Jeremy says it will be a landslide vote. Kaitlin says if I go home, remember you told me that!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:50am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. Up in the HOH room Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin go back to sleep. In the havenot room – Helen and Elissa talk about working out today. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Judd and Jessie are sitting on the couch talking about her dreams. Andy joins them. Andy comments that the song lyrics played today were I get knocked down but I still get up. He says I bet nominations are today. Judd heads inside and Andy and Jessie talk about boyfriends. Andy talks about the guy he was dating from April – July. He says he lost his virginity to him. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back they are talking about the casting process. Andy explains how casting called a number of people he knows to ask them a ton of weird questions like if I get angry. Big Brother cuts the feeds again. When the feeds come back – Judd joins Andy and Jessie on the backyard couch. They are talking about strategies to big brother. They discuss how different Elissa is from Rachel. Judd says that she is nice and he isn’t going to just ignore her and be mean. Andy agrees but says that he doesn’t like how the whole game is stacked in her favour. Andy talks about how he voted to keep Elissa because when Jeremy came into the kitchen and yelled at them lumping him with Elissa and Helen it scared him. Andy says that he feels like Aaryn has done a good job to repair things. He says if they want Elissa out this week then I will vote her out. Jessie says that she will vote out Elissa too. They talk about how they hope Elissa doesn’t get MVP again. Andy says this could be an easy week. Jessie tells Judd and Andy that she thinks its in their best interest to vote Elissa out because they will be coming after the people that voted David out. Andy and Judd agree.

10:50am In the kitchen Candice and Elissa talk. Elissa says that patients is a virtue. She says that she hates prideful people. Elissa starts talking about what a great man her husband is and how humble he is.


11am – 11:25amUp in the HOH room – Kaitlin and Jeremy are talking about how putting up Helen and Elissa on the block. Jeremy thinks that they will turn on each other but Kaitlin doesn’t think so. Jeremy says that it will be a landslide vote. Kaitlin says if I go home, remember you told me that! Jessie comes up to join them and starts doing her hair in the HOH bathroom. Aaryn comes back from the diary room. Jessie and Jeremy leave the HOH room. Kaitlin says that we can only hope that they will fight but they are just going to end up working together. Aaryn says she (Elissa) is smart, but we are smarter. Aaryn says that she was able to flip things in the last minute and will try and do it again so we will make sure that doesn’t happen. Aaryn talks about having Candice on the block because no one wants her here. Aaryn says we have the votes – Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Jeremy.. they think they have at least 4 votes and just need two more. Kaitlin says that she won’t take herself off the block if she wins the POV because if I do, then Jeremy will go up and he doesn’t have the votes to stay. Aaryn and Kaitlin talk about how Spencer hasn’t even been up in the HOH room to talk to her. Aaryn says that Spencer feels really guilty for voting out David. Aaryn says that she is going to tell people that if they don’t vote out Elissa, then they are going to be next. We will fight for you, if you fight for us. Aaryn says that Nick is so, so sketchy! I think he is the one orchestrating this. He is working through someone else like Helen to keep his nose clean. I think he is just trying to get information to use it against us. Kaitlin says this is scary. If I go home, its because I got involved with Jeremy. I need to mentally prepare myself so I don’t freak out. Aaryn says that she doesn’t think nominations are today. Aaryn comments on how people are already starting to like Elissa. She says that Jessie already came up and said that she likes Elissa. Why is she telling us that, is she retarded?! Kaitlin wonders if they should put up Candice. Aaryn says no we should back door her. Kaitlin says she doesn’t know. Aaryn says we are the triangle of thrust we need to make this decision together. Big Brother tells them this is an out door lock down please go outside and close the sliding glass door. Katilin and Aaryn heads down to the storage room to change their batteries. McCrae comes in and Aaryn asks him who they should put up. She says that she won’t tell anyone whos name he throws out. She feels that this is going to get .. Big Brother cuts the feeds.


