight back….he is choosing not to for his game play.


But that’s the point. He hears everybody giggle at the racism and bigotry, so he knows if he does fight back he’s jeopardizing his chance to win. It’s no different than a black guy at work in the bad old days when coworkers are making racist jokes and everybody is laughing. He can fight back…and end up ostracized and fired or he can shut up, look down, and keep his job. Like I said, Big Brother this season is a time capsule of the bad old days


500k on the line though – i certainly wouldnt put my chance of winning that at risk

smart guy Howard


Women deal with this every day….this isn’t about the old days it is current…you are just a part of a demographic that hasn’t had to deal with that.


“no means to fight back” Really? What do you call the NAACP, the mainstream media and Al Sharpton? It’s white people who have no means to fight back. We don’t have special interest groups or a white Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. We just lose our jobs, get branded racists and have to hear “Cracker” “nazi” “KKK” “honkey” all the time and no one does shit about it.

Beaver Lips

Howard had a choice to either speak or not speak and he went the latter. Maybe if that silly broad starts doing some Chris Rock he will stand his ground next time. Maybe she has to go full on David Duke who knows but instead of all of them laughing at her someone should have told that kid with an incredibly small brain to mind her manners. I would love to see her face when she gets that first phone call from someone to let her know she’s lost the tiny life she had just started.

A$$hole #1

Racism and bigotry will always be here, it’s just reality that we deal with, never let that shit get to you.


Yeah, Aaryn, the people who have the live feeds see who you truly are-and they still hate you!


You don’t need to have the live feeds, just an Internet connection and fingers to type her name on any search Box. Aaryn Gries + Racist is my sugestion. Go ahead and give it a try!


GM & arayn are now talking about getting rid of katlin, HAHAHA i think aaryn is gettin hot for jeremy now, this crew is completely crazy!


I think she is starting to like Jeremy to (strange all of them sleeping together in the HOH) Yeah She wants Jeramy all to herself to protect her as she no longer has David to snuggle and kiss. Did anyone else see the Statement that a HG said that they no for sure Amanda and MC had SEX!!!! I mean Come on Amanda!!!!Really lol where are your standards go


amanda is trash-E


I think you’re right, Pearl …Aryan needs a boyfriend now……can’t believe these bitches…watching AD now and these skanks can’t stop talking about Elissa ! Jessie is a dumb bimbo


hilarious how you let people you will never meet and have no control over get you so easily angered

youre all wound up

just on Jessie…

as Al Pacino says in the movie Heat: “shes got a GREAT ASS!”


I am so sick of TVGN…..I loved Showtime last year….3 hours of uninterrupted viewing..this sucks maybe an attempt to get people to buy the live feed


So disappointed that Elissa will probably be leaving. I was hoping she would stick around for a bit longer.


As much as my wifey likes Elissa, she should have never been brought into the house in the first place. As far as I’m concerned, it was time for BB to make a clean break away from returning / related houseguests. They should have went completely fresh from the start without the Rachel pre-teen army in play. I think CBS will be surprised when Elissa leaves yet ratings will stay firm. It is almost as if CBS is second-guessing themselves when they pull out the retreads. The new houseguests are developing wonderfully. Go Howard!

A$$hole #1

CBS was so desperate for Rachel Reilly, they took a chance on a relative, and it failed horribly.

Elissa being Rachel’s sister killed the concept of the MVP twist.

It would’ve been most smart to throw money at Rachel to bring her back, and have a Duo All-Stars- Family thing where 2 player teams entered the house and played together…

kickkin Chicken

You might be shocked when you find out that everyone is related to someone famous….Elissa was busted from the gate, because she looks just like her sister….But how about Andy, he looks like he is related to the guy on Two and 1/2 Men, or maybe he is married to Regan…..and Nick is so related to Adam Lavene, a Judge on THE VOICE., it’s his older brother……and like I said, check out Aaryn, she looks so much like Dani Donato…….Just to name a few!


i know it because of jermy bullin in moveing company i though mcare was good but now i know he do what they say hey let give mvp vote to helen or andy in see where they do i want helen or andy to win it all

Bring back the GLASS BOX

I can’t figure Amanda out dude…. It’s like…. Are you messin with my sweet little Crae Crae?? Don’t be a witch, he is a good catch ya know?

Canada Girl

Go Elissa!! Down with the devil Aaryn and her stupid friends!


this ‘surprise’ for the show is probably rachel, or some way for cbs to keep elissa.




Oh, sure Amanda, Playboy will give you a call for a photoshoot because of your awesome boobies. Very possible, I’ve heard they are doing a Star Wars CHEWBACCA edition.. Hahhahahahhahahahahaha. Delusional Amanda.

Beaver Lips

Playboy better have a wide angle lense cause she looks at least 4 foot wide down low.


good call – she’s loud like chewbacca too!


I can’t wait till Aaryn gets out so we can easily heavily booed at her.


