Amanda says that she got jealous and wanted to rip Jessie’s f***ing face off!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live

2am Out in the backyard. Andy, Kaitlin and Ginamarie are laying on the hammock. Kaitlin says that she has been freaking out and needs to stop. Andy agrees. He says that it’s everyone’s downfall in the house. Ginamarie says that she gives props to Andy and Judd for admitting they evicted David. Gina says that Spencer isn’t a real man for not admitting it. Andy Kaitlin that other house guests are already freaking out. Gina says that Spencer is a good dude but she says he is iffy with him because he fu*ked them last week. Kaitlin says that she even offered to flash Judd a boob for his vote. Kaitlin says that when she questioned Judd about his vote she says that Judd said he had Kaitlin’s back but not David’s. Kaitlin, Andy and Gina head over to the backyard couches. Kaitlin talks to Aaryn alone. She asks her why Aaryn thinks that Helen and Elissa will fight if they’re on the block together. Aaryn says that she assumes they will towards the end. Kaitlin says that she thinks Elissa and Helen will make the decision together who they will nominate be the MVP to make sure the house votes the that person out. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that she thinks we have the numbers no matter what. Kaitlin tells Aaryn to tell her if she is crazy. Aaryn asks Kaitlin if she has talked to Jeremy about this. Kaitlin says that she hasn’t because he gets mad at her every time she brings it up. Aaryn says Elissa has to go home. Kaitlin says that she doubts that Elissa would actually put up Gina or Jeremy because although she’s saying that, she knows everyone talks. Aaryn agrees. She says that she can’t control who the MVP nominee is but Kaitlin should tell her which nominees would make her the most comfortable. Kaitlin says that she is really scared that she is going to be nominated. She says that even if I am taken off the block by someone other than Jeremy, he could get back doored and evicted him because he is the strongest person in the house. Aaryn says she doesn’t think that would happen. Kaitlin says if I go on the block, I’m not taking myself off because I don’t want Jeremy to go home. Aaryn says we have the votes. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that she still feels like everyone is lying to them, including Andy. Aaryn says that she disagrees. She says that he is back to the old Andy. Aaryn says that they need to make deals with people because David didn’t do that last week.

2:35am Out in the backyard – Andy, Howard, Spencer, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Judd, Aaryn, Gina and Candice are chatting about random things. Spencer starts talking about how he dates girls until they have sex with him and then he is done with them and moves on. Spencer says that if a guy talks to you and asks you out, he is really just saying I want to go through the civil process of fu*king you. Spencer says that all girls should be willing to fu*k a lot of guys. Spencer starts talking about sex with his girlfriend but the girls tell him to stop because his girlfriend wouldn’t want that on the live feeds. Aaryn talks about Helen and says “no happy endings for you”, “Love you long time”. GinaMarie says that Helen will do her nails. They both laugh. They say we are just telling it like it is.
CBS Interactive Inc.

2:45am In the bedroom – Amanda and McCrae are talking about how McCrae should moving to Florida after they leave the Big Brother house. Amanda tells him that he isn’t going to have to deliver pizzas when he moves because one of them will win. McCrae tells Amanda to take it step by step and to not get too far ahead because it could jinx it. Amanda asks McCrae who’s in the best position. McCrae says that Jessie would be if she wasn’t a fu*king idiot. Amanda says that she think Howard is in the best position in this house. She says that he is so quiet but that she thinks he has made alliances with everyone. Amanda talks about how Howard swore on his religion about not voting David out. McCrae says that religion doesn’t mean anything in this game. McCrae says that he is sure Howard is religious outside of this game and tells her not to bring that up to other people because that would be bad for her. Amanda agrees. McCrae says that Howard won’t win anything. Amanda says that she’ll keep flirting with Howard because he wants her. Amanda asks McCrae if he is jealous. McCrae says that he isn’t but that he thinks Amanda got jealous about Jessie. Amanda says that she got jealous and wanted to rip Jessie’s fu*king face off. Amanda says that she thinks her emotions helped her game because the girls chased after her.