11:30am Aaryn is talking to Spencer by the pool. She is talking about the votes and says that she thinks McCrae is going to go after the people that didn’t vote how he wanted. Spencer says you put up who ever you want to against Elissa because it doesn’t matter. It matters who the third nomination is. Who do you think she will put up? Aaryn says that she thinks she can beat in the POV. Spencer says maybe put up Jessie since she got into it with Elissa the other night. Aaryn says she thinks a lot of people are against us because we are strong but we can also protect people because we are strong. If you vote with us we can protect you from going up. Aaryn says that she thinks Spencer is friends with Candice. Spencer says fu*k no, she annoys the fu*k out of me. Her baby talk voice annoys the fu*k out of me. If she is one of your nominations, I would be okay with that.

11:45am Aaryn asks Spencer if he knows who formulated the plan to get David out. Spencer says that he told David he had his back and I did. Aaryn says that if you say you didn’t hear anything, then you definitely need to work with us. Spencer says that he knows he isn’t really with her group and that he is definitely being left out. Aaryn says that she thinks Nick is an actor. Spencer says that he knows Nick is the big question mark in the house. He says that since the eviction he has been acting goofy. Spencer says that he told David he was good a number of times and I was never going to change.

CBS Interactive Inc.

11:55pm Jeremy and Spencer are in the pool talking. Jeremy says that he is sleeping good with the two girls. He says he is waking up with morning wood each morning. Spencer says that he would be worried about sh*tting the bed. Jeremy says that before he came out here he blew himself up. Spencer says yeah I did too! Big Brother tells them to fill the pool with water. Judd puts the hose in the pool. Jeremy pretends its an anaconda snake and wraps himself up in it.


12pm – 12:25pm The house guests are all out in the backyard wondering why they are on a backyard lockdown. They are talking about random things. Big Brother then switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.

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ELISSA’S BEST MOVE AT THIS POINT WOULD BE TO START A RUMOR THAT THERE IS ANOTHER HIGH PROFILE SIBLING IN THE HOUSE. And that she’s been trying to figure out who and it’s most likely the person that would deny the idea the most.

She needs to do this asap. This would drive the paranoia through the roof and get all the pressure and jealously off of her alone.
Also there is no way to deny it. Spencer could be Adam’s cousin, Andy could be related to Ragan…etc.

Her Absolute Best Move at this point!
It would probably result in Nick losing his low profile cause people would expect him to be Dan’s brother.


That would be painfully transparent and burn any goodwill with the rest of the house…horrible idea. Her best play is to be nice as can be publicly to Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gina, and Jeremy…but spend all her time talking to everybody else, telling the ones who admitted they voted David out that they will be next after Elissa is gone, but if they keep her she remains the 1st target and will always be safe as she is after Jeremy. Then go to the ones who are suspected of voting David and assure them that she’s pliable to working together and plotting the nominee should she be MVP, while making sure they know she will go after Aaryn. She has to play to their self interest to keep her, while putting more than one target out in the open so if/when people rat to Aaryn, she will be hearing different names and be less likely to believe any of the ratting.


If she were in a rational house I might agree, but just look at how badly and irrationally Jeremy and Aaryn want her out? No amount of playing nice is going to enamor them. The moving company is already set in stone and the floaters like Amanda and have it out for her. I’m not talking about surviving till they run out of use for her. I’m talking about flipping the house on itself. Have them suspect each other.

The only reason, the only reason anyone has any reason to want her out besides blind hatred is that she has a name and mvp odds. The minute they suspect there is anyone with those same odds then her target grows that much smaller.

As for how transparent it would be, I’m not talking about calling a house meeting. Back alley conversations go a long way in a house this small, just look at what happened to her. This is a good move, cause what you are suggesting isn’t all that much different from what she is doing already. Moreover if she does something like this perhaps she’d actually earn the MVP vote from the audience.


You don’t understand the politics here. Elissa should act nice to Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Gina because then when they spread their vile when she’s not around all her potential allies will listen and nod, all the while thinking the 4 are mean and bad people, which subconsciously will make them much more open to her advances for an alliance. If she matches their vile with vile of her own, it will just create an uncomfortable vibe in the house and make it easier for her potential allies to just go along with the HOH wishes and evict her along with the bad vibes.

See this is playing on the irrationality of the rest of the house because so few respond logically, rather they go almost solely on emotion.


