Spencer gets his wish and Jeremy’s plan “I’m not going to s***m for 90 days undefeated Like Muhammad Ali”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


10:40 Hammock Cam 3-4 Jeremy, Aaryn and Gina

They are talking about losing David
Jeremy: “you aren’t the only one that didn’t take a lose.. He was my bro to we can bond over it”
Aaryn: “I can’t bond with you”
Jeremy: “You bum me out”

Gigi asks him a question, “You’re in the zone right.. you focuses cause we need to know that we’re all in the same page”

Gigi: “I needed to know that you’re in the f**** zone.. if you need to whack **f than whack **f in the bathroom bro” (gigi just kinda blurted this out.. )
Jeremy: “I’m not going to s***m the entire time I’m here yo”
Gigi: ‘You’re the man bro you’re the man”
Jeremy: “Like MIke Tyson and Muhammad Ali .. they didn’t s***m for two years and they were undefeated”
GiGi: “nice”
Jeremy: “Jeremy is going 90 days undefeated”
Amanda asking everyone in the back yard if they know how to make alcohol.
Jeremy: “Water, Apples, Sugars and potatoes in a bag leave it out in the heat for 2 weeks and you got alcohol” (LOL this was hilarious because Aaryn was in mid sentence at the time)
Jeremy: ‘Stupid f****”

Aaryn is complaining that Kaitlin is going around acting emotional and messing up her game. Jeremy thinks everyone has had some wine and they need to think about it tonight and talk tomorrow.
J: “I’m not going to let anybody take you out”
A: “you can’t control it”
J: “Wanna bet “
A: “Didn’t help David”
Jeremy explains to her that David was a awesome “Bro” but “he didn’t socialize with anybody.. it’s hard to keep someone here when they don’t have any friends.. he played a bad game because he wasn’t socially aware.. theres nothing we can do about it now.. we gotta think of the future 500K lets take it home.. lets kick a$$ and take names “

Kaitlin joins them says that her and Amanda offered the camera b**b flashes for alcohol shook no.


We just want to bring it to you attention we think Kaitlin is a fucking time bomb.

Aaryn I’ll tell you the story so you know it’s f*** real
Aaryn “Everyone here is on an understanding that we’re getting Elissa out now Kaitlin starts freaking out that she’s going up and now she’s going to everyone in the house saying to them if they don’t vote out Elissa Jeremy is going to get them next week”
Sorry that i’m slurring I had two drinks

11:15pm Amanda running around with her nipples being only covered with bandaids.
She does a little dance in front of everyone essentially showing off her entire chest for a good 20 minutes. Spencer is squealing “T!ttEs, T!ttEs, T!ttEs”
You’ll have to go to our tumbler site to see the pictures.. it’s here

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel. You pay a flat fee for the season


11:23pm Have Nots Cam 1-2

Helen: “So far the plan on our part is to put up nick do you think we have the votes”
Andy: “people are starting to doubt Amanda and Spencer but I still trust them”
Helen: “I think spencer is working with Jeremy and Nick because Spencer Wanted to put up Amanda”
Helen: ‘why take out Amanda when you can take out Nick he’s one of the big guys”
Helen knows Spencer is shady but they need him on their side for awhile.
Helen says that Jessie will vote to keep Elissa if Elissa can get the votes. Andy: “She’s Lying.. she just doesn’t want to go up”
Helen says she talked
Helen says that they have the votes they only need six, Candace, Judd, McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Howard.
Helen: ‘Thats it.. we don’t even need spencer”
Andy: ‘How about Candace”
Helen: ‘Candace wants Elissa to stay she wants Nick out”
Andy mentions how Aaron has been experiencing concern with her group because she doesn’t think Jeremy and Kaitlin will take her to the end. Helen says they need to bring Aaryn in and they will keep her save if she keeps them safe.

Andy and Helen are pretty excited about the prospects of having Aaryn on their side

10:40pm HOH Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aaryn
Jeremy is asking BB for more alcohol. Telling them Look at what the girls are doing a;ready think about what they could be doing with more..
Aaryn says she’s cool with Helen and Andy. Jeremy doesn’t think he’s good with Andy. He reassures them that they have the numbers they need to relax.
Jeremy tells them he’s got the umber he promises them he’s got “Spencer and Howard in my back pocket”

11:49pm Amanda is sprawl on the bathroom couch naked.. McCrae is asking her to put clothes on. She eventually leaves to put clothes on
11:51pm Backyard Aaryn, Gina and Andy Aaryn is playing up her disagreements with Jeremy and KAitlin. Trying to look like she’s distancing herself from them.