3:15am Up in the HOH bedroom – Aaryn and Kaitlin are talking about Gina and how loud she is. Aaryn says that she wants to say something to her but that she isn’t sure how. They talk about how Gina doesn’t understand that she can’t trust Nick. Kaitlin and Aaryn both say they are frustrated by her. Aaryn says that she might need to stop picking at Judd and Andy. Jeremy joins them. Aaryn grabs a pillow and then puts it between her and Jeremy. Jeremy says that Aaryn is scared of him. Kaitlin says that Aaryn is just trying not to cross a boundary with her and that’s why she did it. Aaryn says that she wonders if Judd is an actor. She comments on how he wears designer clothes. Jeremy says that Judd told him he lives in a 3 bedroom house with a game room by himself. They talk about how he sells things for the Government. Aaryn says he’s a salesman – ding, ding, ding! Aaryn comments on how Amanda is a real estate agent. They talk about how they’re all good at lying except for Jessie. Aaryn says that she wonders why Amanda had an emotional reaction today. Kaitlin says that she thinks that Amanda was really upset over McCrae. . Aaryn starts talking about how she walked in on David and Jessie talking alone in the dark a few nights ago. Kaitlin says that Jessie is emotionally unstable. She says that she doesn’t seem to get it. Aaryn says that Jessie is upset by how she is being portrayed because you can tell by the questions that Jessie is being viewed as the house slut.

5am In the lounge room McCrae and Amanda are talking. Amanda tells McCrae that she thinks he is the sexiest person in the house. McCrae tells Amanda that he doesn’t like to be bossed around. Amanda says that she isn’t bossy. She says that she just wants the person she loves to reach their potential. McCrae says that’s good. Amanda and McCrae head outside to the hammock. Amanda says she wishes they could sleep outside. McCrae tells Amanda that fu*king Howard wants you so hard. McCrae says that he doesn’t know if it’s better or not for Amanda flirt with him. Amanda says that him being jealous show that he cares. McCrae says that he cares but that they still need to think about the game.


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Was I the only one that looked at the thumbnail and immediately thought Janelle was back in the house?


They can’t include Janelle in a house with these retards, it would be like S6 all again. These girls (and Jeremy) and the friendship 2.0, sadly. Everything was anti-Janelle, now everything is anti-Elissa. I hope if she stays they do some stuff like what they did in S6 and give everything to her to throw these unmannerly, conceited, annoying little girls over the edge. To you, Mr. Jeremy, you are not almighty, get off of your damn high horse.

Half the things I see this cast saying I wish I could rewind back in time when BB had a good casting director so I could get a proper cast, because this my friends, is pure rubbish. I can’t stand many of them, I liked Spencer at first but now he has completely turned me off. McCrae and Amanda…been off of them for a long time. Only people I can stand at this point are Helen and Elissa, maybe Candice (she needs to not get confused at let these people clue in on the Moving Company). I think I like Nick as a player/person too.


OMG, Spencer needs to go home! He is so gross and so disrespectful to women! Amanda needs to go after him!


And just like that more stereotypical digs from the girls.
They also think that Jessie is seen as the house slut? Who’s she spread her legs for lately?
McCrae is turning into just want Amanda wants. This like like a bad movie. She had him marked the minute his spineless ass walked into HOH.
ps. Amanda will move on to the next mark when McCrae is booted.

STFU Donnie

All I can say is bravo to Amanda for being a smart player. Isn’t it amusing that if a guy moves from girl to girl, establishing relationships to advance in the game, they’re called “smart”, but on the rare occasion a girl is “smart” in the same fashion, she is derided and the guys who fall for it considered weak…almost feminine?


Man eater Amanda, I hope McCrea can handle her.


He can’t!


Omgg these girls are out of control, helen is a mom with a great career but they still throw these racist remarks like helen will do my nails or “me love you long time” bb15 is out of control like wtf.


Now that cretin Kaitlin is saying she wouldn’t take herself off because she wouldn’t want Jeremy to leave. So she is willing to give that punk half a million dollars. But she’s “just in it for fun”. Or maybe she’s just REALLY REALLY stupid.


In a season in which the viewers vote for their favorite player to receive a pretty awesome power, you’d think that the players would do their best NOT to alienate the viewers, but instead they make incredibly racist, sexist, homophobic, and violent remarks.


“Aaryn talks about Helen and says “no happy endings for you”, “Love you long time”. GinaMarie says that Helen will do her nails. They both laugh. They say we are just telling it like it is.”

How can CBS go to their sponsors and advertisers and allow this to continue. These two can’t go a day without being racists or homophobic.


Simple, CBS doesn’t air this stuff.