Who said anything about replicating their bile. It’s a simple rumor about another person possibly having an advantage in the house…This isn’t bile and the fact that no one will be able say for sure that she’s wrong because they can’t is perfect.
These other house guests already think she needs to go and are waiting for right chance. You make it seem like they want her around for another reason beyond using her. If they keep her they see her having an advantage over them, it’s that simple. She needs to take away that fuel, she already has a buddy. You make it sound like she can make some more buddies out of the moving company or amanda or something.


She’s already tried to spread rumors about others being related.


“Andy could be related to Ragan”?? Why, because they’re both gay?? They look nothing alike and to assume that a gay house guest must be related to a former gay house guest is so idiotic and sounds like one of those stupid a$$ comments you hear from inside the house.


Have you been watching the show?
That’s the point. That’s how these people are.


Has anyone noticed yet that Judd looks like Howie from bb6 & 12, just a tad?


Lol so instead of trying to evict the ppl who evicted David, they go after Elissa, who was on the block and just like David, couldn’t vote? Lol this alliance is full of idiots.


Yes, Aryan, KKKaitlin, and GeniusMarie are the dumbest people in the house, obviously. These days, the most racist/homophobic people tend to also be really really dumb.


If Nick, Jeremy or Elissa wins MVP, nominate Kaitlin or Candace as a third nominee. I would love to see Aaryn face that her closest ally would be on the block and it would be priceless. Too bad for her, she will probably get self evicted or even being called by the DR that you officially expelled from Big Brother House. However, I would love to see GinaMarie being on the block as a third nominee and that will be suck for her as well. She will probably get the interview from Julie Chen and ask a stupid question about her race. Come on Julie, confront her and make her eat her words.


Jeremy has ZERO chance of winning MVP, but even if he somehow did win it, why on earth would he put up KKKaitlin?


They’re all stupid. Elissa is powerless. She is 1 person against 14. She has no alliance. So what that she can get MVP. She can be eliminated at any moment. If those people were smart, they would align themselves with her and use her MVP powers (she should win a bunch considering how nice she is compared to the other a-holes) to eliminate the OTHER half of the house they’re going against.


I love it, I would love to see Elissa screw them by winning the POV and keep her safe.


I really don’t understand this hate towards Elissa and why she’s such a target besides the whole RR’s sister excuse. 1) She didn’t vote to evict David, she didn’t even wanna nominate him. 2) She hasn’t said or done anything malicious to anyone. 3) She didn’t win any competitions. 4) She doesn’t have a good social game. 5) She’s not the prettiest girl in house (that’s just the truth). 6) She isn’t messing with any of their guys. So, WHY??? To me she just seems harmless! She’s nothing like Rachel!!!!


lmao so instead of searching for the people that evicted david, they decide to go after elissa, who was on the block besides david, couldnt vote, and didnt do anything to them? smh that alliance is full of idiots.


lol these girls are fixated on elissa.


people have talked about the hg’s being dumb about not realizing that the feeds are on….and speaking the way they do. Are they dumb for that or are they people who like to broadcast and spread hate?


“Jessie tells Judd and Andy that she thinks its in their best interest to vote Elissa out because they will be coming after the people that voted David out. Andy and Judd agree.”

OK…but if Elissa gets MVP and put’s up one of Aaryn’s crew then why would you vote out a potential ally in Elissa in order to keep somebody who will be coming after you regardless?


Jeremy really thinks he is good with the MC. If Elissa puts him up and he doesn’t win the veto the MC will vote to evict him.

The Bug

Just by clicking on the update I already knew what every conversation would be about. But this comment by Jessie is such a turn off.

“Jessie tells Judd and Andy that she thinks its in their best interest to vote Elissa out because they will be coming after the people that voted David out. Andy and Judd agree”.

Are you kidding me now your afraid to vote. This process is done in secret.
This has to be a joke. These people cannot be big brother fans.
Afraid of Aaryn coming after you? Are you serious Jessie. For me Its officially to the point where this is a joke.

Can't get over the cheating...

I was just reading that Frank got disqualified for cheating in a POV comp last year but this year cheating is aloud?!


He cheated and admitted to it but Big Brother didn’t do anything cause Frank was there pet-instead, they rigged the America’s Favorite vote for him.


Yes he did!! I don’t think the hg this year made a fuss over wiht Jer and Aaryn did, so it was on the low!!!