12:05Am Howard and Spencer Cam1-2
Howard would like Jeremy’s group to get HOH again so they can take out Amanda.
Spencer says that will not happen it’ll be Andy and Candace going up.
S: ‘MC got to respect McCrea unless something shady happens”
H: “I just don’t want to lose him.. you know if she stays.. we’ll lose him.. to me (Her leaving) shows some loyalty we all have to show some loyalty”
Howard says that he thinks they can trust McCrae but when you “got t!tt!es and A$$ up in your face and you’re not use to it”
Howard and spencer calling Gina and Nick the Odd Couple.
Howard: “Gina is on Jeremy’s nut”
H asks who the target is next week. Spencer thinks it’ll probably be Andy. Spencer doubts

Howard: ‘I’m not going to try and get HOH”
Spencer: “NOO”
H: “When should he get it”
S: “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there”


12:10AM Have Nots Helen, Candace, Elissa
They’re confident they have the votes to get Nick out this week. Their vote count is Candace, Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Judd, and Howard (In actuality the votes will be at best Candace, Andy, Amanda, Judd and Jessie)
Elissa: “Solid vote.. everyone said they are solid”
They all agree that Spencer is working with Jeremy. Helen says if Spencer doesn’t vote with them he’s the first to go. Helen says they need to stop speaking with Spencer because he’ll relay information back to Jeremy. Candace says that Howard has been talking to Spencer a lot and she needs it to stop. Helen: “I will talk to Howard and Make sure he votes out way”
Elissa: “I think howard knows that Spencer, Nick and Jeremy are working together”
Helen: “We’re going to get HOH and we’re not going to go after the girls we’re going after the guys”
Helen: ‘Howard will want to vote Nick out because that will make him the second strongest guy int he house”


12:35AM have nots Helen, Candace and Howard Helen tries to tell him that because of her Diary room sessions and talks with Elissa she’s figured out that Nick is Dan’s (Season 10 14) cousin. If they vote out Elissa Nick will start getting the MVPs. Howard just smiles nodes..

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i cant find anyone to like in this cast, maybe howard, i thought amanda had a bf? if she does, cant she show him a tad of respect by keepin her boobies covered and stop acting like some dime store pig.


amanda is flasing her boobs and slutting it up because…

she wants more alcohol

she has no respect for her boyfriend

is doing it so some of the male house guests dont vote her out upcoming(she is currently a big target)

she is trying to gain mvp votes from viewers

and wants to be in playboy


Flashing boobs for alcohol… how classy


I love these cast and season.
NOW maybe people will finally look at Rachel with a little perspective.
People so easily tossed around terms like whore, and mean spirited…even “evil”

perspective does wonders.

A$$hole #1

No perspective there, Amanda’s a whore and a skank..

Remember this little gem?
“Rachel drank a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100?s”

Rachel had a whore past, but now that’s she’s a married women, she’s currently a Drunken Skank.

Brendon is embarrassed by her often, even on their wedding night.


He should be embarrased for himself….He was the one sending pics of his Penis all over the internet.


He should be embarrased for himself….He was the one sending pics of his Penis all over the internet.

Amandas Vagina

You just wait till she gets a bit more alcohol in her then I’m coming out.


hairy like chewbacca ha ha

Roisin Dubh

Amanda’s a world class freak. If they’re wasn’t any live feeds she would be doing McCrae and Howard bigtime.

Beaver Lips

Not a damn thing wrong with a good quality freak in the house….! Boo Ya!

Johnny Boy

I can understand people saying they’re rooting for Elissa because she got a bad wrap with the other houseguests and that she is a victim. But she has not and I repeat has not been playing the best game so far. She makes my point earlier when she goes to Nick and tried to basically threaten him to align and be with her. She then basically enlightened him that she has (believes but not necessarily true) she has the majority and a lot of power. Also regardless of how impossible it seemed, she made no effort this week to prevent herself from going up on the block (Helen at least threw out a Hail Mary). I don’t dislike Elissa, especially considering how bad a lot this cast is (not gameplay-wise, but as human beings-wise), but the MVP is designed to go to the player who has been playing the best game…that’s Nick or Spencer, maybe Candide for almost completely figuring out the MC, or Andy.


If Elissa starts playing the game too hard right now, it will put a huge target on her back. I think it’s smart for her to lay low and let the other HG’s eat each other alive for now. The lower she keeps her head and follows along, the less of a threat she’ll be deemed and the further she will go. She doesn’t need to play too much game until half the HG’s are gone.


s***m ?


lol it took me a few seconds to figure it out. who says the word “sperm”?


What the hell I really do think Aaryn has a crush on Jeremy…*barf*


I predict a hookup between Aaryn and Jeremy if Kailin gets evicted soon


These women are so embarrassing. We have two who are willing to flash their boobs to get alcohol, one who is complaining that they want a boyfriend because “everyone in the house has one”, and another who is practically the devil’s spawn. Oh and let’s not forget loud mouth Gina Marie who is a nut job. Great cast!!

Roisin Dubh

I think MC is done after this week. This vote is gonna out them. They overplayed their hand and Helen and Candice are gonna finally put it all together.


i think theyre good for a while


So what happens then? Kaitlin and Aaryn join up with the other side (seems unlikely somehow)? How do you see things shaping up…?