And how do you figure that? Big Brother is a 3 revenue stream production, CBS, TV Guide, and the Live Feeds and all go directly to the CBS coffer. A CBS show is a CBS show and a sponsor is a sponsor and if they’re seen as funding these mouth breathers and their unbelievable ignorance, then expect the boycott brigades to move in sooner rather than later. This is not about PC, this is about MONEY. I don’t see how production does not cut the feeds, call the house to the living room, and instruct them that there will be a zero tolerance policy moving forward. Anybody heard making racist, bigoted, or homophobic remarks will be expelled. Clearly the benign warning was completely ignored, so either educate them to hide their ignorance or quit profiting on it.


and don’t forget the cultural meme of social media — which has a significant impact on advertising and sponsorship


Gees Gina and Aaryn, again with the nails comment…. Maybe Julie Chang will offer to do yours when you’re out of the house.


maybe Julie willl have them do her nails


Darn SK, now that was a good one!

Suzy Sunshyne

I think Julie should serve them rice upside their head when they get evicted. Aryan Nation was right when she said she is the bitch, they don’t have to edit anything, it just comes natural to her!


Howard wants Amanda? Gross…


Another racist comment from Gina!! ” Helen will do our nails”. I enjoyed this show but these comments are pissing me off. Can’t wait to see Gina back in NY.


Amanda… I would’ve gone for Howard 🙂


More ignorant comments by Aaryn and Ginamarie…It’s sad that these are the best CBS has to offer us, I’m sure there are more respectful people out there that would love to be in this game.


Two racist skanks are in for a rude awakening when they get booted from the house; no job(s), no fans, no respect from viewers, etc. Keep it up because the fall will be that much harder. Sickening pigs in that house. No wonder BB is losing ratings.


I more of a reader then a commenter but this season has me really upset with all the racial slams going on. People comment on how they need to grow up more etc… The bad part about all this is that they will all feel bad after leaving the house and see what people are saying about them and those that have lost their real life jobs, but what they don’t realize is that with all the social media and things written about them, it will all be out there from infinity and beyond. Just google their name and see if this doesn’t follow them for the rest of their lives. When I first heard about the scandal surrounding the racial slurs, I thought there has to be drinking involved and there wasn’t so they can’t even use that as an excuse. So sad….. Parents teach your children. The parents have to be embarrassed by all this, I know I would be and so disappointed!!!


Cara168 are you KIDDING ME?? These girls are on a show that they know have live feeds 24/7. They are making these comments left and right and your saying how bad they are going to feel when they find out they lost their jobs, etc… They don’t have any compassion for the people they are talking about – and not just talking about, racially slamming them on national TV. This kind of talk is NOT OK. We are in the year of 2013 and the fact these young people are talking like we are back in the slave days is quite frankly sickening and they deserve what they are going to get when they leave the house.


You guys are basically saying the same thing. Cara is just saying it with compassion and it is exactly what Ellisa has been telling he gals and getting crucified for it!!! Cara did not approve of the gals she was only stating the obvious, HOPEFULLY, the gals will feel bad about their behavior, but I don’t know. They may not feel bad until they mature some!!


Thanks Tomasa for stating what I really meant. “Name” got a little bent of out of shape by my post and by no means am I condoning what any of these half witted girls have been spewing in the house, I am Asian American and proud of it. I just think how much they are messing up their potential futures by being young and stupid and perhaps “going with the crowd” and having the “lynch mentality” that they seem to bounce from one to another. It’s a known fact, as have several other posters have said that a lot of employers have used social media to “check out” future hires and with the internet and once your name is out there, any and all news good or bad follows you.


what is so funny about being a manicurist anyway?? there is something seriously wrong with them if they think it’s funny to be a racist, something that won’t be “cured” overnight, so if you google them in 20 years and this stuff comes up, it more than likely will still be an accurate reflection of who they are.


They have illustrated to the world who they are. The only reason either will ‘feel bad’ about their comments is when they get the backlash for their ignorance. They will ‘feel bad’ because they lost their jobs not because they said awful things about another person.


Maybe BB should of put in a chioma character if they really wanted a show!


I hear ya. If there was a powerful wowan in this cast she would either be running these chicks or they would be gunning after her and plenty of cat fights would be happening. ALmost what is missing.


Once the utterly boring Elissa and Helen is gone, will the hate stop? Of course not.

Terrible Casting CBS 16 boring players, that people have to literately force themselves to root for. Just open the door and evict them all.


