David asks you wouldn’t use the Veto on me? McCrae says I can’t because the MVP gets to nominate the replacement.

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen

CBS Interactive Inc.11:40am In the bathroom, Helen and Aaryn discuss relationships and following their passions. Aaryn says that she wanted to cast a wider net to see what things in life would come her way. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Elissa, Andy and Amanda are out on the backyard couch talking. They are discussing the POV competition yesterday and how they had to go through a substance like honey or molasses. Amanda says that one of the girls complained about it being stuck in her who-ha hair. Andy says that his huge di*k would have gotten stuck.


11:55am In the bedroom – Aaryn and Andy talk about the conversation she had with Elissa. Aaryn says that she apologized for what happened and how is was a misunderstanding. Andy says that Elissa should have laid low and been honest about being related to Rachel. Andy says at least this will be an easy week. Aaryn agrees and says that it feels good to be able to take it easy. They break up their conversation and leave the room. Out in the backyard – Helen and Elissa are talking about their lives and about people that treat other poorly in life. Elissa says she doesn’t understand why some people think they have the right to treat others poorly. Inside the kitchen – Some of the house guests are eating the pancakes that Candice made. David comments to Aaryn that he fells like he is going to throw up. Aaryn asks why. He says he doesn’t know. Aaryn tells David that she talked with Elissa to smooth things over. David asks what the reason was to even talk to her. Aaryn says that she can forgive but not forget. I can’t trust her. What’s done is done and she is going home. Aaryn says I promise you I wouldn’t go against you.


12:20pm In the bedroom – Gina and Spencer are laying in bed together talking about the veto. Spencer wonders if the ceremony will be today. Gina thinks the eviction would be right after but Spencer says no the eviction isn’t till Wednesday. Gina wonders if McCrae will us the veto. Spencer says he thinks he will but it’s hard to get a read on McCrae. Spencer says it’s hard to talk to him because Amanda is always there. Gina asks why Amanda is always hanging around him. Spencer says he doesn’t know.


12:25pm Up in the HOH – David is talking to McCrae and says I dunno dude that was a good move getting me up. David questions if McCrae is working with Elissa. McCrae says no. David asks what about Amanada. McCrae says Amanda hates her. David asks if McCrae would use it on him. McCrae says I could use it on Jessie if you want. David asks you wouldn’t use it on me? McCrae says yeah but I can’t because the MVP gets to nominate the replacement. David asks really? McCrae says yeah and it would probably be Aaryn. David tells McCare ..you know who I am working with and if I get voted out they will be coming after you. McCare says I sure hope that doesn’t happen. McCrae says that he wants Elissa gone because if she stays she will be going after me next week. McCrae says that Elissa is going up. David says that if you were going to get me out I would be chill about it if you just told me. McCrae says she will win every MVP vote with Rachel’s fans voting. David says that he doesn’t think Elissa is MVP because Elissa came clean to him about being Rachel’s sister but said she wasn’t MVP so I don’t know why she would tell the truth about Rachel but not about MVP. McCrae says that it doesn’t help me to go against the house, Elissa is going up and going home though. I dont know who to take down though, Candice or Jessie. David and McCrae talk about how they need to talk more to feel more comfortable. David says I was just seeing bro, it would just suck to go first. McCrae says once you see the veto ceremony you will trust me. David says I trust she is going up but I don’t trust who is going home her or me. McCrae says he is going to tell everyone to vote out Elissa. David wishes he studied the game more before coming in like McCrae. McCrae says that he didn’t he just visited a site he likes that posts funny stuff. David says that he questioned if McCrae was even a pizza boy. McCrae says yeah I don’t get why people don’t think I’m a pizza boy. The conversation turns to talking about the POV comp. McCrae says I am pretty sure you are staying. David says yeah I dunno dude because if I don’t.. McCrae says once she goes up you just need to make a good campaign to everyone and then you’ll stay.


12:40pm David and McCrae shake hands and head downstairs.


12:55pm Kaitlin, Spencer, Judd and Jeremy are laying out by the pool suntanning. Elissa is teaching Aaryn yoga.



1pm Jeremy and Kaitlin are laying on the hammock talking about painting, documentaries and books. Kaitlin comments on how Nick is a weird guy and how she never knows what he is thinking. Jeremy says that he thinks he has Nick because they talk about books and stuff. Jeremy and Kaitlin talk about how they both enjoy painting. Kailin talks about her ex who went to jail. She says that she loved him in a wounded puppy way. Jeremy asks when does he get out. Kaitlin says in 4 months. Kaitlin says that she used to smoke pot with his mom all the time.


