Jessie says I thought I would be attacked by the girls in the house.. because I am pretty.

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen

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2:15pm In the lounge – Judd, Nick and Helen are using the photo booth.

Out on the backyard couch – McCrae and Elissa are talking. McCrae says that it wasn’t called for how Jeremy called her out like that the other day. McCrae says Jeremy is a jerk. Elissa says he is really aggressive.
Meanwhile, in the storage room Jeremy and David are talking. David is worried about going home and wonders if McCrae is working with Elissa. Jeremy tells David that he really doesn’t think they are working together because just the other day they were going into the HOH room and Elissa was leaving and said I can’t believe you just said that! Jeremy says that she was crying too. Jeremy says unless they are great actors, I really don’t think they are working together. David says Okay I’ve got You, Spencer, Howard, Judd.. Jeremy says you’ve got at least 7 votes and you don’t even need that many.



2:35pm – 2:45pm Elissa and Jessie are on the backyard couch talking. Elissa says that she can’t believe how vicious and mean the other girls were in attacking her. Jessie tells Elissa that before she came into the house she thought she would be attacked by the girls in the house .. because I am pretty. Jessie asks who confronted her in the house? Elissa says Aaryn wasn’t very nice to me but she apologized. Jessie says people might want to keep you because you are such a big target. Elissa says great! Aaryn joins them. Elissa leaves to lay on the lounger.


2:45pm Amanda joins McCrae, Jessie and Andy on the backyard couch. Amanda says that she thinks her boyfriend is going to break up with her now that she has been sleeping in McCrae’s bed. McCrae tells her to get over herself. Amanda brings up how Jessie stole her sunglasses – and jokingly sasy ..fu*king klepto! Jessie says that they look just like mine. Amanda says these are nothing like yours, these are really nice.

2:50pm Aaryn and Jessie are talking in the photo booth. Aaryn tells Jessie that that McCrae is going to use the veto to take Candice off. Jessie says but he just told me that he was going to take me off. Aaryn says he told you that because he didn’t want you to freak out. Jessie says that she won’t. She says that she is freaking out to her alliance but not to anyone else. They leave the room.

CBS Interactive Inc.

3pm Jessie and Aaryn head back into the lounge room. Jessie says that she was feeling good today until McCrae came up to her talking game. Jessie says I told him that I would keep him safe next week if he took me off the block. Jessie says you would have done the same thing right? Aaryn says yeah. Jessie and Aaryn go to take more photos in the photo booth. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Gina asks Kaitlin if she thinks Jessie has midget features. Kaitlin laughs and says I can’t believe you just said that?! Gina says no I am serious .. doesn’t she have um .. not Taradactile but T-rex arms? Kaitlin laughs.


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Jessie needs to go. So annoying, needy, and conceited. She’s not even pretty-she’s basically the new Danielle.


She’s the least attractive in the house. Helen would be, but she’s cool and hasn’t said anything about being pretty.


Few questions:

1. What the hell is Candace doing? She is on the block and she just sits around a does nothing???

2. Does the MVP have the power to nominate someone else if the Veto is used like McRae said? Wouldn’t that mean Elisa can’t go home?


Look, Jessie I know you can’t look at this message because you are in the BB game but you think you are the cutest one there?? Well girl you aren’t so don’t start this crap girl don’t sit there and say I am the cutest one here I think Amanda is cuter than you to be honest lol and for you McRae quit saying you are going to do this tell her this tell her that just tell the truth tell the truth who you nominate, VETO and most important who is going to be evicted and great job Aaron for telling Jessie who he is taking off the block kudos to you and good job Jessie for telling Aaron she thought he was taking her (Jessie) off the block Oh mano I cant wait to watch TVGN Big Brother After Dark tonight come on time hurry up because I already want to watch After Dark lol

Biff Tannen

Jeremy is about as good a representative of Native Americans as Tatanka was in the WWF (you younger folks will have to google him)–and about as authentic, too. The more I think about it the more it bothers me how he let out that little war chant in the opener. It was so blatantly racist! What’s he gonna do next, come to the diary room in a chieftain’s headdress, fold his arms across his chest, raise his right hand and say, “How, white people.” Maybe he’ll build a wigwam in the backyard and begin communicating exclusively by smoke signal. I can’t wait until the POV when he starts trying to take off McRae’s scalp with a butterknife.

It would be like if every morning I woke up, pinned my eyes back and started driving really poorly because I was 1/16 Chinese, which I’m not. I’m just making the point that he has chosen to manifest stereotypical Indians from 1960s westerns. I don’t think I really need to twist anyone’s arm here to convince them this guy’s a ham wallet, but JFC, I’ve seen cartoon characters (and one robot, Johnny 5 from Short Circuit–again, google it, youngsters!) with more self-awareness than this mouthbreather.



at this point, most of us flat out don’t care. I honestly haven’t once thought about the heritage of any contestant of big brother.

Chilltown Fan

Hilarious, and I agree, Biff! I find Jeremy to be the most delusional amongst the men. I get the vibe that he’s a ticking time bomb waiting to go off when his game starts going south.

Kayla J

Lmao! You took the words right out of my mouth.
I’m with you 100%


Candace doesn’t given a crap of who is going up or what.

Janelle pov queen

So McCray won HOH and pov just to get a girl out because he scared of the big boys terrified little pizza boy

Ian fan 111

I’m so confused right now.


it is very confuisiong right now.. My next post explains things nicely

steve barnaby

sucks, can’t get the live feeds in canada


I read here people are getting it in Canada. Ask Simon. You need to edit your browser cookie to make it look like you’re in the US. Forgot what extension he used.


you need a VPN and to edit the value for the cookie CBSGEOIP from CA to US


mcrae is going to get chewed up and spit out. he thinks hes the big boss man running things. he will be an outcast when he doesn’t have the aura of power.

poor Jessie is clueless to the FACT that she is not the prettiest girl there.

poor aaryn, I was so in love at first sight, and now that I got to know her, Im looking for someone else to root for.

I think we will eventually get an all out guys vs girls going at some point, with the red headed gay man(Forget his name sorry), and mcrae in the middle.


Yeah, pretty much agree.

This is quiet a dysfunctional cast now that I’m getting to know them better.


Thank Simon because I don’t really get who is with who at all!! Also do you know if the feeds work on android phones like the Samsung galaxy s3?