Aaryn /// GINAMARI

please sign up for BAD GIRLS CLUB … SEE these groupies are on the wrong show stacie and erica would of kick their asses long time …..yet people will say we are being to harsh on these hoes… ONLY hoes walk in the big brother house hook up with guys claim them and attack other females like these men are their boyfriend … GROUPIES are nasty ,, trashy they will fight u to the death over some dick thats not even theirs …. talking bout they only speaking the truth in my flo voice ”” I always tell the truth when i lie ”’


I bet after big brother season is over, they will find a new job and apply for the interview. That’s sucks for them because they have no job, no fans, and not even no respect for them. I feel no respect for them, If I was employer hiring a candidate who are a racist I will reject the resume and go somewhere else. I don’t like a celebrity who are racist hypocrite and dislike sexual orientation. I want a celebrity who respect everyone whatever they are including blacks, asian, gays, lebisan, and etc.


Let me think; they could never be a teacher, work at a church or anywhere near children, never run for public office and their parents won’t be able rin for office, can’t work for state or county agencies, or even fortune five companies. Funny…where will they be able to work???
What other jobs am I missing????


Do you really think racist people can’t get job?? You must not live in America… Aaryn Nation and Gina can easily go into politics and be successful..


They will be able to get a job, but it will be limited. Companies now search your name on the internet. I am a teacher and was searched before I was hired, so yes they will be limited. I was thinking Aaryn will have to re define her major out of psychology, unless she writes a thesis on her comments and clarifies it as a social experiment, but that probably is not happening. To get a medical license your are searched. Any type of job that has a back ground check, they probably will not be hired.


I think in 6 months few people will remember who she is


Until they Google their name….


please, these girls have no damn clue what a thesis even is, let alone write one


and elected


This is getting so boring. First the network makes it impossible to see the feeds in Canada, and then they give us this cast and the most idiotic edit ever. Elissa is wearing on me, I want them to just get her out so that others can win MVP. Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina are stupid. They are making the same mistake Rachel made in her first season, going after the other girls, when their only chance is if they stick together and take out male threats. Howard isn’t even on Aaryns radar as a player to get out. Amanda and Helen are the only girls that are using their brain. I tried to hate Elissa just because I hate that they keep bringing in hasbeens and the siblings of hasbeens, but the other girls were so unlikeable that I tried giving her a chance, but now I see that Elissa’s game consists of using Rachel’s fanbase, Rachel’s tired and stupid one liners and “I am a mom”. Bleh! Jessie is a mess. She might turn out to be even worse than last year’s Danielle. And Candice seems to just be there.

Nick is pretty much the only one that is playing smart. McCrae needs to cool the Amanda showmance, it is affecting his game, which is a shame, because he came out of his HOH in a pretty good position. I actually like most of the guys better than any of the girls, except Jeremy. He is a total dbag. But the guys need to keep him until Aaryn and Gina are gone, then take him out, because he will always be a bigger target in case someone like Helen, Elissa or Candice win HOH. Most of the girls are inconsequential, and the MC is pretty much assured a win at the end unless Airhead Aaryn buys a clue soon.


Agreed 100%

Brad B

actually in Canada they ran a commercial that Big Brother: After Dark will air on Slice


I agree Chloe. I remember your posts from past years and agree with your opinions from the past as well. I also think Howard might be playing smart by throwing competitions. I think his strategy of laying low, being a nice guy and being way less threatening competitively than originally assumed is going to get him far.

The Bug

If I was HoH I would consider all of my options on who to put up to move myself further in the game.
I feel like Aaryn and this Elissa obsession is just going to blow up in her face.
I feel like the house will not vote her out and overall take out another player like last week.

I thought Jer was going to be a good player but boy bh boy is he dumb. You can tell he has never seen a season.
I can’t wait until he gets put up to see how he thinks he can just win POV and take himself of…. Some 1 pls tell Jer its not that easy.

Remember Aaryn you can put a person up but you can’t vote them out!

It will be funny to see who is the target next week


Jessie is like this year’s Danielle.

Bring Back The Power House!


I wish there was a powerhouse type person in the house.. someone that is unstoppable with perfect game play and deadly comp skills


I hope Howard is waiting for the right moment to be that powerhouse…I hope he was just messing around in the inner tube…that was so funny…


my hopes for that player right now are pinned on nick. i had hopes for howard early on, but i have lost faith.

helen is really smart, but way too emotional with a heavy dose of lack of self confidence – i would love to see her pull her stuff together in time, though.

jeremy gets my dbag of the house award (yes, even over spencer), and i’m having jessie nightmares involving jeremy appearances in future bb seasons.


