Jeremy says he could feels Kaitlin’s eyes on him earlier and it was scaring the sh*t out of him.

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen

1:30am – 2am In the bathroom – Jessie is talking to Aaryn telling her that none of this involves her but that she isn’t scared to tell people where her loyalties lie and that she isn’t afraid to stand up for Aaryn. Jessie tells her that if Aaryn ever has a problem with her to just come and talk to her. Jessie says don’t you think the best thing for me to do is to go to bed. Aaryn says she can’t say, what one person would do is completely different to another, if you feel that is best then go do it. Aaryn and Jessie talk about Candice and the hat incident. Jessie wonders if it was all made up. Aaryn says that Spencer wouldn’t lie to her, he wouldn’t lie about that. Aaryn leaves and heads out into the backyard. Aaryn talks to Kaitlin in the hot tub about how Jeremy said that Aaryn was partially responsible and that Aaryn over reacts and makes things bigger than they really are. Aaryn says it doesn’t matter, none of this fu*king matters, she (Elissa) is still going home. Aaryn says that she watches this game and knows that some many people talk so much crap but won’t say it to their faces. I don’t fu*king care, I don’t need the money, I was fine before and I will be fine after.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Kaitlin talks about how Jeremy thinks this is all funny and laughing when I called him out on it, which is a big deal to me calling someone out. Kaitlin says that Jeremy took full blame for it, he just threw your name out there. Kaitlin says that just last night he told me that you make things a bigger deal than they are and still he took your word for it when she told you they were talking shit. Kaitlin says that David was right there, I didn’t say one bad thing about you. Ask him. Aaryn says that David won’t say anything he didn’t before. David asks when? Aaryn says that when she asked him about talking with Jeremy. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that she isn’t protecting Jeremy and that Aaryn should call him out. I don’t care. Aaryn continues to rehash the confrontations from earlier.

2am Candice is up in the HOH room talking to McCrae about the drama with her and Aaryn. Nick, Howard, David and Spencer join them. Candice heads downstairs. Nick comments that he has never seen so much drama with girls before.

Jeremy joins them at the hot tub. Jeremy and Amanda rehash their confrontation at the hot tub. Jeremy says that he is scared to tell people who he is going after. Jeremy says that when I win HOH, I am going after Elissa becase I really feel like she isn’t going home this week. I would also put up Candice, I apologized to her but I would still put her up. Jeremy and Andy talk about Jeremy blowing up. Jeremy says now I have to go lie in bed with the girl that hates me. He says that earlier he was sitting here and could just feel her eyes on him, she was scaring the sh*t out of me. They continue to talk about the fights earlier. Amanda tells Jeremy that Kaitlin has every reason to be mad at you because when you lie in bed with someone you pull them down too when you go off like this. Jeremy realizes that he needs to calm down before confronting people.

2:25am – 3:25am Nick and Jeremy are talking on the backyard couch. Nick tells Jeremy no matter what happens Moving Company has your back. Jeremy says I hope so because I am laying down moves! Nick says we have your back, we need you too, we need 6 people. Kaitlin walks outside and Jeremy says to Nick – Oh my god I want to lick her butt cheeks so bad. Nick says okay I am going to go back inside so you and her can make up. Jeremy says well she didn’t take her ring back when I offered it, so that’s a good sign. Kaitlin starts to head inside and Jeremy asks her if she will talk. Jeremy says that it wasn’t right to talk to him in front of other people, we could have talked alone first. I need to know where you and I sit. Jeremy and Kaitlin go to the hammock to talk. Jeremy apologizes. Kaitlin tells him that he needs to calm down and think about his actions. Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to talk about the events of earlier. Kaitlin says that she is so embarrassed about being on national tv and acting like this. Candice joins them. Jeremy says I am man enough to know when I am retarded, when I am stupid, I shouldn’t say the r word. Candice says that she is going to go inside. Jeremy and Kaitlin wonders why she doesn’t jump in bed with Howie. Candice says that she is a slow mover. Candice heads inside. Jeremy and Kaitlin stay in the hammock and continue to talk. Jeremy goes inside to the washroom. Spencer tells him that he needs to lay low for a couple days or a few weeks. Jeremy agrees but says he is going to win HOH this week.