Yes, Frank did ‘cheat’ in a comp last year – I think he did something foolish – that is – I don’t think he actually meant to do what he did… but others on this site probably remember better than I. I wasn’t a fan of Frank – thought his behavior in the house was obnoxious – anyhow – just remember it’s called Big Brother for a reason – Big Brother is in control and enacts the rules to their liking…. That’s just something we all have to live with.


Elissa is thinking that If I was Rachel what should I do! She probably will say Yeah! I did it I overcome the odds.


I bet GLAAD already start the petition of expelled Aaryn and take away her HoH position. I hope you Aaryn be haunted by GLAAD Community & you should be expelled from Big Brother House.


I don’t understand the hateration thrown towards Jessie. What gives?






Honestly, if she was entertaining, playing the game, and just being picked on, yes give her MVP, but fact is she isn’t entertaining at all, giving her MVP every week, is doing nothing more than keeping a boring player in the house because you feel sorry for her.

The twist is called Most Valuable Player not Most Boring Player

1st week she got it by default,because she wasn’t a unknown name, she’s the sister of *BIG RED* Rachel Reilly


makes me laugh when Kaitlin said if she wins the POV she wont use it because they will put up Jerremy .. daaaaaaaa Aaren puts up the replacement dumb dumb … and yet no one has yet to correct either of them … what a couple of idiots.. and that is insulting idiots..lmao


Actually, no, the MVP chooses their replacement nominee if their nomination is vetoed.


POV won … POV used… HOH replaces … think back .. last week POV used .. and who went up on the block … Elisse and who put her there HOH .. Macgae

Rocco Gianini

I don’t understand why Jeremy got away with his bullying about the wine, he basically told the house ” screw you, I took the wine what are you going to do about it?” I’m sorry that would have not set well with me, I would have got in his face, called him a greedy , selfish prick that needed to have his ass kicked and if he did anything like that again , I would say screw the show and kicked his ass. Where are the real men?


Aaryn stfu, David is gone already. He don’t love your ass. He’s probably hooking up with girls right now!!!

Rocco Gianini

I will add that I’m disgusted with these people,I despise racists, homophobes, sexists and bullies, I work in waste management with some pretty tough guys, they don’t disrespect people like that, they would love to have a conversation with Jeremy and Spencer, they would laugh at “I’m smart ” David and probably give him a haircut. My kid sister would deal with The Mean Girls

Brad B

On sunday night, are we going to see Aaryn & Jeremy DQ’d from competing in an HOH redo & made Have Nots because of cheating like had happened in Big Brother Canada?



anyone who nominates this bully jeremy will get my support ….. the biggest mistake hellen or elissa could do this week if they get MVP IS BROADCAST that …. elissa best interest is not telling anyone she get the MVP …… I really want nick get that he’s a player and he isnt afarid to put anyone up there even if it means putting jeremy up there…. IF jeremy is nominated perfect time to send him packing by mc …. nick remind me of emmtte bbcanada… they will think elissa nominated jeremey …. .. elissa is not a beast in competitions like rachel she can easily be sent home …. I pray and hope NICK GETS MVP i know he would make a big move ……. these people talks so much i dont care if they assume elissa has MVP she better not admitt it …


They r probably setting up the have not ‘s food .. I hope it’s liver & Lima beans


Eviction night – After casting their votes, Julie returns to the houseguests and says “With a vote of Zero to America, AARYN! you are evicted from the Big Brother house!” … as aaryn makes her way outside, everyone in the audience boo’s her.. Julie, being the beautiful and professional person she is.. She conducts the elimination interview properly but before Aaryn leaves, she says “Oh, you fired! from yo job and everybody hate you” *MIMICKING AARYN AND GINA’S “ASIAN” ACCENTS* .. with Aaryns shock.. Julie says.. “No Problem! I get you job at my aunties Nail salon!” …. And then BB continues with Jeremy, Gina, and kaitlyn being evicted consecutively every week.


This is a risky move but if Elissa wins MVP, she could put herself up, which would

A) tear the house apart trying to figure out who the MVP is;
B) give herself a chance to play in the veto instead of being backdoored.

Its a high risk, high reward but if she ends up winning veto or manages to stay, it moves the target to someone else and causes friction.

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Eagle Eye Joe is going to be coming back into the house this year to cook the houseguests breakfast as a reward competition… just word on the street