I agree Simon, I think many of wish we were watching Big Brother, not Big Bigot…. I’m even beginning to miss Frank (but just a little bit)…


I highly doubt when CBS was casting Big Brother and picked the contestants they knew the type of people they were truly and the type of comments they would make. I would also like to add yeah, Aaryn is a bitch and makes racist remarks but so have many other houseguests as has been reported, so why is Aaryn the one singled out the most in every post for racist remarks. If you don’t condone the remarks then all of your posts should include every HG that has made racist, homophobic, or misogynistic remarks.


Umm, posters here have done just that – that is – called out all the houseguests that have made nasty comments – it’s just in the thread above – once again it’s lovely Aaryn and Gina making snide remarks…


I mean’t the threads


Aaryn trying to do the same thing DANILLE did in season 13 …. danille caught feelings for dominic and let her emotions cost her the game by keep going after RACHEL …. Aaryn just meet david already she wants vengenace smh ….. she will be evicted just like danille i just pray she doesnt get jury duty


In the end Danielle actually won, when she and Dom got married.


I am shocked that in today’s day & age these people are making such racist & homophobic comments especially when they know they’re being recorded 24/7! They make me sick! Helen is the best one in there! I hope it doesn’t get to her when she finds out after the show that they were talking about her like this. I’m sure it will but she just needs to realize these people are sooo beneath her!
Aaryn is a little Hitler Jr.! And gross, pathetic Gina Marie is too!


I feel once Elissa is gone the sow will start being entertaining, since they take out the utterly useless player that is being used because of a twist, and they can FINALLY start taking each other out…..


Gotta feeling that one of the MC or Elissa ( if not gone this week ) will win HOH next week…..Aryan has enough sense to know that she will be a target sooner rather than later !


yea! the noms are today! helen will cry, and elissa will make a side comment (not too mean or catty), but it will get the message across. then they will both console each other with “what did we ever do to them”.

and, once the shock has subsided, they will begin planning the mvp nom so it helps save their collective booties.


I am team Nick so far. I also like Howard and Spencer. I can’t believe the girls. The worst ever!!! Helen would be ok but she appears way to weak in the game. Elissa is ok but her biggest downfall was pulling the Giselle is my sister thing. I think aside from that she could have talked her way out of trouble. I wasn’t always a Rachel fan but towards the end of her second season, I wanted her to win!


I’m sorry, but I think they moving company should really focus on backdooring Jeremy. Whoever wins MVP should put him up and the house should evict him. It would be good for their gameplay because he is actually playing multiple sides and he plans on going after them. This would be the perfect opportunity.


Suggestion, a new twist. CBS removes Aaryn, Gina and Jeremy from the game and they bring in 3 players from previous seasons.


Um, no CBS doesn’t need anymore terrible twist, they’re already stockpiled on those.


“Spencer starts talking about sex with his girlfriend but the girls tell him to stop because his girlfriend wouldn’t want that on the live feeds”

Okay, so then they are aware that that world is hearing everything they say? You’ve really got to be some kind of stupid to constantly keep dishing these homophobic and racist comments damn well knowing that we hear it all then have the audacity to go to the camera and tell America you should be MVP cuz ur an all American gir! ….


aaryn’s guide to winning mvp – go into your hoh bedroom, and shoot a bird at the camera while yelling “f-you america!”. works every time…


You make a great point. It looks as though they say these things at home and they go unchecked. Their filters are only as good as the environment they’re in. That’s the only thing I can think of to explain why they’re continually doing it. Although I believe this cast is not a fair representation of today’s youth, I think it’s interesting to know what kinds of comments are still being made in American society. Very sad.


Are they dumb for not considering the feeds for themselves or are they the type of people who like to broadcast and spread hate?


Do these two morons even realize that Julie Chen is Asian???? …. not to mention that her husband runs CBS!!


I know right, they should never mess with her husband company. He is the Vince McMahon of CBS and he is the man of this business. You two morons need to stop disrepect Julie Chen. Her husband will fire you both on the spot.


By what I read I don’t even know who’s really aligned with who… It seems like a lot of people are trying to play both sides.Can comeone spell out the alliances for me?


Even when the alliances are spelled out I’m still confused. Everyone is playing everyone, I don’t think they even know what side they’re on! I hope Nick gets MVP and they vote out Jeremy or Kaitlin. Please someone play the game and stop with useless drama.


I hope Julie Chen confronts all these mean girls during their post-eviction interviews for their ethno-racist comments. That’ll be great television.


I know right, I would love to see Aaryn & GinaMarie face that Julie Chen will confront them on post eviction interview. That would be great television, I hope they will not made Jury.