1:15pm Candice and Howard are sitting on the backyard couch talking about yesterdays POV competition. Jessie comes out and gets into the pool. McCrae and Jessie talk about lakes and other random things. Gina is running laps around the backyard. Jessie says that


1:20pm Jessie kisses “Rosco” the Big Brother duck in the pool.


1:30pm – 1:45pm David talks to Spencer in the bedroom and tells him that he thinks Amanda, McCrae and Elissa are enemies as they want people to think. He thinks its all going to go down after the veto. David heads into the kitchen. Meanwhile Kaitlin also heads into the kitchen and pretends to hump Amanda who is bending down reaching in a cupboard. Amanda yells yeah I’m pregnant! David heads out into the backyard.

1:50pm Out on the backyard couch – Spencer is asking Elissa about her little boy. They share stories about each others outside lives. Meanwhile by the pool – Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie are talking about random things. David, Howard, Judd and McCrae are also in the pool hanging out. Andy and Nick are also hanging out near the pool.

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Finally, David’s Brain is lighting up. He finally convince McCrae to use the Veto on anyone.

Janelle pov queen

I don’t know what McCray is doing do he want Elissa out or David? He just such a scarey bitch I can’t waite for when the house put his dumb ass up and he look like the dumb ass that he is

Ian fan 111



Ok, Dawg or Simon, can one of you guys make like a chart naming all the alliances like last big brother canada season. I’m so confused who’s with who right now. It’s like these people think that Big Brother is just 1 week and that they have to play super hard. Its so hard to keep up :P

King Silva

I second this!

I am confused at where a lot of people stand.

I mean a lot of them are two/three timers that almost make ShelHe look honest! O_O


It is like a spider web and they are ALL in numerous alliances. I am totally confused as to who the serious alliances are. McRae is in a secretive alliance with all of the hg


hey are you going to post video’s of the popular conversations like you did in BB canada? me being from Canada i cant get the feeds and it EFFIN sucks


“McCrae says yeah but I can’t because the MVP gets to nominate the replacement.” Is it true that the MVP gets to name the replacement if he uses the POV? Then that sets the game up that Rachel2 will get MVP every week, nominates someone & then names the POV replacement too. She’ll be untouchable. Has production done this again?

VA Vet

It can if production wants to keep R2 in the game. What better way to “create” drama than to keep the most disliked person in the house. Plus production has cover in that the MVP is *****SUPPOSED***** to be determined by the viewers.

Jon L

I think if one tof the HOH’s nom’s gets taken off , they get to name the replacement….. but if the MVP’s nom comes down then they will get to name the replacement
so it would be safer to bring down one of the original noms


Waaaaait since when can the MVP make the replacement nom? That can’t be right?


I think they could have the votes if McCrae uses the veto on Candice and tells her only if she votes for Elissa to stay. Other than that, the only female that could possibly voting for Elissa to stay is Helen.


For clarification, McCrae has told both sides he want Elissa and David to go home. He has told he wants elissa gone to Amanda David and aaryn and he has said he wants David to go to Nick Jeremy and Howard. Not sure about Spencer. We will have to wait and see the dr for the truth




I’m pretty sure that I MVP gets to re-nom if and only if their original nom is saved by the veto.


Look, I want McRae to use the POV on David but then I don’t because I DON”T want Aaron up on the block but if McRae uses the veto on Candice or Jessie Aaron is on the block with David which would suck because I love them 2 together:( Lets say Jessie got saved by POV it would be David, Aaron, and Candice or swich it he could save Candice and have David, Aaron, and Jessie on the block I think he would swich and not let the houseguests think he would saved Candace or he could save David and have Elissa, Candice, and Jessie or save Candice and have Elissa, Jessie, or David or saved Jessie and have Elissa, David, and Candice on the block me personally I would use the POV on David because if he was on the block with Jessie and Candice he would really go home the first eviction and also if Elissa was on the block with Jessie and Candice Elissa would go home over David because if McRae can only saved 1 person (POV) it would be David and Elissa going up and going home and the best bet if David stays for this week his best bet to move is to win the HOH and keep Aaron safe (his girlfriend lol) however if he does win or Aaron they will be BIGGER targets and I myself don’t want that because they 2 are my favorites this season:)) Im so glad I got that out:)) Good luck to all contestants:)