I wonder if CBS will allow the studio audience to boo at her when she leaves?


I know right, the whole audience will also booed Kaitlyn or even GinaMarie. That would be suck for them.


I just got finished reading a few articles written about tonights show and it looks like spencer is in hot water also with his employers , I think he would be with out a job right now if he wasn’t in some form of union …but still he is offensive over and over again . … looks good on him. I am getting fid up with his use of the C word when referring to women … game or no game …


and he actually thinks that he will get mvp…….delusional at best!


Dear TVGN,
Pl ease, stop that!
Someone who would love to hear a complete sentence

Beaver Lips

Refusing to watch it at this point and stopped the dvr.


So true – It’s almost useless trying to follow anything on TVGN. I seriously think that it’s CBS’ way to get everyone to pay for the live feeds. I’m on the fence about doing the live feeds or just keeping up with it here. I’ve already stopped BBAD recording on my DVR.


yeah TVGN stop that!

we said knock it off!

whoever you have doing the muting of swearing is doing a terrible job! just really, insanely bad


I quit watching TVGN after the first few nights! That sucks! It needs to go back to showtime in a bad way! TVGN was a huge mistake unless they were trying to get people to buy the live feeds but if that was the case, that’s pretty low! I looked forward to BBAD and now it just sucks!


I want to murder Kaitlin’s vagina.


Spencer making nasty personal comments about Elissa….why? If he wants her out just for strategic reasons fine…but something else is going on with him with his vitriolic comments about her. There seems to be some deeper thing going on.


Total envy, he is fat and ugly and would never get a toned pretty girl like her. So he has to put her down. Typical of ugly mofos.


Aaryn’s mother is apparently up late giving thumbs down here to every comment against her daughter’s bigotry? Lady, too little too late. Is the whole household racist or ” free speech ” enthusiasts?


lets mvp vote for helen when elssia gone


yeah that makes sense – reward someone with crap gameplay with a power that is supposed to be for great gameplay

by doing that you are disrespecting big brother and the game


Something about an earlier MC conversation bugged me and it got me thinking of how strategic HG’s read the game. So they’ve identified potential threats, accurately in my view, but they’ve also made them targets while allowing other non-threats to advance in the game. We see this every year, where floaters and non-entities make it to jury…and these same people who rightfully should have been among the first to go end up with a vote, often completely missing what was happening in the game and voting simply for who they like or against who they don’t. Now if you’re a strategic player and you plan to make lots of moves, moves that might require some lies and gameplay, wouldn’t you want a jury composed of like-minded HG’s?

For me there is a fine line, do you eliminate real players to protect your advancement, while hurting your chance to ultimately win at the end? I’ve never heard any HG’s talk about the danger of allowing floaters a vote and if I were MC, I would stagger my targets. So if they evict a threat next week, follow that up by evicting…sorry Simon..Judd, then evict a threat, followed by Jessie. I just think letting people who have not played the game vote at the end is inviting a loss for the best strategic players.


hey big brother 15 fans i want to vote moving company out in i dont like aryan or jermey or kiklan i will give my mvp vote for andy or helen when elssa gone


can anyone tell me the time stamp for when jer told kait love you?


@BAUER816 I am sure it was after a late night handjob under the sheets!

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Is Nick related to a past player? On the feeds tonight he sure did skirt the issue when it was brought up and looked “guilty” He said he has a brother Adam. Could he be another “twist?”


hey people this i why i dont like aryan to me racism people are ugly people now im black but i like white people in gay people the same im not gay but i like every body the same every body love their famliy i know its a game but do you have to be like that to a person is wrong i hope she go home soon i will never give her mvp or some one who listen to her mvp vote


Omg boats n hos is crashing..not sure why gina is so intemidated by kaitlens beauty sheess. At first i thought kaitlen would b a super cool chick but she a trashsy azzz ho baggg for sure. If the dumb blonds could get over ther grudge w/elissa thy could totally work w/elissa to put up kaitlen, duhhhh…easy cake but the girls in da house have no game, to busy tearing each out appart!!


kaitlyn is going around threatening people to make sure they vote out elissa

aaryn doesnt like the aggressiveness of it as it unnecessarily hurts the alliance


Nicks Brother, Adam Uhas is the research administrator for Ohio States Dept of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services!

i'm tall

if i hear racist GM say how “good of a person” she is is one more time i’m going to cali myself, enter that house and cuss her a$$ out. she is the most delusional person in that house. she is chasing after a dude that could two $hits about her. She doesn’t know how to play the games. She is the true definiton of a floater. I can’t wait until she is voted out so I can see and hear her get booed so badly. She probably will cry and say “Yo! Julie! I’m a good person you know? I’m focused and all and for an Asian brawd you are alright with me!” SMH


Yes Aaryn, we know exactly who u really are: A RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC B*TCH!!!!!!!!