As much as I liked Elissa, the power is getting to her head. She needs to realize that yeah, she can put someone up, but it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have the votes to stay. Continuing to threaten Nick isn’t going to help, since they are 4-5 solid votes together.





they will get crushed by moving company or the mean girls




Strokem I think was what he was saying.

Roisin Dubh

Good Lord, what is wrong with Aaryn? She just can’t keep her mouth shut and keeps saying the craziest things. This girl is seriously delusional. She’s in for a seriously rude awakening when she gets out of the house which I hope for her sake is sooner then later. CBS has made it quite clear that she is gonna be the punching bag for all of the controversy. How dumb are you when you make fun of Asians on the regular when the host is not only Asian, but married to the network boss? Julie is gonna tear her a new one when they meet up face to face. I’m not defending her in any way, shape or form, but it’s disheartening to see somebody handicap their future over some ignorant comments.


Listening to Jeremy and Ginamarie have a discussion is like watching a bad SNL skit about teens at some inner-city high school in the 90s. Yo bro; you da man!


Why is Elissa targeting Nick?? If she only knew that he was the seed that masterminded her staying last week! Nick isn’t going after Elissa. He wants to, as he puts it, “weaponize” her. He might be telling the Aaryn side of the house that he wants her to go home because he’s just going along with whatever they want (duh they have HOH) but Elissa is not seriously his #1 target. Going after Nick is a waste. Plus, he’s one of the more entertaining players to watch ;D. She should go after people who will most definitely go after her.

Since Aaryn is friggin’ HOH and Jeremy won the stupid POV (I’m bitter, can you tell? lol) Elissa should target one of their allies to weaken that alliance. She should target Kaitlin or Gina Marie. That would whittle down the Aaryn side of the house (aka the I Hate Elissa side). Getting Kaitlin out would weaken Jeremy because she is his back-up alliance. She could use the same reasons for getting out Kaitlin as the others are using to target Amanda (Kaitlin is dangerous because she’s influencing Jeremy and they could become a power duo, yadda yadda).

Forget this stupid girls-stick-together nonsense… and this is a girl saying that! There’s a reason why there’s never been a successful all-girls alliance. When you get in the house, you have to play as individual people regardless if they’re a guy or girl. Even the guys-alliance don’t include ALL the guys in the house… that’s because they don’t align with just anybody because they’re a guy… and they’re not impervious from targeting other guys, either. They got David out because he was a threat… they could give a crap about bros-stick-together so Elissa should drop this I-only-wanna-target-guys nonsense.

I’ve been rooting for Elissa but in all honesty, she hasn’t been playing a good game. Nick has been playing a much better game than her. His alliance is much stronger than hers and is at least semi-secret. Her alliance is who? Helen and maybe a couple of other lost wanderers who have no where else to go (Candace and Andy lol) and it’s definitely not secret. If she puts Nick up, she’ll be going home and she’ll deserve it for making a dumb move.


I feel like Elisa should nom Kaitlin. Aaryn might just grab tha topportunity and flip the votes behind jer & kaits back. Anyone else see this as a possibility? Maybe its just my wishful thinking.


nope there is no way aaryn wants anyone out before elissa




I think Amanda and McCrae are going to split up soon, and that’s before she’s evicted.


If elissa leaves, Helen or Candice should be given the next MVP, this will ensure that BB will not be so predictable this season! 😀


i said this shit all along that if katlin is evicted AARYN would hop jeremy i know this was going to happen all 3 of them sleeping in the same hoh bed ……..


Looks like Elissa needs another production miracle! They do not have the votes to keep her… :/


that would be a fuckin joke to be honest and would ruin the integrity of the game playing favorites like that – if you want rigging to that extent go watch wrestling

Beaver Lips

Haters gonna Hate! Yall quit talkin dirty bout a broad showing her mammaries for alcohol. Must have never been to Mardi Gras and heck they do it for beads there.

Charlie Hustle

With everything there is to complain about this season…good, healthy debauchery shouldn’t even make the list. Now, if we can get some compromising images of the rest of these fine ladies.


Simon, didn’t ya’ll used to advertise some kind of player that you could download and watch the live feed through? This was a couple seasons ago, I just remembered about it and I was wondering if that player still works and what it is called, can’t seem to find any….


Elissa, Helen, and Candace.. if they could pull through this week. I truly believe they have what it takes to be the first Successful All-Girls alliance. I was really shocked with Candace figuring out the MC alliance tho.. I thought she’d be this seasons naïve player… All in all, together these three girls could seriously do some damage….If not all-girl then I think them partnering with Nick, Howard and Andy could be something great too!


That is one smart camera. LOL. #teamcamerayo


man, i really liked amanda up until now. why did she do that tonight 🙁