Simon, I don’t know what has happened, but my comment appeared under NAME – it should appear under Twisted – sorry – I haven’t a clue was happened and can’t seem to fix it

this comment came from TWISTED not NAME (sorry NAME)

I agree Simon, I think many of wish we were watching Big Brother, not Big Bigot…. I’m even beginning to miss Frank (but just a little bit)…


Gosh, got so flustered I misspelled my own name….


people really need to stop feeding into jessie’s narcissism. she annoyed me at the beginning with her “oh i am just the prettiest thing in the world” and now people are feeding into her and saying how they are jealous of her. amanda really needs to stop.


Team Elissa/Nick/Helen/McCrae/Amanda!!!!


This season so far has been a disgrace to CBS and AG. First the racist and homophobic slurs, then the cheating scandal, and on top of it all, we have a group of people in the house who are judging Elissa as the spawn of Satan solely because she is the sister of one of the most fierce (but annoying) competitors to ever play the game? Obsession is an understatement. I feel like it isn’t all because her sister is Rachel either. These girls need to realize that Elissa is no threat to “their men” in the game. She’s happily married with children. I’m rooting for her and Helen. They’re the only two girls in the house that have their heads on straight. As for the guys, Jeremy makes Jessie from BB10 and BB11 look modest. I hope he gets the boot soon. Spencer as well. The mysoginist comments aren’t flying with America’s female population and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a petition to get him kicked off the show appear along side Aaryn’s. I hope his girlfriend dumps his sorry ass when he gets out. It’s safe to say this is going to be a painful season to watch. CBS really screwed up casting this year. I think I’ll watch reruns of other seasons like BB2 and BB12 while this house blows up.


Everyone complaining about Aaryn and other idiots on BB this season, and Paula Dean from 30 years ago, loud and proud on your high horses, yet Bill Maher and Alec Baldwin, to name 2 recent ones as well, say vile things as well sometimes worse and yet silence……..

Why don’t you campaign for them to held accountable as well?


Gosh, stick them in the Big Brother house and watch us go after them… who’s to say some on this blog haven’t voiced their dismay at Maher, Baldwin, Gibson…… sorry, just too many celebs to mention…


But Bill Maher attacks public figures. Huge difference.


Trig Palin just offhand is an innocent, not public figure so that pass your giving him doesn’t hold water

I'm Tall

i wonder when Aaryn Nation and the fake Cheri OTeri (GinaMarie) are evicted from the house if the live audience will boo them? I would boo the hell out of them! I’m booing now. If I would CBS I wouldn’t tell the audience that they can’t boo. These two are the villains and deserve it. It still boggles my mind how this folks can come into a game not to play but to hook up! You can’t stake claim on someone you have known for less than two weeks. SMH!


Why has no one mentioned Jeremy putting his hands around Kaitlin’s neck when they were kissing? Isn’t that automatic expulsion, especially when she had to tell him no.


I think She doesn’t mind it just doesn’t want her family to see it

Suzy Sunshyne

Can I just say the conversation about having sex with a fat woman was disgusting!! Spencer has absolutely no respect for woman and neither does Jeremy! These are the most vile house guests ever. Jeremy is a walking disease if he has had as much sex as he claims. Of course he is hooking up with someone who allows a atm to be run through her a$$ cheeks! I hope everyone had their shots before entering the house.

Rocco Gianini

I don’t understand why Jeremy got away with his bullying about the wine, he basically told the house ” screw you, I took the wine what are you going to do about it?” I’m sorry that would have not set well with me, I would have got in his face, called him a greedy , selfish prick that needed to have his ass kicked and if he did anything like that again , I would say screw the show and kicked his ass. Where are the real men?

Rocco Gianini

I will add that I’m disgusted with these people,I despise racists, homophobes, sexists and bullies, I work in waste management with some pretty tough guys, they don’t disrespect people like that, they would love to have a conversation with Jeremy and Spencer, they would laugh at “I’m smart ” David and probably give him a haircut. My kid sister would deal with The Mean Girls


What about the cheating?? BB producers you have really dropped the ball…SHAME ON YOU!


I understand the producers don’t tell them information about what’s happening outside of the house, like Aaryn & Ginamarie getting fired. However, I do think they atleast need to sit everyone down & have a conversation about all the racial slurs being thrown around. It’s getting a bit insane. Although it is not the views & opinions of CBS it still makes them look bad. Bc they can stop it & they’re not. That’s what’s bull$hit!