3:45am – 5am Howard, Spencer, Jeremy and Judd are out on the backyard couch talking. Spencer talks about how Aaryn stirs up sh*t and makes things bigger than they are. Jeremy says that he apologized to Kaitlin to make things better. Spencer says that is good. Jeremy says I am going to lay real low, like down to the grass low. Jeremy heads inside to eat hot dogs and then goes to bed with Kaitlin. Meanwhile out on the backyard couch – Howard, Andy, Helen, Judd, and Spencer talk about the fights earlier. Helen comment that we can use this to our advantage. They continue to rehash the events of the night and then head inside to bed.


6:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..
9am – 9:30am Jessie is awake and up for the day. She is in the bathroom getting ready, then heads to the kitchen to make breakfast/coffee. All the other house guests are still sleeping. No wake up call yet.
CBS Interactive Inc.

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Here’s an interesting tidbit – I usually check Wikipedia (I know, not the world’s most authoritative source) re BB and on Saturday there was a new heading “Controversy” and it had a paragraph or two about the racist and sexists remarks that had recently been made by a few houseguests. When I looked at the site on Sunday the Controversy section had been removed. I check Wiki because it tends to update the status of HOH, POV and the like very quickly…. I can only surmise that someone in production had the section removed. Now, would I have considered those ugly statements to be categorized under Controversy (not really sure) – they were mean-spirited and ugly – and considering the sources I’m sure more will follow – just thought it was strange – one minute there is documentation about these ugly conversations – and the next minute they are gone!


I thought Wiki was all about the truth…If someone takes something like that down can another someone just put it back up again?


How long would MC alliance (Brigade 2.0) will last? Any takers, thumbs up for till final 5 or thumbs down for final 4.


Morning Simon!

Is there any way to reply to other comments through the mobile site? I tried but there doesn’t seem to be a function for it.

Also, Reptar is the name of a fictional T-Rex from the Nickelodeon show “Rugrats.” I saw some comments about what/who it was. So, it’s just the girl’s code name for Jessie because of her T-Rex arms.


While I agree Aaryn needs to be removed, I don’t sign petitions online anymore because then I get ALL kinds of junkmail. Good luck with it, though. Doubt CBS allows it to dictate their contestants. All we can do – as diapproving viewers – is get her out ASAP!


Just to clarify: That is not a petition I started, but found it through another commentary online about reactions to what has been going on. CBS can not totally ignore the negative reactions of viewers…and there have been plenty on numerous sites. At the very least the producers should be motivated somewhat to speak to the houseguests about limiting their offensive remarks. From what I have read, petition site is used by Amnesty International, so it does hold some legitimacy. The petition was started by Ed King.


If Jeremy wins HoH I may have to quit watching!!! And funny that Aaryn and Kaitlin are soo racist yet Jeremy is Native American (well part anyway)…


I say evict them all and cast a new set of people, except for Howard, of course. Hubba Hubba!


Great idea, but they could’ve done this last season, they left the bad cast in the house.


Gross! He looks like Ron Artest.

1,2,3,4 tell me that you love me more

His name is actually Metta World Peace


That’s Metta to you (:


Yeah Jeremey, great idea..lay low for a few weeks and win HOH next week!! Wait, what? Can you imagine Jeremey as HOH!!! He will have the biggest case of HOHitis we have ever seen!!! This guy has no clue. Heard he spent all night screaming at women using derogatory words while talking about them..funny he isn’t big enough to pick on someone his own size.


Jeremy has to get a taste of the block, put up by the very person he wants out…Elissa.
Now that would be sweet justice seeing him squirm a little.


How long would MC Alliance will last? Thumbs up for Final 5 or Thumbs down for Final 4. Please comment this.


Why Jeremy still have feelings with Kaitlin?


Same reason as every other man in the BB history…SEX In the BB House

I think season will have the most, the way the HGs are acting.


Week one and all the “alliances” are stating to crack

Chilltown Fan

Jeremy says he is going to lay low, but plans on winning HOH next week lol. I remember him also saying that his plan was going to win HOH every other week haha. He’s too much of a loose cannon, MC need to cut him loose in the next 3 weeks. Kaitlin seems to have realized that David is going home, but Aaryn is still delusional.


Simon, other than the Hantz incident last year, can you remember a week so rife with confrontations?


My letter to CBS…..

As a long time fan of Big Brother and loyal viewer of CBS programming, I implore you to allow ALL of the fans of Big Brother to see what is transpiring in the house this season. I know there are enumerable responsibilities and liabilities that must be taken into account when airing prime time television content and can only imagine the headaches and fires that you all deal with on a daily basis. But, I do know that your viewership and their perception of your programming is of utmost importance to your bottom line. Also, in light of the current state of affairs in the US regarding the unconstitutional nature of DOMA, and celebrities being held accountable for their egregious behavior, it is prime time to highlight the nature of consciousness (or lack thereof) of certain members of our great nation. Therefore, I beg of you as a die-hard BB fan to allow the millions of BB’s non-feed watching or blog reading fans to witness the despicable and distasteful comments/behavior of Jeremy, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer and not edit them to appear something they are not. Racism, misogyny, and homophobia should not continue to exist in the dark and those continually disrespecting people based on what demographic box they check, must be held accountable for their actions. Reality television is a medium with which we can see people at their best and their worst. You owe it to America to show the worst.


What happened to entering the game, getting a feel for people and personalities and then forming alliances?

What happened to getting to know someone before you share beds?

There are many in this group that are making me lose enjoyment of what once was entertainment.

Why not put people on who look and act like normal people? I betcha there would be a good amount of people tuning in, rather than tuning out.

I’m waiting for when production steps in and corrects the idiots who are ruining the game. Make it a live show.


i’m assuming everyone is like shocked because production chewed them out on using racial slurs or there was a confrontation right? i’m slightly confused…


Has anyone else noticed that all these people keep saying that if they have something to say to the other house guests they will say it to their face rather than behind their backs? I find these people to be such hypocrites. As well as being offended by the racial/homophobic slurs these people say, I was extremely disgusted by Jeremy’s rant about Elissa last night before “winegate”. He looked at the camera and spoke directly to Elissa’s husband and told him to have the divorce papers ready when she gets home. He also made a comment about her son and said Elissa was ugly inside and out. Unbelievable that he says this about Elissa when Aaryn and GM have said some of the most hateful things about the others. I would be so embarrassed if these people were in my family.


Look, I’m not saying I quite agree with everything said in the BB house, but isnt Big Brother all about putting different types of people together to live in a house and interact with one another and compete against one another? Its supposed to be an uncensored and raw look at how people act no matter what time of day or night, or what position or scenario they are each involved in. Everything nowadays has to be so filtered and P.C. and censored for all the uber sensitive nobodies out there who frankly need to grow a pair and get a life. I am not advocating cruel behavior or anything of the sort, but I’m just sick and tired of people complaining over everything people say and do. Get over it and don’t watch the show if it hurts your “feelings”. Watch the Bachelor or something if you want to watch fake or feel good crap. And give up the whole “Kids and teenagers watch this and look up to some of these people in the house.” If that’s the case then either don’t let your kids watch the show or the live feeds, OR talk to them and explain how whatever you disagreed with on the show is wrong. CBS/BB aren’t the kids parents. The parents should do their job and talk to their kids for once. If you don’t like the show or the contestants then don’t watch the show.


For every 10 people who have strong anti racism there are 10 people who say they are not racist but still have racism thoughts they would never share outside their head. There are another 10 who also say they are not racist but make sterio typical comments all the time when it suits them well. There are another 10 who would never claim neither to be or not to be, but when hanging with thier friends of the same ethnic bathground spew racist comments all day. Then there are also 10 more who are racists all day and night and dont care who know or hears and never will. All these groups of 10 are made up of all sorts of different people, not just one color or another. No matter what you think of any of them or where u really fit in, 1/2 of them are going to get you talking and the other half are going to be the ones talking. Its what make the world go round. BB producers know this. It is not their job to make sure a reality show only has sweet kind beautiful people inside and out, but their job to get everyone talking and screaming and pationate wbout how they feel. That is exciting. And dont worry, they will show what they want to show when they want to. Because we all know they control the game. So for me, it is exactly where it should be this first week. And everything changes everyweek so hang in there, dont drop out, stick with it and your day of happiness will come, and a week later it will go. Its all ok!
Sorry so long……


Love this show! As clueless as these HGs are is whatakes BB
The greatest to watch. Pull up your big people panties and
Enjoy this ride!

Day Yum Yum

Since Aaryn doesn’t need the money she should be put up and sent out! She talks about Elissa because she is jealous. Aaryn is the biggest troublemaker in that house! I wish Elissa was more like Rachel. Rachel would put that bitch in her place in no time at all! Same with that dumb as a bag of rocks, Jeremy! He would be crying like the little bitch that he is if Rachel got a hold of his ugly ass! These girls, especially Aaaryn, Jessie and Amanda, are absolutely intolerable this year! Too many idiots like Judd in this house too! Get these a-holes out first!